Gay sex Benjamin and Malachy are so into it as they sniff and

Gay sex Benjamin and Malachy are so into it as they sniff and
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Nobody acts like this. Or do they? Porn girls gotta start somewhere. It was 2:30 in the afternoon and Brittany was cruising in her new red Beemer. The car was freshly washed and gleaming. This was the way Brittany wanted the car to look while she was out trolling. Near a local high school there were lots of girls walking home. Some were pretty enough for what Brittany wanted, but they weren't right. She kept driving, making sure she didn't break the speed limit, which meant she was going slow enough to check out any prospects.

Then she saw her. A girl walking by herself, her backpack full of books pulling back on her shoulders, accentuating a nice set of tits hanging off of a slender chest. "Hi, sweetheart," Brittany said as she slowly drove next to the girl. "Would you like to go get a hamburger?

It'll be my treat." The girl had pale skin and large doe eyes. Her lips were full and sensuous, her nose pert. She was already pretty, and even better than that, she had a sexy innocence.

"I don't think I should," the girl said. Brittany could tell she wanted to, but needed an excuse to get in the car.

"I'll drive you home afterward. Please? I like to have company while I eat." "Well, okay," the girl said. Brittany smiled at how easily the girl could get talked into her car. She motioned for her to put her books in the back seat, and then they were off. Brittany didn't say much while they ate.

She learned the girl's name was Janice and, as she had hoped, the girl was eighteen and a senior. The little bit they talked Brittany made sure to tell Janice how pretty she was and find out if she had a boyfriend. Janice didn't think she was very pretty and no, she didn't have a boyfriend. After they ate, Brittany stopped the Beemer a block from Janice's house, which was on a tree-lined street.

From her pocket she held out a ten dollar bill. "Janice, you can have this if you stay and talk to me for a while. First I want to tell you that it's about how sexy you are." "Me?" Janice asked, then looked at the money. "Yes, you. I saw it right away.

That's why I stopped and asked you to have a burger with me.


You can get out right now and that'll be cool." She held up the money. "Or we can talk about how you can make a lot of money. A lot more than this." Brittany put the bill in Janice's hand. "What would I have to do?" "Things that girls do for their boyfriends. Have you ever had a boyfriend that you did things for?" "No," Janice said, blushing. "Boys don't seem that interested in me." "That's because their in high school," Brittany said.

"The second I laid eyes on you I could see you were sexy. Have you ever done things with a guy?" "Not really," Janice said. Brittany took another ten spot out of her pocket. "Do you want to go home? Or would you mind talking some more about being sexy?" She held out the money and waited. Janice seemed to think a moment, then took the money.

"Good girl," Brittany said. "I'm going to drive to somewhere we can talk." Janice smiled. "Good. I didn't want the neighbors to see me and then tell my mom." "Would you mind going to my hotel room?" "Okay," Janice said. "Um, I don't want to sound greedy, but will I be making any more money?" "That's up to you," Brittany said.

************* At the hotel Brittany took Janice up to her room. The first thing she did was mix up some Margaritas and hand a glass to Janice, who took a drink.

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"That's strong," Janice said. "Do you want me to get you a coke or something?" "No," Jaince said, taking another drink. "This is good." Brittany smiled as Janice gave her a long look, then drank down most of the glass.

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She tried to keep a smile off of her face, knowing that Janice wanted to have an adventure. "Did you like my car?" Brittany asked. "It's nice," Janice said, already starting to get glassy-eyed. "Do you know how I paid for it?" Brittany asked.

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"By being sexy?" Janice said, then asked "You want to do things with me, don't you?" "Sort of," Brittany said. "I'm hoping you'll let some men do things with you." "What kind of things?" Janice asked. She looked a little nervous, but she seemed eager, too. "That depends on you," Brittany said. She took Janice's glass, asking "Do you want some more?" "Yeah," Janice said. Her body was getting relaxed and she was smiling more.

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Brittany refilled the glass and encouraged Janice to take a big drink. "Do you have any ideas of what you'd like a guy to do with you?" "Well," Janice said, "I was over at a friend's house and she'd found some porn her mom's boyfriend left there. Some of the stuff was kind of weird, and then it showed this girl kneeling on the floor." Janice blushed a deep red and bit her lower lip.

"Go on, sweetheart. Tell me what happened." After taking another drink Janice said "This guy walked in. He didn't say anything, he didn't touch her, he just stood in front of her." Brittany kept quiet, letting Janice tell her story. "He dropped his pants and stood right in front of her with this really big boner. The girl just stayed there while the guy played with himself. Nobody said anything. The girl leaned forward, opened wide, and let him, you know." "I think I do," Brittany said, "but I want to hear you say it.

After all, I did pay you to talk about sex." Janice blushed even more then said, "She let him, well, cum in her mouth." "Cool," Brittany said. "If you were going to do something naughty, is that what you think you'd like?" "Uh-huh," Janice said.

"I don't know if I'd like a guy grabbing at me and putting his hands all over me. I think I'd just like him to do.that." "If I set something like that up," Brittany said "I'd have to know you wouldn't pussy out on my." "I wouldn't pussy out," Janice said. "I promise. I'd let him do it." "What if I set that up right now? Would you do it?" Janice took a deep breath, thinking. Brittany leaned back, giving her time to think. Finally Janice said "Yes." Brittany was expecting to have to do a lot more talking to get Janice on video.

This might work out pretty good. "Okay, sweetie, kneel on the floor just like that girl did." As Janice did so, Brittany took out a video camera. "Ready?" "You mean now?" Janice asked. "Are you going to pussy out?" Brittany asked. "No," Janice said, looking around.

Listening from the next room were a few guys from Brittany's crew. She was hoping they were on the ball. Brittany pulled a one-hundred dollar bill from her pocket and held it for Janice to see. "Do you want to earn this? Or do you want me to take you home?" Janice hesitated and Brittany added another hundred, and then another. "That's it sweetie. I don't have any more. Take it or leave it." Janice licked her lips then said "Okay, I'll do it." Brittany put the money on a table where Janice could keep an eye on it.

"Ready?" Janice looked both scared and excited as she said "Okay." Brittan said "Here we go, sweetie." Janice's eyes went as wide as saucers when guy walked in, unzipped his pants and flopped a big cock in front of the eighteen year old girl's face. "Stay still," Brittany said. "Keep your eyes open and hold out your tongue." It only took a couple of strokes and the man was jacking-off in the young girl's mouth.

When the first blast of cum shot into Janice's mouth, the youngster tried to pull back, but the man used his free hand to keep her in place as he jacked-off in her mouth.

"That's perfect," Brittany said to Janice. "You look so pretty letting a man cum in your mouth. Have you swallowed it yet?" Janice shook her head, no. "Good," Brittany said. "Now look at the camera and swallow." Janice did what she was told, gulping down the load of cum. "Wonderful. Did you like doing it?" There were tears in Janice's eyes when she said "I don't know." "Fair enough.

Now that you know what's going to happen, I want you to let another man jack-off in your mouth. Okay." Janice shrugged, then burst into tears. Brittany smiled, then signaled another man to walk into the room. "That's all right, sweetie, you look very sexy like that." Making sure things were happening too fast for Janice to get her bearings, Brittany had the next man in front of the teenager, aiming his cock at her face.

"Do you feel like a whore?" Brittany asked. "Yes," Janice blubbered, getting angry. "Then look at the camera and say 'I'm a whore. I let men jack-off in my mouth.'" Mad and humiliated, Janice looked into the camera and said "I'm a whore.

I let men jack-off in my mouth." Almost before she was finished talking, the man was shooting cum into the eighteen year old girl's mouth, stroking his cock as he shot big wads of jizz on her tongue.

"Good girl," Brittany said. "Now be a good little whore and wrap your lips around his cock and suck him dry." Janice did what she was told, hollowing her cheeks as she worked to drain all the cum out of the man's cock. She still had tears in her eyes and managed to pout prettily as she sucked cock. "You know what you are, now?" Brittany asked. "Your a cocksucking whore. Tell that to the camera." "I'm a cocksucking whore," Janice said, more tears streaking her face.

"Tell the camera how old you are." "I'm eighteen years old," Janice said. Brittany stayed close to Janice, making sure she stayed down on her knees. "Are you going to let another man jack-off in your mouth?" "I don't know," Janice said, sniffing. "Of course you will," Brittany said. "You're already a cocksucking whore. You might as well let some more men use you for a cum-rag. Do you think your mom would like it if she found out you sucked off a black guy?" "What?" Janice asked.

Standing in front of Janice was a black man wearing shorts. "Hey little girl, how'd you like to suck my big nigga cock." "Do you hear that?" Brittany asked. "You don't want him to think you're prejudiced do you?. You let two white guys cum in your mouth. Be a good girl and suck his big black dick." Janice stayed on her knees, wide-eyed as the black cock was guided into her mouth. Brittany said "Start sucking little girl." Janice did what she was told, then the black guy took hold of her head and started thrusting.

"Look at that," Brittany said, pointing to the monitor. "Yeah," said the black stud working on Janice, "you can watch yourself getting nigga-fucked in the mouth." Brittany made sure Janice could see herself then added "Nice job you little whore. Are you gonna let him shoot a hot load of hot cum in your mouth?" "That's right, little girl," the man said, picking up speed.

"I like cumming in little white girl's mouths. It'll be almost as much fun as fucking my cock up a little white girl's young pussy." By now the tears were flowing down the humiliated girl's face. She was choking and gagging and trying to get away. Finally she was able to pull back, just in time for a huge wad of cum to land on her face. "Open," Brittany said. "We gotta get a good money shot off of you." She turned the school girl's head enough for the camera to get a good shot while the man emptied his balls into Janice's mouth.

Janice gagged and swollowed as she tried to keep up with the flood of jizz shooting into her mouth. When the man was finished with her Janice went to wipe her face. "Hands off," Brittany said.


"You look so fucking sexy with cum dripping off of your face." Like she'd done all day, Janice did what she was told.

Her lips quivering she said "You're not very nice." "I know," Brittany said.

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"Keep looking at the camera. Let all those horny men see what a pretty little cum whore you are." She made Janice stay in front of the camera a moment longer then called "That's a wrap." Smiling, Brittany helped Janice to her feet.

"You were perfect," she said, handing her a paper towel. "You put on a great show." "I did?" Janice asked, wiping off her face. She let Brittany get her clothes straight.

Brittany hustled Janice back out to her car and drove her home. On the way she pulled two one-hundred dollar bills out of her purse. "Here you go.

I have to tell you, your acting was perfect." Janice was still sniffing back tears as she took the money. "It was?" "Oh, yeah. I can't wait to use you again." Back in Janice's neighborhood she stopped where she did before. "Next time it won't be so disorganized, and I'll make sure you get at least double what you did today." She paused the said "That is, if you want to do it again. I mean, you were so perfect, and all the guys liked you. Do you want to come back?" Janice looked adorably confused.

She held up the money. "I get to keep this?" "How much is there?" Brittany asked. "Five hundred dollars," Janice said, looking at the money in her hand. "Plus the other money I already gave you. Not bad for a pretty girl just walking home after school." Brittany patted Janice's hand.


"So, do you want to come back? If you do, it won't be long before you're able to buy your own car." "My own car?" Janice said, then added "I guess I'll come back." "Great." Brittany left Janice standing on the sidewalk. She'd give Janice a few days to get settled down and thinking about all the stuff she could buy. It wouldn't be long before Janice would be getting worked over by even more men.