Screwed my wife please with bbc

Screwed my wife please with bbc
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I still remember it like it was yesterday, but it was 10 years ago now. It was the first time my cock had ever felt the inside of a sleeping woman and it was even till today, the best feeling I had ever experienced in my life.

I was 18 at the time, slim atheletic build, 6 foot tall with a 8 inch rager. My girlfriend at the time, Sally, was literally every mans dream. If I had a nickel for everytime someone complimented me on my girlfriend, I'd have $84.25. A bombshell by nearly ever measure. But not the playboy bunny, plastic, fake, type bombshell. The girl next door bombshell, the type of girl guys fantasized about daily in highschool or at their office.

That perfect, petite women who just reminds you that there is good in the world.


She was 17 years old, 5'4", 110 pounds, perfect, firm, full C breasts, slightly longer than shoulder length wavy brown hair, and ass that would have you salivating at your first glance.

It was as if someone had taken the perfect super model and shrunk her to a petite 5'4". My sister was having a house warming party so we grabbed some booze and headed over.

My sister is 7 years older than me, a dominant feminist type that commands respect, and is the "mother hen" of women she surrounds herself with. My girl always wanted to be liked and accepted by my sister, and would do whatever necessary.

Tonight, my girl felt it necessary to drink wine, glass for glass with my older, taller, heavier sister. Around 2am my sister had had enough and decided she would head to bed. She told us we would be sleeping on the living room floor, but she brought us a foamy mattress, a blanket and some pillows.

My sisters boyfriend kindly donated his large shirt to my girl so she could sleep comfortably.

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Sally stripped down to her underwear and slipped the shirt on, we made out briefly but she was clearly drunk and I could already tell I wouldn't be getting any action tonight. Nothing is more frustrating than being with the women you feel is the most incredibly beautiful specimen on Earth, and not getting to impregnate her with buckets of cum deep inside of her.

This instinct is literally built into men as a survival trait of the human species. We see a suitable reproductive partner, and all we wanna do is pump them full of cum. Not being able to is beyond frustrating! It was ok though, I was certain the morning would bring new prospects. A couple minutes drifted by and I could hear sally start to make a few of her adorable little snores. She was on her side so I snuggled up and spooned her. I reached my hand up her shirt and gently caressed her perfect tits.

Firm, symmetrical, and perky with small beautiful nipples they belonged on the cover of a dirty magazine. I cupped one then the other, and gently rolled the nipples between my fingers. Every breath I could smell the sweet scent of her beautiful hair. I slid my hand across her amazing stomach and up to her hourglass frame. Sliding gently across her hips I stopped when I reached her juicy ass and squeezed it gently.

Ahhh, she was perfect.

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I reached down and grabbed her other cheek, the bottom one, and savored its juiciness. I moved my hand slowly upwards hoping to give her beautiful mound a quick rub, when I immediately felt wetness on the leading edge of my thumb. Instantly I became hyper alert, my mind raced my heart pounded and my cock stirred. It was like being struck by a lightning bolt of excitement. I slowly edged my thumb upwards before I knew it my thumb slid right inside of her pussy.

I froze. I couldn't fucking believe it! I was just innocently admiring perfection and now I found my thumb inside of this soaking wet, gorgeous teen pussy.

I knew that I would need to be careful here.

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We had been dating for two years, had all sorts of sexual adventures, she was head over heels in love with me and as much I figured she literally would not care, I still didn't want to get busted and have to stop. I extended my thumb as deep inside of her as I could then held it there motionless. I figured I should just take things slowly so as not to wake her. I paused for what felt like hours, but was surely just a minute or two all the while, deeply inhaling her scent, and enjoying the total awareness of the feeling of her tight pussy gripping my thumb.

My fingers on my hand were resting between her gorgeous, puffy, soaking wet lips and I could feel her clit resting gently on my index finger. I had to get her used to the feeling, so I slowly and ever so gently slid my thumb back slightly out of her pussy, then gently pushed it right back where it had been. I couldn't believe it, she was still asleep, hadn't even made a peep yet. My cock by now was completely throbbing, so excited by the idea of sliding inside of her while she slept. For several minutes I slowly, but rhythmically moved my thumb in and out of her.

I removed my hand completely from her pussy, moved the thumb up under my nose and inhaled deeply the incredible smell of perfect teen pussy. I almost came right there. I put my thumb in my mouth and sucked the entire thing clean savoring the taste of her juice. I knew that this would now be the test, could I just sort of roughly throw my thumb back into her pussy as deep as I could go, without stirring her?

Here goes nothing I thought, as I jammed my thumb back up inside of her. Nothing. WOW! I thought to myself, she was really out this time. My cock couldn't handle it any longer, it was throbbing and rubbing along her legs leaving a slug trail of precum I knew this could potentially wake her, so I grabbed my cock and rested it alongside her pussy lips.

I gently wiggled it back and forth trying to lubricate it with her juice. I reached my hand over slid along her lips coating my fingers, then rubbed my cock till it was fully coated in her juice. It was now or never I thought. Holding my cock firmly I rubbed it along her lips, positioned it above where I imagined her hole to be and slowly pressed.

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Then I pressed a bit harder. It wasn't going on! I sort of began to panic, why the hell cant I get in there, my thumb has no problems. I frantically slid my cock up and down her lips, pressing here, pressing there, and still I couldn't get it to slide its way in.

Suddenly she let out a brief sound, and moved slightly. FUCK! I thought to myself, as I quickly grabbed my raging cock and held it away from her body so she wouldn't feel it rubbing on her leg and wake up. I was roasted. I knew it. I was going to have to explain, and in the end probably wasn't going to cum. Laying their motionless I attempted my best "Im sleeping" facial expression, hoping she wouldn't reach down and feel my pulsing cock in my hand, and the fountain of juice around her pussy.

A couple mintues go by and nothing, im in the clear I thought. When she moved slightly she had changed the angle of her pussy against my cock, what I thought was my undoing had actually been a blessing in disguise.


Using my thumb again I realized her pussy entrance had moved into line with my cock. I guided my cock along her lips, lubing it with her juice, and then positioned over where I thought her entrance was.

I pressed ever so gently, not wanting to blow it. In that glorious moment I felt the head of cock pop inside of her perfect lips, 20 minutes of panic, and frustration was over and now I was feeling the most incredible feeling I had ever felt. It was so much different than real sex, the excitement, the "danger" of being caught, the slow pace that lets you savor every second, was unlike anything I had experienced before. There I was with my throbbing cock head gently tucked inside these warm, tight, teen lips and I was filled with ecstacy.

I ran my hand up her chest and cupped her perfect tits, I was still in shock, but it felt amazing. I slightly pulled my cock head out of inside of her, then pushed it back just slightly deeper than before. I couldn't believe it, she was perfectly still and quiet.

Was she faking? Was she actually awake and not wanting to say anything? Was she petrified, mad as hell that I didn't wait for her to wake up? I didn't care.

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One after another I slid out slightly, then in slightly deeper. Several inches of my cock was buried now, I flexed it against her insides, the tight grip of her warm, wet pussy felt better than it had ever felt in two years of nearly daily sex. I paused and inhaled the sweet scent of her hair, squeezed her breast and then continued my push. Then I felt it, her cervix pressed gently on the head of my cock and I knew that I was all the way in.

I could feel the juice of her pussy now coating my balls, my cock throbbed I flexed it again, the grip of her pussy feeling tighter than ever. I knew I wouldn't last long at this rate. I was experiencing the best feeling on Earth, inside of a girl that men would kill for just for a single kiss. Motionless, I paused savoring every sense and feeling of the situation. Slowly I slid several inches of my cock back, paused momentarily, then pushed it straight back in.

How the fuck has she not woken up yet? I wondered. How the hell is this possible. Im flexing my 8 inch raging cock deep inside of her, pushing against her cervix and she is completely asleep. I could feel my excitement boiling over, knowing that soon I'd have to cum.

I needed to see how far I could go, I pulled several inches of my cock back again and then thrust into her, building into a slow pumping rhythm I was in heaven. I must have falled asleep, died, and gone to heaven. There was no other explanation for this. I gently, but steadily pumped for what felt like an hour but was only a few minutes.

Slowly, I pulled my entire cock out of her soaking pussy, then with one swoop i pushed past her lips, and all the way up to her cervix. Her cervix pushing back slightly on my cock head. This was it. I couldn't go any further, I had to cum. I reached up her shirt, firmly cupped and squeezed her tit and using my elbow I pulled her body as close to mine as possible. I thrust forward with my hips pushing every single last bit of my cock as deep inside of her as I possibly could, then spasmed as I felt spurts of my hot cum coat her cervix,my cock flexed and my hips bucked.

It was uncontrollable as I pumped wad after wad of my cum inside of her. I was breathing heavy now, my cock empty but still deep inside of her. I had pulled it off. I was still stunned. For the next few minutes I lay there still, caressing her tits, then her ass, letting my cock slowly deflate inside of her.

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Finally my cock had shrunk and I pulled it out, it was coated with my cum and her juice. I reached down to my feet, took off my sock and pressed it against her pussy. I gently wiped up our mess as best I could, threw my sock across the room, and then passed out. The next morning we both woke up feeling great, she was cheerful and happy and so I assumed that she had no idea about the night before.

"How did you sleep babe?" I asked her. "Amazing, I had the most incredible dream that I was having sex!" she said. "Really hey? Me too!" I non-chalantly stated.