Adam and Deacon Fuck Young Aiden Jason

Adam and Deacon Fuck Young Aiden Jason
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Mina and I have not seen or talked in six months, she has been in Africa working with her charity. Our divorce was caused by her affair, my continued womanizing, my sexual demands, my rough sex and her charity demands. After her affair, she realized I was the only man that could bring her to mind blowing orgasms multiple times in one love making session.

I was the only man that allowed her to dominate and to bring out her primal animal needs. She called when she got settled into her hotel suite in London. I flew to London to see her, taking our six year old daughter and nanny with me. After settling into my suite and settling our daughter and nanny into their suite, I went to Mina's suite.

Where did I leave off? Yes, I had just finished fucking her like a possessed animal. Mina loved it when I fucked her that way. She, too, had become nothing but a savage, lusty animal in heat. She came three times while I fucked her and I came twice. We laid there exhausted. Again, she had the unusual desire for a cigarette as she tried to catch her breath.

Mina smoked maybe once a month, probably less, at parties or when drinking with friends. But twice today she wanted a cigarette after I had driven her to massive, exquisite, mind blowing orgasms. She took out a cigarette and begins to smoke casually as she laid there resting from what had happened. She immediately seen that her smoking is turning me on again.

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What an odd but amazing effect. She can't say that she fully understands it but it definitely is something she uses to her advantage. Mina has always experienced multiple orgasms with me fucking her and she is for all practical purposes, insatiable after our divorce two years ago and from traveling so much. Despite having had somewhere just short of 10 orgasms over the last four hours, she is again feeling that familiar hunger in her loins, and getting the picture that I wanted nothing more than to please her, she thought she would see where this went.

" John," She tried her best to use her eyes to drill through me." I'd like to ask you to do me a favor." I looked at her with hungry eyes.


" Your wish is my command," I said in a cheerful, jesting way. " Would you mind cleaning me up?" She asked, wondering what I'd do. " Sure, I'll go get you a warm washcloth," and I begin to roll away from her to get up.

She immediately reached out and gently stopped me. " No, sweetie, I don't want a rough washcloth, I want your tongue. I need to you to clean the cum between my legs and running down my ass with your wonderful, soft tongue. Will you do that for me sweetie, will you suck your cum from my pussy and ass for me, please?" I looked like she had hit me between the eyes with a sledge hammer but at the same time she is certain that it is exactly what I wanted. She sees in my eyes that I wanted nothing more than to do exactly what she had asked me.

I wanted her to grind my face against her pussy and force me to lick her ass. I wanted to lick and suck all my cum, and hers, out of her pussy and off her ass ss it dripped down. I just can't admit it to her, or to myself. Mina rolled toward me slightly and looked directly into my eyes.

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She reached down between her legs and slide two fingers across her clit and into her pussy. She crooked her fingers slightly and withdrew them with a glob of our mixed, pearly, sticky cum. She put her fingers to my lips slowly and, not surprisingly, my lips parted almost involuntarily.

She seized the opportunity sliding them in. She slides them in so far that she thought I'd gag but I didn't. In fact, a blissful look came over my face as I sucked her fingers like a baby goat sucking on its mother's tits. As I finished sucking her fingers dry, she took a drag off her cigarette, blew a thick stream of smoke into my face then reached up with both hands, grabbing me by the hair pulling my face inexorably down into her pussy and held it there, forcefully, until I started to struggle to breathe just a little.

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She loves it when I do that. When I try to please her that I forget my own needs until they become overpowering and even then she can still see me struggle to subordinate my need to breathe to my need to please her. Ladies, even if you have no interest in domination, and there was a time when Mina didn't, there is nothing like having a man more interested in pleasing you than in breathing.

There is nothing like watching him try to suppress his very need for oxygen so that he can continue to please you and knowing that he would worship you all the more if you came all over his face even as he passed out. Mina is getting a tingling feeling now watching me, how I fight back sniffles and chokes as her cum floods my nose and mouth while I try to sneak a breath here and there without interfering with her pleasure; as I begin to drown in her cum as she fucks my face brutally.

Mina holds me there, forcefully, between her legs trying to ride all the way through her orgasm before I actually does pass out. It makes her feel so desired, so worshipped. I licked, sucked and probed her pussy as she lay there finishing her cigarette.

She bent her legs and said " your cum is still running down my ass, I need to you get it all, don't miss my ass." She has passed the point of feeling squeamish about the feeling of my tongue on her ass and she knew that I wanted her to take control because I was afraid I'd repel her if I started working on her ass on my own.

I wanted to know that she wanted it as much as I did. She rolled her hips back a bit to give me easy access to her little rosebud back there and I begin to probe her ass with my tongue. As I did, my nose hit her clit and she knew that if I keep this up she will come again. So, knowing what I needed and knowing what she wanted she grabbed me by the hair and begin to work my nose into her pussy as I worked my tongue into her ass driving her to the edge again.

The whole thing about domination, Mina came to learn, is that it is one of the most loving things anyone can do for another. Sure, she likes the feeling of my tongue on and in her ass. Who wouldn't? But more importantly, during our marriage I was dominate and controlling, she was submissive to me.

Since our divorce she realized she missed me and that she had an animal inside her, that wanted out. Mina had never believed that there existed a man who could satisfy her sexual needs until she meet me.

She never believed that there was a man willing to spend the time to bring her to four, five and even more orgasms every day.

Until me, she thought she would never feel dominant, but as she learned more about me, she learned more about herself. She learned that she liked having her body worshiped, that she liked being fucked three or more times a day, she learned that she liked rough sex, she liked my all consuming desire to please her physically and sexually.

She learned that she has a dominant side and that she enjoyed taking all that she needed sexually from me. As tired as she is, at this point, she wanted me to know that she shared a counterpart to my deepest, darkest secrets. Mina goes to the bathroom, I'm waiting near the door. She screams as she feels my hands on her shoulders.I pull her to me; she feels my hot breath on her face. My cock is hard pressing against her. My breathing is heavy with lust and I growl my answer to her question as I pull her tighter to me.

I lean my face to her neck breathing in deep, taking in her scent. I growl again pulling her to the bed. Mina is feeling very aroused at my hardness against her lower belly. I toss her onto the bed, towering over her, I prevent her from escaping. Leaning over her I pin her down by the waist.again I breathe in instinct is to take her cock is painfully hard.

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She struggles under me trying to get away. She stares at me above her with eyes wide. I lean down to nuzzle my face in between her thighs.she gasps as another twinge of pleasure tickles her belly. Her struggling subsides, her arousal takes over. I smell her desire building and I grin nuzzling her crotch once again. I slide my body up over hers and grind my hips into hers.she feels my cock hard as a rock pushing against her.she gasps. I move nuzzling her neck as my need to penetrate her increases.

Hot, hard, throbbing my cock is tight and aching. I again breathes in then settle my lips on her neck, then nips her gently. I grin again hearing her sigh heavily and her body relaxing under me. I know she wants me.she knows it, I smell her wet pussy.

The beast inside me howls, it wants her with a desperation that nears insanity. It wouldn't be satisfied until it tastes her fully. I can't stop myself. Every instinct I posse demands that I take her. My wolf's soul wants to taste her. My lips are running up and down her neck and then suddenly I sat up. Her body shaking, with need creeping along her skin.

She breathes deep and slow watching me. My eyes are smoky with desire. I slip one arm around her torso and pull her in for a deep, hard kiss. Her muscles tense at the sudden action, but she finds herself relaxing and her arms slip around my back. My kiss becomes more powerful as I growl low in my throat as I feel my body change. The wolf inside me wants her now. Fast and hands grip her upper arms roughly then I pull away from the kiss.

I again toss her back on the bed and stand at the edge. My grin is sly but not quite evil. She stares up at me watching and waiting for what will happen. My movements are sudden and skilled.

She lay before me nude, her breasts full, pale and nipples ready to be sucked. I growl again louder then before. It is animal, predatory, a beast stalking its prey.

Leaning over her cleanly shaved pussy.I howl with excitement. I had to have her. Not just the wolf in me, but the human too. I needed to possess her now. I take her by the waist fliping her over.

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With smooth actions I pull her to her hands and knees on the bed. My mind is a blur of emotions; My wolf soul takes over, to satisfy itself. My hands grab her waist and I thrust into her hard.

She yells as I enter her. The pain is so intense, sooo.pleasurable.Mina screams in sexual desire. My thrusts hard, deep and rough. She weakens with each thrust. Her gasps become grunts as she feels my cock inside her deepen with each stroke. " Is he getting bigger?" she wonders.

Her pussy is wet, slippery as she feels my cock filling her full.not just her pussy.but also her belly. My growls are deep with each thrust of my hips. My hands gripping her tight to steady and balance her.

" She won't slip away" as I slam in and out of her. The smell of sex permeating the bedroom, sending me into crazed actions. I pull out of her suddenly and look down at her dripping sex. The mixture of blood and her cum creates a pang of deep need in me. I sink my mouth over her pussy drinking her. Taking in all of her juices, my tongue laping over and in her. She grunts loudly as my mouth clamps over her pussy lips. She struggles to not scream, " ohhhhhmyygooddd." She has missed my primal animal taking her roughly.

She feels my mouth leave her and my hands are again grabbing her. I push her flat to the bed on her stomach spreading her legs wide. My growl is low and deep as I force her legs open.

I want to fuck her, to use her and taste her. Moving in between her legs I hold her down with one hand on the small of her back. She struggles in confusion, her mind still reeling from my mouth sucking her dry. " Don't move." I growl.

" Just do as you are told." Again I take her with my tongue moving in and out. I laps up the sweet taste of her. My cock growing harder with each flick of my tongue. She lies with her face in the pillow trying to not scream out with pleasure.

She moans quietly, not wanting to let me have the satisfaction of knowing how much she wants this. The pressure of my hand on her back increases with each suckle of my mouth.

I suck hard on her clit." Ohhhh!!!" she can't help but call out. I nip the nub with my teeth then pull on it hard. I blow air into her pussy and nibbles on the flesh of her lips. In one movement I again bring her to her hands and knees before me. I mount her, wrapping both hands around her, grabbing her breasts, laying my body on her back. I thrust into her hard. I hear her grunt out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I smell how much she wants this, as I slam into her like a pile driver hard and deep.

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I'm fucking her harder, deeper and more demanding. The wolf in me wants to call out in triumph, but instead I lick the back of her neck. I sink my teeth into her shoulder as I thrust in and out of her. She feels my teeth in her flesh as tears run down her face as the pain hits her. " Oh God John.He isn't human.I missed you." she cries, her body confused as to how to react to me.

For the first time after our divorce two years ago, she is being brutally taken.her body responding to me with intense pleasure as she rocks against my hips. She cries louder as she realizes.she wants more.she wants me. She feels juices dripping from her pussy.wetting the both of them. I'm slamming in and out of her fast as I pull her to sit on my lap not removing myself from her. My cock growing large inside her filling her again.

She still feels my teeth in her shoulder and with a quick look down she sees blood trickling down her left breast.the sight both arousing and disgusting her.

My mouth eases the bite of her shoulder and releases my teeth. I then take my hands and place them at her waist and begin to bounce her up and down on my cock. Hard and fast I move her, but then I realize that she is doing the work.not me.her feet planted flat on the bed on each side of my lap.

She uses her feet to squat over fuck me. She brings her hands down to settle on my thighs for balance. She bounces up and down on the hardest, largest cock she has wanted to feel inside her again. My body tenses up and I feel myself change.

Sex always charges me, made me stronger. My cock becoming larger, harder and throbbing inside her. She doesn't notice the change in me, as her mind is hell-bent on fucking me hard. Her eyes closed with the arousal and pleasure she is feeling. I stretch out under her while she rides me hard. I look up to see her in the throes of orgasm.her head back, nipples hard, her skin glistening with sweat.

Her pussy tightens around my cock as I feel her cum again. She screams out as I bury myself all the way inside her. I growl in satisfaction. I pull her off of my cock and toss her to the bed again. She looks up seeing evil in my eyes. She screams as I pin her to the bed. My heavy body atop hers as I slam into her hard. My cock stretching and tearing her pussy, and she bleeds from being stretched to the limit, her tight tender thick walled canal being scraped.

My thrusts slamming into her creating the room my cock needs, stretching her to the limit. She continues to whine and cry as I pleasure myself. My hands grab her breasts. My sink into her neck. " Oh God John.OMG!" she repeats over and over. She looks up again at me. My mouth covered with a mixture of her blood and my saliva. Mina surrendering fully to me again. With tears of pain and pleasure in her eyes, she reaches up with one hand to stroke along my neck.

I tilt my head to the side at her gesture. Such a soft touch, it throws my mind into a tizzy. I have had rough primal sex many times, but this one is different.

Mina is allowing my actions. Before I can react, she is moving under me seductively. She wants me again and I knew that. Her scent is strong in my nostrils sending me over the edge as I howled.long and low." Arrrrrrrooooooooo." I lower my face to nuzzle her neck while I slow my thrusts.

I feel my orgasm approach. My cock is at its full length and thickness inside her. She gasps in pain/pleasure at her filled pussy. She lifts her legs painfully to wrap them around my waist feeling all of me inside. Her insides feel like they are being ripped in half for the fifth time, but ohhhhh the orgasms it creates.

She closes her eyes and reaches up to me. Arms encircling my neck as she pulls herself up to sit in my lap. Her cheek brushes my face.I wrap my arms around her and hold her to me. My mind is racing, torn between my human side and the wolf. The wolf wants to take her hard, the man wants the love she offers. She presses her hips to me and grinds herself to me.


Her head resting on my shoulder. I run my fingernails down her back slow.she arches against me from the pain " Uhhhhhh." The wolf does not want this affection and tosses her down to the bed again. I flip her over pulling her to her knees once more. She whimpers still from the pain and fear flowing through her. With her body shaking from exhaustion, she glances back over her shoulder to see me lick my lips.

A low growl is heard as I take one arm and wraps it around the front of her thighs holding her in place. Sweeping my tongue across her pussy lips the growl is louder as I taste her. She shudders from my hot, wet tongue. I lick her slow, pausing here and there to cover her pussy completely with my tongue.


It slips into her to feel the tight, wetness of her. Her knees almost give way as she feels my tongue entering her.thick and hot. " I'm going to pass out." she whispers.

Again I stroke her with my tongue then nibbles on her clit sending shocks of pleasure through her. I sit up to mount her again thrusting hard and long. She locks her elbows to withstand the impact of my cock slamming into her. She feels my thick cock throbbing and she knows I'm close to orgasm. My hands grab her waist and my thrusts come fast like a jack hammer. I lift my head and groan in triumph as I expel myself into her bruised and sore body.

She feels a rush of heated liquid throughout her belly.

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Her voice mingles with my groaning as she cums.hard and long. I'm exhausted from claiming her five times tonight, sinking to the bed behind her. My cock remains inside the warmth of her pulsing pussy. I reach for her shoulders to pull her onto my lap. Wrapping my arms around her to hold her close, I feel my body change again. Her head is jumbled with emotions she shakes her head with confusion as she sits on me.

" We will have to stay joined for awhile, until I am finished," I whisper in her ear, giving her a small lick and kiss on her neck. I rock her back and forth on my lap to both complete my orgasm and to calm her. Her soft body relaxes and leans into my chest and together we sit in the dark. Her head slumps forward as her body gives in to its exhaustion.

I gently lay us both on the bed without removing myself from her. Pressing against her from behind, I lick one of her wounds to help heal it. I watch her face as she sleeps snuggled in my arms, and smiles. I watch her as she sleeps and her face is still flushed from our encounters.

Her body twitching slightly in my arms and I know she is dreaming. They all do after a night with me. The dreams range from nightmares to exotic.I pause to watch her face again.

" I wonder what kind of dream she's having?" I lean to lick another of her wounds. Her back arches against me at the feel of my tongue and I feel her thighs clench.

I grin as my question is answered, " Ahhh.exotic dream." I snicker. The dreams are swirling around in her head.remembering her ten or more orgasms from our five sexual encounters. I'm right; she did know what to do. She feels her own animal come to the surface biting my shoulder in return.

Our blood and life forces mingling to become one again, our heartbeats begin to beat in unison again. She feels what I feel, the pleasure and need running through me. I watch her closely as she jerks awake.

I adjusted her pulling my cock out of her warmth. She looks up to me smiling, and then reaches for me. She kisses me passionately and in an instant I'm hard again. She wants me, all of me and she pushes me onto my back.

She straddles my thighs and takes my cock in her hands. Her eyes are dark with desire; all I can do is watch her. My hands rest on her thighs and I nod. She lowers her head to take my cock into her mouth and sucks her cheeks in hard.

I moan as her warm, wet mouth takes me in. As she sucks my cock it lengthens and becomes thicker. I feel her pussy getting hot and wet on my thighs. In one sweep I lift her and impale her on my shaft. She grins down at me rocking on me, her hips grinding down against my body. Stretching her torso over me, she licks my neck.then looks back at me smiling wide. I grin in return as I see her teeth.then I know I'm no longer alone.