Gay movie Connor then stuck out his tongue and displayed it off for

Gay movie Connor then stuck out his tongue and displayed it off for
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My wife and I took the week off from work so we could spend quality time together. We decided we would go out for dinner Monday night to a nice romantic restaurant. I am sitting out in the livingroom waiting for her to finish getting ready.

When she finally emerged from the bedroom I saw the most beautiful sight I ever saw.

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She was wearing this bra-type top, showing off her 36c's, short skirt, boots that came up to her knees and I thought I saw that she had on black thigh highs with a garter belt on, that really showed off her long beautiful legs. She walked in the livingroom saying "sorry for taking so long".

I got up and gave her a hug and a kiss saying "it's ok, you are beautiful! And well worth the wait".

We went out to the jeep and started driving to the restaurant. We get to the restaurant and they sat us in a lightly lit corner with just a few other tables around us. My wife orders a glass of wine and I get a beer. We are sitting side by side with my arm around her just talking. She drinks about 5 glasses of wine by the time our food gets here and she was starting to feel frisky! She reached down and started to rub my leg. I told her that she better stop or I will have to start rubbing her pussy.

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I told her that seeing her in her new outfit all night that my cock has not gone down yet. She slides her hand up my thigh towards my tool and to her surprise found out that I wasn't kidding. My cock was rock hard. So she kept her hand there teasing me.

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My hand slowly moved up her leg to her pussy. When I reached it I found that her g-string was soaked with her juices. She let out a slight moan telling me "you better not stop playing with me, because I want to cum right now"! So as we were finishing our dinner, I kept my hand on her pussy rubbing it softly.


She was starting to move her hips in rhythm to my fingers. Moaning so quietly, so nobody would know what we were doing.

Just then, she whispered into my ear "I'm going to cum". She saw the waitress coming our way and told me "do not to stop, even if she is coming over to our table, I'm to close to cumming"! So I kept my hand there playing and the waitress did come over to our table asking "would you care for any desert?" I told her we were all set for now.

I could feel my wives juices start pouring out of her as she came with the waitress standing right there. She was squeezing my leg with all of her strength so she wouldn't scream to lead on to what was going on. Once her orgasm stopped she undid my pants and took out my cock and started to stroke it slowly. This time the waitress came back and said we were the coolest couple that she had ever waited on.

My wife looked at her and asked her what she meant by that? She replied that she knew what we were doing and it drove her over the edge so bad that she had to go back to the bathroom to masturbate so she could finish working.

She said she wasn't thinking straight when she took orders because she kept thinking about my hand playing with my wives pussy and how she wished it could've been her hand down there instead of mine. We just smiled and said thank you. She replied "no, thank you"! And gave us our bill. When I got back from paying the bill I came back to the table to leave the tip.

We walked out of the restaurant and my wife had a big grin on her face. We got to the jeep and she said to put the top down because it was a beautiful night, so I put the top down and we hopped in and started to leave.

As I turned onto the road she reached over and unbuttoned my pants to let my cock out to play. She started to stroke it a little saying how hard it was. She leaned down and put her beautiful lips on the head of my cock, kissing and licking up and down my shaft.

Then I felt her lips part as she took my cock into her mouth. Her tongue and mouth doing it's magic. She could feel the twitching that my cock starts to do when I'm about to cum and she stopped looking up at me saying "I don't want you to cum yet. She sat up and handed me a smoke and said that I couldn't play with her pussy until we smoked our cigarette.

I finished my smoke and started to rub her thigh. As my hand slowly worked it's way up under her skirt she parted her legs to give me better access to her pussy. When my fingers found her hot spot I found that she had removed her g-string and I asked her when did you do that?

She replied " before we left the restaurant". I started to play with her clit making her squirm in her seat. I kept getting her just about ready to cum then I would stop. She said"please don't stop! I want to cum on your fingers so bad" "Please let me cum"!


So I stuck two of my fingers into her and as soon as I touched her g-spot her body started to tremble screaming "OH MY GOD DAVID, I"M CUMMING, I"M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD!" She came so hard that she squirted her juices onto the windshield and it lasted for what seemed to be about 5 minutes. We had a smoke and she kicked back just enjoying what just happened to her.

When we got home we went into the kitchen and I couldn't take it! As she bent over to get a drink from the fridge I could see her juices dripping down her leg. She looked back at me and said "stick your cock in me, I need it now. So I came up behind her and rubbed my cock on her lips to get it wet. As my cock touched her, it put a shiver down her spine and she let out a moan. I was teasing her with the head of my cock, rubbing it up and down her slit.

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She started begging me "please stick it in. I want to feel you deep inside of me and cumming deep inside of my pussy.

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Please stop teasing me and fuck me now"! So I slowly stuck the head of my cock into her pussy and I could feel her lips open as I started to stick it into her.

As the head disappeared into her I could feel her pussy tighten as I slowly slid my cock into it. "God you feel so good wrapped around me"! I started to move faster in and out of her. Her hips started moving keeping the same pace as I was. "OH GOD DAVID, FUCK ME HARDER, HARDER" "OH YES LIKE THAT, JUST LIKE THAT, YEA BABY LIKE THAT, DON'T STOP" I could feel her walls starting to tighten around my shaft and I knew she was going to cum again.

So I kept the pace going and she said "FUCK YES, I'M CUMMING NOW, OH YES, NOW, NOW I'M CUMMING! I could feel her pussy squeeze my cock as she started cumming all over it. Damn, it felt so good. But I didn't want to cum yet, so I picked her up and took her to the bedroom where I put her on her side and climbed between her legs.

I stuck my cock deep into her already soaking wet pussy. As I stuck it in her, she started to cum again moaning and cumming. Oh god it feels so good. I smacked her on the ass as I pumped in and out of her as fast and hard as I could.

It didn't take long for the familiar twitch in my cock just before I am ready to cum.

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I told her "yea baby, I'm going to cum"! She said "me too, cum into my pussy, please cum with me! As I started to explode, she said "YES I'M THERE, IM CUMMING" as she felt the first shots of my cum squirt deep into her. We curled up in each others arms and went to bed.

To be continued.