Geile Amateur Shemale zerrt ihren Schwanz

Geile Amateur Shemale zerrt ihren Schwanz
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--So how are you feeling? -- +Nervous. I can hardly sleep at night+ --Have you seen a dress yet? -- +Funny, you should mention that.

Picked it up this morning+ --Tell us! Tell us! What is it like? -- +Well its white…+ --Most wedding dresses are, silly.

Go on what else -- BODY: +It is a bit more daring than your average dress and I have still to choose a veil and shoes+ --Have you tried it on yet? -- +Apart from the original trying on and fitting, no+ --I have to see it!

-- +Well, I do need to send some pictures to my sister in Australia+ --Have you anything planned for the rest of the day? -- +No, not really+ -- I am coming round. I will bring my digi camera. You can send the pictures to your sister over the net-- +That sounds like a good idea+ --Sorted. I'll be round in minutes few -- +See you soon+ Tanya heard the click as her best friend since school, Iona, hung up.

She slowly returned her own handset back to its cradle. She could not wait for her friend to come round.

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She was dying to show her dress off. She could hardly wait. It would be a few minutes before her friend arrived and she fidgeted restlessly in front of the phone.

God, they never mentioned how nerve racking your wedding was. She used to scorn all those brides that faint at the alter. Now she knew why. She had not a decent nights sleep in weeks. The closer to the big day, the less sleep she got. She started to pace up and down the hallway. She had been doing that a lot lately. Frustrated, excited, nervous, worried, she climbed the stairs to her bedroom.

The dress lay across the top of her bed. Concealed beneath the protective cover. She stood in the doorway, hands restless. The opaque wrapper hid the dress, but she already new it's every tuck and fold. Her nervousness returned ten fold. Was it too revealing? It was virginal white but was not that chaste. Maybe she was too hasty in her choosing. She hadn't intending on going out to look at dresses, but had seen it and decided in a spur of the moment that it was the dress for her.

Now under the cold light of reality in her house, she wondered. A car pulled up outside. Tanya all but ran back down the stairs and to the front door. She opened the door as Iona all but burst threw it. Tanya opened her arms as Iona embraced her. Iona's car engine plinked under the bonnet as it cooled in the driveway.

"Didn't spare the horses on the way over then?" "Uh? No. I think there is a little old lady and her trolley under there somewhere.

I heard her scream every time I hit a bump." They laughed together, and then Iona slipped from the embrace. "Come on then. Don't keep me in suspense. Where is it?" "Upstairs in the bedroom" "Well what are we waiting for? Let's get our arses into gear and up those stairs in a most un-lady like fashion." They laughed together again and raced up the stairs.

As Tanya looked at the wrapped dress across her bed, her fears rose anew. "Well come on. I'm dying of suspense here." With shaking hands and equally shaky legs, Tanya jittered over to the bed. Keeping her body between Iona and the dress, she carefully and methodically, extracted it. Holding the hanger to her chest, she turned round. Iona's eyes went as wide as saucers. "God.

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It's beautiful." Tanya steeled herself and turned the dress round. Iona's jaw dropped. "It looks a lot better on, plus, I was thinking, if I a got a veil that was long at the back, maybe down to the waist. It wouldn't look so brazen." Iona did not answer.

She was gob smacked. Tanya was not sure if that was a good or a bad sign. "Did you bring your camera?" Tanya was desperate to break the silence. "Camera? Oh yes." She gesticulated towards the dress, "Sorry it's thrown me somewhat. I don't know what to say. Camera" Iona shook her head as if to clear it "is in the car. How about you put the dress on and I will meet you round the back next to the pool? The light will be better." "Okay, I'll meet you down there." Tanya watched her friend depart.

So what did she think? The dress did look better on; maybe when she saw it worn, she would understand the choice. She hastily slipped out of her jeans and t-shirt. She removed her Bra as well. This was not a dress for bras.

Dressed only in pants she picked up the dress and removed the hanger. She paused for a moment. Her pants sat high on her waist, which might be a problem. She laid the dress flat on the bed again and removed the last of her underwear. Naked, she lifted the dress again. Unzipping the small zip at the rear, she stepped into the hoop of white silk and satin.

As she drew the fabric up her legs, she listened to the crackling and rustling noises the material made as it travelled up her long bare legs. She loved that noise. She turned the dress back to front when it reached her waist.

With nervous and excited fingers she tied the ends of the four ties to their opposite partners.

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The laces were slightly elastic. This made dressing easier, and allowed the interior dimension of the dress to expand and contract with her breathing. Not only did it make it easier to breath it also made sure that the front of the dress remained tight against her flesh at all times with no unsightly bulges of excess fabric. Sucking her stomach in to make it easier, she turned the dress back round.

Slowly, enjoying the caress of the silk across her skin, she smoothed the dress up her front. Her nipples hardened instantly as the silk washed over them in a wave of white. The dress was lightly boned over her stomach and under her breasts, flattening both her stomach and making her breasts stand pert and proud. Not that she needed the support. Crossing her arms, she slipped the delicate shoulder straps into place.

She settled her breasts comfortably against the hidden support then moved her hands behind her back. Clasping the edges of the zip, she slid the zip shut, feeling the fabric tighten across her midriff and across the contours of her rear.

The seamstress had done an amazing job. It fitted just right, not to tight, not to loose. She burned inside. Her nipples were so aroused they were almost sore. She smoothed non-existent creases out over her flat stomach and headed for the door.

At the top of the stairs, she clasped the fabric of the skirt in both clammy hands and raised it to keep her feet clear as she slowly, daintily descended the stairs in complete contrast to the speed with which she had ascended. The fabric moved minutely against her bare pubis and swished around her legs as she moved.

The waves of fabric causing equal waves of pleasure through her body. She had never felt this way in the shop. Not felt this aroused. She stepped out the back into the garden, momentarily blinded by the sunlight. "BLOODY NORA!" Iona almost dropped her camera.

"Well? What do you think?" Tanya gave Iona a slow twirl. It was a moment before Iona regained enough composure to speak. "You're right. Upstairs I was blown away when I saw the front, but dubious when I saw the back. But seeing you in it, well it's just amazing. I do not think there will be a single male with a closed mouth during the ceremony.

Even the priest is going to have to spend the night doing penance!" Tanya blushed deeper. "You actually mean that? You're not just saying that to make me feel better?" "Tanya.

We have known each other since school. Believe you me, if I thought you looked like a fishwife and not like the princess stood before me, I'd tell you. Have no fear of that.

Now get over there against the pool before I throw you in and drown you out of jealousy." Tanya giggled and did as she was told. Iona looked at the camera she was holding "This pile of shite is not going to do you justice. Word of advice, on your big day, make sure you have a decent photographer." She started to take pictures. The burning in her body did not go away.

The more she moved, the more the fabric moved against her sensitive flesh. She could feel the moisture from her arousal slowly seep from her; she prayed that her most intimate of fluids would not irremovably stain the front of her dress.

Although it was cooler in the shade, it deprived her of any excuse as to why she was so hot and flustered. After a few minutes more she could stand it no longer. Un-princess like she lifted her skirts and unceremoniously sat on the decking step.

She kept her skirt raised high, just above her knees, hoping that the cool air might calm the burning heat between her legs. Iona looked down on her. "It will have to be lace hold up stockings. With a back that low there's no way on Earth you will be able to wear a suspender belt. Its lucky your wearing a thong, the waistline of normal pants would probably show." Tanya looked mischievously at her friend.

"Who said I was wearing any underwear?" Impishly she raised her hem and flashed her baldness at her friend. The action caused a wave of cool air to flow over her bare sensitive skin and a wave of pleasure rippled through her. Iona laughed at her candour.

They had each seen each other nude many times before. Iona's gaze flicked down to between Tanya's legs "You are hot enough to eat. I'm jealous of a certain husband to be." There was a moment of uncomfortable silence and Iona went a deep shade of red as realised what she had just said. Tanya let the fabric of her dress fall back over her knees, embarrassed at what she had heard and embarrassed at the situation she had unwittingly led them to. Iona tried to talk her way out of the corner that she had led herself into.

"Is sitting on that decking a good idea in a white dress?" "Probably not. But those are not the stains I was thinking about." It was Tanya's turn to pause and blush at what she had said. They did not meet each other's gaze. Iona was the first to speak, "I think we should go inside. Its cooler" "Yes, good idea." Tanya breathed a sigh of relief.

She was burning up, but the sun was not to blame. Tanya stood, her dress falling with a silken rustle back around her feet.

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Iona tut-tuted, "Look, you've got crap all over your dress now." Tanya twisted round to see. Incapable of stopping herself, Iona reached out a hand and brushed the bits of wood and dirt off the material. "You're lucky.

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You've not marked the dress" Iona was suddenly aware of what she was doing. Her hand was travelling over the perfect contours of her friend's rear. The covering layer of lace easily gliding over the thin white silk beneath, her hand unstoppably followed the valley between her cheeks. Tanya trembled under her touch. So thin was the material that Iona would have felt Tanya's pants, had she been wearing any. With a great deal of effort, Iona pulled her hand away.

"Its time you put that dress away. Somewhere safe until your wedding day." The feelings that the passage of her friends hand had aroused within her, made Tanya incapable of speaking. She could only nod. Lifting the bottom of her dress clear of the ground, she made her way back into the house. The only noise was that of the dress and her friend's shoes behind her.

As Tanya climbed the stairs in front of her, Iona found that which she had just explored with her hand, filling her view.


Trying to avoid looking at the way the silk slipped over her cheeks as she slowly climbed the steps, Iona found herself looking at the bare flesh at the small of Tanya's back. Her gaze dropped to the top of the zip, just barely visible. She wanted to pull the zip down, to reveal the flesh beneath. Afraid of what her hands might do, she ensconced them in her trouser pockets. She tried not to look at the way Tanya's skin continued to move seductively and teasingly beneath its cloth veil, her gaze again travelled back to the bare skin at the small of her back.

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Iona noticed for the first time, the little drops of moisture that had collected on the pale skin. She imagined her mouth pressing against that flesh, her tongue travelling along the skin, picking up the little beads of liquid, her tongue darting into her mouth to savour the taste.

Imagined her tongue reaching the base of her friend's spine then slowly starting the return journey back up to her neck. The last of Iona's barriers collapsed, and she lent forward to kiss her friends back just as Tanya reached the top of the stairs and stepped away. With feelings she did not understand, Iona paused on the stairs and watched her walk along the landing to her bedroom, her hips continuing to sway seductively.

With a feeling of loss she could not comprehend, Iona followed her into the bedroom. Tanya opened the dress protector and laid it back across the bed. She reached behind her to the ties. Iona stepped into the room "Let me." She crossed the room, and taking a silken cord in either hand, pulled. As she untied the ties, she fought the desire to run her hand over the smooth skin, to traverse the ridges of her shoulder blades.

Iona moved her hands to the lower pair and shakily untied them as well. Not in complete control of her movements, she knew she had to keep her hands occupied or they would make the motions her mind so desperately wanted them too. They dropped lower. Taking hold of the zip between thumb and forefinger, she slowly, tenderly slid it down. Unconsciously she pressed the bones of her metacarpus and phalanges into the fabric and flesh beyond.

Her head and gaze dropped to what she was doing and revealing. Watching as the dark shadow of the valley beneath was slowly revealed. She felt her knees start to weaken, as she wanted to replace the movement of her fingers with that of her tongue. "Thank you" Tanya's faint trembling voice cut through the sound of the descending zip.

Iona started as if from a dream, her hands falling to her side. Her back still to Iona, Tanya slipped the straps from her shoulders.

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The material whispered down her body. Naked she stepped from the dress then laid it in its protective cocoon before sealing it.

Iona watched Tanya's muscles and bones ripple beneath her skin as she safely stored her dress. She wanted to follow those ripples with both tongue and finger tip. Tanya straightened and turned round.

Iona's eyes roamed the bare flesh on display, making no effort to disguise her scrutiny. Throwing all caution and sense to the four winds, Iona stepped forward; her clothed body encountered Tanya's naked form.

Leaning slowly forward, their lips slowly touched, the tender touch of lips becoming progressively stronger, more aggressive. Iona was aware of one fact; there was no going back now.

Iona slowly awakened, she felt raw all over. She looked to the alarm clock and gently groaned. She looked to Tanya. Their bodies were covered only by one thin sheet, the sweat of their passion causing it to cling to every curve of their bodies. Iona felt the stirring of desire. She slipped from the bed, wincing at the pain from tortured muscles. Naked and barefoot she padded to the window. Dawn had just arrived, the weak sun only just starting to remove the chill of the night air.

Heedless of the fact that she was naked and standing in front of a window, she arched her back, stretching her spine and widening the gaps between her ribs. Hollows that had been expertly explored the afternoon, evening and night before. Each bout of tender passion followed by one of almost animalistic intensity, followed by another of tender exploration in a seemingly endless cycle.

One of which she was only now starting to pay for. She slowly, painfully turned her head back to the bed. In the early dawn light, Tanya still managed to look like an angel from heaven. The sheet sticking to Tanya's form rose then dipped in time to her breathing.

Again, Iona felt the unmistakable stirrings of desire. Her capacity for desire surprised her. She was not sure when they had both slipped into a mutual sleep of rest, but she was sure it was only a few hours ago. She dragged her hand from between her legs and forcibly turned her gaze back to the window.

Movement caught her eye. The door to the house opposite opened. She was all too aware that she was naked, but to move back from the window would be to move closer to the bed. She was not sure if she could cope with the sight of her friend, now lover, and the feelings of desire that would inevitably swamp her.

She stayed in front of the window looking out. The figure that left the confines of the house was small, almost frail, a girl, and young by her size. Iona watched her turn and close the door. She turned round again and was about to head down the path when she stopped and looked up. Iona caught a flesh of red in the girl's hair before her gaze was drawn to that of the young girl. Even from across the street, Iona felt herself pulled into that gaze.

It was a strange sensation. The gaze was broken as the girl lifted the hood of her cloak over her head and resumed her unhurried passage down the path. 'A cloak? In this day and age?' Mused Iona. The trends of the teenaged were, as ever, a mystery to the old. She laughed as she realised that she now considered herself as old, even though she was still to reach 25.


Tanya stirred at the noise, her naked form writhing suggestively beneath the damp clinging sheets. Iona padded over to the bed and slipped under the sheet, pressing her naked body against that of Tanya. She looked at Tanya's tender lips, open slightly in sleep. She smiled "And you my love, have slept long enough." She moved closer to kiss those lips.