Big Tit MILF Anal Fucked by Black Cock by the Pool

Big Tit MILF Anal Fucked by Black Cock by the Pool
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Another Good Night- Part II All the next day Sarah's head was wasted from what had happened the night before. She kept getting flashbacks of her brother taking advantage of her; just because he kept them in food and rent. The disgust of the whole thing burned in her skin and in the pit of her stomach. She saw him, in her mind, nippling her lips with his little affectionate goodnight kisses; then getting more forceful and starting to use his tongue.

She remembered sitting on his knee the night before and how he'd made he lower her nightdress so he could look at her breasts. How he'd touched them and held them in his hands. God, she thought, then how he'd put her nipples in his mouth and kissed her there.

She could hear him telling her how gorgeous she looking; telling her he loved her and other things that just made her skin crawl. Half way though the day she had a flashback of Jason wanking and had to go to the bathroom and throw up. It was so vivid. Her bent over his bed with her panties at her knees, ass tilted up at him, and him hunched over her wanking his dick until he spunked up onto the small of her back. He paid for everything and in his head that meant he could use Sarah as a dump for his sperm.

She came out of the bathroom again around twelve. Tearing up with the pain and confusion of the whole situation. She was so lost in it all that she never checked the clock when the knock came at the front door.

It was Hannah, home from school for lunch, and she hadn't even started making anything yet. She moved through the house and opened the door. Not caring that her little sister might notice she'd been crying. But when the door opened it wasn't Hannah who was waiting for her. "Jason!?" Her voice faltered and she became instantly tense. "Hey babe." Jason said, "thought I'd come home for lunch." She moved into their living room and kept going into the kitchen; trying to keep a good space between them.

Jason followed her. When she reached the kitchen she looked at once at the clock. Hannah must be in from school soon. She started looking through the fridge for something to cook for her. In reality she was only trying to busy herself. She couldn't even stand to look at Jason after he'd wanked on her the night before.

He was the last person on earth she wanted to be anywhere near. She found two ready meals in the cooler and brought them out. She turned. Jason was close by her now and he was wearing a smug smile that told her he'd planned to catch her alone. "Hannah's coming in in twenty minutes, Jason." She said. Jason knew what she was really saying.

She was really saying they couldn't fool around like they had the night before. She was saying Hannah would interrupt them and so he'd better leave her alone. Jason glanced at the clock. "Twenty minutes is long enough." He said. Sarah tried to ignore him and her own beating chest. "You want me to make you something to eat?" She made for the stove with the ready meals; not giving him a chance to answer.

He caught her on her way. Holding her in one position. "Come on, Jason," she frowned, "I've got to make lunch. You must be hungry. Let me make you something." He grabbed the ready meals clean out of her hands and threw them hard against the kitchen floor.

"Fuck lunch!" he said, "I don't want fucking lunch. I want you, baby. Come here." Jason started to walk her over towards the couch. "Please, Jason," she pulled against him weakly, "Hannah'll be home in twenty minutes.

I've got to make her something." Jason pulled her down to sitting on the couch. "You've had all day to do that shit," He smirked, "now it's time for your other duties." He started to slowly undo the buttons on her soft red cardigan.

She tried to stop him; but every time she pushed his hands away he'd come back at her. Soon enough her cardigan was half undone and Jason had a juicy view of the sweet cleavage made by the pushup bra she wore. "Please. God. Jason." She held her head in her hands and started to cry, "last night was so disgusting. Please. I want to forget it." He tugged her cardigan down over her shoulders and started to kiss her bare skin.

Then he reached round, hugging her close, and undoing her bra. He pulled it off and let it fall to the ground. Sarah covered up her pert little breasts with both hands. But Jason never stopped at that. He pulled himself up kneeling on the couch and starting to undo his sister's jeans.

"What are you doing!" She cried. "I wanna see you in the nude, babe," he smirked. "No! Please!" He pulled the jeans off her legs and then zoned in on her cute little lace panties. She grabbed them, exposing her breasts to his hungry eyes. But in the end he was too strong; ripping the last shred of material off of her and leaving her there, exposed on the couch, and totally naked.

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She kinked her legs to one side and covered her breasts again. Lying side on and whining softly. Jason stood up and stood back. Taking in as much of that gorgeous sight as he could. The fact that she was hiding her pussy, tits and ass from him just turned him on even more. She was fucking amazing; toned and smooth and so, so fuckable.

He knelt on the couch again and started to paw at her; touching her legs and caressing her silky stomach. There wasn't a single blemish on her beautiful skin and Jason's cock was just about ready to explode in his jeans.

"Okay, babe," he pulled her legs straight on the couch. She covered her sex with both hands letting her tits be seen. "Don't Jason," she begged, "leave me alone. Please." "Listen, babe," Jason cautioned, "it's time for you to start earning your keep around here, okay.

It's time for you to start showing me some gratitude for everything I do for you. You're gonna put me on a little show. a little private show baby." He kissed her lips briefly. "I don't understand!" She cried. "You will baby," he smiled, "I just want a little private sex show from my sweet little baby." "Oh God." She stared up at the ceiling; tears streaming down her face.

"Start by putting your hands by your sides, honey," he pushed her hands away lovingly from between her legs. She complied, crying the whole time. Jason's mouth watered. She looked fucking amazing down there; just a sparse little telling of blonde public hair that would make any guy want to fuck all night.

"Okay, sweetheart," Jason said, "let's start the show. open your legs and let me see it." Sarah lost it. "I can't!" "Fuck!!" Jason threw himself up from the couch and roared off into the kitchen. Sarah waited in fear for what he'd do. He stormed back and she barely even saw the silver glint before the steak-knife was pressed hard against her throat.

"You see that, Sarah," he shouted, "I'll fucking use that if you say no to me again, bitch. I'll fucking cut you open." "Stop. Please." Her fingers touched the knife gently trying to push it ever so slightly away, "don't hurt me, Jason.

Please." "I don't wanna hurt you, darlin'" he pressed the knife closer, "I wanna be real gentle with you. Just show me your pussy." "Jason I just. I can't do that." He pressed the knife even closer and Sarah was sure the edge was about to break through the skin. "Okay!" She held up her hands and he let the knife loosen in his hand, "Okay, Jason. I'll do it." She softly opened her legs. Then closed her eyes. "Fucking hell." Jason breathed as he eased back.

Her pussy was so pink and perfect he couldn't believe what he was seeing. His saliva literally started to flow the moment he saw it. Fuck, he thought, fucking tight. How's this girl gonna take my cock. "Hold still, sweetheart." He said and she heard him fumbling in his jeans. She chanced a look at him just in time to see him point his camera phone between her legs. Half in fright and half in repulsion she closed her legs sharply. "Don't fucking close them!" He began to push them apart again with his free hand.

"Please, Jason," Sarah said, "don't take pictures." "Let me see it, Sarah!" He demanded, "let me see your little pussy." "You can look. just don't." She screamed as he punched her. "You want the fucking knife again, girl!?" She lay her head to one side and opened her legs defeatedly. "Sweet," Jason breathed and took his first picture of her pussy with his phone, "okay. this is the fucking sex show I paid for, darlin'. open your pussy up." "What!?" He grabbed her hand roughly and forced it between her legs.

"Use your fingers and open that shit up!" He instructed, "I want a picture of your sweet little insides." She started crying more heavily as she stretched her entrance with her fingers; opening herself up for him.

Jason laughed with complete euphoria at the sight of his gorgeous girl complying with him. He snapped another few pictures of her pussy to jack off to at work.

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Then he tossed the phone onto the couch and started to undress. Sarah took the cue to stop touching herself and pulled her hands back onto her chest; sobbing lightly. Jason threw his shirt on the floor and kicked off his shoes.

Then he pulled off his jeans and boxers. Sarah looked away; still not wanting to see his cock, or what he looked like naked. He climbed on top of her.

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"Keep your legs open!" He grabbed the knife again and shoved it up against her neck like a warning. "Listen, babe," he said, "your little pussy's amazing. I fucking love how it looks. I'm gonna go down on you." Sarah's mind went crazy with fear.

"God no!" he shook her head, "Jason. listen. please. Hannah's due back any." He pressed the knife closer. "Hannah isn't back for ten fucking minutes, Sarah!" He shouted, "stop fucking avoiding this.

now I'm gonna go down on your pussy. next time you make me pick up the knife I'm gonna cut you. okay?" He gave her a frightening look then put down the knife. Next thing she knew he had his face between her thighs.

His nose and mouth hovered over her pussy-lips for long moments; taking in the scent she realized to her humiliation. "Come on, sweetheart," he said, "you can spread those legs a little wider for me." He pushed her thighs further apart and then she heard and felt it at the same time; his wet tongue flapping down on her entrance.

"No. I can't do this!" She pushed his head away and jumped off of the couch. He grabbed her before she could walk a step and took the knife in his hand again. Sarah shrieked in pain as he forced her hand open and slashed the palm deep with the knife.

He held her arm tightly as she bled out. "I told you I'd fucking cut you, Sarah! Now lay back down and let me lick out your fucking pussy!" Just then there was a knock at the door. Sarah's eyes locked on the sound. Hannah. "Fuck!!" Jason was livid, "Fuck!! That little fucking brat!" He punched at his own face. Then he pulled Sarah close. "Get into a fucking housecoat and get that little bitch her food," he said; letting her go.

He moved away. Shirking himself back into his jeans. Then he went to answer the door. * If Hannah knew crazy shit was going on in the house she never let on. Sarah came back wearing a housecoat and her brother was shirtless and looked pissed as hell. No wonder; he'd just been cock-blocked from the most amazing piece of pussy he'd ever had.

Sarah made Hannah a ready meal. It only took minutes to microwave. Then Jason laid down the law.


"Hannah," he said, "me and Sarah were talking before you got in. we're gonna go back into my room and pick up were we left off. it's just stuff about the house. you eat your lunch then get back to school. 'kay?" Hannah nodded. "Okay," she said.

"Jason," Sarah cut in, "not now." "Shut the fuck up, Sarah!" Jason cautioned, "I'm pissed enough at you already! Get into that fucking back room." She had to do as she was told. Jason had proved he'd hurt her badly, even cut her, if she didn't.


He moved with her; forcing her into the back room and slamming the door. "Jason," she said uncomfortably, "Hannah's going to know what we're doing.

Please. I don't want her to know." Jason pulled Sarah's housecoat off roughly, leaving her totally nude again, and tossed her hard on his bed.

"You shoulda thought of that, bitch," he whispered, crawling on top, "we had ten minutes. ten fucking minutes. all you had to do was lay on your back and let me eat out your pussy for awhile. now you can fucking do it with someone else in the house." He pushed her legs apart and dove in. His tongue was instantly lolling around at her entrance.

He started by licking the flat of his tongue all the way along her slit then he got into it hooking it into her hole and slobbering his spit all over her down there. Sarah just lay still, legs spread, and took whatever he wanted to do to her.

In the soundless room all she could hear was the wet noise of him softly going down on her and Hannah eating her lunch through the wall. "Your pussy tastes nice," he held her open with his fingers and licked her tenderly, "I'm gonna come home for lunch every day, sweetheart. I don't want you wearing any panties when I get back. I'm gonna eat you out before you make me something. mmmm. mmmm. mmmm. so fucking amazing.

mmmm. awesome. awww. tasty fucking little pussy." By now he'd been licking her out for ten minutes straight and every time he pulled back from her warm opening more than one string of white spit would cling to his face. Jason didn't mind being messy when he was eating pussy.

Then he started showing her some of the better moves he'd learned over the years; vibrating his tongue fast on her clit. "I'm going back to school." Hannah shouted through the wall. "Mmmmm." Jason answered, face buried in his girl's sweet sex. "You hear me," Hannah shouted louder, "I'm going back!" Jason pulled away from Sarah's cunt.

"Fuck off then!!" He shouted back. He listened as she left and as the door closed then he dove back in and went down on Sarah for another ten minutes.

In the end he just started kissing her silky inner-thighs and telling her he loved her.

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"Your so beautiful, princess," he sighed, "Such a gorgeous seventeen year old pussy." He kissed it one more time and then jumped up on his back in bed. He dragged her close and forced her head onto his sparsely haired chest; holding her close by the shoulders. Her insides were wet with his rank spit and all she could do was lay there holding him and crying. "Jason," she said at last, and timidly. "Yeah, princess?" He answered lazily.

"Are you." she could hardly say it, "are you going to rape me?" Jason laughed. "Let's take it one step at a time." "Please don't." She wept, "I've always wanted my first time to be nice. I don't want it to be. God. like this. I don't like you Jason." "Come on, darlin'," Jason said dismissively, "I can't wank off on you every night. sooner or later I'm gonna need more." Jason looked at her.

Her lip was quivering and he could tell she was getting ready to bawl. "Okay then. Listen, sweetheart," he kissed her forehead, "I was all riled up to fuck you tonight." Sarah cried audibly.

"I was. but listen.

if you can show me there's other ways you can keep your man happy I won't burst your cherry yet." "I don't know what you mean," she cried, "I already.

I already let you." "Wait a minute, babe," Jason said, "I'm gonna sort this out." Jason got up quick from the bed and for the first time Sarah caught a glimpse of his firm ass and the large balls that swung down between his legs from behind. She nearly threw up. Jason left the room and Sarah could hear him talking to his boss on the phone he'd used to take pictures of her earlier.

He was saying something about not coming back in to work that day and Sarah's stomach sank with terror. Was he getting ready to rape her now. When her brother came back he lay next to her again and kissed her forehead like before.

"Okay, princess," he said, "show me how you're gonna make your man happy without giving up pussy." Sarah looked at him blankly; on the verge of losing it entirely.

"Give me your hand." Jason said softly. She put her hand in his. He brought it to his lips and kissed it.

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It was the one he'd cut up earlier. "You got lovely hands Sarah," he said. Then he opened his mouth and started to suck on one of her fingers. Sarah cringed but let him do it. She had to stop him from taking her virginity. He sucked on her finger for awhile and then lowered her hand down between their bodies.

"Give me a handjob." He whispered. "No!" Sarah pulled her hand away, "no! Not that!" "Fuck baby," Jason laughed, "that's just for starters.

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Fuck you never had a boyfriend?" "Please," Sarah begged, "I don't want to touch it." He forced her hand hard around his seven-inch cock and started to make her stroke it.

"Oh God!" she turned away. "Keep that up, darlin'" he said, taking his hand away. A few more times she pulled away from him but each time he'd hit her harder than before and bring her hand back to his hard-on.

In the end she just lay there and stroked his cock. "Do it faster." He said. She did as she was told. Maybe if she did it right he'd shoot his load and go back to work. "You're being such a good girl," he crooned, kissing at her breasts, "now use your other hand to play with my balls." She whined.

Reaching down, timidly, beneath the base of his dick and beginning to slowly massage his sweaty sack. "I can't believe you're giving me a handjob and playing with my nuts, Sarah," Jason laughed, humiliating her, "I can't believe my sister is giving me a handjob and playing with my nuts." He lay back and tilted his junk up towards Sarah's stroking hand. "Yeah, honey, aw," he closed his eyes, "go to town on that dick. get me close to cumming." She held his warm dick in her hand for what seemed like ages; wanking him.

Then all of a sudden Jason's arm lifted and his hand grabbed a painful fistful of Sarah's luscious blonde hair. He started pulling her face down onto his hard dick. "What are you doing!?" His raging seven-inches was getting closer and closer to her face by the second and Sarah didn't have the strength of fight him.

She could see the head of his prick now and the glistening stuff that pooled in the eye of it. She fought with all her might to push herself off of him, begging him to leave her alone, as he took his cock in his own hand and began slowly and deliberately to rub with precum off onto her pretty little face.

"Please! Stop!" She pushed at his thighs. "Calm down, princess," he rubbed strand after strand off onto her cheeks, her chin, her forehead, "Calm down. I love you. It's only a little bit of precum." "Please!" "Okay, princess," Jason said, "Time to take my dick for real. Open your mouth." Sarah went crazy; crying, hitting his thighs, begging him not to. He pushed the head of his prick against her mouth; she could feel his wetness rubbing off on her full lips. "Come on, bitch," he snarled, "I want my dick sucked." In the end she was forced to open and Jason plunged half of his length into her mouth in one go.

"Aw. mmm. aw. aw, princess. aw, beautiful. take that cock. suck it. fucking suck on it!" He grabbed the sides of her head hard and started bucking his ass off the bed fucking into her face with all his strength. All Sarah could do was take it and cry. Every time he went balls-deep he gagged her; every time she gagged she thought she'd pass out. "Aw. aw. aw. aw. awwww!!!" Jason started to roar like a fucking animal. Then he pulled her mouth off his dick and dragged her to the corner of the room.

He fondled her tits and ass; then he grabbed at her pussy. Finally he forced her onto her knees pushing her head painfully into the corner and pushing his dick against her lips again. "Keep the back of your fucking head against the wall, slut," he said, "I'm getting real close to cumming.

do every fucking thing I say when I say it." He drew back and hovered the head of his disgusting wet dick near her lips. "Lick my piss-slit," he droned. Sarah cried. "Come on," he grabbed her neck, "lick my fucking piss-slip for awhile! Can't you fucking give a decent blowjob!" She reacted out of fear.

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Sticking out her tongue and licking at the tiny slit at the centre of his dick. The precum was still oozing out and Sarah had to gag to stop from vomiting.

"Okay, princess," he groaned, "let me fucking in." She opened her mouth weakly and Jason shoved his entire dick inside. Sarah tried to push him away but it was no good. He wanted to gag her. For him that was part of the fun. He put his legs at either side of her head and started shagging her mouth like he'd not had sex in a month. Her head kept bagging painfully against the wall behind them but Jason was too far gone to give a fuck.

"Aw, princess. aw, Sarah. aw. aw. mmm. I'm getting ready to shoot such a thick fucking load!" Jason groaned and pulled his dick roughly out of Sarah's hot, wet mouth. He pointed the head in her face and continued to wank off ferociously. It wasn't long before he was bellowing hotly and cumming all over her pretty face. He came like he'd been storing it up for weeks. He was standing tall against the wall trying to get the last drops of spunk out of his twitching balls.

The last few spurts landed on Sarah's tits and dribbled down her stomach to her pussy. Jason looked down at his sweet girl. She was crying uncontrollably and looking down at the streaks of his stuff that covered her skin. He reached down and picked her up by the shoulders; carrying her back to their bed. "I need to get washed up." She was begging, head everywhere, making no sense, "I need to go.

Please. I need to." He slammed her down on his bed and forced his weight on top of her. He was smiling into her frightened eyes. "Relax, sweetheart," he said, "your man's here." "Why are you hurting me like this?

Please. You got what you wanted. Please. Let me wash myself." Jason smiled again. "I'll wash you baby," he said. And then to her horror Jason did the sickest thing yet. He started kissing her cum-covered face; sucking and licking up his own spunk.

He forced her to look at him while he slurped up his own stuff then he started trying to kiss her with a mouthful of what he'd blown out his cock.

"No!" He had them play that game for awhile. Him kissing the cum into her mouth; having her kiss it back. Then finally he forced her jaw open and spat it into her mouth.

He forced his hand over her lips. "Swallow it, babe," he smiled, "it's only a little bit of your guy's cum. you need to get used to it." He made her swallow.

Then he smiled and kissed her forehead. "You've been a real good girl today, princess," he said, "keep it up when we go to bed tonight and maybe I won't fuck you after all."