Brunette Jennifer White suck and fuck cock

Brunette Jennifer White suck and fuck cock
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This is a continuation of Chapter 6. If this is your first time reading about the Quad's, I would recommend to go back and read Chapter 6 first. If you want to know about everything that has happened, go back to the first chapter.

Enjoy. **** Later that afternoon, Jack, Shane and I were the first ones up. We sat in the breakfast nook, drank glasses of orange juice, and talked about what we had done the night before.

Neither Shane nor I had ever had bi sex, and even though we did try it, we decided that it really wasn't for us. Jack had tried it before and enjoyed it. We told him that if wanted to continue with it, it was fine with us. We just didn't want to do it.


When Stephanie, Stacy and Brenda woke later, the six of us relaxed around the house, swam in the pool, and went out to dinner. We just sat around and watched movies before we headed off to bed that night. We didn't do anything more that weekend. When our parents returned, they told us that they found a four bedroom, three-bath house for us. Mom and dad had also called Jack and Brenda's parents, and all of them agreed to help with the expenses.

The rest of the summer we spent relaxing. Either around the house and pool, or at Jack and Brenda's. There were a few times when they spent another long weekend with us, and it was just like the first time, sex, sex, and more sex.

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When it was finally time to leave for college, we packed, said our good-byes and left. Shane and Stacy were in one car, and Stephanie and I were in my truck with the majority of our stuff. We stopped by Jack and Brenda's, picked them up, and left again. During the summer, we purchased inexpensive furniture to furnish the house, so all we had were our clothes and necessities.

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The plan was to arrive a few days early so we could get settled in before we began our first hectic week of college. Even though we had been there a few times over the summer, all of us still had a hard time negotiating the campus, but we managed. Through the thoughtful thinking of our parents, and smart investing, our college was basically paid for. But all of us found small part time jobs for spending money. The first few weeks we were so busy getting use to college life, all of us had little time for anything else.

Classes, study, work and sleep. That is all we did. After the first month, the girls decided to invite some friends over whom they had met at school. Jack, Shane and I were fine with it. We had some studying to do on a paper that was due the following week. That Friday when Stephanie, Stacy and Brenda arrived home, they brought their friends along with them. Introductions were made all around, and we went our separate ways. The girls spent their time between the living room and outdoors.

Jack, Shane and I stayed in the room that we converted to be a studying room for all of us. Girls will be girls, and a few times the laughing and screaming traveled throughout the house for us to hear. There were even a few times when some of the girls accidentally opened the door hunting for the bathroom. After an embarrassing apology, they closed the door and went on their way.

A little more than an hour after the girls arrived, I had to urinate, so I headed to the bathroom. Quietly making my way through the hallway, I could hear the girls. After I had taken care of my business, I was putting my cock away when the door suddenly opened. Turning to see whom the intruder was, I was surprised to see one of the new girls. "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought the bathroom was empty," she stammered. Not knowing what to say or do, I stood there in a stupor.

"Looks like you have your hands full," she stated bringing me back around.


Looking down, I realized my cock was still exposed, halfway to my pants. "Oops, sorry." I said trying to stuff it back in. The girl closed the door, and quickly made her way in, placing her hands over mine, stopping me from putting my cock out of sight. "Don't. I want to show you that I am sorry for intruding." With that said, she quickly knelt and placed my flaccid cock in her mouth.

After a few minutes of sucking me in and out of her mouth, my cock was soon at a hardened state. Stephanie, Stacey and Brenda had all given me blowjobs, but this stranger in front of me made them look like amateurs. The suction she was applying had me seeing dark spots in my eyes, and I had to place my hands on the wall to keep my legs from giving out.

The girl never sped up. She was very slowly giving me a blowjob, taking her time, savoring the taste, and tracing her tongue over every inch of my cock.

Not knowing how long we had been in there, I started to feel my testicles tighten up. She must have felt it also because she took only the head of my cock in, and started to pump the rest.

I was soon emptying my full load into her mouth. Whomever this angel was in front of me, swallowed every drop and did not let a bit leak past her lips. When she was done, the girl placed my cock in my pants, zipped me, and stood to kiss my on my cheek, thanking me.

I could smell my cum on her breath as she kissed me, and then she made her way to the toilet to sit and relieve herself. I had not uttered a word since she walked in on me, and quietly walked out to give her some privacy. Making my way back to the room with Shane and Jack. When I told them what happened, they just hoot and hollered. Both of them saying, "Yea right." And then started joking about it. Not too long later, Jack was the one who had to take a bathroom break.

He was gone for about forty-five minutes when he walked back in with a Cheshire Cat grin on his face. "Okay Sherlock. What's the shit eating grin for?" Shane asked him. "You remember the tall girl with long brunette hair? I just bent her over the sink and had her from behind." The hooting and hollering started all over again.

Not wanting to be left out, Shane walked out of the room. Jack and I continued laughing about what was happening. We had started to calm down when Shane walked back in. "Hey guys, I have a good one for you?" "What?

You blew your nut as soon as one of them looked at you." Jack told him as I almost fell out of my chair laughing. "No. I have one who wants two of us." "Bullshit." I told him as I wiped the tears from my eyes.

"I am serious Shawn. She came on to me, and then asked if one of you would like to join us." "I don't know. What would Stephanie, Stacy and Brenda think if they walked in on us?" Jack asked. "If we hurry they won't. You two decide and then come on. We will be in one of the other rooms." Shane then turned and walked out.

"What do you think?" Jack asked me. "I don't know. If you want to join them, go ahead. I will try to head off the girls." Suddenly Jack slowly started to smile.

"Uh oh.

I hate it when you get that look. What's up?" "How about both of us joining them?" Jack asked. "Shane said that she wanted two of us, not all three." "Yes she did, but not which one. So lets go in there and see what happens." "Okay, but if she gets upset I am leaving." We waiting about another ten minutes and then went hunting for Shane and the girl.

They were in one of the bedrooms, and when we walked in, Shane was on his back, and the girl was riding him, facing away from us.

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Shane saw us, and smiled knowing that both of us were there. Getting undressed, Jack walked up to the girl and pushed her down so she was lying on Shane's chest; his cock still buried in her. Jack ran his fingers through her crack until he got to her anal opening. Shane and Jack were the two who enjoyed anal sex; I could never get into it. Jack then slid one finger up her rectum until it was buried to the third knuckle.

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Slowly he started to slide his finger in and out of her. Jack kept the movement up until a second finger joined the first, opening her up a little more. A third soon joined the other two, and when Jack thought she was ready, he got behind her and aimed his cock at her waiting rectum.

Slowly Jack pushed in, and when he was fully buried, both him and Shane waited until she got used to their cocks being in her.

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When they started moving, Shane and Jack set up a rhythm as both their cocks pumped in her. Standing there watching them got me going, and my cock was soon at its full size.


Silently I walked up to them until my cock was in the face of the girl. When she first saw me, the girl was a little surprised, but when she saw my hard cock a smile crossed her face and she reached for me, pulling me until she could suck my cock into her mouth.

There we all were, Shane on has back with his cock buried in the girls pussy as she lay on his chest. Jack was above them with his cock buried in her ass, and I was to the side with my cock in her mouth. If we were enjoying this, then the girl had to be in heaven with cocks in every hole.

I am sure that if we had two more guys there, she would have her hands full as well. We were being as quiet as possible, so when I heard a slight noise at the door, I looked.

Stephanie was standing in the hallway looking in at us. She was neither shocked nor upset.

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After watching for a few minutes, she turned and left. Not long after Stephanie left, Stacey stood at the door. As like Stephanie before her, she did not utter a word. Just stood there and watched as Jack, Shane and I slid our cocks in and out of every hole this girl had. She left, and then Brenda showed up. I didn't mind the three of them seeing us, but I was starting to worry that the rest of the girls would see us. The three of us started moving faster, and soon I felt myself tighten up. The girl must have felt it also because she picked up the pace a little more on my cock.

When the cum raced through my cock and into the waiting mouth, she swallowed it like she had done this many times before; not a drop was missed. Jack yelled out saying that he was getting close. The girl moved from between Shane and Jack, and when she did Brenda made a hasty retreat.

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The girl took Jacks cock, and was soon swallowing his cum. After she had his cock sucked clean, the girl turned to Shane. Soon she was drinking his sperm. Whoever this girl was, she just swallowed three loads of cum, and not one drop passed her lips. Jack, Shane and I got dressed and made it back to the other room. Studying was done for the night because all we could do was talk about what happened.