Hot Simone Garza Shows Blowjob Skills

Hot Simone Garza Shows Blowjob Skills
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My wife, Jan had gone to a convention about something related to her work and would be gone for three days. This was just perfect for me. After I got off work I picked up my girlfriend, Judy and took her home with me to spend the time that my wife was going to be gone. I told her not to pack any extra clothes as she would be naked most of the time.

We were well into the first night and having a great time. I had spread out a blanket on the living room floor in front of the crackling fireplace. We were both as naked as the day we were born. I was on top of her between her legs and pounding my rock hard seven inch prick as deep as it would go into her pussy when the front door opened and my sister-in-law, who had her own key to the house, walked in and yelled, "Anybody home?" As she was saying this, she spotted us in front of the fireplace.

"What the fuck Rick, you ass hole, how dare you, cheating on Jan." Judy ran into the other room, got her clothes and left. She could catch a bus to get home. I wondered if she would ever be with me again. Beverly looked at me standing there naked in front of her.

She had her hands on her hips and a look that could kill, on her face. I didn't say anything. I had been caught red handed, or maybe you could say red cocked and there wasn't much I could say. "Well Shithead, if you are going to fuck around on Jan, I can't stop you but I can make you pay. I need a boy slut to keep my urges satisfied.

You are going to do every fucked up thing I want you to do or your marriage is over, understand?" She had me by the balls and I had to agree. I also was wondering what she had in mind. Bev sat down in the chair. "Get me a beer, Dickhead." I went to the kitchen and brought one back. "I want it in a glass not the can.


Go back and put it in a glass." I did as I was told. When I got back, she had removed her panties and was sitting in the chair with her skirt pulled part way up, her legs spread and her panties on the arm of the chair.

I had a clear view of her hairy twat. "Get on your hands and knees. I need a foot stool." I thought about throwing her out of the house and also about grabbing her and raping her but I decided to play along and see where she was going with this.


She kicked off her shoes and put her feet on my naked back. I stared straight at her wide open pussy. "Tell me about your girlfriend and don't leave out any of the fuckin' details." I told her about how we had met and about the first time I had fucked her and about how she just loves sucking my cock and swallowing my cum.

I even made the story a little better than it really was. I watched Bev's cunt getting wet as I spoke. She lifted her left foot off my back and put it in front of my face.

"Kiss my foot and show me that you love it." I thought for a second and then kissed the top of her foot.


"Not just there. Kiss it all over." She moved her foot around as I kissed numerous spots on the top and on the bottom. "Now lick and suck my toes, Dickhead." I did as she said and she moaned. Bev was getting turned on by me kissing her foot and sucking her toes. She switched feet and I did the same to her other foot. As I did she put her first foot under me and rubbed it against my prick and balls. After a couple minutes of satisfying her foot fetish, Bev got up and told me that she needed a shower and a slave like me to wash her.

I started to stand but she told me to follow her on my hands and knees like the dog that I was. I could see by the smile on her face that she was enjoying controlling me. I had to admit to myself that I was kind of enjoying it also.

We got to the bathroom and she had me undress her but instructed me not to touch her sexually. I wanted to grab her by the tits, bend her over and shove my hard cock down her throat but I decided to play her game, at least for now. Bev got into the shower first and she pulled me in by my erection. Bev pushed on my shoulders and I dropped to my knees in front of her. I looked up but had a hard time seeing her face because I was looking at the bottoms of her tits.

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She reached with both hands and spread her labia. "Lick my cunt, Fuckface." She grabbed my hair and pulled me to her pussy. After I slid my tongue along the length of her slit several times and listened to Bev moaning I felt her clit growing and coming out of its sheath.

I wrapped my lips around it and sucked as I licked it with my tongue. I thought she was going to fall to the floor. At that point she told me, "Oh fuck, drive your tongue deep in my pussy and tongue fuck me." I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue as deep into her fuck hole as I could. She grabbed two big handfuls of my hair and pulled me tight to her cunt. Then I felt her flex her hips and felt a strong stream of hot piss pouring into my mouth.

I pulled away and closed my mouth but I had already swallowed some of her urine. She pushed down on my head as she continued splashing piss all over my face and in my hair. All I could do was tightly shut my eyes and mouth. Finally she released me and laughed, "How do you like my lemonade, Big Boy?" I felt like punching her out but I kept my cool.

She gave me a wash cloth and some soap, "OK, Ricky, now you can get both of us real clean." I rubbed all over her body.

Her tits were so nice and firm and her nipples were big and hard. Her belly was flat and her ass was really small and tight, just the way I like it.

Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed in the shape of an arrow pointing straight down at her nookie. After I had soaped my pubic area, she reached down and wrapped her hand around my rock hard and aching seven inches.

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She stroked it, "Oh yes, very nice, very nice indeed." Bev took my hand and led me to my bed without either of us even getting dried off. She pushed me on the bed on my back and quickly climbed up and over me, setting her muff down on my face.

She was facing the headboard. She held onto it and started rocking her cunt over my face, fucking herself on my face. I stuck out my tongue and gave her clit and fuck hole a good rubbing as she slid herself across my face. Suddenly she stopped and moaned loudly. I felt another stream of fluid pouring into my mouth but this time it tasted almost sweet and was thicker and more slippery than piss.

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It was girl cum. Beverly was a squirter and she was coming and squirting her cum in my mouth. I was enjoying that.

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I had only been with one other squirter and I didn't have my mouth over her cunt when she came. Bev stopped, "I bet that cock of yours must be hurting after all this playing without it having any release.

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You've been a good boy so you can have a little fun now. You choose, do you want me missionary of doggie?" I told her missionary and we moved so she was on the bottom. "Don't you dare come till you make me come again." I was worried that I would blow in 30 seconds. She lay there with her legs spread wide and her knees pulled up. I positioned myself and pushed into her. She was surprisingly tight.

I pounded my manhood into her. My pelvic bone smashed against her clit each time I thrust into her. Even though I felt like I was ready to explode, I didn't have to worry about me finishing before her because just after I had been in her for a few strokes, she started a string of orgasms.

I held off as long as I could and we both finished at the same time with strong orgasms. Her fingernails dug across my back and she screamed out her climax. I dumped a big load deep inside my sister-in-law's cunt and collapsed on top of her. Her breathing finally calmed down and she told me, "Get your face down there and clean my cunt." Actually this was something that I very much enjoyed doing so I quickly slid down and buried my face in her just fucked cunt.

I licked at her clit and slurped up the mixture of my and her cum as it oozed out of Bev's pussy. "Put your finger in my ass." I was excited about this request. Both my wife and my girlfriend have insisted that their asses were 'out only' and I was not allowed to put anything, including my cock, in their shit holes. Enough cum had run down over her ass hole to be good lube.

I rubbed and poked at her anus and pushed my finger in up to the first knuckle. "Get it in there and finger fuck my ass." I shoved my finger the rest of the way in and fucked her ass deep and fast with it. She moaned and pushed back. Soon she told me to take it out and suck it clean and to do it where she could watch me do it.

That was going farther that I had any attention of going but she insistently told me again to do it. I decided to do what she wanted. I had already done several other kinky things at her instruction. As I brought my finger to my face I could see a brown smear on it. I knew what it was but I shoved it in my mouth and sucked on it.

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There was a sharp taste to it. Bev got up and started to dress. "Jan told me that you have a nice cock and that you like eating her cum filled pussy. I've been hoping for a way to try you on for size. From now on, when I call you, find a way to come over to my apartment and satisfy my needs. Maybe one of these times I'll have you bring your girlfriend.

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She can lick my cunt while you fuck my ass. I think that sounds like fun. And it might be fun to have you eat me out after another man has filled me with his big load of hot thick man sauce." Bev left and I sat there stroking my new erection and thinking about the future.