Grobe Behandlung für seine böse Frau f70

Grobe Behandlung für seine böse Frau f70
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This is a story about a boy named Alec and a boy named James. Let's start things off with a description of the two. Alec is 14, a freshman in high school. He has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and plump pink lips.


He's very slender, maybe 120 pounds at most and 5'4. He's very feminine, too. He has no facial hair, and he shaves his legs, pubes, armpits, and arms. Alec wears girl's jeans, shirts, and underwear. He's thought about being transgender, but isn't sure if that's him. And lastly, his cock is around 6 inches long. James is 16. A sophomore. He has brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and amazing teeth. His smile is to die for. He plays sports. Football, Basket Ball, Soccer, Baseball, basically every sport his school offers.

He has an athletic build, he weighs about 160 pounds. He's one of the tallest boys in his grade, 6'3.

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The girls are always trying to get with him, but they don't know he's gay. He's been gay for as long as he can remember. He's never told anyone, not even his best friend. And what you've all been waiting for, his cock is a whopping 9 inches long and quite thick, too. So let's get the story started? It was the first day of school. Alec was doing his makeup and getting dressed. He decided to wear short shorts, a floral top, and flats. He knew he would get shit about it, but he thought he might as well start the year off knowing who accepts him.

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See, Alec is starting a new school. He had problems with bullying at his old school and he begged his mom to let him transfer. He didn't know anyone at the school he was moving too, but he's an outgoing person, so he thought it shouldn't be hard making friends.

After finishing his makeup with some powder, he grabbed his purse and walked downstairs to have breakfast with his mom. His mom was very accepting of everything. She told him since he was 5 that he could be anyone he wanted to be. She loved Alec, and would do anything to make sure he was happy. "Come on mom, we're gonna be late!" "Okay, Alec.

I won't let you be late for your first day of school!". "I know mom, I'm just nervous." Alec was indeed nervous, more than anyone could imagine.

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He was going to school for the first time in all girl's clothes. "What if someone beats me up? What if they think I'm a girl? What if they think I'm weird?" Thought Alec. They pulled up to his new school.

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"I love you, honey. If anyone tries to be shitty to you, kick them in the balls!" "MOM! I won't do that!" "I know, I know.

I'm just kidding. Relax!" "Ugh. I love you mom.


Bye" And Alec got out of his mom's car and started walking towards the school. He saw stares. "Who's this fag?" "TRANNY!" "Oh no. They already think I'm weird. What am I gonna do? What am I gon-""Hey, I'm Jasmin." A beautiful girl with olive skin and black hair said. "Uhh, Hi. I'm Alec." "Don't listen to those assholes. They're retarded. You look fab." "Aww.

Thanks. It's just kinda embarrassing." "Don't be embarrassed. Do you want to come sit with me and my friends?" "Sure." Alec was feeling better about this whole school thing. Jasmin walked Alec over to a table of 6 girls. "Hey guys, this is Alec. Isn't he beautiful?" "Oh my god, you're gorgeous!" said a blonde headed girl.

"Alec, this is Ariel, Zoe, Elle, Hanna, Jenny, and Kat." "Hey!" The girls said in unison.

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"Hi, I'm Kat." Said a girl with blonde hair and blue extensions. "I love your shoes, where did you get them?" "I bought them a few months ago at Forever 21." Said Alec. The bell rang. "Jasmin, can you show me to my class? I have Mrs. Falati's English 1." "Sure, I'll walk you." They walked up the hall." "Jasmin.

That guy is so hot. Oh my god." "Alec! That's James.

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" James was walking with his best friends. Roy, Andrew, and Sean. "Yo, yo!

Did you just see that tranny?" said Andrew. "Duuuude, that can't be a guy!" Sean yells. James did see Alec. He took a double take, actually. "Holy fuck, he's hot!" thought James. "Guys, I gotta piss. See you all later." Said James. He walked to the bathroom. A teacher's bathroom, he used multiple times the previous year to jack off when he could wait to get home.

He checked to see if anyone was inside, looked around, and walked into the bathroom. He leaned against a wall and unzipped his jeans. He started rubbing himself through his underwear. "God his legs were amazing. I'd love to kiss them up and down." He pulled his 9 inch cock out and started jacking off.

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"I'd love to fuck that tight little ass." He loved the aroma of his own uncut dick. He stuck his hand down the back of his underwear. He felt his hairy asshole. "I bet he'd eat out my asshole." He stuck a finger in. "Uhh Ohhh" He started grunting and shaking all over. He came furiously all over the bathroom wall. "Ohh. If only I could actually do that to him." He wiped off his dick and walked out of the bathroom trying to act as normal as possible.

Well, that's it.

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Please let me know what you think! Any comment is a good comment! I know this part had no sex, but if I get good reviews I'll post the next part which has a nice sex scene!

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