Deutsche Mutter mit dickem Arsch beim Amateur Dreier

Deutsche Mutter mit dickem Arsch beim Amateur Dreier
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After successfully acquiring another slave I took a shower and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. It was at that time that it dawned on me that I had to make it so that one slave had authority over the other. The last thing I wanted was for them to decide that they no longer wanted to be slaves.

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Now I just had to make a decision on which slave I wanted to be the leader. On one hand I really liked treating Liz like shit and humiliating her with Tiffany because Liz had put me through so much pain when we dated, but on the other hand, I couldn't get Tiffany's blushing, humiliated, cum covered face out of my head. I finally decided that Liz would be the leader of the two slaves. As much fun as it was to watch Liz be humiliated, I really wanted to mess with Tiffany after she was so mean to Liz the previous night.

After making my decision I knew that for my next act I needed some supplies. That meant another trip to the sex store. What I had in mind for tonight was the best idea that I had yet. I went to wake up Liz and told her what her new role was. "Liz, you have proven to be a good and obedient slave. Tiffany is my new slave and you will be the head slave. That means that you will be ranked above her.

Do you understand?" "Yes master. Thank you." Liz replied "However, anytime she misbehaves that will look bad on you and if she misbehaves too much you will be punished. Understand?" "Yes master." She replied, "Am I allowed to punish her?" "Yes, but only when I tell you to." "Yes master." Said Liz, with a smile on her face. I knew that she wanted to punish Tiffany for what she had done to her the previous night.

"Slave, we are going to the store. I need you to help me buy some items. I need you to get ready and be ready to leave in ten minutes. For every minute you are late you will be punished." I instructed Liz. "Yes master." She said, hurrying to get ready. The trip to the store went quickly and Liz performed beautifully.

I was almost hoping that she would mess up so that I could punish her but Liz was quite the slave. I noticed that she was almost excited to do what I told her to, and I wanted to change that. She seemed to think that since I had made her head slave that her and I were partners in crime who were going to torture Tiffany. She needed to remember that she was still just a slave to me.

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But that could wait. When we got back from our day of shopping I was ready to get back to work. "Slave," I said to Liz, "Go get Tiffany out of my room and tell her to bathe. When she is done, I want you to tie her to the bed with the ropes that you bought today." "Yes master." Liz said with a smile on her face.

When I went up to my room I saw Tiffany tied with her arms and legs attached to each of the four poles on the corners of my bed, her nipples hard because the room was cold.

It was at that moment that I realized the error of my ways. This entire plan had been forged so that I could humiliate Liz, and yet I made her head slave. She had blindfolded Tiffany even though I had not instructed her to do so.

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I decided then and there that Tiffany would be the head slave. However, I wanted to have a little fun first. "Liz, leave the room." I ordered. "Yes master." She replied. I could hear the disappointment in her voice.

Once she had left I told Tiffany my plan. "Ok Slave. I have decided to make you head slave. However, Liz is currently under the impression that she is head slave and that you are the bottom bitch. If you would like to remain head slave, you have to let her believe this for a little longer. Otherwise, I will allow her to be head slave and she will be in control of you. Is that what you want?" "I want to be head slave master." Tiffany replied.



When I leave this room, Liz will come back. She will attempt to humiliate you and she will rape you. You will act as if you are not a slave and want nothing to do with her. In other words, you will act like you are being raped. Understood?" "Um. yes master," she said with an uneasy tone, "but I don't understand why I have to act that way." "Leave the thinking to me and play your role." I ordered and left the room. When I left the room I went to the living room where I found Liz kneeling on the floor.

She was trying her best to look sexy for me. Dressed in a red and black lase bra with panties to match. "Slave, I did not tell you to blindfold Tiffany." "Oh, I'm sorry master. I thought that is why you bought the blindfold." She stammered.

"You will pay for thinking on your own. You are a slave." "Please master, don't hurt me. I'm sorry. I'll never disobey again." She begged. "Alright. If you complete this task that I ask of you I will not punish you at all." I said. Her eyes perked up as she waited for me to tell her what she had to do. "Tiffany is a new slave and she treated you badly last night. You are now her superior and you need to show her that. You are going to go into that room and rape Tiffany.

Humiliate her as she humiliated you. If you do a good job with this, you wont be punished. However, if you fail, my punishment will be harsh.

Do you understand?" I asked. "Yes master. I will make break her." Liz replied. She was obviously extremely excited to get her revenge. "Great, get to work." I ordered. Liz walked in the room slowly and Tiffany whimpered. The first toy she went for was the whip. Liz swung it down hard and laughed when Tiffany screamed out.

The lash had gone right across Tiffany's tits. "Guess what bitch? You are going to learn to fear me. You are my slave now and I am going to rape you so hard that you aren't going to walk right for a week." "Please Liz, please don't do this." Tiffany pleaded and was smacked across the face.


"You call me mistress you worthless piece of shit!" Liz exclaimed and whipped Tiffany four more times across her breasts. Liz walked over and grabbed the biggest strap-on that I had told her to buy. She wasted no time putting it on but then did something that I didn't expect.

She untied Tiffany. "Get on your knees and suck my dick." Liz ordered. Tiffany started to take off her blindfold and was instantly punished for it. Liz whipped her again, this time on her back. "I didn't tell you to take that off. Crawl around until you find me. If you take too long, you will be punished." Liz commanded and Tiffany obeyed. Crawling around franticly, tits touching the floor Tiffany finally found Liz.

"Open your fucking mouth you slut." She ordered violently.

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As soon as Tiffany obeyed Liz rammed the dildo into her mouth. She seemed as if she was trying to get all 12 inches down Tiffany's throat at once. Violently thrusting the strap on deeper and deeper into Tiffany's mouth as Tiffany struggled to keep up. Gasping for air Tiffany drooled all over herself and quickly her tits were soaked in her own saliva. After about five minutes of one of the most brutal throat fuckings that I have ever seen Liz pulled out and ordered Tiffany to turn around.

Tiffany obeyed and put her ass in the air, doggystyle, anticipating that Liz was going to fuck her. What she didn't count on was that Liz was going to take her virginity. Tiffany had never been fucked in the ass before but knew that she had to obey every order that Liz gave her.

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This made her acting role much easier. "What are you doing?!" Tiffany exclaimed, "Not my ass. Please mistress, PLEASE! No one has ever fucked me there. I'm begging you.

Please don't." "That was a big mistake slave. You are going to be punished for thinking that your opinion matters to me. Turn around and lay down." Liz ordered. Still blinded, Tiffany obeyed. She had no idea what was going on but she felt Liz using something to write on her body. She wrote everywhere, her face, her tits, her stomach, and even her pussy. Finally, Liz spoke. "Stand up and follow me slave," she ordered, taking Tiffany by the hand and guiding her in front of a mirror and ripping off her blindfold.

"This is who you are now. This is what you have become." Tiffany looked at herself. Liz had used a permanent marker to write words like Slave across her tits and Fucktoy on her forehead.

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An arrow was drawn to her mouth that said Cumhole. Her pussy had an arrow drawn to it and was labeled Use me. At this point, Tiffany wanted to cry for real. She almost believed that this was the new her. But she remembered that she was just acting. Liz pulled over a small chair and told Tiffany that she was going to make her bend over the chair and watch as she had her virginity taken from her.

Living up to that promise, Liz bent Tiffany over and rammed all 12 inches of the dildo up Tiffany's asshole. The only lube was the spit and snot that had come from Tiffany's violent mouth raping earlier in the evening. Tiffany broke down in tears from the pain and from the humiliation of being raped.

She could no longer tell what was real and what was not. She knew that she was supposed to be acting but she was actually being raped.

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The pain was unbearable and lasted for well over 20 minutes. "Take it! Take it you fucking slut! You probably like it you slave piece of trash!" Liz yelled at Tiffany, "Are you crying? You don't get to have feelings, you are worthless! You are just a fucking slave!" Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime to Tiffany, the assault on her asshole stopped.

Liz pushed her over and left the room laughing at Tiffany as she cried on the floor. And the only reason I know that this is what happened in that room is because of the 10 video cameras that I had set up around the room taping the whole thing.