Amile Waters Gets Her Big Ass Fucked Hard

Amile Waters Gets Her Big Ass Fucked Hard
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"Uhhh nothing, Max, just talking. Go back to bed." Said Alex, hoping he was either sleepwalking or that the moonlight wasn't bright enough to reveal her sitting on Justin with his wilting cock still in her pussy. "Alex, I can see that you're both naked. You're having sex, aren't you!? "What? No, of course not." Replied Alex. "Bullshit, I can see Justin's penis still in you." "Max," said Justin, speaking for the first time. "Can you just go in my room and wait for me?

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I'll be right in and talk to you about this." "NO!" "C'mon Max, don't be a pain." "A pain, huh? Well, I could just go and tell…" "Well what do you want from us, Max?" Interjected Alex. "Well…" "What?" "I'm thinking." Alex, Justin and Max fell silent, Max thinking.

Alex still had her hands on Justin's chest, and his hands were on her hips. He moved his right hand slightly, his thumb off her hip and now in a position to give a little massage.

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His thumb went to her clit, moving his thumb in small, slow circles. Justin felt Alex's vaginal muscles clamp and her hands put more pressure on his chest, overcome with pleasure. "Justin, not now," she gasped. Alex brought her left foot up and leaned to the right, so that Justin's now limp cock fell onto his stomach, trailing cum. She pivoted on her right knee so that she was facing Max, forgetting she was naked. When Alex turned toward him, Max got an eyeful of his older sister's enticing body, the medium size perky tits with dark areoles, the flat stomach, the bald, slightly puffy pussy, and long shapely legs.

Alex saw his staring and moved to cover herself, hand over her crotch and arm over her breasts.

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Max's mouth practically slammed off the floor and he stammered for a second before saying "I've made up my mind." Alex and Justin waited for him to continue. "I wanna be part of it." Alex responded.


"Of what?" "The sex." "WHAT!" exploded Justin. "NO!" "Well then I guess I'll leave. And go down the hall, into Mom and Dad's room." "Wait Max, let me talk to Justin," interjected Alex. She turned to her older brother.

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"We kinda have to." "I know, but still, hes young." "Not by much. And shouldn't his first time be with someone he loves as well?" "I guess. It's your choice really; I won't be the one he fucks." Alex turned back towards Max, still covering herself.

"Okay Max, your in. But not tonight, I'm tired." "Aw. I wanted to now…" "Well I could give you a treat to appease you until tomorrow." "Alright, what is it?" "Just come over here and lay down where Justin is." She nudged Justin and he rolled over once so he was lying on the edge of the bed. He sat up to watch. Max closed the door quietly behind him, and walked over to the bed and climbed on, lying back where Justin had been.

Alex turned with him and finally removed her arms from her privates. Max eyes widened again and she could see his reaction through the thin material of his shorts. She smiled and placed her hands on his waist and slowly pulling them down, freeing his cock. It sprang free and lay there on his stomach, dribbling a bit of pre-cum. Her eyes widened at the size. Max's cock was easily nine inches, and it wasn't even yet fully erected.

She tenderly grabbed it, and she could barley wrap her slim fingers around him. Max groaned a little as she touched him and even more when she slid it up and down slightly.


She smiled again and kept it up, getting faster and faster, slowly. Justin sat there and watched as his younger sister gave a hand job to his younger brother. His cock started to rise again for the third time in an hour. He watched Alex's ass wave from side to side as she bent down over Max's cock, and he could see her slightly puffy pussy lips poking out from between her thighs.

He crawled forward so that he was sitting right behind her, with his knees by her feet and so that he was sitting back on his ankles. His erected dick pointed straight up at the ceiling, inches away from Alex's pussy. Alex was still moving her hand up and down Max's cock, and his toes curled as the feeling swept through him. Alex bent down farther and took the head of his enormous cock into her mouth, running her tongue in circles around the tip.

She went up and down the shaft, going farther and farther down each time. Then, from behind her she felt something move around the edge of her pussy, but didn't look back. After a second, she realized it was Justin rubbing his cock around her groin area, and she wiggled her as even more. Justin lined up his cock to her pussy, and Alex thrusted back, impaling herself on his dick. She gasped and then choked as Max's dick filled her mouth again.

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She pulled off and finished coughing, as Justin began to pump in and out of her pussy from behind. When the need to cough ended she went back to blowing Max. Max started to moan and groan even more as Alex went down even farther on his cock, inch by inch. Justin pumped faster and faster in and out of her pussy and Alex began to climax.

In one sudden motion, she pushed her head down as far as she could, her nose in Max's pubic hair and his cock in her throat. Max groaned louder and then he erupted in Alex's throat. She pulled out a bit to make room for Max's sticky cum, just as she climaxes as well. Justin pushed in as far as he could and unleashed his own cum into her womb. Alex screamed in ecstasy, muffled by Max's cock. Max's cock shot streams of cum after streams of cum, filling up her mouth to overflowing in three, and it kept coming.


The white sticky stuff leaked out of her mouth and back down Max's cock. Justin stopped squirting sooner, as he was spent for the day.

When Max stopped squirting, Alex slowly slid of Max's softening shaft and carefully closed her mouth when she left it completely. Justin pulled out of her and fell back on the bed, drained. Alex sat back and tilted her head up, letting Max see her swallow his cum. Then she bent back down and licked Max clean, and then did the same for Justin.

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Then, they all lay back on Justin's bed, Max on one side, Justin on the other and Alex in the middle. They fell asleep like that, arms around each other's necks and shoulders.