Blonde with charming pink pussy fuck

Blonde with charming pink pussy fuck
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Chapter 18 RAPING ERICA There was an email for Laura the next day, a Sunday. She read it with her tits bared for the webcam, her tits still connected by her painful chain, the rest of her body naked. === To: Cow Udders From: You-Know-Who Your friend Michael is coming round today to check on his "investment". You have a special mission. (1) Get Michael to fuck your bitch girlfriend Erica in the cunt, unprotected, and ejaculate.

(2) Erica must not consent, and you can't give her any of your drugs. (3) Michael must pay you money for getting to fuck Erica. (4) Your pussy must be wet when he starts to fuck her, and you must play with it while he fucks her until he cums. If you don't succeed, I'll be circulating a very special Christmas card of you fucking your girlfriend to all your close friends and family. If you don't even try, I'll use the knife instead.

Good slut.

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=== Laura read it again, and a third time. She didn't know what to do. It was one thing to abuse her own girlfriend, and for that matter to set her up to suck Michael's cock as she had in the past. It was entirely another to cause her girlfriend to be raped for money. It would be a massive betrayal of trust. Being raped might traumatise Erica. Despite everything that happened, Laura didn't really believe her lover wanted to fuck men, and certainly not without having a say in it.

And fucked unprotected - just like Laura, Erica wasn't on the pill. She wanted to be, for safety, but Laura had never let her, saying that the pill was an admission that she might some day have sex with a man. If Michael ejaculated inside her, Erica might really get pregnant. But if Laura didn't even try to have Erica raped - the knife. She didn't know whether her blackmailer meant the knife for her or for her Erica, but it didn't make much of a difference.

Anything was better than being dead, right? Inside her, Laura knew she was going to do this. She was going to do it to save Erica from her blackmailer, and to save herself.

She wasn't trying to talk herself out of it - she was rationalising why she was going to do it, making sure it made sense to her. Because of course, Erica had a share in this.

Laura had convinced herself that it was Erica's attractiveness that had attracted her blackmailer's sexual interest in the both of them.


And if Erica made more money, they would have been able to pay off their debt. Instead, Laura had been degraded at the Mayim Clinic, at the Pretty Titty, at the Department.

She had let men put their fingers in her twat, and she had received electric shocks in her cunt, and wet herself in public. And what had Erica done? Continued on in her normal life, plus or minus a bit of rough sex with Laura and a couple of loads of Michael's cum in her mouth.

Really, it was Erica's turn. If Laura made money showing off her tits at a strip club, then Erica could make money lying on her back with her legs spread.


And it wasn't really a betrayal. Erica had already sworn to Laura she'd fulfill any sexual fantasy Laura had. Erica loved Laura and would do anything to stay with her. Suppose Laura had a sexual fantasy about Erica being raped by Michael? So it was really just what Erica had already agreed to do.

Laura made up her mind. She was going to do it. She noticed she was breathing heavily, and suddenly realised her hand was between her legs, idly playing with her cunt. She jerked it away. Had she really been masturbating while deciding whether to have Erica raped? Of course not. She dismissed the idea, and started to put her plan into motion. It was still early in the morning, and Erica was still asleep, which suited Laura well. She went to the bedroom, pulled the covers off Erica's naked body, and began to use spare stockings to tie Erica's arms and legs to the corners of the bed.

Soon she had Erica nude, spreadeagled and bound. Her girlfriend looked beautiful, vulnerable and naked, and the sight of her shaved pussy between her spread legs was very tempting. Laura knelt between the girl's legs and began to lick at Erica's twat, enjoying its salty taste.

Erica soon woke up. She started moaning happily at the feel of Laura's tongue on her clitoris, but stopped when she realised she was tied up. "Baby. why I am I tied up?" she asked. "Are we playing a game?" "Kind of," said Laura. She rose from Erica's cunt and began to crawl over Erica's body, dangling her tits in Erica's face.

Just like at the strip club, dangling them took the weight off the chain and felt good. "When Michael comes around today, I'm going to get him to fuck you in your pussy and cum in there." Erica's eyes widened. "What?" she asked. Laura didn't want to hear anymore, so she turned around and pushed her cunt against Erica's face. Erica's cried out but was immediately muffled by Laura's wet fuckhole pressing against her lips.

"Be a good girl and lick me while I talk," Laura said. When there was no immediate reaction from Erica except more muffled objections, she leant down and pinched Erica's clit sharply.

The objections stopped, and Laura felt Erica's tongue beginning to lap at her slutbox. "It's a test, honey," said Laura. "I need to know you're a lesbian. Michael's going to fuck you in the pussy, and I'm going to watch, and if it looks for even a second like you're enjoying it or not doing your best to resist, then I'm going to break up with you. If you love me, you'll hate it and cry through the whole thing." She idly stroked Erica's cunt.

"But you're still going to be a good fuck, though. You're going to buck your hips against him and squeeze your cunt around his cock, because at the end I'm going to ask him how much he enjoyed raping you from 1 to 10, and for every point less than 10 he gives you I'm going to whip your cunt and tits five times with a leather belt after he leaves." She reached over to the bedtable, not moving her pussy off Erica's face, and grabbed the strap-on.

Carefully, she filled it with pig cum, and turned off its ejaculation mode, instead setting it to a continual seep of pre-cum. She ground her cunt against Erica's face until she reached orgasm, and then got off and pushed the dildo into Erica's mouth. She used the straps to fix it to Erica's face as a gag - Erica was unable to make more than muffled cries around the thick plastic cock filling her mouth.

"Good slut," she told Erica, and went to get her phone. Michael answered on the first ring. Laura felt strange, still naked and flushed, talking to Michael on the phone, but he couldn't see her.

(Although the cameras in her house could, she remembered.) "Hi Michael," she said. "Hi Laura! How's it going?" Michael replied.

He sounded cheerful, but curious. Laura could guess what he was curious about. He would want to know whether she was going to flirt with him or invite him round so he could watch her and Erica do slutty things. That was her relationship with him now, she knew. And she was going to live up to it. "Hey. Um, this is a bit embarrassing," she began. "You can tell me," said Michael. "Well, Erica's got this.

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um. fantasy," Laura began.

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She realised her free hand was between her legs, kneading her pussy, but this time she didn't stop herself. "She. um. she's always fantasised about being raped. By a man." Michael was silent for a minute, then said, in a thick, eager voice, "Yes?" "We were wondering if you wanted to.

pretend to rape her? Like, as a fantasy?" "You mean have sex with her?" Michael asked. "Um, yes. She'd be tied up on our bed, naked, and she wants you to fuck her pussy, and she'll pretend like she's not into it, but really she is." Laura thought this sounded unbelievable. Surely Michael would realise Erica wasn't really consenting. But. would he care? There was another pause, then Michael: "I could do that." "Oh, that's so great," said Laura, relieved.

"She's really excited. She wants to do it today. Can you do today?" "Yes," said Michael, too quickly. "Great. And one last thing - she doesn't want you to use a condom or anything, so that it feels real.

We're going to give her the morning after pill, but. well, you know we're a bit strapped for money at the moment. Do you think you could maybe help us out with $100, just to cover the costs of fucking her?" Michael's response made it clear he knew what she was really asking. "Sure," he said. "If I'm going to cum in your girlfriend's pussy, the least I can do is pay for the privilege." Laura made a little gasping moan.

At first she didn't even know why she'd done it, then realised she'd been fingering her twat since the start of the conversation. "Thank you," she said in a squeaky voice. "Just come by. as soon as you can, all right?" Michael agreed, and Laura hung up.

She started frantically pumping her cunt and rubbing her clit until she reached another orgasm, and then hurried off to shower. She spent some time choosing the clothes to wear for Michael's visit.

All her princess dresses had low necklines that would reveal her tit chain, so she instead went with a slutty pink halter top that normally formed part of a cosplay outfit. The top hid her cleavage and the tit-chain, but it only came down a little below her nipples and revealed a lot of underboob titflesh, along with her belly.

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Laura didn't often wear it because her tits were prone to falling out the bottom of it, and it didn't work with a bra, but she found that ironically the painful chain lifted her udders up high enough to make the skimpy halter top work.

She had initially planned to wear a long skirt, but then remembered she had to masturbate while Michael raped her girlfriend, so she instead settled on a short, sexy pink skirt that matched the halter. Erica was tied up and she wasn't allowed to touch her own panties, so she went without.

The skirt was even shorter than she remembered, and the bottom of her pubus was just visible even when standing upright unless she kept her legs close together. It was immensely slutty but no one would be seeing it other than Michael so that was probably all right. Finally, she knew she had one further task while she waited for Michael. She couldn't give Erica any drugs, but if Erica's pussy wasn't wet for Michael he'd know for sure that she wasn't consenting.

So she returned to the bedroom, crouched between Erica's legs, and started licking her lover's twat. As Laura licked, she considered her own arousal. The email said she needed to be wet herself when Michael started fucking her girlfriend. Would she be able to stay aroused watching her girlfriend about to be raped? At the back of her mind, Laura knew she would be aroused - very aroused. But she hated that thought.

What kind of slut gets off on watching her lover get raped? She decided that she would need some insurance to make sure she was aroused (or, she knew, at the back of her mind, an excuse to let her live with the fact she was going to be wet anyway).

She climbed off Erica, went to the kitchen, and took some of her medication. Then, feeling it start to work within her, she came back and resumed lapping at Erica's fuckhole. It took Michael nearly an hour to arrive, but it only took Erica half an hour to succumb to Laura's tongue and become sopping wet.

Laura marvelled that her girlfriend could be aroused knowing that she was about to be raped. Laura's only pussy was, by now, gushing with cunt-honey, but Laura had taken one of her aphrodisiacs, so it was only to be expected.

She could feel the familiar haze of sexual need settling over her, threatening to turn her into a bimbo or a whore, and she tried to resist it. Nevertheless by the time Michael finally rang the doorbell, Laura was too flushed and sweaty to think about the fact that she had Erica's cunt juices smeared on her face, or register the fact she'd been masturbating for the last fifteen minutes.

She didn't even stop masturbating as she got up and ran to the door. She noticed her legs were unsteady as she ran but didn't even realise that her gait was so awkward because she was fingerbanging her twat as she ran. It felt so pleasurable and normal to have her fingers in her cunt that it didn't feel strange at all to be running through her house while masturbating. It was only when she got to the door and went to open it that she realised where her hand was, and then only because it was the hand she tried to use to open the door.

She paused, and looked at her fingers, sticky with cunt-slime. She hurriedly wiped them off on her exposed underboob, then sucked on them quickly to remove the remaining juices, then tugged at her skirt to try and pull it down over her vagina, and then finally opened the door. Michael was not really surprised to see Laura looking even sluttier than their last meeting.

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He didn't know what was going on with Laura and Erica, and he worried about them more than a little, but Laura's whorish behaviour at every encounter kept him thinking with his dick rather than his heart. Right now, she looked like a delicious fucktoy.

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Most of the underside of her boobs were visible - and was that something sticky shining on her titflesh? - and he swore he could see the bottom of her cunt poking out from under her obscenely short skirt. Already aroused by the prospect of fucking Laura's giflriend Erica, his dick hardened still further, and then began to ache painfully as Laura threw her arms around him in a tight hug.

He could smell her hair and feel her tits against his chest. Her body felt warm and soft. His cock strained against his pants and poked against her groin, which she seemed not to realised that she was wiggling delectably against him. He wanted to kiss her. He didn't know how she would react, so he just let her grind against him like a slut before finally releasing him. When Laura stepped away, Michael realised there was a wet spot on the front of his pants. He started to blush, thinking he had prematurely ejaculated from Laura's slutty hug.

Then he realised what it really was. It was moisture from Laura's pussy. She had drooled cunt slime direcly onto his pants from her barely covered twat while hugging him. He looked from the wet spot up to Laura, and it was her turn to blush. Both Laura and Michael were silent as Laura led Michael to the bedroom. She heard him gasp as he saw Erica - naked, bound, legs spread, with a dildo stuffed in her mouth.

"She really wants this," Laura said. "Being raped by a man is her secret fantasy, it turns out. I wish she'd trusted me with it earlier." Erica's cunt was drooling and her nipples were erect. Laura's tongue had tamed her body, much to Erica's horror.

"It's really okay to. have sex with her?" Michael asked. "As long as you can pay a hundred dollars," said Laura. "I can," said Michael. He fished the money out of his wallet and handed it to Laura. "So. do you just leave me to it?" Laura blushed even deeper. "I want to watch," she said quietly.

Michael couldn't reisist. Laura looked so slutty, like a pink-haired fucktoy, but at the same time so cute and vulnerable. He stepped forward, wrapped his arm around her, and kissed her on the lips. Laura froze. She was being kissed by a boy.

This wasn't something she wanted. This wasn't something lesbians did. But she couldn't offend Michael now. She needed him to rape Erica. So at first she just didn't move at all and let him kiss her. But then something happened. She felt his prick poking at her groin again, through his pants. She knew that she had left a wet spot on him from her twat before, and that she would be leaving an even bigger one now.

And at the thought of his dick pushing up against her bare twat, and of her cunt slime soaking into his pants, she moaned, and suddenly she found herself kissing him back.

Erica just watched wide eyed as Laura melted into Michael, moaning like a bitch in heat and mashing her lips against his.

She watched Laura buck her hips against Michael's still-clothed cock, and push her oversized tits hard against Michael's chest. And she saw that eventually it was Michael, not Laura, who broke the kiss, pushing Laura away gently.

"I'm sorry," he said, face flushed. Laura said nothing. She just stood silently, processing the conflicting emotions she was feeling in her mind and in her cunt, and hoping just a little bit that he would kiss her again. When he didn't, she turned with some effort, and managed to lower herself into a air against the wall, where she sat with her legs spread and her cunt not even a little concealed. Michael looked from Laura's cunt to Erica's, blushing a little himself.

He was clearly overwhelmed by having two wet lesbian pussies presented to him. He settled for beginning to take off his clothes. He was embarassed about undressing in front of these girls in such strange circumstances, but not so embarassed he was going to miss the chance to fuck Erica. Laura's eyes, of course, were glued to Michael's cock, and when it came into view, pre-cum glistening on the tip, she couldn't help making a little slutty moan.

Michael looked at her, surprised, but then turned back to Erica, pulling off the last of his clothes as he did so. Laura realised that Michael was uncertain where to start. Should he kiss her, or stroke her? Laura, though, wanted him to move faster than that. The less time he was raping Erica the better. "She doesn't need foreplay," Laura gasped.

"Just fuck her." Michael has rock hard and only too ready to take Laura's advice. He knelt between Erica's legs, then dropped to all fours, and then guided his cock into her spread twat. Erica started to buck and jerk wildly in panic as his dick touched her pussy lips, still wet from Laura's earlier attention, and Michael looked at Laura again uncertainly. By now Laura was gently stroking her pussy, as per her instructions.

"It's all part of the fantasy," she reassured Michael. "She wants this so much." Michael needed no further encouragement, and sighing with ecstasy, slid his cock past Erica's cunt lips and into her fucktunnel. Erica froze as he he did, and he stayed there for a moment, penetrating her deeply, before beginning to slowly pound his cock in and out of her pussy. Laura's mind was a mess of emotions. Part of her understood that this was her girlfriend being raped - really raped, being fucked and used against her will - and that it was all because of Laura.

And she, Laura, was sitting here in front of her friend, showing him her cunt, letting him stop thinking about her and Erica as friends and teaching him to think of them as fuckmeat instead. That part of her wanted to scream, to cry, to throw up.

She couldn't do those things - she was scared of them, scared that if she let go and thought about them she couldn't stop - so she let the other part of her take control. This was just like the videos she watched at the Mayim Clinic. This was a bad disobedient cunt that wouldn't accept cock being turned into a good, obedient cunt that made Laura's twat happy. It was sexy and Laura's pussy was wet.

So she watched it and she fingered her cunt and she let herself get turned on by it. Michael gathered speed as he fucked Erica's pussy.

Erica bucked and writhed and looked at Laura with a pleading look but there was no help for her forthcoming. Laura was worried Erica might cry, as that might be hard to sell as part of the fantasy even with Michael so horny, but Erica remained dry eyed. After a while Michael began to grip and squeeze Erica's tits as he fucked her, and then he lowered his head to them and began to suck and bite at her nipples, and after that point he wouldn't have noticed even if she had cried. Laura orgasmed a little before Michael did, gasping and moaning as the waves of pleasure rolled over her.

Just as she was recovering from it, Michael gasped too, and his body stiffened, and Laura knew he had just filled Erica's snatch with warm, salty cum. He lay there for a moment on top of Erica, before slowly lifting himself off her and sliding his cock out of her twat.

He stood, and looked at Laura. He seemed confused and a bit lost. Without the hormones of arousal coursing through his system, he was likely now rethinking his decisions and feeling guilty about fucking his friend.

All Laura could focus on, though, was his stiff cock, still dripping cum from the tip. Her training and all the videos she'd watched flashed through her head, and entirely without thinking about what she was doing she fell off the chair, down onto her knees in front of Michael, and opened her mouth. She waited there for a moment, but Michael still seemed to be having trouble dealing with what was happening, so Laura leant forward and took his cock in her mouth. It was hot and hard and it tasted like Erica's pussy.

She sucked on it gratefully, still massaging her cunt, and when Michael eventually reacted and reached down to stroke her hair as she sucked him, Laura felt herself orgasming again. It wasn't the same as pulling her hair but it was close enough and it sent her over the edge into another wave of pleasure. Her best friend's cock was in her mouth, she was tasting his semen, and it was like a wet dream come true to her.

When Michael eventually pulled his dick out of Laura's mouth, she couldn't help moaning in disappointment. She looked up at him from her kneeling position with big puppy dog eyes, and tried to think what came next. After a moment, she remembered. "Thank you for raping my girlfriend," she said. "Thank you for watching me play with myself like a slut. Thank you for letting me suck on your cock." The words felt right even as she knew they were wrong and weird.

Michael seemed uncomfortable.

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He stepped back and began to hastily put his clothes on. As he pulled his pants up his legs, he found his wallet in them, and he extracted a $100 note.

He intended to pass it to Laura but in his haste he more or less threw it. The note landed in Laura's cleavage, nestled between her tits, and Laura blushed. Seeing Michael in clothes again was beginning to return her to reality and she was starting to process what she had just done, and how she had just behaved in front of Michael. Her face was turning a bright crimson and her hands moved to cover her barely-concealed tits and her splayed cunt.

"I, um. thank you," Michael spluttered. "This was, um, really good. Thank you. I'lll, um - see you at work?" Laura could only nod, and as soon as Michael was fully dressed he fled her house, embarassed now by what he had done.

He couldn't leave fast enough for Laura, though. She had something else she wanted to do. And as soon as Michael was gone, Laura crawled between Erica's still tied-up legs, and began to eagerly lick Michael's cum out of her lover's twat. Now, with Michael gone, she could hear Erica finally starting to cry, and Laura was still able to be horrified that the sound of the crying only made the cum taste that much sweeter.

(To be continued.)