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Angel's Initiation By: S. Stevenson I encourage you to vote on each part and I invite your comments. So please take the time and let me know what you like and dislike. Thank You, S.S. ***** Scott was reading by the fireplace as Angel finished with the chores in the kitchen. Angel was deep in thought, again. She liked to think things out.

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She is also a bit of a "worry wart" when she lets her insecurities get the better of her. Angel also likes to be prepared for whatever may be asked of her. It has been a little over a week since Marilynn left and Master seems to have changed. Angel feared that Master had been regretting his decision to send the others away and to keep her.

Then again there was the other side of Master's changes. With a slight internal smile as she thought about the wonderful changes that had been made over the last week. One of the best changes was her sleeping quarters had been moved downstairs to Master's bedroom.

Angel liked the fact that she was now sleeping with her Master every night. It was wonderful to feel him during the night. To wake up and hear him breathing. To feel his hand reach over to her and take her hand. They would often hold hands as they slept during the night. A broad smile spread itself across her face as she thought about the other things that Master would hold during the night.

There was that marvelous feeling of security that she got from the little chain binding her ankle to the bed every night. These little things kept her wet all the time. Master always found her wet and ready anytime he wanted to insert his fingers and do what he would call, "a pussy check.".

Even in the middle of the night. Angel loved that there were no longer other women in the cabin seeking her Master's attention. Master made love to her several times a day, and Angel loved that as well. There were the mornings that they would wake at the same time and Master would make love to her before they even got up for the day.

Then there were the mornings that they showered together and she would take him in her mouth until he had his release. They spent their days on the lake, or riding the horses around Master's property. There were picnics on a blanket, and most of these included her being wrapped up in his arms as they fondled each other.

At times they would masturbate each other to climax, then there were the times that it was just heavy petting. Then again there were those times that Master would mount her and those times she would ride his cock. Angel loved all of these things.

What troubled her was the lack of Master's interest in just taking her. Until Marilynn departed Scott set up something for them each and everyday. He did not ask. He just told them what they would be doing. Once things were set up as Master wanted he would tie her up and take her body for his pleasure which was always to her pleasure. Developing an argument in her mind Angel thought, 'After all I am a slave I should not, nor do I want to, have a choice in just how my Master fucks me.' Oh, Master still kept her naked at all times.

That is except for her collar, cuffs and butt plug. Angel would wear her work tunic when she was doing her chores like cooking or cleaning house. Generally she did these things while Master worked in the corner of the great room that was used as his office. On second thought though, Angel's mind drifted to the other night. They had been lounging in front of the fireplace as they watched a little television.

Master excused himself. Angel paid little attention thinking that he was just going to the restroom. Thinking back on that night it did take a little longer than normal, but she had been engrossed in the program and paid no particular attention to his absents. When Scott did return he said nothing as he rejoined her on the couch, and they picked up where they had left off in their petting and fondling.

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At the completion of the show they were watching Master stood and held out a hand for her to take. He held her hand as he they walked together to the bedroom where he had set up a number of candles. The room was filled with the yellow glow from the candle light and there was an orchestra filling the room with the soft sound of music from the CD player.

Taking her in his arms, kissing her, Master guided Angel towards the bed. There on the bed he laid her down ever so gently. Angel adjusted her position on the bed to allow her Master to join her.

She also moved her ankle over to the light weight chain that he would connect to her cuff each night so that she was bound to the bed. Angel loved to be bound for the night. In this case the connecting of her ankle cuff is mostly symbolic, but this symbolism works for her.

She always felt more secure when her Master would bind her. On this night for some reason Master did not connect her to her chain. Scott did join her on the bed and she held open her arms to receive him. As soon as her arms wrapped around him, Scott got right back to his kissing and petting.

While he searched deep into her mouth with his tongue his right hand took hold of her left breast. Scott took a firm hold. He worked the breast as if he was working up bread dough.

He was kneading her breast with his fingers as if he was mixing and forming it into a beautiful sphere. With ever movement of his fingers the tip of her nipple was brushing against the palm of his hand. Angel's responses were very noticeable. The kneading of her breast as his palm rubbed lightly across her nipples was making her nipples very hard. Like little pebbles. These small projections from her body were not only hard as rocks, but they were also stretching out the skin as they pointed her breast towards the ceiling as if they had been sharpened by a pencil sharpener.

In addition to these reactions Angel was getting wet. Very wet. As Master adjusted his position from one breast to another, Angel would adjust herself as well. In so doing she was able to keep her legs open for her Master so she was ready when he wanted to have his rightful access to his slave.

This simple act of submission was exciting to Angel and would make her juices flow in considerable proportions. The greater amounts of fluid between her legs would equal out to a greater amount of passion in her kissing and fondling. Her actions fed her desires and her desires fed her actions. It is a wonderful situation to be in where no mater what she does she can not lose.

In time Scott moved his attentions on Angel's nipples to his mouth. Sucking in each nipple in turn and gripping it lightly with his teeth as the tip of his tongue beat across the hardening flesh. Master kept increasing the pressure applied with his teeth little by little until Angel moaned and arched her back.

Angel had never been a pain slut, but she did like the use of some pain to awaken the senses. Such pain would make every nerve ending within her body alive and seeking more and more stimulation. Scott continued his oral attentions to Angel's nipples as he reach between her legs. Running his middle finger over her mound and between the fleshy folds of her slit. Forcing open the flowering petals of flesh that protected the opening to her womanhood.

At the same time the flat, fleshy, part of his finger dragged itself right over the head of her clit. As his finger found the entrance to her tunnel of pleasure he sank it in as deep as it would go. Then curling his finger as if it was a hook Master dragged it back out over the area known to hold the 'G' spot.

His finger resting in the very opening. Stopped there just to tease her a little more. Then, slowly his hand moved back into her, only this time he was pushing two fingers as deep as they would go. Master found no resistance to his intrusion. The whole process was repeated again with the only difference being the insertion of the third finger this time.

Again there was no resistance as Angel's fluids and passions were more than up to the task of accepting her Master deep within her. At the same time Master had brought the flat part of his thumb to rest right on her clit. The positioning of the thumb in such a manner made Angel's clit the main pivot point for every movement of her Master's hand as his fingers moved in and out of her.

With every move of his hand the nerve endings in her clit would send the message to the pleasure centers of her brain. While his fingers brought their little pleasures to her pussy, Master's other hand had slipped behind her head and pulled her ear close to his mouth.

He nibbled on her ear lobe, ran his tongue in and around her ear and then whispered, "Cum, cum for me, Angel." There was no hesitation on Angel's part.

Her body exploded. The force from the upward motion literally lifted both of them off the bed. The muscles around the walls of her vagina collapsed on Scott's fingers so tightly he had trouble moving them. During the momentary relaxing of her muscles Scott removed his fingers from her pussy. As the second explosion hit, and the tightening of her muscles reached their maximum pressure Master pulled on Angel's butt plug.

As the internal pressure shifted in her rectum a scream escaped her lips. "Ooooh Master." She yelled as a third explosion hit her body with all the intensity of the first two.

As the spasms of Angel's orgasm began to subside Scott went right back to work on her pussy. Angel was reaching for his hand in an effort to push it away from the extreme sensitive nub of her clit, but Master would not allow it.

He ordered her to take her hands away and to open her legs as he ignored her pleadings and the jerking of her body, do to the over sensitive nerve endings he was fondling This time Master was more insistent, less gentle as pulled and twisted at the concentration of nerve packed into her little button. He was demanding as he kept her legs open and played with her pussy. Telling her how much he wanted her and now working on her pussy with both hands.

It took very little time until Angel was begging her Master to take her. As Master moved between Angel's legs he spread them wide as he lifted them up and directed her to hold them open to him. Taking his member into his hand he guided the head up and down her gapping slit.

Several times he took his prick up to her clit and them back all the way to her ass hole. Allowing the head to sink into her the opening of her pussy just enough to pick up additional moisture and then repeating it's slid. Up to her clit and them back to her ass. Scott continued this teasing until Angel was begging him to enter her pussy hard, fast and deep. Telling her that he was just about to do that very thing he brought his cock up to her clit and then sliding back to her ass he gave a mighty push.

Angel's ass opened to receive his member as she looked her Master in the eyes with a surprised expression all over her face. Angel just let out, "Oooooooh." As Scott continued to push until he had given her every inch that he had to offer. Placing her hands on either side of his head as she looked deep into his eyes Angel said, "Master you are the first to ever enter me there!

Now my ass truly is yours." "I know my love." "Master, I love you and I feel so loved, right now. I . I belong to you!" Scott held himself deep in Angel's accepting rear passage just long enough for her to adjust to being open in this manner. Then slowly, at first, Master started his movement in and out. With each inward thrust, Angel wondered if her Master was increasing in length. It felt like he was to her.

What Angel did know for sure was that her Master was increasing the girth of his penis on each cycle of its stroke. Knowing that he was very close Angel begged her Master, "Please, let me have your seed, Master. Fill me with the seed that comes from your pleasure." With Angel's encouragements added to the build up of sexual tensions which are added to the excitement of receiving the virginity of her ass it was not long until Master erupted into her bowels. Angel knew that Master was ready to let loose.

She could feel his engorged member open her rear passage more than it had ever been opened before. The abrupt thrust of his hips that drove his cock into her as much as there was cock to drive. As Angel felt these things she kept giving her Master her encouraging comments. Begging him to empty his pleasure into her.

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Then it happened. The swelling. The thrusting. He exploded into her rectum. Angel could feel his seed splashing against the internal walls of her bowels. Every time he pushed into her she would call out her encouragements.

After each release of his energy he would remain deeply embedded in her until his body called for another release. Then he would withdraw and ram himself back home as deeply as he could reach. Angel lost count of the number of times that Scott drove his cock into her. She was just holding on for the ride and calling out to him to release all that was within him.

It took a more than the normal amount of time for Master to start to relax and end his pumping into her. As his thrust began to subside Angel reach her arms around him as much as she could and pulled on his ass in an effort to keep his penis deep within her.

As she was holding him within her she whispered in his ear, "Master, you have no idea how wonderfully submissive and owned I feel at this moment. Thank you my Master!." As she was remembering how they laid there on Master's bed just holding on to each other, Angel decided that was a very good evening and a very romantic way for her to lose her virginity.

It seemed strange to her that she would go through all the abuse from two ex-husbands, several uncles as a child, and then the neighborhood boys and she was still an anal virgin. In her youth she had been forced into sexual activities at the age of eight. It started with simple masturbation of her uncles, but rapidity moved to intercourse and oral sex. The boys in the neighborhood added girl on girl sex to the activities that was expected of her.

The husbands just added beatings and more strange men. And now, now Master had taken her anal virginity for his own. Even in her thoughts it was hard for Angel to find the words to describe just how she was feeling.

To her it was not a loss of something dear, but a precious gift that he had given her. Now the plug that she wore within her everyday had a greater significance. In turn she had a greater feeling of ownership.

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Of belonging to this man that she had chosen as her lover. Her Master. Still Master had not tied her up since Marilynn departed. There was the exception of the small chain that Master hooked to her ankle cuff at night, but that was at her request. Master had not thought of making her submit in this way, but did honor her request to aid her in feelings of being owned and secure.

Just as Angel was finished with her chores for the evening she made up her mind. Master had told her that she could talk to him about anything that she wanted.

As she hung up her work tunic and headed for the restroom she was sure that tonight would be the night that she would talk over her feelings with her Master. She was going to tell her Master that she needed the man that would just take her and use her as his own little fuck toy. The man that would give to her chores to do then come up behind her and rip her tunic off.

Order her to her knees and use her mouth as if it was just another pussy. Angel was going to tell her Master that she needed this for her own security. She needed to know that Master not only wanted her, but that he also needed her.

Even if that need was just to satisfy his male lusts. As Angel came out of the rest room she found Master right were she had last seen him. He was still sitting on the end of the couch by the fireplace, reading.

As she approached him she decided that she was not going to kneel at his feet. Instead, she would lay across his lap with her arms around his neck.

Like young lovers do when they are making out and they want to keep the woman open to their touch and view. From this position she would be able to kiss him, nibble on his ears and lay her head on his shoulder and whisper into his neck.

All the while he would have an open eye view, and free access for his hands, to her tits and pussy. Taking her position she looked into his eyes and said, "Master." Then she moved her lips into his, kissing her Master deeply and passionately.

Angel held her kiss as she moved her hand to his and then moved both hands together to her right breast. Angel knew that what she was doing was called. 'Topping from the bottom.', but she did not care. She had decided that this was her Master and she was going to make that fact clear to both of them even if she had to remind him once in a while.

When their kiss broke she moved her head to his shoulder and whispered, "Master, I need to talk to you for a while." "What is it that you have on your mind, love?" "I have been wondering if you have been regretting sending Marilynn away and keeping me as your slave?" Once she had that out into the open Angel tried to hide her face in her Master's shoulder and neck. Scott was caught off guard with that question.

He had no idea that anything remotely like that was wondering around inside Angel's head. Taking one of her shoulders in each hand Master push Angel back just enough to look her in the eye as he said, "Where in hell did that come from?" Still holding her shoulders very firmly as he sought out any information from her eyes that might be there to be found, Scott continues, "Why would you even think to ask such a question?" Angel lowered her eyes as she spoke, "Master, you have not just taken your slave since Marilynn left." Scott's eyes narrowed as he tried to make sense of what she was saying.

Slowly the words came to him, "Angel, I do not know what you mean. I have made love to you every day, more than once. There have been some days that we have spent most of the day in each others arms." "Yes Master, this is true, but you have not just taken your slave. You have made love to her You have not tied her up and enjoyed her in a way that she is here for you." Angel hesitated and then continued, "I am here as your pleasure slave, your fuck toy.

It should not matter if I have an orgasm or not!" Angel had to force the last statement out of herself. "Before Marilynn left you mentioned the barn, and how we would have no choices as to just how we served you in that place." Angel was on a roll.

All of her insecurities were coming to the surface and she was getting them out. She continued, "It is those choices that I want to give to you, Master." With her last, Scott started to chuckle.

Not loudly. It was much more of an internal chuckle, but Angel could still hear it. Just as redheads are rumored to do, Angel's tempered flared and she pulled away from her Master. Now standing with her hands on her hips, her eyes glaring at her Master. She yelled, "Master, don't laugh at me! I am being serious here!" Still smiling Scott stood so she would not be looking down on him, and said, "Angel, I know that you are very serious, and I do respect that." Placing his hands on her shoulders as he provided a slight downward push as he continued, "Now, sit down and cool your jets.

I will explain some things to you." Still somewhat in a huff, Angel obeyed. Although now she was not glaring at her Master, but rather she was refusing to look him in the eye. "First, Marilynn is gone and you are here because of character." Scott gave that statement time to settle and when he caught her glancing at him through the corner of her eye, he continued, "Marilynn is very much a slave.

She is even a pain slut. She lacks character because she into this lifestyle for her own pleasures." "On the other hand you are every bit the slave that she is, but you are not a pain slut." Allowing a brief pause he went on, "You my dear were selected because of your abundance of character.

Your motives for being in this lifestyle are to bring pleasure to others. In this case me." Scott knew that his words were getting through to Angel. Angel knew it also. "For the past week I have been enjoying this wonderful creature that you have given to me. I have been learning about every pore on her body, and having a very good time in doing so." By this time he had hold of both of her hands and they were looking each other in the eye.

Scott continued, "I have taken you in every hole your body has to offer just as if you are my personal property. I even took your ass for the first time the other night. I did not ask you. I simply took what was mine to take, and enjoy." Angel started to interrupt, but Master placed his finger over her lips to quite her.

"I thought you were enjoying your position here as my slave, but if that is not the case you may have your release if you so desire." Quickly, angel moved to the floor on her knees.

She bowed her head and raised her arms as if she was pleading and said, "Master, I do not want to be released from your service. I did not come to you this evening to seek a release, but rather to seek new and better ways to be your slave." "I know, Angel." "Master, you once told us that in the barn we would find ways to test our submission. When I came to you this evening I had every intention to ask you to take me there and to make me serve you as a slave in whatever ways there maybe." "I am not sure you know what you ask, Angel.


In the barn are many instruments used to test your submission that cause a great deal of pain. The wooden horse is just such an instrument. It causes pain, but provides no pleasure that I can tell." "Except to prove to both of us that there is nothing that this slave will not do for her Master." As Angel said her last she was unzipping Master's pants and pulling his member out into the open.

She went on, "I will ride this wooden horse and take to me any other instrument that will test my submission. I am your slave and you have not settled for a second rate slave!" Scott watched his slave was getting ready to service him as he said kind of thinking out loud, "I know that my Angel is the best. I will think about it. Beth will be joining us tomorrow. She could help me put you through your paces." Looking up at her Master with her eyes wide in her happiness and surprise Angel said, "Thank you, Master." Taking his penis in hand she aimed it at the center of her mouth.

With no hesitation she drover her mouth down on his shaft until her lips were wrapped around the base. She took hold of his balls with one hand.

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Lightly massaging and squeezing them in her fingers. Her other hand moved to his ass. Holding him, even slightly pushing him into her mouth.

She moved the flat of her tongue against the vane on the underside of her Master's rigid cock as she pumped him with her mouth. At first, Angel could tell that her Master hand things on his mind. He was just allowing her to service him and did not really have his mind into there activity. It took Scott come time but that all changed.

Soon he was swelling in her mouth and taking hold of her head as he started to thrust his cock in and out. Angel also got into the teasing of her Master as she removed his member from her mouth and lifting him up moved her mouth between his legs and sucked his balls into her mouth. First one and then the other. Lightly sucking as she ran her tongue all around the little egg shaped jewels. Then guiding his scrotum up with his dick she ran her tongue down the vane on the underside of his testicles, and back to sucking both of the egg shaped jewels back into her mouth.

Scott could not remain immune to all of this loving attention. This may have all started with him having other things on his mind, but now he only had one thought. That was Angel and the loving gift she was offering to him with her mouth. Grabbing a hand full of her hair in one hand, and the shaft of his cock in the other, Scott took charge as he directed the joining of the two. Placing the prick of his dick at her slightly part lips he drove himself to the back of her throat.

The drive that her actions built within him demanded that he fuck her mouth just like it was a pussy. There was no longer time for just tender love making, but there was the urgency to release the pressures that she had built within him. Angel was filled with self-satisfaction as well as her Master's cock.

The pleasures that she felt came from the knowledge that she developed this need for her in him. She knew that it would not take very long for her Master to fill her mouth with his seed. The evidence of her performance as a pleasure slave.

The results of his personal enjoyment of her. Still driving his cock into her with powerful thrust Scott began to swell. His thrust became longer. Just as if he was reaching deeper into the back of her throat. Angel got ready to receive that which he had to give her.

She only had a few seconds to prepare when he let go. He thrust as deep as he could go and she felt the splash hit the back of her throat.

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She tried to swallow as fast as she could to keep up with his delivery, but he was much faster than she was. Soon her mouth filled and tiny amounts dribbled down from the sides of her mouth. As soon as her Master had completed his third thrust into her mouth, Angel started to catch the overflow with her fingers. When she could she would lick her fingers clean of his seed.

It always seem to amaze Angel that this man that she loved could make love to her several times a day. It was not so much the number of times each day that surprised her, but the amount of fluid that he would deliver to her mouth later in the day.

After all Master was no longer in his twenties. In fact it had been a long time since Master had seen any of his twenties. As Scott started to relax in her mouth, he reached for her to come to him. Angel stood and he took her into his arms. He started to reach for her sensitive zones, but Angel had other ideas. She step back, ever so slightly, and whispered, "Master, tonight I want to be the one that services you. May I give you a shower before I put us to bed?" Scott nodded his head yes, and she took him by the hand as she led him into the bathroom.


To be continued . ***** Again, I encourage you to vote on each part and I invite your comments. So please take the time and let me know what you like and dislike. Thank You, S.S.