Argentina bien cogida por un español

Argentina bien cogida por un español
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Poets Day (Friday Afternoon &hellip. Piss Off Early Tommorrow's Saturday) Christ! What I'm going to tell you here will give me my wanking fantasies for weeks.

I hope it will do the same for you; if it does whether you're male or female will you add a comment to tell me? It probably will fire more imaginations amongst my readership in my own age group (and I admit to being of the 'Baby Boomer' generation) Last Friday afternoon I was in the office when a situation came up which meant I had to go out to see a client and also meant that I should have to take some one with me to take notes.

The only staff member available for this task was the section leader of the secretariat, a woman only a few years my junior. Usually, there would have been several girls in their teens or early 20s around and I was rather diffident about asking Margaret the section leader to undertake what I imagined she would see as a rather menial duty.

However, it was a hot, sunny afternoon and women in Margaret's position rarely had opportunities to get out and about like their more junior colleagues and to my surprise, Margaret rather jumped at the chance!

She is a woman in her late 40s, about 5 feet 7 inches (about 1.70m), blonde, with a slimish profile (which is just showing a tendency to develop a bit of a tummy) and quite a nice bust.

She was wearing a summer dress in a light cotton print which had a rather low cut top which showed a decent bit of cleavage when she leaned forwards. I was also aware that although she was married she was not averse to an adventure or two on the side.

(Office legends &hellip. what would office life be without them???) I gave her half an hour or so to finish what she was doing and arranged to meet her in the car park.

The car interior was like an oven, the seats were like hot plates and I could see that she was uncomfortable as we drove out towards the road, so I switched on the air conditioning. As the blast of cool air reached her, she visibly relaxed in the passenger seat and I was quite excited to see her slightly part her legs to allow the cool jet of air between them. I was even more excited to see the hem of her dress move up her thighs as she opened them and the air flow lifted it.

I had always known that she had rather nice legs below the knees and now I could see that they were just as sexy above them! I also realised that due to the current heat-wave, she was not wearing tights or stockings! I also noted that she wore pale pink cotton knickers!!! As we drove down the road I told her where we were going and what I wanted her to do when we got there.

I knew this would present her with no problems. It was something she would have done many times when she was younger and in a more junior position and I could see that she was enjoying the novelty of being out of the office on a nice afternoon in the sun. Although I had always been slightly attracted to her in the past and we had flirted in a rather obvious way from time to time (I once pulled her up for not authorising some minor clerical work fast enough and told her to see me for a spanking at the end of the day!

When she came over to my desk on some other matter at 5 o'clock, I asked her if she'd come for her spanking and she actually blushed, having forgotten all about it and made some remark about being too old for a spanking to which I'd replied to her embarrassment, that I'd give her one anytime!

…&hellip. make what you like of that particular remark!!) I didn't really think she had taken my occasional attentions seriously, but now, as I glanced at her from time to time, I could see that she was aware that I was looking at her legs and the increasing area of thigh coming into view.

She slipped down in her seat and put her feet up on the parcel shelf under the dashboard and opened her legs much wider. Her hem now dropped considerably and her thighs were bared for most of their length! I increased the air flow to maximum and saw her dress balloon up in front of her. She made no move to stop me as I placed my left hand on her right thigh and began to fondle it.


She placed her hand on my thigh and did the same for me and I would have taken it further but we had arrived at our destination. We carried out the job we had come out for which took about an hour and then we got back into my car for the drive back to the office. There was an air of tension in the car you could have cut with a knife.

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It had been building up all the time we had been in the client's house. Both of us knew we were heading for a new dimension before the day was done!

The heat of the day was over and there was now no need for the air conditioning to be switched on but it had served its purpose and there was no need for it for any reason!

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As soon as we were back on the main road, Margaret's feet were on the under dash shelf again and her thighs were apart. My hand was on her middle thigh again, travelling north.

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Her hand moved back over to my thigh and then to my fly zipper which was speedily pulled down allowing her fingers to find their way into my underpants. My fingers found their way to her knicker covered fanny and then under her elastic waistband so that I could cup her furry blonde minge in my hand! I was able to insert two fingers inside her sticky love tunnel as she pulled my cock out of my pants and started to wank the shaft.

I had to stop her because we were approaching our office building again and also my driving was getting very erratic! When we got back into our office we found that we were on our own. Well, it was after 6pm on a Friday and everyone else had done what they always do on a Friday afternoon…&hellip.

pissed off early!

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I sat down at my desk and swivelled round in my chair. Margaret knelt down on the carpet next to me and undid my belt and fly zip. I stretched my legs out in front of me as she took hold of the waist bands of my trousers and underpants together and pulled them both down my legs.

My cock sprang up from under my shirt as she pulled it back over my belly and leaning over me ran her tongue over the swollen, bulbous, purple head of my penis. My already throbbing erection seemed to climb even higher up from the forest of dark brown pubic hair from which it had risen. Small drops of clear sticky pre-cum glistened at the eye and started to trickle down towards my thighs as she licked them up with her tongue tip. She took my entire cock into her mouth and having liberally coated it in spittle ran her tongue over the entire length, both sides, paying particular attention to the circumcision scars just under the helmet on the underside.

I told her to stand up and straddle my thighs facing away from me and when she was in this position reached up and pulled her dress up her back. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her pink cotton knickers and pulled them down to her knees. Holding my cock in my right hand to steady it I asked her to lower herself onto it which she did having firstly pulled her knickers down completely and stepped out of them.

As my cock slid into her cunt she leaned forward to ease the entry and when it was fully inside her, sat back to achieve maximum penetration and incidentally made it easier for me to reach out, push her bra up from her large, softly pliant breasts and holding a nipple in each hand, roll them round between the thumb and first two fingers of each hand. Margaret started to rock backwards and forwards, grinding her arse cheeks into my belly with each backwards thrust.

I joined in the rhythm clenching my buttocks as I thrust upwards from the chair.

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After a few minutes I stood up, keeping myself inside her, forcing her over the front of my desk and scattering files and paperwork everywhere! My thrusts grew more and more urgent as she spread her thighs wide open.

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At one point I slipped out of her and saw before I plunged back inside her that her vagina and inner labia were stretched wide open like a black hole from which was dripping a mixture of both our pre-cum juices; I smeared this sticky mixture on my hands and massaged it into her bottom crack and over her bottom cheeks. She began thrusting back at me with increasing urgency and at the same time reaching down between her legs to rub her clitty frantically.

I moved up a gear and matched her speed and her urgency slamming her thigh fronts into the desk front while holding onto the sides of her bottom. I felt her spasm violently and then Jeeeeeeeeeez!!!, she gushed her juices over my spunk spurting cock!!!!!!!!! I slipped out of her and onto my knees behind her, burying my face into her sweating, cum soaked, fanny. I kissed her deeply on her vagina (tasting her slightly sweet, slightly sour cum juices), on both buttocks and on both inner thighs.

She got on her knees in front of me and licked my cock clean and then stood up and French kissed me deeply. I held her knickers so that she could step into them and tumbled her dress back down again before pulling my pants up and zipping myself up! We made sure that we looked like a normal pair of employees leaving the office late, locked the office up and left. Surprisingly, I have discovered I have a lot of work over the next week or so which is going to need input from a senior member (probably the Section Leader herself) of the secretariat.

I shall expect a faultless service and if I don't get it, may well have to resort to corporal punishment as an inducement.Yes, even a section leader in her late 40s can be given a spanked bottom……&hellip.


and that'll only be for starters! Roll on Monday!!!