Hot gay scene Interesting character Alexander Syden is on the bed for

Hot gay scene Interesting character Alexander Syden is on the bed for
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CHAPTER 11 I wake up the next morning to a message beeping on my Percom. Rolling over I tap my Percom to the wall and listen as a voice message starts. "Ummm … Hi, it is Cyria I was just wondering ummm … (In the background I hear someone say come on you can do it.) would you like to hang out today? I mean if you're not busy. Well umm message me and let me know." The message ends and I feel it vibrate again with a voice chat. I tap my Percom to the wall.

"Well, well, well precious. You have really put your foot into it this time." A feminine voice says. It almost sounds like honey and roses with a hint arsenic. "Well, my little bird.

If I remember correctly, you told me to help them. Which surprised me knowing your penchant for chaos. You are putting me in a position to do good. I loved when we created chaos so why the change now?" I say staring at the ceiling She giggles "Oh I do so love chaos and you are wrong in thinking you have to be good. The Headmaster had a conversation with Mon Senior Trace when you got accepted. Trace told the Headmaster quite a bit about you off the record.

Then gave him a few warnings concerning you. The Headmaster knows that you are a hell raiser. He wants you to be his hell-raiser, and as far as I am concerned it is better that way. These people are beyond chaos they … are pure corruption they aren't even evil. You Milove are Evil. Capital E. They play these in the dark games. It bothers me that they can get around the system.

I can see what is going on but I could tell when Daio couldn't. But I couldn't see the way it happened. It makes me wonder. Do you have my box?" I nod "I always have it you told me to keep it safe." I go into the closet and open the hidden compartment I put in the bottom drawer.

And pull out the box. "What do you need from it?" She sounds unsure "I think my memories." I nod and pull the old hard drive out of the box "How are we going to access it we don't have the ship anymore." "The tech here on the island is beyond anything back at home.

We don't need the ship. If you put it on the shelf, I will be able to access it. Leave it there and I will look through it today there is a lot on there.

Maybe something on there will help. But while I do that maybe you should give some thought as to that poor girl who wants a little of your attention and time." She says slowly. "I think I will, what do you have on her? I don't want this to turn out like the last time I let a girl get close to me." I say a little bitter "This Cyria is nothing like Myrana.

I am sorry I never thought Myrana would do what she did. But Cyria is by all means an impressive specimen. She held top grades in her schooling and her family is surprisingly middle class. Her parents are both ranked in the "A" category. Neither is an MAE user. Her father is a Fire Hound and mother is a Fire Mastiff. Her sister is a Wind Swan ranked "A". Cyria is the only MAE user in her family line. She is a fire type but I can't nail down her Spirit. I do know that her powers are most potent when she gets furious.

She had an accident when she was younger. Her first boyfriend was caught kissing another girl and she lost it they had to rebuild the school.

The girl was in the hospital for a year and the boy is still crippled. The family swept everything under the rug. From what I can tell she hasn't had a boyfriend since." She tries to soothe me. I realize I have darkness wrapped around me and let it go. I sigh "God just thinking about it send me back there. So your opinion on Ms.

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Knyt? And what of Ms. Teldona? While we are at it are we sure it is wise for me to let anyone get close to me? This … Corruption seems to have taken an interest in me. God, why am I even involved, I hate being good." I felt like banging my head against the wall. The giggling returns "Precious, you are not good. Remember that.

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You are doing what it takes to eradicate all those who will stand between you and your dreams. You can't have this corruption. They have already declared war." I start to growl. "Always remember they brought it to your doorstep. Now on to better topics Cyria, in my opinion, is a very loyal person.

She got offers to go to a bunch of different Sororities but she turned them all down.

The sorority she is in is the one she and a bunch of her friends are forming together. She is very loyal to her friends. And Ar'Isa that girl is beyond loyal.

She trusts without exception but you have to earn that trust and for some reason she is drawn to you. I can't predict what will happen Heath but you have to learn to trust someone." "I trust you." I sigh.

The tone of her voice gives away the smile she has. "I know but you need others. You can't be the evil king without minions. Now call the poor girls and take them out. They are both waiting in Cyria's dorm room." "Yes, Pan. Message me if you find anything." I stand and get dressed before messaging the girls that I will be heading out to breakfast if they wanted to recommend an excellent place to eat breakfast.   CHAPTER 12 Walking into the restaurant I see Cyria and Ar'Isa in a back corner.

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I start walking over to them. Cyria is glowing her smile lighting up the room. Ar'Isa is down her silver hair looking a little dull the color in her eyes is not as bright and it look like she was crying all night.


I step up to their table and they both look at me. Sitting down I smile at Cyria before looking over to Ar'Isa. I shake my head "I thought for sure that he would be dead by now.

Yet here I find you like your fire has left. You look like you are just an empty husk walking around." I see the fire flare in her eyes as she retorts. "Don't talk like you know me. You have no idea what I am going through. So don't even begin to talk to me about what I should and should not be doing." Cyria starts to say something but I hold up my hand.

I calm myself before saying. "I know exactly what you are feeling. Just like Cyria does." I sigh before continuing. "when I was young there were not that many kids around the monastery. So we were allowed to go down to the village to play with the kids there. I found the interest of a local girl who chased after me all the time. In time I fell head over heels for her. Everyone in the town thought for sure we would end up married. A year ago I was doing my chores around the monastery so I could go see her.

A bad hurricane came upon us quickly without warning. I was worried so I went to find her. I got to her house and found out that she wasn't there. I was out of my mind at that point. I tore off stopping people asking if anyone has seen her. Nobody knew where she was. I finally came across her best friend. When I asked she had a hard time meeting my eyes. She told me to check the sea side cliff there was a cave at the bottom.

I took off when I made it to the cliff, I jumped off and used my wings to fly down. When I got to the bottom I saw the cave and quickly made my way there. when I stepped in I got the shock of my life.

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Even though there was a storm going on she was too busy to notice. Two of my so called best friends were there fucking her. She sure was enjoying herself. None of them noticed me. I felt a part of me die right then.

I felt the darkness inside of me and reached out. When I was finished she was cowering in the back of the cave. The remains of the other two were all over the cave. I came back to my senses as I stood over her ready to tear into her.

I turned around and walked out of the cave the storm had passed us just as quickly. There were villagers and monks running across the beach toward us.

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I just walked past them as they stop and started talking. A few recoiled when the noticed the blood and gore on me. After I had passed them I walked out into the ocean. And just kept walking after my head was under water I felt hands grabbing me and dragging me back to shore.

I was like you a husk of a man. I stayed at the monastery for a month not leaving it for anything. Not talking to anyone just moving through life. One day she showed up and started apologizing telling me it wasn't what I thought it was. All of a sudden my anger was back I felt something for the first time in a month.

I could barely control myself as I yelled at her and screamed in anger.


No one knew what had happened they had all guessed but it came out. I was yelling loud enough that everyone in or around the monastery could hear. I finally calm myself and told her to leave I didn't want to see her anymore. She left but she never gave up. She kept coming back trying to talk to me. She kept trying to get me to take her back. Apparently when it got out what she had done none of the men on the island wanted anything to do with her, out of fear of me.

It got so bad I went to the head monk in the monastery and told him I had to leave to get away from her. He just nodded to me and told me to give him a week and he would find me a place to go. That is how I ended up here." As I came out of my memories I see the looks on the two girls' faces. I look around the room and see everyone outside staring in and look down noticing the darkness that had surrounded me.

I close myself and calm down feeling the darkness receding. I open my eyes and look at both of them "So yes I know exactly what you are feeling. And what you need is to get out the emotions. Come with me." I stand and hold my hands out to them. Before they can take them I hear a voice from behind me.

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"Still a little bitter? After I apologized every day for almost a year. You still can't forgive me?" she says. I turn around and look at her the darkness wrapping around me. I say through clenched teeth. "Hello Myrana."