My wife is a dominant bitch

My wife is a dominant bitch
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Chapter 1 Turning, he slammed the door and stepped away, signalling the pilot it was safe to take off. While the thrumming of the rotors faded off into the distance he turned to his companion, the stunning blonde he had met the day before in the chalet bar.

She turned to him, flashing her dazzling smile and took off down the mountain, leaving him in a cloud of snow and ice. Throwing on his backpack, Ky jumped off the ledge the helicopter had landed on and, with no thoughts to his own safety, chased after the appealing rear end of Kat in the distance. … Kat didn't care if she got hurt, she just wanted him to chase her, chase her forever until she gave in to what she was really feeling and threw him down onto the soft, fresh powder and had her evil way with him.

She couldn't believe she was thinking this way about him, having only met him the night before, but since then hadn't been able to stop herself thinking about him. She had gone back to her lodge last night so fired up and horny that she had had to masturbate several times, to toe curling orgasms, about the solid log she imagined he had hidden away in those baggy snowboard pants.

"Why isn't he riding my arse yet?" she thought. She didn't even notice the unintentional pun she had accidentally thought and slowed her decent down the mountain, hoping he caught her quick enough to get in some good 'apr?ski' action. … Ky powered down the mountain after her, throwing large amounts of spray every time he threw his board into another perfect carve.

He didn't care about his speed, the danger he was currently in or the fact he hadn't eaten properly. The only thing on his mind was catching up with Kat and having his way with her.

Since they had met in the bar he couldn't stop thinking about her- the dazzling smile, the perfect teeth, the amazing breasts, that heart stopping laugh and the dream arse she had hidden away in her tight ski pants. Just thinking about it got him hard all over again and he increased his speed, slowly catching up with the vision of beauty he was following down the vast peak they were on. … They finally met slightly further down the mountain when Kat had to slow to regain a ski pole and Ky sped past it, snatching it up in his strong hand and slid to a stop inches away from her lead ski.

Passing the pole to her he went in for a kiss and was met by her waiting mouth. Her lips parted and his tongue slipped in. He felt her mouth start to close so withdrew his tongue and began to quickly kiss her, his lips barely touching hers, and drawing her closer to him. He felt her hands start to move up his back and put his round hers, cupping that perfect arse and then sliding up her back, his left hand going up to the back of her head, his right going back down to her ass.

They both broke away, breathing deeply, and a look of perfect understanding passed between them- they had to find somewhere to ditch the gear and get "comfy" with each other, sharing heat by any means they could thing of. End of chapter one!!!! Chapter 2 They picked up everything that had been thrown around in their passion and set off, hand in hand, to find somewhere to ditch the gear, and clothes, and get to know each other a little better.

The glimmer of light off ice caught Ky's eye as they passed a small cliff and they headed over to it. What they found took both their breath away- a perfectly formed ice cave with a ceiling made of short icicles that shimmered like pure diamonds.

He broke in through the iced up mouth with his board and beckoned Kat to follow him in. The level of light dropped significantly and Kat "accidentally" bumped into the front of Ky, running her hand up his leg and feeling the large bulge in the front of his snow pants. Their eyes met and they embraced in another passionate kiss. Tongues darting between them, they began the hard task of shedding clothes, packs and gear whilst trying to keep the kiss going.

They finally broke away and quickly shed any remaining layers till he was down to just boxers and snow boots and her down to a pair of bright pink lacy French knickers and a matching bra. They both stood in awe, taking in the sight of the others body. She marvelled at his wash board stomach whilst he stared at her perfect 32C chest. Due to the amazing formation of the ice cave, it trapped all their body heat and neither of them felt the cold, it seemed to just keep and heat the expelled in, heating them.

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They both spread any flat dry clothing they had on the floor to give them something to lie on before embracing again and melting down onto this rather poor carpet. He brushed the hair out of her face and kissed her softly, marvelling in the softness of her lips.


He moved down to her neck, caressing her soft skin with even more kisses, making her moan out in pleasure and sexual frustration. He moved down to her shoulders and then onto her chest, lightly flicking his tongue over her erect nipples, first the left then moving his head to the right whilst running his fingers around her left and softly pinching and pulling it. She moaned out his name into the snow and it echoed around the cave, sounding like multiple women moaning out his name.


he moved slowly down her body, passing her belly button and noticing it lacked a piercing, something he found much more attractive that an ugly bar thrust through the skin. He made his way to the top of her panties and placed a soft kiss right on top of her mouth, taking in the scent of her sex and marvelling in it.

He moved down from her panties and to her left foot where he started a sensual massage that quickly ran up her leg, from her ankle to the back of her knees then up to her inner thigh and ending with another kiss on her sex. He then went back to her right foot and did the same, feeling her squirm under his lips as her sexual frustration built and she screamed out to him to just fuck her already but he had other plans.

He finished his work on her legs and moved back to the elasticated waistband of her panties, pulling them softly down her long, smooth legs. He looked up her body, between her breasts and into her deep green eyes, seeing the need for release in them and took this as his sign to bring her to, hopefully, one of the best orgasms of her life. He started softly sucking on the outer petals of her flower.

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He headed up, towards the top and started licking and nibbling on the small nub he found. He felt her squirming under him so he took it she was enjoying this. He moved slowly back down, continuing rubbing her clitoris with the index finger of his left hand.

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With his right he parted her outer lips and started licking on the inner set, driving her into a toe curling orgasm. He pulled away momentarily, breathless and took a deep gulp of air.

She felt him withdraw and pull him up for a deep kiss, tasting herself on his lips then roughly pushed him back down.

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He dug straight back in, rubbing her clitoris with his left hand and softly pushing one, then two of his right hand fingers in.

He started slowly rubbing and pumping his fingers in and out until he felt her loosen and allow more of his fingers entrance to her hot love canal, up to a total of all of them. By this time she'd had another 2 orgasms and was breathing deeply; sweat shimmering on her skin like she was made of pure gold. He pulled out and slowly moved up her body, lightly kissing and nibbling until reaching her face, seeing the look of sheer happiness and the warm post-orgasm glow of a woman happy with her current place and company.

He nibbled softly on her earlobe and heard her moan again, and then lay down besides her, taking her into his arms as they both drifted off into a deep, refreshing sleep. Chapter 3 Ky awoke when a freezing drop of water fell onto his bare chest as he lay on the floor of the ice cave. He turned to the warm body next to him and planted a soft kiss on its neck, getting a soft moan in return from the waking beauty.

She rolled over to face him, kissing him softly before breaking away and smiling broadly at him. "Let's take this somewhere more comfy." Kat purred before getting up and getting quickly dressed. Their passion had created so much heat that the cave was melting and their clothes had become slightly damp.

They dressed quickly and gathered up all their possessions, Ky taking Kats lace panties and placing them dramatically in the top pocket of his ski jacket, looking like a handkerchief in the pocket of a formal dinner suit, resulting in that lilting giggle from Kat throat and getting him quickly hard again. They left the cave to find the sun setting and set off into the purple and red sunset, trying to make it to the base before darkness fell.

Ky allowed Kat to take the lead and followed her down the mountain until, eventually they came upon her lodge at the edge of the heavily wooded valley floor.

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After several hours of skiing and snowboarding they were hot, tired and sweaty. They made their way towards her wet room, stripping off as they walked, occasionally helping each other out when tired limbs couldn't do the work. They made it to the shower and both hopped in together.


The water quickly heated up to a comfortable temperature and began soaping each other up. He started with her hair, shampooing and beginning a simple head massage.

He then worked his way down onto her neck and shoulders, kissing licking and nibbling as he went. Then, with his soft nibble hands, he ran then down her spine whilst soaping her up. He made his way round to her front, soaping over her shoulders and down to her breasts, lightly sucking her nipples and running his tongue around them softly. Working his way down her body, over her hips and down the outside of her legs to her feet then working slowly up the inside, up her inner thighs and ending up with his lips kissing and licking just at the top of her thighs.

He then placed a deep kiss on her honey pot and dove his tongue into the soft folds of skin, taking in the enticing scent of her hot, wet pussy and the taste of her natural lube. He ran his tongue up and down her slit, regularly flicking it over the top of her clit and making her moan out in pleasure.

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She felt her orgasm build and tried to control it. She gritted her teeth and pushed his head deeper into her slit. He felt her hands on his head and pushed his tongue deeper, licking well up into her love canal.

She screamed out in pleasure as the biggest orgasm of her life hit her. He kept licking and sucking, drinking in the juice she let flow into his mouth. Her orgasm kept coming, resulting in the most powerful multiple orgasm of her life. Her body couldn't take it anymore and her knees turned to jelly. He stood quickly and grabbed her in his strong arms, pulling her into his broad chest as she caught her breath and came down from the ecstasy she had just experienced.

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They stood like this for several minutes before she left him to gather warm fluffy towels for them both. He finished up with washing himself, paying special attention to the rock hard wood he was now experiencing, pulling back his foreskin to make sure it was totally fresh in case he got any back tonight from Kat.

End of chapter 3