Two Gays Fuck in the Locker Room

Two Gays Fuck in the Locker Room
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Today started as a normal day in which I just wanted to watch some gay porn, suck a cock or two then maybe get a blowjob. I was new to the area so I did not know where to go so to begin this quest so I looked for a gay movie theater. There was one downtown which also said it had a collection of adult books and DVD's for sale.


I arrived at the location and it was in a good neighborhood so I felt safe parking and heading inside. When I entered I found it just as it was described, racks of books and walls of DVD's.

I cruised around pretending to be looking at the books but really watching to see if anyone came in or out of the theater. Yep, three guys entered and one came out in about 10 minutes so I thought it could be a good plan to head inside. I purchased my ticket plus a one dollar required membership and headed in to watch the movie. When I entered the theater it was very dark probably due to the fact it was a sunny day out and the only light was that which was coming from the movie. I found a seat about half way down on the side.

As my eyes got used to the darkness I noticed that there were only about 8 or 10 other guys watching the movie. I found this kind of strange based the number of guys I saw come in. Well I guess it was time to watch the movie and it was a good hot one!

Two young guys fucking like rabbits. As I watched I was constantly looking around to try and find where all the real guys were hanging out. I did see a few go through this curtain in the front of the theater so I thought I would check it out.

When I passed through the curtain it was just as dark but I was able to see two guys leaning on the wall.

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Then I saw the men's room so I thought I would check that out, nothing special, two stalls with a glory hole and one urinal.

I came out still very confused and curious as to where the action was and the guys. Just at that time I saw some movement to my right there was an iron, circular stairway with a guy coming down.

Now my interest was peaked so I decided to head upstairs. Wow what a different place than downstairs.

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I walked around and found all types of areas: one room had a small TV showing a gay porn. This room was about 20 by 20 with a series of walls about four to five feet high that had glory holes. As I walked through there were 4 guys getting a bj through these holes. Another area had several rooms that were big enough for two guys to play in and they had a bench big enough to lie on. As I wandered more I found a play room with a sling no one was playing here.

Then there was an area of "walls" with glory holes and a few sections were "chain link fence". Finally I came into an area that had a lot of closet doors. As I investigated more I discovered these were little rooms that had either glory holes, large holes or both on one, two or all three walls.

Well it was now time to begin my quest for the day suck a few cocks so I decided to enter one of those little rooms. After going in and out of several rooms I finally found one that had guys through two of the holes. I entered and stated to watch them, one was just gently stroking himself and the other was doing what I wanted to be doing. He was on his knees sucking through the hole opposite from where I was looking. I then focused my attention on the other guy. Slowly I approached the hole with my hand and gestured for him to come over.

Removed it and waited nothing so I tried again thinking he did not see me the first time, again nothing. Well I started thinking that I should try something different so I got on my knees and presented my open mouth in the hole nothing. This was one of the larger holes so if I was daring enough I could stick my head through the hole but I didn't. Now totally disappointed I sat back and returned to watching the lucky guy on the other side.

While I was watching something flashed in my mind let me try something else. I dropped my pants and boxers to the floor and stood placing my bare ass about 6 inches from the large hole facing the guy who was stroking himself. It only took about five seconds before I felt fingers gently touching my bare skin. At first I stood still and let him gently rub me, and then I moved closer to him.

His touching got firmer but in a warm, sexy way. He gradually started to run his fingers up and down the crack of my ass then gently started to slide them in looking for that magic spot. To make it easier for him I bent over giving him more access which he took full advantage and found my waiting hole and started to play with it.

Slowly and gently he pushed his dry finger inside even though it was a little uncomfortable I let him have his way. Then I felt something cool, on his other hand he somehow got some lube and now was inserting a lubed finger. This felt much better, so much so that my cock started to get hard.

After a while of inserting one finger then two he took both of them out. There was nothing happening but my mind was racing and hoping for more so I bent over a little more and backed all the way to the wall so I was actually leaning on the wall with my ass totally exposed through the hole. Finally it happened; I felt his cock trying to enter me.

I reached back there to make sure he had on a condom and he did so I totally relaxed and let him enter me. He went slowly at first and only going in a little at a time. Gradually he entered me fully and began pumping.

The pumping was at a nice even pace that was working nicely for me and I am guessing for him too. Shockingly I felt a hand on my leg it came through the hole on the side.


I was so much enjoying what was happening to me that I did not try to move it away. Since I did not move it away he took the liberty of grabbing my rock hard cock and began to stroke it. You can only imagine how all of this was feeling getting fucked and stroked at the same time!!!!

I drifted into total enjoyment only to be brought back to reality as I began to shoot all over the floor. The stroking continued until I was totally drained. I couldn't move as I was still being pounded from behind, finally I felt him quicken his pace and finally unload. He slowly pulled out and I stood up then leaned on a wall totally exhausted and almost totally full filled. Remember I came to suck cock and that still has not happened.

I decided to head to the room that had the walls so I could lean on one and watch some gay porn and recover.

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Now that I had a feeling of the second floor I could hear sounds of pleasure as I headed to the other room. I got to that room and headed about half way down and entered an empty row. To my right across the aisle I could see a blow job taking place and if I blocked out the video there were others also taking place.

About 10 minutes passed and a guy entered the row behind me and was also leaning on the wall. I took a glance back at him then down and noticed he was not standing in front of the glory hole so I just went back to watching the video. I was starting to feel refreshed and wanted to go out to the glory hole wall and look for that cock that I wanted to suck. As I turned I noticed that the guy behind me moved and his cock was just hanging through the hole.

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Well you can only guess what happened next I left, just kidding. I reached and gently started to fondle this soft, beautiful cock. As I fondled more it began to stiffen much to my liking. It was now time to get on my knees and enjoy this cock. I slowly licked the head then gradually took it into my mouth.

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Since it was not fully hardened I sucked in to bring it down my throat as far as it would go. In a matter of time it became a hardened cock about six and a half inches and slightly on the thick side. In a matter in which I like my cocked I sucked, I began to suck this one, slow then fast all the way in then just lick and play with the head. Finally I tasted a little precum so I pulled off, got up and went into the same row where he was standing. I went to my knees, reached for that beautiful cock and placed it into my mouth.

I then placed both of my hands on his ass and allowed him to fuck my mouth as hard, deep and as fast as he wanted. His hands found my head and held it is place, I wasn't going anywhere but I guess it made him feel good. He finally exploded and shot a large, tasty load of cum into my mouth and throat. I held him inside of me as long as I could still feel and taste cum coming out. When he was empty I took one more inhalation suck then got up patted him on the ass and left satisfied.

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Wow I finally got to suck a cock which was my goal for the day. Actually my goal was to suck a few cocks so I headed over to the glory hole wall. When I got there on my side there was one guy on his knees with his face planted to the wall and I assume with a nice mouthful. Down a few holes was a soft cock about 5 to 6 inches just hanging there waiting for attention but it was all the way at the end where my attention was focused.

Remember I said there was some chain link fence? I looked down there and there was a nice looking cock hanging through one of the links.

As I looked at the rest of him I saw his pants down around his ankles but his shirt was over his head covering his face. That really interested me so I headed over. I started to gently handle this nice cock which caused a little stirring through the fence so I dropped to my knees and began to suck. Gently licking the head then slowly the shaft and finally engulfing the whole thing. Gradually it got hard and I was really enjoying sucking with my eyes closed so I could enjoy all the sensations and hot smell.

When I opened my eyes I saw another cock sticking through the fence within an arm's length away yep you guessed it. I reached over and started to stroke it. It took some concentration to stroke and suck at the same time but I was working it as best as I could. Finally the cock in my mouth started to pulse and shoot a nice warm and tasty load of cum. Every drop was swallowed before I let him pull out.

I did not want the other guy to leave unsatisfied so I continued to stroke him until he shot all over the floor. I did not want to take him inside because the taste currently in my mouth was awesome and I wanted it to last as long as possible.

Now that I was satisfied it was time for me to leave and head home.


You might not believe that all of this could happen on a single visit to a movie theater and you are right. This is a true story up to the first cock I sucked.

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When I was leaving I did see 2 cocks hanging through the glory holes but I was satisfied and it was time to head home. I will be heading back for another adventure but this time I will head right upstairs.