Amazing Mashka Singer is devirginized in a spooning position

Amazing Mashka Singer is devirginized in a spooning position
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The Battered Lamp by mypenname3000 Chapter Thirteen: The Despair of the Warrior Copyright 2014 Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this! Thursday, January 23rd South Hill, WA The memory of Fatima lying on the hospital bed wouldn't leave Kyle's mind when he reached Gym Class.

So Kyle took comfort with Carla and Aaliyah behind the bleachers, burying his guilt and anger over everything that had happened in the warm, wet flesh of his wife and concubine, savoring the feel of their hot pussies wrapped around his cock.

As his orgasm built, all the pain vanished and he was left with only bliss. Then he came and all the hurt came rushing back. He just wanted all his loves to be in his arms, safe and happy. He even wanted Christy, his skin itching to hold them. He needed Fatima to wake up, Christy to return, and Fumi to discover a way for them to be together.

Third period was English and Kyle half-expected to see his best friend, Britney, in her seat beside his, but she hadn't come in today. He could really use someone to talk to about all this; Britney's intellect was deep and her advice was always useful.

"Hello, Kyle," purred Ms. Capello, her large breasts straining a tight, violet sweater. There was a twinkle in the teacher's eye as she stared at him. Kyle had taken her as a concubine yesterday. "Good morning, Ms. Capello," he smiled, bountiful boobs distracting him from his problems, swelling his cock. She was his secret concubine. Kyle had already been in trouble for his sexual escapades with Principal Burke, and he was keen to keep their relationship beneath his radar.

A reckless lust throbbed in his pants. A quick wish would take care of everything. Aaliyah. I wish that no one thinks it odd that I'm fucking Ms. Capello. *You sure are horny today, my love,* He could sense her amusement.

*You're making me feel a little excited.* Feel free to have fun, he sent back. It was only fair. *Maybe I will. Have fun with your concubine!* He walked to his teacher; her smile broadened and color spotted her tan cheeks.

He reached up, and stroked her cheek, delighting in his concubine's shudder. She flashed a look at his classmates streaming in. Her brown eyes were full of questioning concern. She hasn't met Aaliyah yet. She doesn't know I have a Djinn.

"It'll be okay," he told her, trailing his hand down her smooth neck to the neckline of her blouse. He pushed into her blouse, squeezing her warm, pliant breast. She shuddered, licking her lips, the fear in her eyes, but she didn't resist. "I'm ready to please you, Master," she whispered. "Anytime, anywhere." Her hand reached out, squeezing his arching cock through his pants, her smile growing.

He pushed into her bra, and found her hard nipple, pinching hard, enjoying the shivering gasp that escaped her lips. His classmates were sitting down, giving the teacher expectant looks. None cared that he was fondling their teacher's breasts, but were waiting for Ms. Capello to start class. He loved the audience watching him. He pulled his hand out of her blouse, and grabbed his teacher's hips, moving her behind the desk.

She was very pliant, flashing him pleased smiles. She was a very submissive woman, happy to be his. "Start teaching," he whispered in her ear, lifting up her skirt. No panties. He chuckled, stroking her plump, naked ass. "What a slut." She squirmed back against him and let out a pleased purr. "Class, turn to page 211," she said, leaning over her desk.

"We'll be continuing our study on Beowulf." Kyle unzipped his pants, his cock prodding the cheeks of her ass. She wiggled back against him. "Lexie," Ms. Capello gasped as his cock slipped into her cunt. "Start reading from line 300." "Yes, Ms. Capello," Lexie said, standing up. She was a new transfer student that started this week with curly, brunette hair and gray eyes.

She fixed them on Kyle, and had a naughty smile. Kyle grinned back, reaching around and boldly squeezing his concubine's large tits. He watched Lexie's breasts straining her fuzzy, mauve sweater as she read the poem. He jabbed his cock into his concubine's pussy, lubing his shaft with her juices, before he jerked his cock out, smearing it up between her asscheeks, and drove it home into her ass.

"Oh," Ms. Capella gasped. "Are you okay?" Lexie asked. "Just helping Mr. Unmei out. He's in dire need of some alternative teaching," his concubine answered, squeezing her ass on Kyle's cock. "But he's a very diligent student. Keep reading." "Yes, Ms. Capella." As Kyle thrust his cock over and over into the velvet warmth of his concubine's ass, he couldn't take his eyes off Lexie's tits.

Her aura was a deep crimson, a dominant personality, not willing to submit to Kyle's desires. He could wish for her to be eager and willing to fuck, but she really wouldn't be. It would be a trick, a deceit, and he wanted his women to be willing. I do wish I could see her tits, he thought, squeezing his teacher's, pretending they were Lexie's round tits. *Done!* Aaliyah's voice rang in his head.

Before Kyle could countermand his accidental wish Lexie set her textbook on her desk and pulled her fuzzy sweater over her head, exposing her breasts straining a gray bra. Her hands reached behind her. Kyle knew he should rescind the wish, but he wanted to see them so bad, and it was hard to think clearly with his cock buried in his teacher's ass.

Her bra came off, and then she shot Kyle a look, a frown playing on her lips as the undergarment slipped down her arms, exposing a lush pair of tits with hard, dusky nipples that seemed to be pointing right at them. "That's it," he whispered, pumping faster.

"Such a lovely pair of tits." *They are,* giggled Aaliyah. *What until you see the pair I'm looking at! Oh, and I took some liberties.

No one will care that she's baring all!* Lexie kept reading, unconscious that her breasts were bare, quivering as she breathed. "You should fuck her, Master," Ms. Capello whispered. "Make her yours." "She's not a submissive," Kyle grunted. "Not like you, my slutty, submissive teacher." "No," she laughed, humping her ass back. "Umm, fuck me harder. I love it, Master!" His strokes grew faster, pleasure building and building in the tip of his dick.

His hands kneaded her tits, pinching her hard nipples through her clothing, resting his chin on her shoulder, and staring at those snowy mounds and their pink peaks. His breathing grew faster as his balls boiled. "I'm going to flood your ass," he grunted. "I bet you can't wait!" "I can't Master! Please, flood my ass." "Fuck!" His thrust grew faster, his body tensing.

"Fuck, fuck!" His cum erupted, three blasts spraying inside her ass. "Oh, yes," she moaned, shuddering in his arms. "Thank you, Master." He drove one last time into her ass, groaning as her ass milked the last few drops of his cum out of her ass.

That wonderful, lethargic, post-orgasmic buzz filled him as he leaned against his concubine, lazily watching Lexie's breasts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aaliyah found math to be the most boring class she had ever attended, and she wasn't looking forward to her third day, particularly after spending the last day trapped in the magical circle as those horrid witches had tried to steal her power.

It had all returned to her when the magic circle had been broken, but that still didn't leave her feeling fully rested. She dragged her feet as she walked through the busy halls, passing boisterous teenagers as they joked and talked as they, too, lingered in the halls before class. The bell would ring in a minute, and she didn't want to get Kyle in any more trouble by being late.

*Aaliyah.* Kyle's voice echoed in her head. *I wish that no one thinks it odd that I'm fucking Ms. Capello.* Third period, and the third woman he had wanted to fool around with. You sure are horny today, my love, she sent back, chuckling to herself, an itch forming between her thighs. You're making me feel a little excited. *Feel free to have fun.* There was that ebony-skinned beauty in her Math class—Teleisia.

She had a very pink aura, easy to dominate, and ever since Fatima had made Kayleah and Ann her concubines, she had wondered what it would be like to have her own. She would share with her husband, of course. Maybe I will, she sent back. Have fun with your concubine!

She concentrated, affecting the minds of everyone in the school, letting her husband have his fun. Then she used her power a second time. "Kyle did say I could have fun," she smiled as she strode into class. Teleisia didn't seem surprised when Aaliyah sat on the edge of her desk, grinning down at the Black woman.

Corey, her husband's redheaded friend, smirked at her and gave her a wink. Am I that obvious? "Finding another one for Kyle?" he grinned, sitting down at his own desk.

His own concubine, Aleah, smirked as she sat on the desk on the other side of Corey, a choker tight about her throat proclaiming just who she was owned by. "Hi, Aaliyah," Teleisia smiled, ignoring Corey's comments.

Her dark features were so exotic, and her hair was gathered in rows and rows of tight braids that ran down her scalp. Her breasts were round, pressing against the blue, long-sleeved shirt she wore. "How are you doing?" "Fine." The older girl nodded. Her dark eyes were as gentle as a gazelle. "How is your husband?" "Kyle's doing great," Aaliyah lied—he was hurting inside, the guilt over losing three of his wives was eating away at him.

"It must be wild being married to a guy with all those girlfriends." "Concubines," Aaliyah corrected. "It's like being a very submissive wife. One that's just so eager to please." Teleisia's cheeks grew slightly darker and she licked her lips. Aaliyah reached out, stroking her face. She could be assertive if she needed to be. She was the daughter of a Sheikh after all, and the wife of a future Sultan. "You have such beautiful skin," Aaliyah purred. "Thank you." Her eyes were downcast, but something flashed inside them.

She took a deep breath, and channeled her husband. "You're just a horny slut looking for someone strong to take you by the scruff of the neck and make you howl with pleasure." Teleisia froze, swallowed, and shivered.

She leaned in to the Black girl's ear. "I want you to take off your shirt and bra. I want to see those beautiful tits of yours." "But we're in—" She reached, squeezing Teleisia's breast through her shirt. "The only sounds I want to hear from your lips are cries of passion and 'yes, Mistress', okay?" Silence.

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She squeezed her tit harder, feeling her nipple through shirt and bra. "Understand?" "Yes, Mistress." "Then take your shirt and bra off." "Yes, Mistress." Aaliyah's pussy felt on fire, and she couldn't wait for her new concubine's tongue to put out her inferno.

Teleisia ripped her shirt off, looking around fearfully. Only Corey was paying attention, and even he looked away as Mrs. Skinner began her lesson. Aaliyah wasn't supposed to use her powers for herself, but she was free to interpret her Master's orders as she saw fit. Teleisia's bra came off and Aaliyah licked her lips.

In these modern times she might very well be classified as a lesbian, for she loved women. Of course, she loved her husband, and very much enjoyed their lovemaking, but she would always lust after other women.

Teleisia's breasts were round, her nipples as dark as her flesh, and they were perky, the nipples upswept. I wonder if Kyle is having as much fun. She peaked into her husband's thoughts. *Lexie's is so hot I wonder what her tits look like beneath that fuzzy sweater round and pink with hard nipples I could suck them while fucking her squeezing her tits I could wish to fuck her but that would be a deceit a trickery it wouldn't be right I do wish I could see her tits* Well, he had thought the W word.

She sent out her will, touching Lexie's mind. Done, she sent. Aaliyah smiled, feeling her husband's conflict. He wanted to rescind the wish, but he also wanted to see her tits. Lust won out. He concentrated on the tits so much, she could see them in his mind's eye as clear as day. *Such a lovely pair of tits.* They are, giggled Aaliyah. What until you see the pair I'm looking at! Oh, and I took some liberates. No one will care that she's baring all!

Aaliyah reached out and fondled Teleisia's breasts, savoring the firm feel, then bent her head down and swirled her pink tongue around the dark nub.

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Her concubine gasped and moaned, leaning back in her chair as she had pleasured her nipple. She kissed over to the other nipple, swirling about it, pressing her thighs together as her own pussy throbbed with need. The Djinn kissed up to Teleisia's ear, then whispered, "You'll be my concubine, won't you.

You so want to be one. I can feel it." She had been angry with Fatima when she claimed two concubines and she was beginning to see the appeal. Kyle treated her and his other wives as equals. It was this modern way. She needed to adapt. She needed her own concubine. "Yes," she sighed. "Be my Mistress. I like to be told what to do. And you're so beautiful." Aaliyah blushed, then cupped her concubine's chin and captured her lips in a kiss, dismissing her clothes in the process.

Teleisia's hands reached out, hesitantly touch the Djinn's smooth skin, sliding up to the cup her breasts. Aaliyah moaned into the kiss as her concubine's hands found her aching nipples, stroking them. "Have you ever pleasured a woman?" Aaliyah asked, breaking the kiss. She shook her head. "I've never pleasured anyone." "Well, I'll be your first woman, and Kyle will be your first man." "Yes, Mistress." "Get down on your knees and worship your Mistress.

I'm going to be a Sultana one day." "A what?" "A Queen." "I will pleasure you, your Majesty." Your Majesty. I like the ring of that. Teleisia slipped to the floor, parting Aaliyah's slim thighs, running her hands up to the Djinn's shaved pussy. Aaliyah shuddered as soft fingers brushed her clit and petals. She leaned back on the desk's top, her breasts arching forward, and watched as her concubine's dark face, wide with awe, moved closer and closer to her aching pussy. "Oh, yes!" Aaliyah moaned, ignored by her classmates as they learned about trigonometry.

The Djinn conjured a few homunculi, gathering them out of the dust in the classroom, and set them to working on her math problems. Such a worthless class. "Keep eating me, concubine!" she moaned, humping her hips into her inexperienced lover's mouth.

Teleisia ate her out with vigor, so wanting to impress the future monarch. Her dark eyes stared up at Aaliyah's from between her thighs, desperate for Aaliyah's approval. The Djinn reached down, cupping her dark cheek with her dusky fingers, stroking her cheekbone with her thumb. "Oh, fuck! So wonderful! You're going to make me cum!" Her concubine moaned into her pussy, working her tongue faster through her slit, gathering the Djinn's spicy flavor.

Aaliyah loved it, her orgasm building like a liquid heat inside her, churned by her lover's tongue. Her hips writhed, the stool wobbling beneath her, threatening to collapse.

She didn't care. She only cared about creaming this ebony-skinned beauty's face. "Oh, yes! You delightful slut! Oh, wow! I wish Kyle was here to see this!" Her husband would take the slut from behind, and they would share her.

Her fantasy sent her over the edge, her pussy clenching and heat roared through her, driving away everything but the delight her new concubine was giving her.

"Thank you, Kyle!" she gasped as her orgasm died down. Thank you for telling me to have fun. You're the best husband in the world. Teleisia looked up at her, her dark face drenched, and her eyes wide. "Did I please you, your Majesty?" "Yes, you did," Aaliyah smiled, bending down to cup her cheeks, and pulled her up for a deep kiss.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zaritha kept glancing at Kyle throughout the rest of English. The Ifrit could not believe she had just stumbled upon the little Djinn's master and husband. Her ploy of disguising herself as Lexie Lyndon was paying off. And she was unnerved. Aaliyah was far more powerful than she had thought.

Royal blood definitely pumped through her veins. When Kyle had come in and began fucking Ms. Capello, Zaritha thought nothing unusual about such an act—Kyle was a great man who could have any woman he wanted. She hadn't felt the Djinn's power modifying her mind to accept the situation. It was only when she had bared her breasts in the middle of class did she realize she had been meddled with.

She would need to armor herself against the Djinn's powers. Luckily, that wouldn't be hard. Like all men who possessed a Djinn, Kyle was becoming more and more corrupted by her power, craving more and more sex. Now that she recognized what was happening, she could not believe she had missed the signs. He had multiple wives, including his own sister, and even more concubines. The bell rang, and she hurried after Kyle as he ducked out of the classroom.

"Kyle," she called, and he stopped, turning, his eyes falling to her breasts once more hidden by her sweater. She wanted to tear his eyes out for daring to stare at her so, but she could smell the odor of dusty magic about him. He possessed an artifact of great power.

It would be unwise of her to attack him without further study and planning.

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But she didn't need to attack him to armor herself. "I loved your reading in class, Lexie," Kyle grinned. "Very stimulating." "Thank you," she giggled, stepping up. "Do you always fuck the teacher?" "Always. I can fuck anyone I want." "Even me." His grin slipped. "Only if you wanted me to. But yeah, I could fuck you right here in the hallway and no one would care." She took a step closer, only a few inches from him; his breath quickened and a flush crept across his face.

"Prove it. Fuck me right here, right now." "All right." She was ready for the Djinn's touch, and could just sense the little bitch's power reworking her brain. It was perfectly acceptable for Kyle to fuck her in the hallway, and she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. His cock was hard, rubbing against her crotch, igniting her fires.

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Once she had his seed, Aaliyah could never affect her again. Kyle pressed her against the lockers, the metal rattling, as his tongue explored her mouth. She moaned, letting him fan her flames until she burned to feel his cock inside her. His hands shoved under her Cashmere sweater, sliding up her side, sending a shiver through her, and then he cupped her breast, and a moan escaped her lips. "Fuck me," she moaned, fire consuming her. "Stick your hard dick inside me and fill me with your seed!

Douse my fires!" "Fuck, yeah!" he grinned, his hands fumbling with his pants, pulling out his girth. He shoved her skirt up, his cock sliding up against her thigh, leaving a trail of precum as he pushed the tip against her cotton panties, stroking her slit.

"I need your cock!" "Because you're a little slut," he grinned, stroking her pussy with his dick, pressing her panties into her slit as his humiliating words burned in her. "You're a cock-hungry whore, aren't you, Lexie?" "Yes!" she gasped, her cunt on fire.

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His words only made her burn more fierce, and she couldn't wait until she tasted her enemy's cock. "My cunt's hungry for your cock!" She would make him pay for these words. But today, she needed him to fuck her. He shoved her panties to the side and drove his dick into her, pumping fast. Her pussy felt like liquid passion, stirred up by his girth. She humped her hips against him, gasping and moaning. His lips found her neck, sucking, and she added a hickey to her illusion.

He wanted to mark her, to let everyone know that she had spread her legs to the great Kyle Unmei. "Fuck me harder, stud!" she moaned, her passion quickly building. Student's streamed by, grinning as they saw Kyle fucking her. "Damn, Kyle! Don't you have enough pussy of your own?" Frankie laughed.

"Or is she just another one of your concubines." "Nope, just some slut that couldn't get my cock in her fast enough," Kyle joked. "Oh, fuck!" she groaned as her orgasm exploded through her.

She felt so humiliated, and that made her ardor burst like molten gold through her. "She just came!" Kyle gasped. "Her cunt's going wild on my cock. The little slut." "Give her a big load of cum!" the guy laughed, then kept walking. "But remember to save a few girls for the rest of us!" "Sure," Kyle grinned, pumping faster, his fingers squeezing her nipple through her bra. His lips found he ear, and he hissed, "You ready for my cum, slut?" "Yes!" she groaned. "Flood me!" Armor me against your Djinn!

He drove harder, panting and grunting. His fingers pinched hard and he drove his cock into her, and then his seed pumped into her, warm and hot, full of his energy. She drew it into her, burning the seed and spreading his essence through her, flooding her with more pleasure. He drove into her one last time, then, breathing hard, pulled out of her and zipped up.

"That was fun," he grinned at her. "If you ever want to fuck, let me know." "Yeah," she gasped, wiping her sweaty brow. "Unless you want to be one of my concubines?" he grinned, stroking her face. "Be my little, submissive slave." "Fuck that," she said. "I'm no one's slave." Not even to Rashid bin Al-Marid. Kyle walked off with a swagger, and then his wife stepped out.

The Djinn. How had she missed this? Now that she was armored, she could start making other plans. Kyle reeked of an artifact. The Jann were said to possess four powerful weapons. She would need to tread carefully until the proper moment to strike. She would need Mortal pawns. A smile crossed her lips. Principal Burke would be the perfect pawn to start with.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mount Shasta, California Christy could hear the skittering sound the moment she stopped her car at the head of the trail. Despite driving almost straight through the night, she hadn't lost Erinyes. Hecate's daughter still hunted her down for breaking her oaths. Iris appeared at the trail head, shimmering like a rainbow in the oily refection of a soap bubble, shaped like a maiden, beckoning her to follow.

What she needed was here. On this Mountain was the key to her freedom from her oaths she had sworn to the dark goddess. But it wouldn't absolve the crime she had committed when she had betrayed Aaliyah to her coven. Kyle would never want her back.

She had lost him. She had tried so hard to keep him he had squeezed out of her hand like a wet bar of soap. That was life.

She would have to find a way to move past Kyle. Erinyes skittered, crawling just outside of her vision. Freeing herself was her main problem. She could worry about her future once she's ensured that she had a future to experience. Christy climbed out of her car, jogging to Iris, her heart beating; the skittering grew louder.

"She so close," Christy panted. "But I am here," Iris smiled, placing a gentle, rainbow hand upon her shoulder. "For a time, I can keep her vengeance at bay.

But we must hurry to the cave." "Definitely," she nodded, and jogged down the gravel trail. The woods around were covered in patches of snow lingering in deep pockets. The wan sun was setting, and a greater chill settled in the mountain air. It would be cold tonight, and Christy was glad for her thick coat, her hands shoved into her pockets as the cold nibbled at her fingers.

*Iris will not save you from my claws, traitor.* Christy gave a shriek, whirling around. The voice had sound right behind her, hissing with malice. The distortion of Erinyes was skirting the edge of the trail, rippling the air, and she could feel the hatred in Erinyes gaze, imaging the pain of Hecate's daughter clawing her flesh. "Please, no," she whispered. *No words shall sway me. No pity shall move me. I am my mother's retribution, and no power shall dissuade me. Iris merely prolongs your suffering.* How could she ever escape it.

The thing had followed her across Washington, Oregon, and into California. Erinyes would follow her to the end of the earth, never giving up until it could rend her flesh. Why do I even try to escape? What life will I even have? Kyle hates me. I betrayed the man I love. I should just— A gentle hand touched her shoulder. "Do not give in to despair.

It is fouling your mind, Christy. Believe in my mother.

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Ishtar will see you protected." *She lies. Iris is as ephemeral as the rainbow, impossible to reach, impossible to trust, vanishing the moment you will need her most.* Iris turned Christy around, her rainbow face, a beautiful maiden's rippling with reds, blues, purples, greens, oranges, and yellows, her eyes pure white and full of caring trust. She cupped Christy's cheeks, warmth and love flushing through her. "You can trust me, Christy." Then the spirit leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss upon the scared girl's lips.

The fear left her, driven away by the kind spirit's touch. The hissing voice and skittering steps of Erinyes seemed banished by the purity of Ishtar's daughter, and Christy's heart beat with awakened desire. She sighed into the spirit's kiss, her arms wrapping around her rainbow flesh, soft and warm as any girl Christy had embraced.

"Wow," Christy panted when Iris pulled away. "You are a good kisser." The crimsons and pinks seemed stronger on Iris's cheeks.

"Thank you. It's not far. I have driven Erinyes back, but the sooner we reach the sanctuary, the better." Christy nodded, and kept walking up the trail. "What is this sanctuary?" "A place dedicated to Ishtar. A path can be opened that will lead to the Goddess's bosom and there she will judge you and determine if you are worthy of being freed from Hecate." "And if I'm not?" "You will be, Christy." Christy swallowed, and reached out, touching Iris's shoulder.

"And if I'm not?" "Then you will have to face the consequences of your decisions." She flinched, a chill shivering through her, and her stomach twisted into sickening knots. "But you will be," Iris assured her.

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"I wouldn't be helping you if I thought you weren't worthy of my mother's forgiveness." "So it's a formality?" "Well, no. But you'll succeed. Trust me.

I believe in you, Christy. You made a mistake, but your soul is full of love not hatred." "Thank you." A tear ran down Christy's cheek. She had felt so worthless since she betrayed Kyle.

Maybe there was some hope for her. It took another fifteen minutes of walking as twilight deepened to reach the mouth of the cave. The trail grew rougher and steeper, the footing more treacherous, but Iris led her safely there. The cave seemed to appear in the face of a lichen strewn cliff-face. Christy could have sworn there was no cave piercing the gray rock when she first glimpsed it, but now that she was up close, it was so obvious she was confused how she had missed it.

Iris stepped inside, a faint, nimbus of rainbowed light surrounding her, only visible in the near darkness of the cave. It was surprisingly warm in the cave, the walls dry and there was almost a sweet scent in the air. She inhaled lilac, and then the lingering nerves seemed to wash away. The spirit stopped in the center, turning to face Christy, a smile on her scintillating face.

"Can you feel my mother's love?" "Yeah," Christy answered, a shy smile spreading on her lips. "It's so relaxing here." "Now you need to open the path." "How?" She grasped her amber pendant.

"Do I need to cast a spell." "You need to only bring ecstasy to me," Iris smiled, cupping Christy's cheeks. "Make me cum, and the path shall be revealed to Mother's abode." Heat flushed through Christy, and she licked her lips.

She dropped to her knees, the cave floor strangely soft beneath her skin. Her face landed in between Iris's legs, a wonderful, intoxicating scent, at once sweet, spicy, tangy, and tart, all mixed together into one, glorious symphony of feminine scents. She had to taste her, to pleasure this spirit. "Oh, Christy!" gasped the spirit as the teen's lips tasted Iris's pussy. Ambrosia exploded in Christy's mouth. Iris's pussy was the most tasty she had ever experienced.

She worked her tongue deep into the spirit's hole, eager to gather more and more of the wonderful musk. Delicate fingers gripped Christy's curly, brown hair, pressing her hungry lips deeper into Iris's snatch. "That's it!" purred the spirit. "Oh, yes. Pleasure me, Christy! I've been looking forward to the feel of your lips!

You have such a pretty mouth! Give me all your desire!


Make me cum!" Christy's tongue flailed through the spirit's juicy sex, her hands wrapping around and squeezing Iris's firm ass, pulling her tight against her. Iris let out a low moan, her hips writhing, rubbing her pussy around Christy's face, fucking her teen lover. Christy couldn't wait to make this spirit cum, to give her all the pleasure she could. Her lips found Iris's clit, wrapping around the rainbow bud. Iris gasped; her hips spasmed.

Christy suckled the hard nub like it was a nipple, suckling with a hungry intensity. Her fingers squeezed Iris's ass, kneading her flesh. "That's it! Oh, yes!

Such passion! I love it! Oh, Christy! My Christy! Thank you! Oh, yes!" Rainbow light exploded around Christy. Ambrosia flooded her lips. Iris screamed the teen's name as her body spasmed. Christy's skin tingled, the hairs standing up on her skin.

Iris turned to mist in her arms, love flowing over her, warm and beautiful, washing her with every color of the rainbow. Panting, the teen opened her eyes. The cave was gone. She stood on a path of rainbow bricks leading through a world of colors bleeding together, painting indistinct forms that could be trees towering around her.

Everything wavered, like the trees were only the ideas of trees, as ephemeral as a painting, threatening to dissolve if Christy merely reached out and touched them. The path lead over a small knoll, disappearing behind a hill of lavenders and oranges. Christy started walking. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ South Hill, Washington Shannon pulled her modified SUV up at Britney's house.

Kyle gasped and moaned, cumming in Teleisia's cunt. Aaliyah watched on, pleased that her husband was enjoying her new concubine.

"What's mine is yours, my love," she had said at lunch, presenting the beautiful, Black girl to Kyle. "And she is mine now." And Kyle didn't have a problem with that. "Did I please you, your Majesty?" Teleisia asked as she climbed off his cock, her pink pussy leaking his white cum, staining her dark thighs. "Yes, you did," Kyle smiled.

The other concubines were in a pile of female flesh, writhing and moaning, kissing and nuzzling each other. Kyle put his cock away, gave Aaliyah a kiss, and climbed over the exciting mound of moaning woman. It sometimes amazed Kyle just how corrupt he had become. Before Aaliyah, he never even imagined such a decadent scene, and now it had become his life. But what he really wanted was Aaliyah, Christy, Fumi, and Fatima.

A sudden anger seized him. He wanted to lash out and hurt those that had taken them away. But they were already dead. He had killed Ms. Franklin, cut her down without any hesitation when he had thought she had killed his sister. Christy had left out of her own guilt and Fumi couldn't be with him without killing him.

I didn't love Christy enough. That's why she betrayed us. He wanted to get rid of these feelings. He only seemed to forget about them when he was buried inside a woman, his cock pumping into her mouth or pussy or ass, his balls churning, then spitting his seed into her. He couldn't take this any more. He just wanted to be happy with the women he loved. He just wanted to stop hurting. He knocked on Britney's door. Franny, one of Britney's mothers, answered the door.

Is she the Rakshasa or the human mother? Kyle had learned last night that his best friend not only wasn't human, wasn't even truly a woman, but a hermaphrodite, with both a cock and cunt. That meant one of Britney's mothers was also a Rakshasa, and had knocked up the other mother.

Kyle had always thought Britney was adopted or was a test tube baby. "Hi, Kyle," she said, shifting nervously. "I don't think this is a good time." A muffled scream came from upstairs and Franny winced. "So, um, can I ask you to leave." "Who is it?" purred Abigail, a tawny-haired beauty who moved with grace; Kyle instantly realized she was the Rakshasa.

"Why hello, Kyle. Would you like to come in?" "But." Franny looked up. "Britney serve's Kyle," Abigail answered. "She is sworn to protect him. I bet he knows just what's going on up there." "Er, sort of," Kyle admitted. "She's taking care of Phillipa." "Her prize," Abigail smiled, as proud as a lioness with a cub. "A perfect choice. Once our daughter has broken her, she will be so loyal to Britney." "It still doesn't seem right," Franny muttered.

Abigail caught her wife's chin, and pulled her face. "We talked about this, and you will be perfectly obedient, right?" "Yes, dear," Franny flushed.

"That's my prize," laughed Abigail. "We had so much fun when I broke her in." A smile crossed Franny's lips. "Yes, we did." Kyle swallowed. "Um, so can I go up there." "Of course, dear," Abigail nodded. Kyle trooped upstairs.

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He knew where Britney's room was, he had been in there so many times before. He paused at the door, muffled moans and a squeaking bed could be heard, and a flush crept up his cheek. It sounded like they were fucking in there. "You can come in, Kyle," Britney shouted, her voice sounded a little more throaty than usual.

He opened the door and blinked. Phillipa was bound with many ropes crisscrossing her body, binding her limbs, wrapping around her breasts and squeezing them. Her wrists were tied behind her back, and her face was in the pillows, a ball-gag in her mouth. She was kneeling and Britney was fucking her from behind, the Rakshasa's fleshy dick sliding in and out of Phillipa's messy cunt. "Hello," Britney smiled, her perky breasts bouncing. They were rather nice. Kyle never realized how nice her figure was beneath all her clothes.

"Um, maybe I should wait until." "I am almost finished," she panted. "My little prize has earned her reward, right?" Phillipa nodded, moaning. Kyle noticed her ass was a mass of red welts, and a crop lay carelessly strewn on the bed beside them. He never realized his best friend was some sort of S&M dominatrix. Flesh slapped in the musty room, and Kyle shifted, his own cock growing erect. There was something so wrong and so hot about watching a woman with a cock fucking another woman.

"Oh, yes!" Britney gasped. "So wonderful, my love! Let me feel you cum! Let me feel your naughty hole massage my cock!" Phillipa let out a muffled moan, her body shaking and quivering. A large grin split Britney's lips, and she fucked her harder and faster. Britney's face, framed by her thick, brown hair, contorted as her own orgasm neared. "Oh, yes!" she gasped. "That is it! Feel my love, my prize!" She buried into Phillipa, grunting and mewling.

She drew back and slid slowly all the way into her prize's cunt, shuddering. She leaned on her slave's back, breathing heavily, a broad smile on her face. Then she pulled out, sitting back on her bed, sweat beading her body.

White cum leaked out of Phillipa's well-fucked hole. "What can I do for you, Kyle?" she asked. Kyle sank down on her desk chair. "I don't know what to do, Britney." "About what?" "Everything. It's all falling apart. All I can think about is Fatima lying on the hospital bed. It's my fault, Britney. I shouldn't have let her go." Britney grabbed a flannel robe, belting it around her, then walked over to him. She gave him a hug. He froze; his friend had never hugged him before.

She was always such a reserved girl, placid as a calm lake and remote as the ocean's depths. "You did not make Fatima go. You could not have stopped her from going. She loves Aaliyah as much as you do. She wanted to go and save her." "But—" "You could not have stopped her, Kyle." "I could have," he protested.

She sighed. "Kyle, your sister is a firebrand, burning hot, flaring up the moment any fuel is tossed on her. She would not have stayed behind." "I'm stronger than her. I could have made her stay!" Britney slapped him. "What?" "You are not that sort of person, Kyle," she hissed. "You are a good man. You could never have used your strength against her. And if you had, she would have hated you for it." Kyle thought that was more than hypocritical.

"But she'd be fine!" "Kyle, was it wrong for you to go and risk your life?" "No." "Why?" "Because." "You are a man?" "Well, no. I mean, it's not because she was a woman, or anything." "Then why was it right for you to risk your life, and not for her?" "Because I love her!" he snapped.

"I should've protected her!" "And she didn't love you?" "No, she loves me." "Then why could she not go and protect her loves?" Britney demanded. "She loved the both of you, Kyle. She had every right to go and protect her loves, just like you had every right to go protect Aaliyah. Do not cheapen her love or her decisions by blaming yourself." He flinched at her words. "I know you grieve for your lost loves, Kyle," she whispered. "But do not belittle Fatima's love.

It is just as special as your loves." "I miss her, Britney," he said, tears running down his cheeks. "Oh, God, but I miss her. And Christy and Fumi." Britney's arms went around him a second time, cradling him. "We'll find a way to save Fatima. No spell is so strong that it cannot be broken. You have to have hope, Kyle. Hope that Fumi will find the answers to let you be together, hope that Christy will find the redemption she seeks and return to you, and hope that Fatima will find her way out the darkness she is lost in.

If you give up and wallow in your emotions, than you have lost them truly. "You never truly lose, Kyle, so long as you do not give up." He sobbed into her arms until he cried out all his tears.

I will find a way to have all my loves together! he vowed as he walked downstairs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He stared at Tourmaline as she knelt naked before him, her back welted from her affections. She was no Celestite, but she was the best instrument he had for this task—he needed the Vicar and Shadow here.

He would possess the Djinn, and that meant keeping Kyle weak until he was ready to maneuver against him. "She will be at Mount Shasta," he told Tourmaline. "See that she never returns here." "Yes, Master," Tourmaline said.

A smile crossed her tan face and her green eyes shone with hatred. "I'll make the bitch pay for betraying my Coven." "I know you will. Now I have a PTA meeting. Get going." "Yes, Master." He put on the mask he showed to the world, the mild-mannered Principal of Rogers. Soon he wouldn't have to wear it at all. To be continued.