Getting some head from a ebony milf

Getting some head from a ebony milf
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Introduction This is the first chapter of a very, very long story that has spanned 3+ series (and counting). I use a very slow and methodical style that builds each chapter on top of each other without diving too quickly into the action. So if you're looking for a quick sex story, this isn't for you. In fact, there's no sex at all in this first chapter but it provides the foundation for the relationship between Jenny and her son Chris.

Enjoy. "How is it possible for one little girl to create this much mess!" I thought to myself while I spent another morning picking up clothe and trash from my daughter's room. I loved my daughter Jessie, but she's not a little kid anymore and needs to learn to clean up after herself. I looked around her room and was met with nothing but untidiness; her bed unmade with pillows on the floor and a bed sheet clinging on to dear life of her mattress, a desk covered from coloring books to magazine clippings to god knows what else, and a heap of dirty laundry on the floor to top it all off.

"When did my life become like this" I wondered aloud. I, Jenny, met my husband Charles early on in college and we hastily married soon after graduation. We've spent the last two decades together building our own home and family. Now at the age of 38, I was a proud mother of two; a smart and rapidly developing son named Chris, and his juvenile, make my life difficult, little sister Jessie. My husband Charles comes from a classic white American family while I have a strong Chinese heritage.

Even though I was born in China, I spent all but the first three years of my life in the US, so despite looking very much Chinese, I culturally associate myself much more as an American than anything else. Upon tying the knot, both our families urged us to start a family as they were eager to become grandparents. When Chris came into the world, we quickly realized that the only way our family would work was for me to stay at home.

And right when he was entering the age of kindergarten, I became pregnant with Jessie, robbing my chance to reenter the workforce. Ever since then, I've happily accepted my role as a stay at home mom, letting my well-earned bachelor degree rot in an unmarked box in the office room closet.

I loved both my kids, but its days like this that makes me wish I was dealing with the mess that adults left than that of my daughter.

After finishing with Jessie's room, I made my way to Chris'.

His was almost the complete opposite of his sister's. Chris' floor was spotless, textbooks and journals neatly stacked on top of his computer desk, and a laundry basket that was full with actual laundry. I know it's wrong to have favorites, but I couldn't deny the fact that Chris was much better on my overall blood pressure than his sister.

He was a wonderfully easy child to raise and hardly ever talked back to Charles and me. Chris isn't very athletic and had never shown much interest in sports, but fortunately for him, also wasn't anywhere near the socially awkward teenager that his father was.

At 5'3, he was just about the same height as me, and from me, had inherited my brown eyes and black hair. However, his skin color and facial features were much closer to his father. In fact, most times, people had difficulty believing he was actually my child as for the most part he looked like any other white American teenager. Chris wasn't overly popular yet had his fair share of friends as well.

I guess you could say aside from having very good grades and a propensity to stay atop of his own education, he was much like any other teenager. After I emptied his laundry basket, I was pleasantly surprised that it was only 11 and I'd have some time for yoga before embarking on the rest of the errands that needed to be done.

I had picked up yoga a few weeks ago as a relaxing form of exercise. I inherited great genes from my parents and still looked incredibly young, with many of our friends remarking how I looked 30 instead of someone who was knocking on the door of 40.

I had shoulder length jet black hair and a slender frame helped by a fast metabolism. I was only 5'4 but luckily for me, most of that length was encompassed in my long legs. I ran a few times a week and because of it, my legs remained well toned and looked great. Up top I have small but firm 32B tits that seemed just the right size to escape any sagging from getting older. Overall, I was in great shape, especially for being a mother of two, but did notice that with age, my skin was a little bit looser than before.

To help fix that, yoga gave me a calming, yet effective way to tighten my muscles and skin. With my yoga session done, I was able to one by one complete my to-do-list. By the end, the time had crept its way to 2:30, usually when Chris got home from school. And almost on cue, I heard the door open and the slow scuffling of shoes as he took them off in the foyer.

"Hey mom" he said, seeing me approach him from the dining room. "Hello, honey! How was school?" I asked. "Eh, same as usual. I got a chem test I got to study for" he replied begrudgingly.

"Ok, let me know if you're hungry and I'll make you something before dinner" I half shouted as Chris made his way up the stairs to his sanctuary.

"It's okay mom, I had a big lunch. Thanks though." See? Low maintenance and no troubles, right? His arrival did remind me to go to the laundry room and check the dryer to see if the cycle was done. After organizing and separating our clothes, I decided to drop Chris' off. "Hey honey, some of your shirts " "MOM!

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GET OUT!" he shouted in complete surprise, his hands scrambling to pull his shorts up while he simultaneously tried to cover his computer screen. "AAHH! I'm sorry!" I shrieked, hastily retreating my steps and closing his door. "How could I be so careless? Why didn't I knock? He's a teenager for goodness sakes, ughhh!!! I should've known better." I stood confused, right outside his room, unsure of what to do.

Do I go in and apologize now? "No, No" I thought. "Right now would be the worst time to go back in" I decided. Instead, I left his cleaned basket of clothe by his door and scurried my way back downstairs.

Fortunately, my daughter's return from school interrupted my agonizing attempt in coming up with a way to handle the situation. "Mommy! Look what we made in art class" she said, proudly displaying a beaded bracelet on her right wrist.

"Oh it's beautiful!" I responded halfheartedly. "I'll make you one the next time we have art class again!" she exclaimed. "That's great sweetie" I said softly. "Why don't you go up to your room and play. Mommy has to go get dinner ready." My mind was still trying to wrap itself around what to do. There wasn't much shock at what I saw considering I was fairly sure at that age Chris would be masturbating at some point, but catching him in the act was completely unexpected.

I didn't feel too nervous for myself, but I had no idea how to approach the situation with him. Should I tell his father? Would it be easier for him to have a man to man talk? If I do that, how will my relationship with him be? No, I thought. This has to be something I talk to him about; otherwise he may always feel awkward around me.

The more I thought about it, the more I tried to picture it all again in my head. I noticed that I was slightly disappointed that I didn't actually get to see anything as Chris had covered himself up too quickly. That thought left me uneasy, but I dismissed it as nothing more than common curiosity and any mother would've wanted to at least get a glance.

Unfortunately, the task could not be delayed forever and soon enough it was time to get him for dinner. I had decided that it was best to talk to him before my husband and daughter saw him.

I figured it would ease any tension he might have. "Chris" I said softly, knocking on his door. "Yeah. Come in mom" he answered, barely audible. "Chris it's almost time for dinner. I also just want to say I apologize for what happened earlier. It's my fault and I should've knocked and respected your privacy." I gazed at him as warmly as I could, trying to register any type of reaction from him.

"I…Thanks" he stammered. "It's just embarrassing.

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For your own mom to…you know…" For some reason his words caused my eyes to instantly dart towards his crotch. "What the hell was wrong with me!?" I thought.

"Your son is beyond embarrassed right now and you're trying to check out if he has an erection?" I shook myself free from the thought long enough to answer "It's normal…at that age." "Don't feel embarrassed" I smiled warmly at him.

"And from now on I won't bother you when you just get home from school!" I said with a playful wink. "Mom!" he shouted back with a half-smile.

"It's not… every day.just sometimes." "Still, I'll keep my distance, just to be safe!" I joked back at him. "So are we okay?!" I asked concernedly. "Yeah, we're okay. Thanks for not making it a big deal" he said, staring down at his feet. "Also, I'm sorry I yelled at you. I was just…caught off guard." "That's okay, honey. I understand. And I didn't tell your father, so it'll just be our secret!" I winked again.

"Thanks mom" he said genuinely. "So dinner's ready?" "Yeah! Let's go eat. I'm sure your father's starving after a long day of work." Together, we walked down the stairs and into the dining room where my husband patiently waited for us while my daughter, to the surprise of no one, was already eating.

"I tried to hold her off as long as possible, but she prevailed in the end" joked Charles, as he playfully threw his hands up as a sign of his surrender. "That's okay, dear. You never stood a chance" I answered, patting my husband on the shoulder. My daughter greedily smiled at both of us with a mouthful of pastas, showing off the spoils of her victory. The rest of us watched her display and laughed loudly.

Dinner was great and I paid extra attention to Chris to see if he still felt any lingering effects of our conversation, but he seemed fine. His thoughts seemed much more focused on his upcoming exam than anything else. After dinner, I was given the enviable task of dishes. Yet for me, I often used the activity as my personal solace and a time for me to reflect on the events of the day. Only today, my mind kept returning itself to Chris covering himself up at his desk.

Over and over again I recollected where his hands were and more and more desperately wanted to get just a peak of him. It got to the point that I began to manifest the image of his dick out of pure desire. The thought both disgusted me and turned me on. I had never before thought of Chris that way, but here I was, unable to get the image out of my head. People always say that woman approaching their 40s begin to have an increased sex drive and I guess I was just another example of it.

While my hands were relieved by the cooling water of the faucet, I could feel the fire burning below in my crotch.


My pussy was definitely responding to the thought of Chris. Instinctively, I began gently pressing myself against the counter of the sink. It was perfectly leveled with my pussy and each thrust forward brought me a little bit more pleasure and a little more guilt. I repeatedly told myself to stop, that this was wrong, but my hips ignored it completely.

Gradually, I picked up pace and intensity, now grinding myself against the counter top. Caught up in the moment, I closed my eyes and a low, but unmistakable moan escaped from my mouth. The feeling forced me to abandon the dishes altogether, my hands bracing the sides of the sink while I erotically rocked my pussy back and forth against the countertop.

I was actually getting close to getting off, just a little more - "Mom! I want some ice cream!" interrupted Jessie. Her voice, like a knife, pierced into my personal euphoria, snapping myself awake. I opened my eyes to see her on my left, staring at me.

"Earth to mom!" she said, trying to snap her fingers at me. "Oh ice cream. Yeah… Just a little bit sweetie. Your teeth is gonna rot if you have too much" I answered. I was so thankful for Jessie's sudden interruption.

It prevented me from taking it any further. I was shaking, half from the thrill of the countertop, half from the fear of my own perverse thought. I pretty much sleepwalked through the rest of the evening as the guilt finally started to catch up to me. "You okay, dear?" asked my husband beside me in bed. "You seemed a little out of it, long day?" "Yeah…tired I guess." "Well, get a good night's sleep then. I got some big clients I have to meet tomorrow" he said, turning off his desk lamp and snuggling into the covers.

I groaned, almost too loudly. I wasn't able to get off earlier because of my daughter and was actually looking towards the possibility of doing so now with my husband. But, like usual, he seemed far too tired to try and initiate sex. I loved Charles, but as we've gotten older, and with the kids always in the house, and him moving up at his company, we've had less and less time and energy in the bedroom.

Nowadays, we're able to do it maybe once every few weeks. A year ago, once every few weeks would've been fine. But nowadays, even before tonight, I found myself less and less fulfilled sexually. It seemed that while my husband' sex drive decreased near middle age, mine only got hungrier. The frustration caused me to return to Chris again, but this time it was towards what he was watching.

I got the sudden interest for what he was using to masturbate. What type of girls were he looking at and more importantly what turned him on? I still hated myself for having such thoughts, but the guilt lessened. It was as if I had begun accepting myself for who I was. And I was no longer able, or even willing to fight it off. My mind raced through scenarios where I could get closer to my son, but I ended up settling on hugs and kisses to start.

"Yeah, that's not that bad" I thought. "Every mother should show love to her kids "I rationed in my head. My own family had never been overly physical to show love and it was a point I made to correct with my own kids.

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Still, it had been years since I gave Chris a hug or kiss outside of birthdays and Christmas. I had no idea how he would react, but at this point it didn't matter; the desire I had for him was growing too strong to stop now.

With my mind finally made up, I drifted off to sleep. I awoke the next morning to the music of my cell phone, telling me the day had started.

With Chris having to leave for high school so early now, I prided myself in getting up before everyone so that I could make him a real breakfast and spare him an extra 15 minutes of sleep. The thought of Chris brought an instant jolt of energy to my system and led me downstairs.

"Morning mom" Chris said lethargically. He clumsily made his way to the kitchen table and hungrily ate his eggs. "Ready for you exam?" I said, over a cup of coffee. "I think so. It's the first one of the year, so it's either going to be really easy to help ease us into the class or really hard to scare us straight" he said with a chuckle.

"I'm sure you'll do fine" I nodded approvingly. "Oh…uhm. Thanks again mom for not making a big deal of what happened. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to focus on studying, but it turned out better than I had hoped." "Like I said, it's okay.

I was the same at your age!" I couldn't believe what I had just said! I felt like slapping my hands across my mouth and taking it all back. "Mom!" he said blushing bright red. "What?! Your mom has her needs too!" I blurted out. Again, I didn't believe what I was saying! I had always been pretty open with Chris, but this., this was different and borderline obscene. Luckily before I could say anything else I regretted, Chris got up to hand me his breakfast plate. "Thanks for breakfast mom.

I gotta go catch the bus now." "Oh, Ok, bye honey! Good luck on your test!" I waved sadly as he left the front door.

All the courage I had just worked up to actually go through with my decision and kiss him was wasted. The failure left me a bit dejected, but it made me more determined to make up the mistake in the afternoon. The next two hours were spent cooking breakfast and ushering both my husband and daughter out the door.

Usually by the time I had the house to myself again, I would be exhausted. But today, there was something else that I was deeply anticipating. The long morning ritual had given my libido the time to decide I needed to find out what my son was watching, even if every other part told me not to.

I eagerly made my way upstairs and cautiously opened Chris' door, almost afraid that somehow he would be there waiting for me. I turned the lights on and was welcomed by the expectedly empty room. With deep breaths, I walked over to his laptop, flipped up the monitor and clicked the on button. The machine immediately jumped back to life and prompted me for a password.

I had already prepared myself with the fact that I was most likely not going to get on his computer, so I wasn't upset. So I looked around and noticed the external hard drive plugged into his laptop and quickly unplugged it. I ran back to my bedroom and grabbed my own laptop. Luckily, there was no password protection for this and I was able to get instant access to whatever was stored on it.

There were a couple of folders that looked school related and a few other game related folders. I opened each folder one by one, until I reached a plain one titled "New Folder" that was seamlessly camouflaged within the others.

When I opened it, I was happily greeted with what I was looking for. Inside were a couple of porn videos and picture albums. My pussy was getting wet from discovering all of this and over the next 15 minutes, I took small glances of the videos he had in the folder.

There wasn't anything too surprising or kinky as he was still young and probably just recently discovered porn. Most of the videos were very stereotypical porn plots and settings with mostly girls in their early 20s. The only thing I noticed was that most of the girls in the video were smaller, more petite sized. I suddenly found myself wishing that I was the reason he was into them. The very idea was such a turn on for me.

Images of me stripping for Chris appeared in my head and unlike yesterday, I didn't resist them. The more I let my imagination run wild, the dirtier the scene in my head got; from me casually exposing myself for him to watch, to me letting him fondle me, to me full on blowing his dick.

Without even knowing, my hand had found its way down my shorts and was rubbing my pussy. When I finished scanning all the videos, I went back to each one, desperately looking for any indication that Chris was possibly into me. My hopes were ruined when I realized that none of the video were milf or incest related.

There wasn't even a video involving an Asian girl! I was actually feeling disappointed, disappointed that my son didn't show any interest in me. Through all this, my hand had not left my pussy and by now was slowly fingering myself. The sound of my own dirty act mixed with that of the videos, edged me on even further. I hardly ever masturbated to begin with, and doing it now, in my son's room, was turning me on even more. I pulled up a random video from his collection and skipped to the middle.

My fingers began to fuck my pussy even faster, as I watched the video of the girl getting hammered by a huge cock. But instead of seeing the scene in front me, my brain only saw the image of Chris slamming his cock into me. Suddenly, I was overcome with the desire to make it a reality. "Ohhh YES! YES!!! Chris!! Make mommy cum!!!" I screamed, with my fingers relentlessly attacking my pussy. My body convulsed violently from the strong orgasm and my legs slowly went limp. As I rode the waves of pleasure, my pussy continued to drip all over Chris' seat.

When my heart rate finally came back to normal, I looked down to see a puddle of myself between my legs and cleaned it up to the best of my ability. Before I left, I took one last look around Chris' room and knew that I wanted more. Simply getting off on the thought of him wasn't going to be enough soon, I knew that.

I still wasn't too sure how far I was wanted it to go, but I was willing to find out. The next few hours were spent finishing boring errands and housecleaning duties, giving me time to criticize and assess my decisions without the interference of any sexual desires.

I kept telling myself that I wouldn't let it go too far and wouldn't get too caught up in it. I convinced myself that I was still faithful to my husband, that I hadn't done anything but just fantasize in my mind. Besides, even if I do get a little touchy with my son, there wasn't anything really wrong with that.

In my heart, I knew that everything I had just said were lies, but I needed to hear it; that even if they were lies, it, in some twisted way, kept my morality in check. I was just worried that, like earlier, I wouldn't be able to resist myself if things got too far. True to my fears, it was only an hour later when I sat waiting restlessly in the kitchen for Chris to come home. I wanted to see him, and more importantly, I wanted to feel my lips on him, even if it was just a motherly kiss on the cheek.

2:25 my watch read, only a few more minutes. My heart was racing while I eagerly anticipated his return. I felt like I was back in high school, waiting for my date to come and pick me up!

Finally, I heard the turning of the keys and the slow creaking sound of the door opening. My legs felt like noodles when I stood up and moved towards the front door.

"Hey mom" he greeted. "Hi honey! How was your day?" I said, almost too excitedly. As he took off his shoes and bent down to put them aside, I couldn't help but stare at his ass.

It wasn't even because it stood out or that I always had a thing for asses, no, it was simply because it was my son's. The mere fact that looking was taboo made it that much more thrilling. Just when he turned around and was about to answer me, I caught him off guard with a hug. As my hands wrapped around his back, I couldn't help but pull him closer to me, pressing my tits against his chest and taking a whiff of his natural scent.

The hug wasn't firm enough to suggest anything sexual, but definitely enough for him to feel my presence. I held it for just a few seconds because I didn't want to scare him off by my sudden action. When I broke it off, I leaned into him and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. Chris looked at me a bit surprised and unsure of how to react. "So, how was your exam, easy…hard?" I asked, before the silence became too long.

"Oh. It seemed easy enough. I'm not completely sure to be honest. I finished before most of the other kids, so, either I did really well… or I did really poor" he replied with a smile. "You'll be fine. I'm sure all your studying paid off!" "Yeah, I hope so! Oh mom, could you make me a sandwich, I did some last minute studying at lunch and didn't get to eat much." "Sure!

Turkey or chicken breast?" I asked. "Uh, chicken's good. Thanks mom! I'll be back down in a half hour or so." "A half hour huh!? Someone likes to take their time!" Chris' face was full of confusion before he realized what I meant. "Mom! I was just going to check my email and stuff, not…you know…" he replied with a shy, but evident smile.

"Hehe. I'm just teasing you, honey!" I said, playfully slapping his arm. "Ok, go ahead and take care of your "e-mail" I said, making the air quotes with my fingers. "And just come back down when you want to eat." "okay, mom" he chuckled while walking up to his room.

It felt sooo good flirting with my son! And I couldn't believe just how proud I actually was. My face was covered with an uncontrollable smile and that familiar tingling feeling was back. Nothing had gone wrong and I think Chris might've even liked my kiss! Just thinking about it, I knew that I wanted to do it again and…again! I let myself ride the emotional high for another minute or so until I walked into the kitchen to prepare his sandwich.

I took my time slowly making his snack as I didn't want to suffer waiting for him with nothing to do like earlier. It seemed I timed it pretty well when I heard the sound of his footsteps down the stairs just when I was finishing cutting the last of the tomato slices.

"So you finish checking your email?" I asked with a devilish smile. "Mhm! That's why I came down to get food!" he replied, playing along now. "Oh, now I see where your priorities are! I guess there was another hunger you had to take care of first, huh?!" I said handing him his sandwich with a side of chips. Chris chuckled loudly at my comment as he took his first bite. "Do you want anything to drink? You know… to replenish yourself?" By now Chris seemed much more comfortable with our dialogue and responded accordingly.

"I guess some milk… might help" he said with a huge grin. Now it was my turn to giggle at his wordplay. I made my way to the fridge and poured him a well-sized glass of milk. "Is that going to be enough? You were up there for a while…" "Yeah, it'll be fine" he said through his laugh.

I deliberately placed my hand on his left shoulder when I handed him his glass. "So how was the rest of your day?" I asked, trying to distract his attention away from my hand. We were having such a good time that I was scared my touch would overextend the welcome. Fortunately, it didn't seem to ruin the mood. "Nothing too interesting, especially since I was worried about the exam most of the day. How about you, mom?" he asked looking up at me from his seat. His question spurned my mind to instantly recall what I had done in his room during the morning.

"Oh, nothing much either, just the usual cleaning" I said. My hand had now left his shoulder and was playing softly with his hair. "You still hungry, do you want anything else?" I asked, seeing that his plate was nearly empty. "No, I'm good. I don't want to be too full before dinner." "Oh, you've got a bit of mayonnaise - here, I'll get it" I said after watching him struggle finding it.

I carefully scraped it from the side of his lips and brought it slowly to my own, licking it clean off my index finger. "Yum!" I said with a big smile. Chris' eyes widened a bit from my action, but it was quickly followed by his smile widening as well. "Do you want the last bite mom?" he said offering it to me.

"No, it's okay. Go ahead and finish it honey!" Just as I finished my sentence, I heard the sound of the front door opening from my daughter coming home. I hurriedly leaned in and gave Chris a kiss on the top of his head. "When you're done, leave the plate in the sink." I rushed to go meet my daughter, mostly to stop her from seeing anything unusual between me and Chris. By the time I turned the corner, she had somehow already managed to dump her shoes, backpack, and jacket all over the floor.

"Mommy!" she shouted loudly, coming in for a hug. "Nice to see you too sweetie! How was school?" "Good! Our teacher told us that we are going to have a field trip to the arts museum in a few weeks!" "That's wonderful! What do you want to see most?" "Uhmm, I'm not sure yet. We're still learning about different things in class so I will know later!" "Gotcha! Ok, go clean up your mess" I said, pointing to the trail behind her. "And go do your homework; no TV until you're done, ok?" "Fiiiine…" she groaned.

When she turned around to pick up after herself, I couldn't help but grin a bit from her finally following directions.

"Thanks mom, for the sandwich. It was great. I'm going to work on homework too now" Chris said as he passed us on the way to his room. "Chris! Can you help me with some of my math homework? We're learning complex fractions and I have some trouble?" my daughter asked, running quickly after her brother up the stairs. "Sure thing squirt. Try to do them by yourself at first and then I'll come and help you." I smiled approvingly as both my children disappeared to the second floor.

The afternoon had been so wonderful! Between flirting with Chris and my daughter actually listening to orders, I was left in a really good mood. I checked the time to see that I could afford to do some light reading of my novel before starting the night's dinner. When I finished preparing the sides and had the pot roast going in the slow cooker, I heard the sound of the TV from the living room. "Done with your homework, sweetie?" I said, seeing my daughter on the sofa watching Nickelodeon.

"Yup, yup! Chris helped me with it!" she replied, never taking her eyes away from the screen. "That's great! So, where's your brother now?" "He's in his room I think. Probably doing his own homework; He has a lot I think, his desk is covered with books!" "That's because he's in high school.

Did you thank him for helping you?" "Yup!" "Ok, enjoy your show. I'm going to check on your brother. We'll eat once your father comes back, in about 15 minutes or so. Oh, and don't sit so close to the tv!" I instructed.

My daughter lazily waved her arm at me, her way of saying "yeah, yeah, I hear you." I made my way up the stairs and quietly approached Chris' room.

I knew I shouldn't but I creepily placed my ear over his closed door, hoping to hear something. Unfortunately, I was met with nothing but silence. "Chris?" I asked, knocking a few times on his door. "Yeah mom, come in." I opened the door to see him busily studying at his desk and it made me feel slightly guilty for interrupting him.

"Working on your homework?" I asked rhetorically while I moved next to his seat. "Yeahhh…" he sighed. "So what's up?" "I just wanted to thank you for helping your sister.

I know you're really busy with your own stuff, so I really appreciate you taking the time to help her" I said, again playing with his hair. "Nah, it was no big deal. Besides, it allowed me to reminisce about how easy school was once upon a time" he joked. "Well, what are you studying now?" I asked, crouching down a bit to examine his work.

As I did so, my right hand naturally swung around his back and grabbed hold of his right shoulder for support. "US history.

It's not particularly hard, just lots to read and memorize, that's all." "I see. Well dinner's just about ready. Do you want to take a break and help me set the table?" "Yeah, that sounds good!" he said. But as he began getting out of his chair, it threw off my balance and I stumbled forward. Instinctively, my left hand reached for the ground to brace my fall, causing my tits to press firmly against the side of his leg. "Whoops!" "Shit!

I'm sorry mom, I didn't mean to trip you!" he said, reaching down to try and help me up. I rotated towards him, with my tits still against his legs, and gladly accepted his hand to help pull me up. I wasn't sure if through all the commotion he even noticed, but the feeling I had from it was more than enough. "It's okay honey. It was half my fault anyways!" I said laughing. With my balanced regained, I leaned in and gave him another quick kiss, the third of the day. "Thanks for being a gentleman and helping me up!" "Ok let's go downstairs and set up dinner!" My husband came back just as the table was finished being set and we enjoyed another interactive family meal.

Everybody seemed to be in great spirits; my daughter was excited about her new field trip, my husband about getting some company tickets to the weekend's football game, my son about finishing his first exam of the year, and me of course from spending the afternoon flirting with Chris.

Even though I had no clue whether anything I had done was affecting the way he saw me, it felt too good to stop.

I really did feel like I was back in high school again! I spent the rest of the evening enjoying some TV shows in my bedroom with the other important man in my life. When my husband was tired and decided to call it a night, I wasn't even disappointed that he didn't want any sex again.

I waited patiently until I heard his snoring before I started to play with myself again. The feeling of touching myself right next to my husband combined with the images I had of Chris in my head, got me off incredibly fast, and hard. Soon after, I fell asleep as well, anticipating when I could be alone with Chris again. I awoke the next morning bursting with energy for the day to begin.

While I normally dreaded getting up out of bed, I couldn't wait to do so today. I nearly skipped my way downstairs and into the kitchen to get Chris' breakfast started. "Morning honey!" I said, spotting him walking into the kitchen.

"Good morning, mom. Smells good, pancakes?" he said, moving over to the stove to see his food. With him standing so close, I couldn't help myself and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Go sit down, I'll get you a plate!" Chris happily took a seat on the kitchen table and I served him a plate. "Do you want any fruit or whipped cream on it?" I said, handing him the syrup. "Nah, syrup is fine." While Chris ate his breakfast, I went back to cooking up another batch for my husband and daughter.

I was hoping that I could finish before he was done and kiss him good bye, but he engulfed his plate too quick for me to catch up. But to my surprise, when he finished, he dropped his plate off in the sink and then walked towards me.

"Thanks for breakfast, mom. I gotta go!" he said, leaning in ever so slightly. I was ecstatic that he did and immediately planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Have a good day at school!" "Yup, bye mom!" When I heard the front door shut, I nearly jumped in the air from overexcitement! I was so happy that he enjoyed my kisses! I didn't know if he felt anything sexual about it, but still; he was the one that leaned in and he was the one that wanted the kiss before leaving! The morning set the tone, and over the next two and half days, it felt like bliss!

Chris and I settle into a routine where I hugged and kissed him goodbye in the morning and again when he came back from school. He seemed to like feeling my affection and it definitely showed through our conversation.

Now, instead of just hiding up in his room like before, we spent the time before his sister got back from school chatting in the kitchen. We also continuously flirted with each other and I took every chance I got to be touchy around him; gently massaging his shoulder as he ate, or playing with his hair, or fixing his collar, etc.

If anybody saw us, they would've easily pegged us for lovers! Still, as part of human nature, I found myself wanting more.

A kiss on the cheek wasn't enough anymore, I wanted to kiss him on the lips. Just casually flirting with him through talking wasn't enough, I wanted to slowly seduce him.

All these thoughts ran through my head at once while I lay in bed trying to sleep. With tomorrow being the last day before the weekend, I wanted to try something more before I lost the opportunity to do so for 2 whole days. The next morning, Chris and I again greeted each other over breakfast. "So it's Friday today! Happy for the weekend?" "Yeah, I guess. It's weird, but this week didn't feel particularly long. I mean during school it felt long, but at home… it felt short?" he said, phrasing his reply as almost a question.

I liked to believe that his comment meant he had so much fun around me that he dreaded going back to school, but I couldn't be sure. Instead, I took notice of the time and saw that was it later than we both realized.

"Honey, hurry up you're gonna be late!" Chris took a glance at the clock on the microwave and instantly got off his stool, moving towards me for his kiss.

Only this time, after I gave him the usual hug, I kissed him hard on the mouth.

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I didn't part my mouth so it was a dry kiss and lasted just a second, but it was a big step in our relationship. How he took this kiss was going to determine when and if I could move forward. I nervously pulled my head back to gauge his reaction. Chris' face was expectedly shocked at first, but he alleviated my fears by closing in and giving me a second hug. "Thanks again mom, I'll see you after school!" I watched him scurry out of the kitchen, with his head down, trying to hide a smile.

With that smile, a big sense of relief fell over me! I was so nervous and worried about kissing him that it completely overtook any joy I got from it; I'd have to fix that in the afternoon! The rest of the day morning was just like any other day, but instead of doing yoga before noon like usual, I decided to do it right before Chris got back from school. I wanted to work up a sweat and for him to see me right after a workout.

Also, in place of wearing my normal "mom" clothe, I was going to stay in my workout shorts and t-shirt, at least until my daughter got home. During my workout, I made an extra effort to push myself and held each position longer than usual, hoping that it would give me that extra toned look. The added incentive seemed to pay off when I was covered in sweat at the end of the workout. I checked the clock to see it was almost 2:30, right when Chris would get home from school. I took the few minutes I had left to grab a towel and dried myself off a bit so I wouldn't look gross.

I took one last look in the mirror and was pretty happy with what I saw. My face was flushed and there were still beads of sweat dripping from my forehead, but it made me look sexy.

I slowly moved backwards and posed my legs in front of the mirror, happy with the way they looked after the workout.

Just as I was about to fix my hair, I heard Chris' keys jingling outside the front door. "Hello honey!" I said walking towards him. This time, without even trying to take his shoes off first, he moved himself towards me to embrace my hug. Our hug was noticeable tighter than any time before and instead of me breaking it off, he actually broke it off, and turned his face towards mine; indicating that he didn't want his kiss to be on the cheek.

I happily obliged and kissed him again on the mouth, letting it linger for just a second. "Take your shoes off honey! I don't want the floor to get muddy!" "Oh, sorry mom" he said with a slight blush. It wasn't until after he put his shoes aside that he actually noticed my attire. His eyes widened a bit before he did his best to cover up his excitement.

I almost laughed from his attempt to hide his smile, but didn't want him to stop looking. "Hungry?" "Yeah! Could you make a grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes and bacon?" "Sure thing, honey! I'll call you when it's ready." "Thanks mom" he said, giving me another hug before leaving upstairs.

I took enjoyment noticing that it was the second time today that he voluntarily hugged me. I was making progress! I rushed in making his sandwich, desperately wanting his eyes on me again. "Chris, your sandwich's ready!" I shouted from the bottom of the stairs. "Thanks mom, I'll be down in a second!" "It looks delicious! Do we have any hot sauce?" he asked, strolling into the kitchen.

"Way ahead of you!" I replied, handing him a bottle of tabasco. "Let me know if you need anything else, I'm going to wash the pan." I grabbed the pan from the stove and turned my attention towards the sink. With the gloomy weather outside, the window above the sink actually served as a mirror; allowing me to watch my son eat his sandwich behind me. "So how was your Friday?!" I asked, in an attempt to redirect his eyes on me. "It was okay. The teacher's seemed to take the two days off as a chance …to … dump… more work on us" his words faltering towards the end.

The stutter caused me to look up from the sink and saw through the reflection of the window, that Chris' eyes were staring right at my ass and legs! The sight made my heart rate go through the roof and I nearly dropped the pan I was washing! While we continued to make small talk, my eyes never left the window. I watched intently as Chris took small glances at me while he ate. He wasn't openly staring, either out of fear of me turning back around or because he was still confused about his feelings.

Regardless, the attention he was giving me was exactly what I wanted! My shorts were by no means obscene, but showed much more of my legs than anything else I normally wore. I wanted to give Chris all his eyes desired, so I just stayed by the sink, pretending to wash the pan long after it was already clean. Chris himself was eating his sandwich uncharacteristically slow, and the longer my back was to him, the bolder he grew in watching me.

When I saw that he was finally close to finishing his food, I decided to drop the washing act as well. I turned the water off and made sure to give plenty of hints that I was about to turn around. "Whew, it's humid today!" I said, fanning my face a bit. The combination of frying the sandwich as well as the heat generated from Chris' eyes really was causing me to sweat.

'Yeah it is. Mom, did you just finish working out?" he asked shyly. "Yeah. I ran a bit late today with errands, so I didn't get my yoga session in until just before you came home! Why do you ask?" "Oh, nothing.

I just asked since you're wearing workout clothe." "Yeah, there are a lot of leg workouts in yoga so I usually wear shorts. You don't like them?" I asked, trying to sound innocent. ", I do! I do like them!" he quickly replied. "I mean your shorts! I like your shorts! Not.not…that I don't like your legs!.

I mean-" His stammering made me laugh out loud! "Oh thanks honey! It's so nice for someone to take notice!" I said, trying to relieve the tension. Seeing his face still bright red from stumbling over his own words, I moved in to give him a comforting hug and another kiss on the lips. "Mhm! I think I got a little bit of your cheese!" I said, with a beaming smile.

Chris had no idea how to react and just awkwardly smiled as he stared at his own mother shamelessly flirting with him. I then pulled away and turned to my pose my legs in different positions for him to see. "So you really think it looks good?

I've been doing yoga for a few weeks now and I wasn't sure about the results?" "Yeah…Yeah. Your legs looks good, mom" he said reluctantly. "Really?! You're not just saying that are you?" I teased further. Seeing that his compliment made me happy, Chris' complexion relaxed noticeably.

"No, I'm not just saying that! Really mom, your legs look great!" he said sternly. "Ahh! That's so nice to hear!" I said, almost shouting. In my excitement, I ran up to Chris and kissed him again! Twice in less than a minute now! His words were music to my ears and what had started out as just a chance to seduce him turned into something more; it was a huge ego boost to feel wanted again!

"Oh, I'm sorry honey! I didn't mean to get you sweaty too!" I said, wiping away the perspiration I left on his face. "Haha! It's okay mom! No worries!" he said, joining me in wiping it off his face as we both laughed together. Our moment came to an abrupt end when we both heard the opening of the front door. "Here, hand me your plate. I'll wash it before I go up to take a shower." As Chris handed it to me, he leaned in to kiss me as well.

His kiss was a bit rushed and I distinctly felt his tongue across my lip! "Thanks for everything mom, it was great!" he said, looking at me with puppy dog eyes. "You're welcome! And anytime you want honey!" I shot back, hoping that he would pick up on my phrasing. But before he could respond, my daughter burst into the kitchen as well. "That smells good! I want one too!

I want one too! Whatever Chris just ate!" she said, pointing at her brother. "Sure sweetie, just " "Jessie, mom just finished exercising and was going to shower. How about I make it for you instead?" my son interjected. I looked at him proudly, and nodded my head towards him, causing him to smile in return. "Okaaay…" my daughter groaned. "But you have to make it the same way!" "Sure, of course!" Chris said defiantly.

"And mom, I'll take care of the dishes as well. Go ahead and take your shower." The entire time of my shower, I ran through everything that happened since I walked in on Chris. In less than a week, I had gone from having no sexual feelings for my son, to me openly modeling my leg for him to check out! And even better, we were now kissing and both of us enjoyed it!

Chris kissing me on his own was a big indication that he was at least a bit attracted to me. And it was something that I definitely wanted him to explore further!

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I left my shower feeling completely refreshed, both physically and mentally and when I exited the bedroom, I was met with the strong aroma of grilled cheese. It actually smelled pretty good and I was pleasantly surprised that Chris didn't burn it. "Well the house is still in one piece!" I said sarcastically. "Mommy, Chris actually did a good job with the sandwich!" she said, offering me a bite. "He did!?" I feigned surprise as I took a little bite.

"You're right sweetie! It's not half bad!" I said while we both giggled at Chris. Chris just chuckled and shook his head. "I just finished the dishes mom. I think I might go take a nap before dinner." "Okay honey, I'll wake you up in time for dinner" I said, while turning my head to take a glance at my daughter.

Seeing her back facing us, I quickly walked up to Chris and confidently kissed him, even subtlety slipping my tongue out and flicking it across his lips. Because he saw me check his sister's position, Chris knew what I was going for and I felt him ever so slightly, kiss me back. I responded by dancing my tongue between his lips, teasing it to be let in. But before things got too out of hands, I pulled myself away. I was too nervous about my daughter seeing us.

"Thanks for taking care of Jessie, honey! And have a good nap!" I said. Chris smiled at me and left to go upstairs. I made it a note to myself that this was our first real kiss; the first one where it was undeniably not how a mother would kiss her son. It felt wonderful!

For the next two hours before my husband came back, I alternated between trying to cook dinner and battling to keep up with my daughter's energy level. With it being Friday, she was even more hyper than usual. "Daddy!" she screamed, as she sprinted to the door after hearing the opening of the garage. "Oooh!" my husband grunted when he felt the impact of Jessie's hug. "And how's my little princess today?" he asked, picking her up. "Your princess is full of energy today!" I answered for her.

Upon hearing my words, Charles took a skeptical look at his daughter and was greeted by her vehemently nodding her head in agreement.

"She tired out her brother earlier today. He's upstairs sleeping now" I pointed towards the second floor. "You did?!" Charles asked rhetorically. "Yup! Yup! Chris made me grilled cheese and then went straight to sleep!" "And where was mommy when all this happened?" he asked to no one in particular.

"I was taking a shower after doing yoga and Chris offered to help. I should go wake him up now anyways." "That sounds like it's mine and your job to set the table then!" Charles said to his daughter. "Okay!" Jessie agreed enthusiastically. I let the two have their special father-daughter time and went upstairs to have my own special mother-son time. "Chris?" I knocked on the door. "Hmm?" I slowly opened the door into a very dark room, with the only light coming in through the cracks of his blinds.

"uhh, what time is it?" I heard Chris mumble. "It's about 6:30, did you want to eat dinner?" I asked while I took a seat by the foot of his bed. Suddenly, Chris sat up and turned his bed lamp on, allowing me to see his room.

I instantly burst out laughing! "Look at your hair!" I shouted, pointing at his head. Chris smiled from my laugh and reached for his cell phone, looking at his reflection on the dark screen.

"Oh man, it is pretty bad!" he said, laughing along. I dove for his phone and grabbed it from him. "You look too silly to not get a picture!" "Mom! No, it's embarrassing!" he shouted, lunging at me to grab his phone. Together we wrestled like little kids on his bed until he finally was finally able to take his phone back. "Ok honey! Enough fooling around, let's go eat dinner!" I said, pulling him up on his feet.

As he stood up, Chris wrapped his hands around me and hugged me tightly, then went to kiss me. Knowing we were safe upstairs, I kissed him back, again using my tongue. Learning from me earlier, Chris copied me and for the first time our tongues met.

The contact sent goose bumps all over my body as our tongues danced against each other. There was no denying it now, even if neither one of us admitted it, we were blatantly making out. I was lost in the moment and began kissing Chris back harder, opening my mouth even more. My tongue darted demandingly, against his lips and forced his mouth open. For the next minute or so, both of us recklessly explored each and we started to lose concept of where we were. In fact, it was actually Chris that broke our kiss off.


"Mom, thanks for waking me up. But we should probably go downstairs for dinner" he said through heavy breaths. "Yeah! You're right" I said, shaking my head playfully like if I had forgot about it. All throughout dinner and most of the evening Chris didn't act any differently towards me. He was still just as friendly as he had been for the past week, but also didn't show any effects of what had just happened upstairs. That was actually completely fine with me as I hadn't anticipated things moving as fast as it did.

I didn't know if he was just going to pretend it didn't happen, or was doing his best to not make it awkward. Either way, I decided that I would follow his lead as I didn't want to put pressure on him or strain our relationship.