Emo gay chinese sex Scottish Stunner Seth Savage comes back in this

Emo gay chinese sex Scottish Stunner Seth Savage comes back in this
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I went to the park early next morning and we started a game. I gathered all the guys around and explained that Jennie and I are no longer friends. All that I ask is that you don't put us on the same team.

If you do I will leave the game. Please treat her as you would in the past it was our decision, you need not be involved in our dispute. Please honor our privacy. We started to play and Jennie showed up an hour later. She asked if she could play. The captain of the other team said. "Yeah Jennie, play center for us." No one objected. We played till around noon then everyone headed home. I had intentionally brought my bike. Jennie didn't have one. So I took off and went home.

I decided that I was going to have to change my playing habits, this was not a good situation. When I got home I put my bike in the garage and went inside to have lunch. Dad was there. "Hey John. How you doing." "Ok, dad." I said. "You should have seen Jennie last night. She's a natural." Dad said. "Dad. I would prefer that you don't discuss Jennie and her job with me. I don't like it. I don't want to hear about it. If she needs my permission for anything, she has it, if she wants to do it.

I'm sorry dad. I disagree with your business." I said. Dad looked at mom and she put her index finger to her lips to shush him. He took the hint.

"Sorry, John" Dad said. "John. She is schedule for tonight as well." Said mom. "She has my permission if she wants it." I said. I got up and went to my room. At one o'clock I went down stairs and passed through the kitchen on my way to the garage.

Jennie, her dad, my dad and mom were there. "Hello everyone. Mom I'm going out. I'll be back for diner. Bye." I left by the back door and got my bike. I headed in the direction of the park, then decide to go down by the docks. I liked to spend quite time there by myself. No one knew I spent time here. I spent the day there thinking about how my life was changing and how I had better adjust or I was going to be a very sad person.

I made up my mind. I was not going to allow others to control my life or cause me grief. I got up. Mounted my bike and biked home. Mom and Dad were still in the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen.

"Hi mom, dad. Sorry about this afternoon, I guess I was just feeling sorry for myself. Dad, would you mind telling me about Jennie and what her training was like? I think I need to hear it?" Dad smiled. Mom looked concerned. "I'm ok now mom. I have no right to tell Jennie what she likes or doesn't like.

That would be as bad as forcing her to do as I want. You said she was on for tonight right? This is her own choice right?" "Yes it is her own choice and yes she is scheduled for tonight." Said Dad. "I can come can't I?" "Yes. Anytime she is involved in anything.

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You can observe." "Great. I'm coming tonight then. I just need to be prepared for what is involved. I need the details." I said. "Ok son. You got it." Said dad. "We met with five couples at the horse ranch. Each had a dog with them, from small to a lab. When I say small, I mean his dick size. Since this was a training session, Jennie didn't know what to do so the first small dog was placed in the circle of mating with Jennie.

She was told to strip. She stripped naked and the dog was rolled on to his back. The female owner got down next to Jennie and showed her how to get the dog excited by rubbing his sheath. The male owner sat next to Jennie and started to finger her. Jennie then took over the handling of the male dog. She was really getting off on the fingering. The female placed her hand behind Jennies head and guided her mouth over the small dogs red dick.

Jennie took it into her mouth and seemed to go wild sucking it and the fingering continued. The dog came in Jennie's mouth she swallow most but the last load she held for everyone to see in her mouth then she swallowed it. She grabbed the guy's finger that was fingering her and helped him finger her.

She was totally excited. Even more excited then when I fucked her. The next dog was lead in he was also a small dog. The next owner came into the ring he was a male. The other male pulled his hand away and left Jennie empty. The new owner got her on all fours with her ass sticking out. The owner pushed her ass down so she her ass was only inches from the ground. He guided his excited dog behind her and he entered her asshole.

Jennie helped him get seated and started to fuck back onto his cock. The knot on his cock entered her ass and he locked into her. They were together until the dog finished.

Then they were locked for five minutes. The male owner used this time to fuck Jennie in the mouth with his small cock. He came and then withdrew. Shortly after he withdrew, his dog pulled out of Jennie's ass and moved off. The next dog owner was a woman. Her dog was medium size. She lifted Jennie's ass into a higher stance. The woman guided her dog's cock into Jennie's cunt. After a minute his knot locked into Jennie. Jennie was in constant orgasm. Begging for deeper penetration. The owner lifted her own skirt and presented Jennie with something to lick.

Jennie dove right in. The owner finished before her dog. So one of the other female owners took her place. The dog finished and there was doggie cum flowing from Jennie's ass down her legs.

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The dog unlocked and Jennie finished bringing the other owner to completion. The next owner brought in a footstool. He placed Jennie's back on the stool and had his Lab mount her pussy. Jennie guided his cock into her pussy. The second dog put his paws on the footstool bringing his cock to Jennie's mouth and stuffed her full. The one owner taught Jennie how to accept the cock down her throat and hold it there until she needed air.

Then she shifted and released the cock and breathed then swallowed it again. As the dogs double-teamed her all of the males, including her father and I jerked off over her and covered her with cum.

Needless to say the both dogs completed and unlock. She then cleaned the cum off of her body with her hands and swallow it, both doggie and human. We were all proud of her. I was amazed that she would do this.

"Ok. When is it happening tonight?" I asked. "In about an hour. We had better be leaving." We left and headed for then stables. When we got there, dad greeted two couples. The couples had four girls with them, ages between 8 and 13 years old. They were from out of state. Dad had to explain why I was there and said that I would just be an observer, unless they were interested in asking me for something.

Dad came back and said. These parents want their girls trained to satisfy dogs. Jennie wouldn't be here till a bit later. The girls were led into a training area. One was placed in a matted ring and told to strip. The girl did as instructed. She was around thirteen years old. Her father knelt in the ring and started to finger her.

She was looking in my eyes as I stared at her cunt and smiled. She began to smile back at me. Her mom came over to me and asked if I would like to finger her. "If you would like me to do it.


I will." Dad smiled. "Will you remove your pants so we can see your cock?" She asked. I looked at dad. He nodded. I dropped my pants and the mother stroked my cock.

"Hmmm." She said. I was led into the ring and her dad stepped out. I started to finger her; she was ready for three fingers so I just started with three. She looked at her mother and her mother nodded. She reached out and took my cock in her hand and started to jerk me off. Dad led a dog into the ring and I removed my fingers from her. She released my cock. The girl concentrated on getting the dog seated. Once seated, she was on all fours. I backed out of the ring. He mother came over to me.

"My youngest daughter has never had a dog yet. Would you mind helping her the first time? In fact she has never had a cock in her pussy. She wouldn't let her father do it." "You want me to take her cherry?" I asked making a face. "Please. I'll help you." Said her mom. I figured I was against this cross species stuff. But If I could help this younger girl at least get ready for what she was being made to do, then I would. The girl looked ten years old. After today, I would try to avoid coming here.

I really didn't like this stuff. "May I ask how old your youngest daughter is?" I asked. Pulling up my pants. "She is 8 years old." Said the mom. "Does she want to do this or is this or are you making the decision for her?" I asked.

"I'm just curious." She smiled. "Well John. In our society, sometime parents make the decisions for their children. The parents introduce their children to different things and if they like it, it becomes part of that family's culture. Since she is too young to understand the concept, we are giving her the opportunity to experience it." I thought to myself.

If she likes it, what's not to like when you're having sex? I'm sure she is going to enjoy herself with me. I think what she means is if she and her husband can get turned on by her having sex with dogs. Since I didn't respond other then acknowledge her, she went and got her daughter. "Hi, I'm John what is your name?" I asked her.

"My name is Bethy. Are you going to help me with the dogs?" She asked. "No Bethy. I'm going to prepare you so when you go with the dogs, It wouldn't hurt you as much and it will make it more fun for you. Mommy will help you with the dogs, ok?" "Ok." She smiled. "Do you want to participate with this part of it, or is it all up to me?" I asked her mom. "I'd like to be here, in case she needs me." She said.

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"Ok." I said. I hugged Bethy. "Ok Bethy let's get started." She was dressed in a short cotton dress, I believe. If she bent over her panties showed.

"Am I going to see your cock?" She asked. "Do you want to see it?" I asked. She blushed and shook her head rapidly and her eyebrows raised up. "But first", I said, "Let's get your panties off." She quickly lifted her dress to her chest, waiting for me to remove her panties. I reached out and removed her panties. She had a cute little slit. She stepped out of her panties with my help and then spread her legs.

"Turn around." I instructed. She turned fast and bent with stiff legs. "So, Bethy do you dance for daddy?" I asked. "Yes and his friends too." She said. "Do you like it?" I asked. "Yes very much. I like to sit on their laps and rub on them." I turned to her mother, "Is she a virgin or more to the point, does she have her cherry?" "No.

I believe one of her father's friends pushed into her and took that from her." The mother said. "Does she have any other experience?" I asked. The mother looked at me, frowning in confusion. I licked my lips. "No. She has never done any guys orally." "How about received, male or female?" "Yes.

Only from her sister and I. Her father doesn't know it though." "Oh, ok." I said removing Bethy's dress. "Oh, you are so beautiful." Bethy blushed.

"Thanks, but I have no boobs." "Sweetheart, you don't need them yet. Besides, you do have nice nipples." I said. She looked down at her chest. "Do you think so?" "Oh, yes." I said as I reached out and teased her nipples with my fingers. She thrust her chest towards me, smiling. "Do you want to see what I have?" I asked.

"Yes, very much. Can I remove your pants." She asked. "If you would like to, just be careful. You don't want to hurt me right?" "No! I will be very careful. K?" She said in earnest. My zipper was already down so she unbuttoned the button and guided the pants down over my cock, making sure it didn't get hung up in the pants. She reached inside and held my cock. She gripped it like she had held one before. My pants slid to my feet and I stepped out of them. He eyes were fixed on my cock.

She licked her lips. "Go ahead and do what you would like to do." I said. She bent forward and kissed my cock. I placed my right hand on the side of her head and caressed her hair and face. "Thank you, Bethy. Would you like me to return your favor?" I asked. She nodded. I placed her down on a mat and leaned her back.

I kissed her forehead, her eyes; her nose and brush kissed her lips a few times. While doing this, my right hand traveled down her front tweaking and caressing her small body. Her hand reached sideways and held my cock. My mouth started to go down her small body to her nipples. My right hand continued to her mound and rubbed in small circles on her pubescent bone. My left hand was caressing her hair over her ear then slowly moved too her mouth.

I rubbed her lips with my index finger. Her lips parted and I let my finger slid into her mouth and play with her tongue. Her hip started to push up into my palm. I allowed my right index finger to follow her slit until I felt her tiny clit under it. She was already soaking wet. I continued down with my mouth to her mound.

I sucked both sides of her tummy concentrating on the area over her ovaries. I wasn't sure she would like this, but she reacted to the sucking. I was lying on my side; my left hand traveling down her front as my cock came inches from her face. I felt her mother's hand hold my cock and I felt Bethy's lips on the head of my cock. "Bethy, keep your mouth open and don't use your teeth on him, just your lips, tongue and hand." Instructed the mother. I felt two sets of lips on my cock.

I was in Bethy's mouth while the mother licked the side of my cock. Once Bethy got the idea, The mother's tongue traveled to my ass and started to lick my hole. My mouth had pressed forward and I had Bethy's legs spread and her one knee flat on the floor while I held the other straight up at her side. As I started to roll to my back, Bethy's mom guided Bethy over me and we ended up in a sixty-nine position.

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I never knew an eight-year-old girl could get so wet. Her juices tasted somewhat like a girl but were not very tasty. She was more like slimy water. I enjoyed her taste. She climaxed and her mother pulled my cock out of her mouth and placed it into her mouth.

I licked faster and deeper until Bethy came down. I leaned up on my elbow and the mother backed off releasing my cock. I turned and placed Bethy's leg over my thighs as I knelt between her legs. "Are you ready for some more. Bethy?" She smiled through dreamy eyes and nodded. I took my cock in hand and rubbed the head of it between her pussy lips. She tried to engulf me by pushing her hip forward. "Easy sweetheart. Let take it slow.' Feeling my cock near her pussy excited her.

She wanted it now! I pressed forward and much to my surprise I slid in to the balls. Her legs wrapped around my hip trying to drive me deeper into her. A small escape of air came from her mouth.

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It was a sound of pure pleasure. I was sure that something large had loosed up this girl. I think daddy may have visited here and maybe, a few of his friends. I pulled Bethy up and lay on my back. She knew how to hump me in this position. There was no doubt that she has had men before. That is plural, men. She was really going now. She climaxed again and didn't seem to slow down any. After her third climax in this position, I started to finish.

I lifted her off of me and put her at my side. Her mother grabbed my cock and stuffed it into her mouth, swallowing each spurt with ease.

When I was done, I sat up.


I kissed Bethy on her lips. "Good luck sweetheart. I hope all goes well for you." She hugged me and bent to kiss my cock. "Thank you and you." She said as she looked from my face to my cock. "Thanks you very much! If you every need an older woman. Here." She said handing me her business card. I put my pants on and placed the card in my pocket. "Do you like young boys?" I asked her. "Boys? You mean there are more of you?" She asked. "Of course. And all of different sizes." I smiled.

"What is the age limit?" She asked. I said. "No age limit, as long as they are not disgusting." "How would you rate me?" She asked. "A three holer for sure, but we don't do dogs or dog users." I said.

"I don't do any thing but humans." She said. "You like a gang." I asked looking at her daughter. "Oh, that's my fantasy. Yes, as long as they are clean." She said. "Then I'll be in touch." I said. I left the area and headed for the house. I went in took a showered and went to my room at the ranch and got a change of clothes. I had a lot of thinking to do as far as Jennie was concerned.