Acompanhantes em SP Aline Ferrari

Acompanhantes em SP Aline Ferrari
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Les had given us a nice light breakfast, and asked what we wanted to do today, I smiled and said, more of last night, Grant said me too, with that I slid down and took Les's cock in my mouth sucking him hard, as Grant went behind me and opened up my brown eye for the day, Les then swapped and lay down, my pussy took him in, as Grant continued to fuck my arse.

After some time, they swapped around, Les taking his time to fuck me, as I sucked Grant's cock, then I felt Les stiffen, his cock shot baby seed deep in my butt, as he relaxed down onto my back. Grant then asked Les if the dogs would be up for more fun. As we walked out side, both dogs came over, happy to see us, I took Jake inside and soon his cock was buried deep in my butt, Les's cum helping him slide in easy, Grant had also got on his knees and the other dog was now helping himself to his arse, as things heated up, we both started to orgasm out loud.

we had both taken a few sniff of the poppers, the knot's now close to going in, as we seemed to edge one another on, I think Grant got knotted first, but we both let loose, orgasm after orgasm now shot though us both, as Les went from one mouth to the other Jake cum first, his growls letting every one know, as he filled my brown eye with hot doggy cum, it wasn't long after, Grant's orgasm telling me he was also feeling the flow of cum in him, As we both lay waiting for the dogs to release their knots, Les said that was a great way to start a day, then as we both got free, I sat over Les's face splashing him with hot dog cum as Grant bent in front of me squirting his load over us both.

We relaxed for awhile, then very subtly, I asked the guys if they wanted to pee, Les smiled as did Grant, then squatting down they both stood over me, cock's in hand, warm piss began to flow freely over my face and boobs, washing some of the sticky cum of me, I had a quick was off under a hose, then as I walked over to the frame, laying face down, let Les know I wanted more, he asked which horse I wanted, Patch would be a good opener,I replied.

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Grant held the popper's for me, as Patch was walked up to the frame, I knew Les would be giving him a sniff of the mare's scent again, as Patch snorted and jumped up. his cock bashing around above my back, Grant then gave me another good sniff, as Les aimed Patch's cock at my cum soaked butt, I screamed a bit as he pushed in, eager to fuck me again.

Patch's cock moved back and forth, gaining entry more and more on each thrust, with about 12 inch's in me, Grant gave me a real good sniff, just as Les gave Patch another whiff of the mare's scent. I was lucky the poppers kicked in, as all his cock fucked my butt deep and hard, faster and faser, I was in bliss once more as continuous orgasms raced though me, more poppers and I passed out, Patch's cock was fully home.

I came too, my butt on fire, but went straight into a orgasm, as Patch used me, his full weight being used to push his cock home, he must have been horny, as he kept going for longer than before, then I felt his cock pulse, he let loose. My body went into a spasm, as his cum filled my bowels, pain once more flooded my mind, as the pressure built up, then another orgasm, released the pain, and the pleasure once more took control, then he pulled back, my butt felt the full force of his cock head being pulled out, made me scream.

then the feeling of hot sticky cum raced over my back, I saw Grant cop some on his face, as Patch continued to cum, snorting hard, his cock once more bounching over my back.

Patch moved back, the guys lifted me out of the frame, with his cock leaking cum, he stood by me, I went down licking and sucking his cock in as far as possible, my pussy filled by Les's cock, Grant came under Patch with me, we kissed sharing cum as we did, then I knew as Grant lay down, what he wanted, I sqatted over him, gallons of horse cum leaked out, covering his face and body.

Les still trying to fuck my pussy waited then slide his cock in my arse pushing more cum out. Les pulled out, but Grant had his arm up straight, my butt went onto it in one. causing another orgasm to rip though me, as Grant began to work my innards with his finger's.

Les had come around and was face fucking me, then quickly filled my mouth with cum, as I had another orgasm. Grant allowed me to relax, then pulled his fist out, licking the horse cum from his fingers.


With Les's help, I strapped Grant into the frame, his face showed signs of fear, as he had not really had much anal today, So when Les walked Flame up to the frame, Grant took several huge sniff's of the poppers, I lubed his butt, now Grant was ready for the onslaught. Flame was given a sniff of the mare's scent, and with ease, jumped over Grant, his cock pushing against his butt.

the cock head was huge, but Les and I aimed it straight in, Grant jumped and yelled out in pain, as around 10 inchs or more went right in first go, then I gave Grant more popper's, and Flame began to pound his butt.

I love seeing him take a good size cock, but the stallion is huge, last night Grant took him, as did I, and I must admit, I look forward to having him fuck me again later.

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Flame was snorting, Les giving him sniff's of the mares scent, made him fuck Grant harder still, the more scent he gave him the harder his cock seemed to pound Grant. Then Grant let out a horrendous scream, I looked to see ever inch of Flame's cock go in his butt, and his balls swell with cum, we watched as Flame's cock, pushed Grant high in the strap's, cum oozing out as he kept fucking harder and harder, then Flame pulled back, his huge cock head ripping Grants butt as it came out, horse cum splashed ever where, Grant collasped, covered head to toe in cum.

Les holding the ropes guided Flame safely away. Grant had passed out, the pain of the huge cock head pulling thought his hole to much to take. I kissed him and stroked his face, as he came too, a look of total bliss on his face even after the pain, I asked if he was ok, and he nodded yes, Les had pushed his fist into his butt, but as yet Grant had not felt it, as he slowly started to smile.

Then Les pulled his fist out, covered in horse cum and brought it to me, we licked his fingers and fist clean. The taste is differnt to human cum but not to bad, he then slid his cock in my butt to fuck me once more. It didnt take long, Jake was already up and fucking Grant's butt, he was still in bliss from Flame's fuck, but lay still as Jake pounded away at him.

I'm not sure he would have felt Jake's cock in him by then, but he seemed to be enjoying it. We watched as Jake went flat out for some time, then his knot slipped in, Grant started to orgasm more now, coming out of his daze, as Jake let fly, filling him with more hot cum.

Jake turned back to back, pulling his knot. Grant just lay with cum running out of him, then with a loud plop, Jake broke free. more cum dropped onto the ground. Grant didn't seem to know what to do, his eyes still glassed, but a very silly contented look on his face told me he was ok.

We all rested for awhile, Grant said that because his butt was still fairly tight, Flame's cock had more effect on him today, as last night his butt had been fucked and fisted before taking such a huge cock, but he said he was game for more later though. Les had a small pool, so we went in for a swim, cooling off and cleaning some of the cum from our bodies, then relaxed in the sun whilst having a drink. Jake was still sniffing around, with the other dog, I found out his name was Dfor, D for Dog, strange but typical farmer humor.

So when dfor poked his nose into my pussy I let him lick me out, sending me over the top a few times, before I opened my legs for him to fuck me, his cock slipped in easy, as he built up speed.

Les laughed saying how easy I was, meaning as soon as Dfor started to lick me, I gave in to him. Dfor was fully home now, his knot close to going in, but I held my pussy tight to stop him for now, making him go for longer before he knotted then cum. After a good 20 minutes or so, I opened up, allowing the knot to slip in and I felt it expand as normal. then soon after Dfor let loose, his balls empited a full load right up inside.

My orgasm going strong, as he pulled back. Now it was my turn I held him tight, I held him in for ages, before he pulled and managed to pop out, the size of his knot felt bigger with the pressure he had been pulling with.

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Once more I moved over Grant and fed him my pussy juices. the 2 guys then dp'd me before dropping me on my back, and Grant slipping his butt on my fist, as he shot his load over my face and boobs.


Les enjoyed eating his cum from my boobs again. I was now ready for more cock, laying once more in the frame, and feeling the straps being tightened started the juices flowing once more, as Flame was led up and his front legs put in the frame next to me.

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With several huge siff's of the poppers I heard Les give Flame his sniff of mare scent, and the assault began. I told Les to put him in my butt once more, as the cock head began to go in, I screamed, it was harder than before, but soon I knew a fair bit had gained entry. Les held him back allowing my butt to get used to his size once more, but Flame was to strong, with one hard push he was in, his cock now tearing me a new hole, as he used me.

I had taken heaps of poppers and still the pain was there, but also I was cumming too, so strange, his cock had a new purpose, to get in as deep as possible, as his legs moved further forward, forcing him deeper still, then I blacked out. I knew Grant was stroking my face, but my body was in shock, this time the pain, was intense, maybe I was still sore from last night, but another orgasm told me, I was enjoying it.

Flame was intent on fucking me as deep as he could, my orgasms kept rolling out, as his cock buried itself deep, then flared up, swelling to a larger than normal size as his cum shot out, my body was over loaded with feelings.

as I went into one long orgasm. I'm sure his cum must push all the way up into my stomach, as there is so much of it, then Flame pulled back, his cock head stuck for awhile inside my arse lips, then he pulled harder, and with a whoosh noise I felt empty once more, his cock shooting cum all over us again, he snorted loudly. Then just as quick he pulled back, and walked off, my butt leaking horse cum as Grant went around this time and fisted me, I felt his fist go in, then things got tighter still, then I heard Les go 'WoW' you got both fists in now, I tried to turn to see, but the strap's held, Grant was now working me hard, I could feel his hands moving around inside, as more orgasms ripped though me.

After some 5 minutes or so, I asked him to take his fist's out, my butt was to sensitive now, as orgasms shot out. He removed one, taking me down slowly, then after 2 or 3 more orgasms he removed the other. I was content now to sit back and relax. the guys remarked now sexy I looked covered in horse cum, Grant got me to lay with my fist up, his favorite possition, his arse went down to me elbow, as he wanked his cock, it didn't take long befoee his cum joined Flame's over me.

We lay cuddling, Les asked did we want to come back next week, we both lit up, with big smiles and YES Please