Firm ass teen babe jayden black pounded by throbbing dick

Firm ass teen babe jayden black pounded by throbbing dick
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Fbailey story number 508 NOTE: This is fiction. I have a lot respect for the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and the Girl Scouts. Their leaders are wonderful and give of themselves to help our young people grow up properly.

Remember this is fiction.

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Can You Hide Me? Just after supper a half-naked woman came running into my kitchen through my back door screaming, "Can You Hide Me? Can You Hide Me?

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I can't go to jail. They'll kill me." I had never seen this lady before. However, for some reason I was willing to listen to her side of the story. I told her to calm down and to tell me what had happened. She wanted me to turn out the lights and take her upstairs where there was less of a chance that someone would see her. I did as she requested. I took her into my bathroom because it had a small window that was frosted and almost impossible to see through.

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I left the light out and sat on the edge of the bathtub as she sat on the toilet. She introduced herself as Cindy Owens the local Cub Scout Leader. Then she told me about having oral sex with one of the Cub Scouts four weeks ago. Somehow he had gotten a hold of naked pictures of her and he had blackmailed her into sucking his tiny cock.


She told me that he quickly told the other boys and that she starting giving all of the little guys blowjobs three weeks ago. That wasn't enough for them so they started fucking her every week since then.

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She said that if she didn't let them, that they were going tell their parents. So for the last two weeks they had come over to her house almost every day after school to fuck her. She called them a bunch of tiny sexual terrorists. Anyway that night near the end of their Cub Scout meeting one mother showed up early and peeked in her window to see a boy fucking her.

It was the woman's own son. She burst in, grabbed the naked boy by the neck, and then pulled him off from her. Of course being the adult it was all her fault. Cindy sobbed and said, "If you let me stay here out of sight, I'll do anything that you want me too.

I would rather be imprisoned here with you for three months instead of in jail for years. I'm the victim here, not those little bastards.

It's just until things settle down enough to let me get away and start over somewhere with a new life." I took a good look at her. All she had on was her Cub Scout Leader shirt and it wasn't buttoned. She was about thirty-five or thirty-six years old, she was quite pretty, and she certainly had a great looking body.

I on the other hand was recently retired and well into my sixties. I said, "Okay, I believe you. Now what can we do to correct this situation?" Cindy said, "Nothing. I had a school teacher friend that was in the same situation last year and she is the state prison now doing ten to fifteen." She looked me right in the eyes and said, "I picked you out.

I knew two weeks ago that I couldn't keep those little bastards happy and that sooner or later I'd get caught. You live on the outskirts of town and I could get here by going through the woods. I know that you live alone and I know that you are a nice man. I did some checking without letting anyone know why I was asking." I looked at this beautiful helpless young woman and I knew exactly why those little boys wanted to fuck her. Hell, I wanted to fuck her myself.

Cindy was every man's wet dream. She could easily be in Playboy. I asked, "So you want to be imprisoned here with me for three months and do anything that I want you too?" Cindy said, "Yes.

Anything." I asked, "Even sex?" Cindy said, "Even sex. Would you like to start now?" I hadn't had sex in years, hell I hadn't even thought about sex in years. I didn't even know if I could get an erection let alone satisfy a beautiful woman like Cindy. Cindy slipped her shirt off her shoulders, down her arms, and tossed it out into the hallway.


I watched as she spread her legs, opened up her pussy, and poked two fingers up inside to lubricate them. Cindy then leaned back a started to rub her clit in tiny circles stimulating herself and me along with her. Her other hand went up her mouth where she sucked on her fingers to get them wet and then proceeded to get her nipples hard. I got harder with them.

I hadn't seen anything that sexy in years. Suddenly I had a thought and asked, "Did you come straight here from your house?" Cindy replied, "Yes. Why?" I said, "We've got to get you out of here now. We need a trail that leads them away from here. Hunting dogs would track you here in less that an hour. Get your shirt on and come with me." I sent her out the back door and into the woods. I told her to keep going through the woods and that I would pick her up on the other side near a small wooden bridge that goes over a creek.

Meanwhile I tried to erase her scent from the woods to my house. I had seen convicts in a western movie use cayenne pepper, so I sprinkled what I had around her trail. I sprinkled almost a whole bottle of vinegar around too. Then I took everything out of my trunk before going after her.

I was early and had to wait about ten minutes for her to come out of the woods. I tied her shirt to my bumper and had her get in my trunk. She was not at all happy about that but I told her that it was the only way.


I drove slowly and didn't see another vehicle so I pulled over, checked on Cindy and gave her back her shirt. When I hit the main highway I drove to another town and got myself a motel room. I asked for one where I wouldn't be disturbed, claiming that I really needed a good night sleep.

The attendant gave me one on the far end in the back and promised not to put anyone near me if he didn't have too. I slipped him a twenty for being so kind. I got Cindy in the room and then I asked her measurements so that I could get her some clothes. She laughed about me picking out clothes for her. However, she gave me her bra, panty, and shoe size. Then just to be safe she told me her dress size. She was not about to let me buy her a pair of jeans or a shirt without her trying it on first.

I surprised her when I came back an hour later. She was in taking a bath when I came in. She dried herself off and came out to see how badly I had done. The surprise was that I had done a good job. The simple bra and panties fit perfectly, the open toe sandals fit too, and the blue dress was absolutely perfect and fit her like a second skin. I got her a bottle of my favorite perfume and a spray can of red hair color.

She thanked me for helping to change her looks and her scent. When I suggested taking her across the state line to start fresh she smiled and told me that she really wanted to stick around with me and pay me back for helping her out.

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Besides I could be her eyes and ears as to what was happening with her case. I took her out to a late night diner where we got something to eat. It had been a long day. Back at the motel we fell asleep in one bed but without having sex.

It really was past my bedtime and she was exhausted. However, she promised to make it up to me. Being an early riser I was up and out before she knew it. I brought her back breakfast in bed and then we were out of there. She was back in the trunk when I got home. I nosey neighbor from down the road pulled in behind me. She told me about the Cub Scout Leader that molested a bunch of little boys and then disappeared. She told me that they had used bloodhounds to follow her through the woods and that she had gone right behind our houses.

It was the most exciting thing to happen in our neighborhood since her goat attacked the mailman two years ago. I thanked her and asked her to keep me informed. When my neighbor was gone I let Cindy out of the trunk and let her into the house. Together Cindy and I made sure that all of my drapes were closed and even pinned together. I had put dark stuff on the inside of all of the windows when I installed central air conditioning a few years back. The only problem would be at night. With the lights on inside you could make out outlines from the outside.

The drapes would take care of that. We left spots were we could look out if necessary. Once we felt comfortable we relaxed and fixed dinner. We had gone right through lunch and I was hungry. I was used to eating by the cock. When I started to yawn, Cindy took me right up to my bed.

She wasn't going to let me fall asleep so easy that night. She undressed me and then she undressed herself. Cindy sucked on my cock until it was hard enough to enter her and then she got on top of me.

I had never been with a woman like her before. The few women that I had been with were the old fashion type that just laid there and let me do the 'dirty deed' until I was done. Cindy was certainly not that type of woman.

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She took charge, she knew what she wanted, and somehow she knew what I needed. I looked up at her and she smiled down at me just as she sank her pussy down onto my cock. She leaned down and kissed me, she said that she wouldn't hurt me, and then she put one of her nipples in my mouth as she slipped up and down my hard shaft.

She changed nipples several times and kissed me in between. She did a great job even though I hardly reciprocated at all. I just lay there and watched as she sat up straight, cooed sweetly, and then squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles.

She looked radiant throughout her entire orgasm. She looked like some sort of Goddess. After she got off she concentrated on getting me harder and making me cum. I didn't have the heart to tell her that my blood pressure medicine had the opposite effect. I was in for a real surprise, because Cindy was not a girl to take no for an answer. She worked her pussy muscles on me and she got me harder. After that she really went to work on me for my pleasure.

It was a pleasure too, at least for me. She worked up a sweat and I could see the droplets glisten on her fair skin. I smiled when a drop formed on her left nipple and fell into my belly button causing a splash that made her smile too.

Soon after that I filled her with the cum that she had been seeking. I fell asleep almost immediately. I was awake when I heard a Police car pull into my driveway. I walked out to great him.

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It was the son of my best friend from high school. He asked me if I had seen anything suspicious the day before.


I told him that I had been out of town for the day but that my neighbor had said something about a child molester. He told me all about the mother ranting and raving and then told me about all the boys stating that they had blackmailed their Cub Scout Leader into letting them have sex with her. He laughed and said that they had done exactly the same thing with two of the other mothers too.

Then he said that all charges had been dropped against Cindy, that the boys were all on probation, and that the mother of the head culprit was being investigated for embezzling money from her employer. When I went inside and told Cindy the good news, she smiled and asked me if she could still stay with me for ninety days or ninety years, whichever I wished.

The End Can You Hide Me? 508