Teen brunette dares to take a piss in snow

Teen brunette dares to take a piss in snow
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Fucking Teagan -Part 2 Who says three is a crowd? I'd been replacing the hot tub filter and plumbing with a newer model and I was covered with dirt, plastic bits, and filter sand. I decided to go to the cabana and shower there, rather than drag all of the mess through the house. I had just lathered up my hair when I heard, "Need some help washing your back sailor?" I spun around and looked in the direction of the voice.

Teagan was standing in the shower entrance unhooking her bra, having already stripped off her shirt and kicked off her tennis shoes. "Damn Kiwi, you startled me. Aren't you out of class a little early?" "Yeah," she said.

"Mrs. Williams went home sick after lunch so they just let us go home early." Teagan unsnapped her jeans and slid them and her thong off in one motion. "Where's Courtney?" I asked, knowing that where Teagan was, Courtney was usually not far away. Teagan strolled into the shower and disinterestedly said, "I don't know, she had to go meet with someone about one of her classes after school." Teagan ducked under the twin rainfall shower heads.

"Mmmmmm that warm water feels soooo good." She reached up wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a soft kiss. Her wet body felt sensational. "I need to spend some time relaxing with my guy, after the sucky day I had." She picked up the bottle of body wash and squirted a big splooch in her hand.

Teagan worked the blob into a thick lather and said "turn around babe." Teagan was by all measure a petite woman, but she was surprisingly strong for her size and had wicked grip strength from years of gymnastics bar work. I relaxed and leaned against the shower wall as she went to work on my back and shoulder muscles. It didn't take her long to transition from a hand massage to a full body massage, working her perky boobs across the small of my back and my ass, while working the kinks out of my shoulders and neck.

Without warning she reached around and grabbed my cock and began to give me a slow soapy hand job; all the while massaging my lower back with her firm tits. "Baby, that's incredible, I don't know if I can stand that long." Teagan giggled as she continued to slowly but forcefully stroke me.

I was getting hornier by the second. I took some of the lather in my hand and reached behind me, catching Teagan between her legs. She squealed in happy surprise and then moaned through clenched teeth as the initial wave of pleasure washed over her. Teagan let go of my cock, wrapped one arm around my waist and braced herself with the other against the wall of the shower.

She stretched up on her tip toes and tensed her ass and legs, trying to help force an orgasm. The feel of my hand on her baby soft pussy changed, as her natural juices mixed with the soap creating a silky, slick lubricant. I continued to work on her, sliding my middle finger into and out of her while working her clit with the heel of my hand.

It was actually easier said than done. I was rock hard by now. Watching a girl get off, any girl actually, is a huge turn on for me. I turned around and let go of Teagan's pussy. She looked shocked for a second; as if she actually thought I was not going to help her cum. I bent down to her, moved some wet hair out of her eyes and said, "Hold tight around my neck." Teagan did as instructed and held on as I reached down under her legs, lifted her up and pinned her hard against the shower wall.

I had her legs spread wide and the bend of her knees hooked over the bend of my elbows. I had a petite ass cheek in each hand. We paused for a moment, kissing passionately, just to make sure we both had a hold of the other securely.

"You good?" I asked. "Oh hell yeah!" she said while slowly, sexily licking her lips. "Come on Mikey, fuck me!" I moved her out away from me just enough so she could guide me in. In one quick motion, I buried my cock, balls deep into her slick, wet pussy. Teagan gasped as her clit slammed into my pubic bone.

There was nothing careful about it. We were two lovers locked in primal fucking. I was slamming into her as deep as I could with each stroke. She had her face buried in my neck and was sucking on my neck and kissing me intensely as our passions rose. After several minutes Teagan slowly straitened up and began to lean back.

"NNNGH, NNNGH, NNNGH was all the noise she was making with each thrust into her. She became more frantic as I continued to pump her. "Babe, yes" "Yes, baby yes" "Ohmygodyes! She pleaded. It was getting harder to hold her, as her squirming increased as she neared orgasm.


I could feel her pussy beginning to tighten around my cock as she leaned back further. All at once she closed her eyes and opened her mouth in a silent scream. I took that as a sign to plunge my middle finger deep into her ass hole. Her reaction was instant and intense. Teagan came with every muscle in her body. There were simultaneous crushing sensations around my cock and finger. Teagan involuntarily slammed her body against mine, locking her legs around my waist and let out with a scream of mixed pain and pleasure, stifling it by biting my shoulder hard.

I came inside her after only a couple of more thrusts. Teagan was trembling and whimpering. She let out a sharp cry as I slipped my finger out of her ass. She opened her eyes and looked at me. For a second I thought she was mad, until the huge grin spread across her face. "Oh my god babe!" "Oh…My…GOD!" She was laughing and trying to talk at the same time.

"I have never&hellip.felt anything like that, that good, not even fucking close!" She leaned in and gave me a long hard kiss, biting my lip and trying to find my tonsils with her tongue. The adrenaline was leaving me and I began to realize that I had been holding her for more than ten minutes.


Part of the trembling was from my own arm muscles. "Sweetheart, I've got to set you down before I drop you." I mustered as much strength as I had left and lifted her off my still mostly hard cock. She loosened her grip around my neck and hopped down. Teagan dropped to her knees and took hold of my cock. She gently licked the last drops of cum and sucked her juices off me, looking up at me with lust filled eyes, as she did so.

I was completely spent, yet my desire for more passion with this angel was haunting me. Teagan stood up, wrapped her arms around me and held me next to her for several minutes, the warm water soothing away any remaining tension. "COURTNEY YOU SNEAKY FUCKING BITCH!" "WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE FRIENDS!" "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO MIKE AND ME?" Teagan was spitting mad at her best friend.

"Teagan, I'm sorry!" Courtney was doing her best to apologize and explain. "I just couldn't look away; you guys were SO fucking HOT!" "When I saw Mike standing there with you wrapped around his hips and him pumping the shit out of your pussy, it was hotter than anything I have ever seen." "I mean, it was like I needed to be in the shower with you, but I couldn't move, all I could do was watch." "I'm sorry!

I had to tell you. I thought you deserved to know." "That STILL does not make it OK!" Teagan hissed. "Do you KNOW how much trouble Mike will be in if ANYBODY finds out what we are doing?" "He will go to prison Courtney, for YEARS." "I am NOT going to let that happen!…wait, WHAT?" "What do you mean you needed to be in the shower with us?" Teagan's mood instantly changed from seriously pissed, to seriously confused. "I don't know exactly what I mean, Teagan." "When I was standing there watching Mike and you having sex, I had this overwhelming desire, I wanted to be in there with you guys and join you." "I mean&hellip.shit…I&hellip." Courtney paused awkwardly.

"Teagan you're as beautiful and super sexy as any girl I have ever known, and Mike is just a stud beast." When I saw y'all, something happened inside me. I wanted to, no, no… I needed to be with both of you right then.

I wanted to kiss both of you. I wanted to eat your pussy and make you cum. I wanted Mike to cum in me. "I wanted to fuck both of you and have the three of us collapse into a wet, exhausted pile of body parts right there on the floor of the shower.

There, I said it, now what? " Teagan was at a temporary loss for words, but was still hopping mad inside. "Both of us?!" "Oh my GOD Courtney!" "That is too weird for words." "IS IT?" Courtney snapped back. "Have you ever been with a girl Teagan, or are you just going to go through life scared?" "You're willing to fuck a guy more than twice your age, but the thought of being with another girl is weird?

" "Hey, guys are great. There is nothing like being fucked deep by a hot guy. But girls are good too. Girls kiss differently than guys. Girls eat pussy differently than guys. And girls know what girls like. As far as I'm concerned a hole is a hole. I really don't care who is doing what as long as I am having a good time and I get off." "Friends with benefits are wonderful things, Teagan." "Maybe you ought to try one on for size sometime." Teagan was searching for something to say to her friend.

"Ok, I guess I was not ready for all this. I am sorry I yelled at you, but I have to protect Mike. Please, Courtney, please, you can't tell a soul what you know.

He and I will be in so much deep shit if ANYONE finds out I'm fucking our coach." "Teagan, I'm not going to say anything.

I want to fuck Mike too, remember?" "Y'alls secret is safe with me." "Look, I gotta go, my mom will be out front any minute." Courtney and Teagan stared awkwardly at each other for a second or two.

Then almost as an act of desperation to help drive home her point, Courtney leaned forward and kissed Teagan softly on the cheek, catching the corner of her mouth as she did so.

Teagan didn't react to the kiss from Courtney and stood silently as her friend turned and walked out the cabana door. This was not good. Teagan was frustrated, hurt and angry at the invasion of her and Mike's privacy. Not to mention the potential risk to both of us now that our secret was out. Teagan walked over to the bar, sat down on one of the stools, put her head down on the counter and began to cry softly. I was working at my desk when I noticed the time.

"Wow. Teagan should have been here by now." I thought to myself. I signed off the laptop and walked out of my office toward the living room. It was obvious that I was the only one in the house. I headed out to the cabana thinking the girls might be there. Teagan was sitting at the bar and looked up as I walked in. It was obvious she had been crying. Her eyes were bloodshot and her makeup was smeared.

She got down off the stool and walked over to me, fighting a losing battle against another flood of tears. "Teagan, baby, what's wrong?" Something was up. Teagan was an emotional ice princess and was not a crier. In fact, in the year that I had known her, I had seen her cry only a couple of times before.

I pulled her close to me as she continued to sob. "Kiwi, baby, please tell me what's wrong." "Come on, it'll be OK." I took her face in my hands and looked at her. I wiped away a tear with my thumb. Teagan took a deep breath and said, "She…she knows." (sniff) "She knows Mike." "Baby, who?" "Who knows what?" "She knows about us!" "Courtney knows we are fucking each other!" The revelation hit me in the stomach like a UFC fighter and simultaneously seemed to suck all the air out of the room.

Denial was my first response. "No, No way" "She might suspect something, but there is no way&hellip." "NO!!" "Listen to me!" Teagan demanded. "She KNOWS!" "Baby, I didn't tell her and you didn't tell her so exactly how did she find out, and what does she know?" Down inside I was hoping this was all a misunderstanding. "Last week, when I came home early and you were in the shower." "Remember?" I shook my head in agreement. "Well we had an audience Mike." "Courtney." "She watched the whole god damn thing." "Everything from when you picked me up, to when I cleaned you up after we were through." "Courtney knows everything!" "And it is all my fault because I did not lock the door when I came in!" "She must have been only a few minutes behind me, not still at school like we thought!" Teagan said, once again fighting back tears.

The fact was we had both screwed up. I had become too comfortable with Teagan to give anybody else a second thought. Any of the girls could have walked in on us, and that fact never crossed my mind. So this is what Mitch meant about thinking with the big head… "Baby, it's not your fault. I should have stopped you and moved our little party to the bedroom. It just never occurred to me that someone might see us." "Holy shit, lemme think for a minute." I said as I sat down on one of the futons.

Teagan came over and curled up next to me, resting her head in my lap. "OK." My mind was reeling trying to piece together what to do next. "Courtney has known about this for almost a week." "That was last Thursday and today is Wednesday." "She obviously hasn't told anyone else, other than you, that she knows." "How do you know that?" Teagan asked suspiciously.

"Because I'm not in jail on statutory rape charges, and you're not on the first jet back to New Zealand with deportation papers in your hand and a one way ticket paid for by the US tax payers." "More good news; it's Courtney that caught us." "Can you just imagine how the shit would have already hit the fan if it had been Kylie?" Teagan just shook her head.

"You hungry yet?" I asked her. "Yeah kinda, sorta" Teagan replied, sitting up. "OK, let's go fix dinner and work this out." "Text Courtney and tell her you're not mad, just a little confused, you want to still be BFF or whatever girlie thing it is y'all text to each other." "But I am pissed off at the sneaky little bitch!" Teagan sneered.

"Yeah, baby I know you are, so am I, a little." "But Courtney can't know that." "We have to keep her on our side in this." "The way I see it, she sat on this for almost a week because she didn't know what to do." "Courtney isn't stupid; she knows that there will be hell to pay if this gets out, so she told you, because her conscience was making her tell someone." "She needs to think you're OK with that." "I also need to know everything you two said to each other when she told you." "I'm guessing that was not a pleasant chit chat." "Not really." Teagan said.

"I called her a sneaky fucking bitch, and it went downhill from there." "Ok, well, what's done is done." "That makes the kiss and makeup text all the more important." I mused, hoping that once again Teagan's acidic brand of smartass could be smoothed over. "Funny you should mention kiss and make up." She said as she pulled out her cell phone and began the text to Courtney. Teagan: Hey C Just wanted to say Im sorry for yelling at u this afternoon.

I way over acted and Im sorry. Pls forgive. Courtney: its ok I would have been mad 2 I knew u would b pissed. Couldn't keep it 2 myself any more Teagan: almost relieved u know hard 2 keep a secret like that. Im sorry I called u a sneaky bitch that was not nice Courtney: no worries I kind of deserved it I should have told u sooner not nice to spy on friens Teagan: I still love u C see u in the am Courtney: love u2 teag see u at 1st period "OK" Teagan said, "I think Courtney and I are cool." She handed me her phone and I scanned the text thread.

"Yeah, she doesn't sound mad, just a bit embarrassed." "By the way, what did you mean when you said "funny, you should mention kiss?" "Well," Teagan paused and blushed a bit. "Just before she left, Courtney kissed me." "Kind of on the cheek and the lips at the same time." "She also told me that our secret was safe, because she wants a three way with us." "Are you serious?" I asked in disbelief. "She said that.

Really?" "Well not in those exact words, but there was no misunderstanding what she meant." Teagan was clearly as serious as she could be.

She was hiding any emotions she may have had about the revelation. "So, what makes you so sure she wants a three way?" I was still suspicious, but we were talking about Courtney. "Because Courtney said she wanted to eat my pussy and make me cum; she wants you to cum inside her; and she wants all three of us to fuck each other until we pass out." Teagan grinned, tipped her head to the side and waited for my reaction.

"Damn." "So I guess all those rumors about her aren't rumors after all." The porn video in my head was already playing. "Oh, babe, you have no idea." "Girlfriends talk&hellip." "A three way would not be any big deal to Courtney." "I just never guessed that she would want me, not to mention you, in her next one." "So, maybe we can work this whole thing to our benefit." I said, more thinking out loud than anything else. "Exactly what do you have in mind, Mike?" Teagan asked with an air of curious suspicion.

"Well, we need to make sure Courtney keeps her mouth shut about us. What if we make her a co-conspirator…What if we make her twisted little fantasy come true?" "Um…Mike I don't know…I mean…I never, and…" Teagan paused and looked at the floor. She was looking for a way out of a situation that was quickly moving out of her comfort zone.

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I walked over to her and held her close to me. Teagan hugged me tight, but said nothing. "Baby, you've never been with a girl or in a three way have you?" Teagan pulled away from me slightly and just shook her head." "I'm sorry Teagan; I shouldn't have been so quick to suggest that." "No, no, you are right. The best way to ensure the silence of all of the robbers is to share the loot equally." "But…I mean I have never really thought about being with a girl." "I like guys, I always have." " The way they look, the way they feel.

"The way you smell after a shower, the way you taste&hellip." "I am so happy with you, the thought of being with a girl never crossed my mind." Teagan was clearly thinking about it now, and for the first time in her life the possibility of a bi relationship was staring her right in the face.

"So, do you think you could be with Courtney, specifically, not just any girl, but Courtney, if the opportunity came up?" "Wow." "I just do not know. I have to think about that for awhile." Over the next couple of days, Teagan and I continued to talk about the whole idea of a three way with Courtney. I re assured Teagan that she would be the one to call the shots on the whole three way con.

Speaking strictly as a guy, Courtney was fucking hot. While her body wasn't as perfect as Teagan's, Courtney was still WAY up on the sexy scale.

Her energy level just about guaranteed an "Energizer Bunny" fuck session. However, Teagan and I had been lovers for almost four months, and we worked very well together. There was the potential that fucking Courtney could damage the relationship that Teagan and I had in any number of different ways. Teagan was still very apprehensive about the idea of me sleeping with Courtney. Over the last couple of weeks, she had pretty well warmed up to a bi session with Courtney, but me, screwing Courtney, was another thing all together.

Teagan was, without admitting it openly, showing a bit of jealousy and possessiveness. We had planned to invite Courtney over the next Friday after Becca left again. Becca had been home for almost three weeks and Teagan and I were missing our sleep over arrangement. Seeing each other after school and at practices just isn't the same as curling up next to someone and falling asleep together after screwing each other's brains out.

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Becca dropped Teagan off about 5:00pm. As soon as the front door closed, Teagan was all over me. She jumped up, wrapped her legs around my hips and kissed me hard; forcing her tongue into my mouth with a passion I had not seen from her before. She was horny and aggressive. "Wow, I missed you too baby!" I said. "Mike, I need you to fuck me! I so need your cock right now." Teagan replied. She let go of me and hopped down. I slipped my left arm under hers, spun her around, and pulled her to me, my left hand around her throat.

Not hard, but hard enough that she couldn't escape. I slipped my right hand into the top of her jeans as I began to kiss and suck on her neck. Teagan struggled playfully as she sucked in her tummy to give me more room. I slid my hand down into her jeans. Teagan let out a soft gasp as my finger slid past her clit and into her damp softness. "You like that don't you kitten?" I asked in a sort of threatening voice. Teagan was enjoying the rough play and didn't answer as she continued to breathe through clenched teeth.

I rubbed her pussy aggressively for a few moments, and then pulled my hand out of her jeans. "Noooooo!" "That's not FAIR!" Teagan protested while trying to twist away from my grasp. I gently, but firmly pulled her head back to me and whispered, "Baby, Courtney is going to be here in less than an hour." "We have to save this for tonight like we planned." "I need to be inside you, as bad as you want me there, but we have to wait until later." Teagan was now about half mad and sexually frustrated.

I held on to her firmly as she was still trying to twist out of my grasp. "POPCORN!" "Let me GO!" Teagan snipped. "POPCORN" was our "safe" word. The word we could use to instantly end whatever was going on at the time. I immediately released her. She spun around and glared at me; the stress on her face was obvious.

"I'm sorry baby, no harm meant." I said cautiously. "It's OK, it's ok… it's not you…it's me." Teagan replied tensely. "Jesus, in just a few hours, I am going to be making out with a girl, maybe making love to a girl, having a three way…Oh, and the guy I care so much about, will probably be fucking my best friend while I watch." "I'm sorry babe; I'm just a little bit freaked out right now." I reached out to her and she came over to me and hugged me firmly.

"Baby, I promise I won't fuck Courtney unless you tell me I can." Teagan didn't release her grasp on me but said, "You promise?" "Yeah baby, I promise. If it's that important to you, I'll let you make that decision." Teagan looked up at me, smiled and kissed me. It was the kind of soft, loving, kiss that told me that, at least for now, everything was OK. She let me go, stepped back and said, "I think we better get this plan started." The plan we had devised was simple enough, and left us several options depending on exactly how Courtney reacted.

Teagan had already dangled the bait for Courtney. Teagan had invited Courtney over for dinner and a sleepover. It was the kind of thing close friends did, but she had also mentioned that I knew about Courtney spying on us, and I just wanted to talk about it. Courtney trusted me enough that she knew there would not be an ugly scene, so she accepted the sleepover invitation without a second thought. The trap was set. I was counting on Courtney's libido, curiosity and her apparent inability to just say no to sex, to get her into bed with Teagan and me before she really knew what had happened.

The bedroom was ready, the hot tub was heating, the grill was hot and the wine was chilled. I looked at Teagan and asked her "You ready for this baby?" Teagan thought for a few moments before answering.

She picked up her glass of wine, took a big gulp and said "Yeah, this should be fun." "Let's fuck the sneaky little bitch!" I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Teagan coyly smiled back at me just as the doorbell rang. Teagan went to the door and opened it. In walked Courtney and her mom, Cindy. Pleasantries were exchanged and I offered Cindy a glass of wine. Looking past Cindy, as she walked into the kitchen, I watched Teagan hug Courtney and hold on a few seconds too long.

Teagan whispered something to Courtney. The look on Courtney's face was one of happy surprise. Teagan mentioned later that she had told Courtney that she smelled amazing and given her a little kiss on the cheek.

Cindy and I talked about the upcoming national tournament over the Fourth of July week in Colorado. There were only about three months to plan everything and get in as many practice games as we could. The girls had disappeared upstairs with Courtney's bag. Cindy and I talked for a while longer, polished off our glasses of wine and she gave me a hug as she headed out the door.

It had been about twenty minutes since the girls had gone upstairs, and the steaks were ready to go on the grill. "Hey y'all!" I yelled in the general direction of Teagan's room. Almost immediately the two beauties came out of the room and down the stairs holding hands. Courtney was a subdued and would not look directly at me. "Mike I'm so sorry I spied on y'all." Courtney said quietly.

"I just couldn't help myself." "Hey Courtney, it's OK." "But now you know something you probably shouldn't about me and Teagan…" Courtney interrupted, "And I won't tell anyone, I swear to God, no one." "Well that's really what I wanted to make sure you understood about me and Teagan." "What you know can go no further than the three of us right here, ever." "Even if Teagan and I stay together until she's 18, no one can ever know, because I could still be arrested." "Are you serious?" Courtney was incredulous.

"Why?" "Why would anybody care once she's 18." "I mean shit, I don't' care now!" "I think it's really kinda cool that you two are so good together." "Well technically, in this state, there is no statute of limitations on "crimes" involving minors." I said. "But sex isn't a crime!" Courtney protested. "Oh, but that's where you're wrong, kitten." "To some people, you and Teagan are not, beautiful, intelligent young women, capable of making your own decisions about whom you sleep with; you are children." "And sex with children IS illegal and a crime." "That's Bullshit!" Courtney exclaimed.

"I can fuck anyone I want to, and you're telling me if they are over 18 and I'm not they can go to jail?" "Well there are some exceptions, but yeah, basically, that's the way it works." "And to make matters worse, if anyone wants to make a big deal out of it, a prosecutor could bring charges and have that person arrested years after it happened." Courtney was speechless; she just stood there looking at me like she was expecting me to say "just kidding," or something .

"So are we cool about never mentioning this to anyone other than each other, and that never around other people?" Teagan and Courtney agreed and we all hugged out our commitment to each other. "I don't know about y'all, but I'm hungry and the steaks are ready to go on the grill." The girls nodded in agreement.

"If y'all will get the rest of the stuff out, and the table set, I'll get these started." As I was picking up the platter, Teagan came up to me and gave me another hug and whispered "awesome job babe" in my ear. Dinner was happy and light hearted. Both the girls loved wine, especially Teagan. She and I could empty a bottle with dinner just by ourselves.

Courtney was into Margaritas, Rum and Coke and such, but she had no problem with a nice Pinot Noir either. While we were finishing up, Teagan began phase two of the plan. "Babe," she cooed, "is it OK if we start a fire outside and all soak in the hot tub?" "Sure baby, I've got no problem with that." "There is already wood in the fire place and some pinion chips to make it smell good." "You can go start the fire and check the hot tub temperature and I'll get the kitchen cleaned up." "Sweet!" "I'm gonna go get changed, unless y'all need my help." Courtney chirped happily.

"Nope, go get changed." I said "I'll be done here in a couple of minutes." I was already dressed in my board shorts, so all I needed was to lose the sandals and t-shirt. Teagan acted busy outside. The plan was for her to be the last one out to the hot tub. I finished loading the dishwasher and then headed out back with a bottle of Riesling in an ice bucket.

Teagan and I didn't have to wait long until Courtney joined us. She was dressed in a simple black string bikini. The effect of the black fabric against her alabaster skin and deep orangey red hair was amazingly sexy. Teagan excused herself to go and get changed.

I pulled off my shirt and asked Courtney if she wanted some more wine. "Yeah, I think I'd better." she giggled. I poured three glasses, handed one to Courtney, set one down on the edge of the hot tub for Teagan, and kept one for myself, as Courtney and I stepped into the hot tub. We small talked and watched the now roaring fire send sparks up into the dark early April sky.

Teagan had started a playlist on her iPod that was primarily acoustic and Spanish guitar. Somehow everything just worked, or at least she and I hoped it would. The light in the house went out as Teagan opened the back door and came out to join us. Teagan was wearing a tiny yellow thong back bikini bottom and a smile. She had a towel around her neck and it hung down covering her naked boobs. Her hair was like Courtney's; pulled up in a bun on her head.

Teagan reached up and slowly pulled the towel off. Courtney's eyes got big as saucers. "Holy shit Teagan!" "What?" "Come on Courtney, it's not like you haven't seen them before." Teagan teased her friend.

"That's not fair, Mikes here and…so…" Courtney whined. "So what?" I said. "So you don't care if I take my top off too?" Courtney grinned.

"Not if you don't." That was all the excuse Courtney needed. As she was untying the top, she said "OK, but y'all have to know something about me before this goes any further." Teagan lifted up her glass and said "To friends!" "To friends!" Courtney and I said in unison as we all clinked our glasses together.

"OK, Courtney, what's so important?" Teagan asked. "Well, since I know that y'all are screwing each other, and you trust me enough to keep my mouth shut, I think I can share a secret I have with you." "I mean, it seems only fair." "OK." Courtney paused for dramatic effect. She was bubbling with excitement and intensity. "I love sex!" Teagan laughed, "Courtney, hellooooo&hellip.everybody loves sex!" "No!" "Y'all don't understand, I LOVE sex, I mean I really, really, fuck me anywhere, anytime LOVE sex!" "I can't get enough of it." "I love it all; toys, oral, anal, girls, guys, both, everything, anything, you name it and I'm probably into it." "I'm a fucking little nympho, I'm not interested in a 12 step program, I just wanna fuck…everybody!" "I'm going to graduate in just over two years, and I'm not going to college." "I'm going to Hollywood and try to be a porn actress…or maybe a call girl…but most likely a porn actress." "I figure if I like screwing so much, why not get paid for it too?" It was hard to argue with her simple but effective logic.

Courtney and Teagan continued to talk as Courtney tried to help Teagan wrap her head around the fact that her best friend's life goal was to literally fuck and suck her way to the top of the U.S. adult entertainment industry. Whatever path Courtney chose, if she played her cards right she was nearly guaranteed success. Off the top of my head, I could name half a dozen porn starlets that were five foot tall or less; and Courtney had the added advantage of being a natural redhead.

If she could stay drug and HIV free, she probably had a career. Courtney was a bit more apple-breasted than Teagan. Her boobs were not huge, hell, nothing on Courtney was big, but her boobs were beautiful. They were perfectly round, firm, almost C cups, with absolutely no sag to them. Even with no top on, they almost touched in the middle of her chest. Like most real redheads, her nipples were nearly invisible, no dark pigment, just a very light shade of pink against her pale skin.

Teagan and I sat and listened to Courtney spill her stories about what she wanted in the future, who she'd been with, who she wanted to be with etc. The stories alternately freaked out and fascinated Teagan. The list of people Courtney was talking about, read like a list of the high school's Who's Who.

I recognized many of the names, though I could only put faces with some of them. Teagan seemed to know them all. I found out a couple of things about Sundee I was sure Mitch didn't know, but would want to. Courtney swore us to secrecy, just as Teagan and I had made sure Courtney would keep her mouth shut. It was time to spring the trap on our little red headed nymphet. As Courtney was talking, Teagan had slowly moved over close to me. She had put her arm around my shoulder and was alternating between paying attention to Courtney, and kissing my neck and gently playing with her tongue in my ear.

It was tough to purposely not pay attention to her affections. Without breaking eye contact with Courtney, I reached down and ran my hand between Teagan's legs. Courtney stopped talking and watched her friend, like a predator watches its next meal. Teagan got up on her knees and reached down to rub my cock, while planting a slow wet kiss on my lips.

I was probably less than ten seconds, but when I looked up Courtney had one of her boobs in her hand and was squeezing it hard. Her other hand was between her legs.

"Y'all don't have to stop just 'cause I'm here, I don't mind, really." The tone of her voice made the statement sound like a plea to continue. Teagan moved up and sat on the edge of the hot tub, her body steaming in the cool night air.

She spread her legs and adjusted her thong. Courtney's eyes were locked on Teagan's pussy; her unlined thong bottom leaving almost nothing to the imagination. "Courtney" I said, "Teagan and I are going to go make love, would you like to join us?" Teagan was biting her lip trying to keep from laughing. The look on Courtney's face was one of amazement and joy. "Mike, are you serious?" Courtney said cautiously. "Well, yeah. I mean after everything you shared with us tonight, it seemed like the thing to do." I replied mater of factly.

"Oh my God!" Courtney paused, then said "Teagan, are you OK with me joining y'all?" "Yeah," Teagan smiled. "I'm cool with it." "It should be fun." Courtney stood up and waded across the hot tub, kneeled on the step in front of Teagan and gave her a hug and said, "Teagan, oh my god, thank you so much." "I was afraid I had ruined our friendship, when I watched y'all having sex." "I mean you two have something really special and hot." "Y'all are sure you want me to be with you?" "I don't want to mess up anything between you." "It's OK Courtney, you won't." Teagan re assured her.

"Let's go inside, I am getting cold." Teagan stood up and took Courtney's hand and helped her out of the hot tub. I quickly joined them at the towel rack. We dried off and hung the towels back on the rack. I took Courtney's left hand and Teagan grabbed her right hand as we headed inside. Teagan suggested we rinse off quickly in the shower to get the chlorine off of us. Courtney stopped us and said "Y'all go and get started I'll be right there." "I gotta go get something upstairs." She let go of our hands and sprinted up the stairs to the bedroom where she had left her bag earlier in the evening.

Teagan dropped her bikini bottom, stepped into the shower and started the shower heads and steamers. The shower in the master bath was similar to the shower out in the cabana.

I picked up the tiny yellow piece of material off the floor. Wadded up, it wasn't even the size of a golf ball. I tossed it in the sink as Courtney came into the bedroom. She was carrying a small sparkly, ice blue clutch. She walked over and set it on the nightstand, then joined Teagan and me in the bathroom.

"You go ahead Courtney; I'll join y'all in a minute. I went back into the bedroom to light several candles, start the stereo and turn off the lights. When I returned to the bathroom, in the shower was one of the hottest scenes I had ever witnessed. Teagan had Courtney backed into the corner.

Courtney was leaning back a little and was supporting herself with the upper part of her back and shoulders on the wall, her hips were away from the wall and pushed forward slightly toward Teagan. Courtney had her arms draped loosely around Teagan's neck. Teagan had her hands on Courtney's boobs and was kissing her and sucking on her bottom lip.

Neither girl noticed when I walked in. I dropped my board shorts, watched for a moment and then opened the door. The sound of the shower door got their attention and they looked around at me and giggled.

"Don't stop on my account." I said. Both of them looked back at each other, laughed, and returned to the kissing. I thought it was odd that Teagan had taken the lead and that Courtney was being so passive. I stepped up behind Teagan, took some body wash and began working on her back and ass. I slipped my hand gently between her ass cheeks and rubbed her ass hole gently. Teagan gasped softly. That got Courtney's attention. Courtney opened her eyes, sized up the situation and said "Me next?" Teagan turned around toward me and kissed me.

She then turned Courtney around. Courtney instinctively spread her legs a bit and pushed her ass toward me. I repeated what I had done to Teagan on Courtney.

Courtney moaned softly. I continued rubbing for a moment and Courtney said "Mike, put your finger in my ass." Teagan was washing Courtney's front. We glanced at each other and smiled. I pushed my finger into her. "Oooooo…I like that.

Ooooo yeah. Courtney mewed softly. Unlike Teagan, Courtney's ass offered little resistance as I pushed my soapy finger into her. I slid my finger into and out of her for a few moments. Courtney had taken hold of Teagan's arm with both hands and was concentrating on the anal sensations.

I slipped my finger out of her and moved her under the water to rinse her off. Teagan was watching, fascinated by Courtney's reaction. The look on Courtney's face had changed. No longer was she the playful pixie. Her look now oozed purpose, lust and desire. She was breathing fast and deep.

Courtney reached down and rubbed her clit. "Fuck me! This is going to be fun." She said with an evil grin, never taking her eyes off Teagan. Courtney took a deep breath, let go of her pussy and stepped aside, as Teagan began to soap me up. Teagan, squeezed some body wash on her boobs and stomach and sexily began rubbing it into a lather.

Teagan wrapped her arms around my neck and rubbed her body against me spreading the lather from my knees to my neck. "Fucking A!" Courtney exclaimed.

"Y'all are hot as shit!" At that point Teagan and I knew we had Courtney right where we wanted her. She was into this game hook, line and sphincter. Teagan and I rinsed off and stepped out of the shower with Courtney.

The three of us dried off and headed for the bed. Teagan crawled up, lay down on her back, supported by a couple of pillows, and spread her legs. I lay down next to her, and propped myself up on one arm.

Courtney kneeled between Teagan's legs. Courtney leaned over and kissed the inside of Teagan's leg, slowly working up her body, past her belly button, up between her boobs and then locked on to her lips. Watching these two kissing with an intensity and passion that came directly from the closeness of their relationship was stunning to witness.

Teagan shivered with pleasure as her friend carefully and expertly turned her on. I watched in wonder as Teagan melted under Courtney's erotic touches and kisses. Teagan was softly cooing, and making little gasps and noises, as Courtney used her tongue lips and teeth to work on Teagan's nipples. I reached over and gently stroked Courtney's side and down the curve of her ass. Her skin was as smooth, warm and soft as bunny fur. She paused, looked up at me, smiled, and mouthed the words "you're next." Courtney moved back down and positioned herself to feast on Teagan's pussy.

Courtney gently spread the soft flesh between Teagan's legs, and licked her wet slit gently. Teagan gasped and said "Oh God, that's incredible!" Courtney continued to work her magic on Teagan. She was lost in the sensations and the growing need for release. Teagan became increasingly restless as Courtney continued to explore her with her tongue.

I took hold of Teagan's hand. She was beginning to arch her back and her breathing was becoming faster and shallower. Teagan opened her eyes as Courtney pushed her fingers deep into both holes at once. The look on her face was one of ecstasy and shock. "You OK baby?" I asked her.

Not really knowing if she heard me. She looked at me, smiled and said between breaths. "Mike…she's so good…it's incredible…Courtney is so good…Oh my God!.I'm gonna cummmm…YYYYeesssss!

Teagan convulsed as the waves of her orgasm poured over her. Courtney did not change her grip on Teagan and continued to probe her with her tongue. "FUCK, STOP, POPCORN!" "I can't take anymore!" Teagan reached down and rather forcefully pushed Courtney's head away, and rolled onto her side, trapping Courtney's arm under her hip.

Courtney was laughing out loud as I helped her pull her arm free. "See!" Courtney taunted "I told you girls were good." Teagan replied giggling "OK, you win, sue me bitch!" Both girls collapsed in laughter beside each other. Courtney sat up and said, "Ya know Teagan, Mikey looks kinda lonely sitting there by himself, why don't we cheer him up!" The emphasis Courtney put on the word UP, left no doubt what she had in mind.

Courtney crawled across the bed like a kitten on the prowl. I rose up on my knees as Teagan joined Courtney, already on her hands and knees, in front of me. Courtney reached out and wrapped her hand around the base of my semi hard cock. She used her tongue to tease me for a few seconds, before sucking almost all of me into her mouth. Courtney was an expert blow job artist. She was using the perfect mix of hand and tongue, combined with a suction that could have pulled the cork out of a wine bottle.

She had a gift, and it only took a few moments to get me rock hard. Courtney passed me off to Teagan. Teagan was not as aggressive as Courtney, but her technique was familiar and still wickedly effective.

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"Mikey, you need to fuck your girlfriend." Courtney teased. "And I wanna help." Teagan yelped in surprise as Courtney swatted her ass and told her to turn around. Teagan grabbed a pillow, and rested her chest and head on it as she stuck her ass in the air, wiggling it slightly as an invitation. Courtney reached over and picked up her clutch from the nightstand, opened it up and pulled out a small green packet. It was warming lube. She tore open the pack and squeezed a small amount onto Teagan's anal starfish.

Teagan purred at the sensation. "Oooooo." "Oh wow, it's getting warm and tingly!" Courtney, spread the lube onto Teagan's pussy as well.

Courtney took hold of Teagan's ass and spread her cheeks exposing her completely. She then looked up at me and said, "Fuck her Mikey, put that cock into her tight little pussy." She grabbed the base of my cock and pointed me toward Teagan while spreading Teagan's pussy open with her other hand.

Teagan was whimpering with excitement at the sensations of Courtney's touch and the warming lube. I slid all the way into Teagan in one motion. She moaned as her pussy muscles clamped down on me. I began a slow and controlled pumping into Teagan. Courtney began rubbing Teagan's asshole and slipped a finger tip into her. Teagan cried out, but I could not tell if she was in pain or ecstasy. I continued to pump Teagan slowly. Courtney now pushed her finger deep into Teagan.

I was surprised as I could feel Courtney's fingertip pushing down on the top of my cock from inside Teagan. "Feels good don't it" Courtney said as she stretched up and kissed me. Teagan was moaning loudly into the pillow. Courtney finger fucked Teagan's asshole for another moment or two, then lay down and scooted under Teagan and myself, putting her face directly under Teagan's pussy. "That's it Mikey, fuck her like that." "Teagan loves your cock in her, fuck her, and make her come." Courtney tilted her head up and licked Teagan's clit and my cock.

Teagan flinched at the sensation. "OOOO FUCK YEAH!" Teagan hissed. Courtney licked her again and continued back along my cock. I could feel her warm breath on my balls. Teagan was getting wetter and was getting close to cumming. I kept up the steady deep pumping as Courtney sucked one of my balls into her mouth and gently sucked on it. I had never felt anything so intense. Courtney returned to kissing Teagan's clit and helped me push her over the edge.

I grabbed Teagan's hips and pulled her up to me as far as possible, impaling her on my aching cock as I came deep into her. Teagan screamed in ecstasy into the pillow as she tried to wiggle loose from my grip and Courtney's oral attack on her clit. It was no use; Teagan used the pillow to muffle the screams as an orgasm ripped through her.

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Teagan's body convulsed as each orgasmic wave contracted every muscle group in her body. I held on tightly to her hips. I became aware of Courtney's hand clamped hard around the base of my cock and the gentle pressure guiding me out of Teagan. As I pulled out, Teagan collapsed on her side and curled up into the fetal position, trembling.

Courtney moved in to lap up the left behind liquids; my cum, Teagan's prolific natural wetness, and whatever was left of the stuff in the little green packet. Watching Courtney clean up her friend was the hottest thing I have ever seen. It was not unlike watching one kitten clean another. Teagan twitched with each lick from Courtney, but she made no attempt to stop her. Courtney licked her lips, and was looking at me with an erotic, satisfied smile; absent mindedly wiping some of the goo off the side of her cheek.

Her look reminded me of a vampire that had just fed. I smiled, leaned over and kissed her, she tasted like an intense wintergreen mint. "Thank you." I whispered, hugging her tightly. "Anytime Mikey, anytime" she whispered back. Teagan moaned and rolled over on her back.

"Hey baby, welcome back." I said as I leaned down to kiss her. Her returned kiss was gentile but a little weak. She was happily exhausted. Courtney reached over and picked up her little blue bag. She pulled out another pack of lube and a medium sized butt plug. "Mike, can you put this in me please?" Courtney lay on her back and pulled her knees up to her chest.

Teagan was watching us, but said and did nothing. Courtney's pussy was as pretty as she was. She was completely shaved.

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Her labia were pale pink, small and inviting. Her clit was unshrouded, deep pink and glistening wet. The plug was about 3 inches long and about as big around as a ping pong ball.

I lubed up the plug and slowly pushed it into her ass. Courtney eyes rolled back and she gasped as the plug slipped into place. "mmmmm" she shuddered gently. It took about five minutes before Teagan was functional again. Laughing and talking softly she and Courtney kissed and made out.

I was spooned up next to Courtney, she and Teagan were facing each other. Courtney's attention was split between Teagan and me.

Teagan was kissing and sucking on Courtney's boobs, while I was fingering her pussy and playing with the base of the plug that was still in her ass.

Courtney gasped as I gently pulled on the plug. "Is that good Courtney?" I asked. "Oh hell yeah!" She replied "After a while it doesn't hurt and it starts to really feel good." It was obvious that Courtney was still horney. Teagan broke the slightly awkward moment. "Hey babe, I think it's Courtney's turn now." Before I could answer, Courtney asked, "Teagan, are you sure?

The last thing I want to do is mess up what y'all have." "I agree with Courtney." I said cautiously. "You're sure you are OK with me screwing Courtney?" "You two just need to stop." Teagan said, with more than a little annoyance in her voice. "I would not be OK with it if the two of you just went off and screwed each other on your own." "But as long as I am with you, and I can stop anything I am not comfortable with, like we all agreed…" "Let's just have fun!" "Look this whole evening has been an eye opener for me.

I thought I knew a lot about sex and what I liked and what I didn't." "But now, I mean…I never dreamed how hot and incredible sex like this can be." Teagan got up on her knees and hugged me. "Babe, the time we spend making love is the best thing I have ever done." "I love the feeling of having you deep inside me." "It makes me feel desired and cared for, I love every minute of it and I don't ever want it to end." She kissed me deeply and passionately.

"But tonight, Courtney has awakened something I didn't know was inside me." "So yeah, I'm OK with you two screwing, as long as I can help." She hugged me again as Courtney came up behind her and wrapped her arms around Teagan. "So, Courtney," Teagan cooed, "What's your favorite way to get fucked?" "Ummm, actually, I like being on top or on my side." "Missionary sort of makes me claustrophobic!" "Doggie's good too…" Courtney replied happily.

I took that as my cue and lay down on my back, on some pillows.


Teagan and Courtney began a slow tag team blow job. The sexy vixens were alternately sucking, licking and kissing my cock, my balls, and each other.

At that moment, I decided I was the luckiest guy on the planet. After a couple of shared minutes on me, Teagan moved down and started playing with and softly kissing Courtney's pussy. "Umm, Courtney?" Teagan asked, "What do you want me to do with this thing?" She asked, not really knowing what to think about the butt plug. "Well if it's OK, just kinda work around it and I'll take it out before Mike and I hookup." Courtney replied.

"That's cool." Teagan said as she buried her tongue in her friend's wet pussy. Courtney bit her lip and sighed as Teagan pushed two fingers into her, while softly licking her clit. Teagan was watching her friend's reactions, and was also keeping an eye on me. Courtney continued to have a near death grip on the base of my cock. I was amazed that Courtney could continue giving me an incredible blow job while obviously enjoying the oral work of her best friend.

Courtney gave an amazing BJ. She somehow was able to trap the head of my cock against the upper part of the back of her throat, while simultaneously using her tongue to rub the underside of my cock.

Just thinking about how that was possible made my tongue cramp. The technique was also incredibly intense. It hadn't been all that long since I came in Teagan, so I let Courtney work her magic to get me fully hard once again. "Holy shit Courtney," I said "How the fuck do you do that?" She pulled my cock out of her mouth with a "pop" and said "It's an ancient sex kitten secret, handed down from generation to generation!" Teagan started laughing.

Courtney got up on her knees, reached over me and picked up her little bag of tricks. She pulled out another green packet and a condom. "Teagan, can you put this on Mikey and lube it up?" Teagan had a slightly confused look on her face, but did as she was asked. While Teagan was fixing me up, Courtney reached between her legs and winced slightly, as she gently pulled the butt plug out of her ass.

Courtney stayed on her hands and knees for a few seconds, letting the sensation subside. Teagan and I looked at each other but said nothing. Courtney stood up on the bed and stepped across me. She squatted down and took hold of my cock in one hand and spread her ass cheeks apart with the other. Then with determination and skill she slid me deep into her ass in one motion.

Courtney hissed as her ass came to rest on my hips. I was completely buried inside her. I could feel her sphincter muscle tightening around the base of my cock. She began using her hands and thighs to slowly pump herself up and down on my cock. The feeling was incredible; slowly as she pumped me, her sphincter began to relax some. She began to work faster, and the look on her face changed to one of pleasure instead of endured pain.

Teagan was right beside her girlfriend. She reached down and began rubbing Courtney's clit and pussy. "Oh yeah, that's what I like." Courtney said "Finger me like that, fuck yeah, fuck yeah!" Teagan continued to work her fingers into and out of Courtney's pink pussy. Courtney dropped to her knees while straddling me. Teagan pulled her hand away waiting to see what Courtney did next.

Courtney leaned forward, kissed me hard and said "Fuck my ass Mike, fuck my tight little slut ass!" I reached up and took hold of her tiny waist and began thrusting up into her. Not to be left behind, Teagan straddled my face and pressed her dripping pussy toward my mouth.

The girls were facing each other and kissed as I tried my best to balance my inevitable orgasm and the lusty desires of the two girls.

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Suddenly and abruptly, Courtney stopped my cock work out of her ass. As quickly as she had mounted me, she was off again, removing the condom from my cock and cleaning me with a small towel. Teagan hopped off my face, but continued to work her pussy with her hand.

Courtney said "Fuck me Mike, fuck my hot pussy." "I need to feel you inside me." She then dropped onto her elbows and knees, her pretty hairless pussy gapping open slightly, and her glistening, deep pink clit, beckoning me inside. I paused for a second as Teagan grabbed Courtney's ass cheeks and spread them.

I looked at Teagan and she responded by smiling and nodding OK. She stretched up and kissed me reassuringly as I sunk my cock into Courtney's tiny hole. She was different than Teagan. Teagan was always a tight fit. Her pussy muscles made our love making a snug experience. Courtney was more relaxed.

Not loose by any means, just more relaxed, more practiced at the art of muscle control than Teagan. Teagan was on her knees beside Courtney. She had one hand on Courtney's shoulder and the other on the small of my back. It was as if she was going to make sure we finished what we had started.

As I slowly pumped into Courtney, she was making little, quiet noises. "Oh, yeah!" "Oh, yeah!" "Oh god, fuck me like that!" "Its sooo good!" "Unggh, OH!" Courtney turned her head and shoulders back toward Teagan and looked up at me and then at Teagan.

Courtney reached back and began rubbing Teagan's pussy. Both girls were now getting closer to cumming. Courtney's mastery of technique had quickly pushed Teagan to the very edge of another orgasm. Teagan was tensed up and breathing hard. Courtney was working her just enough to hold her at that edge. Courtney on the other hand just loved to fuck, and had taught herself, how to bring herself to the edge whenever she wanted. I was determined to push Courtney over that edge. OH…MY…GOD!!" Teagan exploded first.

"OOOOOH FUCK YEAH!" Her body convulsed hard as an orgasm ripped through her. There was nothing subtle about the combination of Teagan and an orgasm. She always seemed to cum with a physical intensity that was as fun to watch as it was to experience firsthand.

Teagan grabbed Courtney's hand and pulled it away from her sopping wet pussy. She leaned over against me, breathing hard. "Finish her off babe, make her beg and scream." Teagan had an odd, almost vindictive look on her face. SCHWACK! The sound of Teagan's hand swatting Courtney's ass cheek reverberated through the room. "OWWW!!" Courtney yelled.

I increased the speed of my thrusting. "Oh god." "Oh yeah!" Courtney was struggling with different sensations of the pain and the intensity of the fucking she was receiving. I could feel her pussy muscles finally starting to involuntarily react and tighten around me. SCHWACK! "AAAHHHOOOWWW!" Courtney howled as she now had a matching red handprint on her other ass cheek. The spanking caused Courtney to tense her pussy muscles, pushing her closer to cumming.

"Teagan that HURTS!" "But it's so GOOD." Courtney whined. She was having trouble separating the sensations. Teagan pushed down hard between Courtney's shoulder blades, forcing her chest down on to the bed, and held her there. I was now getting close to cumming myself. Teagan looked at me and with a sinister grin, took her razor sharp nails and raked them across Courtney's ass; directly across the now searing red handprints. "AAAAAHHHHH…HELL YEAH! OOOOOOOYEAH" Courtney screamed and her body jerked hard as she came.

Her pussy muscles clamped down on my cock as firmly as her hand had earlier.

Courtney struggled to move but, Teagan was still holding her down and I had a tight hold on her hips. I continued to pump her for another moment, thrusting as deep as I could into her until I came, her pussy still clamped around me firmly. Courtney was whimpering and almost sounded like she was crying as she feebly said "Popcorn?" "Please let me up, please?" Teagan immediately released her as I gently pulled out.

Courtney didn't move for several seconds even thought she was free from her tormentors. She collapsed on her tummy, panting hard, a mix of my cum and her juices slowly oozing from her pussy. Teagan gently touched her very red butt. "NO! Courtney begged "Please don't hit me again!" "I won't." Teagan replied, as she softly kissed the whelped up handprints.

Courtney continued to whimper and it wasn't until that moment, that I realized just how hard Teagan had unloaded on Courtney. Teagan used the towel to clean up her new fuck buddy, and then bent down and kissed the back of her neck and cheek gently. "SHIT!" Courtney exclaimed. "MY ASS HURTS, but damn it, that was FUCKING awesome!" "Too much fun!" Courtney rolled over and sat up, wincing as her butt touched the bed. "Damn it Teagan!" "I'm sorry Courtney; I did not mean to hurt you, really." Teagan replied.

I was not sure I believed her. Something in her earlier look made me think spanking Courtney was not a sex thing, it was a discipline thing. "That's OK; I'll just sit on a pillow for a couple of days." Both girls cracked up with laughter. "Hey, anybody else want warm chocolate chip cookies and milk?" Teagan asked, changing the subject.

I looked at the clock, it was just before midnight. "That sounds sooo good!" Courtney exclaimed. Both girls bounded out of bed, tossed on the clothes they were going to sleep in, and headed toward the kitchen. Teagan had on a cami top and sophie shorts, Courtney was in a t-shirt that had "I FUCK ON THE FIRST DATE" printed across the front, and a pair of guys boxer shorts.

"You coming babe?" Teagan asked. "I'll be in there in a minute sweetie." I replied. Teagan blew me a kiss, and walked out of the room. I headed for the kitchen after a stop by the bathroom to pee. As I walked around the corner I paused and watched the girls cutting the dough and putting the pieces on the cookie sheet.

Looking like two sisters from different mothers; working as one. But they weren't sisters. As of tonight they were bi lovers, and the three of us had just spent the better part of the last two and a half hours trading orgasms and sharing body fluids.

This was going to make the summer and Colorado in particular, really interesting. Teagan and I were going to have to talk about "us" and see where we stood as a couple, and where we wanted our relationship to go in the future. Just another year and change and Teagan would turn 18. There was also the inevitable and difficult conversation with Tori looming on my horizon.

She was supposed to be home for the summer in just over six weeks. Tori and I had a wonderfully close dad/daughter relationship. We talked almost every day via text or phone calls. She knew about Teagan staying at the house, and had met her at a practice over the Christmas holidays while Tori was home from college. However, it was my guess that Tori had no inkling that Teagan and I were now much more than just friends.

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I felt terrible that I had not shared the whole truth with Tori. We had few secrets from each other. There was also the possibility that Teagan could, eventually, become the replacement for Tori's mom in my life. I was reasonably sure Tori was not going to handle that fact well at all. … But for now, I wanted cookies. I walked into the kitchen and gave a little kiss to both the girls. We talked and laughed and ate warm cookies and drank ice cold milk out of frosted mugs.

It seemed the perfect end to an amazing night. Back in the bed, Teagan took up her usual spot on my right side, and spooned up against me. Courtney curled up next to Teagan, facing her. "I just want to thank y'all for letting me be with you." "You didn't have to do that and I really enjoyed it." Courtney said. She leaned over and kissed Teagan. "You're welcome Courtney" I replied. "I had fun, how about you baby?" "Oh my god, tonight was awesome, we WILL have to do this again." Teagan said enthusiastically.

We all three laughed and agreed that a hot tub, under a starlit Colorado sky, might be a good place to start. I switched off the light on the nightstand. Almost immediately Teagan turned her head and upper body back and kissed me deeply and softly.

She took my hand, interlaced her fingers with mine and placed my hand and hers over her heart. She held my hand tightly against her for some time. Eventually, I felt her grip soften, as she joined her new red headed lover in exhausted, happy sleep.