Explicit oral stimulation for hunk

Explicit oral stimulation for hunk
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Chapter 7 - Back Home I rolled into my driveway around five in the evening. Earlier that day I had negotiated with a potential client and sealed the deal, scoring a decent size account for our company and a fat bonus for myself at the end of the quarter.

The entire trip had been like an amazing dream - I had gotten more action in the last 48 hours than the last, I don't even know how many years- and now that I was back home I was beginning to wonder if somehow I had imagined the whole thing, or if maybe I had died on the way there, like maybe the train derailed or something, and maybe I was in heaven. It sure felt like it. When I got into the house it was quiet and the lights and tv were off.

"Hello?" I called out. Nothing. Then I noticed a note on the kitchen table: Sophia and I are gone to the mall. Gonna buy some new stuff. Can't wait to show you what I get!

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Miss you, love you! xoxoxoxox <3 Julia P.S. I left you a really neat surprise! ;) Surprise? What could she be talking about? I wondered if the "show you what I get" line was her hinting at buying new underwear to show me again or if it was just something innocent. Then I began to wonder how much sophia knew, and if she was OK with it… Again I found myself in a downward spiral of paranoia and negative thoughts.

I thought the best way to clear my head would be to take a long hot shower. I got under the water and just let it run down me. I closed my eyes and just saw flashes of all the crazy fun I had been having over the last few days. The sex had been unbelieveable. It felt like I had just woken up after a long hibernation and I was just eating everything in sight because I was so famished.

After what was probably close to half an hour I shut the water off and stepped out, not bothering to cover myself. I went into my bedroom and turned on my computer, intending to crank some tunes and just live a little, like I did when I was younger. But after turning the computer on I turned around and saw something out of place in my room. It was a small candle in an opaque glass holder.


It had never been lit. It hadn't been lit because it wasn't really a candle. I had a few of them around the house. I bought them after the previous babysitter had stolen from me. It was a nanny cam that was supposed to look like a common household item. And for some reason it was in my bedroom, pointing at my bed… Holy shit! She didn't? Did she? I never talked to her about them, but I didn't exactly hide it either. She might have overheard me talk about them on the phone, or might have seen the box in the garage.

It appeared as if the "surprise" she had left me was going to blow the short videos she sent me last night out of the water. I jumped on my computer and went to the video files that the nanny cams automatically save to. I went to the very beginning of the video and fast forwarded until the two of them were on video at the same time.

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They were just sitting around chatting, and at some point watching tv and eating snacks, not much happened at first. But then it got good. Julia went up stairs for a few minutes while Sophia was on the couch watching tv. When she came back downstairs she was wearing a pleated "school girl"-style miniskirt and a very short t-shirt, with a print of a cute little puppy on it, that showed off her flat belly, and she clearly wasn't wearing a bra anymore.

She took a seat on the floor in front of the couch and then put her knees up and spread her legs.

There my young daughter was, flashing me your beautiful trimmed pussy, spreading it wide for me, with her babysitter, the beautiful Sophia, a sophomore in college, sitting right there totally un aware. Sophia was about 5'6" tall, almond eyes, tanned skin, and long straight dark hair.

She was wearing cutoffs, the kind where the pockets stick out from under them, as if to highlight just how short they are cut, and a black low cut v-neck with the name of some band on it that I had never heard of before, but I was willing to bet the lead singer was very pretty and had never written a song in his life.

My daughter made a show of opening and closing her legs, touching her knees and then spreading them apart, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. I was incredibly aroused and couldn't help but start playing with myself. My bedroom door was open, but no one was home, and I'd hear the girls get back anyways. Plus, what the fuck did I care, I knew what had gone down in my home last night, so what if Sophia saw me naked, even saw me watching a video of her and my daughter.

She wouldn't/couldn't do anything without admitting what she had done, plus hers was on tape and mine wasn't. Julia kept looking over at Sophia, but she was clueless. So she spread her legs as far as possible and then used two hands to spread her lips as wide as possible.

It was breathtaking. There I was, naked at the computer, beating myself off to the holiest of sights, my daughter's gaping virginal hole.

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Soon she got up and disappeared from the video for a minute. When she got back she sat down, in the same fashion as before. She appeared to have two popsicles from the freezer.

She put one down next to her and opened the other one. She then proceeded to slowly slip the popsicle under her outfit. I could see the tip of the popsicle head straight for her pussy. Within seconds she had half of the popsicle going in and out of her hole.

Sophia was watching tv, none the wiser, and occasionally laughing.

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Sometimes she'd look over, but Julia was very slick about it, having it all going on under her skirt so Sophia couldn't see anything. After a minute of that Julia snuck the popsicle out from under her skirt and grabbed the unopened one and ripped it open. Then she handed one to Sophia. It was hard to see on the video, because of the angle or depth perception or something, but I just felt like it had to be the one she had inside her little pussy.

Which ever girl had the pussy-pop they were both enjoying theirs. They both licked and sucked all the juices up. I was on edge already. When their pops were finished Julia disappeared again for a few minutes. When she came back down she was tiptoeing behind Sophia with her phone in her hand… I knew where this was going. She grabbed Sophia's B-cup breasts from behind, like I had seen in the video she sent me last night, making Sophia jump nearly five feet off the couch.

She twirled around and there was an exchange of words but then all of a sudden the two of them were toppling over the couch, and landing on the floor.

At first Julia seemed genuinely upset, but after a couple moments the mood livened up and the two of them were wrestling playfully. Sophia got back on the couch and Julia grabbed her phone again. This is when she must've recorded the second video.

My daughter was significantly smaller in height and frame, but had more lean muscle than Sophia, so she ended up flipping her over and slapping her ass, and then grabbing her shorts by the waist and pulled them down exposing her round little apple of an ass.

Again Sophia jumped, but this time there was more obvious laughter and it seemed like Sophia was determined to spank Julia back. They wrestled around for a good ten to fifteen minutes, flipping each other around pinning each other down, but every time Sophia got close to slapping my baby girl on the bum she was able to squirm out of the way or push Julia off.

But she couldn't evade forever. Sophia finally had my daughter pinned. She was on top of her, straddling her, and was holding both of my daughter's hands down to the ground. She couldn't get out. Both girls looked exhausted and sweaty, neither one seemed to have much more energy to fight.

Their faces were merely inches apart, and they were talking, what they were saying I had no idea. From the body language it looked like Sophia was trying to re-exert her dominance, and Julia was just giving her a hard time back. sophia said something and they both got quiet, it must have been some kind of dare or ultimatum, or threat or something. Then my little girl lifted her head up and kissed babysitter on the lips.Full on open mouth. Sophia freaked, didn't know what to do, and when Julia stopped she just started laughing.

Sophia clearly wasn't sure of how to handle the awkwardness or to end the game or to regain authority, so she tried one last move. She flipped my daughter over and spanked her.

Coincidently, flipping her over like that made her skirt flip up and when Sophia's hand came down on my baby girl's bottom, not once, not twice but three times, it was her bare bottom that met Sophia's hand. The look on Sophia's face was a combination of surprise and shock. She was surprised that my little girl was not wearing any panties, and shocked at the realization that she had just spanked her bare ass.

Even with no audio you could tell she was scrambling for some kind of words. Her face was beat red, and her hair was all messed up. It was incredibly sexy. Julia responded by just turning over and tackling Sophia, and kissing her again. It took Sophia a second, but once she realized what Julia was all about she started kissing back.

I'm talking the kind of kiss you see in the movies when the main characters have a thing for each other and there's flirting throughout the whole film and everyone is like oh my god just kiss already, and then finally at the end of the film they do, yeah that kind of kiss. Then started the heavy petting, my daughter feeling up her babysitter, her babysitter squeezing her little A cup breasts. Hands were slipping and sliding all over the place. I lost it, I was trying to hold out longer, but all of a sudden burst after burst of cum just shot out of my cock and onto the computer desk.

My hand never slowed down, I just kept pumping. When I was done I just kept going.The orgasm was great, but I was far from spent and wasn't even about to slow down. My daughter proceeded to remove her babysitter's cutoffs and her top. Seeing Sophia laying there, half naked, being seduced by my daughter was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.

If I had been stuck in purgatory for all eternity and had to think of things to entertain myself, I can honestly say I don't think I would have ever been able to imagine the scene before my eyes. Julia then unhooked her babysitter's bra and cupped one of the exposed breasts in her hands and proceeded to suck on the light brown nipple.

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Sophia was obviously overtaken with pleasure, and all she could do was just take it in. My daughter finished with one breast and then moved on to lightly biting the other one, and flicking the nipple with her tongue. While playing with this other nipple she worked her fingers down below her babysitter's black g-string underwear and stimulate her clit.

I began to wonder if this was Sophia first time. The girl was way too hot to be this inexperienced, but she was also shy and goody-goody, and from the way she was now bucking her hips into my daughter's writhing hand and though I couldn't hear I could tell she was making a fuck ton of noise.

After making her babysitter cum my little nymph of a daughter turned around and bent over the arm of the couch, her pleated schoolgirl skirt riding high, showing everything underneath. She said something and when Sophia regained control over her body she buried her face in my daughter's rear and proceeded to eat her young twat from behind. I couldn't handle any more.

I slammed my hand down my cock again and again as hard as I could and I shot cum all over my monitor my desk, and even got some on the mouse. After that I slowed down to a very gentle massage but kept my eyes glued to the screen. After Julia reached a climax they both fell on the couch and took a breather. Thats when my daughter looked right at the cam and blew a kiss.

It was all a show for me. Ok well, maybe not ALL of it, I'm sure Julia had had a lot of fun, but my baby girl had just seduced and fucked her babysitter on camera all for me.

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Even though I had just cum twice I felt like I was about to again, when all of a sudden the doorbell rang. Ding-dong. Ding -dong. I figured it was just the girls, and I wasn't about to stop.

Fuck it. After what I had just seen, I was about ready to ravage both of these girls, show them how a man fucks. Julia had a key and could let them in, I was going to keep watching. Just let Sophia come in and see what I was doing. The thought of our 19 year old babysitter walking in on me jerking off to a video of her fucking eating my daughters fresh pussy was so much of a turn on.

It was the thrill of getting caught, it was exhibitionism, it was revealing her secret, it was just so much. By now in the video my daughter was taking her babysitter by the hand and leading her upstairs, presumably to the bedroom.


I knew it would only get hotter from here. I heard the downstairs door open and footsteps. On my computer screen the two girls were climbing into bed together and started to kiss and fondle each other.

I heard the footsteps come to the stairs and start coming up. Yes. come and find me. Come and find me you dirty little nymph. You fucked my daughter and now you will fuck me. The three of us are about to have some fun. "Hello?" asked a voice. I froze, they were nearly at the top of the steps, just a few feet from my door, and I recognized that voice anywhere. It wasn't Julia. It wasn't Sophia. It was my older sister, Jackie. I dove to the door and swung it shut.

""Tony?" "Uh, yeah…" heavy breathing, "just a sec." "You ok?" her voice sounded distressed or worried. "Yeah, just getting dressed." "Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't think anyone was home so I let myself in with that key you always keep under the mat. I quickly shut off the video and threw on some sweats. I opened the door and my beautiful older sister was standing in the hall, a suitcase in hand and she had obviously been crying.

Something was seriously up, Jackie lived two states away, and barely ever visits, let alone unannounced. As soon as she saw me she dropped the luggage and embraced me, squeezing very tight and then just sobbing uncontrollably. I rubbed her back and said "It's ok, what's wrong?" Just then I heard more people enter the house.

"Dadddddddy we're home! I sure did miss you! Are you ready for a really fun night?!" My tease of a daughter asked suggestively. Jackie paid no heed to Julia, or maybe didn't hear her over the crying.

She just replied, "Tom cheated on me and we're getting a divorce, and I need to stay with you for a while…" all in one quick breath. My hopes for the night just shattered into a million shards, as I yelled down the stairs, "Hey babygirl.

Guess what? Your Aunt Jackie is moving in with us for a while."