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Blonde slut fucks older man watch part on camcom
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Chapter 2 The rest of that day I spent near the boy whose name is Eric Steelman. Nobody ever picked on me while I was around him and I guess that's the only one reason I was happy that day. When I got home I was getting weird stares from Richard like he wanted to kill me. I walk into the house behind him and immediately go into the kitchen to start cooking before his mom and dad came home from the office.

They work till five o'clock and we come home at three thirty. Richard follows me into the kitchen, sits down at the table, and watches me. This is the first time that I felt any weirdness from him. "Why…?" He asks simply as I pull out some ingredients for mash potatoes.

"Why what?" I ask back starting up the stove. "That new kid… rumors about you two… the locker room…" I freeze for a second but continue hoping he didn't notice and says, "I don't really understand." "You know what I'm talking about!" He yells standing up and slamming his hands into the table making me jump a little.

I turn to face him wondering why he's acting like this.

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"You're starting to scare me…" I say shaking a little as he walks over to me fist clinched. He grabs my arms and says, "I don't want you hanging out with that emo kid! He's trouble plus your mine! Got that!" I stare at him shocked and say, "No… I'll do what I want." He growls and hits me in the face just as his father walks in. "Richard!" He yells out running to grab his boy. Richard looks down at me hate in his eyes and says, "You'll listen to what I tell you!" His father grabs him and drags him up stairs.

I curl up in a ball on the floor as my left side of my face throb with agonizing pain. I hear yelling going on up stairs and wonder if I should just leave. I slowly get up as his mother walks in. I realize that there home earlier than there supposed to be so I ask, "Why are you guy's home early?" "Today is a work holiday so we got off of work earlier." She replies simply, "What's going on up there." I look down at the ground and say, "Richard got caught hitting me in my face and yelling at me." She hurries over to me, hugs me, and says, "Why would he do such a thing!?" "I was hanging out with the new transfer student that now it seems nobody likes." "Don't worry hun there just jealous" She says stroking my back as Richard and his dad yell at each other.

"M…Maybe I should just go…" I say feeling tears come to my eyes. "No! You can't! This is just a bump in the road and it can easily be fixed!" She says pulling back and looking me into the eyes. inside to see that everyone has cooled down some. Richard sees me walk in and heads up stair probably even more pissed at me since I got him in trouble with his family.

I couldn't be the one to blame for that right he's the one who hit me. "Why don't you sit down for a while hun." Penney tells me.


I nod my head and sit down on the couch and start to watch TV. I hear the shower turn on and decide that Richard is taking a shower to take his rage out on something other than me.

I hear a loud bump from upstairs so I guess I'm right. It takes a while for him to get out of the shower but when he does I immediately get up and grab my night clothes from upstairs.

Richard passes me in the hall with an irritated look on his face. I walk into the bathroom to find it a wreck. Things are lying all over the floor and the shower all dirty. I sigh and pull out the cleaning supplies. After about two hours of cleaning I finally take my shower and go into the room to sleep. I decide not to sleep in the bed with Richard since there's a lot of bad blood between us now.

I grab some extra blanket and lie down on the floor with a pillow from the bed.


I look up at the ceiling and pray that tomorrow will be a better day. I wake up with a throbbing side. I try to turn to that side to only fine something against my back preventing me from turning.

I open my eyes and fine that I'm no longer lying on the floor. "You awake yet." I hear Richard whisper in my ear.


After the whisper a jolt of pain shoots through my side and I whimper some. "Good. You know I'm just going to say that I'm sorry. I've been on edge because I'm worried about you and that kid.

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He looks like a bad influence plus my GF just broke up with me and I haven't gotten the chance to blow off my rock." He says the pain dulling now. "I'm sorry to hear that but I've got to ask. Where am I lying?" "In bed of course! You know you are really light." Richard says placing a hand over my waist and pulling me into him, "And you sure do smell good too." "Thanks." I say back trying to ignore the facts that he keeps pressing himself further into me.

"I really love you you know that." I nod my head and say, "Yea I know." "I know I've been getting all these girls to go out with me but do you think you'll go out with me." Richard says as I feel something poke against my butt.

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I stay quite unsure how to answer this question. I know he's just kidding, hopefully, but I've still got to give him an answer. "I'm not sure…" I reply truthfully.

I like Rich as a friend and nothing more plus I don't really want to go out with a guy. "Can you please just help ease me…" Rich says rubbing his hard-on against my butt. I keep quite as I let him continue getting himself off against me. He lets out a little guy moan and says, "Your ass feels so great.

So soft and feminine." He grabs my pants and pulls them down along with my boxers to get a better feeling. "Hey!

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I don't want to have sex!" I say in a loud whisper. Rich pulls out his dick and starts rubbing it in between my butt cheeks. "I just want a closer feel." He says back lust in his voice. I feel the bottom part of his dick rub against my asshole but I'll keep quite as long as he doesn't try to penetrate me. He starts panting as he begins to go faster. "I'm about to cum…" he says going really fast making a smacking sound against my butt.

I can't deny to myself that the feeling from this feels so weird but when those words are released from his lips I say, "Don't cum on me." Rich ignores what I say and comes in my butt cheeks and leaving his dick like that.

I groan and is about to turn around to slap him when I hear him mutter, "Thank you…" He immediately falls asleep right after that. I sigh and know that I better clean this mess up or it'll be even worse in the morning.

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I get out of bed and walk into the bathroom to clean up. I clean myself up and go back to bed. I hope that every night isn't like this because if it will then he needs to get another girlfriend fast. I roll my eyes as he scoots into me placing his left arm over me inhaling deeply than sighing.

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Whether he's asleep or not he's still a big pervert. A/N Though it is shorter then the first one I promise to make the third chapter longer.