Bester Upskirt am Bus frontal

Bester Upskirt am Bus frontal
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In a not too distant place in space, The blue world with golden sky, Looped by ring upon ring of amber, Planet Aquaria drifts alone.

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Its inhabitants frolic and play, Women all plump and round, They spend leisure days in meadows, And on sandy beaches by the ocean. The women of Aquaria, Are all jolly and carefree most of the time, Although fun should be shared with others, The long lost members of the opposite sex.

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Each mammoth beauty awaited, As their rogue home floated, Past star after star, Hoping for a world filled with companions. And then one day a new world on the horizon, A small world inhabited by so many creatures, Creatures too numerous and strange to count, And among those animals dwelt men as well.

So the jolly and plump women of Aquaria, Sought them in their dreams, Embracing and placing a lifetime of love, Into each man's head in the span of a moment.

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The men of the new world dreamed, And the naked beauties of Aquaria sighed and loved, They lowered themselves on the dreamers in ecstasy, Stealing from them their kisses, embraces and their seed. The crossing only lasted three days, Three days Aquaria lay hidden and blocked from reality, Three nights the women claimed their lovers, As they lay next to unsuspecting wives and intendeds.

And after many months had passed, And the new world was a speck in the golden sky, The mothers of Aquaria gave birth to daughters, Bringing the next generation of their race to life. The young ones would grow, Carefree and plump on their drifting home, Until the need and loneliness came once more, And they would hope again to find men on a new world.

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