Olivia grace gets fucked hard

Olivia grace gets fucked hard
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Hey guys. It's been longer than I expected to post this here. As some of you know I got involved in a motorcycle crash that kinda unutilized my right hand for a quite long time, delaying the posting. Let's see if the next one comes due some months earlier than this one. Enjoy. Here goes some considerations: - As I said too many times before, even if it has good conventional sex scenes, this series is meant to get darker as it goes and this particular chapter has the most extreme scenes yet.

The next one will have even rougher ones, so get ready. - I'm not an English speaker and I know I make a lot of mistakes, but I have no one to proof-read for me in time to post, cause I'm really busy and the only time I have I write and I post, so, sorry for any mistake or error. - All the characters follows the stipulated by the site in what regards to character's age. ***WARNING*** What follows is a fictional story which has focus on slavery and rape, but not made to offend anyone.


If you feel offended by kidnapping, raping, humiliation or torture of any kind, please, quit reading. Cheers, A2O *** Chapter VII Getting there I fired up the vigilance system quickly and put the stereo headphones to hear Candy while the camera system went on. She was moaning in agony. "P-Please! Oh please! Stop-p this. STOP THIS PLEASE!" And the video went on, I could see her contorting, lying on her side, her face buried in the mattress "I-If I-I come one m-more time.

Aaaaaaagh." She said sobbing and trying to breathe, hardly getting any air. The girl trembled all over, her thighs tightly nuzzling against each other and I could see the moist marks on the bed sheet.

I looked at the watch, almost an hour had passed. Fuck, I couldn't risk losing her. I had to go down there. Now. I came back to the room where Erika was waiting for me. It was incredible the way she noticed that something was wrong, I could see it in her face. I just came close to her and, caressing her beautiful freckled face, I explained that she would have to wait, but no more than two minutes. I also gave her the pot of lube, "Use this, try playing with your little hole for a while, it will help later." Confused, she said ok and just watched me leaving the room in a hurry.

At least I had absolutely no concern about letting her alone upstairs anymore. That time has passed. ***** When she heard me unlocking and opening the door, Candy instantly started begging "Please! Please, oh p-please!" and her sobbing, desperate voice was music to my ears.

I just came close not saying a word while still strapping my mask at place and then stopped there, by the side of the bed. "Roll, face down, rear up." I ordered and she complied. Can you imagine how beautiful it was to watch a beauty like that, arms tied from wrist to elbow on her back, a dildo vibrating like crazy plunged deep inside her pussy for almost an hour now and her struggle to get in the position I wanted?

I tell you, it's awesome. Some seconds, some struggling after, she got in position. "Good girl, now stay still." Slowly, I unfastened the garter belt while she trembled. I took my time caressing her beautiful and tight ass while she kept begging, the more I caressed, more she groaned and wiggled her small butt. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to rejoice on her orgasmic state now, but I'd be sure to repeat it as soon as possible.

As I was taking the dildo off her beautiful teen pussy, she started convulsing and gradually having orgasms, clenching her insides and tightening around the dildo little by little as it was coming out.

The relieved moan Candy gave me, as soon as the toy popped out of her dripping pussy, almost made me plunge it deep inside of her again. She was so exhausted that, after I gave her a light slap on the buttocks saying "Ok, sweetheart, we are done for today," she didn't move.

The girl kept breathing heavily, her face on the mattress, her arms tied on her back and her rear up in the air. Quite a view. I just left her there. I doubted she would get out of that bed so soon and, even if she would, doors were locked. Time to go back to Erika. ***** When I returned there was my baby girl waiting for me in bed. It was easy to notice that she was trying something, it was all written in her sweaty, blushing face. "So, how was it?" I asked kneeling near the foot of the bed and calling her to come to me with my finger.

Erika timidly crawled over the bed on all fours and came to me. I wasted no time, taking her close, I kissed her hard while both my hands traveled down her body until they reached her tiny butt. As soon as I opened her with one hand and felt the moist around her tiny back entrance, she interrupted our kissing and looked me deep in the eyes, apprehensive. I kept looking at her as I slowly pushed my index finger inside her, forcing passage through her sphincter.

"Huuuuuh!" She moaned, trying to relax, to let go. Until I grinned and pushed a second finger inside her virgin ass. "Uuuugh!" Erika groaned as her eyes widened and she grimaced in pain. "Good girl. I see you did your job, I can feel the lube inside of you. If this is hurting you, it could be way worse." I said and, holding her in place with one arm around her waist, I started to move my fingers inside of her. "Aaaaaaugh! Aaaahhh!" She groaned, her face really close to mine and I knew her pain only got worse, as I could feel her little hole twitching, tightening around my fingers as she lost her calm.

With her arms around my neck, she started contorting in pain while my two fingers moved in and out of her. That instantly made me rock hard, as always, so it was time to just throw her at bed like she was a doll and fuck her, hard.

Just tossing her like that was something, I discovered that night, really fun to do. Even with all the apprehension she squealed like the young girl she was supposed to be. She made me grin and she risked a smile too, until I started to talk, taking off my denim pants - the only thing I was wearing. "You ready?" I said taking her by the ankles and turning her face down, easily as only a petite girl like Erika would let you do.

"Y-Yes. I think" She practically whispered while getting in all fours. Looking at her face through the big mirror at the headboard, I approached and took her little butt in my hands, spreading it.

She closed her eyes and, that time, I didn't bother asking her to look at me. I was too damn horny to do that.

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I just enjoyed watching her pretty face contort and hearing her contained groans as I rubbed and pushed my dick in her tiny little hole. I didn't give her time, I didn't hold back and she didn't try to escape. I just forced my way at once, grabbing her firmly by the waist, and the head of my shaft slid through that absurdly tight entrance. "Ooooouch!" Erika wailed with pain and gritted her teeth as she felt me pushing all of myself inside her, at least all I could put inside her little body.

When I got to that point, her trembling little arms gave up her weight and her torso fell over the bed. "Try to relax, little girl, because I'm not taking any prisoners today." I said and before she even tried to focus on relaxing, I started moving.

It was great, feeling her stretching around me. I held her tight enough to leave marks and started humping her white little ass furiously while she started groaning out loud and contorting on bed. Soon I could hear the slapping sound of me banging her and, not too much later, I could also see reddish marks mixed with lube, around my cock. "OOOOW!


AAAAAAUGH! GAAA-AAAAA-AAAAAH!" Erika growled, screamed and trembled beneath me. Especially when I let her waist go and bent over her, grabbing her bouncing breasts, using them as support and pinching them viciously. The few times she looked at me through the mirror I could see only two things: I beautiful young girl crying in absurd pain and a beautiful young girl not trying to stop me at all. She only cried, engulfed in what I wanted her to feel.

Only five minutes of pure pleasure - for me - later, I could feel myself coming, so I took her hair and laced it around my hand, pulling at it. "GUUUUUUUUH!" She bent back forcefully and, now looking at me while her tiny hands could barely touch the mattress, she felt me thrusting the last feel times, voraciously, until I exploded inside of her. At that moment I expressed everything I was feeling through the strength which I pulled her hair.

Her tiny hands weren't touching the mattress anymore, her back was arched and the position just made her even tighter around me. We stood like that for a while, both on our knees, me behind her still pulling at her hair, feeling myself deplete inside of her and admiring her crying face, hearing her sobbing, watching the last tears falling from her reddened eyes.

After letting her fall back on bed, numb, I could see her abused hole. It was red and blood stained, gaping a little.

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I lay beside her and pull her to me. We snuggled for quite some time while I told her just how happy she made me. "W-Will you take care of me now?" She asked still with that lovely crying face while I brushed her beautiful, long and wavy brown hair.

"Of course baby, of course." And so I did. I gave her bath, brought her a really good Italian dinner and spent quite some quality time with her just to show her how proud I was of her. Soon she was radiant, walking naked around my room and smiling at me. Soon I was already figuring what I would do to Candy next morning.

***** I made sure to get out of bed before Erika woke up. I knew that I had no specific reason to do so, after all, she was just my slave. A precious slave, but a slave. For some reason I just didn't want her to know about Candy, at least not for now. When I got down there I had a great breakfast with me, in a tray. It would be on her to have it or not. She had started with the right foot, as I saw through the camera system that she was awake, but was still in bed as I demanded.

I even rewound the recording to be sure that she hadn't touched the floor and she was safe. As I opened the door and got to the small kitchen I called her "Candy, now you can come in here." And she didn't come, at least not immediately as I expected. "I think I wasn't clear enough… I want you here, now!" Soon I heard the footsteps and she stood by the door, looking at me.

Her eyes were red and swollen from crying, as were her lips, marked by my hand the day before. It was time for me to explain the rules.

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That time I was able to explain everything in a very direct and objective way. It was way easier to do when you really didn't give a crap about what she was thinking. Yet, it was really beautiful to watch the turmoil forming inside her head, her eyes widen every time I said something intrusive, like not wanting her to get dressed, ever, or the way I demanded her to clean herself up every time I warned her I was coming here, in case I wanted to explore her tiny little ass hole. She kept alternating between looking aggressively to me in a sign of defiance and being absolutely and completely terrified.

That girl was sure fun. Basically her rules were the same as Erika's. The difference was that, that time, I intended to make her follow strictly.

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Starting now. "So, to keep such a productive day on track, as I can notice how hungry you are, judging by the way you are looking to the tray, let's start with a treat." I said getting close to her and I could see her paling. "Get on your knees." With her eyes filling with tears, she followed my instructions, crying openly when I unzipped my trousers.

I smiled, of course. Where was her bravery? "Now, it is simple. Show me you can be a sweetheart and make me come in your mouth. Then you can have breakfast and I'll give you another two hours to rest, take a bath, etc." I said taking my rock hard dick and holding it just in front of her beautiful face. "Oh, and don't come with any stupid idea. You bite me, I kill you. If I don't kill you, you die here anyway, as I'm the only one who can get these doors open and nobody else even imagine this place exists.

Come on, make me happy, it will always be good for you if I'm happy." After just some seconds of internal consideration Candy took a deep breath and hesitantly took my shaft in her hands and then to her hot mouth. From the moment she decided that she would make me cum, every touch made me even harder. Up and down with her small hand, grabbing me firmly and using her tongue at the top.

The cherry at the top was the way she sobbed while doing it. I pinned her hair up with my hand and caressed her "That's it, that's it girl, keep doing it!" I encouraged and, closing her eyes tight, she put all she could of me inside her hot mouth and started sucking.

The girl was no whore, but she definitely knew what she was doing. As I started to feel an orgasm coming I ordered her to look at me.

It was all I needed to reach a climax faster still. She had a mix of shame, disgust and sadness in her eyes that, mixed with the ferocious way she attacked my dick with her mouth, trying to get the job done, it made me crazy.

When I felt the first gush of cum coming I grabbed her beautiful blonde hair in an improvised knot and forced myself in, forcing the last few strokes to reach her throat and, then, I came while she struggled to breath. I pulled her off my dick pulling her head back with a yank "Very, very good job, my slave!" I said while she gasped and inhaled deeply.

Then I left her, recomposing herself on the ground, she had earned her food and her time.

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I was already craving for those two hours I promised her to pass quickly. Luckily, it did. I just spent a little time with Erika, had breakfast with her, made her company for a while and before I noticed almost three hours had passed. I ordered my little girl to stay in my room, leaving it to grab some food at the kitchen at most while I worked on a "new project".

And she looked suspiciously at me yet again. I was seriously suspecting that Erika had a damn strong sixth sense, as she couldn't possibly know about Candy, I was meticulous about that. It just made me even more aware of that feeling I had, like I was betraying her somehow.

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What was ridiculous. Right? Anyway, I got downstairs as soon as I could. I thought that by now I'd be used to my condition as a master, to have access to this pleasure any time I wanted and as I wanted. But when I opened the door and found Candy at the door, her back to me, exactly as I ordered. That gorgeous body lightly shaking, that blonde goddess right there. I almost exploded inside out. I didn't waste any time admiring the way she had brushed her hair, or observing the fact that she had make up on, I just pulled her by the arm and dragged her to the torture room.

The first step inside of it, she was in shock. It was the first time she looked at it, the place where she would spend most of her time from now on.

She would have a lot of time to admire my tools and my apparels. When I took her hands up to hang her by the wrists at the center of the room she kinda fought me. I grabbed her wrists firmly and looked her straight in the eyes, my mask near her face, making her gasp.

"You can fight me if you want, but you will want to do this only once. I faced guys way bigger than me and they were sorry to meet me. You really wanna confront me? I don't want to break you this way." I said with a really raspy tone. She just cringed and mumbled something like "Sorry." I finished locking her wrists in cuffs and pulling her up, making her stand on her toes.

Her slender and young body stretched was a hell of a view, especially when I buckled a really wide spreader bar on her ankles, setting her legs completely apart. I took a step back to enjoy her exposure, the way her stretched legs highlighted her lines, her muscles, her curves. The way it all converged to the contour of her pink and exposed pussy was something absolutely gorgeous.

Can you imagine the face of a girl who's about to get her precious little pussy whipped for the first time? Well, I tell you. It's beautiful. To me at least. The apprehension was almost palpable, the way her gaze zigzagged from my hand holding the flogger and my face.

Her pupils dilated, tears forming in her eyes yet again, her chest heaving like she was about to die. I was so excited that I could barely contain myself.

"Do you know what's about to happen?" I asked. "You are going to whip me." She said showing serious self-restraint, not falling into pieces as I thought, as a delicate looking girl like her should do, at least in my head. "Can you tell me where?" She took a deep breath, fought the will to cry out loud when her strength oscillated and answered "Everywhere?" I smiled. "Later, probably. For now I'm gonna focus here." I said swinging and hitting the flogger there, in between her marvelous and outstretched legs.

I don't know exactly why, but that first one I didn't put too much strength. I think that I was enjoying myself so much that I threw a warning shot for her, like some sort of courtesy.

Even so, when it hit, it was enough to make her writhe and scream. I loved her sharp scream. It was so different from her soft and husky voice. "Yaaaaaaawg!! Aaaaauhh." The first thing that came out of her was surprise, sort of a shock, then her new found and stinging pain. I fell in love with the way her leg muscles contracted while trying to close, marking her thighs and groin. Still grinning and spinning the flogger, I noticed that she just kept panting, her head bent forward as she tried to stand the pain.

But she didn't ask me to stop. I found that absurdly curious. Trembling body, gritted teeth and no "please no's". Interesting. It was exciting just imagining how long she would take to break, it just added to the fun of having her. "So you are acting bold. That's marvelous. Let's see how much can you take." And I hit her again, stronger. For a second I could hear most of the flogger tails simultaneously hitting the soft skin of her beautiful entrance. What followed was a painful gasp, followed by another beautiful scream that echoed across the entire wooden room.

"AAAAAAUUUUuuuugghhh!!!" She shrieked and contorted while held in place by the rope and the spreader. Her beautifully long legs trembled, her feet making those agonizing dance moves, shifting from her heels to her toes. Not thinking twice I hit her again, never missing my already reddened target. "AAAAOOOOAAAAHHHH!!!" This time she trembled so hard that it seemed like she was convulsing.

The scream was gone but her mouth kept open. Her breathing was erratic, frantic. It was time we got rhythm. I gave her five, six seconds to recompose after each hit, which I started to vary the angle, but always aiming her poor pussy. She cried and screamed not saying a word.

It would be the time to make her count the blows, but I was too focused on her not pleading thing that I didn't even bother. When I noticed she was starting to get used to it, I started to diversify, hitting her belly, the soft skin of her armpits and, what was a completely different show, I hit her beautiful breasts. She was absurdly sensitive on her nipples, they were tender, hitting with that strength shouldn't cause her to cry in pain like that.

I didn't know if it was like that because I had twisted them the day before and they were bruised, but she did everything she could to avoid being hit there.

Good to know, very good to know. I whipped her around twenty times, I guess, before I decided to stop for a while. I approached the blonde girl and brushed some of her hair out of her sweaty face. "You are doing a terrific job, keep it like that and I may end up liking you." I said while pulling her head up a little by the hair and looking her in the eyes, those baby blue eyes. "F-Fuck. You." I took some time to realize that she really had said that.

In her low tone, while breathing hard to contain the pain. Unbelievable. Her voice was so soft, so naturally sexy, that it sounded kinda pornographic to me, even if audibly full of hate. Instantly I knew that that girl right there was exactly what I needed.


The beast was out. Still grinning, I let go of her hair and I dropped the flogger to the floor. Her breath became even more evident. She knew something was about to happen. I went to my biggest wooden cabinet, where I found the needles drawer and exactly what I was looking for, a pair of thick four inches long needles made of stainless steel. I took my time sterilizing them with alcohol then I went back to her. I didn't say anything, just grabbed her right breast firmly.

Candy on the other hand just needed to look at the needle to assume that she had made a terrible mistake. "Oh God no! N-No! I'm sorry! Im s-sorry don't do this please! PLEASE!" She said squirming like crazy, terrified. "I wouldn't keep moving like this if I were you" I said pointing the needle to the tip of her light brown and beautiful nipple "I'll insert it straightly inside, if you move I may end up ripping your precious nipple open.

We don't want this, do we?" She got pale, trembling all over while she tried to stay still. Her eyes never left the needle, but she never stopped begging me not to pierce her breast. "N-No, please! I'm sorry! I'M SORRY! PLEASE NO! P-PLEASE DON'T! PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUGH! AAAAOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHH!" Holding her breast firmly with my left hand, I forced the sharp point of the needle in, piercing the tip of the nipple of her right breast and slowly pushing it in.

The pain was obviously overwhelming. I had to stop some times as she struggled, I really didn't want to ruin her nipple.

Not like that. My own hand was shaking. I was so excited that I thought I was going to explode. Bit by bit the needle was going inside her while a big drop of blood formed around the puncture and she shrieked like crazy. I was finally getting her to scream in agony like Erika did, and it was awesome. Two inches inside and two inches out, I stopped. Poor Candy groaned and her breath became even more labored as she cried in despair, looking to the needle sticking out of her erect nipple.

What a beautiful view, that angel like creature hanging by the ceiling, strapped by chains in her wrists, her feet barely touching the wooden ground, her sweaty skin glistening and her muscles clenching as she tried to contain the absurd pain she was feeling.

She gasped and moaned looking to her breast, which had a thin line of blood running down now. "Ok, I gave you more than ten seconds to rest" I said snapping out of my trance "Time to work on the other one." "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"