Hunky amateur jerking his cock in the gym

Hunky amateur jerking his cock in the gym
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Over the next two weeks, the constant fucking almost became routine. The day after the group sex where the three guys got off twice each they repeated the exercise. Seemingly this obliterated any notional barriers or propriety or privacy that had been holding them back from completely availing themselves of her body. She never wore clothing anymore they liked her to be naked.

Whenever they sat together one or both of the men would have their hands on her, touching, fondling, groping. It was almost non-sexual in a way, they touched her because she was there. Some nights they didn't even have sex with her. Other nights one of the guys would idly finger her while they watched a movie. One night after dinner she put on a show for them, spending over an hour touching herself and fucking herself with one of her dildos while they watched.

More than once she woke up with dried semen on her face or chest, presumably because one or more of the guys had a perverse fascination with the idea that even with standing consent for basically anything, it was still somehow taboo to defile her without her knowing. The last time Angus had made dinner he handed her a plate of steamed vegetables then pulled his cock out and furiously beat off, blasting thick ropes of cum across the broccoli then watching her eat it, which she did without a word of complaint, pretending there was nothing unusual about the food at all.

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Sam would sometimes follow her into the bathroom to watch her pee, forcing her to sit with her thighs parted wide long after she had finished while he masturbated, usually placing his dick in her mouth to squirt his load onto her tongue, other times letting loose all over her breasts.

So far he had refrained from using her as his urinal again, but she always felt like it was a possibility. There was no malice to it, but it was emotionally exhausting for her. Brandon was the most straightforward of the three as a recent virgin who had had a crash course in sexuality he seemed to be eager to make up for lost time.

He was averaging fucking her four times a day, depending on his university schedule usually a straightforward in and out until he finished. His curiosity about her body and the mysteries of the female sex seemed to have taken a back seat to him fucking her as often as possible.

He seemed to be unable to decide what he liked the most: finishing deep inside her pussy or getting her to finish him in her mouth. He was forever alternating between the two and had admitted to her that making her swallow his semen was the hottest thing he could imagine, possibly because it's an experience that isn't easily replicated in porn.

All in all, she began to feel as though her life was completely turned inside out. There was no time, no place, no way that she hasn't been used and profaned, and she began to feel unease about what was around the next corner.

So it was a mixed blessing when she hit the row of white sugar pills on her birth control and her period began, because as much as she hated it, she now had a much needed reprieve. "Bad news, guys." She announced, tapping the blister pack of pills against her palm as they assembled for breakfast "That time of the month." She'd dressed for a change, partially because she had underwear on but also because as per the terms of the arrangement she had set out, menstrual week also meant she wasn't a sex slave in any capacity, which as far as she was concerned included seeing her naked.

"Oh, that's a shame." Sam said gently, patting her on the arm.

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"Do you need anything?" "I… yeah, actually." "Give me the list, I've got a short day so I'll grab it on the way back from class." Brandon added matter-of-factly as he spooned cornflakes into his mouth. "Ok…" Tegan trailed off. She had someone expected a little more resistance to their steady supply of sex being cut off so abruptly. She took out her phone and texted a few things to Brandon as Angus placed a couple of slices of toast in front of her, glazed only with a thin film of honey.

"Take it easy lass." Angus said as he leaned in and kissed the top of her head, making his way to the door to leave for work. Once they finished and cleared away breakfast, Sam and Brandon followed suit, leaving for work and class, leaving Tegan alone with her thoughts. The situation had changed literally overnight again. The evolution of their relationship had gone from roommates to fuckbuddies to full on sex slave so rapidly that now being left with chaste casual conversation was jarring, almost painfully so.

By contrast their behavior this morning seemed almost cold, but there was a definite affectionate consideration to it rather than them simply no longer seeing her as a non-sexual being because her uterus was leaking.

This was going to be her week off usually her actual period lasted about four days, but she supposed she should wait until the sugar pills were finished before she let them start repeatedly coming inside her again.

She finished doing to dishes and pottered about the house looking for something to keep herself occupied with. Keeping busy was the second hardest thing about this arrangement, right after the actual physical and emotional toll the sex was having on her, and before not really having any freedom.

The thing about actually working was that it granted her a steady income. Sure, there were bills to pay that were no longer her concern, but she could also go shopping to entertain herself. She had savings, but didn't really plan to touch them.

So that meant staying in, or at least doing things that were free. So with that she flopped down on the couch and put a movie she'd seen a half dozen times before on Netflix to keep her company like an old friend as she flipped through her journal where she'd chronicled her now fairly comprehensive list of sexual experiences over the last month.

Pausing when she got to a page that was roughly torn out, she reminisced about a session with Angus a few nights earlier. --- "Ah'm gonnae fuck yer feet." Angus drawled as he walked into her room. "You what now?" Tegan asked incredulously, laying on her bed flicking through a magazine in the nude, as had become the custom. "Fuck yer feet, ah said." "I'm not going to say no, but why?" "Because ah haven't fucked a girl's feet before, and ye'll let me do it." Angus shrugged.

"Could be a laugh. If ah don't like it ah'll fuck yeh somewhere else." "You're kinda making it sound like you're getting bored with me." Tegan pouted, playfully on the outside but secretly self-conscious about her body. "Ach, don' be like that. I like yer holes plenty fine.

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As lovely ever. The tightest arsehole ah've ever had the pleasure of. Pussy like a sweet peach. Ok?" "Alright." Tegan tossed her magazine aside. "So how do we do this?" "Shuffle down here a bit and put the soles of your feet together." Angus instructed as he took off his belt and let his pants fall to the floor, then he held her toes as she complied and wrapped his belt around her ankles to bind them together, pulling the belt tight and tying it off.

When he was done her soles were pressed together at roughly his crotch height and she was bent at the knees so her thighs were spread, leaving her feeling exposed. She was otherwise forced to lie prone, her arms flat by her side for balance. She caught him slyly inspecting the plug in her ass while her feet were up. He'd caught her twice without it already since the first warning and had received five then ten spankings for it.

Two more mistakes would draw fifteen then twenty, and he'd promised her an upgrade to a larger size which was equal parts frightening and exciting probably partially why she kept 'forgetting' to keep it in. "A'right." Angus grinned as he dropped his boxer shorts to expose his semi-hard cock, swelling as he picked up the tube of lube he'd left in her room for convenience and applied some to himself stroking himself a little to a more complete hardon then begin smearing it on the arches of her feet, making her squirm and giggle.

"That tickles." "Does it?" he asked in mock surprised and deliberately tickled her feet, making her squirm more, bucking her hips as she tried to escape. "Oh my god, hurry up and do it!" "How about ah'll make yeh a bet." "What bet?" "At this angle there's a pretty good distance from yer feet tae yer face, wouldn't yeh say?" "About a metre?" Tegan arched one eyebrow at him as she assessed the range.

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"Aye. Yeh think I can cum that far?" Tegan eyed him suspiciously. "Maybe?" "Aye, maybe." "You're going to try and cum on my face while fucking my feet?" "Aye." "What's the bet?" "If ah get yer face, ah get a favour.

Something special, you have to do whatever ah want for one night." "Just to be clear: you already get to fuck me as many times as you want, in all my holes.

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You literally made me eat my dinner after jizzing all over it. And whatever you have in mind is so much more extreme than that, that you want me to permit it based on the outcome of a wager that again, just to be clear is based on whether or not you successfully cum on my face while having sex with my feet. More special than any of that." Tegan ended her tirade, bemused. "Aye." Angus grinned while slowly inserting his stiffening member between her feet. "Why would I make this bet, considering I have no idea what you have in mind?" "Ok, fair observations.

Ah can think of three reasons." Angus paused and Tegan motioned for him to proceed. "One, if you don't, ah'll tickle you even more." "That's playing dirty." "Two, part of yeh is really curious about what ah'll make you do." He paused again, waiting for Tegan's response. When Tegan did not deny this assertion, he continued.

"And three, I might lose the bet." "What does that mean?" "Fair's fair, you get to make me do whatever you want. For one night." "Really?" Tegan's mind reeled at the possibilities. She could make him go down on her for an hour straight and not reciprocate.

She could tie him up and tease him and not let him come. She could make him do her housework! She assumed he already had something in mind for if he won, but she'd cross that bridge when she came to it. "Deal?" Angus prompted. "Deal." Tegan affirmed. Without further ado Angus began to slide his mostly-hard cock between the arches of her feet, making her squirm and giggle again as she got used to the feeling of his lubed up rod moving between her slippery soles.

Once the initial sensations wore off she was able to repress the need to giggle and instead simply watched as Angus' purple head swelled to full hardness, repeatedly surging and retreating between her pale feet, his face a look of intense concentration as he gripped her feet to keep them at optimum angle to massage his throbbing member.

It was hard to fathom why he'd even want this when her moist pussy was right there for the taking but why did anyone do anything? Using her free hands she began to idly caress her breasts and nipples, tweaking them to hardness, giving Angus a show as he defiled her feet. She ran the backs of her nails down her torso and cradled her sensitive lower lips, biting her lip as she found her clit and began to massage the little button.

From all the recent sex she was seemingly in a constant state of arousal especially since the guys seemed to be less concerned about her orgasm than they had been at the start. Sometimes she'd come, other times she didn't. It had been awhile since she had and she took the opportunity to amuse herself while Angus used her feet to wank himself off.

She relaxed with a sigh as she stroked herself, happy to take her time. "What's the kinkiest thing yeh ever did?" Angus queried as he trusted away, apparently wanting to make some conversation, maybe to help the process along. "Mm, you mean aside from letting a Scotsman fuck my feet?" Tegan smirked. "I've had nearly as much sex in the last few weeks than the rest of my life, you know that." Angus grunted an acknowledgement. "Aside from that?" Tegan considered it. "Well with my last boyfriend…" she began.

"Aye?" "We were driving back from a party. He was designated driver, and I was drunk. Hammered. And horny as hell. So while we were driving I started feeling him up.

Grabbing his dick in his pants, all that" She paused for a moment as she slid a finger inside herself to gather some moisture before returning to playing with her clit as she reminisced her way through the story.

"While he was still driving I pulled his cock out and started jerking him off. He reached over with one hand and started feeling up my tits, pulled up my shirt and all. It was around 3 in the morning and we had a nice quiet stretch of highway so we weren't too worried about being seen, or having an accident." Tegan moaned and bit her lip again.

Her residual horniness and the memory of the story were definitely going to tip her over the edge soon and she began to talk faster, breathlessly to get to the end. "Eventually he grabbed my head and pulled it down into his lap, made me give him road head… well he didn't make me.

But I blew him. When he came he grabbed my hair and pulled me off him, and it was like a volcano erupted in my face my first facial, first road head, first public sex, all in one night." Angus grunt-laughed as he continued fucking her feet, his breathing hinted to Tegan he was going to get close. "That's impressive." "There's more." "Well don't keep me waiting lass." "When I finally sat up again I noticed the car stopped. We were sitting at a petrol station. He'd pulled over and parked before he finished.

The entire car was lit up by the station lights, but there was no one around except the attendant. He handed me some cash and told me he needed a smoke after that, to go in and get some. I looked for a tissue to wipe down my face and he said 'No, go like that'." "Did yeh?" "Mmhmm.

I got out of the car, walked in all tipsy and stumbling, with cum all over my face. I remember thinking I could never come to this place again, in case I got recognized, but I did it. The attendant could barely look at me, I think he was more embarrassed than I was. I bought the smokes, and walked back out… only another car had pulled up and the driver gave me a cheerful wolf whistle.

See I was really drunk and it was a warm night so there was something I didn't notice…" Tegan moaned as her sentence trailed off, rubbing her clit in small tight circles as Angus' thrusting became more urgent.

Even through the soles of her feet she could feel him beginning to flex and twitch. "What's that?" "We never pulled my shirt back down. My fucking tits were still out." Angus let out a combination of a laugh and a groan as the punchline to her story hit and he gave a hard thrust as his cock began to spurt. Tegan's hips bucked and her own orgasm arrived just as the alkaline aroma of his semen filling her senses as he scored a direct hit on her lips.

She let out a strangled moan as her own pleasure rolled through her, though Angus kept a tight grip on her ankles as he thrust a few more times more semen leaking from the end to mingle with the lube.

A second spurt went wildly off target and landed in the crook of her thigh, next to the lips of her puffy pink sex. They just stayed like that for a minute, catching their breath. "Good story." Angus withdrew from between her feet with a satisfied groan and began to remove his belt from her ankles. "I thought so." Tegan lowered her legs with a sigh, using her tongue to clean the cum it could reach from around her mouth.

She was probably going to need a towel to clean up her feet before walking anywhere. Seeming to read her thoughts, Angus handed her one and she started to clean off her feet as he pulled his pants back on. "What happened next?" He asked.


"After the petrol station?" "Aye." "I pretended to be mad at him for making me do it, especially about the shirt, but I wasn't really. We went home, we fucked like rabbits.

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Then we broke up." "Because o' that?" "Not right away" Tegan sighed. "He wanted more. He kept trying to get me to do more public exhibitionism, especially around his friends. Like he wanted to show me off. I never let it happen, but once or twice he'd try to 'accidentally' pull my bikini off at the beach, or try and goad me into games like strip poker or strip pool at parties." "Yeh didn't like that." Tegan shrugged.


"I might have, over time. But he wanted too much too quickly. The breaking point was I caught him spiking my drinks. He must've thought I'd be more open to doing what he wanted if I was out of control drunk, so he'd slip in a bit of extra vodka.

If he was willing to do that, to poison me for some cheap thrills and not respect my wishes enough to even have a mature conversation about it, what else might he do?" "That's kinda heavy." Angus said somberly, after a moment's silence. "Oh!" Tegan brightened up. "I'm sorry, that's all in the past. Really!" "As long as yer sure." Angus said, carefully. "I'm not welching on the bet." Tegan challenged. Angus hesitated.

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"Here." Tegan took up her notebook and scrawled "IOU 1 night, 0 limits" on a page and signing it before tearing it off and handing it to him. Angus took the page from her and perused it before tucking it in his pocket. "Alright then.

Ah'll let you know." "Yes Sir." Tegan mock saluted Angus as he turned and left the room, then flopped back onto the bed to start writing about her latest adventure. --- That had been three nights ago and Angus hadn't mentioned it since. Tegan wondered what he'd had in mind. So far to her recollection her only limits had involved items towards the grosser end of the spectrum.

She somehow doubted that he was into any of that. She thought back to their conversation, and on reflection she felt like his mood shifted when she told him the background behind her breakup maybe he had something related to exhibitionism or public humiliation in mind.

On the first day she had said that their arrangement was to be restricted to the confines of the household, though that had mainly been with respect to keeping the arrangement secret and not telling anyone.

Of course she didn't relish the idea of being paraded around her neighbourhood naked on a leash or anything like that either. But that was moot. She'd agreed to the bet, and Angus had won. Whatever he had in mind she would deal with in due course, rather than fret about it. In the meantime, she would count down the hours until her body was no longer off-limits.