Stepbros decided to double team amber in hopes she would be more responsible pornstars and hardcore

Stepbros decided to double team amber in hopes she would be more responsible pornstars and hardcore
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Saturday night had gone better than we hoped, more guys than expected and the girls kept going till early this morning. I woke around 1 pm to Steve hosing off the dried cum from the frame and the floor around it, as I spoke with him, we started to clean off the vinyl mattress we use in the group fuck room, the floor got a wash down too. I asked him about his house and why he had set it up this way, he told me his wife and he used to right into swinging many years ago, so this room was set up for their fun.

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Then I asked about the frame for the horse, he told me his wife had one of his dogs lick her pussy out after a nights fucking, this went on for a week or so, then one night he jumped up and fucked her pussy, after that she let the dogs fuck her. Then after one late nights fun, she was hornier than normal, she had let two dogs fuck her but wanted more, she then tried a horse, so Steve made the frame to protect her whilst she was being fucked by them, and also alter the height for best position too.

As his stables was for stud horses, he said there was always plenty of horses for her to fucked by, they never did the dogs or horses with other people, then sadly she was killed in a car accident some years ago, so now he enjoyed helping others have the same kind of fun. The girls stirred soon after, even though they had showered before going to bed, both had cum dried on their legs and body, also Jan's hair was sticky with cum.

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They took off for a shower and internal clean up, as we got them some food ready, they returned and had a swim, both looked relaxed and very sexy, we sat drinking and eating for an hour or so, then relaxed in the pool cooling off. Well all too soon it was nearing the time for the guys again, so we all made sure that our internal cleaning was done and got ourselves ready for another nights fun, the girls lay naked playing with one another, stirring Steve and myself up, knowing soon they would have enough guys to keep them busy.

Well 6 pm and Steve started letting the guys in, most had been here before and knew what to do, the girls soon impaled on hard cocks, began to enjoy the night.

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I watched Jan take 3 guys within 5 minutes, her ass already flowing with cum, as more cocks found their way in. I got under her and dp'd her with a couple of guys, then Jan told me she was ready for more fun, and wanted to be fucked by a dog, the guys heard her and lifted her up and walked her over to the frame, while I got one of the dogs a few more guys fucked her exposed ass.


Jan was strapped tight, and I brought over the Dane his cock would open her ass up nicely, the guys cheered her on as he fucked her hard, once knotted he wasted no time filling her ass with hot cum, there was about a dozen guys watching Jan as the dog pulled back and his cum run free, quickly her ass was fucked by 4 or 5 guys in quick succession, they also dropped their cum in her. While she was still strapped in she told me to bring in a horse, Steve got the brown horse with a good size cock, with us helping and Steve feeding him the mares scent, his cock found her cum filled ass and went in.

With just a few trusts, his cock was fully home, Jan now squirting like crazy as he worked his magic in her, she had one long continuous orgasm, then it was his turn, her belly grew as his cum forced it way up inside her bowels, then as he pulled back it shot out showering her body.

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Another round of cheers as we lifted Jan from the fame, who was quickly replaced by Joy, her ass took a dog then the big Black stallion, she took him right in, the guys loved seeing her ass stretch open to take his big monster cock, then cheered again as his cum filled her ass and covered her back and hair.

Seeing as both girls were nearby, I got them together and let the guys have a piss session over them, both took it in both holes and drank some too, then a cleanup shower with the guys helping them. Then it was back in the frame for Jan, she took two more horses, each time guys would fuck or wank over her ass as soon as the horse pulled out, Joy was next to her taking the dogs, them swapped to take three more horses, her ass now not even trying to close after each fuck.

I love seeing their ass when the horse pulls out, you can see the cum flowing freely inside their gaping holes, often I slide my fist in and play inside them, then get them to lick the cum from my arm, or eat as much as I can from them.

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When Joy was pulled limp from the frame it was my turn, I had missed out a fair big tonight, and wanted to make up for it, so two dog and three horses soon had my ass gapping open and my orgasm reduced me to a whimpering mess. The girls were going strong, both taking on guys in every hole, I took several guys and then asked them who wanted to do water sports with me, three or four said ok, so laying on my back on the bench I got one in my ass, another in my mouth, and the other two over me and said go for it.

My mouth was flooded, as my face took both streams the feeling in my ass set off an orgasm as I struggled not to choke on all the piss, this by far the best piss session for me yet. It was late when the girls took a rest, most guys had cum two or three times by now and quite a few limp cocks hung around, so after a drink for everyone, I told Joy to lay on the bench, then told the guys to do the same to her as I had been done, soon she was filled with piss in every hole and soaked too, but i told them to hold onto enough for Jan as well.

Once she swapped with Joy, they took over, my cock also filling her mouth with piss as others did the same in her holes, or over her huge tits, Joy stood over her face and let fly too, then it was off to the showers for us all. We went on for another couple of hours, we each took another dog and horse, before the guys began to leave and the night slowed down, mind you it was about 4 am, then we showered once more and headed off for a well earnt sleep.

I woke to Steve fucking Jan's ass, she was just awake, Joy was getting her pussy licked by him too, my cock stirred and I went behind Joy to open her ass up, a bit of spit and my cock went straight in, we gave the girls a nice slow fuck for 10 minutes or so, then said let shower.

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We took turns pissing over each other, Jan sat on my face and flooded my mouth, saying pay back for what I did to Joy last night, Joy laughed as Steve shoved his cock down her throat and began to flood her mouth too, I choose to piss over Jan's tits and rub it in as Joy helped my efforts too, then a nice warm shower and a light breakfast followed.

We had not arranged any guys for today, the idea was for us to relax and for Jan to be able to go home semi normal, but it didn't take long before I saw Jan on the frame her ass full of dog cock and her day off to a good start.

With some poppers she told Steve to bring up the horse with the huge cock, saying just once more.


It looked good as I help Joy hold her ass open for his monster cock to enter her, Steve holding his head and feeding him the mares scent got him really horny, his cock now fully home began to pound her senseless, I gave her lots of poppers to help relax her anus, her orgasm now making her groan out louder than last night.

Then his cock flooded her bowels, and shot over her body he pulled back, happy with his work, Jan lay limp in the frame, I told Steve to grab another horse while she's there. He walked the stallion up to her and all too soon she had her second horse cock buried deep inside her ass. I saw Steve just hold the mares scent under his nose, this made him pound her harder than normal, his cock even began to swell more inside her ass, as the veins bludged full of blood, he went wild, then more cum than ever flooded her ass, Jan tummy was bludged out with the pressure, then after he had let 3 or 4 reams of cum go inside her ass, he pulled back, he cock shooting cum out like a fire hose made us all laugh.

Well we all ended up taking a horse and dogs before late afternoon saying good bye to Steve and heading home, Jan's ass was leaking cum over our car seats, we said Dave will wonder see that if it doesn't dry up soon, her reply was, if he does then i will just tell him what i have been doing, and if he doesn't like it tough, this is too good to give up.