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EXPORNTUBE Big Tit Hairy Pussy Fucked Anal
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Naruto walked towards Training Ground 44, a little ahead of his teammates as he did so. Something had been bugging him recently but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. It was like someone was watching him, and despite his impressive sneaking skills, whoever it was, continued to follow him. It was irritating to no end. He briefly reflected upon the first Exam. While he hadn't been able to figure out how to cheat without getting caught, he did figure out the purpose of the exam. At the end, again he figured out the purpose of the last question and only did he help everyone out when Sakura had been about to give up.

Other smaller details he noticed where more from a possible sexual stand-point. The Oto Nin had eyed him like a piece of steak, a hopeful gleam in her eye before it was killed.

Hinata had been blushing even more so than usual and fidgeting in her seat a bit. Naruto was able to notice she was rubbing her thighs together. Ino had taken one look at him and had a brief dusting of red across her face before she noticed Sasuke. He had his book out, briefly flipping through the pages. He checked a few things, noticing several of the girls taking the Chunin Exams were in his book. If he really wanted to, he could have a whole lot of fun.

He stopped at a redhead girl with glasses and tapped on the picture. "Karin Uzumaki. Allegiance: Kusa. Rank: Genin." Naruto didn't pay much more attention past that. There was another Uzumaki here. A kin that was still alive.

He would have to send his Shadow Clones out to find her. At the training ground, Naruto looked at the fence that had warnings plastered all over it as he put his book away. "And we're going in there." He said more to himself than anything. "Alright then Brats, Listen up!" Anko called from atop the fence.

"Welcome to Training Ground 44; or as most Shinobi like to call it: The Forest of Death!" she yelled out. "Here it is that you will be pitted against each other in order to get these two scrolls!" she pulled the scrolls from a trench coat pocket and held them up for the Genin to see.

Naruto narrowed his eyes on the scrolls as he watched the Special Jonin return the scrolls to her pockets. So that's what he had been training for…to pick pocket those scrolls at the very least. Time to act the idiot. "The forest doesn't look too tough; it will literally be a walk in the park." Naruto boasted. A kunai sliced through his cheek, fairly deeply. He felt an ample pair of breasts press into his back, and by his humble opinion they felt like D-cups.

He felt a tongue slide along his cheek. "Such tasty blood, the brave ones are usually the first to die in my forest." Anko said in a sultry tone. Naruto slid his hands into Anko's trench coat and withdrew the two scrolls. As stealthy as he could, he slipped them into the pockets of his jumpsuit pants. "I can't die yet." He said as he was doing this.

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"I haven't become Hokage yet." He said feeling Anko rub her breasts more against his back. "Hokage huh?" Anko asked. "Well Mr. Future Hokage-sama, you make it to the tower with time to spare and I'll give you a present." She then moved away and began to explain the rest of the exam. Get to the tower, five days; find your own food/water, etc.

Naruto signed the release form and turned them in, getting a scroll in the process. He might give it away if he saw fit to do so. He already had his team's scrolls and hadn't been called out about it yet. Naruto went back over to his teammates and went with them to the starting gate.

It wasn't long before they ran inside and leapt up into the trees where he stopped. "Guys!" he called out and motioned them over. "What is it Dobe?" Sasuke asked. "We need to get the scrolls as fast as we can." "Sasuke-kun's right." Sakura said tapping her foot impatiently. Naruto produced the two scrolls he picked off of Anko. "As a Shinobi, we kill, we lie, we cheat, and we steal.

That is our job essentially. If we get to the tower fast enough and they pass us, at least you two will go on if they decide to disqualify me." Sasuke and Sakura stared dumbfounded.

"But… when-The Proctor, when she was rubbing on you." Sasuke said piecing everything together. "You got her to attack you." "Yeah that just about sums it up." Naruto said. "She seemed like the impulsive type like me, I just had enough skills to pull that off.

So let's get to the tower." Naruto put his hands together in a familiar cross shaped hand sign before summoning up 90 Shadow Clones. Sixty of them performed a Transformation Jutsu looking like Sakura and Sasuke before splitting up in groups of three in separate directions.

Naruto discreetly passed off their Heaven Scroll to one of the clones before he went with the real Sasuke and Sakura straight for the tower with all haste. Little did he know that he had just unknowingly thwarted a Snake Sannin's plans and made a very pissed off enemy. One group of clones veered off, blindly moving about as they hopped from tree to tree.

The Naruto looking clone paused as they ran; he thought he had heard someone screaming. That sound was followed by the sound of a bear growling or roaring. He rushed over, his partners following him, passing by two mauled Kusa Genin to see the Karin girl about to be mauled by a bear.

As one, he and the other two threw as many kunai and shuriken as they could into the bear, quickly making it fall down dead from the many sharp and pointy objects sticking out of its back. The Sasuke and Sakura disguised clones dispelled before Naruto leapt down, glancing around.

Naruto began to walk towards Karin when she spotted him. She got up and tackled him nuzzling into his chest, surprising Naruto before she started to kiss him muttering thank you over and over in between the kisses Karin pulled back from mauling her savior's face with her lips to glance him over.

Kami, she was hot and bothered and just being closer to the blonde was affecting her even more. Her thighs rubbed together, trying to quell some of the fire. One leg slipped between his, and pressed up against his groin as she began to kiss him again. She paused just before her lips met his. "My name is Karin." She said.

"Naruto Uzumaki." He said and bit her lower lip, sucking on it some before he pressed his lips against her own. He wasn't sure why she was acting like this; he didn't think his Sexual Aura was so high that women would throw themselves at him. What he didn't know was that with Karin being a sensor type of Shinobi, she was affected more by the Sexual Aura skill.

Karin put her hands on the Naruto's shoulders before jumping a bit and wrapping her legs around his waist. She ran her hands up into his hair, grabbing it tight as she felt his hands on her thighs and her ass.

She felt his tongue slip against her lips and eagerly parted her lips to accept the offering. She fought his tongue with hers for a little bit until she pulled back and leaned down to the blonde's ear. "I need you." She whispered, running her tongue along the edge of his earlobe.

"I want to suck on your balls while I pump you length until you spew cum all over my face and glasses." She said. Kami, she didn't know what came over her but she needed to have this blonde sexually every which way she could. Naruto sucked in his breath through his teeth at her words. "I'm just a clone of the original, so I can only give two maybe three loads before I go pop." He said.

Karin pouted, but then she thought about it. There was only one clone technique known to make solid clones and if the clone could have sex twice, maybe three times… She gave a bit of a predatory smirk. "That's fine Naruto-kun. The Original you will rock my world right?" she asked undoing the orange jacket as she lowered herself to the ground The clone could only nod as he watched the redhead sink to her knees in front of him and quickly undo the pants.

She grabbed his cock which was hard from her actions and her words. He noticed a look of hesitation pass between her eyes. "First time?" the clone asked. Karin looked up at the clone before nodding. "Yes." She whispered before she tentatively moved forward and kissed the head of the cock. Despite her earlier fire, it didn't stop the fact she was a virgin and had no real sexual experience at all. Most people in Kusa hated her. "Relax." The Naruto clone said.

While he wasn't sure what advice to give to a virgin, it couldn't hurt to relax. Karin gave a nod and a deep breath, slowly letting it out as she did so, trying to relax.

More steadily, she kissed down the shaft of Naruto's length, holding his cock near the tip as she made her way down. It couldn't hurt to start with what she said she wanted to do.

She tentatively slid her tongue against the tightened sac holding Naruto's balls. Slowly, she kissed them, and licked them more, listening to the blonde give a few moans and even slide his hand into her hair. She opened her mouth and carefully took one in, giving a few firm sucks. Naruto sucked in his breath through his teeth, feeling the redhead's tongue lash against his balls while she sucked.

"Hand Karin-chan." He reminded her. His moans increased in volume as he felt the slow pumping of her hand. "Little less pressure." He told her and felt her ease up on her hand just a little bit.

Karin was thankful for Naruto's help. She wanted to please him, to feel the hot spunk he had stored up in the large balls she was servicing. She slowly pulled off, letting him go free with a soft 'pop'. She then stopped her hand and spit on it, before going back to working her hand up and down his cock, using a little bit more pressure with the lubricant. She then blew cold air against his balls; feeling him shiver and watching his sac shrivel a little bit.

She lowered herself a bit more before taking both of his balls into her mouth and sucking quicker but not so firmly. Her tongue lashed against the skin in her mouth, eager for a taste. "Getting close Karin-chan." Naruto said feeling his balls tightening up against her lips and tongue. He felt her thumb rub against the tip of his cock, knowing he was sensitive right now. Karin moved her free hand up to her jacket and pulled the zipper down, as well as the mesh under armor.

Her bra was quickly taken care of while she sucked faster, staring up at the blonde as she eagerly awaited his load. She felt his balls tighten and his length shudder. Naruto gave a few grunts as he felt his orgasm flow through him. Hot cum shot up through the shaft and into the air, before coming down and splattering from Karin's left eyebrow to her chin. A second shot got her on the forehead, down to the bridge of her nose, the third hit the right lenses to her glasses, with a fourth just dribbling out and landing on her perky breasts.

Karin let go of Naruto's cock and backed away letting it give off a small pop as she did so.

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She reached up to her face and wiped away the cum on her lenses. She then licked it off her fingers and gave a moan of appreciation. "You taste good." She said looking up to him with a smirk. Naruto chuckled and helped her stand.


"Glad you like it. Are you ready for the next part?" he asked. Karin looked a little worried, and gave a tentative nod. "Yes." She said moving to lean against a tree.

She undid her pants and pushed them and her underwear down. Naruto walked towards her a little tentative himself. This would be the first time he had been with a virgin. "Relax." He told her again and watched her take a deep breath once more. He rubbed her thighs, and her hips, trying to relax the tight muscles. "I'm going to go as deep as I can on the first thrust, get as much of the pain over with, okay?" Naruto asked.

Karin nodded and watched the blonde rub himself against her pussy. She was wet, but she knew even with the additional lubricant, it was going to hurt. She tried to relax herself as best as she could. She felt some pleasure when the blonde rubbed her clit to help distract her. She felt the hard, fast thrust burying the blonde's cock inside her and she clung to him burying her mouth in his shoulder and screaming into it.

It hurt… Kami it hurt like nothing she had ever done. But she wasn't naïve. She knew the pain would pass… soon hopefully. Naruto held Karin against his body, keeping her from moving too much that would cause more discomfort.

He rubbed her back, gently kissing the side of her head as he did so. "It's okay." He whispered to her trying to soothe her.

Very slowly, the blonde felt Karin's hips begin to move grinding him into her body. Karin breathed slowly and deeply, slowly hefting herself up and wrapping her legs around the blonde's waist. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she rolled her hips into his own. Slowly, she felt the pleasure begin to push back the ebbing pain. It was beginning to feel good for her, and she wanted to return the favor.

Naruto supported Karin's lithe frame with his hands on her firm ass. He gave it a squeeze as he rolled his hips upwards with Karin's. Her eyes were lidded, her face slack with the pleasure she was feeling. He felt her nails graze lightly down his back, through the jacket that was hanging off his shoulders.

Not hard enough to pop him thankfully. Karin leaned in and sucked on Naruto's neck, rolling her hips faster. The blonde was thick and touching spots she never knew existed inside her. "Oh Kami." She whispered as she felt her back get pressed into the tree and Naruto start thrusting into her using more force.

Naruto leaned his head down and drew her puckered nipple into his mouth, looking up to her eyes as he thrust faster into her. Naruto was pleased to note that she was getting into it the more he gave it to her. His thrusting got harder though, partially out of wanting an orgasm, and partially out of survival. No doubt the animals would smell the blood from her and come to investigate. Karin felt her body tighten up a bit in protest from the speed he was setting, but she was feeling good none the less.

She felt a coil tighten inside of her, and knew that her orgasm was fast approaching. It would be the first orgasm she had given to her by a man.

"Yes, that's it Naruto-kun, give it to me. Harder…Faster you blonde stud, pounding my fucking pussy." She said trying to help the blonde along to his own orgasm. Naruto heard her words and took them to heart giving it to her harder and faster, her head lolled back against the tree as she tried to keep up with the pace and quickly failed.

She gripped his shoulders more, one hand coming up and pressing his head to her breast more. Naruto could feel his balls tighten, ready to unleash his hot seed inside her. Karin felt the blonde bump something deep inside her and she screamed loudly as she came. Her hips bucked, and she let large spasms with her legs twitching.

She had heard about a woman having her cervix bumped during sex, but had no idea how good it felt. To her? It felt great, a little pressure, but it felt good none the less. Naruto felt Karin's pussy clamp down around his shaft and he squeezed her thighs as he came, his body arching to further it on.

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He felt the hot cum mix with her fluids and slowly come out of her pussy, dripping down from his balls to the ground. Karin panted as she was slowly removed from the cock, and she glanced down seeing the mess of sexual fluids and the bit of blood.

She slid down to her ass against the tree and looked up to the panting blonde. She gave a small smile, having enjoyed it greatly.

Naruto panted a bit. "I can either take you to the tower, or we can go for a third round and likely have me dispel from exhaustion." He said. Karin caught her breath before she spoke. "Take me to the tower; I'd rather not risk being out here much longer." She said as she quickly got herself cleaned up and dressed.

Naruto nodded before he got dressed himself. Scooping her up, he took off running towards the center of the forest. It took the real Team 7 about two hours to run full tilt through the forest.

Naruto had ended up having to carry Sakura who worked herself to the point of exhaustion just to try and keep up with him and Sasuke. Once there, Naruto looked at the stone tablet and pulled the scrolls out and with a flick of his wrists opened them up.

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He dropped them when he realized they were summoning scrolls. "Hot damn, a new record!" Anko's cheerful voice came from the smoke. "Congratulations! You guys pass the second part of the Chunin Exams! Now, I have to ask, how did you greener than grass Genin get the scroll so fast?" Naruto noticed Sasuke and Sakura back up a bit, leaving him out to take the full fury.

"Traitors." Naruto whispered but sighed. Might as well get this over with. He would get his teammates back though. "At the beginning of the Exams, I lifted the scrolls off of you Anko-san." Naruto said looking to the woman before him who was smirking.

"When you were distracted and rubbing yourself against me I pilfered them without the Knowledge of my Team. I ask that if you do decide to punish us, that I take the full brunt of it." Naruto said.

"If I get disqualified, so be it." "You got spunk kid." Anko said with a grin. "Come on, I don't have authority to make the call." She said leading Naruto away.


Sasuke and Sakura began to follow. "Not you two, just the blonde gaki here. If he's going to take the punishment for his actions for all three of you, you can't be there with him." Naruto followed Anko up to a spare office that looked to be a replica of the Hokage's office. Anko moved over to a seal on the top of the desk and activated it alerting the Hokage that he was needed.

While not as effective as say the Hirashin, the seal could also be used by the Hokage to reverse summon himself and that's exactly what he did smoking his pipe as he took his seat. "What can I do for you Anko?" he asked "Tell him Gaki." Anko said moving Naruto ahead a bit.

"What did you do this time Naruto-kun?" Sarutobi asked almost dreading the answer "Well Jiji, the rules were never that specific about how to obtain the scrolls for the second portion of the Exams. I simply thought outside the box and pilfered them from Anko-san's pockets." Naruto said.

"She was distracted which gave me the perfect opportunity to do so." Sarutobi took a puff of his pipe. "Well, I think the only option is clear. Naruto-kun passes the second portion of the exams." He said "Very well Hokage-sama." Anko said before ruffling Naruto's hair.

"Good job gaki, you impressed me. Now, don't tell the other brats that you're getting off scot-free." She said before heading off.

"Will do Anko-san!" Naruto called after her before heading to a room. There were enough rooms for 50 teams. Half that wasn't going to make it and he seriously doubted ten teams would make it, which meant he was allowed to have a room all to himself.

It wasn't much longer before his Shadow Clone came to the door with the Karin girl. Naruto raised an eyebrow before he took the sleeping girl, and set her on his bed. The clone gave a salute before dispelling. Naruto's eyes widened a bit as he was assaulted with the pleasure. Through sheer force of will, he didn't cum himself but that didn't mean his balls didn't hurt because of it. Naruto chuckled a bit to himself as he channeled the Hyoton into his right hand and placed it on his crotch, giving a groan as it was cold and helped relieve the pain in his balls.

He then got in the top bunk and laid down for some sleep. When he awoke in the morning he was surprised to find out who his clone had given the spare scroll to. Hinata's team would pass just fine and were likely at the tower already. Naruto got up and changed clothes, noticing the redhead was still asleep. He then headed down to the mess hall to get some grub in his stomach. He heard the ramen calling his name. Naruto sat down at a bench and glanced around.

The Suna and Oto teams were already there. The female member of the Oto team kept shooting him looks of lust and Naruto locked eyes with her once or twice. "Uzumaki! Where are you?" the loud boisterous voice of Anko said. Naruto stood up not wanting to get on her bad side when it already sounded like she was pissed.

He briefly noticed the Oto Nin now coldly glaring at him, there was a barely restrained fury when just moments earlier it had been a lustful look. "Yes Anko-san?" Naruto asked as she came over and grabbed his collar. "You're coming with me." Anko said dragging the kid away. "We have things to discuss." Naruto squirmed in her firm hand hold as she dragged him further up the tower. Eventually she released him and grinned.

"Alright Gaki, I'm sure you're excited for your gift." Naruto nodded softly. "I take it the real Anko is getting prepared?" Anko looked surprised. "How'd you know I was a shadow clone?" Naruto looked to her calmly. "I abuse the ever living crap out of them for training and sparring. Being able to tell you are a shadow clone was easy as hell." "Alright then Gaki but let me explain something." The Anko clone said seriously.

"I'm not looking for a relationship, you are scratching an itch I get every once in a while. I am not usually the bottom, it's just a desire I have from time to time." Naruto saluted. "Gotcha. No relationship, don't expect this again for a while." Naruto said. "Good." The Anko clone waved her hand to the set of double doors before dispelling, her job finished. Naruto entered the doors hearing a small poof signaling a second shadow clone dispelling. He then closed the doors behind him before looking in the room.

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What he saw absolutely surprised him. Anko was in a pair of knee high leather six inch heeled boots with her legs forcefully spread apart and kept apart by a metal bar at her ankles.

She wore no underwear or top. She wore a pair of leather gloves that went up to her elbows but her arms were pulled behind her back and tied with a rope that came down from the ceiling, making Anko have to bend over. She had a black blind fold on and an O-ring gag, forcing her mouth open. On a nearby table, Naruto noticed a whole variety of sex toys but also a few whips and other things he couldn't identify. "I'll look into those later." He muttered to himself as he looked around a bit more.

Stepping forward, Naruto removed his clothes and put them in a pile so they wouldn't get damaged or ruined. His ten inch cock was already hard because of the sight of the naked and busty Kunoichi in front of him. He moved closer to Anko and grabbed her purple hair feeling the silky tresses slide through his hands.

He briefly wondered about how she managed to find the time to take such good care of her hair while also making sure she trained to be a strong Kunoichi. "Suck." He told her in as best of a dominating voice as he could muster before removing the O- ring and stretching her mouth with his cock naturally. While Anko couldn't see Naruto, due to the blind fold on, she could still hear him quite well. She was a bit disappointed that he wouldn't be using any of the toys she laid out right away, but she figured that it was also a good thing that he wasn't using anything he couldn't use.

She heard his order and felt her mouth get pushed open by his thick cock. She moaned from the thick taste of it, before she hollowed out her cheeks and began to suck on his cock. She mentally smirked as she wrapped her tongue around his cock a few times, getting a loud groan out of the blonde.

Naruto allowed his head to loll back as his pleasure built. The woman before him was most certainly gifted. Naruto then grabbed her hair tight. This wasn't about her spinning him around her little finger. He drove his hips forward, pressing her face flush against his groin, his sac resting against her chin as he felt her throat spasm around his cock. To Anko's credit however, not once did she gag.

Naruto wrapped his hand tight into Anko's hair as he began to thrust forward into her mouth more. Wordlessly, he made a Shadow Clone to go look through what Anko had put out. Surely there had to be something simple enough to figure out, right? Much to both his and his clone's delight, there was something simple enough. It was a leather glove with metal studs on the inside. Naruto and his clone both inspected the studs, and Naruto could feel that they were smooth and rounded, like half a ball bearing was sewn onto the glove several times.

He handed the glove back to his clone that moved around behind Anko. Naruto's knees almost collapsed when the first hit came, Anko's throat had tightened up and the vibrations she made along his shaft from the moan/whimper were almost too much. Anko couldn't believe the balls on this kid. He first drove his cock down her throat, something that had almost made her gag, but not quite.

Then he makes a Shadow Clone to try one of the toys out on her. The slight sting in her ass told her which one it had been, and she had enjoyed it. She had felt her back arch, and she couldn't help but let out a whimper. Anko slid her tongue out and began to massage the kid's balls, mentally smirking at the feel of his tightened sac. He was about to blow his load, but she had a feeling the kid could go on much longer than one round.

Naruto felt Anko's tongue along his balls and gave a small grunt of pleasure. His fingers curled into her hair a bit more as he felt the hot pleasure mounting. He pulled his length out to just the tip, his knee giving a spasm of pleasure as he felt Anko gently scrape her teeth along his cock.

He felt her tongue lash across his tip and that was it. His orgasm washed over him and he filled Anko's mouth with his cum. When he came down from the orgasmic high, and the feeling of Anko swallowing while his tip was still in her mouth, he slid his cock from her mouth and removed the blindfold from her eyes.

"Damn Gaki, not bad." Anko said as she looked up to him. "Now do you mind untying my arms and removing the metal pole keeping my legs spread? I'm starting to get sore." Naruto couldn't help but let out a chuckle as he quickly untied the knot used on Anko's arms while the clone made short work of the metal pole.

Naruto stood back and watched as Anko languidly stretched and moved to the bed and laid down on it stretching out and running a hand down her stomach. Anko gave a grin as she watched both the original and the clone follow her hand down her stomach. She parted her pussy lips for the blondes with her index finger and her ring finger, running her middle finger along the glistening entrance.

"Come get me big boys." She said Almost as if in silent agreement, the clone and the original moved to where they wanted to be. The clone straddled Anko's impressive bust, sliding his cock into the valley between the globes of flesh. The clone let out a low moan of pleasure, feeling the soft but supple flesh against the length of his hot cock. He grabbed Anko's breasts, pushing them further together momentarily forgetting about the glove, but when Anko didn't complain and lashed the tip of his cock with her tongue, he didn't even care.

The real Naruto decided to accept Anko's invitation. He moved between her legs and lifted her legs up a bit, locking them around his waist as he began to push the tip of his cock into the wet tight body of the Special Jonin. He gave a loud moan of pleasure as he felt her tight walls grip the thickness of his cock. He was going to enjoy this, possibly more than he should.

Anko watched as the two moved, working with no real rhythm at all, but for now she wouldn't mind. She took the tip of the Naruto Clone's cock into her mouth and began to suck on it, gently scraping the sides with her teeth as she also ran her tongue along the swollen head. She then used her legs to pull the real Naruto in further, giving a soft groan of pleasure as the Gaki managed to fill her quite well.

The boy was impressive in size, and she thanked Kami that the boy was so gifted. Anko felt Naruto's hands grab her hips and gave another louder groan as the boy started getting into the grove of things, and his thrusts became harder and faster. Naruto gritted his teeth at the tightness and the pleasure he was feeling. He enjoyed the feel of Anko's muscular legs wrapped tight around him and had decided to do something to further Anko along.

He grabbed her hips and started to pull her into his thrusts, which began to get more erratic. He moved one hand down and began to rub at Anko's clit, watching her back arch and his Clone getting an even better work out of his cock. Naruto then unwound Anko's legs from around his cock and grabbed her ankles lifting them up towards his Clone's head.

From there he changed the positioning of his cock inside her pussy. While he could no longer thrust as deep, Anko felt much tighter around his cock, thus giving an illusion of being thicker than he was. "Boss, I'm not going to last much longer." His Clone warned out.

The sensations were getting to be too much for the Clone. "That's alright, I don't think Anko can last much longer either." The real Naruto said as he picked up his pace, his thighs slapping against Anko's ass. Anko sucked harder on the tip of the Clone's cock hearing what it said.

Truth be told, the real Naruto was right as well. The new position managed to make the tip of the Blonde's cock slam into her g-spot over and over. She didn't give it away besides the fact her pussy walls were almost milking his cock for his cum.

Anko felt that coil signaling her orgasm get tighter and tighter. It finally sprang loose as she let out a small scream of pleasure around the cock in her mouth, which also finally erupted.

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She swallowed down the cum filling her mouth as the Clone gave it to her. The real Naruto grit his teeth at the feel of Anko's pussy clamped down on his cock. Naruto withdrew himself, hearing Anko whimper from the loss.

Naruto then pulled his clone back. "Anko, move over." The real Naruto said. Anko rolled away watching as the clone of the blonde Gaki was moved where she had just been. Naruto then motioned for her to move on top of the clone. She straddled the Clone's waist and gave it a grin.

"Please don't pop me." The clone said looking up. He didn't want a premature disappearance because she got a little too rough. "Oh I'll pop you." Anko said taking the thick cock into her pussy giving a low moan. "Just in a much more pleasant way." Anko then felt herself get pushed forward a bit, the second Naruto now behind her. "That's it stud, fill me good." Anko said looking over her shoulder. Naruto took her words to heart. He moved for a better angle and pushed his slick cock into her ass.

He noticed Anko gave a brief wince before she tried to help by relaxing her muscles. It was a tight fit; especially considering the fact his clone was also filling her pussy. Anko felt herself speared between both the cocks and was already breathing a little heavier. "Give me a second you two." She said as she adjusted how she was balancing herself a little more. She also allowed her body to get used to the feeling of being so full.

She gave a nod to the two before she began to roll her hips, sliding one out and the other in. Naruto watched as his clone raised his hips to meet with how Anko rolled her hips. Naruto grabbed Anko's hips and began to work his length in and out of her. He was beginning to pick up speed and power, just as his clone was. Their pace was erratic, with no rhythm and no coordination.

Anko's breath got ragged and the real Naruto reached forward grabbing her breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers as he squeezed them. He enjoyed the way they filled and spilled out of his hand. While he didn't mind Ayame's smaller and pert breasts, he enjoyed the larger breasts a bit more.

They were just so…awesome. Unfortunately for both the Clone and the real Naruto, Anko didn't like the pace. "Boys, stop!" she shouted out and they immediately stopped. "While I don't mind the pleasure, sex is a partnership. Work together, so I'm not feeling like a ragdoll." Naruto and his clone looked to one another before nodding and beginning to work together better.

While the clone was out, Naruto was pushing in. It left Anko feeling nice and full and better pleased. Naruto grabbed Anko's hips and began to work faster. For every thrust his clone gave, he was already ahead. When his clone was sheathed inside Anko's tight and wondrous pussy, the real Naruto was sheathed inside Anko's ass. When the clone was half way out, Naruto was all the way out. It continued like this, being a half step ahead of his clone and it seemed it was a Rhythm Anko could work with.

Anko's eyes fluttered shut as she panted. The incredible pleasure racked her body, and it was clear body the clone and the real Naruto wouldn't last long with how tight she was. She leaned back into the real Naruto, pulling his head down so she could nibble at his neck. "Come on Stud, show me everything you got." She said. She wouldn't last much herself.

Naruto began to thrust faster, trying to get to be several steps ahead of his clone. He moved his arms to under Anko's breasts and grabbed tight, using the position for more leverage. He felt sweat drip from his blonde locks and onto Anko's skin. 'Whoever put me in this video game, and made me level up by sex, is a genius.' Naruto thought as he kept working into Anko's ass which gave a few spasms every now and then.

"Don't cum inside." Anko told both the boys as she rolled her hips with them more. "I'll take it all on my face and tits, just don't cum inside." She said. That coil was getting tighter and she could feel the boys tense to try and not release inside her. She wanted to see just how good the blonde really was. She closed her eyes and gripped the bed where her hands ended up being.


With a final scream of pleasure, she came arching her back and sheathing both cocks inside her fully. Naruto pulled out of Anko's ass, and helped her off his clone. They both stood on the bed and stroked themselves off, to finish up. The real Naruto went first, his cum splattered across her forehead first before some landed on her cheek and he finished himself off on her tongue. The clone came second, releasing on her tongue and then on her breasts stroking himself quickly.

The clone, out of juice gave his creator a quick salute before popping himself. Naruto came a second time from the clone's memories, getting the rest of Anko's face and having more land on her generous breasts.

Anko grinned. "One of the benefits of the Shadow Clones. You also get the pleasure back." Naruto felt a sharp pain in his balls, telling him the additional release without a break was a bit too much.

Naruto gave Anko a grin and a salute. "Well, I'm going to get cleaned up and then head on out." Anko nodded pointing to the shower. She had to get the heeled boots off, along with the gloves. Naruto took a quick and refreshing shower before drying off. He got dressed and headed out of Anko's room, pulling his book from his pocket and flipping it open to get the upgrades. "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAD SEX WITH KARIN UZUMAKI! +750 points. +5 Medical Jutsu. Perk Unlocked: Chakra Chains!" Naruto banked the level up he got from Karin.


+400 points." Naruto banked the second level up before proceeding to the medals page. He tapped Hat Trick.

'Bronze: Have Sex With Two Women in Twenty Four Hours" Naruto almost groaned. He could feel his balls about to ache thinking about it the highest level He flipped over to the Stats Page. He had the ten from leveling up, plus an additional seven, two left over from his last bit, and five from getting an additional half per level. Naruto poured fifteen points into his Chakra Levels, bringing them up to fifty five.

He left the two points alone again before flipping over to the Skills Page. Naruto had one hundred and nine skill points to use. Since he got points for Medical Jutsu, he decided to pour some into that one.

Thirty went in, bringing it up to fifty five. "Medical Jutsu: Apprentice Level. Able to use the most basic Healing Jutsu in combat. Can cure minor fractures, cuts, deep bruises, and various other minor ailments." Naruto went to his Kenjutsu and noticed the twenty one points in it.

He poured nine into it, bringing it up to thirty before pouring his last seventy points into it; bring it up to a round one hundred. "Kenjutsu: Adept Level. Can learn advanced Kenjutsu styles easier and you're able to see openings in an Opponent's Kenjutsu more often." Naruto was about to turn the page when words scrolled across the top.

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"Bonus from Karin! Bonus from Anko!" He noticed values rise up and nodded. Naruto then headed over to the Perks page. He tapped the Chakra Chains, seeing it was available.

"Chakra Chains: Allows for the Use of Chains Made of Your Chakra. Requirements: Have Sex with an Uzumaki, Chakra Levels 55, Chakra Control 50, Know Your Mother's Name." Naruto looked at it and quickly tapped on it, getting it.

He had plenty of perk points available. He tapped on the Mangekyo Sharingan. He might as well get the most advanced version possible.

Naruto closed his book and began to finish his walk back to his room, whistling a bit as he did. End Naruto's Stats: Level 15: 16500/18750 Strength: 30 Speed: 30 Acrobatics: 20 Intelligence: 40 Endurance: 50 Chakra Control: 60 Chakra Levels: 55 Luck: 30 Skills: Sexual Aura: 100 points. Adept Level. Neutral Kunoichi are willing to have sex with Naruto. Sneak: 100 points. Adept Level.

Naruto can now sneak past an unsuspecting Kage level Shinobi 95 percent of the time. Assists all Sneaky Skills (Lying, Cheating, Assassination, Lock Picking, Pick Pocketing, Trap Making, Poison Making, Hacking, Etc.) Ninja Master: 50 points.

Apprentice level. Gives a Bonus to all Ninja Skills. (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Sealing, Senjutsu, Medical Jutsu, Etc.) Ninjutsu: 60 points. Apprentice level (+5 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can learn Ninjutsu easier. His current Repertoire costs less Chakra to use. Taijutsu: 60 points.

Apprentice Level (+5 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can learn Taijutsu Styles easier. He can also see more openings in a fight. Genjutsu: 60 points. Apprentice Level (+5 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can Detect and Dispel C- ranked Genjutsu.

Naruto can cast D-ranked Genjutsu, including the standard Clone Jutsu. Kenjutsu: 100 points. Adept Level (+5 Ninja Master Bonus) Naruto can learn Advanced Kenjutsu Arts as well as see openings in his opponent's own Kenjutsu Styles.

Medical Jutsu: 60 points. Apprentice Level (+5 Ninja Master Bonus) Naruto can use the most Basic Medical Jutsu in Combat. Can cure bruises, minor cuts, minor fractures and other smaller ailments. Pick Pocketing: 100 points. Adept Level (+10 Sneak Bonus). Naruto can now pick the pockets of an unsuspecting Kage level Shinobi 95 percent of the time. Sealing: 100 points. Adept Level (+5 Ninja Master Bonus). Naruto can now decipher complex seals and draw them. Can draw seals out of pure Chakra.

Medals: Diamond Out-Do Your Rival: Gang-Bang your Rival's Mom. +1 perk point. Platinum Clone Man: Use 8 Shadow Clones to have sex with a woman or women. +2400 experience points.

Have Vaginal Sex 10 Times: +2000 points Receive 10 Blow Jobs: +1000 Points. Bronze Hat Trick: Have Sex with Two Women in Twenty Four Hours. +400 Points Perks: Hyoton: Allows for the use of the Hyoton Kekkai Genkai.

Mangekyo Sharingan: Allows use of the Sharingan Kekkai Genkai and the more advanced Mangekyo version Chakra Chains: Allows Naruto to make chains out of his chakra Harem Master: Naruto can now have as many women in his personal Harem as he wants, minimizes the hostilities between the women