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I love shemales xxx meat lover
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Witch's Curse: Bitch Becomes a Slut Mom always said I had to learn things the hard way and she was usually right. In retrospect I had it all: I was the captain of the cheerleaders, I was dating the high school quarterback and I was at the top of my class academically. To make my blessed life even more envious to most, I come from a very wealthy family and I am very, very pretty.

My long black as night hair, aqua blue eyes have gotten me the attention of many boys and men; my long legs have also been a great attention getter. My only real flaw was my breasts were quite small, without the generous padding of my expensive bras I would be an A-cup. Mommy had agreed my graduation present would be breast implants, but she had not told Daddy yet. But Mommy was confident she could persuade him as he had bought her breast enlargements for their tenth year anniversary. Anyway, the point is I lived a pretty charmed life and being popular I felt the school revolved around me.

The cool kids hung out with me and were my minions; the rest of the girl population wished they could be me. Shallow I suppose, but it was the truth. That said, being popular can bring out one's dark side. In retrospect, I was a diva bitch.

I mocked the stupid, ridiculed the fat, humiliated the ugly and I revelled in glorifying my position of popularity above all those unworthy below me. There is a social hierarchy in high school and life for that matter and I was at the top.

It wasn't fair, but it was what it was. Unfortunately for me, I got pulled into the privileged lifestyle and began to believe I was better than everyone else. Sadly, I was to learn just how wrong I was about everything and just how quickly power can be taken away. It was the day before Halloween, the day before my eighteenth birthday, when my life changed without me knowing it. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, as Amber and I planned my big eighteenth birthday party Halloween Bash at the cafeteria while our childish football boyfriends had a lunch football meeting.

They say you never know what one thing will push someone over the edge and what I said to her this time was nothing out of the ordinary or meaner than any other day, yet it was the straw that seemingly broke the camel's back and eventually changed my life forever.

Heather, also known by my clique as the 'sister of death' because of her all black fashion sense, walked by us and I quipped, "Actually Heather Halloween is tomorrow." Heather startled us all by stopping and glaring at me, usually she scurried away like the insignificant mouse she was. A strange smirk crossed her face and she asked, "Don't you turn eighteen tomorrow?" "Why yes I do," I replied, twirling my hair I asked, "Why? Are you going to buy me a present?" "You could say that," she smiled, her tone ominous and confident, strange for a nobody like her.

"Don't bother. There is nothing you could possibly give me I don't already have," I smugly shot back. "Wouldn't you like some hills on that flat chest of yours?" Heather retorted, a confidence and smugness in her I didn't know existed. "Excuse me," I gasped, shocked by this nobody's nerve to stand up to me. "Tits, don't you wish you had tits? Like most woman do. Even your vapid followers have them. Actually, Amber's are more like cow udders, but still better than nothing don't you think, Kim?" "You fucking bitch," Amber snapped, standing up in a flash.

"Another great vocabulary lesson from the gospel according to Amber," Heather retorted, not seemingly remotely threatened by Amber. I stopped Amber from ripping the peasant apart. I was stunned. I couldn't believe what was happening.

Turning full bitch mode on, I went for the jugular, knowing the witch lived with her aunt. "At least I am not some butt ugly friendless loser lesbian whose parents didn't even want her." As expected, I saw the hurt in her face but to my surprise she didn't cry or run away like I expected she would.

Instead, she recovered quickly, smiled and said ominously, "I can't wait until tomorrow." "Why is that?" I snapped. Ignoring my question, she asked, "What time were you born?" "What the fuck?" Amber growled. "Not here," I warned, looking over at Mr. Hampton who was walking our way. "You are such a good pawn. Always playing follow the leader, aren't we Amber," Heather sarcastically purred. "You are dead," Amber threatened through gritted teeth. "Be careful or I will curse you too," Heather threatened back.

"You cursed me?" I questioned with a chuckle. "I am about to," the dressed in black witch wannabe replied. "Oooooh, I am so scared," I mocked. "Kim, I curse you. At whatever time you were born you will be bimbofied." "What?" I asked, now becoming greatly amused. "What time were you born?" she asked me again. "10:30 in the morning," I replied, looking to my girls, "Why? Is that when the curse begins?" "Delicious," the sister of death said, her smile wide and seemingly out of place with her all black morbid attire, before walking away.

"She is fucking crazy," I said turning to Amber. "That she is," Amber agreed, "and she needs to be put in her place." "Agreed," I said, a variety of humiliating plots already spinning in my head. "But she is mine, is that understood?" "Fine," Amber reluctantly agreed, as she always did even though she wanted to take care of her herself. The rest of the day was uneventful and that evening I was focused on planning for the Halloween party.

That night I had crazy dreams. In each of them I was transformed into a voluptuous blonde and ended up in sexual encounter after encounter with each dream ending with me crawling to Heather who was dressed as a witch and begging to be her slave.

Each time I awoke in a sweat, my pussy damp and needy, but my mind reeling with mortification of such absurd thoughts. When the last dream woke me up at 6:50, I was up ten minutes before my alarm and considered not working out because it was my sweet eighteenth, but I am a creature of habit and although distracted by my strange dreams, I sluggishly went to work out downstairs in the basement for my usual half hour.

After a light working out, I jumped into the shower and got dressed in my slutty but not as slutty as tonight's costume (a 1920s flapper girl with the short hair wig, a sexy dress that was conservative by today's standards, fishnet stockings and three inch heels).

As I admired myself in the mirror and smiled knowing this costume was nowhere near as slutty as the costume I planned to wear to tonight's party, then I finished putting on my make-up. Going downstairs, Mom greeted me with a big hug. "Happy birthday, sweetheart." "Thanks, Mom," I replied.

Dad quit reading the paper to also offer me birthday wishes. "Happy eighteenth, princess." "Thanks, Dad," I said, as he came over to give me a hug. Pulling a small box out of his pocket, he said, "I hope you like it." I had learned from experience that often the best presents come in small packages. My 16th birthday was a small box with keys to my new sports car.

That Christmas I got diamond earrings. The following birthday a diamond necklace and this past Christmas a diamond graduation ring. I was actually wondering what other type of jewelry could fit in a small box. I opened the box and it was a credit card. I gasped. "Really?" "You are eighteen now, princess. You can choose your own gifts," my Dad explained kissing my forehead. "Oh my God. Thank you, thank you, thank you," I replied giddily.

"Don't you want to know your credit limit?" he smiled, returning to the table and his paper. "Sure," I replied, not even yet considering what the limit would be. "Two thousand a month. No more," he said, smiling knowing I was a rather frivolous spender. After a brief pause, he added, "but I did put ten thousand dollars already on the card for you to start with." "You're giving me ten thousand dollars," I gasped, not believing such a number.

"No silly, twelve actually as you also have your two thousand monthly limit," he smiled, returning to the paper. "You are the absolute best," I squealed, running to him and hugging the life out of him. "Now don't you go and spend it all at one place," Dad quipped. "I've got to tell Amber," I said, excited. "Breakfast first missy," Mom said, Cherise made your favorite. Our maid, a sweet black woman named Cherise, brought me breakfast.

I thanked Cherise and began eating breakfast already making a mental list of all the things I planned to buy. While I was eating, Dad stood up and said, "I guess I should get to work and make some money to pay for all this." My dad was CEO of a bank and thus we were very well off.

At eighteen, I have travelled the world and my long term goal was to hit every beach in the top twenty-five beaches in the world. (I had already hit nine and would be hitting number ten during Christmas holidays this year). "You may want to work a double shift," I joked. "You brat," he joked, kissing my forehead. "Have a great party tonight." "Thanks, Dad," I said, thrilled that they were actually going to their own Halloween Party at the lake and wouldn't be back for a day or two.

I finished breakfast, called Amber to tell her about my gift and headed to school. Pulling into my parking spot, a benefit of being a senior, I was surprised to see Heather seemingly waiting for me, not surprisingly in a witch's costume.

Getting out of my car, I glared at her. "What are you looking at, psycho?" "The end of your tyranny," she replied, still smirking. "I am in way too good of a mood to deal with you today," I replied, dismissing her with a wave. "No problem, if you need me though, I will be in the south washroom from 10:25 to 10:35," she said.

I shook my head at the absurdity of her statement even as I briefly recalled last night's strange dreams. "Why would I ever need something from a nothing like you?" She shrugged, that damn smug smile plastered on her face, "Oh, just a hunch." I walked away annoyed at her for dampening my happy birthday mood which was quickly rekindled when I entered the school and was sprayed with confetti. "Happy birthday," all my fellow cheerleaders, dressed as flapper also.

"You guys," I smiled, as I shook the confetti out of my fake hair. I got hugs, best wishes and a couple of presents before Principal Hammerstone interrupted the party.

"Happy birthday, Ms. Patterson." "Thank you Principal Hammerstone," I smiled, attempting to look provocative. Principal Hammerstone was the hottest adult at school and all us girls had discussed ways to seduce him. He was black, bald and built. I was really curious if the black size reputation was true; I hoped to investigate and reveal the truth before the school year was over.

"I hope someone is going to clean this up," Mr. Hammerstone said. "Of course," Amber smiled, "Carter." Three nerdy freshmen appeared seemingly out of nowhere and began cleaning up our mess.

I smiled. Being at the top of the social hierarchy of high school was awesome. Biology was it's usually bore and later when I was in English class talking about the slow transformation of Hamlet when I started feeling something strange happening to me. Ms.


Fern asked my opinion on Hamlet's relationship with his mother and my head gave a deep intelligent response on the complexity of their relationship, the ultimate love-hate son-mother complication, yet the words out of my mouth were insipid babble. "He like, wants to like, do her." I gasped as I heard my own voice, but not my words.

The class laughed thinking I was mocking the literature and Ms. Fern glared at me.

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I started feeling my small breasts get heavy and looked at the clock. It was 10: 29. I remembered the curse and frantically asked, "Ms. Fern, I am not feeling well, may I, like go to pee-pee in the potty?" "Of course," she replied shaking her head, as I suddenly noticed how big and juicy her breasts were.


I scurried out and headed straight to the washroom that bitch witch said she would be. As I rushed, I could feel my breasts getting heavier, my head lighter and I could feel a hunger inside as my pussy started begging for attention. Walking past the nerdy Simon, pocket protector and all, I briefly looked at his crotch wondering if his cock was big and hard. I shook my head and was surprised as I said to him, "Hey, big boy." He froze and stared at me as I continued walking mortified hearing more words I didn't mean to say, yet obviously did.

As I practically ran to the washroom, Simon's cock popped into my head and my mouth watered with a sudden hunger. I shook my head desperate to get the absurd image of the scrawny nerd's cock out of my head.

She is fast rising and has a booty to die for

As I ran, I could literally feel my breasts getting heavier and heavier. I looked down at my usually small almost non-existent cleavage I was sure my breasts were getting substantially bigger. I exploded into the bathroom, the door slamming behind me and yelled, "Heather! You better like be here you fucking crazy bitch!" Heather was sitting on the counter with the same smug smile she had from earlier today and yesterday plastered on her face.

"How are you feeling, Kim?" she asked, her facial expression knowing the answer already. I wanted to slap that smile right off her fucking face but remained as calm as I could as I asked, through gritted teeth, "What like have you done to me?" "Me? Nothing. But the curse, well that is another story altogether," the witch replied.

Distracted, I glanced down at her black nylon covered legs and wondered if she was wearing pantyhose or stockings. Again I shook my head to get another ludicrous image out of my head. "Something wrong?" she asked, her tone implying she knew that something was definitely wrong. "Yes, something is wrong," I snapped as my breasts continued to grow, making me wobble slightly. Staring down at my clearly growing breasts I asked, "What is happening to me?" "It looks like you are getting the big tits you always wanted.

At least now your mother won't have to convince daddy dearest to buy you fake titties. Yours will be all natural" Dumbfounded by the impossible transformation I was currently going through I stammered, "H-h-how is this happening?" "The curse obviously," the smiling bitch replied. "But this isn't like, like, like possible," I retorted, again distracted by her legs which she opened a bit as if sensing my distraction.

"Well I guess the impossible just like happened," she smiled, mocking my bimbo talk, laughing as my bra ripped in two from my still growing breasts.

"Why did you do this to me?" I asked, my breasts now so large now I could feel the strain on my back and I began to worry my dress may rip open if the growing didn't stop soon. She laughed harshly, a laugh eerily similar to my own spiteful one that I used on occasion. "So you can feel what it feels like to be judged based on appearance." "W-w-what?" I asked, again distracted as her left shoe fell to the floor and I could see her surprising cute pink painted toenails in sheer nylon.

"And revenge," she added, "for all your bullying of me and the many others you have judged, ridiculed and humiliated." "T-t-that is like stupid," I heard myself say, sounding like some vapid ditz.

"Like-like-like stupid," she mocked. I was furious at being ridiculed by this nobody but even as my anger boiled I continued to stare at her foot and leg which was now swinging slowly, like a hypnotist`s watch pulling me in. "What are you thinking, Kimmy?" I glared at her. Nobody calls me Kimmy, no fucking body. I moved towards her and meant to threaten her, like I always did to the lowly peasants of the school, but again the words that were in my head were not what left my mouth.

"I like can't stop like staring at your sexy stocking legs." I shook my head at what I just said and noticed thankfully my breasts had seemed to stop growing. "You find my legs sexy, Kimmy?" she asked, allowing her other shoe to drop. 'No I find you a fucking repulsive psycho,' I thought to myself but said instead, "Yes, Heather, you have like sexiest legs like ever." "Sexier than yours?" she questioned. Again, I couldn't stop staring at her stocking-clad legs even as my mind demanded I walk out this moment, that I stand up for myself like I always have done.

Yet again, I heard myself say, as I felt my panties getting wet, "Waaaaaaaay sexier than mine. You are like super fucking hot to trot. I wish I was as fucking hot as you." 'What?!?' I screamed to myself am I saying.

'Why?!?' I screamed to myself am I saying such ridiculous lies. I don't want to be like her. "Are you hungry?" she asked, before adding, "Would you like to eat my cunt?" I gasped again at her absurd question even as my eyes moved between her legs against my will.

As my head screamed 'fuck you, you dumb slag', my pussy betrayed me by getting wetter and wetter. Yet again the words out of my mouth were not what I meant to say. "Like yes I'd like to eat your cunt. May I eat it?" "But I thought I was repulsive?" she pointed out, opening her legs wide enough to reveal she was wearing stockings that again had my pussy tingling again.

"You have told me so almost every day for the past year." 'Yes, you are fucking disgusting,' I screamed inside my head, yet answered obtusely, "I was like dumb and mean and stupid and like jealous of like how much better than me you are. Please let me make it up to you by eating your cunt." "Come to me," she ordered, her words again pulling me towards her against my will.

I felt my body move, even as I desperately tried to resist the growing temptation to submit to the curse seemingly placed on me. "On your knees, like a good slut, Kimmy," she ordered, her smile wide. She was really enjoying humiliating me. My face winced at her calling me a slut and at the absurd order she had just given me, yet suddenly my legs felt weak.

I couldn't believe it as I felt myself lowering to the ground on my knees. Inside I was a fiery mix of hate and lust. I desperately wanted to crush this bitch and put her in her place; yet another part of me, a growing part, hungered to obey her, to please her, to be put in my place. "You want to lick my cunt right here in the bathroom don't you? Even though anybody could walk in and see you eating me, see the popular head cheerleader eagerly eating the pussy of the crazy witch. Isn't that what you and your diva clones call me?" she asked, clearly attempting to humiliate me.

'Fuck no. I don't want to do this', I screamed at the top of my lungs, yet the words out of my sexual doppelgänger, made me sound like a dumb, blonde, bimbo.

"Yes silly, like I don't care who sees me. I just want to eat your cunt." be on the brink of an orgasm, but unable to explode without the taste of cum in your mouth. "You can't be serious," I said, but realizing how horny I got, getting more and more intense as the humiliation intensified, and yet unable to cum until the moment she did; I realized she was not lying.

She began walking to the door before stopping. "You know they say blondes have more fun. Let's find out if it is true." "Heather, please, we can work something out," I begged. "Oh one more thing I almost forgot," she said. "The last additional quirk I added to your curse is you will obey any order anyone gives you.

Always." "No please," I pleaded, believing every word she said now. "Five, four, three, two, one," she counted down, clearly amused at what she had done to me. "Back to bimbo mode. Slap yourself in the face." 'There is no way I am doing that' I thought to myself as I felt the hot burn of my hand on my face as I slapped myself.

"Jump up and down on one foot," she ordered as she aimed her phone at me. I wanted to beg for her to stop again, but the words I spoke instead as I began to hop, my humongous breasts almost hitting me in the face, were, "Like how fun." I was furious inside assuming she was taping me for nefarious reasons all the while she was laughing at me.oh how the tides had turned.

"Blow me a kiss, my cunt-licker," she ordered. Another order, another derogatory name and my pussy was getting wetter as I blew her a kiss and added, "Kisses, sexy." "Give me your number," she ordered.

I heard myself give her my cell number even as I demanded myself not to. "Get on all fours, slut," she demanded, her evil smile back.

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I obeyed instantly even though I didn't want to, as another tingle hit my hungry cunt. "Masturbate for me," she ordered, her iPhone pointing at me.

My hand went directly under my skimpy dress and to my sopping wet cunt. I felt a jolt of pleasure instantly, even as my mind protested. "Tell me you are a nasty, bitch," she demanded. I repeated her words exactly as more pulsations triggered my cunt, my strong willed mind breaking again. "I am a nasty bitch?" "Who is?" she questioned. "Kim Patterson is a nasty bitch," I announced to the camera.

"Tell me how much you loved eating my cunt," she ordered, moving closer to me. The transition inside my head was shifting as I was becoming a cum hungry bimbo, my pussy taking control of my body and thoughts. "I fucking loved licking your cunt," I admitted and I did and I wanted to again. I craved it. I needed it. "You're hungry for my cunt again, aren't you?" she asked, smugly; now just a foot away from me. Far away in my subconscious I heard faint screams of 'nooooo' but they were silenced by my insatiable hunger and declaration, "I like desperately want to lick you again." My hand was now frantically rubbing my cunt, but the orgasm that should have hit by now continued to burn just below the volcanic rupture point.

"Look directly at the camera and using your name tell me what you are and who is your Mistress," she instructed. The word 'Mistress' suddenly seemed so natural, so right. I was her bimbo sub and she was my Mistress. I saw that clearly now. Looking directly at the camera, opening my legs to allow her to see me slide two fingers inside my desperate inferno of desire, I declared, "My name is Kim Patterson and I am like a bimbo slut who was created for the use of my Mistress, Mistress Heather." "That was very good," she replied, straddling my face.

Her words of approval excited me, her legs straddling me brought undeniable hunger as I looked forward to tasting her again; suddenly nothing else mattered. "You crave my cunt, don't you?" she asked. "Like yes," I admitted, leaning up. "Do you think you deserve it?" she teased, waving her hairy cunt above me.

"Like, I will do like anything," I said, meaning it. Tasting her again all that mattered in my tiny brain. "Too bad," she shrugged, adding, "the bell is going to ring in a minute. You cunt, you slut, you whore, you bitch, you cocksucker, cunt-licker, tramp." The machine-gun verbal attack had me collapse onto the floor as my cunt felt intense feelings of pleasure. My desire to come so intense now it was the only thought in my mind. I begged, "Please, please, please, let me lick you, Mistress." She laughed as she moved away from me.

"Sorry, class is over. You should probably get yourself respectable before someone comes in." Before I could respond, my need to come overwhelming everything else, she walked out the bathroom leaving me alone. I heard her say to someone, "Thanks for covering the entrance for me." "Did it work?" the voice asked.

"Go see for yourself," Heather said amused. Before I could move, one of her geeky friends, Sandra, the Preacher's daughter, peeked inside and gasped. I should have been mortified, but my first thought was 'I bet her cunt would taste good'. Yet, just as quickly as she came in, she was gone and I was left alone horny and dishevelled. Seconds later the bell rang and I quickly got up, still completely distracted by my desperate need to come.

I was just washing my face when others came sauntering into the bathroom as morning break had just started. My hunger to come became a hunger for cum and I was not thinking rationally but only with my overcharged libido. Hands trembling, I texted Miles, 'Car, now, hungry 4 ur cock.' I hurried out of the bathroom; I was overwhelmed with sexual desire.

Every girl I walked by my mouth watered knowing their cunt could satisfy my hunger; each guy that passed had my head wondering if I could just devour their cock full and felt that everyone was staring at my big tits. Just as I was near the door to break free from the swarm of cocks and cunts I craved, I passed Mr. Hammerstone. "You ok, Kim?" he asked. All I could think about was his hammer pounding my throat. I stammered, "Like, just got to come, like I mean, meet Miles." I scurried out the door resisting the temptation to fall to my knees and satisfy my craving by devouring our sexy Principal.

Outside, I quickly headed to my car when Amber called out. I ignored her and continued to the car. Miles was walking all laissez-faire to the car when I snapped, "Like, get the fuck over here, now." Miles knowing that tone, assuming he was in trouble, hurried to me. "You went blonde?" he asked with a surprised look on his face. "I wanna be sexy, and slutty and like blondes have like more fun," I flirted, my hunger all that mattered. "And your breasts are huge," he said, staring at my newfound chest.

"All bimbos have big tits," I replied, content with who I was, a cum-craving slut. "W-w-what is up?" he stammered, confused by my aggressive out of character behavior. "It better be your cock," I replied, reaching for his cock outside the car. No longer caring who saw us, I began pulling his cock out of his pants.

"Wow, Kim," he protested, "anyone can see." "Give me your cock now, Miles, or I will find someone else who is more willing," I snapped, ignoring his protest. "Let's at least get in the car," he said, moving to the car, quickly. "Fuck, fine, you fucking prude," I said, pissed at him delaying my need to come. Once in the car, I pulled his cock out and bobbed on it up and down like I was in the cocksucking speed Olympics.

Thankfully, Miles has an incredibly quick trigger and in only a couple of minutes of pornstar sucking, all the while I frantically rubbed myself, I felt the double explosion of his cum spraying down my throat. My own orgasm shuttered through me like an earthquake as my body was split in two. Bimbo me quivered, quaked and screamed like a whore finally reaching the denied orgasm that had been simmering through me since the humiliation in the bathroom; the real me, watched in awestruck frustration at what I had become, how completely the need to come had overtaken my being and how quickly I was myself once I had accomplished the task.

If the bitch witch was right I had ten minutes of freedom. Even as my orgasm continued quivering through me, I said to Miles, "Sorry, I couldn't help myself." "Fuck, don't be sorry. I think we should make this a regular thing," he replied, like a typical guy. "No, listen Miles, I have been," I said, but the word cursed didn't come out.

"You have been, what?" he asked, seeing my frazzled look. I screamed 'cursed' but nothing came out at all, just my mouth open like a mime. I reworded "That bitch Heather cursed me into a bimbo," but the words he actually heard was 'That bitch me into a bimbo.' He looked at me confused as he put his penis back in his pants. Frustrated, I tried to word it another way. "I am no longer in control of myself." "What?" he asked. "I have been made into a slut," I explained. "Oooooo-K," he said, clearly not understanding what I was saying.

"I can't say no to you," I said, trying a different approach. "I know, I am irresistible," he smiled back, thinking I was complimenting him. The clock ticking away, I was getting frantic. "Miles fucking listen I don't have much time. I am no longer me." His facial expression told me he understood I wasn't kidding, but clearly he had no idea what I was trying to say. "I have been turned into a slut," I reworded the same message.

"Turned into a slut?" he repeated. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, that fucking bitch," I cursed, unable to explain my plight. "What bitch?" he asked. I said, 'Heather', but no name escaped my lips. I repeated her name over and over and yet nothing came out. As my boyfriend looked at me like I was insane, an idea popped into my head.

Obviously, the curse prevented me from revealing the curse verbally, but it couldn't stop me from writing my problem. Grabbing a napkin from the floor of the car and a pen, I quickly wrote, 'I have been cursed by Heather and turned into a bimbo, please help me before I am turned into a slave.' I double- checked to make sure what I wrote was what I was thinking before handing it to him.

I handed him the note and he read it as his eyes got wide. "You sure?" he asked. "Yes," I replied, relieved that he finally understood what I was trying to say. "You're fucking with me," he said, clearly skeptical. "No, I am not," I said, my eyes big, desperate for him to completely understand. "Will you help me?" "I don't know," he hesitated, "this doesn't seem like a good idea." "What do you mean," I sighed with frustration, "It isn't an idea, it is the reality I am currently living." "You're sure," he asked, clearly not wanting to be a part of it.

"Of course I am sure," I snapped, frustrated at his lack of concern. "What are you going to do about it?" "I don't know," he said, his discomfort obvious. "Shit, it is almost time," I panicked, knowing I had less than a minute. "Time for what?" he asked, looking at me like I was crazy, which I was beginning to think I was. "Please, Miles, promise me you will help me," I pleaded.

"Ok, ok," he agreed, "but I can't believe this is what you want, even if I have thought about it many times." "Thought about what?" I asked.

Suddenly it was my turn to be confused. "What do you mean? Oh man is this a test?" he asked, his eyes giving away he thought it was too good to be true. "This is not a fucking test, Miles. Fuck, why is this so fucking complicated. What are you going to do about it?

Are you a man or a mouse?" I questioned. "Ok, ok, fuck what is wrong with you?" he said, clearly thinking I was overreacting. "What is wrong with me? What is wrong with me? Are you illiterate?" I snapped, grabbing the napkin and yelling, "This is what is wrong with me?" Looking at it my world suddenly stopped.

I could feel the color drain from my face. I could feel my will to win shattered. I could feel the clock ticking to zero. It was my hand writing, yet it was not the words I had written and I even double checked before giving it to him. The note said, 'I want you to fuck my ass and treat me like a bimbo-slave tonight.' "Honey, you look like you have seen a ghost," he said, staring at me with concern even after my, in his mind, irrational behaviour.

"You are," I said, tears streaming down my face, the reality of just how powerful the curse was now hitting home. Silence lingered. "Do you want me to take you home?" he asked, clearly concerned about his girlfriend who was acting irrational.

Sensing my time was up, I was going to agree when there was a knock on the window startling me. It was Amber with my purse.

I rolled down the window and Amber could tell what we had been up to. "You slut, couldn't you even wait till lunch? And here I was all worried about you." The word slut brought the first tingle back down below and the words out of my mouth were not me again. "Like, what can I say I can't resist a big cock." Shit, I was back in bimbo-mode. She laughed, "Fuck, the way you scurried out of class I thought something was wrong, especially when you didn't come back." I wanted to say, 'Yes, I was turned into a bimbo and made to dyke out' but what I said instead was, 'Something was wrong, I was like going through cum withdrawal'.

Miles blushed as I squeezed his still hard cock. "You slut," Amber teased, "Let's go, we are going to be late for class." I wanted to go home, but having been given an order, I felt my body moving without my permission.

"See you after school, stud," I smiled, giving one more involuntary squeeze to my boyfriend's cock. "S-s-sure," he replied, clearly trying to figure out his good fortune and the bizarre changes in his girlfriend's behavior.

I followed Amber back into school with only a slight tingling down below. I was relatively still in control of my libido. "So how did you get such realistic fake tits?" Amber asked. I lied. "Mom found some online." "Oh, cool. So did you fuck him or suck him in the car?" Amber asked. "Just sucked him," I answered, luckily the words I thought were the ones that left my lips.

"Well, Happy birthday to you," Amber joked as we got to class. The next hour I felt so free. I was thinking straight, able to mostly ignore the faint but ever present nagging for attention down below. I desperately wracked my brain trying to figure a way out of this curse.

Although I thought many things, it all came down to one basic truth: I had to convince Heather to take back the curse. The bell rang for lunch and Amber and I headed to our usual perch in the cafeteria hierarchy. Yet, as I walked the hallway I could feel a growing hunger. I had to focus on my thoughts; otherwise, I began to think about the size of a guy's cock as they passed me or if a girl might be a lesbian.

Reaching the cafeteria, I was surprised to see our table was decorated with balloons and a happy 18th Kim banner above. Briefly, ever so briefly, I forgot what had transpired today and I revelled in the glory of being me. Yet, when I reached my table and got a hug from a few of the gang, instead of feeling warmth I felt their tits against mine or their cock against my leg.

Another twitch below had me shiver slightly, instantly bringing me back to my condition. The plethora of good wishes hit me and I thanked them with single words that couldn't be reworded by the curse. Usually, I was the center of the conversation, the undisputed leader of the group, yet I stayed silent as I continued looking for Heather in the crowd.

When I was drawn into conversation, I kept my answers simple and quickly learned that other than the odd addition of the word 'like', I could keep from sounding like an insipid airhead.

As I finished my lunch, my phone vibrated. It was a text from an unknown number. I assumed it was from Heather. Hi Kimmy, How is your birthday going so far? Do you like my gift? If you need to talk or satisfy your hunger I am in the library conference room 3 right now. With no name left, no evidence it was from Heather or that I was cursed. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head.

I would take my phone and put it on record so I could tape her words and then use the recording as proof to explain my predicament to anyone that could help me. I stood up and said, unfortunately so excited about the opportunity to catch Heather in the act, to free myself from her invisible power, that I didn't wordsmith properly.

"Like I have to go pee-pee." My friends looked at me like I was an alien, but I just shook my head and hurried out before anyone could follow.I usually did not go to the washroom alone. I went directly to the library and to the small tutorial room.

Taking a deep breath, I knocked on the door. "Come in," Heather replied, her voice unusually happy. I walked in and was surprised to see she was not alone. I asked, "Can we like be alone?" "Why, do you want to eat my cunt?" she asked.

My face went red as the thought of eating her disgusted me, but appealed to my conditioning. "What, like no, I just, like." I turned and saw Eugene and gasped. "Don't worry, slut, Eugene knows about the curse.

Actually, he has offered to assist you with your craving," she revealed, my cunt getting needier with another verbal insult. Eugene was a 300 pound acne covered nerd who I and my posse had picked on for years.

The thought of even being in the same confined room with him disgusted me; yet I couldn't help but look down at his crotch. The ruthless me wondered if I could even find his cock, but the cursed me wondered if he was big and a virgin. "Please, no," I said, my face clearly showing my disgust. "On your knees, cocksucker," she ordered, as she went and locked the door, before adding, "rumour has it you already swallowed a load at break." My face burned red, as I felt myself going to my knees, following another command.

"Please, we can work something out," I begged. "Are you really that dumb? It is a curse, you cunt-licking, cock-sucking, whore," she replied, sending triggers of sexual pleasure directly into my cunt. I could again feel the fading of my will from the verbal assault.

Looking at Eugene, my utter disgust was slowly weakening as my uncontrollable hunger to come increased, regardless of the vessel needed to satiate the hunger. "It is time for Eugene to lose his virginity to the most popular girl in school," she announced, smiling. "Now get his cock nice and ready with that cock-sucking mouth of yours." "Y-y-you sure," Eugene stammered, clearly not used to female attention.

Another order given, another rush of desire down below, as I crawled the few feet to the large nerd. While my head screamed no in the fading distance, my response was, "I'm like super sure, stud." I pulled out his cock, not surprisingly already hard, and took it in my mouth. His seven-inch cock was bigger than my jock boyfriends five-inch cock and shockingly wide, It took a while to adjust to his thickness, but my sudden hunger to taste his cum, which in turn would allow me to come, made me determined to get him off.

Getting it in my mouth, I took most of it in, and bobbed back and forth, ignoring the slight stench of sweat. After a couple of minutes of his cock in my mouth, I heard in the background, as I zoned in on getting my addiction filled, "Beg him to fuck you, slut." I didn't hesitate, the nastiness of fucking someone like Eugene gone and replaced only with my desire to come. Taking his hard cock out of my mouth, I looked up from my submissive position and begged, the words out of my mouth desperate and nasty, "Oh please Eugene, like shove your big snake in me kitty, like make me your bitch, fuck my wet cunt." Eugene was overwhelmed by my words and it was Heather who spoke for him.

"Get on all fours like the nasty doggy slut you are, slave," she ordered. Again, without a hint of hesitation, I was no longer in control of my body as I pulled by panties down. I then got on all fours as ordered; I waited eagerly to feel a cock inside my inferno.

Heather asked, "What are you waiting for, Eugene? Fuck your dream girl." I felt his clammy hands on my hips and as soon as I felt his cock between my legs I pushed back and eagerly took all of it. His girth widened my cunt and brought intense pleasure through my entire being and I instantly felt the rising tide of an orgasm near eruption, yet unable to explode.

He didn't fuck me, I fucked him. Bouncing back on his stiff cock, my eyes closed, I forgot I was fucking the overweight geek and just enjoyed the thrill of a cock inside me. Heather asked, "Enjoying fucking yourself on Eugene's cock, slut?" Completely in bimbo I-got-to-come-at-all-costs mode, I moaned, "F-f-fucking love it." "Just so you know, besides being only allowed to come when you swallow the sweet taste of cum from a guy or girl, you can also come whenever you feel your cunt or ass walls being coated with cum.

Do you like that, my cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt." The repetition had my whole body in convulsions and I collapsed forward my orgasm begging to be released. Luckily, Eugene took control and began pounding me hard, filling me full. "You like that, slut?" he asked, with a grunt, his sweaty hands all over my ass. "Yes baby, I like-y your cock-y in me," I moaned, loving each hard stroke, before begging, "Fill my cunt with your gooey stuff, sexy." "Fill the bitch," Heather demanded.

For a couple minutes, I was fucked harder and better than I ever had been in my life and I couldn't get enough. I babbled like the bimbo slut I had become. "OMG, OMG, OMG, harder," and "pound my kitty-box," and "I need your cum-cum." I felt his hands tighten on my ass, I heard the all too familiar grunt and a second later he unloaded inside my burning cunt. Simultaneously, my orgasm stormed through me like a tornado touching ground.

A scream left my mouth beyond my control, loud enough to wake the dead, but I didn't care, the dam had burst and the pleasure was better and more intense than any I have ever felt. As Eugene pulled out of me, I felt his full load in me and suddenly clarity was back. I had just taken Eugene's virginity. I had begged him to fuck me. I had demanded him to shoot his cum in me.

I was mortified, devastated, and humiliated. As I began to stand I felt his cum leaking out of me. Heather laughed, "He has been banking that load for years." I looked at her disgusted. "What? You begged him to fill you up," she smirked.

"Not the real me," I countered. "Well, the real you now," she volleyed back with a chuckle, before adding, "Pose sexy for a picture." Frustrated, I posed sexily, my panties at my ankles, cum sliding down my leg. As soon as the picture was taken, I snapped, "This has gone to fucking far." "Has it?" she asked, smiling, "Cause truthfully I was just getting started. Give Eugene your panties." I glared at her as my body obeyed yet another humiliating instruction.

"T-t-thanks," no longer a virgin at my expense Eugene said, his cock back in his pants. "Yeah, whatever," I said, cringing at the thought that I just fucked him. "You should be nice to guys who fill your need, you may need him again," Heather warned. Ignoring her warning, I said, "I can pay you." Thinking maybe money could solve the problem. "Sure," she replied, "Give me all your money in your purse." "That is not what I meant," I replied, even as I went to my purse and gave her all my money, just over 200 bucks.

"I know," she laughed, "but since you were offering. By the way you will always answer my texts when I text you or call you is that clear?" "Yes," I replied through clenched teeth, each moment adding more and more levels of complexity to my forced obedience.

"Good girl," she purred, before turning to the door and adding, "See you tonight." Before I could respond, she walked out and Eugene quickly followed. I stood there again, helpless, defeated and humiliated. Deciding to take the afternoon off, desperate to get away and think, I rushed out of school, drove home and took a long shower to wash away the sin. Once done, I was so overwhelmed that I decided to take a nap.

I was out before my head hit the pillow. ***** I woke up after the craziest dream I have ever had. It seemed so real, so bizarre, in it I had become a slutty bimbo because of that witch Heather. As I opened my eyes, and felt a sudden horniness growing I sat up lightning fast.

Straight guy made to suck cock and get assfucked

Was it true? The memories of my day, my birthday, came flashing back fast and furious. The curse, eating my first pussy, the brief clarity, the hunger to swallow cum, sucking Miles in his car, not being able to say no, eagerly fucking fat Eugene, I was cursed.

My head was relatively clear, even though I could feel the undeniable slow tingle below. How was I going to deal with this? My party was tonight? Frantic, I looked at the clock. Shit, shit, shit. It started in an hour. How long had I slept? I quickly got up and called Amber. "Get over here now," I said. "Pulling into your driveway as we speak," she responded. "Great, come upstairs to my room," I replied, hanging up. I looked at my outfit I originally planned for tonight, a slutty-as-can-be playboy bunny costume, and wondered how I was going to avoid the curse while wearing it.

After putting the top part on, barely fitting now with my much enhanced tits, I saw the flashing blue light on my phone, I grabbed it and checked my messages. I have a dozen. I read each one and seeing one from an unknown number, I click it. You are a cunt, a slutty lesbian that craves pussy. You want to taste it now, like the slut you are. You must lick the pussy of the next girl you see.

Be the cunt-licker you have become, the eager pussy-pleaser you have become, the dirty slut you always have been. I dropped the phone on my bed as the name-calling brought pulsations of pleasure to my pussy from the machine-gun attack of insults. I moaned out loud and fell on my bed, my mind again shifting from control to hunger in seconds.

Suddenly horny, bimbo mode taking control, I fell onto my bed, and began pleasuring myself. I had two fingers in my needy cunt when Amber walked into my room. "What are you doing?" Amber gasped, staring at my legs open fingering myself. "I like need to come, please like help me come," I begged. "What?" she asked, her face showing a shock that one could not fake.

I tried to explain, babbling like a dumb whore. "Must come, must obey, must lick cunt, please help me." Amber laughed, thinking I was kidding. "Funny, Kim. This reminds me of cheerleading camp last year, too bad you didn't come." The words excited me.

I remember her telling me about experimenting while at camp last year. I couldn't go because I was on a trip to Mexico with my parents for a wedding. "Call, me Kimmy, sexy. Come show me, like, what you did there, please." Amber, skeptical, closed the door and walked over to me. "Kimmy? Are you kidding me?" "Fuck no, Amber, sit on my face, like, make me your pussy-pleaser," I begged, my conscience far back in my mind screaming to shut up, but was ignored by my heated cunt and my hunger to come.

"You seriously want to do this?" Amber asked, the look in her eyes telling me she had considered this before. "Yes, Amber, I must obey, I must lick you, I must obey," I babbled, my words making no sense to her, but making perfect sense in my muddled mind, as I added a third finger inside my burning inferno; my frustration at not coming building fast. She began to get undressed, as she said, "Do you know how long I have wanted to fuck you?" "I am yours," I replied, not waiting for an answer, "Now hurry and fuck my face with that hot kitty of yours." "Fuck, what has gotten into you?" she asked, stunned and yet turned on by the bimbo me.

Under her playboy costume, she only had on panties as she had went braless, just like I had to do, the playboy bunny outfit super tight now. I replied, "Please, hurry, I need your cunt sooooo bad-bad." She straddled my face and, sensing a power shift in our relationship, a chance to change the social hierarchy of our clique, the ambitious her took control, "Beg, Kimmy, beg to eat my cunt." Shame long left at the door, I begged, my only thought to come.

"Please Amber, let me lick-y you, I'll be a good licker." "Fuck this is unreal," she said. I lay back on my bed as she lowered her wet and trimmed cunt onto my face. I didn't hesitate, eating cunt suddenly seemed natural to me, as I lifted my head up and lapped eagerly.

Her taste was similar, yet different to Heather's, and I continued my hungry desire for both of us to come. Amber, finally freed from the restrictions of being below me in the cheerleader hierarchy, she got dominant and nasty. "That's it Kimmy, lick my cunt.

Who is in charge now?" Between long wide strokes, I moaned, "Like you obviously." "And you will let me lead?" she asked, her hand somehow reaching my burning cunt. "Yes, whatever you say," I moaned, loudly into her cunt from her finger on my swollen clit.

"Fuck," she moaned, suddenly turning around, getting us into a sweet sixty-nine. She dove into my pussy, her tongue bringing new sensations to me which I had never experienced before as I leaned up to bury my face in her sweetness. The next few minutes were pure pleasure as we licked each other with reckless abandon, using each other to achieve the ultimate ecstasy.

Her moans increased and I could tell she was close and that meant I was too, mine having been stuck on temporary delayed delirium driving me crazy. Suddenly, I felt a finger slide inside my ass and she moaned, "Finger-fuck my ass, Kimmy." I quickly obeyed, sliding my wet finger inside her tight ass.

Instantly we were simultaneously thrusting a finger inside each other's ass and our huffing and puffing continued to rise. I replicated her movements. As she took my clit in her mouth, I did too. As she pulled her mouth back allowing my clit to stretch, I did too.

Finally, I heard her scream, "I'm coming Kimmy, don't you fucking stooooooooooooop!" As her orgasm exploded out of her and onto me, I did the same. The torment over, euphoria plunged through me like a never-ending spasm. Like the previous three orgasms I had today, my fourth was equally one of the most intense and fulfilling of my young life; as it faded my clarity returned.

If Heather was telling the truth, I had twenty minutes this time. As Amber rolled off me, I suddenly sat up and apologized. "I am so sorry, Amber." "Sorry? You know how long I have wanted to fuck the shit out of you. If I would have known this was going to happen I would have brought my toys," she said, smiling.

"Toys?" I asked. "Yes, my strap on, or my double-ended dildo," Amber revealed, before adding, "since when have you become a lesbo?" "That would be today?" I answered. "A rather interesting birthday wish," she joked. "But I need your help," I said, trying to tell her my problem. "Sure," she shrugged, her smile naughty, "what do you have in mind?" "I need you to protect me," I said.

"From what?" she asked, confused by my words. "Myself," I revealed. "I can't control my sexual appetite anymore." "What?

Why?" she asked. "I can't explain it, but my hunger to come has become uncontrollable." I explained vaguely. "So what is my role?" she asked. "Hide me from undesirables," I said. "Like who?" she asked. "Everyone," I said, frustrated at not being able to reveal the truth. Before I could say more the doorbell rang. Both of us said 'Fuck' in unison realizing we were naked. "Grab my panties," Amber said and I quickly obeyed, praying she wouldn't notice my instant obedience.

As we frantically got dressed, the doorbell rang a second time. Amber finished dressing before me slapped my ass and promised, "We are not done here" "What?" I asked. "I am going to fuck the shit out of you next time," she promised. "I have always wanted my own pet slut. Bark for me." I woofed twice and laughed, trying to hide the fact that I had to obey.

"Fucking awesome," she smiled. I was worried, knowing I would have to obey if she made any sort of order. Before I could reply, the doorbell rang a third time. "Finish getting dressed, I'll get the door, lesbo." "Takes one to know one," I quipped back, desperate to hide my condition.

Alone again, my time of complete freedom of thought limited, I again tried to figure out a way out of this. I was frustrated with how I was no longer in control of my body and I couldn't control my sexual desires. I realized that as my cravings increased my conscience disappeared. I felt as if I was blindfolded and handcuffed, and I became just a body needing orgasmic relief.

In other words, I was a bimbo. I finished getting dressed and prayed I could avoid any situations where orders would be made and where conversations would be long. The next couple of hours were about as normal as life used to be just twelve hours ago.

I got a trillion birthday hugs, I had a few birthday drinks and got a few cool presents from friends. The only real change was I listened more and talked less. Only on rare occasion did my bimbo language come out and that was ignored as me being drunk and giddy at being eighteen. Things were going well and I almost forgot what had become of me until Miles arrived, late as usual. Sometimes I really questioned if he loved me as he said he did or just used me for sex and the popularity that came with dating the head cheerleader.

He was already drunk, and his first words to me where aggressive. "I got something for you, let's find someplace quiet." An order. Dammit. An order seemed to enhance my bimbo-ness as I said all excited, "Like, ok." A minute later we were in my room and the door was locked.

"I am going to make all your birthday wishes come true," he smiled, before kissing me hard. I wondered instantly if my aggressiveness this afternoon and the stupid note I wrote had given him a new confidence over who controlled this relationship. I broke the kiss and said, "About the note." "Shut up, sexy," he ordered, pushing me on the bed. Another order, I was now at the mercy of his intentions, which I assumed included fulfilling my earlier accidental request to have my ass fucked.

At the thought, my cunt tingled even as my mind freaked out at the thought of the nasty taboo act. He was a different man, rugged and rough, in control and I again felt my cunt getting wetter. He said, "Fuck you look sexy, birthday girl," as he pulled down my thong and slid a finger inside my already wet pussy. As he pumped his finger inside my cunt hard and fast he noticed the obvious. "Holy shit, Kim, you are soaked, have you been thinking of me fucking your ass all day?" I didn't answer partly because of the order although I assumed that order came to an end when asked a question, but partly because I was scared what bimbo me would say, as I could again feel my conscience beginning to fade away and bimbo me take control.

Suddenly there was a knock on my door. "Fuck off," yelled Miles as he prepared to sodomize me, clearly unaware of how to prepare someone for such an act. Amber called out, "The police are here." Miles cursed, but stood up and pulled up his pants quickly. Ignoring me, he climbed out the window.

I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe the audacity of him leaving me there even if he was obviously drunk and maybe even high. I opened the door and saw my guests dispersing at record speed, my eighteenth birthday party was ruined. Any other day, I would be furious, but the thought that no one else could order me around was a relief.

I desperately wanted this day to end and prayed that the curse was just one day. I went downstairs to speak to the police. "Like, hi officers, what is, like, the problem?" I sighed to myself as I heard myself talk. "Is this your party, Miss?" the chubby officer asked. "Like, obviously," I giggled, my inside voice mortified by how vapid I sounded.

"We are shutting it down. We have had two noise complaints," he said, looking around. "Well, poop, it is like my 18th birthday party," I explained, and looking down at his crotch I added, "do you like have a present for me?" I was mortified by the words out of mouth, even as my pussy again begged for attention. "Have you been drinking, young lady?" he asked. "Just my friend's pussy juice, sir," I answered way too honestly. I quickly covered my mouth.

He shook his head and said, "Party's over. If I come back here again I will be taking you downtown." "You can like take me anywhere you wish," I flirted back like the whore I had been turned into. Shaking his head, he said, "Go get some sleep. You clearly need it." "Yes, sir," I said, obeying his order. I went directly back to my room and to my bed. I was asleep in seconds. I was awakened by the ringing of my cell. Groggily, I reached for it confused. "Come open the door for us, cunt-licker," a voice demanded.

The name calling sent a pleasure pulse directly to my cunt and I immediately sat up and headed downstairs. The cops coming, Miles ditching and the premature end of the party came flashing back as I looked at the huge mess. I opened the door and six of the biggest losers of all time filtered into my messy house. There was Eugene whose cherry I had taken earlier today, Simon the nerd who I saw first after the curse began to work, Elmer an acne covered geek with a 200 plus IQ but no social smarts, Chang our Chinese Chess Champion, Sandra, a preacher's daughter, who I had never heard speak louder than a squeak and who dressed like a missionary girl and Heather who had started the curse.

I was petrified at seeing these six losers in my house, mortified at why they would be here and yet my cunt was already getting my panties damp at the thought of all the cock and pussy available for me.

My cunt on orgasm denial since Miles started getting me primed for pleasure an ass fucking earlier. Heather ordered, "On your knees, slut, it is time for you to continue your charity work." Another pulse to the pussy, I obeyed yet another order against my will.

"Crawl to the living room cocksucker," Heather demanded. I again obeyed and again felt a pounding to my pussy as I felt the real me fading away again and being replaced by the sex-craved bimbo me. Once in the living room, Sandra, who never speaks only squeaks, gasped, "I can't fucking believe it, you really did it. You made our arch enemy, into a real bimbo.

Fucking awesome." I looked up at Sandra, dressed in what I guess was a homemade Pippi Longstocking costume. Her long red hair was in pigtails and her raggedy clothes implied so much, although, truthfully, it was not much better than her usual day-to-day attire. "I told you the curse would work," Heather smiled clearly proud of her accomplishment. She added, clearly trying to show all her power, "Be a good slut, a good cunt, a good whore and roll over like a dog.

"Aaaah, aaaaah, ooooooh," I involuntarily moaned from the name calling, before obeying and rolling over like an obedient dog, my panties now soaked.

"Bark, cunt-licker," Heather demanded. I again obeyed, as my pussy leaked, "Woof, woof, woof." Looking up I saw that Eugene had a video camera on a tripod aimed directly at me.

I begged, "Like, please don't tape this." "Dumb sluts only speak when spoken to. Is that clear you cocksucking, cunt-licking, whore?" Heather roared. I was startled and frightened yet as my cunt screamed for attention I stammered, "L-l-like yes ma'am." "Ma'am, I like that," she laughed, "finally showing some respect." "Can I fuck her yet?" a voice asked. "How about a blow job first?" Heather asked. "She can blow all four of you. You would like that wouldn't you cum craver?" My cunt and need to come out of control, I knew resistance was futile.

I answered, avoiding the camera, "Yes." "Yes what, "Cum swallower?" Heather questioned, pushing me further down the humiliation highway. "Yes, I like want to sucky suck all of your delicious popsicle sticks," I purred, sounding slutty and dumb.

Without even realizing it, I had crawled to Chang and was pulling his cock out of his pants. His cock was tiny, but it had what I wanted.cum. His cum I now craved, I now needed. If I could swallow his cum the orgasm that was again on the brink of ecstasy, but was currently driving me crazy, could happen. Chang's eyes went big as I grabbed his cock with my hand and began swirling my tongue around his cock.

He moaned which excited me, pleasing him suddenly exciting. I wanted his cum. My hunger suddenly insatiable, I began to bob up and down on his cock like a porn star.

"Chang, don't come in the slut," Heather demanded, "cum on her." I was instantly devastated. I was starving for his cum, for the orgasm that followed when I filled my belly with his sweet seed.

Heather instructed, "And slut, don't you dare swallow any cum, is that clear?" I nodded, my cunt begging for sexual release as the intensity increased with each insult. Not surprisingly, he didn't last long, not even a full minute before he grunted and warned, "I am going to cum." I closed my eyes and soon felt my face being covered with cum. Miles had nagged me forever to give me a facial, but I refused telling him I wasn't a slut. Now the first time it happened it was Chang, how humiliating.

"Next cock, slut," Heather ordered as my orgasm still simmered just below the surface. I opened my eyes, turned my head and was hit in the face by the smallest, yet widest cock I have ever seen.

"Suck my light sabre, bitch," the shy nerd Elmer ordered. I couldn't believe these meek mice were suddenly so confident. Unable to disobey an order, I opened my mouth and began sucking yet another nerd's cock. This time the nerd was dressed as a Star Wars guy, although I had no idea which one, nor did I care.

After a couple of minutes, of slow back and forth bobbing, I felt him grab my head with his hands and he began fucking my mouth with his cock. "Kimmy you are dirty bitch cocksucking diva whore cunt licking stuck-up wench, aren't you?" Sandra, the preacher's daughter, who never talked and was the most timid girl in our school, rattled off, sending my cunt into the most intense pleasure ever.

I needed to come, but couldn't. "You want my cum cocksucker?" Elmer asked, a couple of minutes later, pulling his cock out and stroking himself. "Yeeeeees, so yummy-yummy, please cum in my tummy," I moaned and giggled in response. "Close your mouth, cunt," Heather roared, just as the first rope of cum shot out of Elmer's cock. I instantly closed my mouth as Elmer declared, "I'm coming whore, all over your pretty face." A minute later a second load of cum coated my face, the second in a few minutes as I got a dirty cum bath.

"Now suck off Eugene again, like you did at school, my cheerleading slave," Heather ordered. For the second time in less than twelve hours, I had Eugene's cock in my mouth. His cock tasted nasty and I realized I was sucking off a mixture of his sweat and my cum from hours ago.

Repulsed, I decided fast and furious was the most efficient way to get this task done. I used a new technique by creating extra saliva in my mouth and making a whirlpool of lust. The extra saliva also masked the disgusting scent and taste. Again it was Sandra, her tongue now in my ear, talking nasty to me, getting me back in desperate to come mode.

"Kimmy is a slut, a dirty fucking slut, a horny dirty slut," she degraded, chanting like she was a cheerleader, building on the humiliation. The name-calling kept me on permanent climax hunger. My body and bimbo mind just a vessel for their pleasure, their entertainment.

"You understand you deserve this. If you were a nicer person, a good person this curse would not work.

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But now you are just a cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt." I shook like crazy, feeling I might pass out of frustration my orgasm refusing to happen. Praying they would let me swallow this load, I frantically worked his cock. Heather ordered, "When you are ready to cum, big boy, shoot your cum all over her hair." Another disappointment rushed through me, as my upcoming orgasm was denied yet again.

A minute later, Elmer pulled out, yanked my head down and grunted shooting his cum in my blonde hair. "One last load and we will change the flavor," Heather said. "Now go get a load from Simon, slutty, slut, slut." I let out a scream as the words seemed to go directly to my swollen sensitive clit. Simon, unlike the other three, didn't treat me like a whore. He was nervous and I had to take the initiative. My pussy still burning and with the added name calling, my only focus was to come.

Simon was dressed as a James Dean wannabe and without the nerd glasses, he actually passed for pretty cute, sexy even in the black leather jacket and his glasses gone. I pulled his tight jeans down, followed by his underwear and gasped as I stared at the biggest cock I had ever seen up close.

Ten inches give or take and hard as a rock. I instantly imagined it inside my cunt fucking me. Sandra gasped eyes wide and clearly in awe of Simon's package. "Holy shit Simon, you should be advertising your goods." Heather even seemed impressed. "Agreed. Simon if the sluts of the school knew what you were packing down below you would become very popular.

Now worship that cock, our pet cheerleader." Simon blushed, so adorable, he didn't have a clue how blessed he was. I opened my mouth and this time decided to enjoy the cocksucking task. Simon moaned as my lips wrapped around his wide mushroom top. I slowly took a couple of inches in my mouth and then slowly backed off, keeping my mouth tight around his perfect tool until it slipped out of my mouth with a loud plop.

I did this for a minute or two, enjoying each quiver from Simon, each uncontrollable moan. Before this absurd day, I enjoyed sucking cock. I loved the power I had when a cock was in my mouth.

I controlled the pleasure, I controlled when he came. But now, after all the other humiliating blow jobs, I began to enjoy this one. After a couple of minutes of my tight lip cock teasing, I began slow bobbing, each forward movement taking a little more of his big cock.

I was ordered to worship the cock, and I actually was enjoying pleasing this nerd's monstrous cock. A couple of more minutes passed and I had over seven inches in my mouth when the name calling started again. "Fuck our cheerleading slut loves Simon's cock doesn't she?" Heather said. Sandra agreed. "The cocksucker doesn't worship at church, but she is worshipping that cock." "Deep throat him, bitch," Heather ordered.

"Get all ten inches of his salami stick in that filthy mouth of yours." Another order to fulfill and this one seemed impossible. "Yes, about the only way to shut her mouth is to fill it with cock," Sandra laughed harshly, her tone full of hate directed at me.

Heather seeing my trepidation at how to obey the task explained, "Don't worry, cocksucker. The bimbo curse makes you a simple vessel of pleasure. Your mouth is a depository for cum and your gag reflex is gone." The eighth inch filled my mouth. "Now fucking deep throat Simon's cock this fucking second you dumb nerd-sucking, cum craving bitch!" Again my pussy was amped up to a boil and without hesitation I accomplished my task.

The last two inches filled my mouth, I felt oddly proud and giddy with excitement for getting it all in. "Hold it there, suck slave," Heather demanded, and I obeyed feeling the flash of cameras. Shame should have burned me, but his beautiful cock in my mouth was exhilarating. I froze in place as hands were placed on my ass, my short costume was ripped apart roughly and my panties yanked down.

My mouth felt so full I had to really focus to keep it deep inside all the while wondering what was about to happen. I felt my cunt filled by someone as Heather demanded, "Rock back and forth, slut." I obeyed yet again, my pussy loving the idea of getting filled and fucked. Although awkward at first, I quickly got into a comfortable rhythm.

My ass fell back on the small cock and then my mouth deep-throated Simon's massive rod. My hunger to come now reaching catastrophic heights, I became my body, I became the lust. A few minutes of double-ended fullness, my knees were burning as much as my cunt and I couldn't think at all anymore.

All I wanted was to come. Finally Simon warned, "I'm going to cum, Kim." It was the first time I had heard my name being used. Heather demanded, "Shoot your load on her slut fuck face." My body quivered from the words even as another undeniable disappointment washed over me. I wanted his cum sliding down my throat, I wanted to taste it.

Simon stammered, "But I." "Pull out now," Heather demanded and as soon as he did I felt the first stream hit my forehead, a second rope of cum hit my nose, a third my open mouth and a final my chin.

I eagerly swallowed that last remnants of his cum, desperate for the orgasm bubbling below to explode. Yet the orgasm wouldn't come.

Seeing a small puddle of cum on the floor, I lowered myself to the floor quickly and retrieved the cum like a cheap slut again hoping it would be enough to trigger my orgasm. Unfortunately, my orgasm still wouldn't explode. "Oh look at her," Sandra laughed. "She is such a hungry cum slut that she licks it right off of the floor." I heard the words seemingly distant, my conscience handcuffed by the curse, but instead of humiliated, I was only frustrated because I wanted more of his cum, not just to come, but because its taste had me craving more.

I got just a sample, an appetizer and I wanted the full meal. I was brought back to reality by Chang announcing, "I'm coming." "Do you want your cunt filled with cum, slut?" Heather asked. "Like, soooooo badly," I moaned, praying this was not another tease. "You want Chang, a kid you said should go back to China, to fill your slut box with his cum?" she questioned. "I'm sorry, I was a super dumb-dumb," I admitted, my transformation to complete bimbo done.

"Fill the nerd-fucker's cunt," Heather ordered. "Kkkkkkk," he grunted and shot his load into my slippery sauna. Sandra and Heather in unison pushed me over the edge. "Come now you cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt." The volcano of juice finally erupted and my whole body felt like pleasure lava as the orgasm coursed through every inch of my body from my toes to my forehead.

As I shook and shook, I screamed out loud, "Fuuuuuuuuuuck, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, OMG, shit, cunt, good, good, yuuuuuuuuuummy." I was still in orgasm mode when Sandra demanded, "Bitch, time to eat some cunt. Get your cheerleading ass over here and worship my cunt." My knees killing me, clarity suddenly back even though my head was in a glorious fog of pleasure, I weakly crawled to the now naked Sandra from the waist down. Once between her legs I just accepted my position, leaned forward and buried my face in her hairy bush.

On cruise control, I just licked and sucked, ignoring her rather potent smell, not really disgusting or pleasant, just there. I suddenly smirked at the thought that all the cum on my face was now being rubbed in her cunt. The vengeful me assumed she was not protected and hoped my face knocked her up. It was a long shot, but something to keep me going through this disgusting task. I wasn't surprised when I felt hands on my hips and seconds later a cock was using my cunt for their pleasure.

Mamandome la vergax cuando veo yu gi

My mind now in acceptance mode, I could feel the pleasure growing, even as I went through the motions. I could now think clearly, but I still had to obey. Luckily, Sandra I assumed had never had anyone touch her down there before and her breathing got heavy quickly.

She moaned, "Oh god, fuck, keep licking." A few minutes later, the reserved preacher girl grabbed my hair and pulled me into her forest. She held me as she began rubbing her cunt up and down on my face. Her voice got so high pitched it could shatter glass. My face was drenched with her cum, but not wanting to cum, I closed my mouth and allowed her juice to wash my face. She held me there for a minute as her orgasm chilled her.

I was barely able to breathe, not to mention the cock in my pussy fucking me hard forcing my face even deeper into her still flooding cunt. Finally, she let me go and I took a long breath of fresh air. Looking back, I saw Elmer thrashing away at me from behind. To my surprise, Eugene, a confidence in him I didn't know existed, (did fucking me give it to him?) moved in front of me, pushed Sandra onto her back and climbed on top of her.

The massive Eugene on top of the scrawny ninety pound Sandra was hilarious. Sandra protested, "W-w-what are you doing?" "I'm going to fuck the girl I love," he replied.

"You love me?" Sandra asked. "Since grade one," he replied, as I assume his cock penetrated the virgin. All I saw was his huge ass, but Sandra's reply, a loud moan, implied the obvious. "I looooove you too." I closed my eyes, not really wanting to watch the scene, and focused on the cock in my pussy. Orgasmed out, I just wanted him to cum and be done. I tightened my cunt muscles around his cock, trying to milk his cock and get his cum. It seemed to work as his grunts got louder and a couple more minutes of deep hard thrusts in my cunt and I felt another loud of cum fill me.

Another orgasm hit me, although this time just a light tremor. He pulled out and I felt his cum gush out of me. Heather said, "Well Kimmy, only one hole left." My eyes went wide.

"Ready to have your ass fucked, slut?" she asked. "No," I answered, having control of my thoughts for a brief moment, if not my body. "Kimmy, you crave a cock in your butt; you need a cock up your back door. Now beg for Simon to pound your asshole," Heather ordered, while Sandra was moaning loudly as Eugene fucked her hard.

My body obeying, I could actually feel a tingling in my ass and a sudden desire to have it fucked, even though I had a strict no anal anything policy. Even as my conscience screamed NO, I heard myself say, turning to a still very hard Simon, "Oh please sexy Simon, bring that beautiful cock over here and take my anal virginity." Although the words were mine, they were not bimbo words, or nasty dirty words the bimbo me had been saying.

I was still in control of my conscious although I doubted for much longer. I looked at the clock, it was 11:58. In two minutes a new day would begin and as Heather had explained I would start back at five minutes of clarity the first time I came. Simon, looking confident from my begging, walked over to me and using a forcefulness which was for some reason sexy, he demanded, "Get me ready for that sexy ass." I didn't need to be told twice.

I opened my mouth and took his perfect cock between my lips. I wanted his cum desperately, no longer caring if it was down my throat, up my cunt or in my ass. I needed to come and his cum inside me was the only way. Heather announced, "It's midnight, Kim, back to zero." Sensing bimbo mode was back, I bobbed back and forth hungrily, preparing him for my ass.

Finally, he pulled out and ordered, "Get on the chair and bend your ass over, Kim." I looked up and couldn't believe how sexy he looked, so confident and forceful. I obeyed, thankful to have my knees on something soft. Getting behind me, he rubbed his cock up and down my ass cheeks before slowly finding my virgin butthole, with the exception of Amber's finger earlier today. I clenched my teeth, preparing for discomfort. Heather said, "It's ok, slut. The good thing with being a bimbo is your body adapts quickly to everything." For the first time in this crazy day, Heather's words were comforting and I relaxed a bit just as Simon pushed forward slowly.

The pain I expected didn't occur; instead a slight burn filled my ass. I held on to the chair with my left hand while rubbing my cunt with my right, hoping playing with my pussy would distract me form the discomfort. Simon was patient, moving at a snail's pace into my ass, allowing my butt to adjust to his big cock. Behind me, Sandra screamed, again her voice squeaky high, "Oh fuck, I'm coming." "Aaaaaaah," I moaned, my pussy getting heated from my fingers.

I asked, "You almost all in, Simon?" "Yes," he answered, "only one more inch." I couldn't believe my ass had taken nine inches in it and wanting it all, I said, "Fill my ass up, baby.

Give me that last inch." One last forward push, led to a sharp quick pain, and he was in. My ass full, I felt so dirty and yet it felt so right. Simon didn't move, until I begged, "Now fuck me, Simon." He began to slowly pull out and go back in.

In seconds, the feeling of such submission was exhilarating and a new feeling of euphoria began to build in my body. "Fuck your ass is so tight, Kim," he moaned, as he slowly fucked my ass.

"It's all for you," I replied. For the next couple of minutes, Simon kept up the slow in and out strokes. The pleasure was building, but I wanted more.

Confident I could take it now, I begged, "Harder, Simon, fuck my back door harder." Instantly, he shifted to hardcore fucking, the first forward thrust making me scream.

"Holy shiiiiiiiiiit," the pain returning briefly, but dissipating just as quickly as my ass got used to the deep thrusts.

My orgasm building yet again, I moaned, "Oh yes, baby, your cock feels so good in my ass." As the pleasure increased, I noticed something. I wasn't talking like a bimbo. My conscience also wasn't fading away like it had all day as I got hornier. I also noticed that this submission to Simon was the hottest I have ever felt. Somehow his cock inside me felt natural and I just accepted the pleasure his big cock was having on me. A couple more minutes and I was hungry to come.

I surprised him by bouncing my ass back to meet his forward thrusts, allowing his cock to reach depths not imaginable. I screamed and I moaned, the mixture of sweet pain and dirty pleasure creating a euphoria I couldn't explain. My orgasm close, I fucked Simon faster, desperate to make him come so I could come. "Oh fuck, Simon, your cock feels so good in my ass. So fucking good." Sweat was dripping off me and suddenly I felt the inevitable orgasm rising and I screamed, "Oh my God, Simon, I'm comiiiiiiiiiing." Yet another orgasm riddled through me, but this one was different as my clarity never faded and the orgasm hit both my body and my mind.

Simon kept fucking my ass while I continued to orgasm until he asked, "Where do you want my come, Kim?" "Wherever you wantbaby," I replied, giving myself to him, even as I wondered how I came before him.

A few strokes later, I felt his hands tighten on my hips and seconds later I felt his cum fill my rectum. "Oh yes, baby, fill my ass," I moaned, approving of his deposit choice. "Yeeeees," he moaned, as his second orgasm because of me hit. Exhausted, my eyes closed, I just collapsed forward on the chair as Simon's cock began to shrink still in my ass. Finally, Simon pulled out and, my knees killing me, I turned around and sat down, cum leaking profusely out of my ass and onto my parents' very expensive chair.

Looking around, everyone was gone, but Heather, who was at the camcorder. "How was that, Kim?" she asked, using my real name for the first time. I wanted to snap at her, to tell her it was terrible, but it wasn't. I looked at Simon who was staring at me like he was in love. Instead of answering the question, I asked my own. "Why didn't I go into bimbo mode when Simon um." "Fucked your ass?" Heather asked. "Yes," I replied. "Isn't it obvious?" Heather asked, turning off the camcorder.

"Not to me," I said, frustrated by her constant games. "The curse ended at midnight," she revealed, as if that was obvious. "But I obeyed your order to let Simon fucking my ass," I pointed out. "Yes you did, didn't you," she smirked, putting the camcorder in her bag, while Simon got dressed.

Real clarity suddenly hit as I gasped and looked at Simon. "Aaaah, the bimbo is dead," Heather laughed. I looked down and my big tits were gone. I wondered if my hair was back to its glorious black. Heather again reading my mind confirmed, "And yes, you are no longer a blonde." "But how?" I asked, a huge relief spreading through me. "I lied. The curse only works on Halloween," Heather shrugged.

Looking at Simon, I felt something I couldn't explain. My body warmed as I looked at him for the first time and saw something more. "So, I wanted to fuck Simon then?' I asked. "Seems so," Heather concurred. "Wow," I said, trying to take all this in. Miles was a dick who didn't appreciate me. Simon was a guy who would treat me right, I just knew it.

Simon now dressed said, "Sorry, Kim, I shouldn't have taken advantage of your situation." Looking at Heather, then back to Simon, true clarity hit. My body told me what I wanted and needed. The curse it seems had opened my eyes in more ways than one. Not only would I be a better person and treat others with respect from now on, but I was pretty sure I was in love with Simon.

I know that sounds absurd based on my humiliating day, but the heart doesn't lie. I stood up, walked over to a very nervous Simon and kissed him. Ironically it was the first kiss of this crazy day.

As soon as our lips touched, I knew I was right. Maybe it wasn't love, but then again, maybe it was. Breaking the kiss, I turned to Heather and said, "I am so sorry for everything, Heather. My friends and I should never have treated you and all the others with such disrespect." It was Heather's turn to be surprised.

"Whatever," she shrugged, not really believing my sincerity. "I will make it up to you Heather. I will gain your trust," I promised, my hand taking Simon's. Our fingers fit perfectly, unlike Miles' meat hooks. Heather laughed. "Even when you hit rock bottom, you come up smelling like roses." It was my turn to shrug. "Thank you, Heather. I see clearly now." "You are welcome." Heather replied, and I saw her smiling with sincerity for the first time ever.

Turning to Simon, I asked, "Do you want to stay the night?" "Y-y-you, s-s-sure," he stammered, clearly overwhelmed by the turn of events. "I have never been more sure of anything in my life, Simon," I replied, kissing him again, before adding, "plus, you have one more hole to play with." Simon went beet red. Heather shook her head and said, "I will leave you two lovebirds alone, but I should mention one tiny little problem with the curse." My stomach was instantly turning.

"What tiny problem?" I asked. "Well, the curse isn't permanent, but it isn't gone completely either," Heather said, her tone actually implying she felt bad.

"What is it?" I asked, my anxiety increasing exponentially. "Every Halloween from 10:30 to midnight, you will turn into a bimbo," Heather revealed. "Seriously," I asked, squeezing poor Simon's hand for all it was worth. "Sadly, yes," Heather confirmed. Turning to Simon, trying to make bad news good, I said, "Well, Simon, what do you think of having a bimbo slut girlfriend once a year?" "Oh, the sacrifices I have to make," Simon quipped with a smile.

I grabbed his hand and led him up to my bedroom. "You know there is still one hole of mine you have not actually got to play in and it is itching for attention."