Iran gay sexy movie Fucking Some Student Arse

Iran gay sexy movie Fucking Some Student Arse
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I would like to share a story about a nasty young girl I met not long ago. I am a flooring installer, and I received a call not long ago from a gentleman asking me to replace the carpet in his Master bedroom at his vacation condo. He told me he and his wife were located out of town, but his niece is living there. He gave me a number to call her and that her name was Melissa. I called her and headed over there.

When she answered the door, I was pleasantly surprised. She was about 18 or 19, maybe 5', shoulder length sandy blonde hair, glasses, not overweight, but healthy, and most of all, she had huge tits.

I know this because she was wearing a very tight, thin tank top that you could see the outline of her pretty nipples poking through. I introduced myself; she smiled, twirled around and said "Follow me". When she spun around, I got a glimpse of her sweet ass. She was wearing a short summer skirt just long enough to cover her ass, and it raised enough for me to realize she wasn't wearing panties.

She led me to the living room and she sat down on the sofa. When she did this she sat with one leg up on the couch and one on the floor. WOW, as I stood in front of her, I got a clear view of her little pussy. The skirt wasn't even close to covering her exposed cunt as she adjusted her legs open even more. I had to snap out of it and asked her which direction the room was.

"This is a nice place you got here. It must be nice to live in a place like this all alone at your age. Which room is to be replaced?" "This is my aunt and uncles house, they let me live here cause I was getting into a lot of trouble living with my mom.

They insisted I stay here so they could teach me a little discipline." She gave a devilish smile at that point, and I remember I couldn't help think to myself, well they didn't teach you about keeping that pussy covered up. "They come here every other weekend and teach me how to obey the rules.

I used to not follow the rules very well. The Masters room is over there". She pointed me in the right direction, and as I walked to the room, I couldn't help but glance back for another quick shot of her exposed pussy. She was adjusting her leg up and leaning back a little while staring at the TV. Her skirt was now up to her waist. Might as well not even of had one on. Her cunt was now breathing wide open for the world to see.

When I walked in to the room, the first thing I noticed was this huge bed. It had 4 big wooden corner posts, black linens, a big wooden headboard with several holes that looked like they were cut out by someone. I scanned the room and noticed a couple Light stands, the kind you would see on a photo set, and a video camera on a tri-pod in the corner facing the bed. As I measured the room, I couldn't help but have all these thoughts racing through my head.

What was going on in here? Are her aunt and uncle into kinky stuff? As I finished writing down the dimensions, I heard her yell from the next room, "Don't forget to measure my Masters closet! It's through the bathroom" That was the second time she had said "Her Masters". As I headed through the master bath, I remember thinking that was a little strange. I was in shock the moment I opened the walk in closet door. I stood there frozen looking at this amazing collection of bondage accessories.

Hanging on the walls was an assortment of whips, leather outfits, handcuffs and restraints. On one side were some shelves with lots of goodies. I made my way over to them and on the top shelf, were lots of dildos, vibrators, anal beads, lubes, and several nipple clamp selections. The middle shelf had a couple blindfolds, mouth ball harnesses, and some leather masks.

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The bottom shelf had some XXX videos, some homemade DVD's, and a big stack of photo's. There were about 10 pictures laid out neatly on display next to the stack.

I looked closer and guess who, It was Mellissa and an older couple in several acts of very nasty situations. The first photo I picked up was her and this older gentleman. He was behind her fucking her doggy style while she was restrained to the headboard. That explained the holes I noticed earlier. The second pic had her tied to all 4 corner posts of the bed; face up with this older lady riding her face.

This must be aunt and uncle. No doubt they were clearly using this hot young gal as their personal slave toy. It dawned on me why she kept calling it her Masters Bed room. The stack of DVD's were obviously made by them. Another photo was of her with nipple clamps, gagged, blindfolded, and the older lady pulling her hair back displaying the welts across her tits.

WOW I thought to myself. This shit is fucking hot. I have always dreamed about this kind of situation, and always watch videos of this when I jacked off at home.

Here it was right in front of me. I quickly took my measurements, adjusted my now growing cock, and gathered myself together enough to head back to the living room.

When I walked back towards her, she had a slight grin on her face. Here nipples were now sticking out about a half inch, pushing the tank top tightly around them.

Her left foot was up on the coffee table and her right leg was up on the couch. She was purposely showing off that naughty little pussy to me. I asked her if I could sit at the dining table to write the estimate, and to hide my growing cock. "Sure, go ahead. Did you measure my Masters closet?" This dirty little girl was clearly teasing me. I was clearly getting a taste of why she must need to be disciplined. I was so turned on by now, I found myself rubbing my crotch while writing the estimate.

"I sure did, and I must say, It was a very interesting closet" I chuckled to myself, could have said something a little more creative. "I might have to take more measurements in there" let out a chuckle for her. "Oh, so you liked it. My aunt and uncle have quite the collection.


They are very open-minded people I guess. I don't mind though, I think it's kind of cool myself" she said. "Me too, I've always liked to watch that kind of stuff myself" I couldn't believe I was engaged with this sexy young lady about this stuff.

I went back to writing, and she stood up and headed to the room. "I'll be right back mister, I've got to do something for My master". I thought to myself, I wish I was her master. They sure are lucky to have a slave as sexy and willing as Mellissa.

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She isn't hiding the fact that she is his slave at this point. I am so turned on I can hardly write. About 5 minutes later I heard her call out to me, "Mister?

Can you come here for a minute?" I stood up and walked in that direction. My cock hard das can be, sticking clearly out. But I didn't care, She's having the effect she probably wanted anyway.

I didn't expect what happened next. She was lying on the bed, naked, with nipple clamps on. Her legs were spread wide open and she was fucking herself with a big black dildo. There was a leather whip and a paddle next to her. Handcuffs, leather straps, a blindfold, butt plug, and anal beads. I noticed the Light Stands were on also, making the room nice and bright.

"Wow Mellissa, this is a nice surprise. You look like your enjoying yourself" I said. "My master has instructed me to assume this position for you. I hope you're okay with that!" Hmmm, okay?

I couldn't be anymore okay with what I was watching. She continued to fuck herself for me as she looked me in the eyes. "Oh yeah, I'm definitely okay with that! Your master is a very generous guy! I assume he is your uncle? "Yes and my aunt is my Mistress. They have taught me a lot, and I obey their every command. That's why I'm here fucking myself for you.

They have instructed me to do so." Nice, I am watching this girl fuck herself because they wanted it to happen. What a turn on. "They gave me specific instructions to ask you if you were interested, they would like you to help discipline me.

They also want to watch if you were okay with that. They are watching right now from the camera linked to their computer at home." I looked over and saw a red light on the video camera, and the computer was on with a display of me standing in front of her. I could see her still fucking herself in front of me on the computer. "They are watching us right now?" I asked. "Yes, it's linked directly to their home computer, and my Master and Mistress are watching as we speak.

Are you okay with that?" Hmmm, I looked back at this delicious young lady and after a couple seconds, I replied "I sure am, how can I pass up this opportunity. I'm willing to help with your behavior. You look like you could use a few more lessons, seeing as you are a very naughty young lady" I found myself falling right into my new role as a dominant guy. I now get to unleash all my animal behaviors on this willing slave. "They have instructed me to inform you that if you wish to help, you must follow a few requests.

They can type words on the computer screen over there, and they can hear us over the video camera. My master wants me to tell you that you can do whatever you want with me, as long as you are sure to fuck my ass before you are done.

He says it's the best way to teach me lessons and show me who is in charge. My Mistress suggested you have me stuffed with this dildo while you fuck my ass, cause that's what she does.

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That's her favorite thing to do when I'm a bad little slut. I tend to be bad just so she can fuck my ass with her strap-on while my master films it." Wow, a dream comes true.

I looked into the camera and said "I will do exactly that you guys." It made me hot as hell knowing two people were watching all this go down, especially knowing it was her aunt and uncle. How nasty. I returned my attention back to her, and by this time she was fucking her pussy harder than I have ever seen someone before.

I could tell she was extremely horny, and not far from cumming. "You're really horny aren't you slave? You look like you're about to cum." "I am master, may I please?" I quickly responded a firm "No, you have to beg better than that.

A good slave knows how to beg don't they?" "Oh yes master, may I please cum for you now? Please, I need it so bad. I want to show you how my Mistress taught me to squirt. I've been horny all day thinking about this, and my Master wouldn't let me play with myself until you got here.

I can squirt really nice for you if you'd like" I was so fucking on fire listening to this. I reached down unzipped my pants, releasing my hard 8" cock.

I said "Okay, slide over here to the edge of the bed next to the camera and face it so they can get a good look. I want them to see you squirt also.

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She moved really quickly without missing a beat, keeping that huge dildo in her wet cunt. She spread her legs as far apart as she could, lifted her ass off the bed, and began slamming that monster all the way in and out.

She was putting on a great display for the camera. I moved over next to her to get a better view while I continued to stroke my cock. I made sure my new friends online could see me also. "I'm gonna cum master, I'm so close, OHH here I cum!" she then started to convulse as she lifted up ass up higher. She pulled out the dildo, and immediately rubbed her clit super-fast. I watched as she then squirted a huge stream of juice across the bed onto the floor and the camera stand.

For about 10 seconds she continued to let the juices flow until she collapsed back onto the bed.


She was breathing very hard, as so was I. I was ready to explode myself, but I had better ideas to do with my load. "Turn over and get on all fours you dirty slut. I think you need a little spanking for being such a dirty slave. Stick that ass up for me and face into the bed." I made sure she was in good view for the camera as I slapped her as pretty hard. She didn't say a word to my surprise; she just wiggled her ass as if to invite more.

I smacked it a few more times, the reached out and grabbed her hair firmly. "You like it when I spank you don't you?" "Oh yes Master, My Mistress spanks me 3 times a day when they are here.

My Master says it's to remind me I needed discipline." I bet I thought to myself. "Well, you are gonna get some right now! Get my cock nice and slippery for your master." I said this as I spun her around by the hair. I moved to the side so the camera could get a close view of her sucking my cock. I heard a message come across the computer, and it read.

"This is Mistress Cindy, please don't forget she needs a cock in her ass to remind her that she is a bad girl. After her master fucks her ass hard, I make her clean her masters cock after with her mouth, right before he shoots his cum in her mouth.

I jack him off right inside that nasty little mouth of hers. You may have her jack your cock off inside her mouth if you'd like, but only after she cleans her ass juice off!" "Sure thing Mistress Cindy, I will get right on that. I will make sure you get the best view possible" I then turned my attention back to my new slave. She was aggressively sucking my cock, but I needed more saliva to insure I could slide into her ass with no problem. "Spit on my cock slave, get lots of spit on there.

I'm about to fuck your ass for all to see." She pulled out my cock and spit a few times. Lots of saliva now drenched my cock, and started to drip down. I pulled her hair harder this time as I spun her around with her ass high in the air. I made sure there was enough room on the corner of the bed for me to climb up and mount her. "Put that dildo back in your cunt you slut, start fucking yourself again for us.

I'm gonna fuck that ass in a second, but only after you have that dildo all the way in your hole." "Yes master, anything you ask. I'm a good slave, you'll see." She started fucking herself again as she did before, hard and deep. She was obviously looking forward to what she must have experienced many times before. I stood up on the bed over her ass, making sure the camera could see. I squatted down and slid my cock slowly inside her dirty ass.

I pulled her hair back as I did this to maintain control. As I slid inside, I could feel that dildo rubbing the bottom of my shaft. That was hot as she continued to fuck her pussy like a good slave. 'Oh master, that feels so good.

Slam your cock deep into my dirty little ass. Give it to me, I deserve it. I'm gonna cum for you soon master." I couldn't help but immediately started slamming my cock all the way out and back in as deep as I possibly could. I went faster and faster until she started to convulse again. She was fucking herself as hard as she could while I drove in her ass. I looked back at the computer screen and could see everything crystal clear.

I watched my cock fuck her ass as she fucked her dildo. "I'm cumming master&hellip. Ohh OHH!' I watched the screen as she pulled out the dildo and rubbed her clit again.

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She started squirting all over the bed, and my legs. I rammed her ass as hard as I could while she continued to cum. I was very close to coming from all this. When she was done cumming, I pulled my cock out as she gasped, pulled her by the hair down onto the floor right in front of the camera. "Get on your knees slave and clean my cock good.

Get it nice and slippery cause I'm gonna have you jack off my cock right into that pretty mouth of your. Spit on it slut" she eagerly complied with excitement. She swallowed my cock all the way down, chocking a bit before she pulled off. She looked up at me as she did this, looking for my approval I guess.

"That's it slave, you've got experience with this I can tell." "Yes master, my mistress jacks my master's cock into my mouth all the time. I love it sir. Will you be giving me that hot cum and making me swallow it also?" I reached down and slapped her face a couple times and replied, "That's what good slaves get. Now look into the camera and jack off that big cock. Open your mouth wide cause I'm getting ready." She looked straight into the lens as I could see on the computer. Great view of her jacking my cock hard, just in front of her mouth.

I could feel I was about to shoot a big load from all that has happened. "Okay Mistress Cindy, Here it comes like you asked, Right into her mouth. You better not miss a drop slave. Catch all my cum in your mouth. Here it comes…" She nodded as she jerked me faster. I then began to shake as I started to squirt hot cum all inside. I looked down and watched as she was a master at aiming all that warm goo inside her wide open mouth.

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She jacked every last drop and then licked the tip to get the remainder. She then looked up and showed me all the cum in her mouth, the she looked into the camera to show them.

"That's a good slave, now swallow all of it. Drink my cum." She quickly swallowed every drop and opened her mouth to show me and the camera.

"All gone master" That was just the beginning of a new adventure for me. I will share more of things to come.

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