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What most men don't seem to know is that when woman get together, they talk more about sex than men do. In fact, my weekly "girls group" is the perfect forum for such talk. Sure, the conversation usually starts out benign, but after a few glasses of red wine, the sex talk flows rather liberally. "Where was the strangest place you've had sex?" mentioned one of the girls suddenly. The girls thought for several seconds, then Sheila announced: "My husband and I fucked in an elevator." And with that, the conversation seed to sex talk was planted.

"For Pete's sake, how in the hell did you guys have sex in an elevator?" asked one of the girls to follow up. "Well, quite easy actually when your husband is wearing boxers beneath his slacks and you're wearing nothing underneath a skirt. All it takes is a quick hike of the skirt and a zip down of his fly and. wha la!" "Did anyone see you?" another girl asked excitedly with eyes wide open as if she were a teenager listening to a campfire ghost story.

"Of course not, Cindy; we were quite buzzed, but we knew not to be THAT crazy. Returning from a night club at 2:30 in the morning, there wasn't anyone around. So, I just positioned myself in front of Kyle, bent over slightly and lifted my ass (the high heels helped a lot). Instincively, he knew what I wanted, so he pulled his big dick out of his fly and he plunged away at my aching pussy." "WOW!!," the group yelled in unison.

Suddenly: "My boyfriend and I made love in a movie theater," said Nicole meekly. Nicole is one of the younger girls of our little group. "I'm sorry, girl, one does not "MAKE LOVE" in a movie theater.

FUCKED in a movie theater, maybe, but not "made love." Anyhow, that's not important. Tell us about it, and don't leave out ANY details," added Julie. "Well, there's nothing else to say other than my boyfriend and I happened to sit at the very back corner of the theater to see a movie that looked interesting on the Marquis.

Although I knew my boyfriend and I were going to make out a little bit, I had no clue we were ACTUALLY going to have sex." "Yes, yes. tell us more," interrupted Julie excitedly. "It started when I was eating popcorn while watching the movie and when I grabbed inside the popcorn tub on my boyfriend's lap, I grabbed at something smooth and warm that suddenly didn't feel like popcorn anymore." she said with a wink. "Oh my God, your boyfriend's dick was inside the popcorn tub?!" yelled Sheila.

"Yes, he somehow he carved a hole dicreetly at the bottom of the tub and stuck his erect penis inside it. I guess he wanted to see my reaction once I felt his cock head rather than a piece of popcorn. And since his penis is rather long and large, I barely skimmed the top layer of popcorn before I was able to feel the engorged head of his penis with my fingers." "My God, those tubs are about 10'' high!

Okay, okay. then what happened?!," another girl demanded. "Well, my eyes first got real big with surprise. His is cock was drenched in butter and salt so, with a devious smile on my face, I freed his cock from the tub and simply licked it all off. Yummy! If you've never had hot-buttered cock before, I'd definitely recommend it." Laughter resounded. "With my boyfriend's cock slippery from my saliva, it was engorged so huge and red with desire, I became instantly wet and horny.

So I grabbed underneath my skirt to move my thong out of the way of my exposed pussy, positioned myself over his lap, grabbed his dick, positioned my pussy over it, and sat right down grinding our way into absolute ecstacy. No one around us was the wiser." "OH MY GOD!!!!," one of the women screamed.

Indeed, this was a cathartic experience for us all! While the wine continued to flow, more stories of wild sexual settings were shared for what seemed like hours: some women had sex in their husband's offices, many had sex in cars (or truck beds), a few girls had sex in a restaurant, on a beach, or other public venues. Even one had fucked the man she was having an affair with in a hot air balloon!

All this talk was exciting me to no end. However, since I couldn't share any stories of my own, I quickly became disappointed with my sex life with Ron, my husband. Sure, we had nice sex at times, but it wasn't bold or daring in any way. Now, I longed for something different, but I knew Ron wasn't the man to do it with. He was too straight-laced and conservative to try anything, shall we say, interesting. I'll never forget one time when Ron and I were honeymooners, he about choked on his soft drink when I asked him if he was interested in having anal sex with me.

I guess the answer was a definite "no." The sex we have only occurs with him on top or with me on top (mostly he's on top). No other positions allowed! I supposed fucking one's wife "doggie style" was too immoral or too, well, animalistic in his mind.

Nowadays, if I were to mention something different or out of the ordinary to Ron when it comes to sex, he would give me that "you're-so-juvenile" look. That look would make me feel silly and embarrassed of myself for having asked such a thing. Don't get me wrong, I didn't necessarily need to experience having sex in weird places, like my girlfriends', I just wanted my sexuality to be, well, less ordinary.

I desired something more kinky and or mind-blowing than what I'm used to. Yes, I would have to call Mark. Mark was the man I had an affair with several months ago. Although it sounds a bit cliche, we met serendipitously at the local grocery store. He noticed me first and walked over to tell me rather boldly that I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. I was bowled over with surprise. Although I knew I was attractive, never had a handsome man make such a bold statement to me out of the blue.

Once the shock quickly wore off, I became quite flattered and charmed with this man. I love it when men notice me and smile or make a cute cat call, but I've never had one be as bold as this gentleman. "Thank you," was all I said.

"What's your name." the stranger asked. "Diane, what's yours? And with that, the secret love affair began. Slowly at first, but picked up speed once we began having sex.


However, the guilt became too much for me to handle, so I ended it after about 2 months or so. It was an amicable break up. Mark understood my feelings and supported me wholly with my decision. I still think about him often, however.

Actually, I lust for him all the time. He was exotic looking, nicely built and strong, a very successful essayist, kind and confident. (It didn't hurt that he was well endowed and knew how to use IT and his tongue rather skillfully.) Needless-to-say, I couldn't hurt Ron anymore so I ended this little Rendezvous with Mark. However, when Ron and I are making love, I think of Mark. Is that normal in marriage?

Maybe not, but thinking about making love with Mark is the only way Ron can bring me over the edge of orgasm anymore. Still, even though I was committed to my husband, I truly wanted to experience something my girlfriends experienced, something exciting, daring, or kinky. Dialing Mark, I thought "This is so fucking stupid.

What the hell am I doing?" His phone rang once and I came close to hanging up. After all, he probably had a girlfriend and I certainly didn't want to throw a monkey wrench into their relationship. Or he probably didn't want to have anything to do with me since it was I that broke up with him.

For some reason, I kept the receiver to my ear and waited ever so impatiently. The phone rang twice, thrice. then. "Hello, Mark here." I was in stunned silence for a second or two, but probably seemed like several minutes to Mark. "Hi Mark, this is Diane." "Wow, great to hear your voice, Diane." And with that, I was quite relieved that he didn't simply hang up on this crazy woman who called him out of the blue. After several minutes of catching up with each others' lives on the phone, we decided to meet for brunch at a cafe near the shore.

Since the cafe was an out-of-the-way hangout college co-eds, we knew we wouldn't be noticed by anyone we knew.

If he was curious as to why suddenly I wanted to meet with him, he certainly didn't show it. He just sat there in the chair of the cafe looking gorgeous as usual, smiling in that special way he did to melt me like butter.

Almost immediately I became wet.

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He had that special way about him that makes me feel beautiful, sexy, and downright fuck-me-right-here-and-now horny. No other man had that effect on me and no other man probably ever will. "Mark, would you do me a favor?" I asked with a flushed face. "Anything, beautiful." Mark took a large gulp of his latte. I love it when he calls me "beautiful" as if it were my second name. I melted some more. "Shave me, please?" He nearly choked on his coffee.

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"Wha. what would you like me to do?" Mark asked in bewilderment. "Well, I want someone to shave my pussy, lick my bald cunt voraciously, and fuck it with a huge cock. And I've chosen for you to do the honors, if you'd be so obliged. Game?" I said matter-of-factly with a twinkle in my eye. "Diane, I don't know what the hell this is all about, and.

frankly, I don't really care.

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I would be honored to oblige your wishes." Whew, that was a close one. While at Mark's apartment, sitting down on his couch, he offered me a glass of red wine (he knows well what helps get my motor running, as if I needed any help). After one gulp, impatiently, I stood up in front of him, took my panties off under my dress, lifted my dress and showed him my hairy pussy. My jet-black pubic hair sprawled out generously and randomly from my mound down to my perrenium, close to my asshole. Looking at Mark's eyes while running my fingers through the thicket that my bush is I teased, "It's gotten a little out of control lately.

Can you doing something with it?" While Mark ran his girthy fingers through Diane's bush he said, "Indeed, it's quite thick and bushy. I believe I know exactly what to do, but I'll need to assess the damage first," he teased back. "Turn around and grab your ankles so that I can see from behind." Of course I did as he asked like a dutiful slut would. "Ah, yes. It looks like you'll be needing a shave near your asshole too." Pointing to the floor, next to the coffee table, Mark demanded, "Remove the rest of your clothing and lay down over there on this blanket.


Good. Now, spread your legs wide and wait until I return with a few items." Mark's demands were making me hornier than I thought was possible. Laying down with legs spread open, I began to feel my warm pussy juice stream to my asshole.

I began to feel slight coolness on my soaked cunt from the breeze that was entering from an opened window nearby.

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In almost an instant, Mark returned with the things he'll need to do the job: a towel, a big bowl of warm water, shaving cream, a safety razor, and scissors.

He also entered the room completely naked and, if I might add, he looked delightfully yummy: broad shoulders, v-shaped torso, muscular legs and arms, and. oh, and that gorgeous cock of his!.

"Ah, what a beautiful, hairy pussy you have, Diane" was all he said cooly as he entered the room. "Are you sure you want to chop it ALL off?" "Uh huh," I pouted. He would remain mostly silent the remainder of the time I was with him this day.

He then positioned himself in front of my spread legs, gently grabbed a handful of my public hair and began hacking it down with the scissors. He chopped down my bush as close he could to the skin, being extra careful near my labia and clitoris. The cut hair was brushed away to the blanket underneath me. Mark then stuck his hands in the warm water, placed his hands about ten inches over my pubic region and let the water slowly drip from his fingers down onto my soon-to-be-shaven region.

Closing my eyes, I especially could feel the wonderful tiny drops land gently on my clit. What an incredibly sensual experience I was having. I had wondered if he could see my swollen clit peek outside the hood? It wanted so badly to receive some attention. Once the entire area became wet from the drumming of water drops, he lathered his hands with the shaving cream and gently smeared it all over my sparsley haired cunt.

What lovely warm and strong hands he has! I could hardly contain myself. With the razor, he made broad downward strokes from the top of my public mound down to the top of my clitoral hood. Then, after getting most the hair the first time, he re-lathered the same area and shaved against the grain, from clit to mound.

He was very careful in avoiding the irritation that might occur with such a shaving technique. My legs were a little sore from holding them as far apart as I could hold them, but I didn't mind one bit. I was enjoying this skillful treatment I was receiving from this gorgeous man.

He was in complete control of my body and I loved it! He then carefully shaved the tiny hairs that formed near my vulva. Spreading my legs wider with his hands, he held onto one of my slippery pussy lips gently with the fingers of one hand, while slowly shaved with the other, pulling them out rather roughly so that he can reach every nook and cranny. The did the same thing on the other side. He was meticulous to shave every single hair in every single fold. The cold steel and smoothness of the stroke almost made me cum on the spot.

"Mmmmmmmm," I moaned. Once I thought we were done shaving me, he motioned for me to get on all fours, which I once again did dutifully.

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He then pushed gently down on my head so that it could rest on the floor while my ass was stuck high into the air. Evidently, there were several more wisps of pubic hair that were difficult to reach. The breeze on my moist bottom was even more apparent. How wonderfully nasty this experience was for me! He lathered from my asshole down to my clitoris and shaved the last few black hairs remaining.

I looked between my legs at that moment and noticed Mark's huge cock (about 8'' in length and very thick) swaying from side to side near my wet holes. Obviously he was enjoying himself almost as much as I was. A man's penis never lies. Looking at him cool and calm, while his manhood hung heavy, veiny, and big was making me more excited, if that were possible. I felt I could cum just be looking at him at that moment, if I let myself to do so.

With a a few handfulls of lukewarm water, he rinsed the soap from my body. Remained was a wet and hairless cunt, all shiny and new. He called my bare cunt his "peach" that he wished to enjoy in any way he desired.

"Yes, Mark, you may do anything you desire," I whispered vulnerably. Soon thereafter, I felt his tongue playing around my asshole, darting in and out teasingly around it's wrinkled hole. "Oh yes," was all that escaped my mouth in a whispered hiss. He then glided his tongue smoothly down to the lips of my glistening pussy.

With head still on the floor and ass high in the air, I spread my legs out even more so that he can access me in any way he wished. He tongued my cunt with beautiful strokes of his tongue, like the strokes Picasso or Da Vinci would make on a painting with their brushes.

Mark was truly an artist with his talented tongue. Occasionally, I could feel his tongue enter deeply inside my sopping cunt. "Mmmmmmmmm." As if it could talk, my pussy begged--rather pleaded--for him to stick his thick meat inside me. It yearned for something big to fill it! This is exactly what my body needed sexually. Something nasty, kinky. a little dirty and definitely something sinful. Pulling his long tongue out of my hole, he trickled it slowly to my engorged, red clit.

Having a hairless pussy brought new sensations I had never felt before when it was covered in silky black fur. Yummy! I begged psychic-ly that he not stay there long because I was about to cum any second. Obviously, he couldn't read my mind because he flitted my clit with the tip of his tongue many times over. I bit my bottom lip hard to prevent me from cumming, but couldn't contain myself any longer.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I had suddenly cummed in tremendous quakes. The mouth of my pussy opened and closed with numerous convulsions. Mark immediately plunged his giant cock inside my convulsing pussy and plunged and pounded me hard. I could feel his huge balls slap my bare asshole--again another new incredible sensation! My orgasm would not stop; it went on for what seemed to be several minutes until I heard Mark scream, "Oh my God, Diane, I'm cumming.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" While still pumping me with his dick, his thick cum was being forced out with each forward motion, landing on the blanket underneath us.


What a beautiful sight it was to see a huge pole like Mark's glide in and out of my glistening cunt! Then, with a loud 'pop,' he pulled out his gigantic dick and began to clean himself up with the towel. He then lovingly cleaned my spent pussy, while a laid on his blanket fatigued. We laid in each other's arms for several minutes until it was ready for me to go.

With clothes eventually put on, I was about to leave his place when he asked with a wink, "So, Diane, when is it my turn?" I just smiled coyly, said "Thank you, Mark. Great to see you." and walked out of his place, ready to return to my life with my husband, Ron.