Nice POV with a latin chick at my home

Nice POV with a latin chick at my home
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My first story, Some events maybe true while other are not.


I have been dating my girlfriend for over 3 years now, She has 3 kids, one of which is named Liz. Liz is 12 years old, cute little thing, I never really have had feelings of a sexual nature towards underage kids before until about 1 year ago. A little back story Liz started staying over at my house on the weekends, I felt it was good for to, because of her younger brother and sister, I told her to treat it as a get a way from them.


Just after she started her period, she started asking if she could stay with me, I have alway wanted a little girl to dress up and buy clothes for, now I have just that. The first time she stayed with me nothing really happened, we hung out and played video games. Then I started wondering what she looked like nude.

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Since not having a daughter of my own, I wondered what changings her body was going through, So far I have watched her grow into a petite litte girl, But that was starting to change, One night after getting back to my place she asked if i would make her a bath. I of course said yes, because my hot water is realy hot and i didnt want it to burn her.

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So making her bath she started to get undress, I quickley left the room, and went and turned on the tv, I fought the erege to look into the crack that was between the door and the jam on the bathrooms door. but that didnt last long, I went to look, and what I saw was amazing, Here a little 12yr old girl stood behind the crack bent over, i could see the little hairs forming on her mound, her little a cup tits as she bent over to dry herself off. I watched for a few mintues and decided it was wrong, and left for the living room.

When she came out she came and got a drink and sat down beside me on the couch, and layed her head in my lap and we watched a movie together. For a few months i did this watching her through the crack, while she took a whole bath, cleaning herself and one night i noticed something else, she started touching her breasts, and mound while laying in the tub, this got me fo freaking hard, i wanted to open the door, but i knew it was wrong.

Since then i have noticed she does this every time she stays with me. I have never touched her until one night, She was complaing about the bug bites she had, So i got up and picked up the anti-itch cream. I asked her if she wanted to put it on, she says no daddy, i think you should.

She was wearing a long t shirt and a pair of my sleeping shorts with panties under. I sat at one end of the couch and her at the other, The shorts where so loose I could see her cotton covered mound. I started to apply the cream on her bug bites, (which was alot) and she noticed i was looking at her panties, she covered up slightly, and said opps.

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I told it was ok, I am not looking looking, i just noticed, then she spread her legs as i applied the crea, on each leg. I was having a hard time getting all the bites as the went up to her little butt.

So i told her to stand up.

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She said ok and i got beind her and sat down on the floor, I started to apply some more cream, then i got some on the shorts and asked her if i could take them off because it could mess up my shorts. she said ok, I grabbed the shorts and pulled them down and her panites came with them, thats when not only did i get to see my little step daughter to be"s ass up close but the smell of a virgin mound.

I pulled her panties back up and appiled more cream, I had her turn around so that her front faced me and i applied some on her thighs and thats when i moved her panties out from her mound, i told her she has a bug bite next to her lips. I didnt touch them I just looked a the little fury mound. Soon i was getting really hard, i had her lay on her tummy and i lifted up her shirt because she had bug bites on her back as well.

i appiled more cream, on her back and legs and said liz honey you are covered, I pulled her panties down just enough to see her asshole and applied a little cream on her cute little crack. by this time i was getting really horny, a though flashed into my head" damn i could just plung my cock into this little girl right now".

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but i passed on the thought and made her get up. after that night she doesnt wear shorts to bed, just panties and a shirt. I few months passed. I still peek through the crack at this blossoming little girl and think what it would be like to make her cum on my cock, to taste that virgin pussy and take that tight virgin ass.

Soon I met her cousin, Brandy she was 11 yrs old, cute a button blonde hair, tiny tits nice little ass. I had stayed over at my girlfriends house as the girls had a sleep over, earlier that night they put on a fashion show for me and my girlfriend. I got to see a lot of barely covered skin that night, Brandy;s ass crack, when it was bedtime i kissed the girls on the head and told them good night, then i went into my girlfriends bedroom and fucked the shit out of her thinking about fucking both brandy and liz.

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The next day we got up and i went and woke up the 2 girls, i noticed brandy did not have panties on under her nightgown, I asked her what happened to them and she said she doesnt like to wear them to sleep in, For me that was a sight, because unlike liz brandy has little hair at all and what she has is blonde. Just an after i saw her little blonde slit i got to see her tiny little tits as we packed the car for a trip to grandmas.

she was wearing a strapless sundress. Brandy noticed her dress came down a little and looked at me and asked if i like what i saw. I told her in words i could only say at the time, not wanting to make her blush or scared.

" Those are cute, you have cute boobies" she said thank you. We finished packing the car and left for grandmas house. 1 month later "brandy is coming to stay with me this weekend, I know liz is staying with you, but i think both girls will want to stay together since they get along so well" my girlfriend said.

I replied, o ok, well if they want they both can stay with me, i have already promised liz she could. My girlfriend then said, I hope you can handle to nearly teenage girls, and i might want to lock the door when i slept.

I just laughed and said they would be fine. 2 weeks late Brandy did come and stay along with liz and now this is where the story gets fun.

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to be continued