Giggly teen in braces unprepared for fast hard fuck

Giggly teen in braces unprepared for fast hard fuck
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Rebecca, Do My Bidding CH2 Sitting in my office and waiting for Rebecca to show up was agony in the most brutal definition of the word. The minutes seemed to crawl by at a snail's pace, making me more and more nervous with each passing second. All evening I could not get what had happened with Rebecca out of my mind.

The ease at which she succumbed to the suggestions was mind boggling. And it had all happened by accident! Now, what was the morning going to hold for me? Would the police and an angry husband show up at my office door only to haul me away, or would Rebecca come in as she had done countless times before?

I was just about to get up to get a cup of coffee when Rebecca stepped into my office. "Good morning," she said in her most cheerful tone. She was wearing a very nice two piece business suit comprised of a dark blue blazer and matching skirt with black high heels and a white blouse, but notably no hose. She looked sharp.

Immediately she went over to my spare office chair and sat down with her legs wide apart, revealing her furry pussy to me. "Good morning Rebecca. Did you have a pleasant evening?" I asked while looking directly up her skirt. "Mmmm yea," she responded while taking a sip of her coffee.

"It was pretty good." "Scooterfish," I said very plainly while watching her expression. Just as yesterday she immediately froze in place and looked blankly out into the dead space in front of her. "So tell me," I said as I continued on the topic, "What was so nice about your evening?" "Mike fucked me really hard for almost an hour last night," she said in a very plain voice. "Really? So I take it that you really enjoyed it?" I queried. "Oh yea," was her response as her nipples began to poke out against the material of her blouse.

"He fucked my pussy good. My hips are actually a little sore this morning from having had my legs spread open for so long." I looked at her slender waist and could only imagine the sight of her lying beneath me while I drove home the bacon.

"Yea, but it was worth it, right? I mean, you did have several orgasms?" A little smile crossed her lips when she replied, "Oh yea." Excellent!

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Nothing had alerted anyone to the face that she had been hypnotized, or that she was following a few post hypnotic suggestions. Now it was time for some real programming. I sat up in my chair and asked her straight out, "What did you bring with you to plug your pussy after we fuck?" Reaching into her pocket she stated, "I brought a golf ball." With that said she extended her hand to display a bright yellow golf ball that looked to be brand new.

"Nice choice," I said as I stood up and stepped over to my office door. "I gather you have used it before?" "Yes I have," she stated as the ball rolled around in her hand. "Mike bought this especially for me. I use it every time we go to the movie." I took a quick look around before I pushed the door closed and locked it.

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"Stand up," I commanded as I spun around while unzipping my slacks. Rebecca stood up as instructed and just stood there looking out into blank space. "Put your coffee and the golf ball on my desk and bend over." She responded exactly as instructed, placing her coffee cup on a clear spot on my desk followed by the golf ball. She then bent over at her waist. "Hang on to my desk and spread your feet apart," I instructed as I stepped up behind her and lifted her skirt up out of the way, revealing her tight white ass.

"From now on you will know this as the position," I stated as I stepped up behind her. When she was set I pushed my cock up into her, finding her pussy already soaking wet and easily accessible. I wasted no time at all and began fucking her really hard, almost to the point of lifting her feet off the ground with each stroke.

With each thrust forward I pulled back on her hips, causing my cock to reach as far into her as possible on every stroke. "So what is your schedule like today," was my question to her while I continued at my steady pace. "I have a meeting at 9 and another one right after lunch," she replied.

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"Ok," I said as I hammered away into her. "After your 9 o'clock meeting is over, and you have completed the tasks associated with it, you will go to the ladies room with a bottle of water. You will remove the golf ball and clean your pussy out by inserting the end of the bottle and squirting water up into your pussy while you are sitting on the toilet. When you are done you will come back up here and assume the same position you are in right now.

You will do the same thing after your afternoon meeting as well. If someone is here with me you will quietly wait outside until they leave. Once they are gone you will then come in here, close and lock the door, and tell me how badly you want me to fuck you wile assuming the same position you are in right now.

Do you understand?" "Yes Dave," she replied. That was good enough for me. I fucked Rebecca really hard for almost 20 minutes before I pulled back on her hips and fired another huge load up inside her. Rebecca just stood there while I made my deposit. When my cock finished shooting I told her to get her golf ball and to be ready. Without a hitch she picked up the bright yellow ball and held it between her legs and waited.

"All right," I said as I prepared to withdraw from her. "Here we go." With one quick move I pulled my cock out of her wide spread pussy lips. Before you could have said 'Wow', Rebecca shoved the golf ball up inside her and stood up straight, bringing her legs together in the process. With that one quick move she had sealed all of my sperm inside her. I was actually a little surprised at how efficient she was with the task and could not stop myself from asking.

"You've done this before, haven't you?" I queried while zipping up my slacks. "Oh yea," she responded as she just stood there with her back to me, "every time me and my husband go to the movie." "Straighten out your skirt and have a seat," I commanded as I unlocked my office door and went to have a seat.


Rebecca sat down and started to spread her legs when there was a knock at my door. "Act normally," I was just able to get out before my office door swung open and one of or colleagues stepped in.

Immediately Rebecca crossed her legs and picked up her cup of coffee as John, a logistical support specialist came in and started in to this big deal about parts and demand and how it was getting snarled up. I listened to him but my gaze keep returning to Rebecca, who was sitting there with a pussy full of cum and a golf ball in it to keep all of my cum from pouring out on the inside of her skirt. She appeared to be listening very attentively and even responded to some of his statements.

I was surprised. I figured we were busted and would have to do some quick explaining. But that didn't happen. After almost twenty minutes John's phone started to ring and he excused himself. As soon as he was out the door I told Rebecca to close it. As soon as the latch clicked she immediately froze in place and waited for her next set of instructions.

I had never even imagined that this would work to such a degree. Rebecca was completely under my control and I was going to prove it to myself. "Rebecca," I said as I pulled a small Dixie cup out of my second desk drawer. "I want you to use this cup to catch all of my cum that is in your pussy and then drink it." Without the slightest bit of hesitation she stood up, took the cup from my hand while hiking her skirt up with her other hand. Spreading her feet apart she placed the cup between her legs and pushed.

It took only a second for the golf ball to squirt out and fall into the cup before a thick stream of sperm followed. Repeatedly I could hear her bear down as fewer and fewer glops fell into the cup. After just a minute she brought the cup from between her legs and poured the entire contents, golf ball and all, into her mouth.

Once her lips closed it was only a matter of a second before she pushed the golf ball out between her tightened lips. With a shit eating smile she swallowed. "Wow," I said while looking at the smiling woman in front of me, ""let me guess, every time after the movie?" Rebecca didn't answer me verbally. She just nodded her head yes. I told her to put her golf ball back in her pussy which she did immediately. I told her she could remember the conversation with John and having stopped in to see me this morning.

I gave her the usual feel good commands before I counted to 3. She woke up and immediately took a swig of her coffee before she excused herself and headed out on her day.

This was AWSOME!! Rebecca was now my in-office play thing and I was going to enjoy her to the fullest! At 9:45 she came back into my office after her meeting and I fucked her for a solid 20 minutes before cumming inside her again. At 1:50, when she came back after her afternoon meeting, John was in my office so she had to wait outside until we had concluded our business. When John finally did leave she quickly came in and closed the door.

Once it was locked she turned around to face me with this really wild look in her eye. "I want you to fuck me really hard," she stated in the sluttiest voice I had ever heard from her as she assumed 'the position' at the head of my desk.

With an invitation like that I was not going to deny her. I fucked Rebecca really hard for almost half an hour, slamming her pussy with as much force as I could muster. To my surprise she grunted and groaned a little while I hammered at her insides like she was a ride at an amusement park.

Again she left with her pussy full of cum and plugged by the golf ball. At 4:30 she stopped back by my office for the last visit of the day. "Rebecca, when you get home this evening you will shave your pussy and keep it shaved from here on," I commanded as I tried to fuck a hole all the way through her.

She answered with a small grunt while I pummeled away in her, "Yes Dave." "You can tell your husband you are trying something new, or it's because you want your bikini line to be nice and neat. You decide which you want to tell him, but you will keep your pussy shaved from now on, is that clear?" As I finished my statement I pulled back hard on her hips and blasted another load up into her.

"Yes Dave," she again replied in her compliant voice. "Here," I said as I handed her a Dixie cup. "It's time for your afternoon beverage." Rebecca took the cup and held it between her legs. As soon as I pulled my dick free, a thick stream of cum flowed out of her. She grunted several times as she pushed as much out as she could, catching every drop in the small cup.

As I zipped my fly I watched Rebecca pour my thick white cum into her mouth before she swallowed. "You like eating cum, don't you?" I asked as I unlocked my door. "It's one of my favorites," she responded as she licked her lips.

"That's good," I replied as I watched her reinsert her golf ball, "because you are going to be eating a lot in the next few weeks." The next morning Rebecca came into my office wearing this mid-thigh length pleated skirt with a white skin tight long sleeve top.

Talk about a rack! Rebecca's double D tits stood out proudly from her slender torso, giving the impression that those tits of hers should really grace the pages of playboy magazine. For a woman of 58 she looked hot as hell. She actually looked like a college girl considering how much leg she was showing off when she was standing. And the ankle high boots completed the deliciousness of her long slender legs.

All she needed now was to have her hair in two pony tails and she would complete the stiffness of my boner. "Good morning," she stated cheerfully as she strode in with her cup of coffee. "Well good morning," I said as I closed my office door behind her while drinking in the vision of beauty that had just graced my office.

"Don't we look just awesome today?" "Thank you Dave," she said with a very nice smile on her face as she sat down in my spare office chair and spread her legs wide apart as she got comfortable. "I feel pretty today," she continued before she took a sip of her coffee. Once I sat down at my desk I looked over at her. I could see why she felt pretty today, her pussy was shaved clean as a whistle from top to bottom. And with her legs parted her pussy opened up nicely, affording a shallow but nice view of her pink interior.

"I agree with you Mrs. Rebecca, you do look pretty today." A broad smile came across her face as she again took a sip of her coffee. "Scooterfish." Rebecca froze in place as she listened for my next command. "Where is your golf ball?" I asked as I stood up from behind my desk. "You don't have any pockets in that outfit." "Yes I do," she responded as she set her cup down before reaching in between her legs.

"I have it in my pocket." When she withdrew her hand from her crotch she was now holding the wet bright yellow golf ball. "Good girl," I replied as I quietly locked my office door. "Put your hair into two pony tails with some rubber bands and then assume the position." When I turned back around Rebecca was already standing at the head of my desk. She was just finishing putting the first batch of her hair into a pony tail behind her left ear before she started on the right side.


It really made her look young having her dirty blonde colored hair pulled back into the two pony tails. Once she was done she bent over at the waist with her feet spread apart and waited. The hem of her skirt had risen up almost to the point of revealing her naked ass underneath, causing my boner to try and spring free of the confines of my slacks. With one little flip of my finger her bare tight ass was pointed directly at me with her glistening pussy just waiting to be stuffed.

"So tell me," I queried as I slowly circled around her, "What is it that makes your husband so hot for you?" "I give him a show and tell," she responded without a bit of hesitation. "A show and tell," I asked? "Yes," she replied from her compliant position.

"I show him my pussy and then tell him what I want him to do to me." "Show me what you are talking about," was my response as I raised an eyebrow to the sexcapades that went on behind closed doors at her house.

"It's really simple," she said as she stood up only to take a seat on the edge of my desk. "I lean back like this," she said as she leaned back against my computer monitors and spread her legs wide apart. "And then I open my pussy for my husband like this." When Rebecca said this she reached in between her legs and inserted two fingers from each hand knuckle deep into her pussy.

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Once in place she pulled her hands outward, pulling her pussy open wide to expose her cervix into clear sight up inside her. "Then I say, 'Fuck me hard Mike' and he pounds my pussy for hours till I am full of cum." SOLD!! With her cervix in plain sight and her pussy wide open, I didn't need an engraved invitation. In a flash I was hammering away into Rebecca like there was no tomorrow. My dream of having her lying beneath me while I danced in between her legs was now coming true.

To my surprise, however, she had not pulled her fingers out of her pussy. As I had made the plunge she kept her pussy pulled wide open, greatly reducing the sensations on my cock. "Gees you've got a big pussy." I commented while I hammered at her like a wrecking ball against a vacant building.

"Thank you," she commented as she licked her lips, "Mike has been helping me stretch my pussy ever since our youngest moved out." I hammered into Rebecca as hard as I could, doing my best to reach as far up into her with my cock as I could.

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"OH God yes," she suddenly blurted out, "I can feel you punching me in the stomach with your cock!" With a cheering section like that I needed no further encouragement. With one really hard pull I buried myself into her honey pot and blasted away.

"OH GOD YES YOU FUCKING CUNT!" I grunted out between my clenched teeth as I came directly into her wide open cervix. "Take my fucking cum!" All Rebecca did was to lean back and smile as my sperm blasted through the tiny opening of her cervix to fill her uterus to overflowing. "Mmmm," she hummed as my cock expelled every last bit of cum I had in reserve.


"That's what I'm talking about." For the next month I fucked Rebecca in my office at least three times a day. On Saturdays she told her husband that she had to work some overtime because of a big project that was coming up.

On those days it was virtually a nonstop fuck fest. When she arrived in my office in the morning I had her strip down completely naked, affording me the opportunity to finally squeeze those delicious tits while I fucked her from every conceivable position.

I was in hog heaven. As for Rebecca, she never knew anything was happening. Unfortunately our sexcapades in my office had not gone completely unnoticed. While no one had actually seen anything incriminating, the fact that Rebecca was now visiting my office at rather regular intervals had become apparent.

And as I soon found out, some changes were going to have to be made if I was going to be able to continue with my fuck toy. The End CH2