Curvy Abbey Broooks Sucks and Fucks

Curvy Abbey Broooks Sucks and Fucks
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Okay before you start this is the same story as the original. Nothing has changed I just fixed the errors and made paragraphs. Enjoy.


The night was going pretty good. It was perfect bonfire night, everyone had a drink in their hand and me and kailyn was looking super hot. Me and my bestfriend kailyn were 16 at the time.

We were very lucky to be surrounded by 4 very good looking guys (one of them being austin, her brother). Austin was so cute.

He was 17, had an amazing body with short brown hair and brown eyes. I secretly had a crush on him but could never let him find that out. This was my 3rd mikes hard so i was feeling a good buzz. Everyone was talking and laughing. I had to pee so bad so i whispered to kailyn, who i knew was drunk, to come with me into her house to use the bathtoom.

We got in there, i did my buisness and we primped in the mirror. I was looking great. My long auburn hair was slightly waved, and my make up complimented my green eyes nicely. My 34B boobs looked pretty good in my red tanktop.

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I buttoned my denim shorts then headed back out the door. We got back out by the fire and i bent over to get another mikes hard from the cooler. I had a bubble butt and was sure it caught one if the guys' attentions. I sat down and started on my drink. Across the campfire was Lance, Austin's friend. Lance was a very good looking guy. He was laughing and chatting with the other guys.

He looked at me and noticed i was looking back.


He said "so Kat, how old did you say you were?" "16", i shyly replied. "cool" he said in a way i know meant trouble. I looked at Austin and he gave Lance a serious look. Kailyn was on the phone with her boyfriend and that's when she got up and stumbled away talking.

The guys were all talking and Austin went to check in his sister inside so i just zoned out thinking about Austin. That's when I heard someone say my name. It was Chaise, Austin's bestfriend. "Kat, will you hand me a beer?" "Sure" so i got up and retrieved the beer from the cooler and walked over to him. I handed it to him but he grabbed my hand and pulled me onto his lap. I tried to get up but he wouldn't let me.

Lance and the other boy laughed. "Let me up right now". "Just relax" he said. He started kissing my neck in a sloppy fashion, then moved up to my face.

He had a tight grip on me so I couldn't get up. When his lips touched mine his togue shoved in my mouth invading it.

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He was hard and I could feel his bulge on my ass. I pulled away but he pushed my head into his. I wouldn't stop trying to fight him off. He put his hands up my shirt roughly squeezing my tits. I wasn't turned on at all. I bit his tongue really hard and he jerked back. Suddenly Austin was walking towards us and he saw me struggling.

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He hurried over and pulled me off of Chaise. "That's enough" He said in an angry voice. "It's time for you guys to leave". "Fine, I'll fuck that bitch some other time" Chaise stood up and Austin punched him in the jaw.

"Leave!" Austin said, pushing me towards the house. I ran over and stood by the door. I couldn't see much but I heard sounds of grunting and punching.

I stood up against the house and started to get tears in my eyes, realizing what just happened. There was a screech of tires then footsteps. Austin walked over to me and held out a hand. I grabbed it and he led me inside.

"Are you okay?", he asked. "Im fine, just shaken up. Thank you so much." He pulled me in for a hug and I rested my head on his chest. My emotions were going crazy.

"Where's Kailyn?" "She's out cold in her room." "Oh." I said in a disappointed voice. I really didn't like sleeping with her when she's drunk and I didn't know what my sleeping arrangements were.

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While I thought of that, Austin just stood and stared at me. "Kat." "Yeah?" I replied. "Im so sorry about Chaise" "It's not your fault." I said. He took a step closer to me only a couple inches away. "I shouldn't have left you alone with them.

I knew they'd do something stupid." "It's done and over with now, I'll be okay." "Good." He responded smiling.

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I stared into his eyes and he stared back. He moved in closer, not taking his eyes off of me then he gently stroked my face.


I knew what was coming and could feel myself blushing. His face got closer to mine then I met him the rest of the way. Our lips met and he held me close to him. Our kisses started out slow and tender but quickly became more passionate and harder.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. Our tongues explored eachothers mouths. He put both hands on my ass and pulled me in tight. We stopped kissing to catch our breath. We were still pressed together. I was breathing hard.

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My body moved with the breaths I took. My body gently rubbed against his. After I calmed down I rested my head on his chest. We stood there for awhile then his phone rang. He let me go and looked at his phone but didn't answer. "Austin will you walk me upstairs?" "Uh, sure" he said. We headed for the stairs. To be continued.