Guy loves jacking his cock

Guy loves jacking his cock
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It was a Saturday morning and Kelly Ripa asked her daughter Lola if she had plans for the day.

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Lola replied that she and a girlfriend were going horseback riding in the park but the girlfriend had cancelled. How about you and I go Kelly asked.


Okay Lola said let's change and go. The two changed into riding clothes and left for the parks stable.

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Arriving at the stable the two chose two male horses and after saddling them took the trail through the park. After riding awhile and talking they noticed a little used trail and decided to see where it took them.

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They rode for a ways when the trail brought them to a clearing with a small building at its center. A group of young people sat around outside the front of the building. They quickly noticed the arrival of the two women and surrounded the horses grabbing the bridles they forced the women to dismount and led the horses to the back of the building and secured them.

Look at what has fallen into our lapsI believe that is Kelly Ripa and her daughter Lola. What should we do with them guysI think we should see what they look like under all of those clothes one of the girls said.

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Kelly responded by trying to push past the group only to be grabbed by four of the women and stripped naked. Four of the guys grab Lola and treat her similarly. They lay the two attractive women spread eagled and naked on the ground. Kelly begs them to do anything they want to her but leave her daughter alone she is still a virgin. Oh mom not the thing to tell them as the group laughs.

Good who wants her cherry a girl asks. The apparent leader smiles and says let Rocky have her. A large man steps up almost seven foot tall and over muscledhe drops his pants revealing a fourteen inch long dick with a three inch girth.

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Lola paledthat will rip me apart. Maybe maybe not but let us see as he lay between her legs lined up the head of his penis with the entrance to her womb and drove into her balls deep hitting the back of her womb.

Lola screamed as he tore through her hymen and continued thrusting into her dry pussy until she started getting turned on thus lubricating her vaginal tunnel. She had a powerful orgasm as he ejaculated filling her with his sperm.

Lola whimpered in pain and looked over to her mom only to watch as a fifth woman had knelt between Kelly's legs and was viciously fisting her cunt punching into her making Kelly scream in agony with each punch.

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Each of the men took a turn fucking the two women and when the last one had taken their turn at the women twice the women thought the trial was over. Until the two horses were led to them stripped of their riding gear. The group tied the two women beneath the horses bodyrubbed their penises until they grew enough to just breach Kelly and Lola's cunts then they slapped the horses on the rump forcing the horses to run.

As the horses ran their dicks grew from the rubbing in the women's pussies until they were being fucked fourteen inches of horse dick and occasionally erupting with cum leaving a trail of horse sperm and women's orgasmic juices. Finally tiring out the horses stopped leaving the two naked women the center of attention outside a broadcasting station. The two women were released from the horses and recorded by many showing their exposed and gaping pussies dripping horse cum.

Both women were openly crying as the world watched them on their televisions.


They were both obviously aroused displaying nether lips spread wide with arousal as well as their nipples hardened with passion. Many of the watchers laughedlook those two sluts loved being ridden by horses.

One of the men saidwhy don't we see if they enjoy dogs as much and led two large mastiffs out. They forces Kelly and Lola down onto their hands and knees then the two dogs mounted them the man reached between the and guided the dogs engorged cocks into the women's anuses.

All the time the two begged themno not their please no as the dogs thrust into their assholes going deep into their bowelsall of this being recorded and streamed live to the internet.

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It became too much for them and they passed out. They had to watch the internet later to see what had happened during that time. They watched as more than fifty men apiece used them and they were cleaned by hoses being shoved into their holes and turned on between every five men. When the men had finished with them some of the women first brought Kelly to a place where they placed her across a large girls lap and she started spanking her until her ass cheeks were bright red but the most embarrassing thing that happened was Kelly climaxed a number of times while being spanked.

Then it was Lola's turn and as her cheeks turned bright red her juices flowed down the woman's legs showing she was also enjoying this treatmen ,well mother like daughter, KKelly's life went awry with her husband divorcing herlosing her job on her television showand losing her children. Lola was almost as bad but she turned it around by becoming a porn star willing to fuck anything. This included making a secret sex tape of her and her mom having wild sex with strap on dildos.

Except for the dog and horse videos these became very popular movies.