Oriental adorable hottie loves being lifted and pound

Oriental adorable hottie loves being lifted and pound
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This was a long post, and was split into two at another site, so it's being relabeled here as 4 and 5 for consostency. ============================================= We had just given our virginities to each other, and were very unsexyly using some warm rags from bath tub to wipe up the mess.

As I finished cleaning myself up, I softly called her name, "Hannah", but she continued her work and didn't respond. Taking her hand, I repeated, "Hannah!" She turned to face me, but before she could speak I continued. "I know the toilet seat isn't the most romantic place - but - I have to tell you - I don't even know if words can describe how I feel inside. That was my first time." "Really?" She gave a small smile as I wiped tears from her cheek then held her head.

"Yes. I've never had anyone let me into their life like you have. It was so fantastic, so wonderful, to be that close to, to be one with someone I love. Oh God - I love you, Hannah." We kissed briefly, and then I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in to me, our bodies pressed together, her small breasts smashed against my chest, as the two of us embraced naked in the middle of the bathroom.

I relished the feel of her body pressed against mine, and wished it could continue forever but I knew it was going to take much more than her and I to make it work. Holding her close this long was causing me to start to be aroused again. After a minute Hannah stepped back to scold me - "Tell your little buddy that we don't have time right now for round two - I have to get this place cleaned up." With that, she stepped away to find the air freshener.

Frowning, I replied, "If you say so" as I retrieved my swim trunks from the floor and pulled them up my legs. "I'm going down stairs to get my clothes and get dressed." As I went to leave, she leaned over the tub and I couldn't resist giving her naked ass a light smack.

"OWW! Watch it mister! I'll be down in a couple minutes, as soon as I'm done here." *** I skipped down the hall and bounced down the steps but came to a screeching halt when I saw Hannah's sister Donna sitting on the couch watching TV. She turned her head towards me and said, "well, that was a long shit." Damn it, she has been there the whole time, had never left after banging on the bathroom door.

My gut had a knot in it and my chest tightened as I felt the fear and anxiety building. I answered rather sarcastically, "Sometimes you just gotta wait for things to come." She wasn't amused and threw the sarcasm right back at me.

"Oh wow, that was so funny." My fear was turning into anger, and I shot back at her "what is your PROBLEM?" Donna stared into me and asked, "You gonna stick that thing in me too?" Where the fuck was she going with this?

"What - are you talking about? You're how old, for Christ's sake?" "I'm the same age as Ellen, and you showed it to her." Damn it, that didn't stay a secret very long. I muttered "That, uh well - that was a mistake" as I fumbled around for an answer. She mockingly replied, "I bet you enjoyed it though." I really felt like punching this girl right about then. Where the fuck was Hannah?

I needed help, and soon. I lashed out at Donna, "Why am I arguing with a kid?" She yelled back, "Because of what you just did to my sister! I thought maybe you have a thing for little girls." I yelled too, "Your sister's not a little girl!" "She's only two years older than me but she's all grown up and I'm still a kid?" Finally I saw Hannah, entering from the kitchen in gym shorts and a t-shirt.

She came to my side and wrapped her arm around my waist. Evidently she had heard some of the argument, as she shot back at her sister, "He didn't take advantage of anybody. If I had left it up to him, I'd probably still be waiting for our first kiss." Donna went back to sarcasm. "Well, what is mom going to think when she finds out her little princess isn't a virgin anymore?" Hannah looked scared now, and yelled "Are you threatening to tell?" as I restrained her by her shoulder.

The volume only increased as Donna lashed out at her older sister. "No, I'm not telling anyone, but she's not stupid! How long do you really think you'll be able to keep it a secret?" I could feel Hannah trembling as she was nearly in tears. "Stop it! Are you just trying to suck all the joy out of the most special day of my life?" Donna jumped off the couch and yelled "Forget it!" as she stomped up the steps to her room and slammed the door behind her.

Hannah turned back to me as I wrapped her in my arms and pulled her into my bare chest. I ran my hand through her hair and kissed her on top of her head as she banged a fist against my arm. I whispered "c'mon, it'll be OK" into her ear. She looked up at me and asked "But what if she tells and ruins everything?" as tears ran down her cheeks. I tried to stay quiet and reassuring, wiping her tears as I answered, "I don't think she'll tell.

It sounds like she was afraid of you being busted, that and calling me a perv." Hannah chuckled as she replied, "You're not a perv. How can anyone resist this?" I was glad to see her smile again, and I held her for a few more minutes - but I saw the clock and knew I'd have to be heading home soon. I leaned back, with one hand still on her arm and the other stroking her hair.

"Not that I don't enjoy this and all, but I gotta get home. You going to be OK?" She smiled and nodded yes, even as another tear dripped from her eye. I gave her one more kiss on her head, then stepped back and said, "excuse me while I get dressed" as I quickly stripped off my swim trunks, again naked as I grabbed my clothes off the couch. With a panicked look Hannah whispered loudly, "What are you doing? What if Donna comes back?" I gave her a mischievous smile and said, "Gotta change, I can't wear those wet trunks under my clothes." as I quickly re-dressed in my normal boxers, jeans and shirt.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, you just think I want to see it all the time." With a more serious look, she poked her index finger into my chest. "She's right though, this isn't going to be easy to keep from our folks." I gave her a short kiss and added, "Call me after school tomorrow - we need to talk about this." As I turned to leave, she took my hand to say, "And Joe - that was really special.

I'll never forget my - our - first time. Thank you, it was fantastic." I kissed her one more time and said "You are so welcome - anytime! But really, I gotta go, my parents are expecting me" as I resisted the temptation to spend a few more hours with her in my arms.

================================================== I felt high as a kite as I bounced through the back door, passing though the kitchen with a "Hi mom!" then up the steps two at a time. I was entering my room, but reconsidered mid-stride, re-directing left into the bathroom. My hair was going every which way and I'm sure there were some lingering aromas on my private parts, so I quickly stripped and got into a nice hot shower.

As I was scrubbing down my package, my mind's eye was filled with the images, not an hour old, of Hannah, naked on my lap, bouncing up and down on my hard cock. Just then the bathroom door opened, as my mother leaned in to ask "Since when do you take a shower at this time of day?" I squealed "Mom!" as I turned to hide my growing erection, firmly in the grip of my left hand.

"What? Nothing I haven't seen before! So what's up?" She didn't really say that, did she? With my back turned, exposing only my bare ass to her view, I explained "I was swimming and I got all this chlorine I want to get out of my hair." Seeming satisfied, mom said "OK the shampoo's over there - when you need it.

Oh what I came her for - when you're done, take your dirty clothes to the basement and put them in the washing machine, so that you have clean clothes for school this week." She then turned back into the hallway and closed the door, giving me back some small amount of privacy.

Actually, nudity wasn't a big deal in our house I just didn't want dear old mom to see my hard-on. Ever since I could remember, any of mom, dad or I could be walking naked from the bedroom to the bathroom, or walk in on someone else already in the bathroom for us it was normal, as long as the context was appropriate. That also meant that before this afternoon, my mother was the only woman I had ever seen naked, fully frontal naked, and it was a frequent occurrence.

Being common, it never led to anything sexual well, that might be a lie. Since my hitting puberty, there had been many late nights when I had things well in hand on my side of the wall as my mother's squeals matched the sound of creaking springs on the other side. But that's a whole 'nother story. When I was done showering, I went to my room to slip on a t-shirt and pair of boxers, then joined the folks for a few hours in the TV room.

Archie Bunker, One Day at a Time, Alice, The Jeffersons, and Trapper John MD. Just another typical night in the Long household. What was I supposed to do jump up and proclaim, "Ma, Pa I'm a MAN now. Remember my little cousin? Turns out she's quite the cock sucker!" Nah, that would have to wait until I saw Dan the next day at school.

================================================== I was halfway through college two years down, two to go, and I really needed to bring my grades up that year. I never was much of a morning person. In high school I would wake up thirty minutes before the bus arrived, and after having suffered through the ignominy in my freshman of having required courses at 8:30 a.m., I never again scheduled a class before 10:30. I had three classes each an hour long, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and two classes, each an hour and a half, on Tuesday and Thursday.

The campus was cut out of a wooded area on the edge of the suburbs, making it a popular destination for in-state students from Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, and also for a few out-of-staters.


On the downside, at nearly 3000 feet elevation it was the highest point in town, and suffered near constant winds. Unless one was behind a building or in the trees, the wind chill might freeze your ass off even when temps were in the 80's so you can imagine what winters were like. It was eight or nine miles from the house, depending on the route I chose. I never stuck with one more than a semester, rotating between different state routes, or sometimes heading downtown to get on the four lane and floor it to 75 or so in an effort to avoid being late for the first class.

Of course, Dad would bitch and moan about the cost of gasoline and the wear and tear on the car of driving almost twenty miles a day, but I figured it was less than the cost of room and board at an out of town school. Turning into the campus drive, the college was on the left first a couple parking lot entrances, then the class room buildings and some dorms until the road turned past the gym and into the townhouses and lodges.

First up on the right was the football field, ringed by chain links, for the local high school where my cousins would be attending, then further down the building which housed seventh through twelfth grades. On this first day of the semester, I let uncharacteristically early to allow myself time to do my text book shopping. Turning left into the first student lot, I parked and headed across the courtyard to the book store in the basement of the library.

With schedule in hand, I checked the flyers taped up in the hallway to identify the books I needed, then got into the line that was somewhat smaller due to classes being in session. Forty five minutes and $130 later for five books! - I was in a little bit of a foul mood as I headed to my 10:30 appointment with Linear Algebra. Once again I had Dr. Foster. I swear with the mismatched clothes, half his shirt hanging out, and looking like he hadn't shaved or shampooed in recent memory he could be confused for a homeless guy, except for his multiple Ph.D.'s in math.

He was smart, but not much of a teacher. I was already losing faith in this class. There was a group of fifteen or so of us who were still together as math majors, having taken most of our core classes together since our first term as freshman. Looking around the room I saw many familiar faces and waved to my friend Dan in the back row. One thing that could brighten the class was Michelle. I had barely sat down when she came in and claimed the seat beside me.

"Hey Joe, how was your summer?" This had become a ritual she had started when we were both in that freshman class two years earlier. The girl was hot in a bikini I'm sure she could have passed for a body builder. Medium height, with a slender but rock hard body, average but perky boobs and black. That, and of course she was a girl. "Pretty good, baseball went well, and I started dating a girl a few weeks ago." She said "Good to hear that, really" as she gave me a light punch on the forearm.

"Ready for Dr. Foster?" I grunted and rolled my eyes. That spring, after four semesters I finally convinced myself "she's hot, she likes me, and I don't give a shit what color she is" - and asked her where she lived and if I could drop by. A day later I found myself outside Michelle's townhouse, my heart pounding, as I stepped out to knock at the door.

"Joe, how you doin'? C'mon on in!" So far, so good. I stumbled around my words long enough to ask her out to a semi-formal dance our lodge was doing but she said she hadn't brought any appropriate clothes from home. Well, Plan B, maybe we could just go on a regular date. While I was waiting for the right time to try again, she got a phone call from a friend back home in New Jersey. While I was sitting on the couch in the living room, she'd been on the phone in the kitchen for ten minutes or so by the time I heard her tell the person on the phone to tell Michelle's boyfriend "I miss his body." Well shit.

Not long afterwards she returned and apologized for the delay, but I soon excused myself and left. Struck out again, but at least I stepped up to the plate and took my swings. Despite that episode, our friendship in the classroom seemed unaffected. After some amount of time daydreaming about Michelle, I realized Dr. Foster was explaining something that I had totally missed. Fuck, I really needed to do well in that class if I wanted to improve my grades.

As soon as class was over I ran over to meet up with Dan. We had been best friends on campus since the first day. Basically he was everything I was politically conservative, loved the Pirates and Steelers, and awkward around girls despite being an outgoing clown in all other situations.

"Dan, you want to get lunch? there's some big news I have to tell you." "Sure Joe, how you've been?" We continued the conversation on the sidewalk heading for the student union. "I've been fine, really fine." "REALLY fine?" "Yeah, well, for the last few weeks I have a girlfriend. And not just that, but yesterday…" I paused to think of how I was going to phrase this.

"And yesterday what?" "And yesterday I lost it. I mean, we did IT, man!" "Whoa, congratulations!" as he reached out to give me a high five. "What's her name? Where did you meet this girl?" "Hannah, Hannah Constantino.

Her family moved into town in July." "Yeah, and where did yunz guys meet?" "Well…her brother plays baseball, and…and she's my cousin." Dan suddenly came to a stop, turning to look straight into my eyes. "She's your what?" I just smiled and held my hands out, palms up, as I repeated, "My cousin.

First cousin. I hadn't seen her for five years, and she was so smoking hot, and we just hit it off, and one thing led to another…and another." Dan held his spot on the sidewalk as he continued the interrogation. "and how old is this chick?" I pointed behind him and said, "She goes to Pineland, acrossed the street." "and who all knows you're boning your cousin?" "Besides you, her brother and sister, but I think they're cool. C'mon man, I love her, I really do." "Wow - well, congratulations, what's done is done, but watch out man." Lunch conversation consisted mostly of sports, and when done we headed for Database.

In contrast to the same old with Dr. Foster, we had a new professor, Mrs. Penrod, who was apparently still working on her Ph.D., and was quite well groomed about 30, tall, and big tits. As the class went on, we swore we could see her nipples poking the fabric of her blouse. Damn, this class would be interesting. One more class for the day, Operating Systems, and I'd be able to head home and wait for Hannah's call. This class was looking to be boring as shit.

I kept glancing at my watch, as 2:50 seemed so slow to come. When it finally did I was down the stairs and out the door, fast walking my way across campus, then into my car and on my way home.

Twenty minutes later I was in my room, trying to stay calm while waiting for the phone to ring. I was sitting on my bed, listening to some music on the radio and staring at the wall, when at 4:15 I heard the ring. I called out "I got it!" as I rushed into my parent's bedroom to grab the upstairs phone before anyone else could get to the one in the kitchen. "Hello, Long's" "Well, hi Joe" came Hannah's sultry voice over the phone.

My mom called out "Who is it, honey?" from the bottom of the steps. "I got it it's Hannah!" Putting the phone back to my face, I paused to listen for the click of the downstairs phone being picked up, and failing that, I whispered, "I really missed you!" She replied in her most seductive voice.

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"Oh yeah? It hasn't even been 24 hours! What part of me did you miss the most?" I smiled but hesitated. "Uh, I don't know if I should say that here. What if someone's listening?" "Oh, you're no fun!" "Hey!" "I apologize you are SO much fun!

So - I guess you have all these really advanced courses that you're going to get bad grades in?" Oh, the girl liked to poke fun! "Remind me why I like you so much? But yeah, it's math, computers, econ so I have Computational Linear Algebra…" Sarcastically she interrupted, "Ooh, that sounds like fun." "Smart ass…and Relational Database Design, Operating Systems, Foreign Trade and Survey Research Methods." "What's that survey one about?" "I don't have the first class until tomorrow, but I bought the book would you believe, $30 ??

and read the syllabus. It's about how to properly design those surveys that pollsters do, to make sure they're not biased, and how to interpret the results. Sounds interesting." Hannah excitedly began her turn. "Cool! I have six classes, first A.P.

Science…" I cut in, "What's A.P.?" "Advanced Placement, for us smart kids." "We just called it 'Honors'". She continued, "Oh well, same difference so I get biology this year, then Algebra I for my A.P. Math…" "I didn't get Algebra I until ninth grade." "Yeah, well, how long ago was that?

Then…English Composition, U.S. Government, Spanish I and Choir" "I don't think I've heard you sing yet." "You don't know what you're missing!" "I'm pretty good myself, but outside of my car really haven't really sung for awhile." She whispered in her sexy voice, "It wasn't that long ago, I remember you singing Elvis in my ear at the dance." "Oh yes, I did!

- But now for something completely different - I don't think I've asked you yet what do you want to be when you grow up?" She chuckled and replied, "Ha ha, funny. Actually, I think I'd like to be a vet. I really love animals, and I could get into the science that's involved in the medical field. What about you?" I paused a moment to think.

"Well…I'm not sure. I became a math major because I've always been playing with numbers, counting everything and I think I could be good at this database stuff but I'm not sure yet what field I'd like to be in.

To tell you the truth, I'd love to work for a baseball team, but I don't know how many jobs there are like that." "I have confidence in you, you can find something good. So when am I going to get to see you again?" An idea popped into my head. "What time do you have lunch?" "From 11:45 to 12:30 why?" I explained, "I don't have any classes between 11:20 and 1, and you're just acrossed the road maybe we can get together during lunch?

Sit out on a bench, or maybe get something together in the diner?" She sounded excited. "Wow - that sounds like a plan! What do I need to do?" "As soon as your lunch starts, head outside and acrossed the street.

I'll be waiting by the parking lot, between the two classroom buildings. It should only take you a minute or two to get there." "Ooh, I can't wait to see you!

Mwah!" "Same here, mwah! Talk to you later." As I entered the kitchen, Mom asked, "So what did Hannah have to say?" "We were comparing notes on our classes. She's taking some pretty heady stuff for her grade." *** Between playing baseball and hanging out with Hannah I hadn't kept up with the Pirates as much as I was accustomed to.

They were on a West Coast swing where most games were televised, and Saturday night Mom and I stayed up until after four in the morning to watch them beat the Padres in a nineteen inning nail biter. Sunday I totally missed another win as Hannah and I were occupied with more important matters than a silly ball game. After supper I had to wait until 10:30 for the game to start in L.A., and at just after 1 a.m.

I had to go to bed grumpy after the bullpen allowed three runs in the bottom of the ninth, with the Dodgers pulling out a 4-2 win. Did someone say baseball was silly? Anyway, the Bucs were still in first place by three games, having kept the top spot since my birthday. *** On Tuesday I didn't have my first class until noon, so I was up until 3 a.m. doing some studying n'at, and didn't get out of bed until 10 that morning. After a quick breakfast, I was on the road early, with still over an hour before class, when I remembered what Hannah had said on Sunday about condoms.

She was absolutely right, we didn't want to be worrying about pregnancy. I stopped at Sheetz, got some quarters at the cash register, and headed to the men's room. I had always seen the vending machines at Sheetz and in the men's room at the bowling alley, but had never had the need to purchase any. I decided this wasn't a good time to experiment so went with regular instead of ribbed, even though ribbed promised to give her more pleasure.

Fifty cents each, one by one I dropped the coins into the slot until four foil packages had been dispensed. One went inside my wallet, the other three in my pocket, to later be tossed into the car's glove box. In a few minutes I was back on campus and headed to class. Tuesdays and Thursdays had Trade at 12:30 and Surveys at 2. Both appeared to be OK classes, and I had always done well in Econ classes, even if the campus Marxist, Dr.

Wolf, was doing World Trade. As both were non-major courses, I recognized very few faces among the other students. I was home by 4, just before Dad, and at 5 we all sat down to a supper of Mom's Swiss steak and mashed potatoes. I tried to get as much homework done early (before the game) as I could, then when Mom and Dad were watching TV for the night slipped down to the kitchen to call Hannah. I asked, "Hey, just quickly, wanted to make sure we were still on for tomorrow." "Oh yeah, wouldn't miss it, see you then." Mom and I watched the Pirates, but this one turned out much better, a 4-1 win in just over two hours, and they were still up by three games.

Mom said goodnight and headed to bed. I read a little more for school, then turned off the light and quickly squeezed off an orgasm as I pictured my face buried between Hannah's legs. I needed to try that for real sometime. ================================================== I woke on Wednesday bright with enthusiasm, which Mom noticed as she served me some eggs.

"Is this going to be a better year? It's been awhile since you've looked so eager to get to school!" I replied, "Oh, I hope so Mom" as I grabbed my books and kissed her on the cheek. Back in the real world, this Linear Algebra stuff was starting to make my head spin - and it was only the second class of the term. Did I really want to be a math major? Maybe I had more of a future with the computer classes. Glancing at my watch, it was 11, still twenty minutes until the end of class and forty-five until I got to see Hannah face to face for the first time since she had made me a man on Sunday.

As my mind wandered onto that topic the crotch of my jeans began to tighten. Finally! Class dismissed and I was skipping down the steps and acrossed the courtyard. I still had twenty five or thirty minutes until Hannah would arrive, so I headed back to my car to get the food I had picked up at Sheetz.

I was going to make this a proper late summer picnic! There was a clearing with two tables inside a patch of trees, surrounded by one of the main classroom buildings, a commuter parking lot, the street which separated the college from the high school, and a girl's dorm. I sat, my hands fiddling with the bag of food, my eyes locked on the building on the other side of the street which held seventh through twelfth grades. 11:40, 11:45, another few minutes, then I saw her!

Emerging from the entrance to their parking lot, she ran to the other side of the street (or more properly, just a two lane service road which divided the properties of the two schools) and looked up to see me waving after she heard me call her name.

I stood as Hannah got near, then we embraced and our lips met, sharing a passionate kiss until I had to come up for air. She smiled and gushed, "I'm glad to see you too!" I said, "c'mon, sit down" as I led her by the hand to the spot at the table where our food waited. "I got some chipped ham sandwiches and pumpkin gobs, and I hope you like Pepsi!" She surveyed the table, then looked back at me to say, "My, aren't we romantic!" as she found her seat.

I smiled and asked, "So how was your day?" "Oh my God, let me tell you about Mrs. Yoder…" and she proceeded to give me the low down on all her teachers and classmates as we consumed our meal. Having finished the food with twenty minutes to go before she had to report back to class, I dropped our trash in a can and reached out my hand out to her.

We took a slow walk down the trail between the strip of trees and the dorms, generally headed back towards her school. We didn't talk much, instead just enjoying the feeling of our fingers intertwined as the noon sun beat down on our face. When we reached the street again, about a hundred yards down from where we started, we hugged and shared a quick kiss. She looked back over her shoulder and mouthed "call me" as she crossed the street and then ducked into one of the side doors of her school.

*** Having arrived home after school, things were settling into the in-school routine. Supper, some early homework, then into the kitchen to call Hannah once the folks were in front of the TV. After the obligatory introductions, she whispered into the phone "You know when I teased you the other day about 'wanting to see it all the time'? Well, I think I do want to see it all the time." She couldn't see my smile as I replied, "You won't hear me complaining." "Yeah, we really do need to find some, um…alone time.

I've even been touching myself." I laughed and said, "Ha - welcome to the club!" Un a mocking tone she replied, "Oh my, Joseph Long don't you go blind on me!" "Well, if you see me wearing dark sun glasses!" Hannah laughed hard. "You crack me up! But seriously, we need to fix this!" More seriously, I replied, "I can't make lunch on Friday, I have a meeting with my counselor." Hannah paused, then asked, "Can you give me a ride home after school?" "Oh, sure thing!

My last class is out at 2:50, can you meet me at the picnic area?" "I wouldn't miss it!" ================================================== Friday at noon I was in Dr. Wilson's office to talk about my future as a math major. It was only the first week, but he wanted to impress on me the importance of getting my grades up. He was a slightly older man, plump and grey, and was head of the Math Department.

His daughter was part of my freshman class, and shared many of his same features, blonde, round but cute, quiet and shy. I shared my doubts on whether I was in the correct major.


I loved analysis, and that required math, but in my opinion I only needed to know how to use a math technique, not be able to prove why it works. Same thing with the computers, more applied and less theory and design.

I saw myself more as a manager and analyzer of data, not the guy who was going to code some new disk operating system. *** Leaving the building after last class, I saw Hannah sitting at the table in the trees, her books in a pile beside her.

I jogged over as best I could with the collection of books I was balancing on my arm. Once my books were deposited on the table next to hers, we embraced and kissed hard. She was small and light enough that I spun her around me a full circle before we broke the kiss. I seemed so long since I had held her. "It's only been two days and I missed you so much!" She looked down at my crotch and said, "And it's been even longer since I've seen your little buddy!" As we picked up our books and started to walk to the lot, I replied, "Patience, my dear!" Hannah put on her best little kid whiny voice to say, "I don't like to wait, I want it now!" Oh, I started laughing out loud.

"Uh, not here - just a little too public!" I took her hand as we finished walking to the car. Wanting to continue as I pulled out of the lot, I asked, "So how was school?" Hannah just launched into a rant.

"Excuse my language, but this little bitch Sandy! She was accusing me of trying to steal her boyfriend because we were talking in the hall after lunch!" She squeezed my thigh as she finished, "She can only wish she had what I have!" I moved the conversation to my day. "I was talking to my counselor, Dr. Wilson, about what courses to take the last three semesters. He's going to see what he can come up with, within the requirements, that's closer to what I'm interested in, and can do well in." As we got closer to her neighborhood, Hannah gave me a concerned look and said "I don't want to go home yet.

Can we stop somewhere?" "Yeah, there's the dirt road were we went a few weeks ago." In a couple minutes I was parking the car, and before I had even stopped Hannah had her seat belt off and pulled her blouse out from under her loosened pants.

Turning off the ignition, I turned to her to discuss keeping our relationship not so obvious. "Hey, tomorrow's the reunion, we have to be cool in front of all the relatives…" Hannah was reaching under the steering wheel with both hands as she asked, "Can you help me with your zipper?" I arched my back, undoing my belt and sliding down my boxers and pants as I tried to get back on topic.

"Did you hear what I said?" As I lowered my bare ass back down on the driver's seat, she gently wrapped her hands around my already hardened cock. "Yeah, yeah…that's why I want it now, otherwise we'd probably have to wait until next week. Now kiss me!" As Hannah leaned further towards me to kiss, and continued slowing stroking me, I reached my left hand up under her blouse, running my palm over the bra covering her small breast.

As her hands continued on me, I twitched and my breathing became erratic. My fingers found their way inside the left cup of her bra, kneading her tit, then rolling her hard nipple between my fingers. She broke off the kiss and looked up at me to say, "Let me know if you like this!" While continuing to squeezing my shaft with her left hand, she twice ran her tongue over the palm of her right. Satisfied it was slick enough, she flattened the hand, with her fingers stretched out, then lowered her palm onto the crown of my penis.

Holding me straight up with her left hand, her right palm started doing soft, lazy circles over the softness at the tip of my erection. In seconds the sensations shot to an incredible level. It was like 90% of an orgasm, while refusing to go that last 10% to the finish. I was squirming in my seat and my eyes were rolled back as her hands continued their gentle assault.

My right hand was around her waist, probing for a path under her panties, but I found it hard to concentrate, instead consumed in waves of pleasure. The best I could do was mutter things like, "Oh my God!" I was finding it difficult to withstand that level of intensity for so long, and was picturing Hannah riding my cock to try and push me over the edge.

I was getting closer, and closer, then finally "Oh, I'm cumming!" as my load flowed like lava down my shaft and over her left hand. She gave me a devilish grin and said "Can't leave a mess!" then licked both her hands clean before doing the same to my softening tool.

"Where did you learn to do that?" She put her finger on my lips and said "That's something you don't ask a lady!" She turned away from me, then leaned back against my chest. "Now finish me." Hannah spread her legs further apart as my right hand quickly made it ways inside her panties. It felt like a sauna, steaming hot and soaking wet. I slid my middle finger up and down her crack before pressing inside. There I felt around for her hole, and she stiffened and squirmed as I inserted one, then two, fingers, in and out.

She squealed and moaned as I then rolled her clit between my fingers. I did the same to her as she did to me, pressing down with my middle finger while it did circles on her clit.

She was bucking and squealing, "ohh, aagh, God!" until her thighs clenched my hand, locking it in place inside her privates, as she was swept by the waves of orgasm. She relaxed onto my chest as the climax faded away. "Whoah, that was tremendous, Joe!" "Yeah, you did a pretty good job yourself!" She brought my right hand to her mouth, licking her own juices from my fingers, as she looked at her watch.

"I need to get home before Mom does, so she's not there when I come in smelling like a skank." "Will do, but you're my skank!" "That's another thing she can't know." I told her "Don't worry about it" as I leaned in for another kiss, and noticed the taste of he both her and I on her lips.

================================================== The Mathiesen Reunion was held every year on the Saturday before Labor Day. The Longs were German speaking Catholics from Switzerland who had come to our county in the early 1800's, but my mother's family were Protestants from Scotland.

Her grandfather was born there in the 1870's, and was three years old when his parents, like many others at the time, left the mines of southeast Scotland and northeast England to instead dig the coal of central Pennsylvania.

Mom had ten brothers and sisters, most of them living on the far side of Pittsburgh, but for the reunion we all trekked back to her father's home town, one county and an hour and a half north of us.

Grandma had died four years before, but Grandpa would be there to see his nearly forty grandchildren and a handful of great-grandchildren. Mom, Dad and I left the house around 9:30, and I spent the whole trip, when not dozing, quietly staring out the car window at the alternating forests, corn fields or strip mines, as I daydreamed about what Hannah and I had done the previous afternoon.

Once we arrived, I was carrying food from the trunk of our car to the pavilion when I saw Doc pull in the gravel lot, with Tess and the three kids along for the ride. Mom was the second oldest child, behind her brother George, and I was the third oldest grandchild. Both of my two older cousins, Maggie and Lisa were moms now, even though Lisa wasn't married yet.

There were so many little cousins running around I couldn't even remember all their names, so I usually ended up hanging out with my younger uncles, several of them still in their twenties. I didn't want to waste any time in getting to see Grandpa, especially since Grandma was gone.

I was second in line, and sat down the bench for about ten minutes before I had my turn. He was 68, short, wiry, and still alive after working over forty years in the coal mines. I stood to shake his hand and give him a hug. "Hey Grandpa, how you doing?" We sat again as I flexed my hand, recovering from the grip of his shake.

He replied, "Pretty good, but I might need to find myself a new job to keep myself busy. It gets boring setting around and watching TV speaking of which, I saw your name on the sports a couple weeks ago!

You did good, son!" It felt good to have made my grandfather proud. "That was really a lot of fun, I'm sorry we didn't win more games" He patted my shoulder and said, "Yeah, well you did fine. Any girlfriend yet?" "Ehh, still working on it. I figure one of these days I'll meet someone and know, yep!, she's the one!" His hand went to his mouth as he looked at the ground. "Your Grandma and I were nineteen, and were married for forty-five years." I fought back a tear.

"Yeah, I miss her too." After finishing with Grandpa, I continued to mingle and work the crowd, catching up with all the aunts and uncles and cousins. Every few minutes I looked to see where Hannah was in the large pavilion. We each tried not to stare or even smile too much, but it seemed every time I looked at her she was already looking at me. Once lunch was served I saw Hannah in line and cut in behind.

I whispered, "Well hello Miss Constantino, long time no see!" while dropping a slice of ham onto my styrofoam plate. She turned to give me a big flirtatious smile. "Why yes, Mr. Long, it has been quite awhile!" At the next stop on the buffet table, I scooped out a pile of pierogies and buried them in sauteed onions.

"So how many names have you forgotten?" Hannah stabbed a large fried chicken breast and dropped it on her plate. "Maybe half. I'm good on most of the aunts and uncles, but there's so many little cousins." I did a mix and match with the pigs 'n rigs, grabbing two big halupki, then covering them with spaghetti sauce that I spooned off the top of the rigatoni.

"Well nice talking to you again, I'll catch you around." I thought that for a bunch of Scots, we sure did like our Hunky food. Whoops, I almost passed up the beets and deviled eggs - adding them to my pile as Hannah went off to sit with her mother. Dave wasn't far behind us, and once he had even more food than me he called out, "Hey Joe, wait up!" I asked, "Hey, what's up?" as we sat across from each other at an empty section of table.

He was grinning and very animated as he announced, "Big news dude. I got a girl and a car!" Very big news! I grinned and said, "No way!" "WAY! First day of school on Monday, I'm sitting behind Susie Carruthers in homeroom, and I mean this girl is hot. So being all new and stuff, I introduce myself, and by the end of the day I had a date!" "Cool man, and what about the car?" "So I'm saying to my mom, you know it's like I'm a senior in high school and all, and it would be really NOT cool if my mom is driving me to a date with a hot chick and she agreed!

So tonight she's letting me borrow her car, and they're getting me my own next week!" I was really proud of him, and thought how it might help my situation. "That is WAY cool I won't have to be dragging your ass all over town anymore! Oh, I have an idea, maybe you can help I'm trying to avoid the parents seeing just me and Hannah together too much, so maybe sometimes you could take her places and I can meet up, or the four of us can hang together?" "You trying to crowd my party already?" Crap, I had to reassure him.

"No man I'm sure, with your own car, you can find plenty of alone time with Miss Susie…" "Got to second base last night…" I continued, "There you go! But she might also like hanging out in larger groups or a double date sometimes, so she's not always stuck with just your ugly face!" "Yeah, OK, that might work - I'll ask her." About an hour later there were games for the little kids as most of the adults lounged, likely too full to stand comfortably.

I was on my way to get a drink when Hannah approached pushing a baby in a stroller. I chuckled and asked "I didn't know you had a baby! Who's the proud papa?" She stuck out her tongue and corrected me, "No, this is Lisa's baby, I volunteered to take her for a walk. Want to come?" "Yeah, sure thing." I filled her in on my conversations with Grandpa and some of our aunts and uncles as we slowly made our way down the paved trail, past other pavilions and the playground.

When we got to the band shell at the far end, Hannah stopped pushing the buggy, then turned to face me and with a hand on her hip said, "Joe, what do you think of me?" Where the fuck did that come from? I was confused, I went blank. My mind raced to try to decide the correct answer. But where? What did she want to know? Where was this headed? What if I gave the wrong answer? Is this the end? I pushed back against the panic as I felt my chest tightening, but failed to compose a coherent answer.

"What do you mean?" "What? We're having sex and you don't know what you think of me?" I could feel myself slipping under the surface, failing to grab a rescuing hand. "No! No. That's not what I meant. It's, it's…just so broad of a question, I've got a million things in my head and I don't know which one to say.

What do want…not what you want me to say…what question are you trying to answer?" I prayed that made sense, as I had stumbled over the words so badly. "OK, I'm sorry. Let me try again." She took a deep breath, composed her thoughts, and continued. "Joe, I love you, I really do but it's going to be hard as hell to make this work. Before I throw all my effort into it, I want to make sure of what 'this' is, to be sure it's worth it." Still scared, I felt a tear as I replied, "I love you too - from the beginning." Hannah was still staring right at me as she continued, "So tell me, the first time you saw me, what did you think?" I thought that I was not a good liar.

"The truth?" "Yes, the truth!" I figured it was best just to tell her. "I ran up to my room and jacked off." She sounded too sarcastic when she shot back, "So this is all about sex?" My hole was getting deeper, I needed to get my thoughts together.

"No! Well…it was then, but…I just couldn't believe how incredibly beautiful you were, and the reaction it had on me really, that's the only time that ever happened in my life." "OK, but that's still just sex." Not quite the right answer.

Did I need a course on how to talk to women? I did love her, I just had to speak from the heart. "Then when we got to hang out at the games and get to know each other, you were so sweet and smart and funny, and so easy to talk to…I just wanted to be with you, to do anything to make you happy - even if we never had sex. I didn't want you to be my cousin, I wanted you to be my girlfriend, because I never met a girl like you before." "You don't think I'm a slut too easy?" "No!

I love you, for who you are inside." I could see the tears running down her face. Again she paused and took a deep breath. "Joe, you have been so sweet and respectful you've never tried anything I didn't want to. Even when I got mad at you for showing your thing to Ellen - you asked first and I said yes. And that night when we shared your bed, you didn't try anything, and it was me who hugged you until I fell asleep. I know sometimes you were just scared of what I'd do to you, but you respected me." I bit my lip as I gently nodded yes, then after a second asked, "Pass?" She took a couple more seconds of her own, then responded, "Yes, pass!" Glancing around to see that no one we knew was watching, I kissed her and hugged her tight, the side of her head on my chest as it fit easily under my chin.

As we broke the embrace, we giggled as we wiped the tears from each other's eyes. We discussed strategy as we made our way back. Short phone calls, not too often (maybe three to five a week), try to hang out in groups rather than as a couple, be very careful about displays of affection, etc, etc.

By five o'clock Dad was ready to go.

She gave Grandpa, her father, a big hug, then they made their rounds of her brothers and sisters. When I went to say goodbye to Dave, Hannah and the rest of their family, Aunt Tess interrupted, "Hey Joe I'm doing a Steelers' party next Sunday, you can come stuff your face during the game come noon or so?" "Hey thanks, I appreciate it, see yunz guys then!" Soon we were back on the road for the ninety minute drive home.

The Pirates were playing yet another double header, this time out in San Francisco, and I asked Mom to put the game on the car radio.

The first game ended about ten minutes before we were home. Mom turned off the radio, then turned to look at me in the back seat. "Honey…" "Yeah, mom." She paused and gave me a curious look before continuing in a soft, soothing voice.

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"Some of your aunts and uncles were asking me about you and Hannah. They were a little concerned about how yunz were acting around each other…" I tried to keep my cool, but excitedly interrupted, "What?

There was nothing…" She continued softly, "Like when you two went down to the other side of the park for such a long time…" "Mom - I like Hannah, she's fun and cool to hang out with, but I swear, nothing was going on.

She was taking Lisa's baby for a stroll and asked me to come along. She was telling me about school this week…" She hesitated, looked down, then continued.

"I don't want to say anything bad about her, but Tess told me…this spring, before they moved here, Hannah was caught with…with an older boy, doing things they shouldn't have been doing.

I don't want you to get into trouble - you just need to be careful, in case she tries to seduce you or something…" "Mom!" I laughed, "c'mon, she's only…" Dad's voiced boomed from the driver's seat.

"She's old enough to bleed!" Mom was suddenly out of her cool and calm persona and snapped at him, "Christopher, shut your mouth. That was totally inappropriate!" I pleaded, "Mom, dad, we weren't doing anything, we're just good friends." Regaining her composure, Mom turned back to me to say, "Well you just be careful." ================================================== I stuck to myself the rest of the holiday weekend.

On Sunday I watched the Bucs finish their sweep of the Giants, pushing their lead to three and a half games. Monday was the official Labor Day, so no school. Paul was back on campus in Pittsburgh, and had called the night before to tell me he and a couple of his buddies were going to the Pirates/Phillies double header - while I had to content myself with lounging around my room and listening to the games on the radio.

Oh yeah, and I let slip that Hannah and I had done the deed. The first game was a rematch, Carlton vs Blyleven, of the one Hannah had attended with us almost four weeks earlier. This time Carlton fired a shutout, allowing only one hit (a double, by, who else? Steve Nicosia.), but Pirates earned a split by salvaging the second game. It was 7:30 and still an hour and a half until the Steelers opened their season against the Patriots (three games in one day?) Once both my parents were upstairs I was down in the kitchen dialing Hannah's house.

She responded enthusiastically to my "Hey babe, lunch on Wednesday?", then we spent the remaining ten or fifteen minutes mostly discussing sports. My kind of girl. The Steelers were the defending Super Bowl champions, and had won three of the previous five years. On the down side it was Monday Night Football and I'd have to listen to three hours of Howard Fucking Cosell.

Dad was in his chair, reading a magazine, while Mom and I watched the game from the love seat. We didn't make very much noise to disturb Dad's reading, as the Patriots led 13-6 late in the fourth quarter but Terry Bradshaw tied the game with a 21 yard touchdown pass, and the Steelers won it on a field goal in overtime. It was nearly half past midnight, but I didn't have class until noon so I did some reading for school before pleasuring myself to the memories of Hannah doing me the favor only three days before.

================================================== At the beginning of Linear Algebra on Wednesday, I invited Dan to join me and Hannah for lunch in the diner at noon. It would be an opportunity for him to be introduced to the love of my life. After class I waited a few minutes at the trees for Hannah, and once she arrived from her school I had to inform her "I really have to pees there's a bathroom right inside the building here.

C'mon" We walked down the hallway holding hands, then I said, "Be back in a minute" as I left her outside the door. I was really loaded up, and I swear it took close to thirty seconds to clear out all the piss. I had heard the hallway door open and close while I was in mid-stream, then as I was shaking it off two arms reached around my waist from behind. Hannah whispered in my ear "May I help you that?" I nearly jumped out of my skin at the contact.

"Son of a bitch! You scared the crap out of me!" I turned to face her. "What are you doing in here?" Hannah gave me this sexy pout, and whispered, "What, you don't want to see me?" as her hands took hold of my rapidly stiffening cock which still hung out the fly of my pants. "Yeah, but what if someone comes in?" She dropped to her knees in front of me, pinched the mushroom head of my boner, and said "well then, they'll get quite a show" then slid her mouth over me.

"Ouch, watch the teeth!" The girl was skilled in hand jobs, but still needed some practice on giving head. I leaned back against the urinal as I watched her head bobbing on my cock. Both my hands were in her hair, and the danger of the situation was getting me even more turned on.

It wasn't long until I warned her, softly and rapid-fire, "Oh God, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming", then shot my load into her throat. I zipped up as she stood in front of me and asked "Any on my face?" I shook my head "No", then she took my hand and said "Let's go get some dessert." Just before we got to the exit, the door opened and a guy I had seen around campus froze when he saw us on our way out.

Hannah said "Hi, how you doing?" as she dragged me by the hand, past him and out the door. Once in the lobby, she doubled over and burst out laughing. "Oh my God, I can't believe we did that!" "You are going to kill me, girl! C'mon, Dan's waiting for us down at the diner." *** Most of the top floor of the Student Union was the cafeteria, which required a student ID and was normally paid for by an account.

Next to it was a smaller diner which catered to the students living at home, as anyone could come in and pay cash for whatever was in the hot trays, or more preferably have something cooked to order on the grill. Hannah and I were still giggling as we stumbled in the door, hand in hand. We immediately caught Dan's attention, and he rose to his feet to greet us. "Well, this must be your better half!" He reached out his hand and continued, "I'm Dan." Trying to get composed and serious, she took his hand and replied, "Hannah Constantino, pleased to meet you!" Dan was looking rather confused about our behavior, and gave me a questioning look.

I grinned and said, "It's…nothing…really", but chuckled again. We lined up at the counter to order our food. Dan got chili, Hannah a cheeseburger and fries, while I went for the fish and chips.

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I paid for the two of us then we all returned to the table. Dan had his food, but Hannah and I were waiting to be called for ours. "Joe tells me you go to the high school acrossed the street?" "Yeah, we just moved to town in July. I've got an older brother who's a senior, and a younger sister." Dan gave me a look before turning back to Hannah.

"And you two knew each other before?" Hannah looked at me and I nodded yes. "Yep! But we hadn't seen each other in about five years, since I was little." "That's cool, as long as you love each other!" I got up and went to the counter after the chunky, middle aged lady who cooked called out "Joe, your food's ready." I could hear Dan, behind me, say to Hannah, "He's a good guy, he'll take care of you." After I returned with our food, Hannah spent a lot of time sharing our courtship with Dan the movie, the Pirates' game, dunking the guy at the county fair, etc.

As we were close to finished eating, I checked my watch and told Hannah "We better hurry up so you can get back to class on time." I gulped down a few more fries, then said goodbye to Dan and escorted Hannah quickly between the dorms and back to her building, exchanging a quick kiss and "I love you" as we parted. ================================================== I called Hannah that night, and she told me she really enjoyed meeting Dan.

When I objected that, "The two of you seemed to be having entirely too much fun comparing notes on me!" she chided, "Oh you love the attention!" But that was not the reason I called I had a plan to get some time together. "Hey Hannah, they're having pickup volley ball games on Friday nights in the gym on campus.

If that sounds good, can you ask you mom if she'd let me take you up there whenever we have a chance?" "Ooh, that sounds like fun. HEY MOM!" After a brief pause, "Can Joe take me to volleyball on Friday?" Another pause, she squealed "Yep, she says OK! What time you gonna pick me up?" "How about 7:30? What time do you need to be home?" Again she yelled out, "Mom, what time you want me home?" then returning to the phone said, ".She says eleven." "OK!

I can't wait to see you lunch Friday?" Her mood turned worse as she whispered, "Maybe not I got in trouble with my teacher for being a few minutes late getting back to class today, so we'll have to watch it for awhile." "Well, you know, we had enough time to eat…it was the other stuff…" Still a little gloomy, she responded, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, just shut up." "OK, so I'll be at your place Friday at 7:30, and with your mother's blessing.

Oh, and to let you know the winter bowling league that Mom and I are in starts this weekend, so that takes up my Saturday evenings until spring time." In a scolding tone she said, "As long as you come to our Steelers party on Sunday!" "I wouldn't miss it!" "And Mom starts work at four…" *** When I entered through the back door into their kitchen, Aunt Tess was at the counter making a cup of coffee.

I called out "Hey" to announce my presence. My Aunt turned and smiled. "Hey Joe Hannah should be down in a minute.

Thank you for inviting her out." "No problem, I thought it was something she'd enjoy, and it wasn't on a school night." "Even so, you have her back here at eleven or I'll kick your ass." "Yes m'am, eleven!" We both heard the footsteps pounding down the steps, and turned to see Hannah skipping into the kitchen carrying her gym bag.

I had told her to bring the clothes she wears to gym, and a towel for a shower afterwards. I asked "You ready?" She smiled and nodded yes, then headed for the back door. She called out, "Bye Mom thank you!" as I held the door and lightly touched her on the back as she passed.

Once we were in the car and on our way, I grinned and told her, "I can't wait to see your ass in those little gym shorts!" "And I can't wait to spike the ball down your throat!" Competitive, wasn't she? In less than ten minutes we were parked and headed to the Athletic Building.

There was already a decent crowd down on the floor and in short time we had a couple dozen, enough for two games at the same time. Some of the kids I knew, many I didn't, so after Hannah and I dressed in our respective locker rooms we went around, together, introducing ourselves. Despite her age, she was intent on acting like one of them, like she belonged there. True to her word, Hannah wanted to play opposite me.

I was a good athlete, but she was excellent, and obviously more skilled in this game than I was. She was having a blast, laughing and grinning at me most of the night. However, despite her boasts, at five-two she wasn't quite capable of spiking the ball over the net.

That was my chance at redemption, and a handful of times was able to slam the ball into the floor at her feet. After three games I was sweaty and beat, and welcomed the chance to have the water of a hot shower pound off my body. Once dried off and back in street clothes, I grabbed my bag and met Hannah out on the floor.

I took her hand and gave her a quick kiss on the lips as we headed out to the parking lot. As we walked, Hannah was babbling on about the good time she had, while a new thought popped into my head. "Hey, we still have about an hour before you have to be home, would you like to meet some of the guys I hang out with?" "Yeah, sure thing!" We dropped our bags off at the car, then turned back towards the housing area.

The dorms were on our left, near the Student Union and the class room buildings, while on the right were groups of townhouses available for upper classmen, then further down, near the athletic fields, were the lodges. Each lodge building had three or four units, each unit being a two floor, eight bedroom apartment housing sixteen students.

The first floors had a kitchen, living room, and fire place, while the second floor had a lobby which could be adapted for various purposes. Most of the lodges were occupied by the Greek fraternity and sororities, but my friends at Hickory C were anything but jocks or snobs, most being rather nerdy or otherwise serious students who labeled themselves "Anti-Greek". Despite my not living on campus, I was in class with and/or friends with several of the guys, and had been adopted into the group.

They had officially chartered themselves with the university, allowing them to enter intramural activities on campus on even footing with the Greeks. As Hannah and I entered the lodge, I could see through the front window that there were only one or two guys on the first floor, so we headed up the steps to the second. Some of the guys were apparently off to other parts of the campus partying, but there were still five or six on the couches upstairs, along with a couple of their girlfriends and two unattached girls who liked to hang with us, all drinking and watching TV.

Luke was my best friend at the lodge and the guy who got me into the group, a fellow baseball nut, although he didn't play and was more of the stat and journalism type. I hadn't seen him yet this fall as he was a year behind me and not in any of my classes. He got up when he saw us nearing the top of the steps, and held out his hand to me as he said "Joe!

How you doing?" Then his eyes went up and down, evaluating Hannah, before he continued "and who is this lovely young lady? You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend! She is your girlfriend, isn't she?" She took Luke's hand and replied, "Well yes I am, and my name's Hannah, pleased to meet you." "I think the pleasure is all mine!" Turning to me, he continued, "Well Joe, what are yunz up to tonight?" I started to explain, "We came up to play volleyball…" And Hannah jumped in with, "and I kicked his butt…" I smiled at her and said, "Yes she did…and I thought we'd swing up here so she could meet some a'yunz." Luke said to me, "You are welcome to bring her by anytime." Glancing at both us us, he asked, "Would yunz like a drink?

Ya gonna stick around to watch Monty Python later? "Thanks, but I have to get her home by eleven." In mock excitement, he asked, "Why, is she a WITCH?" which got a laugh from those seated behind him. "No, no, anything but…however her mom might be one if I get her home late." Picking up on my cue, Hannah took Luke's hand again as she said, "Thank you, nice meeting you." "Stop back anytime!" as the rest of the guys and girls waved and said "Bye!" As we left the building, Hannah said to me, "I like them, they know how to put you in your place." We held hands as we strolled in the cool late summer air, down the asphalt walk which led past the townhouses on the way to my car.

A handful of the townhouses had crowds of people spilling outside the front doors, many with cups in their hands. Hannah watched for a minute then asked, "What's going on over there?" "Parties. Most of them are on Friday nights, every week there are a few at the lodges or the townhouses. Lots of people getting drunk." "Can we go sometime?" I nodded and said, "Yeah, sure. I should be able to get you in as a guest with my student ID." When we got back to the car, Hannah turned to me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

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"Since I won't be able to do this at home, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful night out, let's do it again." I brought my lips to meet hers and soon our tongues were dancing with each other. As I pulled her closer to me my growing erection pressed into her belly. She broke the kiss, then poked her finger into my chest, saying "Not that I don't want to, but there's no time for that now, especially here." "But I thought you liked danger?" "In small doses!" ================================================== The first Saturday in September was the opening of our winter bowling league.

I'd been bowling since ninth grade, when Paul and I would go to the lanes every Friday afternoon after early dismissal from school. After a couple of years in a Saturday morning youth league, by my senior year I was good enough to get into an adult league that Mom belonged to. It had both good bowlers and poor, unlike Mom's elite league on Wednesday that required a minimum one-seventy average to join. Mom drove me over to the lanes with her, and once there I carried in my bag containing my personal ball and shoes.

It was a little after seven as the people arrived and looked for familiar faces crowded around the seats near the ball dispensers. Mom spotted one of the other guys on our team and I followed her over to where we'd be bowling for the night.

We said our hellos to the folks already there, then as I was finishing changing my shoes, Mom tapped my arm to get my attention. "Joe, I'd like you to meet one of the new members of our team - this is Katie, Craig's daughter." The first thing I saw when I looked up were her ample sized boobs, the second her gorgeous smile.

Wow. I managed to spit out, "Hi, I'm Joe" as I stood to introduce myself. Katie was close to my height, I'd say five-six or seven, slightly curly brunette hair down over her shoulders, and big brown eyes. And big tits. She offered me her hand as she responded, "Katie, pleased to meet you." I smiled and took her hand, deciding to take the conversation slightly further, in order to not look like a dick. "You go to school?" I figured that would get me some helpful information.

"I'm a sophomore on the nursing program at the hospital, but I also take some non-nursing courses at Pitt." Being a sophomore put her a year behind me, so she would be eighteen or nineteen. And big tits. "Yeah, that's where I go, I'm a junior. So how's your bowling?" She shrugged her shoulders and said. "Not that good. This is my first time in a league, but I thought it would be fun. I think I average around one-twenty something. How about you?" I didn't want to sound like I was boasting as I replied, "I've been in leagues for a few years now.

I averaged one-sixty-five last year." "Ooh, so you're good?" "Yeah, I guess." I saw the first guy getting ready to roll his ball and concluded, "Hey, we're ready to start, I'll catch you later." I was fairly good, but I could beat up on myself for making mistakes. Bowling is a lot about muscle memory, remembering that same stride, same arm swing, same release, to put the ball on the mark every time.

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On more than one occasion I had broken the paper towel dispenser in the men's room after events such as dropping the ball on an easy spare. This time I was punching the plastic cover of the dispenser for any entirely different reason. I shouted out loud at myself "What the FUCK are you doing? You already HAVE a girlfriend!" After the outburst, I did my best to present a normal outward appearance as I headed back before it would be my turn again.

The turmoil was still going on inside, as I reviewed the situation in my head. Wow. Katie was great. And I didn't freeze up. Because I wasn't trying to hit on her, because I had a girlfriend - but since I was comfortable talking to her, it would be easier to ask her out. Except I already had a girlfriend. Except I couldn't say that, because Mom didn't know.

Except maybe Mom did know. Shit. Was Mom bringing in competition, to make me forget about Hannah? But I loved Hannah, and I could never dump her, it would break her heart. Except I can't tell Mom that. So this little game. Fuck me.

Between the rust and the mental distraction, I only scored a 135 in the first game. So then I was pissed about my bowling, which was normal, but that helped to distract me away from Katie. Unless one of us quit the league, we were going to be together on Saturday night for the next thirty weeks. I didn't want to make it look like I was ignoring her, so I maintained brief greetings between concentrating on my bowling and running over to the TV to check on the Pirates game.

My body was getting back into a consistent rhythm, and four consecutive strikes led me to a 183 in the second game. At that point I was doing a pretty good job of treating Katie as just another member of the team, but I still missed a spare in the tenth and settled for a 172 in the final game.

The 490 series for the three games fell short of the 500 I expected from myself as a minimum, but I had finished strongly. Wrapping up for the night, I told Katie "Nice meeting you, see you next week" but had no intentions of anything more than casual conversation. ================================================== Mom used to take me to church when I was little, but I'd interest around six years before - so since then Sunday mornings were a time to sleep in.

Once up I showered and then looked for a nice set of clothes, although I wasn't sure who I was trying to impress, I was just going to Hannah's to watch the Steelers game.

Maybe it was just the anticipation that had me in a good mood which reminded to check my wallet to see that the condom was still tucked away inside (along with more out in the glove box.) It was almost noon when I called out, "Bye Mom, I'm going to Aunt Tess's." She called back, "Be good, don't eat too much!" Mom was a great cook, but Tess was into making big impressive presentations.

That day was her Mexican themed Steelers' indoor tailgate. We started with a whole tray full of this dip - sour cream and guacamole topped with diced tomatoes and shredded cheese. We had to dig it out with a chip, and it was really good. She also had these taquito things she baked in the oven, and I threw a couple of those on my plate too. The chili would come later. At home, Mom would always make ours plain, but Tess had onions, cheese the whole works.

I had no sooner sat down with my plate when Dave came through the door trailed by a cute blonde. "Oh hey Joe, I saw your car in the driveway! This is Susie, I told you about." She wasn't bad at all (I caught myself gently nodding my head up and down) short straight blonde hair, not quite down to her shoulders, medium height (although she looked short next to Dave's six-four), cute smile, average boobs even if she was a little big in the butt.

Once Dave and Susie got their food, they joined the rest of us in the living room, as we all ate and engaged in small talk while the pre-game show was on the TV. Dave and Susie were on the left couch, with me, Hannah and Donna on the right couch. Tess stood by the food on the dining room table while Doc got ready to go golfing (although I didn't know why anyone in their right mind would golf when there's a Steelers' game on.) On paper this looked to be another tough game as Houston was coming off a 10-6 season where they finished second to the Steelers in the division and had defeated the Redskins in their season opener but their quarterback Dan Pastorini always sucked against Pittsburgh, losing the previous year's AFC Championship game to them 34-5, throwing five interceptions.

Unfortunately for the Oilers, this game started the same everyone in the room was on their feet, hootin' and hollerin' and waving Terrible Towels over their heads, when early in the first quarter Pastorini threw a pick that was returned to the ten yard line, setting up a touchdown run a few plays later.

7-0 Steelers. As the game settled in, Susie was leaning back into Dave's arm on the other couch, while I worked on my bowl of chili, sitting at Hannah's side.

Both team's defenses were strong, as a second quarter Steelers' field goal was the only other score before the half. The Oilers got the ball to start the third quarter down 10-0, but Mike Wagner intercepted Pastorini for his second time, and three plays later Terry Bradshaw threw it in the end zone for another Steelers' TD, making it 17-0.

The Oilers took the kickoff, Pastorini threw another interception, the Steelers got another touchdown, and the Oilers then came out for the fourth quarter down 24-0 and with a new quarterback. With the game comfortably in hand, Aunt Tess interrupted to remind us, "I'm going to work now.

Please clean up the place after the game Doc will be home around six." Once her Mom was out the door, Hannah slid over next to me. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and pulled her in to my chest, much as Dave and Susie had been doing for a while on the other couch.

Donna got up, gave me a nasty look and said, "Steelers got this, I'm going to my room." Once Donna was gone, I leaned in to give Hannah a long kiss, only broken by her jumping and squealing when I pinched her ass, which got Dave and Susie laughing out loud. Dave squeezed Susie's cheek and said, "See my girl likes when I play with her butt!" The new Houston quarterback wasn't doing any better, as his second interception (and the Steelers' fifth of the game) was returned by Dirt Winston 41 yards for a touchdown.

Hannah got up from the couch and tried to pull me along by my hand. When I didn't get up, she said, "c'mon, let's go!" but my eyes were glued to the screen as I replied, "the game's not over yet!" She dropped my hand, put both of hers on her hips, and looking straight at me she announced loudly "It's thirty eight to NOTHING!

I am going to my room if you're not up there in thirty seconds I'm locking the door and you might as well go home." Dave and Susie were trying to not laugh too loudly. Dave called over "She sure told you!" and Susie added, "You better get moving, we women don't like to be kept waiting!" As I left the living room I saw Hannah standing at the top of the stairs.

I sprinted up two at a time and she took my hand when I got to her, leading me down the hall to her room. I'd been to the house many times, but had never been upstairs except for a handful of trips to the bathroom, including one very memorable instance. Hannah's was the last one on the right, and as I entered I could see out the windows into the backyard and also to the house next door.

She went and sat on the bed while I stood inside the doorway, then slowly made my way around, inspecting every detail in the room.

She sat on a canopy bed adorned in pink and white. "A bed fit for a princess?" I asked. The walls were a light blue, partly covered by posters of the Pirates' Dave Parker and the Steelers' Terry Bradshaw, with her own Terrible Towel pinned to the wall next to the dresser. It was easy to love this girl. I got a big smile when I saw that with all the stuffed animals that lined the base of the walls, only one - the parrot I had won her at the fair had a prominent position on the center of her dresser, right in front of the mirror.

As I turned back to the bed, Hannah stood and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling my head down low enough for her to place her lips on mine. My hands went down her waist, then pulled her up by her buttocks, pressing my growing erection into her belly as our tongues entered each other's mouth. She dropped her hands to my waist and fumbled around trying to undo my belt.

Failing that she pulled my shirt up and out of my pants and worked on undoing the buttons. When she was able to pull open my shirt and expose my bare chest, her mouth went to one of my nipples, sending electric jolts through my body as she flicked my tiny but now hard nipples with her tongue. As much as I was enjoying that new sensation, I said, "No, this is my turn to do you!" I pulled Hannah's shirt over her head, then leaned down to kiss her neck as my hands worked to unclasp her bra.

Once loosened, she let it fall forward, then tossed it to the side. I gently pushed the front of her shoulders to make her fall backwards onto the bed, her feet hanging over with her knees at the edge. I got down on my knees and took her right foot, pulling off her shoes and socks, then did the same to the other.

With both feet bare, I again held her right one and licked slowly across her ankle. It was ticklish and erotic at the same time, as at the touch of my tongue she started squirming, trying to get her foot out of my grasp as she creed, "No, no…oh God, that tickles…" Massaging the foot with both hands as she continued to squirm, I ran my tongue further down until I popped her big toe into my mouth.

She continued with "God, no…oh no." I snapped "Well, that's what you get for making miss some of the game!" as I held her foot tight and returned to suck on the other toes in turn when she got even louder, "no, no…no…oh…I'm…CUMMING!" as she arched her back and then rolled on her side, still unable to free her foot from my grasp.

Hannah was trying to catch her breath as I rose up to hover over her. "Are you OK?" "Oh gosh, yes. I didn't know I could do that." I reached down to undo her pants as I replied, "Good, because we're not done yet!" I went back to my knees, on the floor, as she wiggled her pants and panties down her butt.

I pulled until they slid off her legs, leaving her naked on her back, her legs once more dangling over the edge of the bed. This time my tongue started above her right knee, and again she squirmed as my fingers gently stroking the back of her knees. As my licks moved further up the soft skin on the inside of her thigh, I gradually pushed her knees apart. As I switched to her other leg, I stole a glance at my destination, her pink, puffy lips covered by a patch of close cropped curly hair.

As I readied myself for my first taste of pussy, I looked up at her face from my position between her thighs. She grabbed a handful of my hair and spat "Don't tease me!" I went in slow, probing with my fingers.

I had my hands down there a few times, but this was my first clear look at her anatomy. With both hands I carefully parted her lips, then took a long lick from the bottom to the top of her slit. I paused for a moment, trying to place the taste. "Spinach?" I took another, deeper lick. "Brussel sprouts!" I teased. "Whatever!

Didn't your mother ever tell you no dessert until you've finished all your vegetables!" I licked some more, trying to take her clit between my lips as she pulled on my hair and ground her hips into my face. Finally she just said "Oh, c'mon, enough! Just get inside me!" I stood, pulled my wallet out of my pocket and sat it on the bed.

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When I dropped my pants to expose my raging six and a half inch erection, Hannah sat up and took it in both hands, stroking it slowly. When I pulled the condom out of my wallet, she said "Here, let me try." I likely wouldn't have done any better as it was my first time using a condom. Once Hannah had opened the foil pouch, she removed the wound up latex and placed it against the tip of my cock, then slowly pushed towards me, fiddling with it until it unrolled over my entire length.

I gave her a quick kiss, then laid her back down on the bed. I stood between her legs and leaned in until the tip of my cock was at her opening. I pushed slowly, trying to find the way forward, but it was harder to feel my way around while covered in rubber.

She smiled and said "Do you need some help?" After I nodded yes, she used both hands to guide me into the correct position. This time when I leaned forward, Hannah gasped as I slid right in.

I was about halfway in, pulled back, then pressed in again, going a bit deeper with each repetition. Soon I had bottomed out and started a regular rhythm, as our thighs slapped against each other. My eyes were closed as I concentrated on the sensation of entering her body, trying to block everything else out. My hand went to her small breast, cupping it in my hand. I rolled the nipple between my fingers, then dropped my head to suck on it's hardness.

I began to think of how different it might feel to have my hands, my mouth on Katie's tit, and then in my mind's eye I saw Katie's face below me as I fucked Hannah.

I was shocked and froze - embedded deep in Hannah - as I realized the trick my mind had played on me. What the fuck?

Why would I do that? I loved Hannah, I was making love to her, how could I betray her? When I stopped, Hannah put her hand on my face and said, "What's the matter? Are you OK?" "Yeah, no…it's nothing". I pulled back and thrust into her as before. I couldn't let myself be distracted, I wouldn't close my eyes. I promised myself that whenever we would make love I be positioned to see her face. That meant no doggy style, or any other position where I could forget who I was fucking.

This had to be something personal, or what was it worth? As I committed to focusing my eyes wide open on Hannah, I became fascinated, watching the various expressions of joy flash across her face as I had resumed my rhythmic assault on her body. She closed her eyes, smiling, wincing, moaning and squeaking in time to my thrusting. When she re-opened her eyes, I leaned into to kiss her, and soon are tongues were at battle.

Hannah was starting to spasm and locked her ankles behind my back. She pulled away from the kiss to warn me, "oh, keep going, I'm getting close…oh God…ohhhhhhhhhh", screaming out the final word.

That drove me over the edge, slamming two, three more times into her as I spurted into the condom. I slid out of her and stood between her legs, my erection beginning to soften. Hannah sat up on the edge of the bed, the used condom right in front of her. She reached out and carefully peeled the edges towards the front, leaving her holding the rubber tube filled with my seed. Looking up at me, she asked "Now WHAT am I supposed to do with THIS?" Fortunately, I had come prepared I picked up my pants and pulled a plastic sandwich bag out of my pocket.

"Drop it in here, and I'll get rid of it." Once that was done, I waved for her to scoot over and give me room on the bed. Both of us still naked, I laid on my back and Hannah rolled on her side to cuddle on my arm. I ran my fingers through her hair and whispered, "I love you Hannah, I swear, I'll love you forever!" She answered, "I love you too, Joe" as her fingers played with my few chest hairs. After holding each other for a few minutes, we looked at each other and started laughing as we could hear a thump, thump, thump coming from the other side of the wall.

I whispered "I think it's safe to say Susie isn't a virgin!" Soon the clock showed five o'clock and Hannah got up, insisting that she had to shower and get the house cleaned up before Doc returned from his golfing. I told her "I wish I could stay here all night!" "Well you can't, so get you butt dressed, and don't forget your garbage!" She walked me to the back door where we kissed for another minute or two before I walked to the car, sandwich bag in hand.