Lovemaking the lesbian way with Blanche Bradburry and Carla Cruz on Sapphic Erot

Lovemaking the lesbian way with Blanche Bradburry and Carla Cruz on Sapphic Erot
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Chapter 3 - Lois's story Fucking Luthor. He can't do this to me. My head was hurting and I felt funny. As I opened my eyes, I saw my body on the medical bed. I knew it was me but it couldn't be me. I am lying here on the floor. I look down at myself and see a man's body instead of my normal sexy woman's body.

It is Superman's body. I look back at the bed and it is my body on the bed. With my new super hearing, I can hear the heartbeat and know that my body is still alive. But what has happened to me. Luthor had to change my body with Superman's body somehow. Why and how did he do it? I see a mirror over on the far wall and walk to it.

I don't see myself at all but see Superman. His broad chest and wide shoulders, hidden behind the blue suit. His steel gray eyes and cute little lock of curly hair hanging down. I look down at the crotch and see a bulge as I realized that the warm feeling that I am experiencing is part of an erection. I am getting turned on by seeing myself in the mirror. I mean by seeing myself in Superman's body. I turn and see myself on the bed, still asleep.

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Luthor is on another bed and is also sleeping. I reach out and squeeze a piece of metal and the metal collapses in my hand as if it was made of tinfoil. As I squeeze my hand, I feel raw power flow through my body. I feel strong and powerful. And good. I have never felt this good before. I look at my body laying on the bed. It looks so weak and frail and small. So pale and fragile. I look at the naked breasts and wonder why men find them so magical. I have seen women with breasts that I enjoyed looking at, but my own breasts never thrilled me.

For the first time in my life, I admitted to myself that I did not like the body that I was looking at. When I was a little girl, I always wanted to find some magical way to become a man because girls never did anything but play with dolls while boys got to play all the sports and to go everywhere. Then my gangly little girl body started changing into a young woman's body and boys started hanging out around the house, trying to impress me and to get into my panties.

I quickly learned that I had a power that I could use to control them and to get them to do what I wanted.


As my body shaped up, my power over men increased. I became very manipulative and learned how to obtain whatever I wanted, by just flirting a little. But it was not enough for me. I wanted a career and to prove myself in a male dominated world. So I left home and became a reporter and chased tough assignments. I learned how to dress professional and seductive. I learned how to use any method to obtain the story and the byline.

But it was never enough. Women would talk to me about their husbands and soap operas that they watched. Or give me favorite recipes. I wanted men to talk to me about the football game, and to ask me to work on old cars with them as we drank beer. And I loved hearing a good dirty joke. I guess that I had a classic case of penis envy. I remembered my adolescence all too well and what I did to explore that strange feeling I got whenever I saw a penis.

I kinda went overboard and let my budding breasts be licked and sucked and fondled by all too many boys. Then there was that night when I let my cherry get popped, and all of the many sexual encounters afterwards.

I couldn't get enough and would sneak out of the house and let myself be the star of a drunken gang-bangs. Then I woke up sick and miserable one morning. All I could think about was the hot, sweaty jousts in the back seats of cars, and all of the guilt and misery that I hid. I didn't want be a whore. I was just curious about having a penis.

A real penis between my legs. And now I have one of those magical hot dog like things between my legs. I want to pull it out and look at it, but this is not the place. I want to see what it is like to have sex as a man. To live as a man. To have a woman waiting on me and to service me.

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I remember college and a very beautiful woman. Her name was Janice Pentelton. When she walked by me, I felt a very different warmth as she smiled at me. I knew that she wanted me and would be available for anything that I wanted. I enjoyed her smell. Once she borrowed a scarf from me and I could smell her warmth radiating from my scarf when she returned it.

I could smell her very personal musky odor mixed with her cologne. When I first met Janice, she was in very good shape. Or so I thought. But she didn't like her body and started working out at the gym with the guys every day. Before long, she had a build that most men would want to have.

Before muscular women became the norm as they are now, she wanted to be able to take care of herself and did not like taking the standard weak women's role. She discovered that she liked the way that high heels showed off her calves and strong bare thighs from playing tennis and she worked on the rest of her body to develop it to the same high standards. She liked to flex as well as jiggle. She became strong and confident and powerful, as she shaped her body into a mass of feminine muscle.

Her calves were two solid diamond shaped bulges. Her thighs were solid trees of solid, sinewy muscle. Her ass muscles were two perfect semicircles of hard, twitching flesh. Her skinny waist showed off her washerboard abdominal muscles. Her pectoral muscles were solid, giving her impressive cleavage just from her muscle. Her back and shoulder muscles looked like wings.

Her biceps and her triceps showed the many hours that she spent lifting weights. I was dating the quarterback then. I always had to date the most desirable man. I felt better when number one was after me. If I had moved to Washington instead of Metropolis, I would be dating the President now. Janice came to my room one afternoon and we spent the whole afternoon laughing and talking as we sipped a little wine. Janice worked out all of the time and was beginning to get a very solid muscular build on her for a woman.

I remember that day, that she was wearing a tight, low cut muscle shirt that was showing off the deep cleft of her fine, heavy breasts and the solid wall of chest muscle that was holding the breasts up.

At that time, that sort of build on a woman was rare and some people hinted that she was a dyke. But I knew better. I remember her smile as I eyed her powerful limbs, thick and brown, veined and taunting, bared by a revealing tank-top stretched to bursting by her big breasts. And what can I say to describe her long killer legs.


After she left, I called the quarterback over and let him fuck me for the very first time. I set Janice up with one my boyfriend's teammembers. We went off to a cabin for the weekend. As Larry was fucking me, I was listening to the bed in the next room, as Janice groaned and moaned. The next morning, we let the guys go fishing while we relaxed in the back yard in our bikinis. Janice suggested a backrub and I let her. I didn't stop her when she unfastened my top and continued rubbing lotion into my back.

When she commanded me to roll over, I did, but I kept my arms crossed as if to protect my boobs. Janice gently moved my arms away and finished covering my body with lotion, making sure that she rubbed it in.

She told me that my breasts were dry and needed a second coat. I shut my eyes and let her coat my breasts with the warm lotion and then rub it into my skin. I was in seventh heaven and when she lightly kissed each nipple as she finished, I almost shuddered with delight. Then she asked me to rub the lotion on her. She removed her top and bottom and rolled over. As I rubbed the lotion into her greedy skin, I watched her butt flex and could almost hear it whispering my name.

Her flat stomach showed it's chiseled muscularity on her abs. Her huge, muscular body was ripe and shining and brown with magnificent breasts that restored the femininity to her wonderful body. As I looked at her long hair flowing down her back, I felt a very strong sexual desire for her. She rolled over and I was rubbing the lotion on her front and having a difficult time controlling myself. She spread her legs so that I put lotion up in the area where I wanted to put my head.

I was feeling very dizzy and wanted her very much. Just as I decided to learn how to become a muff diver, the guys returned. The rest of the weekend went downhill. I didn't want Larry to touch me and pretended that my period was starting. I was too young and didn't know what I really wanted and desired. I wanted her to become my lover, but I was afraid that I would get a reputation as a lesbian. So we never did anything with each other, but desire each other. I wonder what she is doing now and if she still has that same wonderful body?

I stare down at my very unfamiliar erection that my thoughts were having on this male body. It has changed position within it's confinement. It is almost as if it had a mind and will of it's own. I felt it slowly stiffen and rise up the center of my body as it hugged my belly from the tight jerkin. When I was Lois, I wanted Superman to fuck me.

I tried every trick in the book but he played hard to get. So I turned on the sexual charm and accepted his challenge. He might get to fuck me but I would really win our contest. I used to lie in my bed and think about what it would be like to have his cock buried in me.

And then I tired of my dreams. I restored the wonderful feeling by pretending that Janice was in the bed with us and we were doing a threesome. I went to the local bookstore and bought a big long thick dildo and used to pretend it was his cock in me.

And now his cock is my cock. To do with as I wish. I tried to get Clark Kent in bed once after a party. I think it was more a result of the wine than of my desire for him. He is worse than Superman about trying to run from me. I like Clark, but he does nothing for me. He is a good reporter and I like working with him, but I don't really want him as a sexual partner. I don't know why I tried to screw him. I look back at my body and think about fucking it.

But for some reason, I don't want to. Isn't that strange. My own body doesn't turn me on. My cock feels so hard. I can feel the foreskin easing back as it grows to it's maximum hardiness and length.

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It must be eight inches. Shit. I am a man now and can lie about my cock's length. It is ten inches at least.

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I focus on one of the straps holding my former body to the table and watch as my X-ray vision melts the strap, without causing a fire. Then I use my X-ray vision and look at my former body under the clothes. Although I know every pimple and imperfection on it, I have to look at it, to prove to myself that I am no longer that person. I know that I was her, but I am not her now. I am also not Superman. I may be in his body, but I know that I am not him and do not want to be him.

I have these strong desires running through my body and I don't know how to react to them. I walk over to my former body and touch it. The skin is so fragile. How did I ever survive in that body.

With one quick easy snapping motion, I break all of the straps holding her in place.

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That's right. Her. It is not me lying on that table. That is no longer my body. I am very confused. I feel very different. I feel very strange. I feel very strong. I have to go away and examine what I feel and discover who I am.

I have to know who I am. I leap into the air and barely make it through the opening because my aim was off. I quickly rise to a high altitude and go out into outer space. I look back at Earth and know that I cannot return to my former body.

I am Superman.

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Now and forever. ****** I came back to Earth and flew across the ocean. I landed on Mount Everest and enjoyed the scenery for a moment. Although it had to be freezing cold up here, I was not feeling any discomfort at all. And this beautiful vista was mine to enjoy whenever I wanted to come here.

I leaped again and kept heading west. When I reached the ocean, I dived into the water and flew slowly through the water, watching the fish as I followed them and easily kept up with them in their domain. Then I headed up back into the sky and back toward America.

I focused my eyes and discovered how to activate my telescope vision and to use my X-ray vision with it. I focused upon Luthor's laboratory and saw that my former body was conscious now and was talking to Luthor. As I stared at my half-naked former body, I knew that they could take care of themselves now. As for myself, I had to find out what happened to Janet. I changed direction slightly and headed to my old college town. I wonder what my former classmates would do if they know that their former alumna was now the most powerful alumni of their school.

With my x-ray vision, I was able to search the school records as I flew there. I found Janet's address and traced her to her new home through other records in the City Hall. She is married now. I imagined what it would be like to find her and to let her see me in my new body. I would tell her who I used to be. She would look at me and remember how she used to feel about me. She would stand there in silence, wanting to know why I came back. I would pull her tightly against me and our lips would come together in a very passionate kiss.

She would get very turned on and would push my jersey and cape off of my shoulders and began to undo my belt.

She would run her hands over my warm, firm chest and lick my neck as I undress her. I would step back and look at her perfectly sculpted legs and let my gaze flow to her stiff nipples.

Then I would take her back into my arms, pressing her up against the wall as I kissed her deeply. My hand would brush up along her thigh until my fingertips found her mound.

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I would spread her legs, placing soft kisses on the inside of each thigh, hearing her groan as my lips finally made contact with her clit and rubbed my hungry tongue against her most sensitive spot. I know what a good tongue can do when used right. Most men like to rush but women really like a slow darting in and out. Then I would pick her up and fly away to a lush green mountain top where I would undress myself completely. She would curl her fingers around my throbbing shaft and draw me to her as she laid back to receive me.

She would stroke me softly as she took my cock into her warm, wet lips. She would run her tongue over me inch by inch, and slowly, take my hard cock into her mouth. She would suck on my cock until it was almost ready to explode and then would beg me to give it to her. I would move carefully at first, stroking in and out slowly, gently, until I picked up speed and intensity until I was plunging into her as hard and fast as I could without hurting her.

She would cum hard as her juices flowed down my throbbing cock, causing me to cum also. I landed on the door step of the address that I had found and rang the door bell. Although I could look into the house, I decided not to. My cock is hard from the most wonderful daydream that I just experienced. The door opens and she is standing there. I don't know who was staring more at each other.

Me or her. Gone was the trim, healthy, young woman that I remembered. In her place was an overweight, kinda grubby woman. She was wearing an oversized shirt and had a baby on her hip.

Where she had always been very neat and kept her body in good shape in college, she was now overweight and her unbrushed hair needed coloring and styling.

"Superman" she whispered. "Hello, Janet. Uh. A mutual friend of ours, asked me to look you up while I was in town. Lois said to tell you hello." I said, hearing my voice for the first time. "Lois who?" she said with a quizzical look on her face. "Lois Lane, from your college." I said, feeling just a little embarrassed and wanting to leave. "Lois. I haven't thought about her for years. Did she ever get her a job as a model?

She was always so pretty and had such a nice body. I married her former boyfriend after college. This is our third child." she said as she shifted the child.

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I took a quick glance with my x-ray vision at her chest. Her once solid chest was now nothing but flab. Her large, wonderful breasts, were sagging and drooping from the volume of repeated child nursing. Her hips had rolls of fat hanging over and her wonderful musky smell had become very rancid smelling to my over sensitive nose. "No, she became a reporter. I am sorry but I must go now." I said as I turned and leaped into the sky.

As I flew away leaving a very puzzled woman standing on her front step, I almost shuddered to think that could have just as easily been me. I almost fell into that married woman trap. to be continued.