Hunter Bryce hottest deepthroat scene

Hunter Bryce hottest deepthroat scene
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and the Therapy continues This picks up where "Now Who's the Therapist" left off. Her and I still get together at least once a week.

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Lately it has been twice per week. I have become her therapist of sorts by helping her with her obvious "daddy issues". Taking advantage of her daddy issues is likely a better deion but which one of us is using those issues to our advantage ?

I think its mutual. As we've continued to have our "sessions" she would convey to me more about her childhood. I didn't remind her at all of her daddy, thank goodness because that would be weird.

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I was obviously the complete opposite. Naturally she never did get the validation that she was pretty, special and loved by him. She witnessed my natural, and desired, daddy instincts in relation to her own childhood experiences. She admitted that she had what seemed to be a natural desire for sex at a very early age. Of course it led to unhealthy relationships over the years and once your fucked up there is that part which remains forever. She is a trained Therapist and most people that go into the psychological field are typically "fucked up", it seems to be a prerequisite.

Do you have to be fucked up to have fantasy sessions, to unleash yourself and be comfortable playing a role you only wish you could go back in time and actually do ? Remember, with her being 27 I am almost 30 years her senior. She gravitated to me because of my nature as well as her long suppressed desire.

The more her and I have been together, the more she regresses into being the "little girl".

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Our relationship has manifested into the Daddy Dom/Little Girl role play. The progression was incremental as of course each had to be assured that it was mutual. Fantasies are just that, FANTASIES however, they do have a basis in true desires. Once comfort and trust was established then began a series of sessions that satisfied our needs. Showing up late at night, which was the norm, I heard her creeping across the living room heading to my bedroom.

Entering my door she was dressed for the desired role. Her brown hair was in pigtails with little pink bows attached, she wore the appropriate dress, socks and shoes. She ran up and hugged me tight while saying "DADDY, I missed you". Looking down at her it was obvious the look on her face, her demeanor was telling. I asked her "what is the matter Princess".

With a frown and her eyes staring at the floor she admitted she was a bad girl and let a boy touch her "down there". She knew what this meant, which of course was something she never had as a child, that being discipline which of course equaled attention. I moved aside while pushing her slight frame down onto the bed.

With her bent over the edge I yanked her dress up to reveal her cute pink panty covered butt.


Pulling down her panties she whimpered "no daddy", while struggling to get up. With a hand planted onto her upper back I held her down. With my other hand I smacked her bare butt causing her to scream out an "OWIE".

I continued her spanking making sure to strike each cheek of her ass until they glowed red. She whimpered and cried a little while catching her breath before she said "Im sorry daddy, it wont happen again". Easing the pressure of may hand on her back she slid off the bed and onto the floor. On her knees she pitifully looked up at me as I undid my pants and let them fall.

The tent pole in my underwear was caused by the spanking I had to give her. She knew the repercussions of being a bad girl and she still wanted daddy to love and give her attention and she wanted to make her daddy happy. We hadn't been together in two weeks and our needs were dire.

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As I pulled my boxers out and over my stiff dick she moved closer. Keeping her pitiful eyes on mine she moved in while opening her mouth wide and took me in. I placed my hand on top of her head as she began to bob on my cock.

The sensation made me groan and the site of her sweet young face, pitiful eyes and pink bows on her pigtails caused my dick to swell larger. I wanted to fee her lips on the very base of my shaft so with every descent she made i would pull her head toward me while moving my hips forward. She loves it when I tie her hands behind her back and force her to suck my cock. We didn't set up for it so she kept her arms at her sides while I fucked her young mouth.

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Knowing what I wanted she prepared and with a thrust of my hips and my fingers draped over the back of her head I buried my cock in her throat. With a slight cough/gag she recovered and I went in again and held while constricting my cock muscles so my dick would throb in her throat.

Pulling out she coughed and labored to catch a breath before I pushed in to let her continue to suck her daddies dick. She looked up at me with teary eyes while she bobbed and slobber on my now raging hard cock. I was getting so close but I wanted to be in her cunt and blow my pent up load deep inside. Pushing her head back she looked up at me and asked "are you gonna fuck me now daddy ?" "Is that what you want baby girl ?", I asked her.

"Yes Daddy", she responded. She turned and pulled herself up to stand then crawled onto the bed. On all fours she turned and looked at me and asked "like this daddy ?".

"Yes baby", I replied. Getting onto the bed I moved right behind her.

I ran a finger into her slit to check her wetness. The thicker consistency let me know she was actually ovulating. It was no wonder why she was so amorous especially after two weeks of us not seeing one another. She needed it just as bad as I did, probably worse. With a hand on her hip I held her as I moved into position. Wetting the my fingers with saliva I rubbed them over my cock head. Wet on wet makes for a much easier entry. With my head firmly between her cunt lips I grabbed both of her hips and held her firm as I thrust forward and entered her.

At 5' tall and only 105lbs things were in proportion.

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She was tight, especially after to weeks of no activity. She grunted as I push in and opened her up again. As I began to saw in and out of her she lowered her head down onto the bed. Sounding like she was out of breath she said "FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE". Sliding my hands from her hips to her waist I wrapped my fingers around them.

I held firm and started to pound her hard and fast. My only desire was to fuck her, to relieve myself inside of her young pussy. The entire scenario was hot and the length of time since our last session meant it wouldn't take long. As I felt it coming on I dug down and fucked her rapidly. At 56 years old I still had the stamina to pound a pussy hard and fast.

I had a load that I was purposefully saving for just the occasion. Instead of pulling one off in between time I jerked it but only to edge. I had no idea she would be ovulating either so this only compounded the hotness as well as the spanking I had to give her.

Daddy, I'm scared. I can get pregnant", she said. She knew I was close and that this would drive me over the edge. With panted breaths I increased the fucking motion. The closer it got the faster i pumped and the tighter my hand clamped her waist. I began to constrict my cock muscles as I continued to rapidly fuck her while releasing thick daddy cream inside of her.

She couldn't get pregnant but the scenario drove both of us into a frenzy. Unlike when I was much younger the first squirt into her was the largest.

It was followed by the remnants I squeezed inside of her until I was depleted. I fell straight back onto the bed while laboring to catch my breath and compose myself. I was dizzy from a lack of oxygen and the endorphins flowing through my body due to the release of semen. Semen ejaculated from actual sex, with a young woman no less, and not from pulling one off. The euphoria is almost more than can be described with words. Its the high, the drug, I have been jonesing for since reaching the age where boys start to jerk off.

Worried she asked me if I was ok and/or was I having a heart attack. I laughed at her and told her HELL NO, its the greatest feeling in the world and it NEVER gets old.


I admitted that at my age the recovery was much longer than it was when I was her age. The effects and diminished "need" lasted for at least a week these days, sometimes longer.

I was DONE at that point, and she knew it. I had saved up a huge load and I shot it all inside of her young pussy. I gave her the good daddy love that she craved and that I needed to give. When I was finally able to move I reoriented myself to lay in my usual spot. Thats the last thing I remember until being awaken by the sensation of constant tugging.

The fog of sleep slowly lifted and I knew my dick was hard. Even at my age I would wake at some unknown time with a hard dick. This was different and as as I became more conscious I realized it was her stroking my cock. "Daddy . daddy are you awake" she asked. I incoherently breathed out a "yes".

"I need you Daddy", she said. With her slender fingers wrapped around my cock she continued to stroke a few more times. I roll over with the intent on facing her but once on my back she pulled the covers back.

Moving down she engulfed my cock in her mouth. Sealing her lips tight around my head she sucked HARD. I exhaled grunting breaths from the stimulation. She was making sure I was "UP", in both ways.

After giving me some head she took me in deeper letting her lips slide down my shaft. Pulling off of me she sat up, straddled me, took my dick into her hand guiding it to her pussy then sat back to impale herself. Leaning forward over me she began to ride me.

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With every descent she would align her hips perfectly to have my dick slide deep inside of her. I put my hands on her hips and started to thrust upwards every time she went down.

"You want to get on top of me Daddy", she asked. I could sense the passion inside of her. She needed me to give her some good sweet daddy lovin. Sometimes there long intervals between our times together so we made it count.

"You want daddy to make love to you baby " ? "yes", she replied in a dreamy whisper. With my dick still buried in her pussy she leaned down and we kissed.

Putting my arms around her we had a quick make out session as we rolled onto our sides. Releasing from our embrace she rolled onto her back as I scooted down and began to eat her snatch.

Opening her legs wider and pulling them back gave me access I wanted. Licking her slit and how small she was I am always amazed that i could actually get my dick inside of her. Her smooth hairless mound and dainty cunt lips made her the perfect daddys girl. After giving her sweet pussy the tongue lashing it deserved I rimmed her anus before darting my tongue at her asshole. "when are we going to that daddy" ?

Pulling my head back i told her "soon baby girl, soon.


Right now daddy wants your pussy". It would take much preparation before she could take my dick in her ass. Moving myself between her open legs I placed my cock into her slit and pushed in.

Leaning more over her she put her arms around me placing her hands on my shoulder blades. While I moved gently moving in and out of her we would kiss then let our heads rest beside each others. With her lips at each others ear she would whisper her little girl talk. She would say that what we are doing is so wrong but that she can't help it, she doesn't want to stop me.

I would whisper into her ear that its ok and that nobody needs to know what we do and that I cannot help wanting her. She would whisper back "what if you get me pregnant" ? She knew this talk is what turned me on the most.

She needed me to cum inside of her and it was working. With the feeling starting to build and cum boiling up from my balls I thrusted harder and faster. I whispered back into her ear and asked if she wanted to have daddys baby inside of her. She whispered back "yes daddy, give me a baby". I fucked her harder and harder, her slight body shook under me and I squeezed to hold off and let it built until I couldn't hold it anymore. "Give it to me baby, daddys gonna go deep", i said.

Pulling her legs back even more I thrusted to maximum depth and exploded inside of her. I held in deep and convulsed my cock muscles then pumped in and out a few times releasing more of my seed inside of her. Her cunt clamped down on my dick as I finally withdrew and i pushed myself up onto my knees. Looking down she saw a bubble of semen protruding from the tip of my dick. She moved down, placed her lips over my head and used the tip of her tongue to extract the last trace.

Looking up at me with a naughty little girl smile she said " i like daddys cum". This would be our last session as morning was near and it was almost time for her to leave. We had just a short time left to lay together and once she was gone I would go back to sleep for awhile. We promised each other that it wouldn't be so long in between this time as we had more things to do and try and scenarios to role play.