The pink fishnets on belle bond dont quite fit right

The pink fishnets on belle bond dont quite fit right
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The Geek and the Jock My name is Stephanie. I'm a caucassian girl and I'm about 5'8 and really smart. Others think of me as a geek but they just say that because I'm smarter than them.

Everyday in fourth hour I am forced to listen to Jamal talk about the "bitch" he fucked yesterday. Jamal is a tall black muscular safety on our football team.

Him and his best friend Jerry come into class with huge smile on their face daily. They say "pussy always makes them feel good". Well today I couldn't take it any longer.

"Will you shut the fuck up no one wants to hear about the bitch you fucked." I said suprisingly "Who the fuck are you talking to" He replied "Out of the classroom Stephanie. Now!" Said my teacher I quickly grabbed my things and left. I heard him mumble somethings while I was leaving but i couldn't hear.

I went straight to the principal's office. "Well Mrs.

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Granger I never expected this out of you" he said to me. I kept my mouth to try to stay out of trouble. "I'll have to give you a detention for after school" He said. "No not today any day but today" I begged " I have my mathathon today I have been studying for months please"I pleaded.

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"I'm deeply sorry, It start 3:00 sharp don't be late. Now please leave" He commanded Our school's idea of detention is to clean up after the football team after practice and wash their dirty luandry.

It was hell on earth. First of all it smelt like millions of people have died in there and went to hell. Then there was puddles of what looked like to be pee and blood all over the floor which I had to mop. And worst of all I have to wash their dirty smelly clothes.

While I was mopping the floor I felt a shake in the ground, and the puddle started to ripple. That's when I seen the stampeed of football players all running towards to shower. I was scared for my life fearing I may have got trampled. Jamal was in that crowd he seemed not to notice me I was glad.

When the boys were done, instaed of throwing the sweaty towels in the basket they threw it at me. Once all the boys left I started mopping the new puddle they left that's when I heard the shower curtain open and Jamal stepped out. "Hey" he said like nothing ever happened in fourth period.

He had a towel wrapped around his tight, wet six pack.

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To tell the truth I think I counted eight. You could see the pubic hair leading down to his large black dick. And those muscles oh my goodness those huge biseps and triseps and what ever seps just so sexy.


I couldn't help but staring. He started apologizing but i had to tune him out to admire his sexiness. I was getting wetter than him and he just came out of the shower. I was just praying with everything in me for that towel to drop. "So hows does that sound" he said when I came back to reality.

"Umm yeah sure" I replied "Great" He said in strange excitment That's when he dropped his towel. I was shocked and impressed but mostly shocked. "What are you doing" I said covering my eyes "You said you wanted to fuck so lets do it baby" he said in his sexy voice. I couldn't believe I was falling in love with this boy I just hated about five minutes ago. That's when he grabbed me and started making out with me.

I couldn't fight him once he got ahold of me dick was hardening against my wet pussy and his tounge was swimming in my mouth.

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He then pulled off my shirt and ripped off my bra. "Damn baby you got some big ass titties" He said as he went to attack them. I always knew I had big breast I just wore so many sweaters and jackets no one could tell.

He then picked me up with my legs wrapped around his ass and threw me down on bench and continued to suck on my breast. I couldn't believe it was happening I was losing my virginity to the boy I've hated my whole High school life. That's when he sat up on the bench and said: "Suck my dick". Afraid if I didn't do it he would make me. I quickly got on my knees and began moving my head up and down on his huge black dick. I may have been a virgin but i wasn't stupid when it came to sex.

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Not pleasing him he grabbed my hair and starting pulling it back and fourth. It hurt like hell. When i got the hang of it he let me go. "Oh fuck yeah suck that shit bitch" He moaned. I didn't like him talking to me like that but I just couldn't get off of his dick, it taste so good.

It wasn't any type of flavor but it was sweet and I loved it. "Oh shit I'm about to cum" He screamed. I tried to remove my head but he would let me. I kicked and punched but he soon just came in my mouth. But it was good I'm glad he held me there.

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It was like sucking on a oversized snicker bar and all the sweet caramel bursting into your mouth. Then he told me to jump on him. I was kind of scared I stood there for about one minute, scared of losing my virginity. I pulled down my jeans and panties.That's when he Grabbed me and his dick instantly went in and bust my cherry. It hurt at first but then it felt so good. I started off slow but as you can tell by now Jamal isn't a slow kind of boy he turn me over on the bench and started fucking on top.


"How you like this shit" He said "Damn you got that tight ass pussy" He said "I'm about to tear yo shit up bitch" He went on. I didn't like all the things he was saying to me it made me feel like a whore. I wanted to stop. That's when I got up, I'm suprised he let me up I guess he thought I wanted to switch positions. "I'm done" I said as i bent down to pick up my clothes. "Oh hell naw bitch" He said as he grabbed my waist stuck his pussy lubed dick up my ass.

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"AHH STOP PLEASE AHH PLEASE, ooh yeah ooh" I said as i started to like it. I was having sex something I thought I would do at the age of 30 but I was doing it now and loving it.

I felt his cum dripping from my ass to pussy down to the floor. Then he pulled it out picked me up and started fucking me on the wall. I felt I couldn't hang on to him. My legs were wrapped around him but it felt so good my legs would just fly everywhere. It felt like heaven he just fucked and fucked non-stop. On the bench then the wall and now in mid air this guy was amazing.

If he doesn't make it to the NFL he can definetely become a porn star. That's when he let go of my ass and i dropped straight to the floor. I landed right on my ass with my legs wide open. Now he's on top of me fucking me on the floor. The floor is cold but he's making me warm.

"Oh shit" he quickly got to his trying to release the cum.


Instead running away from it I got on my knees to help. I sucked and I jacked his dick hard. Then pushed me off sending me back to the floor. "I want this shit on your face bitch" He said. And thats when his waterfall released all its juices and landed all over me. I couldn't take it any more I wanted to drink from his dick. I got up and sucked him dry. That's when he fell back on the bench and let me suck on it for about five more minutes.

It was amazing. I will never forget it and I can't wait to hear him talk about me tomorrow in class. Now I had a new mess to mop up but I didn't use the mop for this one.