Mandingo zerstört Hündinnen weiß Gebärmutterhals

Mandingo zerstört Hündinnen weiß Gebärmutterhals
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I am, after a week, finally sitting alone in a rather cheap motel dressed in my lingerie. I've been waiting all day for the moment when I could take off my clothes and slip on my panties, stockings, bra and slip. I drank some good wine and my head is spinning a little and I feel so sexy and horny. It felt so sexy to be hooking my stockings to my garter belt. My cock is so hard my panties already have a nice wet spot in them. Oh I so wish I could lick the sweet nectar off of them.

I have on a hot pink bra and panties and a soft, sexy pink nightie with lace around the bottom hem. I love my bra. It makes me feel like I have breasts.

Oh how I wish I had someone to suck on my breasts and nibble on my nipples. It feels so good to rub the soft nylon against my body.

I wish there were someone here to play with me. Mmmmm I love looking at myself in the mirror, all dressed in my girlie clothes, my hard cock pressing against the thin nylon of my panties.

I watch myself as I suck on my cock-like dildo. I love the look and feel of the cock-like dildo sliding in and out of my mouth, my tongue circling around the tip. Oh how I wish I had a real cock to suck on while I'm dressed like this. I feel so horny and slutty. I'd love to be somebody's pantyboy cock slave. I watch myself in the mirror, dressed in my panties, stockings, bra and nightie.

I feel so sexy and so horny. I wish I had someone to be with. Being a little drunk and alot horny I did something I probably shouldn't have. I went on Craigslist and posted a message with my motel room. I don't know what made me do it. I knew I shouldn't but I was looking through the ads and got so horny. I was rubbing my cock through my panties and sucking on my dildo cock and I just wanted the real thing.

It's been a over an hour and I haven't gotten any answer to my ad yet so I am probably safe. I probably shouldn't have posted it and I went in and removed it a little later so it probably. Wait! There is a knock at my door. I get up and look through the peep hole. There is a guy standing outside my door. I hear him say, "Hey there sweetie.

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Open the door." OMG I don't know what has gotten into me. Maybe it's the wine. I can't seem to help myself as I open the door and there I am in my nightie, stockings, sexy bra and panties, asking this man to come into my room. It's almost like I'm in a trance as he enters the room and closes the door. "You look like a "little fucking whore," he says as he begins to unbuckle his belt. He sees my dildo sitting on the desk and says, "What have you been doing with that?

I bet you've been ramming it up your ass haven't you?" I don't know what to say. He's right of course. I have put the dildo in my ass wishing it was the real thing. I love playing with my dildo, sucking on it and putting it in my ass as I imagine getting fucked by another guy. "Get on your knees you pantie slut." he says, "I've got something better than that dildo for you." I can't believe this is happening. I have been dressing in sexy lingerie for years and, while I have been with other guys, I have only fantasized about being with man that takes complete charge and treats me like a slut.

I never thought it would really happen. Now I'm kind of scared. But I'm also a little drunk and very horny and I find myself dropping to my knees in front of him.

I feel my nylon covered knees touch the carpet as I lower myself in front of him. My cock is pulsing inside my panties and I can feel the bra around my chest and the straps over my shoulders. What am I doing? I don't know this person. Am I crazy? Yet I am kneeling on the floor in front of him and can't help but stare at the front of his pants.

"Suck me you little cunt," he says. His words demean and belittle me but somehow they make me feel even more horny. I reach for his belt and unbuckle it.

I feel so dirty and nasty. My cock is so hard in my panties I'm almost ready to cum. All I can think about is what's inside those pants and how much I want it. I unzip his zipper and can see his white cotton underpants. I can see the bulge of his cock through the underware.

It isn't hard but I imagine I can fix that. I press my face against the bulge, it feels good and smells, I don't know, kind of sweaty, but sexy. It's hard to describe. "C'mon, take it out you little slut," he says. I pull his underware down to expose his cock. It is cut, and I can see the little hole in the end. It kind of hangs down, covering his balls.

His pubic hair is blond and looks so soft. I reach up and wrap my fingers around his cock. It feels soft, like mine does when I'm not turned on. I feel such a need to have that cock in my mouth. I hold it up and lick the tip. I feel the little hole with my tongue and then my lips wrap around the head.

It is beginning to grow! I can feel it growing as my lips slide down over the ridge. My lips slide down to the base and I can feel his pubic hairs against my face.

OMG I can't believe it. I'm really sucking a stranger's cock! I feel so nasty, so dirty, so, I don't know, so slutty. His cock begins to grow in my mouth as i slide my lips back toward the tip. The skin is so soft, not like the dildo I have been sucking on. And yet, his cock is hard now. So soft and yet so hard. I love the feeling as I slide my lips up and down his shaft. His cock begins to leak precum and I can taste it. Oh yes! Mmmmm it feels so good to be a cock-sucking whore!

I reach around and squeeze his ass cheeks and pull him towards me as my lips slide up and down his shaft.

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I slide my lips all the way to the base, feeling his pubic hairs against my cheeks and nose. I'm glad I have been practicing on my dildo so I can deep throat him.

I hear him moan and so I must be doing alright. I suck on his cock, trying to suck out the precum as my lips slide up and down his shaft. I can taste the juices and I want more.

"Suck me you little fuck face," he moans, "Suck my cock you pantie wearing little slut." His words make me so horny as I hungrily swallow his pulsing cock. I love it! I love being dressed in my sexy, girlie lingerie, my pretty pink nightie, my hot pink bra and my stockings and panties. I love being a cock sucking pantie whore!

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I feel his cock tighten and begin to pulse and all of a sudden my mouth is filled with hot cum. I can feel it spurt against the back of my throat.

I swallow it and suck even harder because I want more! I want to swallow all the hot, juicy cum from the cock in my mouth. Oh fuck! I love it, I love it, I love it! He squirts his cum in my mouth and it gets on my face as well since I couldn't swallow all of it. His cock is getting softer as I lick the final drops of sweet tasting cum.

My cock is so hard I almost came in my panties without even touching myself.


I feel so dirty and slutty. I've just sucked the cock of a guy I never saw before and I loved it. What kind of man am I?

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Or what kind of pantie slut am I? He zips up his pants and says, "That was pretty good you cock-sucking little pantie waist. Next time." There was a knock on the door! I'm still on my knees wiping the sticky cum from my face when he turns and opens the door. "C'mon in." he says to the guy standing there.

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"This little pantie slut gives pretty good blow jobs." "Fuck the blow job," the new guy says as he enters the room.

"I want to fuck her pantied ass." "Oh my," I think. "What's gong to happen now?"