MILF Nadia Nitro Picked Up At A Bar And Brought Home To Screw

MILF Nadia Nitro Picked Up At A Bar And Brought Home To Screw
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Older Sister is a Tease I wiped the sleep off my eyes as I slowly woke up from my afternoon nap. I decided that I needed a shower to fully wake up. Normally I wouldn't give a care but my Mom was coming over to my apartment to drop off my 14 year old brother.

My parents had decided that they badly needed a secluded vacation so they decided to leave my brother to the only free nanny in the world. Lucky me. I unclasped my bra; letting my D cup pear shaped breasts come free. I'm sure in a couple of decades my boobs might start to sag down to my stomach but for now at the prime age of 20 they seemed to defy gravity and surely were the picture of perfection in any man's mind.

I played with my mid-sized nipples for a bit before I ran my fingers down my toned tummy and peeled my thin white under wear off.

My small clean shaved pussy stared at the mirror. I turned around and revealed to the mirror what every man who has ever met me has been begging to see, my perfect bum. My butt developed very early in my life, it was always pretty big but by no means fat or saggy.

Because of this I learned very early in life how to use my prized possession to get what I wanted. In high school I could get any grade I wanted simply by wearing tight pants and "dropping my pencil" in front of certain male teachers.

To add to my natural asset, ever since I moved out of my parents house I've been working out pretty relentlessly to shape my ass as perfectly as possible. It truly is my pride and joy. I entered the shower and turned on the hot water.

After a long hot shower I toweled off and applied lotion to my entire body. I put my silky brunette hair up into a loose bun when the doorbell rang. I quickly put on some tight pants and a small t-shirt and left my thong on the counter. I went to go answer the door. "Hey Carly!" said my Mom cheerfully "Hey Mom." I said, not quite as cheerily "Hey Dave." I said to my little brother. He smiled My mom and I talked for a bit before she decided she needed to go home and get ready for her flight.

"Bye kids, see you in a few weeks." My mom said "and thanks you so much for taking care of Davie." "No problem Mom, have a good trip!" I replied She left. I turned to David and asked if he wanted to watch some T.V. He said yes so he started watching basketball while I started making dinner. I always loved Dave, he wasn't the typical annoying little brother.

Because of the age difference between us there wasn't much fighting that went on when we were little, but there also wasn't much talking either. I always thought of him kind of as a cute little baby.

His chubby body and rosy cheeks just reinforced the image. As I was cutting some veggies I swear I saw Dave checking me out out of the corner of my eye. I looked down at my chest and found out why he was staring, my shirt had rode down super low and my tits were practically popping out of my shirt. His staring didn't really bother me as I was used to having boys ogle at me but the fact that it was my own little brother was a little weird.

I looked up quickly and looked back down at the veggies, he was definitely staring. I didn't tell him not to, and even though I easily could have, I found myself unable to fix my shirt. I felt a strange sensation knowing that my little brother was ogling me.

I cut some more vegetables before fixing a salad and serving it alongside some hamburgers. I sat down across the table from Dave at my small dining table. I propped my shirt a bit lower and sat with good posture so my breasts stuck out a bit more. I glanced up, his eyes were fixated on my tits, he looked away when he saw me look up but sure enough next time I looked he was ogling my chest once again.

I made some conversation to see how he would react "So you're done school for the year, excited for summer" He tried his hardest to stare at my eyes instead of my chest "Um yeah." He answered. Clearly he was distracted.

I continued. "So high school next year, you should be excited, a lot of good looking older girls." I winked This kind of brought him out of his trance and he got a sad look on his face "Yeah I guess but I'm not really good with girls anyways." He answered shyly "Aw don't worry, most boys your age are awkward with girls, you'll learn." He smiled and continued eating dinner.

A short while later I heard a crack. I looked up, David accidentally knocked over his juice. The juice was spreading all over the table and the glass landed on the floor and shattered. "Shit sorry!" He said in a panicky voice "Don't worry I'll get it.

Don't move you might cut yourself." I instructed. I grabbed a wash cloth and I spotted another opportunity to tease my poor little brother. I walked up behind him and reached over his shoulder with the washcloth. My breasts were rubbing against his head as I scrubbed the table. I felt strangely pleased with myself as I caught a glimpse of his raging boner through his pants. He cautiously turned his head so that my boobs were rubbing against the side of his face.

I pretended not to notice and continued scrubbing the table very thoroughly. When it finally couldn't get any cleaner I put the wash cloth down and grabbed the broom to clean up the glass shards on the floor.

This is where I planned on unleashing my primary flirtation device. I scrunched up the fabric of my already skin tight yellow pants into my butt cheeks.

I told my brother to scooch his seat back so I could clean up the glass. I bent down in front of him so my ass was facing him. As I did this I swear I heard a moan from David as if my butt was making him explode on sight! I made sure I took my time as I swept the glass shards.

After I got most of the big shards I got down on all fours and stuck my ass out as I looked for the smaller pieces. Finally I got up, I looked back as I walked away towards the garbage can.

His eyes were fixated on my ass as I walked away, his mouth was wide open and his hand was on his crotch. Poor kid, I thought to myself, he didn't know what hit him. I washed the dishes. David just sat in his chair and looked at my behind. I didn't stop him. Finally when I finished I said "Dave it's getting late, I'm going to go to sleep, so I want you to brush your teeth and then you can watch T.V as late as you want." "Ok thanks Sis.

Good night." He smiled "Good night kiddo." I replied He scampered into the bathroom and took an unusually long time in there.

He came out 10 minutes later, flashed me a smile and once again said goodnight. I went into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. My panties were still on the counter, I guess I forgot all about those.

I picked them up and noticed that my thong was covered in cum! That little bugger just jerked off with my panties! It was a little weird; I guess my little bro wasn't as innocent as I thought he was. I shrugged it off; I mean who could blame him after the show I put on.

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After washing my face I went to bed. I tried getting to sleep but all I could think of was the thought of my little brother in my bathroom jerking off with my thong. It really turned me on.

This creeped me out, I mean I could get any guy I wanted so why was the thought of my chubby little brother turning me on? I decided that it was probably because I haven't had sex for a couple weeks since my boyfriend and I broke up. This didn't clear my mind for long as soon the thoughts in my head had evolved to fucking my brother instead of just teasing him. I peeled my pants off and stuck my index finger in my pussy. I let out some soft moans as I masturbated to the thought of fucking David.

I imagined him fucking me hard and long. I let out more moans. I feared that Dave would hear me but at the same time I wanted him to.

Finally my flood gates opened and I had an intense orgasm, more intense than usual. I put my pants back on and eventually I drifted off to sleep. The next day I got up and walked out into the living room.

Dave was sound asleep. I was still horny and I had an idea of what might satisfy me for the moment. I walked into the bathroom and left the door open. I dropped a bottle of shampoo on purpose. I looked at David, he was still asleep.

So I picked it up and dropped it again along with the conditioner bottle. He started to stir. The couch was positioned so someone sitting on it could see into the bathroom if the door was open.

I faced the mirror, giving him a side view of me. I looked out of the corner of my eye, David was definitely watching. I took off my shirt slowly; revealing a fairly modest black bra. I stood still for a second, I could hear him panting. It was obvious he was very excited. I reached back and unhooked my bra and let it fall to the floor.

This let my big round breasts free. He got a very good side view of my boobs and could probably make out my right nipple. My nipples stood hard with excitement. I stood there, pretending to inspect them in the mirror. I lifted my left breast up and let it fall, then I did the same to the right.

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I alternated doing this before I squeezed them both simultaneously. His breathing was getting louder. After playing with my tits in front of the mirror I started peeling off my pants. I turned so my butt was facing him. I dropped my pants, exposing my naked ass to him. Lucky kid, it was the first girl's ass he's seen in his life and it was one of the sexiest asses known to mankind. I stepped out of my pants. I bent down and picked them up as long with my bra and put them on the counter.

I reached around and grabbed my butt cheeks and started massaging them. I split my cheeks and put them back together a number of times. I gave David every view of my ass he could possibly want to see. Finally I entered the shower. I was so horny that I started masturbating in the shower. I imagined David coming into the shower, grabbing me and fucking me like crazy.

After masturbating and thoroughly washing up in the shower I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. I looked out of the corner of my eye, Dave was still watching intently. I grabbed my towel and slowly dried off every inch of my body. I finally covered up by wrapping the towel around my body and I walked out the bathroom.

Dave instantly ducked his head down and pretended to be fast asleep. I didn't bother putting anything on except the towel as I walked into the kitchen and started working on lunch as it was already 1 pm.

I made some hot dogs. I ate mine and left some for Dave. I walked up to Dave and tried waking him up. His eyes were closed shut; it was obvious he was faking. I shook his shoulder a bit with my hand until he opened his eyes. "Good morning Davie, I made hot dogs." "Oh ok, thanks a lot sis." "Alright eat up quickly, lets hit the beach after." "Yeah sure." He replied "Ok I'm going to go get ready." I walked into my room and searched for an appropriate bikini.

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Living in a beachside apartment, I had accumulated quite the bathing suit collection. But I have a certain knock out bikini I wear when I try to pick up guys or go out on a date. It was a skimpy yellow string bikini. The top was a full bra size too small. I put its small cups around my breasts and tied the strap around my neck. It squeezed my D cup breasts together and brought them higher up so they looked even perkier. The thong was extra small. I pulled it over my ass and it simply sank between my luscious ass cheeks; just the way I liked it.

I spent a very long time doing my makeup and I tied my hair neatly into a bun. I walked out of my room. "David you ready to go" He looked at me; it took him a while to fathom a response. He stuttered "Um um yeah, let me just get my trunks on.

He came out about 10 minutes later in swim trunks and a t-shirt. He probably jerked off again so he wouldn't get hard on the beach. "You seriously aren't going to wear a shirt to the beach are you" I asked "Come on take it off." He cautiously took off his shirt. He had a bit of a chubby belly, but it wasn't too bad, I thought it made him look cute. "Ooh sexy" I laughed He smiled We walked to the beach. It was a nice day so there were quite a few people.

I was getting a lot of sexual looks from males and dirty looks from their partners, but I didn't mind. I liked the attention. I set down my purse and laid down a towel. It was in the dead center of the beach so there was quite a crowd around of us. I was getting ready to lie down when I heard David whimper. I looked at him, he was looking across the beach, there was a group of 4 boys who were all rather big, and they were walking towards us.

"David what's the matter" I asked "Those guys, have made my school year hell. They bully me all the time. We should leave." He was panicking. "It's ok, I have an idea, just follow my lead." I reassured. I grabbed David's hand. They came closer. "Who let this whale on the beach." One of them said while the others laughed. David's cheeks turned bright red. "Look how red this fag's cheeks are getting." Another laughed I intervened "Um you losers should leave." I said This shut them up momentarily as their attention turned to me.

They eyed my body for a bit before on said "Who are you" both in a angry and somewhat turned on voice "I'm Carly, Dave's girlfriend." I said confidently Their jaws dropped. I looked at David, he was shocked at first but he went along with it." "Why don't you ditch the zero and get with the hero." One of the boys said "Ew don't make me throw up you sleaze ball.

And trust me Dave's more man than you'll ever be. Now if you'll excuse us." I leaned brought my lips to David's and kissed him. I opened his lips and slipped my tongue in his mouth. This was probably his first kiss and it showed. He was a terrible kisser; his tongue was all over the place.

I looked up at the boys, they were somewhere between disgusted and turned on. Disgusted that a boy like David got an older sexy girl like me and turned on by seeing me in action. They slowly walked away, I continued frenching with Dave. He brought his hand and placed it on my right breast, he put his other hand on my ass cheek and squeezed it.

He rubbed my breast through the fabric. I didn't object, and continued kissing. Seeing that he could go farther he smacked my butt and started pulling at my top. He reached underneath my bra and let his hand rest on my bare breast. I thought I should put a stop to this now, I didn't want to cause too much of a scene in the crowded beach. I withdrew my tongue from my little brother's mouth and whispered "Davie they're gone." "Oh right." He said, his hand was still resting on my bare breast.

He slowly withdrew his hand from my bra, his cheeks once again reddened. I gave him a reassuring smile which made him relax a bit. I looked down, he was rock hard. I lied down onto my towel and started working on my tan. I looked at David; he seemed kind of disappointed and bored.

I realized that there was nothing really for him to do here, I come almost daily to work on my tan and by the looks of his pale white stomach he didn't have any interest in tanning. So I came up with an idea to give him something to do. "Davie can you apply some lotion on my back" I asked "Sure!" he said very excitedly He fished the tanning lotion out of my purse.

I lied down on my belly and relaxed. "Make sure you get every spot." I said. I could feel his excitement. He squirted some lotion on my upper back and started massaging it on my shoulders.

It felt really good. He put some on the back of my neck, but stumbled a couple times on my strap. "Here." I said.

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I reached around and untied the strap, I felt an instant release of tension on my breasts. He finished up my neck and returned to the shoulders. He slowly started working lower the mid back. As he bent over my body I felt his hard boner poking my bare ass cheek. He started working my lower back. He skipped over my ass and went to my feet.

I guess he wanted to save the best for last. He got every crevice of my feet, even between the toes. He skimmed over my ankles and started spreading the lotion over my long smooth legs. He did one leg at a time; taking careful time to massage my calf and thigh muscles. Then he got to my ass, he rubbed each ass cheek lightly with each hand.

He squirted a bunch of lotion straight from the bottle onto each one of my ass cheeks. He started spreading it slowly and carefully. He spread the lotion to each crevice of my ass. When it was all spread he started lightly massaging; squeezing each cheek with open palms.

He started massaging more deeply. I didn't object. He split my cheeks apart and pushed my thong in between them, and then squished them back to each other. "Um Carly, should I keep massaging you" He asked I didn't know how to answer this. I wanted him to keep having his way with my ass but I didn't want him to know that I wanted to fuck him. So I pretended I fell asleep. He nudged me a couple times. "Carly" He concluded I was fast asleep. He paused for a second then returned to massaging my ass.

He split my cheeks again and ran his finger over my thong covered crease. He carefully untied my thong and slipped it off. He once again squirted some tanning lotion on my ass, this time along my ass crack. He split my cheeks apart and started working the lotion deep into my butt. He rubbed lotion on the inside of my cheeks and along my crease.

He circled his finger around my ass hole. This felt sensational. The beach got unusually clouded as it got kind of late, there weren't too many people around anymore.

Dave bent over and kissed my right ass cheek. Then the left. He put his nose deep in my ass and squished my cheeks together so they squished his nose. Then he split them apart and took a long and deep whiff of my ass hole. "Mmmm" he moaned out loud Then he left it alone for a bit.

In a minute some more lotion landed on my ass, a lot of it actually. And it was warm. I smiled as I realized Dave had just came on my butt. "Oh shit." He said out loud. He wiped it off with what I think was my discarded bikini bottom.

Next he got on top of me. His trunks were back on. He reached around my stomach and slid his hands up towards my chest. He grabbed both of my big breasts with open palms and started squeezing.

I let him have some more fun as he molested my breasts with both hands. He obviously didn't know how to treat a woman's breasts as he was squeezing them way too hard.

When it started getting more painful then pleasureful I decided to stop him. "Davie" I said groggily He was speechless as both of his hands were around my body and on my breasts.

"Oh um hey, you're awake. Um I was just putting tanning lotion on your chest for you er." He said nervously "O ok, thanks darling." I replied as I pretended I didn't really know what he was doing. "What do you say we head home, it's getting a little late." "Um yeah sure. Er I took your bottom off so I could put lotion on your bum properly, so you should put that back on right." "Yeah, thanks again." I replied in cheer.

I tied my bra up again and tied my now cum covered thong over my ass. I pretended not to notice the cum. We walked back home. Dave took a shower when we got home and I changed into a sweater and sweat pants as the night turned cold. We had dinner and then talked about what we should do for fun.

I got an idea. "Do you know how to play black jack Davie" I asked "Yeah, but it gets kind of boring." He replied "Not if we make it more interesting." "Oh yeah, we should play for money." He smiled "Too bad I'm broke!" I laughed "I was thinking more along the lines of stripping.

I play all the time with my friends just for fun, it makes for a real good time." "Strip black jack." He smiled "I like it." We sat across from each other at the dining table with a deck of cards lying on the middle of the table. I dealt.

I had a 7 and a 10. Hit me; a 7, I went over. He stayed at 18. I lost. "Take off your sweater." He sneered I snickered back and took my sweater off revealing a white t shirt. Next hand, I went over again. I took off my shirt revealing a black bra that showed ample cleavage. David's breathing quickened. I smiled as my next hand I got 20, David decided to stay on 19 and he lost.

I snickered as he took off his t-shirt. My next hand I got 20 again, but Dave got the lucky 21. I had to strip. I took off my sweatpants. I turned around and playfully wiggled my panty clad butt in front of him. He smiled. I won the next hand. David took his pants off; he was left only in his boxers. He was trying his hardest to make sure his erection stayed in his boxers. Next hand I got stuck on 13, I took another card, it was an 8, I went over.

David stayed at 17. His breathing quickened as he knew what was coming. He would get an unobstructed view of real breasts for the first time in his life. I reached around and unhooked my bra, I let it fall to the floor but I kept my arms around my breasts. I smiled. He looked on eagerly. I turned my back towards him and let my breasts fall free. I put my fingers around my nipples and turned back around.

One by one I took my fingers off my nipples and let him sit in awe of my bare breasts. He was so hard now that his dick sprung out of his boxers. It wasn't bad for a 14 year old, I would estimate about 5 inches. He drooled as he was in a trance with my breasts. I laughed "What you've never seen boobs before kiddo" I asked as I already knew the answer. He just shook his head I walked over to him, giving him an even better view. He stared at them for a solid five minutes, he must have memorized every little feature that makes my breasts what they are.

"Go head, give them a feel." I reassured He started squeezing them like he did on the beach. "Ouch." I screamed as I removed his hands from my tits. "Sorry!" he said "That's alright.

Here let big sis teach you a few things. Woman don't like having their breasts squeezed, we put up with it to please our man but when you squeeze too hard it hurts. Instead you should play with a girl's nipples. That's a quick way to get her horny." I placed his hand on my right nipple and he started gently playing with it. "There you go." I sat down on his lap as he continued playing with my nipple. My nipple turned hard, he instinctively put his hand on the other one and did the same.

"So Sis, your nipples are hard, does that mean you're horny" "Well it's only natural to get a little excited when someone is playing with your breasts." I said This excited him "Good, so now you know how to play with a girl's breasts.

Now you need to work on your kissing." I grabbed his face and brought his closer to mine. "Here I'll play the guy's role, just relax your tongue and notice what I do, then after do the same to me. I lightly kissed his lips. I split his lips with my tongue and gently felt the surface of his tongue with mine. I pressed his tongue lightly down to the floor of his mouth and kept it there.

I explored the roof and gums of his mouth and played a little wrestling game with his tongue. I withdrew. "Now do that to me." He kissed me and put his tongue in my mouth. He started off kind of sloppy but he figured it out as he got more practice. As we started kissing more passionately I took his palm and placed it on my right breast.

He lightly squeezed my breast and played with my nipple. As me kissed I led him off the chair on to the couch. We tumbled onto it, I was on top. Our mouths never separated. I moved a bit to the side and grabbed his hard cock with my palm. This caught him by surprise but he continued kissing me.

I stroked it slowly. Before I could even get going into my usual routine Dave exploded. We stopped kissing and I started laughing. "That was the shortest hand job I've ever given!" "Sorry." Dave said looking kind of dejected I felt bad "Aw don't worry, after all I am 6 years older than you, that is a lot more experience.

Here I know what will cheer you up. Prepare yourself Davie you're about to get your first blowjob." David was excited beyond belief. I got on my knees and I spread his legs as he sat up on the couch. "Wait Sis, can I video tape this So I can show it to my friends." I smiled "Well I guess none of your friends know who I am." I went and fetched my camera from my room and came back. I set it up on the chair where it would have a perfect view of the action.

I got back on my knees. I slipped his boxers off and discarded them. I brought my mouth to his limp penis and touched the tip with my tongue. It twitched a little. I circled his head with my tongue. Like a snake charmer charming a snake it started to rise slowly. I wrapped my lips around his head and slowly started moving my mouth up and down his mouth. He moaned, his cock was fully hard now. I sucked faster and faster until he seemed like he was about to cum.

I deep throated his cock and soon he same deep inside my throat. I swallowed it all and smiled at him. "How was your first BJ" "Amazing…" he said, he was breathing hard. "Good" I sat up on his lap.

He reached around and stroked my stomach. "So do you wanna stop here, or go further" I inquired "Further, much further." He smiled I smiled, I slipped off my thong and cast it aside. I turned around and got on my knees on the sofa. I pushed my chest out towards his mouth, he licked my nipple and then began to suck on it.

He put his hand around my back and pulled me closer. I grabbed his other hand and put it on my wet pussy. He continued sucking my nipple. I pulled his index finger out and inserted it into my pussy.


"Gently thrust it in and out." He did so. "Mmmm good" My pussy was getting wetter and wetter. He instinctively went faster and faster, after a few minutes I couldn't take it anymore and I had a huge orgasm. "Ohhhh" I moaned My body went limp. I got off of him and lied on the couch. He got on top of me and we started kissing again.

He whispered in my ear asking to get him hard again. I rolled over him so I was on top and I slid down towards his limp dick.

I sucked it hard but no luck. The poor kid came so much today that there wasn't much left in him. I wrapped my breasts around his cock and started giving him a boob job. He moaned. It was slowly starting to work as his dick turned semi hard after a few strokes. With a combination of sucking and boob job his dick got rock hard again soon. "Sit back Dave, relax, let big sis do all the work." I got into cowgirl position, my pussy, dripping wet, was mere inches away from his hard penis.

"Ready" He nodded I rubbed my clit against on his penis head and slowly I pushed my pussy down on it. The look on David's face was one of pure ecstasy. He was in heaven. I moved my pussy slowly up and down his dick; he moved his hands out and started massaging my breasts. I knelt down and gently kissed him. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and we passionately kissed as we fucked.

Due to all of the cumming he had done earlier, he was lasting unusually long for a virgin. He took control of my body as he stopped kissing me and moved my chest up to his mouth.

He licked my breasts before putting my right nipple in his mouth and sucking on it like an infant. He moved his hands down my sleek back and rested them on my ass. He started squeezing my ass cheeks as I fucked him. All of this sucking and touching was really stimulating me. I started fucking him faster.

He moaned and I screamed. I found myself screaming louder and louder than he was. It wasn't long before my body started shaking and I came once again.

My body went limp once again and I lied down on his body. I was still trying to thrust but I didn't have the energy anymore. "Here Sis, let me do something." He said He flipped me on to the floor, and got on top of me. He motioned me to get on all fours. I did so and spread my legs wide. He felt up my ass and moaned. He stood up and split my ass cheeks wide. He slowly entered my ass hole with his dick. This made me gasp as it hurt. "Ow, Ow." I screamed "Please Sis let me do it." I agreed "Ok but be gentle." He slowly entered my ass until his entire dick was in there.

Even though he was only about 5 inches the pain was still excruciating, but it felt strangely stimulating too. He started thrusting in and out of my ass. He was moaning like crazy, the tightness of my ass was sending him over the edge. He started thrusting harder, his hands grabbed my hips.

I screamed in pain and pleasure, his moaning was also getting more intense with every thrust. He put his entire length in my ass and stopped as he came. I felt my insides getting filled with hot cum, this was a strange sensation. I lied down on the floor, he fell back. We were both exhausted. We both slowly drifted asleep on the floor. I woke up late in the morning. I opened my eyes, the couch and floor was littered with cum stains, I was naked, and David was nowhere to be seen.

I got up and looked around for him, he was in my room on the computer, fully clothed, looking at our rather hot sex tape from last night. I smiled "Hey you." "Hey sis, Good morning." I walked over to him, sat on his lap and gave him a big kiss. I looked at the tape, it was at the part where I was on top of his dick and we were having sex.

"Damn we make for a hot couple." I laughed "You got that right." I put my arm around him, he fondled my breast quite non-chalantly. He asked "So what do you want to do today" "Well I feel a little icky from last night, how about a shower." I led him into the bathroom, he took off his shirt and pants quickly, his hard dick sprung free. I walked into the shower and turned on the hot water, he quickly followed and jumped in with me.

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I turned on the shower. He pushed my body against the glass door and started kissing me intensely. He moved to my breasts and started sucking them while grabbing my ass cheeks. "My, my, your quite horny today." I said "Sis you know you make me horny instantly every time I see you." "Mm good, let me take care of that for you then." I got on my knees and placed his dick in my mouth.

I started sucking it vigorously as the hot water poured over us. Dave grabbed the shampoo and poured it on my hair and started rubbing it in. This made me laugh, but I continued sucking him. He exploded again, I gurgled the cum out of my mouth and rinsed it out with the water. I stood up. He grabbed the soap and started soaping up my breasts and stomach. I soaped up his dick and started cleaning it.

He reached around and soaped up my ass cheeks. He spent a rather long time cleaning my ass. "Hmm you've spent a rather long time on my ass." I laughed "Well it did get pretty dirty yesterday." He replied As the water turned from hot to warm to cold we decided it was time to step out he dried me off with a towel and I did the same to him. He put on his clothes. I walked into my room, he followed. I inspected my closet "Hmm, what should I wear today" I asked "Honestly sis, nothing.

Nothing you wear is going to make you look more sexy then you look right now." "Awwe" I smiled "Alright." I proceeded naked to making some lunch while David watched T.V. He still couldn't keep his eyes off of me. After lunch we decided to watch a movie.

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He sat on the couch and I sat on his lap. I couldn't have told you what the hell went on in the movie as we spent most of the time making out. "Dave we should go out and do something." I said "Yeah sure, what do you want to do" "Um, let's go to the mall, you could help me pick out a few new bikini's." I winked I put on a small pink tank top and some booty shorts and we went to the mall.

As we walked through the mall Dave held my hand, he wanted people to think that we were going out. I obliged. Occasionally we saw more kids from Dave's school, he walked past them with a new found swagger as he held my hand.

The boys looked envious and girls looked at him in a whole new light. I was happy I could help him out with his popularity.

We walked into the bikini store and went straight to the skimpiest ones there. "Wow look at this one." David exclaimed I looked at it "Wow Dave you can't be serious." I laughed It looked like it was made for a pre pubescent girl but I knew it wasn't since it was a playboy bikini.

The top was completely string except for two small playboy bunny heads which I guess were supposed to cover the nipples.


The thong was completely string, there was a little more in the front but it would still barely cover my pussy. I looked at David "Oh come on Sis, try it on atleast." "Alright." I sighed I took off my tank top and put on the bikini top. I laughed as I looked at myself in the mirror. The pink bunny heads were barely covering my nipples.

But I did like how it pushed my breasts up and together. Next I tried the thong. The string completely sank into my round ass cheeks, the front of the thong did manage to cover my small pussy, but just barely. I stepped out of the stall and called David over. His jaws dropped. "Wow sis, you look amazing." "You mean, I look like a slut." I laughed "No, you're way to pretty to be a slut." He continued "Wow you know when I said nothing you put on could make you look sexier, well I think this does." He continued gawking "Wow I want you now." "What David, we can't, wait until we get home." "No, I can't control myself Sis, you look too good." He led me into the stall.

I locked the door. He reached around to my ass cheeks and began mauling them with his palms. He licked me up from my chest to my mouth when he started kissing me. He was really horny. He picked me up by my legs and lifted me up. I was surprised by his strength. I grabbed the hooks in the stall that were designed to hold clothes. He whipped out his cock and moved the string covering my pussy to the side.

He started roughly fucking my pussy as he lifted my legs with his arms. My tits were bouncing around they easily popped out of the bikini top. I couldn't help but let out a moan, I loved how Dave was fucking me. He started fucking faster, I moaned more, I didn't care who heard it anymore.

As he fucked me at full speed I'm pretty sure I moaned loud enough for the whole store to hear. He dropped me on the floor and stuck his dick in my mouth as he was ready to explode. I sucked it for a few seconds before he exploded deep in my throat. "Wow, you're a quick learner Davie." He smiled and put his clothes back on. I went to change to my normal clothes but David stopped me. "Sis could you please, leave your bikini on" "What You mean walk around the mall in this" "Yeah" he said "Come on, it's a beachside mall in California, girls walk around here in bikini's all the time." "I don't think THIS even qualifies as a bikini." I laughed "Please Sis, I want everyone to know how hot of a girlfriend I have." "Oh ok I guess I can, but you owe me." I adjusted the top and thong as much as I could.

I still looked really slutty though. My pussy was wet from sex and there was a big wet spot on my panties, my nipples were hard and pointing through the top. We walked out of the stall where there were a couple of pretty girls from David's school who heard us fucking. David proudly grabbed my hand and we walked past them. I have always been used to getting looks from guys but never to the extent I was getting now as I was walking through the mall in almost nothing.

Guys of all ages were staring at me like never before. Partly because of how hot I looked and partly because they were wondering how in the world a short chubby kid got me to be his girlfriend. David made sure we walked around for a long time, he was really enjoying this, and after while I was too.

The burning embarrassment turned gradually turned to fulfilling pride as I enjoyed my new found exhibitionism. I even accepted the idea of going into a restaurant and grabbing a bite to eat.

At about 5 we left the mall and decided to soak in what's left of the day at the beach. It wasn't as busy as yesterday but there were still quite a few people there. We found a quiet corner this time because we knew exactly what we were going to do.

I lied down. David lied beside me and started kissing me on the cheek. He started massaging my breasts through my top. "Mm, that feels good hun." I moaned Slowly he slid my bra down; revealing my breasts. "Dave don't there are way too many people here." "Oh come on Sis, not that many people will see you, besides it really turns me on showing your body off to the world." I've heard this kind of thing from David before "Come on Dave, let's go home, I'll let you fuck the shit out of me there." "Carly I wanna fuck the shit out of you here!" "No Dave we can't" He got a dejected look on his face.

I felt bad. "Fine here, take off my bra, if that makes you happy but we can't have sex here." He joyfully undid my top and tossed it aside; revealing my breasts to the beach.

I looked around there were some old men looking on gleefully, and some kids playing nearby that got instant boners. David saw them too; he joyfully played with my boobs knowing that everybody on the beach would like to do what he's doing. He played with my nipples. I just laid back and relaxed as his hands felt pretty good. He kissed me on the lips and I kissed back.

His left hand stayed on my breasts, his right hand slid down my stomach. And slowly it slid to my pussy. He rubbed my pussy. The wet spot got bigger. I moaned. David took this as a green light as he peeled my thong down. "David no" I gasped He just shushed me, I really didn't want to argue and it felt way too good so I let him do what he was doing.

He slid my panties down my legs, off my feet and cast them aside a few feet away where my top laid. David stuck his finger in my pussy and started fingering me. I moaned. As he started going faster and faster I moaned louder. Luckily for me a lot of the kids and family members cleared out, but the group of old men were still watching intently. David moved put his mouth on my pussy and started licking away.

This felt sensational. His tongue felt so good in deep in my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his head as I was ready to orgasm. "Ohhhh Davie" I moaned as I orgasmed once again. He kept his mouth on my pussy as he drank my juices. When he finished, he lied back down beside me. "I think were even now." He whispered "I think so too." I laughed He put my bikini in his bag. I didn't object.

He got on top of me and took off his shirt. I slid down his pants and grabbed his cock. I wanted it. He thrust his cock deep inside me. I moaned. He did it again, and again as he found his rhythm. I spread my legs wider and clenched the sand around me. It was amazing how my 14 year old brother had learned to fuck me better than any of my previous boyfriends.

"Oh Davie" I moaned loudly My tits bounced up with every blow to my pussy. "Fuck me harder" I begged He did so, and he quickened his rhythm. Every thrust made me let out a squeal. He fucked me faster and faster. He fucked me like an animal. It was amazing. He withdrew as he was near cumming, he grabbed my tits and wrapped them around his dick.

Soon he came all over my chest. I really wanted his cum so one by one I grabbed my breasts and licked the cum off of each. It was getting late, even the old men left as the show we put on came to an end. We were both too tired to go home so we decided to spend the night on the beach.

"Good night David, I Love you." "Love you too Carly." I was in David's arms; my ass was pushing against his limp penis, his hands slowly massaged my breasts as I drifted to sleep.

I woke up as the sun hit my eyes. The sight was beautiful; the sun was rising over the ocean. David was already up and clothed. While I was looking at the sunrise, he was looking at me. "So what do you want to do today Sis" I smiled "Whatever you want babe."