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Brazilian Hot Asses full film
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Joan was a woman at our church. You know the type. Every church has one, the perennial Do-gooder. She has a hand in everything, teaching the kids, help seniors, fund raising, donuts and coffee and anything else.

I am not sure when I started to be interested in her and certainly not sure why. She had that used to be hot look but was really forty and frumpy. But there was that smile and she was hands on. I remember the first time she put her hand on my shoulder, I got that feeling, tingling.

Her hair is shoulder length but doesn't do anything, it either needs to be washed or just washed and hanging there.


Her body has little too much her and a little to much. Her breasts look pretty large. Her butt is a little full and the thighs are chunky. Her face is cute for her age but never made up. I think it was an interest in a used-to-be. Hard to describe really. Just a lot of fantasies going on. I mean what was she like when she was 13? 18? It started as a little curiosity but became a full obsession. I would go to church when I knew she was there.

I joined a club that she moderated, hung around for the free cookies in the basement. I found out where she lived and would drive by her house. My boys started to realize something was going on. I have three sons in their late teens and early twenties, Terry, Barry and Tom. Terry 21 noticed my change in behavior.

I guess it was no secret to them. AT breakfast one day.------------------- Dad, what is up with church all of sudden. Looks like he is keeping up on good old Joan. Milf action Dad? I didn't know what to say. The boys just laughed and smiled. About a week later I went to the church basement with the boys. Joan was there and the boys just gave me the look. Joan came up to me and put her arm on me.

How are you? It was all I could do to get keep from grabbing her. I am helping at a summer camp for youths, I hoped you could volunteer? I would love too.

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(Volunteer my cock up your pussy I thought.) Later at lunch the kids were razing me. Lots of luving Dad. Good and Chunky, Good and Chunky. Little could I know the kids were thinking of her too. It got a lot worse. I would fantasize about Joan all day.

One day I got an Email from my oldest, Terry. It was a kidnapping story with the subject: Give You any Ideas Dad? I started to think of Joan that way. The boys would make comments. One morning I woke up and found a photo of Joan the boys had taken and it was covered in cum.

That evening we were sitting around after dinner. Terry said. I think we should kidnap the bitch. Yea we can each fuck her. Yea Dad, fuck that fat ass. I'd like to tittie fuck her. Yea we could double team her. I thought they were just talking, you know fantasies, but………… Barry found stories online about kidnapping and torturing MILF's.

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MOM'S I'd like to FUCK. That was Joan. The talk got more intense. Talk of bondage. Fuck her. Fuck her. Fuck Her Fuck Her. That was all I could think about. We started to call her the Do-gooder. Fuck the Do-gooder.

Fuck her hard. Bang the Do-gooder. The planning started to get more real. There was no decision.

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It was hard to tell whether it was all fantasy or was this a real idea. Obsession wouldn't describe it. We started buying things. Talking about how and where. I found the kids working on things. There were metal frames. Electrical devices. It was fun, I was spending lots of time with the boys. I think it important to spend time with your kids and have common interests.

Finally one day Terry said. We are ready Dad. We can do it.

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Lets grab the Do-gooder Bitch. We put our hands together. Lets do it. The excitement was intense. We were actually going to do it. We had decided to get her at the food pantry where the Do-gooder worked. There were no cameras. We would trunk the fucking Do-gooder right where she volunteered. She wouldn't know what hit her.


We had a Plan-B. Grab her at the senior center. The fucking bitch helped there too. Dad we will help ourselves to some MILF pussy. I would be out of town and the boys would grab her. We had built a special room and it was well equipped. We got together. Do we all want to do this.

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We are all in. No second thoughts. Do-gooder. Do-gooder. And we all laughed. We were all in. The plan was in motion and I went away just in case I was questioned.

Of course, I heard nothing. I got home and went down to our secret room. I went in and they turned on the lights. THERE SHE WAS. THE DO-GOODER MILF TIED UP, SPREAD EAGLED. The signaled me to keep quiet.

I was trembling. I couldn't believe they had done it. I wanted to hear everything. It turned out the grabbed her after a homeless dinner where she was helping. No parking lot cameras and she got out late. PLAN C. A stroke of genius. The cops would probably pin it on some hapless homeless fuck. Hey, not my problem. There she hung, helpless, spread-eagled on a special metal pipe frame the boys made.


Her arms were stretched out at 45 degrees above her head. Her legs were out at 45 degrees with her feet barely touching wooden blocks. The boys used chains to tie her at the leather cuffs. When she moved they jangled, adding to the excitement. I looked her over, I was trembling. The boys hadn't touched her. They wanted me to Be first. Virgin meat. FIFO as Tommy called it. LOL Joan hung there in the clothes they grabbed her. She was hooded. A heavy black hood, tied around the neck with a small mouth opening.

She had on a tight orange para-olympics t-shirt. How many things can one Do-gooder volunteer for? Her breasts looked very ample and she had a small belly bulge. She had on blue sweat pants, A little tight showing off her extra curves. I walked around her looking. She could tell someone was there. Who is that? What do you want? Let me down. Stop this. I ran my hand along her ass. She pulled away. Stay away from me. I looked at the boys. They gave me a thumbs up.

Big grins. I never have been prouder of my boys. They did a great job. I ran my hand up and down her thighs, on the inside up to her crotch. Who is that? You have to stop. You can't get away with this. She kept pulling away.

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I smacked her on the side of the head. I didn't say anything but she got the message. I wanted to fuck her so bad but I would take my time. Slow and hard. LOL As I moved around her, her head twisted and turned trying to follow me. I ran my hand on her belly, then up and over her breasts. Quickly my hand went between her legs. She pulled away but I kept at her.

I signaled the boys. Time for them to get in on the action. I stepped back to watch. They were all around her. Three pairs of hands all over. Stroking, petting, grabbing, pinching. The Do-gooder bitch was crying, begging pleading. One was to the front of her, the other to the back. They were rubbing up against her DRY HUMPING the Bitch. They never said a word. I was so hard I had my cock out stroking it. I walked back up to her and pulled up her tee shirt.

I kissed her through the small opening in her hood. Tommy, my youngest was behind her, his crotch up against her ass. I kept rubbing my cock up against her belly. I was kissing her hard, my tongue in her mouth. Tommy was up against her, his hands reaching around grabbing her breasts. To Be Continued

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