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Big Boob Blonde Vicky Vee POV Fucked
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A townhouse in London around 1860 Miss Jane Highley, a young woman from a good family has fallen upon hard times. Jane has obtained the position of companion and chaperone for the Hon. Miss Eliza, elder daughter of Lord and Lady Forthampton of Strood. Jane has accompanied Miss Eliza on a visit to her betrothed John, Lord Danescombe, the heir apparent to His Grace the Viscount Vickers of Bromley by Bow, in his father's townhouse in London.

It was the third private meeting betwixt Miss Eliza and Lord Danescombe, or Lord D as Eliza called him. Just Eliza, Lord D. Jane of course was also present as chaperone. They sat in the small but sumptuous appointed front sitting room which looked out over the busy street and the small park and square beyond. Jane sat quietly reading her book as her charge Miss Emily chattered incessantly to Lord Danescombe's evident irritation.

"Very interesting my dear but tell me," Lord Danescombe, enquired earnestly when his patience was finally exhausted, "What are your views on fornication?" "Fornication my dearest?" Eliza enquired in evident alarm. "Indeed my dear, for we shall be required to fornicate or to fuck as the peasants have it, when we are married," he explained, "For how else shall we conceive an heir?" "I suppose I shall submit readily enough," Eliza suggested awkwardly.

"Mere supposition?" Lord D continued, "And what do you suppose fornicating or is that fucking entails?" "I am not sure my dearest," she admitted.

"Oh," he said on evident surprise, "Now do you see I am a man of the world. A veritable connoisseur of the art of fornicatory actions.

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Not a man to be sated with a lifeless lump of flesh to hump but a man needful of a warm blooded rampant tigress of a mate who may set the bed sheets ablaze with her passions." "Jane," Eliza enquired urgently, "Is this seemly?" Jane looked up from her reading, she felt uncomfortably moist between her legs, she blushed as she looked at Lord D's rugged and bearded face.

She gazed at his broad shoulders and dreamed of his rippling musculature hidden within his shirt and breeches. Jane considered her reply carefully, "I feel it must be decided at some stage my dear Eliza, It is probably better settled before the marriage is entered into than afterwards when one or both parties may feel aggrieved." "Oh what wisdom," Lord D laughed, "And how many Cocks have you had madam. Cocks, Dicks, Members, Penises, or is that Penii?" he asked. "That sir is between myself, the good lord and my future husband," Jane laughed.

"And I expected a protestation of purity," he replied. Jane considered carefully, at twenty one she was three years older than Eliza and perhaps more worldly wise. "You sir are not courting me, you are courting Eliza, or had you forgotten?" "My apologies," Lord D confessed, "But you have a likeness to a whore I sometimes fuck at the Exmouth Arms." "No sir, I am afraid I do not frequent the Exmouth Arms," Jane laughed.

"Jane please!" Eliza pleaded, "Why are you both being so horrible to me?" Jane sighed "His lordship merely wishes to know how often he will be allowed to force his swollen member within your womb after marriage." "Miss Fotheringay, I feel you are now exceeding the bounds of propriety," Lord D complained. "But fear not," Jane continued, "My Lord may aver he has the member of a stallion but in all honesty a gentleman's member more nearly resembles that of a stoat or weasel." "Miss Fotheringay enough!" Lord D insisted.

Jane continued to tease, "I dare say you would barely notice whether he entered you or not." "Damn you," he cried, "She would notice all right, why she would scream and shout so loud the entire street would know. " He stopped mid flow, tricked my Jane's teasing. "Ah. I mean." "You would hurt me?" Eliza asked anxiously. "So it would seem," Jane agreed, "I do believe his lordship enjoys the hurt and humiliation of mounting unwilling and unfortunate maidens more than he relishes the thought of making love, which is why he speaks so crudely of fucking rather than of love making." Lord D stood abruptly and faced Jane, "Damn you woman, still your tongue or god help me I'll mount you!" he threatened.

"A clear example of his brutish nature Eliza," Jane commented, "Cross him and he will tear your robes and your bodice and bare you where ever he pleases and mount you with no consideration what so ever!" "Oh Jane, oh what a horrible brute I am set to be engaged to!" Eliza exclaimed.

"Does he not excite you sweet Eliza," Jane asked, "Does your heart not warm to him, does your womb not grow warm and moist at the thought of him forcing his member deep within you?" "No!" Eliza admitted, "Take me home please!" Lord D laughed"And you Miss Jane? Does your womb grow warm and moist at the thought of my member forced brutally within the soft lips of your sweet scented quim?" "Perhaps not sir," Jane replied, "Perhaps I am as impervious to your charms, as sweet Eliza seems to be." "So what would turn your head," Lord D enquired, "Ten guineas, fifty, an hundred, name your price." "I am no whore!" Jane declared mischievously.

"Yet you work as a servant for far less remuneration than a whore would receive, does that not make you lower than a whore? Name your price woman for I wish to show sweet Eliza the nature of my passion and you shall assist me." "One thousand guineas," Jane demanded and she looked Lord D clean in the eye. "One thousand it is then," he laughed as if it were a trifle, "Now disrobe, I wish to fuck you." "Money first if you please sir," Jane teased, "Now enough of talk of fucking." "Enough indeed," Lord D agreed.

He advanced upon Jane as she smiled at the joke.

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The thought of the noble Lord mounting her was so laughable, so definitely unlikely as to be absurd, though she knew she would not so much as raise a finger should he seek to ravish her.

His manliness over awed her, his presence, his power, his manly beauty it all combined to make her very womb melt into a searing volcano of lust. "My Lord," she gasped as he stepped forward and grasped the shoulders of her gown. "Please!" she said as he slipped the garment from her baring her breasts.

"John, enough, My Lord desist!" Eliza protested as he began to attack her chaperone. "Oh my lord," Jane gasped as her gown slipped to her waist revealing her sweet mounds and straining teats, "My Lord My money!" she pleaded. "Be still wench," Lord D replied, "Your teats betray you, your body is as desirous of coupling as mine." "No!" Jane lied but as her gown slid further groundwards taking underskirts and underthings with it so to her shame her engorged and moistened quim was revealed as fully aroused and desirous and ready for a fucking as any alley-cat in heat.

"No John," Eliza cried but Jane was bared. A mountain of fabric entrapped her feet but from her knees to her necklace she was entirely bare. "My money my lord," she pleaded despairingly as he fumbled with his breeches, "Please, I was teasing!" "Your teats betray you madam," Lord D insisted, "Your quim glistens, your cheeks flush, your lips glow ruby red. You crave me woman, you crave a good solid fucking!" "Dear god," Jane protested, "I am so sorry sweet Eliza, but I fear I must sacrifice myself." "Sacrifice.

Pah!" Lord D sneered, "You would have the coat off my back to feel my chest against your teats if you could." Jane gasped, how could he know? Could he read her mind? "So I'll save the bother!" he insisted and he cast aside his jacket and parted his shirt scattering buttons as he did so to stand proudly bare chested, "Step away sweet Jane, lay for me I wish to fuck you." "One thousand," Jane said as she stepped naked from her shoes and clothing, "Guineas." "A bargain," Lord D smiled and he grasped Jane around her waist and pulled her to him.

He pressed her against the wall beside the door frame. His lips found her lips. His tongue flicked around her teeth. He kissed her neck and then with no further ado he stooped slightly, he aimed his rampant penis at her quim and he straightened, forcing his member firmly up into her womb.


"My lord!" Jane cried as he ripped her poor defenceless maidenhead away as he possessed her. "What say you sweet Eliza," Lord D demanded, "And how would you relish such a fucking?" he asked as he thrust into Jane time and again.

"You disgust me sir," Eliza cried, "You have not the grace of a wild bore let alone a stallion!" "And bore you should know well, why I have never been as bored in my life as listening to your incessant tattle!" he said nastily, "While my sweet Jane reads quietly and sneaks glances at me and dreamed improper dreams of being ravished and fucked by me, am I not right Jane." "Only about me," Jane gasped, "Eliza was only making conversation!" "Oh?" he, enquired, "Very loyal, now on your back madam, by the fireside, let me check what comfort you can afford me." "No pray continue," Jane pleaded.

"On your back I say," he repeated and he slipped his still rampant penis from her. Jane staggered slightly as he released her. She gasped in surprise at the unexpected turn of events, "On the carpet by the fire, quickly," he insisted. Jane obeyed, she sat decorously on the fireside carpet and parted her knees as she lay back. She parted the lips of her quim with her fingers to ease his entry as John lay with her and eased his cock back within her willing womb.

"Now show me your love," he suggested as he pressed himself deep inside her, allowing his chest to rub against her breasts as he did so. He kissed her neck, her cheek and her lips in turn before in a rush his climax came. His cum filled her completely or so she thought.

Poor Jane thought she had reached heaven on earth as the moment came and passed. She went from heaven to hell in an instant as Lord D pulled his cock from her quim and ordered, "Suck me clean wench." She did not dare refuse, even though his member glistened with juices and slime, she forced herself to allow him to push it between his lips.

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She forced herself to clean the slime with her tongue. His slime. His seed. His essence. His nectar. He groaned and she felt his member stiffening again.

"Clean me don't rouse me!" he sighed.


She had no reply as his cock filled her mouth entirely. "Oh for heaven's woman desist," Lord D ordered, "Bend over the end of the chaise longe. I wish to sample your other orifice." "No, not that," Jane pleaded as she released his member from her mouth. "Yes, no argument!" He insisted, "Stand and bend!" Eliza looked on in silent horror as Jane reluctantly stood up and moved to the chaise longue.


"Bend over let the arm support you," Lord D instructed as Jane slowly bent from the waist and supported herself on her elbows and her stomach. He came up behind her and pressed his member at her brown hole, "Ugghh!" he gasped as he pressed against her. Her brown hole resisted and his member slipped off her brown bud and slithered up the cleft of her buttocks. He tried again but his member slipped again, a third time he tried with a different angle and this time his member slipped down.

Down towards her juicy quim. He sighed, he grasped his member and reluctantly eased it into her moist and willing quim. He held her. He cupped her breasts. He kissed her neck and pressed ever further inside her.

"Ohhhh, my lord!" Jane gasped as he kneaded her nipples. Her womb was on fire again as he opened her ever wider and then he started to cum. He gasped as the red hot cum pulsed from his balls, through his rampant cock and burst into her willing womb. Jane was in heaven, she squealed in delight as his cum flooded into her willing womb once more.

"John what are you doing in there?" someone asked as they opened the door. Jane looked round guiltily to see John's mother standing there, "John for heaven's sake!" the mother continued, "Where is your sense of propriety, where is your sense!" "Mother!" John gasped. "Can you not wait until you are wed?" she asked, "And you, you are supposed to be the chaperone?" she asked Eliza, "Oh, but you are Miss Forthampton, so who is that?" "My chaperone My Lady," Eliza said sadly, "It was awful." "So get dressed, and get out you whore!" the mother shouted in horror.

"I'm sorry," Jane stammered. "It was horrible!" Eliza protested, "He just turned on her, like an animal." "John, what were you thinking of?" his mother demanded. "I was bored," he said off handedly as he pulled his breeches up. Jane desperately pulled her dress around herself. "And you? What is your excuse?" John's mother demanded.

"I love him," she said simply. "Stupid girl, half the village girls love him, half the village children are John's, how much did he offer?" she asked.

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"She was willing mother, where is the problem?" John asked, "Though perhaps we should have locked the door." "You are supposed to be courting Miss Forthampton!" his mother chided. "But she is so interminably tedious and dull," he insisted. "And Miss, what ever her name is a towering giant of intellectual prowess?" she asked. He continued fastening his shirt and replied "She sits quietly and reads her book and fornicates most amiably, that mother is what I seek in a wife!" "What you describe is a whore dear," she replied, and she turned to Jane "You are still here be gone!" "Indeed Madam," Jane replied as she straightened her dress, "Just as soon as I am paid." "Ah," John said awkwardly, "Perhaps I was somewhat rash." "How much?" his mother demanded.

"One thousand!" Eliza announced. "One thousand pounds!" John's mother gasped. "Guineas actually," Jane countered.

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"Oh my god, you scheming devious," John's mother protested, but she thought a moment, "Perhaps we should discuss the matter carefully, Eliza dear, could you leave us please?" "I should be delighted," Eliza replied and she slammed the door behind her. "You cannot seriously expect one thousand guineas, and you John cannot seriously consider marriage with this, this devious scheming nobody!" his mother protested.

Neither answered. "Good lord," the older woman continued, "You planned it!" "No," Jane insisted, "It just happened." "I am afraid I found Eliza intolerably empty headed and irritating," John admitted, "I could never marry her, I had to do something!" "So you chose to fornicate with this person, her chaperone, in her presence, well at least it is original," John's mother sighed, "But we must make a decision, will you leave us please?" "Jane, her name is Jane," John reminded her.

John's mother scowled, "Well I'm very glad you asked her before you began fornicating, at least I presume you did ask before?" "I would like to stay," Jane replied, "I would like to stay here until I know if I am with child, then we can decide what if anything we need to do." "Stay here?" John's mother declared.

"My dear you would undoubtedly be with child if you remain here, John can clearly not keep his hands off you." "Good, then it is decided," John laughed, "Have another pillow put on my bed mother, Jane may just as well share with me as use another room." "Oh," Jane exclaimed.

"Well you wanted to stay," he replied. "Er, yes," she agreed. "Good," he said, "The sooner you produce a child the sooner mother will let us marry." "That is not what intended at all!" his mother insisted, "We will see what your father has to say about this." Eliza was sitting in the drawing room with Stephen Jihn's younger brother and the strait laced and stern faced Mrs Thomas the housekeeper.

"He just bared her," Eliza explained, "Bared her completely and mounted her." "Good lord," Stephen feigned concern as his member reared uncomfortably at the thought, "Good old John, who would have thought it!" he said, "Ah I mean, oh how awful!" "And she screamed and squirmed and confessed herself in ecstasy!" Eliza continued, "I had to watch, it was awful, you could not se where one ended and the other began they were so entwined, and then," she paused. "Oh don't distress yourself," Mrs Thomas suggested.

Eliza took a big breath, "She took his member between her lips and sucked it like a baby sucking a teat." "Good Lord," Stephen said, "Would you excuse me a moment?" he said and he stood up and faced away from Eliza as he fumbled his breeches as he tred to free his now rampant member from entanglement.

"What are you doing?" ELiza asked as she saw a reflection of him extracting his member in the mirror, "Oh god you are all mad!" "Have no fear madam, I am merely discomforted by this talk," he said and at that moment his father walked in. The Viscount was a tall upright man of approaching sixty years, still able to hunt and to ride as many a slow moving chamber maid could attest, though somewhat hard of hearing and very slow thinking and prone to misunderstandings.

"Put it away boy," the Viscount insisted, "So this is the wench is it? not satisfied with John's cock you went for the double eh?" "No sir that was." Eliza replied and before she could explain he continued.

"Well no matter, If I'm to pay you a thousand guineas to be rid if you I might as well have some pleasure!" "Er father," Stephen explained.

"No shilly, shallying now, clothes off there's a good girl," the Viscount insisted as he grasped Eliza around the waist "For heaven's sake father it's the wrong girl!" Stephen sighed as his father popped Eliza's breasts out of her bodice.

"Stop!" Eliza squealed. "Father!" Stephen protested but Eliza's dress was already around her waist as she tried to cover her breasts. "Get off her you brute!" Stephen's mother shouted as she opened the door to investigate the commotion. "Is the entire family mad?" Eliza queried as she gave up trying to hide her breasts and tried to pull her dress back up. "Damn it woman, she wants me, don't cha see?" the Viscount insisted.

"Oh hide yourself Eliza," his wife the Viscountess demanded, "He has lost all sense of propriety, all sense indeed." "But she wants me!" the Viscount protested, "Look!" and he pulled his breeches open to reveal a modestly erect member. "Upstairs! Now!" the Viscountess demanded, "I might as well take advantage of your discomfiture." "Eliza you have the most exquisite breasts, may I feel one?" Stephen asked politely as soon as they were alone and was rewarded by a forceful slap across his face.

"Your whole family are deviants," Eliza said sadly. "Perhaps, but why does your body say one thing and your hand another?" Stephen asked ruefully. "My body says nothing!" Eliza replied, "I am merely cold." "No, your body is hot Eliza, it rouses passions I cannot suppress," Stephen explained.

"Well it is hardly my fault is it?" Eliza enquired, "Help me with my laces would you?" Stephen stepped around behind Eliza and obediently undid the lacings ready to tighten them again or so Eliza thought, but instead his hands stole to her breasts and then down inside her skirt, "Oh you are obsessed, will nothing deter you?" she asked. His hands stole to her juicy quim. To be continued.