Naughty teens some with big cock while playing video games threesome and smalltits

Naughty teens some with big cock while playing video games threesome and smalltits
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"Daddy!" Emma's voice echoed through the Livingroom. I had just been shopping for groceries when Emma came sprinting down the stairs. "Did you get Alice's snacks?" Emma spoke excitingly. Emma herself would never ask for any snacks, but usually made her twin-sister Alice ask for twice as much. As if I wouldn't notice. "Of course, honey. You know I always do," I revealed two enormous bars of chocolate to her. I could basically see her drooling. Women and chocolate: A stronger love does not exist.

"Well I'll just give these to Alice then," before I could even move a step Emma positioned herself in front of me. "Ehm, Alice is changing right now. I'll give them to her," she quickly snatched the snacks from my hand and disappeared upstairs. Emma had always been more extravert than her sister. She excelled in almost every sport and had been voted twice as the most popular girl of the entire school. This was most likely because she had inherited her mother's beauty.

Even as her father it was clear to me she was a natural beauty. Her long straight brown hair, alluring brown eyes and stunning figure made her incredibly popular with the guys. Funnily enough, the only girl that could rival her popularity was her twin sister Alice. Alice was on the school council and the more intelligent of the two. Her cheerful but responsible attitude was greatly appreciated wherever she went.

She resembled her sister in a lot of ways, but she also possessed various differences. First and most notably, Alice's hair was blonde instead of brown. Also, Emma's skin was a bit more tanned than that of Alice and Emma had a more voluptuous body than her sister.

Sure, Alice had an amazing body as well, but it just wasn't carved by sports like Emma's. Still one could argue that Alice's rather large round ass was better than Emma's fine shaped one.

Both of them were extremely fond of me and in turn those girls were all I had. Their mother had been an addict and eventually left me alone with the children because she couldn't handle the responsibility.

I had loved her immensely, yet I couldn't be with her as much as I had liked. She had been about 2 years older than me and unfortunately our relationship was rejected by my parents. When she accidentally became pregnant, my parents loosened up a little and allowed me to visit my own children.

At the time I was old enough to leave my parents' home and I surely would have, if only my parents didn't pay my college funds. Becoming more aware of my responsibility towards those girls, I absolutely wanted to finish college.

In the end I got my degree and moved in with her. Although she had responsibility for her children, she still managed to go to clubs and get her daily dose of drugs. I had warned her, begged her and scolded her but to no avail. After a few more months she abandoned her duty completely and ran off, leaving me alone with the kids. Those were the dark times. I fell into a deep depression and if the girls hadn't been there for me, I wouldn't have made it out the endless freefalling.

Spending your 20s raising two girls on your own was hard though. Extremely hard… As the girls grew older, they also grew more and more affectionate towards me. After all, I couldn't spend much time with them in their childhood.

College ate away a lot of my time. I had tried my hardest to be home as much as I could, but studying took its toll on my time. It wasn't until their mother left us that I completely focused my attention on them. Somehow I managed to get a very flexible and reliant job. It enabled me to give the girls a fairly healthy childhood.

I got us out of the apartment and into a bigger house and I had eventually saved enough money for them to go to college. There were some problems though. Because they had essentially grown up without a mother figure, their sense of sexuality was almost non-existent. Well, at least around me. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with this, but they always vaguely reminded me of their mother; a woman whose beauty had been unsurpassed in my eyes.

Now that I had passed the age of 30, having two pretty girls walking half naked through the house was just too much to bear. I cursed myself for having lewd thoughts about my own daughters and frequently caught myself staring.

The fact that they loved to tease me didn't help either. They seemed to adore wearing tight jeans or leggings around me. They would wear normal clothes to school (school didn't permit revealing clothes and they often wore basic uniform outfits like skirts etc) but as soon as they arrived home they would change into something…more interesting.

"We're eating in fifteen minutes!" I yelled. The girls had asked me to notify them about dinnertime. "Wait for me!" This time it was Alice who came running down the stairs. "Don't tell me you want to help cooking again?" Recently, Alice insisted to help out by preparing dinner with me.

I appreciated the extra pair of hands, but every time Alice wanted to help Emma also felt obliged to do so. Unfortunately, that girl just couldn't cook for shit. "Alice, can't you leave the man alone?" Emma had followed Alice downstairs her face tainted by annoyance.

Not only did she suck at cooking, she hated it just as much. "Em, we aren't children anymore. Now that we've become adults the least we can do is help dad out every now and then." Alice calling herself an adult made me chuckle.

Only five months ago they had turned eighteen. Emma casually rolled her eyes at Alice's lecture. "Fine, but why does it have to be cooking? You know I can't stand it," Emma made a face. "Well then you help with something else. I don't mind cooking with dad alone," with those words she clung herself onto my arm. A slight blush crept up Emma's cheeks. "N-no cooking is fine with me," she stammered. The girls didn't let me have any alone time with either of them. They always made damn sure to accompany each other.

"Girls please, you don't have to help me. I'm sure you have better things to do," I gave them a sincere smile. I didn't want to make them feel obligated to help. "I already finished studying so I have time," Alice stated while still hanging on my arm.

Before Emma could respond I interrupted. "You know I didn't mean that. Girls at your age shouldn't have to spend their free time in the kitchen. Save that for when you're married," I gave them a wink. "Dad please…" Emma cringed at the idea of getting married. "What? Just make sure you don't leave me this soon," I laughed. Alice finally let go of me before walking to the kitchen. Our house wouldn't be considered as enormous, but we had our space. We didn't need more than that.

"Well if you insist," I shrugged and paced after Alice. I heard Emma sigh behind me. We finished preparing dinner twice as fast as normal. Emma tried her best and because of all the effort she made considerably fewer mistakes. "It's delicious! You really outdid yourselves," I proclaimed as I took another bite of pork. "We just did what you told," Emma wasn't the type to accept misdirected compliments. "And you executed it with great passion." They deserved the compliment. Alice had given her usual 100% and even Emma had worked her ass off.

"How was school today, girls?" Over time the girls had become increasingly more open about their school-activities with me. Emma quickly glanced at Alice hinting at something suspicious. "Well?" I raised my eyebrow. "We've got some boy troubles," Emma said eventually. "You can't be serious," I rose my voice in surprise, "who wouldn't want to date one of my lovely doves?" "Daaaad, that's embarrassing. This isn't about that," both Alice and Emma were blushing.

"What is it about then?" They managed to get me curious. Normally I was the one who would broach this subject. "Alice doesn't know how to deal with all the sudden attention she's getting," Emma blurted out. "Emma! That's not true," Alice shyly averted her eyes from me. "You're backing out now?" Emma nudged Alice with her elbow. It had the desired effect, because Alice regained her posture. "Weren't you already popular way before now?" I asked them. I thought Alice and Emma were very much aware of their popularity.

Especially after all those explicit polls I had assumed they knew as much. "Yes, but Alice refused to believe it," Emma made it sound like Alice was the dumbest girl in the world. "That seems like something she would do," I admitted. "However, now that we've been invited to a party they expect us to come with a date," Emma continued.

"You have to bring a date? That is ridiculous!" I threw my hands in the air in disbelieve. "Well, we don't have to…" This was one of the rare situations were even Emma was a bit embarrassed. "What do you mean? I'm not sure I follow you." "We can't show up without a date dad. We are supposed to set an example. It's kind of like how you need a healthy family if you want to be president.

It's just expected of you. Besides, it will keep other boys off us…" Her comparison made me laugh. "So you're like a more attractive president?" I joked. "Daaaad," Emma moaned. "Alright, alright, I'll stop. So what's the deal then? I guess you've got plenty to choose from." "We don't know who to choose…" Alice spoke softly.

"There are just no boys that interest us," Emma emphasized the word boys. "I don't even know how you could make a problem out of this. It's every man's dream to have that many options." "It's just," Emma took a big breath, "Alice and I have the same problem with guys." "Wait, are you trying to tell me that you're both lesb-" "No!" They yelled in uniform. "Then what is it?" I started to wonder if they were testing my patience. "We are just not interested in them. So we don't know what to do about the party," Alice said this time.

"And you really have to bring a date?" I asked for confirmation. "Kinda…" Emma said. "Yes because Emma has been bragging about her wonderful but non-existing boyfriend," Alice quickly added.

I couldn't help but smile. "I should've known," I shook my head in disapproval. "But at least they leave me alone now," Emma argued.

"I guess that's true. So what are you going to do now? You can't magically summon an ideal boyfriend to your side." "Yes, I wonder who could possibly fulfill that role," Emma cutely bit her lip and gave me a wistful stare. "When does this party take place?" I went on completely ignoring her hints. "It takes place next week." "That soon? Well, good luck to you ladies," I bowed my head as a sign of my condolences. "All we need to do is find us a temporary boyfriend," Emma said like it wasn't weird at all.

"Yeah, you could probably call one of your several admires and ask them. Emma, you shouldn't play around with boys like that. Same goes for you Alice," I said stern. I didn't want them to become like indifferent heartbreakers. "I don't want any of them. I'm sure Alice doesn't fancy one either.

So you don't have to worry about that." I let out a big sigh. "Then you should just say you're ill or something.

Make an excuse and stay home." "That's lame." "I'm afraid you're out of options." "There's one thing I could think of," Emma gave a naughty glace at Alice, who returned a big smile. "Alright, tell me." "You love us very much right?" She abruptly shot from her chair and snatched my arm and cuddled against it. I was taken aback by her sudden movement and almost fell backwards from my chair.

In the flash of a moment my other arm got captured by Alice. "Wh-what are you doing?" "You would do anything of us, right daddy?" Alice rubbed her breasts against me. "Ehm, of course…" Alice must've fallen to the dark side. Probably Emma's doing. "Then could you pleaaase pretend you're our boyfriend for a short while?" This time Emma assaulted me with her even larger breasts. They were now both wiggling against me.

Where had I gone wrong in raising these girls? "Don't be ridiculous!" I tried to resist them a little, but their grab just got tighter. "Daddy pleeeeeeeease," they both nagged into my ear. "How's this even a legitimate idea? I can't be both of your boyfriends. Besides, it's utterly insane!" "But daaad…" They sang. "No I-" "Pleeeaseee," They didn't know how to stop.

"Let's pretend I'm stupid enough to agree. Then how on earth would I be two persons at once?" "You won't," Alice whispered in my ear. Her pleasant breath gave me the chills. "That's enough, stop trying to cloud my mind. Why on earth would you want your own freaking dad to be your fake boyfriend? I'm like twenty years older than you girls. Anybody can tell the difference." "That's not true.

You're only eighteen years older than us. I know several married couples that are at least elven years apart. All those rich old guys also have way younger girlfriends. You even look like you're in your mid-twenties! You've been working out for quite some time now right? You are in good shape! We can easily convince them you are younger." "Right… Still, wouldn't it be strange for you to go with someone that age?

You aren't rich old guys, are you?" "Nah, girls always fall for the older guys," Emma winked. "I guess it rules out any other boyfriends for now, so that's an advantage… Wait what the hell am I considering?" I widely shook my head trying to get rid of my inappropriate thoughts. "We won't do anything weird… You just have to walk with us. That's it." Emma argued.

"I can't do it. Everyone there knows I'm your dad." "They do not. It's not really a school party, but a more formal party with a few elites. I've only been invited because Alice was and insisted on me coming along." "So I'm basically playing Alice boyfriend then?" If only Alice had been invited (probably due to her marks) then that would mean Emma could just show up without a partner.

She said it herself, they don't know anyone there. That must also be the reason why Alice insisted on Emma coming along. "No, you're mine too," Emma almost crushed my arm with her weight. "Didn't I tell you I can't split myself in two?" Emma blanked out for a while, but when she didn't find a solution she gave in.

"I guess you can't be two persons at once. Fine, be Alice's date. I'll go without one, but you have to promise to make it up to me. After all, I told a few guys that I have an incredible boyfriend." "But Emma that's not what we-" Alice couldn't finish her sentence because Emma cut her off. "I know, I know. Will you help us out dad?" Emma set up her puppy eyes. "Yeesh, I don't know… I'll think about it." "But dad-" "I said I think about it!" When they saw that I couldn't be persuaded any further they finally let go of me.

"Thanks daddy." They both gave me another quick hug before stating they were going to take a shower. As they climbed up the stairs their asses seductively swayed from left to right.

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It reminded me of how well off they were. Their figures were just perfect. That combined with their pretty faces would make any boy squeal in a matter of seconds. I couldn't help but wonder whether the girls abused this feminine power. My little ladies didn't find it the least disturbing to leave the bathroom unlocked. Throughout their entire life they had been extremely close.

Fortunately they understood that they shouldn't leave the room unlocked anywhere else. It was a bit weird, sure, but it was also very efficient. I wouldn't have to wait until the girls were both done. However, I made it a policy of mine not to enter the bathroom whenever one of them might be naked. That's just immoral. So I would always knock and ask if I could enter the bathroom. I watched some TV and finished my report for work before getting to sleep.

The girls hadn't bothered me since dinner and were probably studying. Emma often requested Alice's help with certain subjects and Alice would end up explaining most of the curriculum again.

That night I didn't sleep much. I had been struggling with the decision I had to make. It's only as weird as one makes it. Besides, they clearly needed me. All I would have to do is keep an eye on them.

That's something dads do anyway, but now I'll just be disguised. Yeah, nothing weird about that… -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The morning arrived early.

My upcoming decision had pestered me for most of my sleeping hours. With a yawn I hoisted myself out of bed and glanced at the clock. 8 am. 8 am! Due to my lack of sleep the realization I was late for work was delayed a few seconds. I launched myself through the door and snatched a towel from a closet. On my way to the bathroom I heard a sharp squeal from my daughters' room. Anxious something terrible happened I rushed towards their door. Just before I could open the door I heard Alice say: "What if he hears us?" "Ah don't be such a wimp.

It's 8 am he is long off to work." Emma responded. "We could've at least locked the door." "Do we ever?" I heard Emma giggle. "Still we shouldn't aaahh~" A soft moan interrupted Alice objection. I strongly fought the urges to look, but to no avail. Slowly I positioned myself at keyhole level.

What I witnessed next almost made me blow my load inside my pants. There was Alice, naked on all fours with Emma's face up her ass. This was the first time I had actually seen Alice's bare ass.

I could barely see Emma going down on Alice's ample ass. "Em." Alice weak rejection had no impact whatsoever. Emma was clearly enjoying herself with Alice's her behind. "Just pretend I'm someone else," Emma said teasingly. "We- aaw, we shouldn't.aaah," Alice's failure to contain her ecstasy made me insanely hard. "It's better than when you do it alone right?" I saw an evil glimpse in Emma's eyes.

"I-I don't-" "I know it is. I'm your twin. I am supposed to know these things. So how does it feel?" Emma teased as she continued her assault on Alice's pussy. "Aaah, don't lick me there!" Alice shrieked. Despite Alice's verbal resistance I noticed how her hips were reacting to Emma's tongue. Every time Emma retreated to take a short break, Alice would push her ass further out. Somewhere in my mind I recalled the words 'work' and 'late' but my body had already turned to stone, unable to leave this position.

"I wish we had some toys," Emma said suddenly. "I bet some lingerie would look awesome on you." Emma then inserted two fingers inside Alice's already very wet pussy. Alice didn't protest any longer and had finally accepted her 'ordeal'.

Emma slowly sped up her rhythm resulting in more vociferous moans. "Tell me when you're going to come okay?" Alice didn't care to respond, but gradually her moans became louder and louder.

When Alice's body started trembling Emma reacted fast. She brought her face to Alice's and whispered something into her ear. "O God.aaaawhaaah!" Alice had entered a state of euphoria.

Then after a few more seconds Alice's body began to heavily convulse. Whatever Emma whispered to her had had an aphrodisiac effect. Just before the convulsions had started Emma had withdrawn her fingers and replaced their touch with that of her tongue.

Because of this, Alice's love juices directly landed on Emma's face. Immediately afterwards Alice collapsed on the bed. "I'm going to take a shower," Emma announced proudly. With a shock I realized what I had been doing. I sprinted towards the bathroom and quickly began to brush my teeth with my heart still pounding in my throat. Emma entered not long after. "D-dad?" She was obviously surprised to see me still at home. "Yes?" I tried to stay as calm as possible, despite my trembling body. "I thought you had to work today." "O yes.

I kinda overslept." I noticed a hint of liquid on Emma's face. Emma quickly caught my gaze and hid her face. "I'm taking a shower so get out," she said clearly wanting to get rid of my glare. This was one she didn't want to explain.

"Let me finish first," I continued to brush my teeth. "Hurry up! I wanna shower," she pressed on. "Well if you're so impatient you should take that shower already," I mumbled through the toothpaste. "Kuh, I might just do it." As she spoke those words she proceeded to take of her shirt. "Okay, okay, fine. I'm gone." I washed my mouth with water and left the bathroom.

Emma was already standing in only her pants and bra when she closed the door granting me an amazing glimpse of her tits. Still turned on I decided to seek the attention of Alice. "Alice, are you alright?" I went straight for her room. I knew that usually when Emma went for shower, Alice would take a bath. "Dad?" She reacted just as surprised as her sister.

"Yes I overslept. Do you mind me coming in?" I was still standing in front of the door. "Eeeh I'm about to take a bath and have already undressed." Her voice was soft with embarrassment.

"O well you didn't say no." I carefully pushed the door ajar as if I was going to enter the room. "Eeeek!" Alice's voice raised a few pitches. "I'm kidding, relax." I closed the door again afraid I had pushed her boundaries.

"I'm sorry." Alice apologized, "you can come in now if you want." I doubted whether to go in. Eventually I decided that the daily duties could wait a little longer.

I slowly pushed the door open. "Coming in," with great expectations I set foot into their territory. Alice was standing in front of her closet, only wrapped in a large towel. "What is it?" She was still a bit flustered. "I was just wondering if you are skipping school." I had no choice but to think of a lame excuse. "Of course not, we're free today!" She was obviously insulted by the assumption. "Are you skipping work?" Her response was a reflection of my question.

Only this time the answer wouldn't be that easy. "Well ehh, I'm just late." I scratched the back of my head. "What? You are seriously skipping work?" Alice asked full of disbelieve. "No no no. I just overslept." "Get your ass to work already!" Her hands let go of the towel and pushed me against my chest. While her method was effective in driving me out of her room, it was less effective in keeping the towel up. "You might want to focus on your towel," I hinted at her almost entirely visible left breast.

Her whole face lit fifty shades of red. She gave me a final strong push and reached for her towel. I hadn't expected another push and so it brought me off balance. Fearing the impact of the fall I reached for her hand and tried to rebalance myself. This resulted in me dragging her down with me to the ground.

With a yell we fell down. Alice had landed softly with her whole body lying upon mine. In the few seconds we were recovering our minds my manhood began to rise on its own.

Alice's body heat was comforting and her breath warm. Dazed, she blinked her eyes a few times. Still not realizing (or wanting to realize) the situation she sat up straight, unknowingly pressing harder onto my already pumping dick. Her exposing skin made everything even more unbearable.

"Alice are you still taking a bath?" Emma shouted from the bathroom. "Yes, I'm coming!" Too embarrassed to look at me Alice stood up, stepped over me and dashed to the bathroom. Shocked by what happened I stared at the roof a little while longer. It just so happened that when she stepped over me, I caught a glimpse of her privates. After a few more minutes I finally took off to work, hoping to get my mind distracted from the various events that had happened.

When I returned home after work and a good workout I began making dinner. Nobody spoke a word of what had happened today. During dinner a gloomy silence hang in the air. So now and then Emma would pass me quick glances, but Alice tried to avoid eye contact as much as possible. There was no doubt that Alice had told Emma about what happened.

When the ladies were done with their dinner they went upstairs as usual. Feeling a bit tired from this particular day, I laid myself down upon our rather large couch. As soon as I laid my head and closed my eyes I fell as sleep. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonk! My sleep got brutally interrupted by something heavy landing on me.

For the first two seconds I grasped for breath. Once my vision cleared and I had made sure I wasn't dead I opened my eyes. "You sleepyhead!" Emma's delightful voice filled my still sensitive ears. "What are you doing?" I looked at Emma who was on top of me straddling my stomach.

"Waking you up," she said cheerfully, "if you sleep too much you won't be able to sleep tonight." "But why wake me up like this…" I mumbled a bit confused. "Hm?" She acted all innocent. "Never mind. I'm awake now so…" I eyed Emma from her legs to her eyes trying to indicate her weird position. "Are you uncomfortable?" She asked teasingly while bouncing up and down a little as she spoke.

"Not really, but it's not particularly comfortable either," I wiggled around a little. My dick was twitching and I didn't want her to feel my semi-hard on.

"Well, I'm comfortable so…" She pressed a little harder upon me with her bottom. Her female scent sped up the process of erecting my manhood. "Emma please…" I sighed. Was she trying to make me feel guilty about what happened earlier?

"What?" Her innocent tone made me laugh a little. "You are sitting on me that's what." "Owh, I hadn't noticed." Her sarcasm made me cringe a little. "Young lady, you-" Before I could finish my sentence her hands were pressing on my stomach. "All that training is working out for you eh?" She said while feeling out my abs. "I s-suppose…" This situation was getting weirder every second. When she bowed so deep that I could distinguish most of her breasts I had enough.

"Alright that's enough," I didn't want to lose the little sanity I had left. I tried to wurm myself to freedom, but she was putting up quite a fight. While I was struggling to escape she just giggled and used her bodyweight to keep me down.

At first I didn't allow myself to touch her, but when she made it nearly impossible for me to move I abandoned that notion. I gave her a soft push on her stomach, causing her to stumble backwards.

If I had pressed upwards now to get her off me, it would've resulted in me pushing my dick onto her labia. Refraining myself from such actions, I reached for her calf muscles instead and pulled her legs upward causing her to fall backwards on the couch.

Her playful laugh turned into a soft shriek as she fell on her back. Fearing she might dive on me again I launched myself off the couch. Finally free I flexed my muscles. Emma didn't look too pleased about her being robbed of her superior position though. "Where is your sister?" I asked. "Doing her homework," she said still a bit sulky.

"I think you mean doing your homework," I rolled my eyes. "She spoils you too much. Go do it yourself. You learn nothing this way." Her expression turned to annoyance and she exhaled sharply.

"Fineee." Not wanting any more scolding she fled upstairs. "Honestly girls." I mumbled to no one in particular. Now that I was wide awake again I decided to watch some television.

To my joy I saw that the sports channel was broadcasting a live footage of my favorite sport. After the match was done, I zapped to and stayed on some wrestling documentary, finding it more interesting than I initially had assumed. Like that time flew by and before I knew it, it was time for bed. I hadn't seen the girls all evening, except for the little encounter with Emma. Wondering whether they were still busy working I set coarse for their room.

The closer I got the louder I heard them laughing and chatting. Whatever they were doing, it had probably nothing to do with working. When I stepped through their door the scene was precisely how I expected. Alice was sitting behind her little black laptop with Emma next to her furiously typing on her phone. "Good evening. I'm sorry to disturb you, but do you have any idea how late it is? Don't you girls have school tomorrow or something?" Most of the time the girls would go to sleep a little bit earlier than I, so that they could use the bathroom extensively.

"Homework took a bit longer than expected," Alice said. I knew it was because Alice couldn't finish Emma's homework before I had told Emma to work on it herself. Figuring that Alice was about four times as fast as Emma, their free time got set back by at least an hour.

Especially since Emma would require Alice to explain the difficult questions to her. "I see. Well I'm off to bed. I expect you two won't make it too late." "No dad, we won't." Emma said with a yawn. "Good.

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Goodnight then." I closed the door behind me and went on with brushing my teeth and taking a short shower. By the time I stood next to my king-sized bed my short brown hair had dried almost completely. I stripped myself to my underwear and merged my body with the bed. Satisfied with the warmth I closed my eyes. Despite my short nap on the couch my sleep came quickly. Somewhere in the middle of the night a cracking sound awoke me from my sanctuary of dreams.

Not too disturbed by it I turned on my other side and tried to prolong my earlier dream. "Dad?" A soft whisper breached the silence. Not entirely trusting my sleepy ears I answered with a skeptical "Yes?" "D-did I wake you?" Emma was standing in the doorpost. "Not really," I knew now that Emma probably had made that cracking noise.

"Ehm," she wiggled around hesitating to explain her presence. "Did the nightmares come back?" I asked concerned. Emma and Alice had been pestered by terrible nightmares ever since their mother abruptly left them. The past months the nightmares had disappeared and my bed had been my own again. Of course, now that they've become adults it's a bit too 'immature' to refuse to sleep alone.

However, I did understand their reasoning. Emma had asked me sometime before whether I found her annoying and childish. I told her it didn't bother me, but she insisted on explaining. In the nightmares I often ended up dead or faded away. She said that she was so afraid she would lose me that she preferred to have me sleeping next to her.

This way she was sure I was there. "Yes." She replied. I could tell she was a bit emotional. "Maybe we should consider therapy. " I spoke aloud. "But passed months it went okay," Emma protested a little. She absolutely hated the idea of therapy. "That's true but…" I sighed. This wasn't the time to discuss this. "What are you standing there for? Either come in or go back to sleep." Even though I was facing the wall, the light from the hallway started to deprive me of my will to sleep.

Quiet as a shadow she slipped inside and closed the door. As she lifted the blankets to get underneath them a cold breeze struck my back. "Hurry up it's getting cold," I nagged. The moment she slid beside me and accidently stroked my leg with hers I noticed she wasn't wearing any pants.

Dazzled by her absence of clothes I felt my whole body tensing up. In the past she always wore a pajama… She wouldn't be naked right?

"Eeeh… Emma?" I asked sheepishly. "Hmm?" She snuggled against my back. I could feel that she at least had a shirt on. "W-where is your pajama?" "Ooh, I haven't slept with a pajama for months now," Emma spoke softly suddenly realizing how close we were lying to one another. "I'm surprised you still wear a shirt then," I joked hoping to crack the weird atmosphere.

"I-I'm not wearing a bra when I go to sleep." I closed my eyes and mentally facepalmed myself. I should've seen that one coming. "Okay seems reasonable." I tried to sound as normal as possible.

This shouldn't affect me. Still when Emma said she wasn't wearing a bra I felt my dick twitch a little. This was bad. "You should try and get some sleep," better to get this over with quickly. "Okay," she tightly wrapped her arm around my fully naked torso. Her hot body pressed so closely against mine that I could feel her nipples poking through her shirt.

My breathing became heavier and sweat started to emerge on my forehead. "Are you uncomfortable?" She asked concerned.

It was a fair question considering our position. "No not particularly." She giggled lightly. "I'm glad." After that it went silent for a while, but just as I thought I was finally able to sleep her fingers began crawling across my chest. Too afraid to comment on it I desperately tried to fall asleep again. "Are you still awake?" Her damp breath collided with my neck. "Barely," I smirked.

"Ah," as soon as she had realized I wasn't rejecting her hand movements she also teased me with her legs. "How am I supposed to sleep like this?" This was getting out of hand. Perhaps I shouldn't have let her in my bed. "Oh sorry!" She immediately withdrew her leg. "I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable…" "I don't mind really. Anything if it makes you sleepy," I grinned. No matter how you looked at it, having a cute mischievous girl lying next to you isn't a bad thing. Not feeling like staring at the wall anymore I turned on my other side.

Her brown eyes were patiently scanning my every movement. As soon as she noticed I was moving she pulled back her arm. "Dad, can I ask you something?" She said bashfully. "Of course." "H-have you ever thought about moving on?" To be honest I didn't see that one coming. Uncertain about what to answer I just spoke my thoughts. "I have, but it's complicated. I don't want to hook up with a girl just because I miss the loving touch of a woman.

I'm just afraid it won't live up to my expectations…" Realizing I said more than my liking I abruptly closed my mouth. Emma shouldn't have to deal with my insecurities.

Emma just gawked at me with a sly smile. "So you do miss the touch of a woman?" She asked while gently stroking my chest. "Eeh I mean I'm still a man after all," I produced a weak smile. "I understand. Just as I'm a woman you are a man," she gave me a playful wink. Her words made me realize once again that I was sharing a bed with this beautiful, witted lady. The faint taint of innocence on her face made her exceptionally cute. Not to mention her pleasant breath that kept caressing my cheeks every time she spoke.

The longer I looked at her the faster my heart beat. I knew fully well she had provoked me with those well-chosen words, but I couldn't help my feelings from spilling out.

"Your heart…" Emma's eyes opened wide. She could clearly feel my heart with her fingers. Shit! I cursed myself and quickly repaired my shattered defense. "We really should get some sleep." I turned myself to the wall again. "Yes, we really should." This time she wrapped both her arms around me instead of just one. Her perky breasts returned to press against my back once again. Then to top it off she used my back as a pillow. I decided not to initiate another conversation by commenting on her position, fearing it might only make things worse.

With the clock quietly ticking in the background I closed my eyes and even though my body was still aroused I finally managed fall asleep. "Emma!" A startled Alice stormed inside my room. I was still lying on my back with Emma resting on my chest.

"Owh hey Alice," Emma rubbed her eyes, showing no hint of embarrassment. "W-why are you-" Alice face was flushed with color. "I couldn't sleep. The nightmares came back," she gave Alice a daring look.

"B-but you could've come to me," Alice still looked quite shocked. I suppose seeing your sister lying on top of your dad half-naked does that to you.

"Could you be any louder?" I said as if the situation didn't affect me at all. When Emma didn't show any interest in leaving my side Alice undertook action. "I'm also quite sleepy still," she carefully waddled towards the bed.

"Girls… I can't sleep like this," now that Alice also joined us in bed there was barely any room left. It wasn't the lack space that bothered me however. Feeling guilty about leaving the bed as soon as Alice joined us, I remained another hour in bed with them. Emma fell asleep against my shoulder in less than five minutes. I however, ended up playing with Alice's hair out of pure boredom. Alice didn't look sleepy at all and let me touch her hair for as long as I desired. "It's so soft," I whispered amazed.

I was holding her blonde thin silky hair between my fingers. Alice giggled sweetly. Time passed quietly. In contrast to Emma, Alice stayed mostly quiet. When I stopped fidgeting her hair Alice repositioned herself and pushed her ass against my crouch.

Her sudden touch on my dick made me gasp a little. I felt the primitive urges in me rise up like a dog drooling for a cookie. "Eh… I'm going to prepare myself for work," without saying much more I quickly abandoned my bed and left the girls alone with each other. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After a day full of work I would sometimes take a shower to relax myself.

This day there had been a minor crisis and I had to work a few extra hours. Although I sometimes had to put in a little extra, I still loved my job. Besides, I had been late this morning due to reasons, so it wasn't so unreasonable to stay a little longer. When I finally got home I was more than relieved that I had told the girls to eat at a snack bar today. I had also visited a drive-through on the way home so at least I didn't have to cook. I immediately headed for the shower as soon as I undid myself of my shoes.

This day had seriously exhausted me to the bone. I hoped a shower would reinvigorate me. While enjoying the silence in the house I entered the bathroom. "Dad!?" A very naked Alice was occupying the bathtub and next to the bath stood a still very wet Emma drying her hair. Alice was quick to hide her breasts underwater beneath the foam, but it had been too late. I had seen them in all their glory. They were perfectly round and had floated a bit in the water. Her nipples were like tiny pink dots adding up to the overall perfection.

Emma stood with her back towards me, making it impossible to get a clear view of her breasts. However, her position did allow me to inspect her ass.

In even my wildest dreams I wouldn't have experienced such an awesome view. Her ass cheeks were perfectly shaped: Not too plump, but also not too skinny. She always had a naturally good ass, but her sport activities had turned silver into gold.


"Yes, dad. He's so well build, I wonder what he looks like down there," Emma grinned. She hadn't noticed me yet, for she had her eyes closed to keep them from getting wet.

"Emma!" Alice warned. Emma gave her a puzzled look before she looked at the door. Her eyes widened when she saw me and her whole face became almost crimson red. "I-I." I said flustered. In all this time this had never happened before. The situation didn't really get through to me.

"Daaaaad!" Emma covered herself up with her towel as she turned to face me. In my whole life I hadn't seen her like this. Somehow I had expected Alice relatively calm reaction to be Emma's.

They willingly kept the door unlocked. "Eeehm. How long are you going to keep staring at Emma like that?" Alice remarked. "O! I'm so sorry! I didn't know." I steadily backed off and closed the door behind me. Emma seemed so in shock that I doubted she could even close the door. Unbelievable… I lay down on my bed still a bit perplexed about all the recent events.

With all of this happening I couldn't help but ponder about the upcoming feast. Maybe they were like this to convince me to join them at the party… The next couples of days weren't any less awkward and so I had decided to go with the party with them in the hope that that would resolve this weird situation.

Maybe it would turn things normal again. Since they had just entered their adult life and I was the only important male figure in their live, I could understand that were practicing their fantasies on me. After they get what they want they will stop teasing me were my thoughts. I couldn't tell the girls my decision immediately due to my working times. I had to leave even before their alarm rang.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After working my ass of the entire day once again, I finally crashed on my couch at home. "Daddy!" The short moment of silence had been great.

"Yes?" Emma and Alice came running through the doorway. "Have you got an answer?" Emma was jumping up and down in anticipation. "I'll go with you," I gave them a little nod. Then something extraordinary happened. Alice fiercely pushed Emma out of the way and hugged me tight. Alice never ever stood up to Emma; let alone pushing her out of the way. Emma could barely react. She just stood still gaping at the situation. "Alice if you hold me any tighter I might break my ribs," I squeezed out.

She immediately backed off with a flush on her face. "S-sorry," she stuttered, "I'm just really glad you're helping us." "Me too!" Emma shouted before I could say anything. "Yeah, yeah, let's just get it over with. When does this fancy party of yours begin?" "At eight o'clock." "O snap, I better start making dinner then," I hurried to the kitchen.

After finishing our meal the girls rushed upstairs. I too went upstairs. I had to shower and change into a more suitable outfit for the night. After showering I settled on a casual blouse with fitting pants. Normally I wouldn't wear these clothes. I didn't like to wear formal pieces of cloth. They were just too uncomfortable. When I got downstairs the girls were already waiting. Alice was wearing a beautiful red dress, which showed a bit of cleavage but wasn't too slutty.

She looked very classy. Next to her stood Emma, who wore a blue with white dress. She revealed a bit more skin than Alice, staying true to her personality. Seeing them like that I realized just how stunning those girls were. I felt my heart skip a beat. "Wow, you both look amazing," I said eyes wide. "You don't look bad yourself," Emma gave me a friendly smile.

"Thanks, but this is nothing compared to you… Maybe I should buy more suits," I laughed. "We bought these dresses today as well," Alice spun around to demonstrate. "They're beautiful." I was talking about the girls as much as their clothes.

"I guess we're all set then," Emma turned to Alice to confirm the time. "We have about fifteen minutes to get there." "Well let's go then." We called a cab just to be sure we would return home safely.

It was unbelievable how much booze there was present at the party. For a formal party shit was getting ridiculous pretty fast. At first everything went smooth. I let Alice introduce me to the few people she vaguely knew and none of them seemed to question my age. Alice told everyone I was 25, which was much younger than I really was at the time. They also didn't appear to find it strange that Alice, a girl of 18, was dating the way older me.

I guess for rich folk (there were a lot of prestigious figures out there) it wasn't that uncommon. They avoided asking Emma where her date was: A choice which probably saved their lives. Emma would have torn them apart. After talking to a few guests, Alice and Emma went to get some drinks. As soon as they left my side a guy approached me. Like most of the other guys he also wore a suit.

His blond hair was aligned perfectly in place. "So you're Alice boyfriend?" He didn't even bother to introduce himself. "Uh, yeah that's right," I nodded a bit annoyed with the dude already. "Great catch," he smiled at me, "although, her twin isn't so bad either. Any idea why she's here without a date?" "If you want to know you should ask her personally," I said deadbeat. "Yeah, you're right. You know," he continued smugly, "your girlfriend and her sister are pretty popular." "Is that so?" I gave him the cold shoulder.

The last thing I needed was gossip about my own daughters. "Yeah, I heard they have rejected every single guy that approached them. I don't know how you managed to get a hold of one. My brother was convinced they were lesbians." "Your brother?" I gave him a questioning look. What was he talking about? "Yes he's in the same class as the twins.

He asked Emma out once. She plainly said no. Gave him no reason what so ever. He later told me that they both already fancied someone. Rumor has it they like the same guy." "They like the same guy?" He managed to catch my interest.

"Yes and since you are Alice boyfriend, there is a good chance you are that guy." He nudged me with his elbow and gave me a self-satisfied smile. "Nah, I don't think so." If he only knew I was their father. "I'll observe Emma when she's around you and find out whether she has the hots for you. I'm pretty accurate in that area. I've already noticed that she hasn't left your side this entire evening." I shrugged.

"She only knows her sister here. I think she's never left her side this entire evening." "Fair enough. I'm still curious though. Well speak you later 'kay?" He left as quickly as he came. Rich people sure are busy. His words were still in my mind.

Emma and Alice fancied the same guy? "Daniel, we found you a drink!" Alice and Emma came storming back. It was weird being called by your first name when you're used to dad all the time. "What do you think of the guys Emma?" I asked.

That damn dude got me curious as well. Her face lit up red. "Dad, the whole reason you're here is because we don't like any of those boys," she whispered. "O yea, I guess I forgot." I gave her a weak smile. "Here's your drink," Alice pressed a coke into my hand. "Thanks," I was quite thirsty already. I quickly poured some down my throat. Not two seconds later I coughed it almost back out. "What the hell? This is like 10% coke and 90% vodka!" I wasn't unknown with alcoholic drinks but it's a world of difference when you're not expecting it.

Their attitude instantly changed back to two coy girls. "Sorry," Alice deliberately avoided my gaze. I knew they had done this on purpose. "Yeah right, don't play the shy cute girl on me now. How many have you 'consumed' already?" They were twisting from left to right, obviously not too eager to tell me the truth. I noticed we were attracting attention and so I let it drop for the time being. "Anyway, thanks for the drink," I emptied my glass in one go and gave it back to Emma.

Her face was priceless. They had never seen me drink alcohol before, so it must've been quite a shock. After that we probably consumed more alcohol than we were supposed to. I had been holding out on this my entire life and so when I finally got a little tipsy I couldn't set a boundary for myself. Everyone at the party had already depleted a fair amount of alcohol when some smart guy decided to play a little game.

"Mkay, l-let's do something fun!" He raised his voice in order to attract attention. He was met with loud cheering. "This isn't a game for the shy!" His feet had great trouble with keeping him from the floor. "If you are too much of a wuss to participate well, there is the exit," he pointed towards the door. I removed some sweat from my forehead. Until now everything had been going according to plan. However, this game could very well breach my moral codes. I gave Alice and Emma an 'I'm not up for this' look, but they chose to ignore me.

Too drunk and lazy to resist further I gave in. Dragging both of the girls out of here would most likely result in a disaster. Either the girls would put up a huge fight or the guest would think I was kidnapping them or something. I decided to participate, but I wouldn't let it go too far. If they require me to do weird stuff to one of my daughters I will nope the fuck out, so I thought.

"Alright people gather around, gather around. I don't like to explain things twice." When everyone after a while managed to get up close he began explaining his 'game'. "The game works like this. You all get two pieces of paper and you'll have to write on them." The room sighed unanimously. Writing while drunk wasn't a good idea in general.

"On one of the pieces you w-write your own name," he continued, "even drunk it should be doable." We all laughed. "Now the second paper is where things get interesting. On that piece of paper, you write the name of the person who you want the most right now. Of course, you could write your date down, but that is no guarantee I'll pick both of you from this enormous jar." Another dude came stumbling about with a glass jar.

I was certainly amazed when it reached the host in one piece. "There are several phases in this game. It goes from naughty to naughtier. Please remember, you can refuse anytime you want, but when you do it is evident you haven't gotten enough booze.

A refusal is equal to three shots!" My mouth dropped to the floor. Three fucking shots per refusal? What the hell. As a grown man I already drank way too much at such a youngster party. I wasn't even supposed to be present. "Let the games begin!" The entire room exploded with cheers. It was a chaos. Immediately after everyone received their pen and paper they began to interrogate others for names.

That is everyone but Emma and Alice, who had filled in their choices as soon as they were able to. I desperately wanted to sneak a peek, but I got pinned down by one of the other girls. "Wanna trade names?" She was a blonde with crystal blue eyes. My eyes automatically scanned her body and I came to the conclusion it was just as hot as Emma's body. She must've been at least a few years older than the others though. While Alice and Emma still had a bit of an innocent look to them, this girl appeared much more mature.

I carefully scanned the room for her date, but all the pairs I had seen before were now all scattered across the room.

They apparently no longer deemed it necessary to stick to the person who they came with. I couldn't tell whether that was a specific trait of the youngsters nowadays or just something rich people were accustomed to. "Sure," I offered her my hand, "the name is Daniel pleased to meet you." A slight blush formed on her cheeks before she responded to my gesture. "My name is Lara," she said while shaking my hand. "Quite a n-" "Lara! You have to see who Rose wrote down!" A girl came rushing towards us and forcefully pulled Lara away.

She didn't give a shit about interrupting me. A bit dazed by her sudden leave I allowed myself to lean against the wall. "What's wrong daddy?" Emma had become clingier the more wine she drank. Alice on the other hand seemed totally fine.

"Idiot, don't call me that!" I whispered angrily. "Hey hey, who did you write down?" she nudged me with her elbow. I stared at my blank piece of paper.

"Nothing yet. Can I borrow your back for a sec?" I showed her my paper to reveal my intentions. "S-sure," she presented me with her back. "Wait!" Alice quickly paced towards us and pushed Emma away, "you're my date it's weird if you don't use my back." She then positioned herself as Emma had before.

"Eh, fine I guess?" Emma didn't protest so I used Alice back instead. After writing down my own name on the first piece of paper I wrote down the only name I knew on the other: Lara. "Let's hand them in," Alice took my hand and dragged me towards the host. Emma closely followed us. "Here are our cards." The host grinned and took our pieces of papers and stapled them together. "What are you doing?" I asked wonderingly. "It might be possible that people have the same name.

We'll need to ask the writer who he meant in that case," he threw the cards in the huge jar, "it also helps when we pick cards of the same gender.

This way we can always switch genders." I laughed a bit too hard, amazed by the fact how bright he still was, and asked: "But why give us two pieces of paper then?" "Mistakes were made," he laughed even louder than me before going on with his business. When I turned around and faced Alice her face was extremely red. I thought that maybe the drinks were getting a bit too much for her, but then I noticed that Emma was also turning red.

"What's wrong? Are you alright?" I brought my face closer to theirs. Emma gave a helpless look at Alice, who just wildly shook her head.

"I-it doesn't matter. He'll understand…" Alice nervously giggled.

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"Care to tell me what's going on?" I pressured them. "Huh?" Alice reacted as if I just appeared out of thin air. "Argh, never mind," If they didn't want to tell it then so be it.

"Attention, attention, the lord of the house wants your beloved attention!" "Get out of here," the host gave a friendly slap against the spokesman's head and climbed onto a table. "We will now draw our lovely cards. Assistant, bring me the jar!" He snapped his fingers. The spokesman returned with the jar and laboriously gave it to the host. "Now for the actions the subjects have to preform.hmm…" He intentionally stroked his non-existing goatee.

"We can start off with a hug maybe?" His question resulted in a lot of booing. It was obvious that they wanted something more perverted. "Alright, alright, then we'll begin with a sweet kiss," His smile broadened as he spoke the words.

He probably expected his name on every single paper. The noisy room completely quiet down when he reached into the jar and picked the first card. "And our first candidate is," his face deformed with annoyance. It wasn't his name. "Daniel!" How? Nobody here knows me! My thoughts were racing, unable to comprehend this occurrence. Maybe Lara wrote down my name? Or perhaps there is another Daniel present? "No one here is named Daniel?" "Uh, My name is Daniel…" I wasn't really sure how to react.

What was supposed to happen now? "Good… moving on," The host proceeded to take the next card from the jar. "And the girl is…" He paused for the thrill of anticipation. "Julia!" "That's me!" A huge girl (and with huge I mean extremely fat) girl emerged from the crowd. Being fat is one thing, but she also possessed a face that looked like someone puked on a raw piece of meat. Even though I was drunk I wasn't nearly drunk enough for this shit.

Hell, all the alcohol in the world wouldn't stop me from gagging. I closed my eyes and cursed the person who wrote down my name on that paper. "Well then, you know what to do." The host was beaming. His anger had now been turned into relief. Yes, he couldn't be anything else but pleased that his name wasn't on that paper. I swallowed heavily and manned up. My first kiss in years would be with 'that'. As the girl approached me I saw Emma and Alice watch in horror.

"Ehm," a shy girl with black hair tried to get our attention. "What's wrong, J-" the host quickly shut his mouth. "My name… it's also Julia," she bit her lip raising her cute factor tremendously. The host had probably not accounted for her, which means he had told her to not participate.

It turned out that she actually did. "T-then we have a problem. I-I accidentally dropped the paper back into the jar. I'll just pick a new card then…" I knew for 99% sure that he hadn't dropped the paper, but just wasn't willing to take the risk with the other Julia.

Whatever… Everything was better than having to kiss fat Julia. In fact, this was probably in the best interest for both of us. Pretty Julia wouldn't get kissed and I wouldn't have to kiss either. "Lara!" He shouted. My soul screamed with delight. I furiously hoped there was only one Lara at this party.

"Will all the Lara's step forward please." When I saw that the only one stepping forward was the Lara I had met I released my breath in relief. Maybe life wasn't that bad after all. "Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!" As Lara and I approached each other the entire room began chanting that same word over and over again.

Her blonde hair swayed behind her and her eyes were fixed on me only. That intense craving look that she gave me told me she had been waiting for this since I walked in. After being so long without female touch I couldn't help but feel nervous. However as soon as I stood face to face with her, there was only lust. The sweet smell of her perfume tickled my nose as I brought my face closer to hers. It was only natural for a man to initiate the kiss.

She had already tilted her head and closed her eyes. She knew how to make it sensual. I softly pressed my lips against hers. Her sudden warmth embraced me and dragged me further into the pits of my desire. Wondering if she was willing to go further, I gently pushed her lips apart with my tongue.

She eagerly accepted me into her mouth and playfully reacted with her own tongue. It was then I realized how much I missed a female character in my life. "Alright love birds, that's long enough! There are more papers to pull." Reluctantly I broke our kiss. Before returning my attention towards the glass jar again she gave me a cute smile. Apparently I hadn't forgotten the arts of kissing yet. "This time we'll do the girl first," he unfolded the chosen piece of paper and read out the name.

"Emma!" My eyes shot towards my daughter. She had been sulking in the corner with Alice. They hadn't been too excited to see their dad making out right in front of their eyes.

Emma calmly walked towards the front of the crowd with a slight blush on her cheeks. I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. After all, she said she liked none of the boys here.

She and Alice were only participating because they didn't want to be party-poopers. Well that, and because they were drunk as fuck. I wasn't sure whether I could watch another guy going down on her, so I quickly grabbed Lara closer. Just before I could take the pleasure of a second kiss the host called out the second name. "Once again, Daniel!" My entire face got drained of all its blood.

Dizziness corrupted my mind and my legs wobbled underneath me. I had never expected this would actually happen. A million thoughts pierced my mind like staggering daggers. I should just run out of here. "Get over here Daniel, can't you see she's waiting?" Emma was tipping from one toe onto the other, clearly very nervous. But she didn't show any sign of repulsion at all.

She even expressed constrained enthusiasm and joy. This is the booze's doing. I had to be the responsible one and nip it in the bud. Someone grabbed me by my shoulder and whispered to me: "I told you she's into you." It was the same dude as from before. The kiss chanting began to rise again. They even pushed me towards her. Not knowing what the fuck I should do I let myself go with the flow.

What the hell is wrong with these people? Why is my name in the jar twice? My name shouldn't even be in there once. Emma got pressed against me and consequently her breasts got squeezed against me.

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My mind was going nuts. Morals… morals… I hated how she was so extremely cute. But I convinced myself this wasn't her. This was just the booze playing with her body.

There was no running away now. I just couldn't force myself to. A small kiss on her mouth, even as her father, should be tolerable. I bent forward and whispered into her ear: "Are you ok with this?" She gave me a small nod. It was rare seeing Emma this shy. Her beautiful fingers had sneaked upon my carnal instincts and had set it loose on a rampage. While I was struggling with my feelings, Emma had gotten closer and closer to my face longing for her kiss.

I had decided. I would blame all of this on the alcohol and loneliness and give her a mild kiss. Before she could steal the initiation from me, I sealed her lips with mine. Her lips were softer than Lara's had been. We stood there for a while: lips as one, but neither of us daring enough to entangle the other with a deeper kiss. Still, the mildness didn't take away the incredible feeling the kiss gave me.

My insides were burning hot. It wasn't until I embraced her that I noticed her heavy trembling. Fearing I might lose control if I dragged on the kiss any longer I backed off. She almost immediately collapsed in my arms. "I'm sooo drunk," she murmured before looking me right in the eyes and saying: "I love you…" "Yeaaaah, you're extreeeemly drunk.

Let's get you over to your sister." I threw her arm around my neck and carried her towards Alice who was smiling broadly. I placed Emma against the wall. "I think the booze got ahead of her," I sighed. Alice giggled. "What?" Alice handled the alcohol a bit better than Emma and was still standing fairly straight. "Nooothing," Alice smirked and whispered something in Emma's ear. "I can't-" Emma slid down to the floor. "Alice!" The host had already begun the next round. Alice gave me a quick look before walking to the front.

I knew the girls were popular, but this was just fate toying with me. "And the gentleman is… Jake!" He beamed with joy. His name was Jake. I couldn't help but feel relieved when I saw that there were two more girls with the name Alice.

As a father I would've found it hard to deal with seeing a total stranger take advantage of my daughter. The other two girls were pretty as well, giving me a little hope that my daughter wouldn't be the one on the paper. "Well, looks like we'll have to check names," he took a look at the paper attached to the paper where Alice's name had been on.

"David, which Alice did you mean?" The host shouted into the crowd. Someone from the crowd replied: "The one most left!" I felt my whole body relaxing with relief. The girl standing at the left of the table wasn't the Alice I knew so well. The host didn't seem to mind and approached the chosen girl. Alice just returned to me and Emma. "Are you relieved?" I asked teasingly. "Quite," she said deadpan. Her response surprised me.

Even though I hated to admit it, the host was one of the more attractive boys at the party. The host and the other girl got all hot and battered while his second man went on with the game. I felt a bit angry about him making out this long. I had to stop mid track. "The next name is, eh…" He hesitated for a second. "What's wrong?" Someone from the crowd shouted. "It's exact the same name as previous times: Daniel…" I recalled Emma saying something about girls being attracted to older men.

This shit was just getting absurd. Maybe all the misfortune of the past (like missing everything of college and skipping all the good stuff) was getting counterbalanced. The question I found myself asking was: Why now? Of all the moments it had to be the one where I was 'supervising' my girls. Fate either just didn't give a shit about weird situations or had a very bad sense of humor.

How on earth did these girls get my name anyway? "Well this is weird… yet another name that has already been pulled." The guy scratched his head.

"Eh… Alice?" As soon as he said that name it hit me. It was obvious that some girls get pulled more than others. They were just more attractive. What I had failed to realize was that my girls would be almost certainly in there the most. Still that wouldn't have been such a huge problem if my name didn't occur every two times.

If they were to take this game to the next level I would be in serious trouble. As I walked to the front I saw the host reluctantly breaking his over the top kiss. It reminded me of the good chance that the intended person could be someone else than my daughter.

"Alright," the host had regained his posture and was now standing on the table again. He was staring at the piece of paper he held in his hands. "Who is the Logan who wrote this down?" "It's mine." Someone in the front row raised his hand, "and I meant her," he pointed straight towards my daughter. My eyes fell shut and I hopelessly tried to recollect my sane mind.

"I can't…" I whispered to myself. When I raised my head to look at Alice I was surprised to see she had a playful smile on her face. "Alice listen-" I tried to talk myself out of this, but she simply put a finger on my lips. Confused by this cliché gesture I took a step back. "You already kissed Emma so you better make it up to me," her blonde hair neatly fell in front of her left eye as she suggestively took a few steps forward.

It was startling how much the alcohol had changed her. She went from a shy and modest girl to a girl with spunk and confidence. Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic.

I could hear my heart banging inside my throat begging to be set free from its container. The alcohol's effect seemed to go up tenfold for my head felt like a feather.

My inner demon laughed loudly at my fruitless attempts to lock him back up again. The urge to give in was extremely high, but I couldn't let the heat of the moment take over. The after effects would be too significant. "Listen Alice, it was a mistake-" Before I could say anything else she dashed forward and sealed my lips with hers. In contrary to her closed eyes mine were wide open with shock.

The fragrance of her hair combined with her perfume send thrills down my spine. Her moist lips were aggressively seeking the response of mine. Eventually my defenses crumbled and I answered her kiss. All the recent fantasies I had had poured into my mind. Before I knew it my mouth had fallen open and Alice was sticking her tongue into my mouth. I softly slipped an arm around her back and pulled her closer to me while she was toying around with my tonsils.

When it was time for the next challenger we reluctantly broke our kiss. Like this the night went on, a little teasing here, a little groping there yet nothing too serious.

That was until Lara approached me once again. "I liked our kiss," She paused shortly before adding: "a lot." "Care to go somewhere a little quieter?" She asked with a lecherous smile. I knew very well what she meant by this, but I couldn't just leave without notifying the girls. Desperately I tried to find the girls among the mob of people. I eventually saw them in a corner talking to some guys. "Alright, what did you have in mind?" I honestly didn't know exactly where she wanted to go.


"I don't know… Do you know a suitable place?" Her unsuitable innocent tone almost made me laugh. "It just so happens I do," I smirked, "but first I need to handle a situation.

I'll see you outside in a minute." With that I raced off towards the girls and told them I was heading home. They were hesitant to let me go at first, but after I reminded them that I didn't need their permission they reluctantly let me go.

I did also tell them to find to be extra careful going home. You never know when a pervert is lurking around the corner. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As we stormed into the bedroom my heat had reached extraordinary levels. It was at that moment I realized my body had been craving for this for a long time.

All the teasing at home had unconsciously affected my libido. Lara appeared to be in just as much heat as I was. The whole public foreplay had a noticeable effect on her composure. Immediately she fiercely resumed her assault on my mouth and dragged me down onto to the bed.

"I want you now," she declared as she threw herself upon me. This was exactly how I had imagined to be, but there was one little problem.

"I don't have a condom on me," I said disappointed. "Who cares about that? I don't want you to wear one anyway," she resumed our kiss and reached for the bulge in my pants.

Since she made the first move I thought it was only reasonable to return the favor. I cupped my hand around one of her tits. The touch alone made her moan softly and I soon noticed how sensitive she was.

Glad with her reaction I began kneading her breasts. Meanwhile she did her utter best on massaging my dick. Her efforts were not futile and my cock quickly reached his final form.

I decided that it was my turn to take matters in hand. With all the swiftness of the world I stripped myself to my underwear to which she gave an excited squeal. "You're so muscular!" Her face flushed red. I couldn't help but smile at her compliment. "Your turn," I winked. She didn't hesitate for a second and followed my lead. She wore leaf green underwear, which looked absolutely stunning on her. When I had first laid my eyes upon her it appeared to me that she had rather small tits, but now that I saw them I realized they were about average.

"Seems like your body is just as beautiful as your face is," I said with a smile. "I'd say your body is a bit more beautiful than your face," she joked. "That's because you tainted it with your lipstick." Before she could response to my comeback I grabbed her and pushed her against the wall. "Stick that ass out," I gave her an innocent slap on her bare ass.

She bent her lower back further upwards so that her ass nicely curved into the palm of my hand. When I took my face closer to her pussy I saw a wet stain on her panties. Instinctively I knew she liked to be ordered around.

That was probably also the reason she came to me in the first place. "You're already this wet?" I smirked. "It is this lewd position," she was most panting now. "So that's all?" I swiped two fingers across her still covered labia. A soft moan escaped her lips.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked her teasingly. "O please," her pride kept her from answering. "Hmm?" This time I poked against her pussy instead of stroking. Her whole body reacted to the sudden touch. "I want you," she finally muttered.

Satisfied with her reply I carefully lowered her panties. Her entire pussy was glistening with fluid. I did notice that she had been a bit horny, but I would've never figured she would be this drenched. I attentively inspected her pussy. I didn't see any signs of earlier penetration. In fact it looked extremely tight. "Y-you're not a virgin, right?" I stammered surprised. A girl like her could've gotten all the boys in her bed if she wanted. "No, why?" She looked at me with questioning eyes.

"Nothing. I am just taken aback by the pure state of your puss." She laughed at my silly remark. "Well it's not my first time," she spread her legs to emphasize her point. "You're so wet already I doubt we need any more foreplay." To be honest I just wanted to get right to it. My cock was very clear about that. "Just get in already," she said bluntly. "Well then," With a swoop I released my cock from my underwear. As I placed the tip of my cock on her slit I smoothly took off her bra.

Since she was standing with her back towards me, I couldn't get a good view on her tits. Nevertheless I took one of them into my hand. Lara was already reacting to the small touch of my dick and so I grabbed her shoulder pushed the head of my cock inside of her. Her hardened nipple softly caressed the palm of my hand. "Here we go," I slid the rest of my member inside, causing her to gasp.

Her walls embraced my cock and strongly squeezed me inside. She was extremely tight, but there was no hymen present. I hadn't thought it possible but she was even moister on the inside. That made it a bit easier for me to get a thrust on, despite her overwhelming tightness.

When I pulled back a little her pussy firmly clamped around me. Ignoring her plea, I took my cock further out and began developing a solid rhythm. With each thrust her ass cheeks softly smacked against my thighs.

"Holy fuck," she whispered in between her moans. Lara slowly started to move her hips in accordance with my thrusting. I smiled a little. I needed to make her come as soon as possible. The absence of sex had made me a bit. Weak. That combined with the state of her pussy informed me that I wouldn't last too long. I quickly found out her sensitive spots and entirely focused myself upon them.

It wasn't hard to figure out where they were due to her boisterous voice. I was actually worried at some point that she might alert Alice or Emma would they come home. I gently pinched her nipple with my fingers while I gradually sped up my rhythm. It didn't take too long before I was piercing her at full speed.

"I'm close," she could barely speak with the breath she had to spare. "I'm as well," I replied. We were both sweating from effort. She hadn't specified where she wanted me to come, so I decided to pull out just in case.

Another minute had passed when I saw Lara's body trembling with pleasure. With a loud moan she entered her orgasm. I didn't seize fucking her while she was having an orgasm. I didn't feel like coming yet. "I-i." Her irregular breath robbed her of her chance to speak. As I came closer and closer to the edge I pounded her harder and harder, driving Lara into another intense orgasm.

Soon thereafter I came as well. I withdrew my cock and came on her back with a low grunt. Lara's whole body immediately weakened and her knees struggled to keep her standing. Afraid she might collapse I moved us into the bed. "That was great," I wiped some sweat of my forehead. Lara was still panting and didn't bother to comment. "I purpose we take a shower then go to bed. You can sleep here of course," I said.

She nodded in agreement and we went on to take a shower. At this point the noise of the shower didn't bother me at all. After taking our time scrubbing under the large shower we went off to bed. The next morning I was awoken by the sudden voice of Lara. "Shit, I'm late for work!" Lara shot up from the bed and madly searched for her scattered clothes.

"You have to work today?" I was surprised. "Yes, I'm a teacher at the local primary school so I have to get up early almost every day." "I've to get up early too," I said a bit offended. "But not today?" "Not today." She giggled and went on with gathering her clothes of the floor. Every time she bent forwards to pick up a cloth her green panties crept a little more into her ass. Seeing her exposed like this again I couldn't help it but feel a horny.

My morning wood wasn't helping either. I silently slipped out of bed and gave her a playful spank against her ass resulting in a surprised shriek. "Are you sure you can't say a bit longer?" I smirked. "Jeesh, you're this hard from seeing me like this?" She mocked me while eying my bulge. "Are you familiar with the term morning wood?" I replied while I lightly stroked my fingers across her stomach.

"Maybe I am, but I really need to be on my way before I get scolded by my boss again," she pushed me off her. "Scolded again?" I asked. "Yes, again. But I really have to go now, I'm late already. I can find the door on my own so there's no need for you to get dressed. Don't hesitate to call me if you feel lonely," she winked and left the room whilst still busy dressing herself. I was a bit unsettled about how fast she had to leave, but I quickly deemed myself a fool for expecting anything else.

Since I was free that day I took a short glance at the clock and decided to sleep a little more. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The day passed by as usual.

The girls had decided to cook with me again and the evening passed by quietly. Because of their hangover Alice and Emma held exceptionally silent.

The occasional glance they gave me made me think they might've noticed yesterday's events… Considering the noise she made that wouldn't be surprising.

Just as I prepared to go to bed Emma approached me.


"Is there any room left for me to sleep with you or is it filled with other women?" Her eyes looked at me accusingly. "Not that I'm aware off," I flatly remarked. "You know it's unethical to take advantage of the situation when we're drunk," she said pouting. I wanted to tell her she had done just the same at the party, but deemed it an unnecessary comment. Before I could reply to her, Alice also entered my room. "Seriously, you both?" I sighed. "I-I can sleep alone if it's a bother," Alice immediately backed down.

"You've slept with me for days now. If you were a bother do you think I would've let you?" Alice came a bit closer but remained hesitant. "As you can see there's no one in my bed. Emma failed to notice so I felt like pointing it out." "I see…" Alice mumbled. "Anyway, I'm going to sleep. You decide what you're going to do." I stripped down to my boxers again and dove into my most precious furniture.

A few seconds later I heard the girls making their way over to my bed as well. For some reason this didn't surprise me much. What did surprise me was that they had stripped down in my room instead of theirs. There wasn't anything to see though, because they only removed their pants and then their bra from underneath their shirts. They both had changed their panties' colors. Usually Alice's would be blue and Emma's red, but now they switched colors for some reason.

Perhaps they were wearing each other's panties? Not interested in their sulking about yesterday night, I quickly turned off the lights. They silently moved themselves next to me. Although I didn't want to admit it, their presence set my mind at ease and made it easier for me to sleep. I let out a big yawn and smiled content with the situation. Then suddenly, Emma made her move. Both her arms stretched out and wrapped around my body. "Eh?" I stuttered. With her hands she directed my face towards her and abruptly pushed her lips against mine.

Too shocked to reject her I just stared at her with open eyes. When she finally let go of me, she giggled and said: "That's what you get from sleeping with other girls." "I-I…" I didn't have much time to think of a reaction, because before I knew it Alice had grabbed my face and also planted a kiss on my lips.

Although I was surprised when Emma had bluntly kissed me, it was nothing compared to how confounded I was when Alice kissed me as well. Whilst Alice was still kissing me, Emma's hand reached for my crouch. I wanted to object her now massaging hand, but Alice wouldn't let go of my face. When Alice broke our kiss, she was the first to speak. "She can also do it with her mouth you know?" Alice said wantonly while looking at Emma's massaging hand.

"I've heard she's quite good at it." "Alice!" Emma peeped nonplussed. "In fact Jack told us that we're both good beginners." Alice smiled lecherously. "J-jack?" I stammered.

As Alice continued to keep my mind busy Emma quietly worked on getting me boxers off. "O I guess you were too busy with Lara to notice. You see, when we saw you and Lara taking off from the party we knew what was going down. So we decided to have some fun ourselves and who would be a better candidate then the host himself?" "No." an involuntary whisper escaped my lips. My two angels got it on with that arrogant douche? It had to be a joke. "Of course when the two of us approached him he was only too eager to accept.

He jumped from one place to another as he lead us to his bedroom." "O hell no." I shook my head in disbelief. Abruptly I felt a cold sensation at my crotch.

"Emma please stop that," Emma had successfully freed my cock and was stroking it with her hands. I couldn't give much more attention to the matter, because Alice had something way more important to tell me.

"When we told him it was our first time he was very understanding," Alice continued. "You lost your first time like that? At a damn party?" Anger rose up inside me. It couldn't be much worse than that. "Well since you weren't there." "So as soon as I give you responsibility you do something like that," I said pissed off. "That's not what I meant." I realized then that she was probably talking about Jack being a substitute for me.

"Anyway he told us we were above average and even gave us tips!" Alice said excited. "Like what?" I asked annoyed. That bastard. "How to move our tongue for example," she made a circling motion with her tongue to show what she meant. "Wait, what first time are we talking about here?" "A blowjob!" Emma exclaimed a bit more enthusiastic than necessary. "So you didn't. You know, have sex?" "What? No!" Both Emma and Alice almost shouted.

"Yeesh," I blew out all the air in my longs in relieve. I still hated the fact that they had hooked up with that dude, but at least they didn't fuck up their first time to him. Pun intended. "You're relieved?" Alice asked innocently. She knew damn well I was relieved. "Of course I am," I said, "but I still don't like the other stuff you did to him." "Oooh you're jealous!" Emma blurted. "I'm not jealous, that's ridiculous. Remember the girl I took with me?" I didn't like to talk about that but maybe that would convince them.

"Then let's put it like this," Emma said while stroking my dick, "would you rather be on the receiving end, or would you prefer we do it with 'Jack'. "Eeh," they had me there. I scratched the back of my head. "I prefer you seek out a more capable man." I said eventually. "More capable? He's extremely rich, dad. He has his own company even." Emma muttered absent-minded, while messing around my cock enticingly. "Damned Emma, stop touching me!" I elicited and moved my hips away from her hand.

"Don't you want it?" Alice was only inches from my face with an expression of fierce lust in her eyes. "This is wrong." I plainly stated.

"What's wrong with expressing one's love for one another?" Alice looked at me thoroughly. "Isn't it normal to want to become even closer to the one you love the most?" "But I'm not the one, I'm your father." I said a bit more doubtful. "You are much more than just that," Emma said unperturbed by the situation. "We've wanted this for quite some time now. After seeing you yesterday we agreed to approach you about it." "No, this is indecent," my breathing had become heavy and irregular.

Didn't I want this as well? Hadn't my mind fantasied about their curvaceous bodies for quite some time now? Then suddenly I remembered reading about something like this. I believe it was "Penis envy" by Freund. Maybe the girls were trying to replace their mother? "It's just indecent to those bound by the social standards. Aren't we all related anyway? Don't we all have the same ancestors?" Emma returned her tender hand on my throbbing cock.

"Don't get all philosophical now," but the truth was that she kind of started to convince me. I had never thought that I would need convincing to have sex with someone as beautiful as either Alice or Emma. "Do you think we're ugly?" Alice suddenly asked. "Of course not!" I exclaimed. "Well then," Alice leaned forward and pressed her luscious lips again on mine. The stimulation of both the girls made my mind melt like snow underneath the sun.

Alice pried around with her tongue trying to pique my interest. Unable and unwilling to resist any further I answered her kiss fully, mixing my saliva with hers as our tongues entangled each other. When Emma saw my rebellion crumble she got more determined in her actions. Now that I had abandoned all my morals, my lust got the better of me.

I no longer tried to avert my eyes from their perfect bodies and ogled them to my heart's content. Suddenly without a warning I felt Emma's tongue licking the tip of my cock. An electric shock of pleasure shot through my body. Already I knew that this would be leagues away from the experience I had with Lara. Both of the girls were now both using their tongues to captivate me and it was amazing. Before I knew it Emma was done with just licking my manhood and shyly wrapped her lips around the head of my member.

She seductively swirled her tongue around my cock and took it deeper into her mouth. As Emma's head began to bob up and down strokes of her silky brown hair caressed my balls intensifying the pleasure. Her nimble tongue moved around my dick purposely. The way she let her tongue slither around my most sensitive area made it hard for me to concentrate on Alice.

The warm and moisty texture of her mouth almost made me grunt in pleasure. Now willing to seek up their boundaries I carefully placed my hand on one of Alice's firm tits.

She was still wearing her shirt, but I could feel her nipple react under her shirt to touch of my hand. Alice became a bit embarrassed but didn't stop me. While I was playing with Alice tits, Emma had already exposed her chest. Her shirt was lying in the corner of the room. When Alice saw my eyes turn towards Emma to get a look of her beautiful perky tits, she stopped our kiss and meekly asked me: "Do you want to see mine as well?" All I could do was nod in silence.

Acknowledging my approval she slowly let her skimpy shirt crawl upwards by raising her arms. The anticipation was killing me and although I wanted to inspect Emma's assets as well, I couldn't take my eyes of Alice's bust. The white fabric halted about midway her breasts, revealing her full under-boobs. Then without hesitation Alice erratically tugged off her shirt.

The wild and sudden movement made her tits jiggle about. Transfixed I stared at her tits for what seemed like a century. Her white firm looking breasts were even larger than I had made them out to be. Her nipples stood erected, begging for me to lick them. A heavy gulp went through my throat. "Do you like them?" She asked as she arched her back.

Before I could reply Emma moved herself away from my cock and straddled my stomach. "And mine? And mine?" she asked gleefully while pushing her own pair of tits in my face. Hers were a bit more tanned and a little smaller than Alice's. They also appeared more toned than Alice's due to her sportive life. With now both of their tits in my face I felt extremely horny.

"I can't decide that until I've further inspected these," I said and grabbed one if both tits eliciting a soft moan from both girls. My left hand, which was now massaging Emma's tit, found that Emma's assets were indeed very firm in comparison to Alice's soft, jiggling orbs.

It was a bit hard to divide my attention to both of the girls at the same time, but at the same time nothing could make me happier. Settling on the thing closest to my face, I brought my lips to Emma succulent breasts. Emma in turn stretched her back and let her head lean backwards causing her long brown hair to fall even further down her back. Longingly I took her nipple in my mouth and let my tongue discover the ins and outs.

Alice didn't sit still either and was quick to slit her hand into Emma's panties. I nipped from one of her tits to the other leaving a trail of saliva down my path. When I reached her other nipple Emma moaned aloud. Never before in my life had I felt so attracted and charmed of a woman. As I went down on her Alice stimulated Emma from below.

With each of Alice's strives Emma gasped a little and slid a millimeter back on my stomach. Eventually her ass was shoved so far down my stomach that the tip of my already naked cock slightly pushed against it. The intense heat building up inside me made me withdraw from her tits and focus on the main dish.

"Don't you find it extremely hot in here?" I licked my lips. Alice also stopped with her movements allowing Emma to respond.

"Y-yes," Emma said still panting. "Then we should remove these," I said proud that my lure had been successful. I grabbed her waist and spun her around. She was now on all fours with her ass hovering above my crotch towards me.

Her black lace panties were tightly wrapped around her fragrant pussy. My body trembled in anticipation. I gave her a soft smack on her ass cheek, resulting in a pleasantly surprised squeal. Alice giggled delighted and gave Emma an even harder spank. "She likes it a little rough," Alice explained. "O, and you?" My eyes blinked with prurient curiosity. "I don't mind it either," she smiled lasciviously. "I-I want you now, please." Emma implored me to get on with our business.

I could see that Alice was also in desperate heat and wanted me to hurry up so I could get down on her instead. With no further ado I slowly pulled down Emma's panties exposing her glistening hairless pussy in full view. Her sweet aroma made my mouth drool and my mind go blank. I wanted nothing more than to just plunge myself deep into her, but I had to remember she was still a virgin.

I didn't want to take her first time in doggystyle and so I asked her to lay down on her back. Alice was now fully concentrating on her own pleasure. Her hand made circling motions inside her panties. I effortlessly lifted Emma's legs into the air and moved myself on top of her.

"I'm going to insert it now," I whispered in her ear. She weakly nodded and I carefully placed the head of my member on her opening. She winced a little when I pushed it further inside her, but then immediately told me she was alright. Her tightness was incredible yet required me to take this slowly. Gradually I pushed myself further and further, until I finally tore her hymen with one sudden thrust. A loud yelp escaped Emma's mouth and her hands firmly clenched the covers of the bed.

Trying to comfort her I pressed my mouth on her neck and placed numerous of hickies along her neck and shoulders. "Do you want me to stop?" I asked sincerely worried. "No, stupid. Question," she breathed sharply. "The pain will soon convert into ecstatic pleasure," I reassured her. I moved my hips faster this time using her thighs as grip.

Emma's moans of pain began to transform to moans of pleasure much faster than I had imagined. Her warm insides were clamping down strongly on my cock, trying to keep me inside her.

As I was ravishing her pussy she moaned louder and louder. Her euphoria seemed to be contagious. After a while Alice joined in with her own moans. She had been masturbating the entire time and was approaching her limit. Excited by their expressions of total bliss I felt my orgasm building up.

"Come inside me," Emma managed to say between her moans. "But-" "Please," Emma pleaded. I knew how close Emma was by looking at her body. She was slightly trembling trying to delay her orgasm so she could come together with me. When her alluring green eyes connected with mine she pushed me over the edge. "I'm coming!" I announced. With a low grunt I let the waves of euphoria overwhelm me. With each wave came a huge amount of cum.

Emma's insides milked every single drop whilst her body itself was violently convulsing from her intense orgasm.

Her fluids mixed together with mine. A sweat drop dripped from my forehead onto her stomach. I was still recuperating from my orgasm when Alice carefully tipped me on the shoulder. I turned over only to look into her puppy eyes.

Her cheeks where flushed with desire and her panties were soaked with pre-cum. Although I didn't need any encouragement to fuck Alice, her sultry appearance made me extremely horny again. I gently retreated from Emma's insides and focused my attention on Alice. Emma didn't seem to mind for she was still entranced by her orgasm.

I put my hands around Alice's neck and pulled her closed towards me. Her beautiful brown eyes shyly averting mine. Paying them no mind I initiated our kiss. Despite her being shy at first she kissed me with burning desire. Her tongue enthusiastically played with my tonsils.

In our embrace I pulled us to the back of the bed where we could take a little more space without troubling the still panting Emma. "I don't need any more foreplay. I waited this long already," she told me when I fondled her large tits. I smirked and deftly took off her panties.

She peeped in surprise but was quick to bend her ass to me. She was now sitting on all fours her pussy looking very appeasing. I licked my lips and positioned my face on her ass. "No, no foreplay!" Alice objected although shivering with pleasure. I ran my tongue from all the way down her pussy to her asshole eliciting an attractive moan from her lips. "You want to do it like this?" I asked. Doggystyle wasn't particularly the best stance for a first-timer but not the worst either.

"Just do me," Alice wiggled her ass impatiently. "As you command," I firmly grabbed both her round ass cheeks and positioned my cock onto her labia. My member was still wet from Emma so it went in nice and smooth. Alice gasped at the intrusion and I could see she was trying her hardest to cope with the situation. She was even more drenched than Emma had been probably due to her prior masturbating. Her pussy was amazingly tight.

The contrast between her large ass and small pussy made it considerably hard for me not to fill her womb immediately. "Brace yourself," I notified her when I felt an obstacle inside her. "Okay," she said sheepishly taking large heavy breathes. Just as I had done with Emma I ripped through her hymen in one push.

Better to get it over with quickly. Alice whimpered in pain, but seemed to take it a lot better than Emma. "Are you ok?" "I-i'm fine," she groaned. "I'm going to move my hips now," I warned her. Gently I began to push my cock further into her only to let it slid back again. It never seized to amaze me how soft and comfortable the insides of a woman are. After plunging her a few times she became more active and passionately grinded her ass against my hips.

"This feels so good," I complemented her efforts. She turned her blonde head in response and finally looked me in the eyes. Seeing her looking at me with her face full of ecstasy and long blonde hair plastered to her back gave my libido an incredible boost. I started to fuck her harder and harder while spanking her white ass every now and then.

Although she had told me Emma liked it rough, it was nothing compared to how she herself liked it. Every time my hand smacked her ass she would beg me for another one.

"Fuck me harder! I want you to pour it deep inside," she moaned erratically. I couldn't be more surprised: The normally so shy Alice was a sex monster. I didn't know where she got the dirty talking from, but I sure as hell didn't mind. "Holy fuck, you guys are so hot," Emma had recovered from her beating and was now watching us going at it.

Instead of getting embarrassed Alice got even more turned on from our audience. "I-i'm coming!" She exclaimed. I kept on fucking her from behind while she entered the best phase of her existence. She shook so heavily that I started to worry about the bed. Her squeal of pleasure was triumph in my ears.

I hadn't stopped pounding her causing orgasm after orgasm for her. "Too good, this feels too good," Alice was now drooling all over my blankets. "Here it comes," I slammed my cock as far inside her as I could before letting me succumb to the eternal depths of pleasure.

Despite having pumped Emma full as well, my stream of cum appeared to be endless. When my senses eventually returned from heaven I could hear Emma panting from excitement. Maybe I should buy some Viagra in the future I thought exhausted.

This was going to be a long night.


We slept until late morning and were only awoken by the sound of a doorbell. "Be dammed, " I cursed still sleepy. "I'll open the door!" Emma beamed gleefully as she stormed downstairs.

Both Emma and Alice were over the moon this morning. I of course had no idea of the cause. "Dad, it's for you!" She shouted from downstairs.

"Owh poor you, now you have to leave bed," Alice teased. "Shut up you," I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed and to the front door. On my way I quickly put on some pants and a loose blouse. After struggling my way downstairs I trudged to the door.

"Hey Daniel," a faint familiar voice came from the doorway. Emma opened the door a bit further so I could look who it was. "You." My eyes widened in anger. Sweat drops formed on my forehead and my hands trembled slightly. The blood transport to my head felt blockaded and a feeling of nausea engulfed me. "You." This time I spat the word out of my mouth. "Dad?" Emma looked frightened. I plainly ignored her and focused all my attention on the woman before me. Something she herself had had great trouble with.

"How dare you to come back now?" I shouted in fury. The woman in the door was no one else then the mother of my children: My former girlfriend. To be continued? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author comment: Thank you for reading it till the end!

Again constructive feedback is always appreciated. I'm not sure whether I made the story too long, but I wanted some build up before making the girls subject to the father. If there's enough interest in a follow-up on this story I will write it. Of course in this part there will be a lot more sex in more variety.

Again thank you for reading.