Lots of group sex on dance floor blow jobs from blondes with jism at face

Lots of group sex on dance floor blow jobs from blondes with jism at face
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May 15, 2038 Dear Diary, You may think that living in a city famous for lesbians would guarantee me a girlfriend by now, but that's just not the case for me. I spend every night alone with no one to pleasure me. Lucky for me, the city just built a new pleasure house, Factory O, for the women in this city like me, to keep down prostitution, and tonight's the night that I've been waiting for. I'm gonna cash my paycheck and spend all night at Factory O until my aching pussy can take no more.

May 16, 2038 Dear Diary, What a night! I walked into Factory O a little after seven and left my clothes in a locker.

As I was walking into the main room, I can't lie, my eyes were glued on all of the other women's pussies. The facility was dimly lot, but very clean.

An attendant cleaned my seat with Lysol and handed me a remote.

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I straddled the seat, and put my legs in the holders on either side of a hole in the crotch area of the seat. Carefully I pressed my pussy through the hole and felt the cool air of the Lick Level beneath me. I leaned my torso against the front of my seat, which was almost like a backward chair.

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As I clicked the power button on my remote, my chair moved down a conveyor belt to Station 4, which had a sign on it that said "Lisa will be licking you today". My cunt twitched just reading the sign and I began to get wet.

Lisa, a Factory O employee, was on the level downstairs from me, and my pussy was showing through the hole in my chair above her face. Albeit industrial, Factory O gave me the best orgasms of my life. I used the touch screen remote to give Lisa commands.

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I decided that I wanted to slowly build up to a huge cum. I pressed a "hot breath" button, and Lisa opened her mouth and engulfed my throbbing vulva in hot gusts of her breath. The heat moistened me even more and my pussy began to ache. I then typed "blow cool air on my hole" and she obliged, sending cold breaths straight into my vaginal opening, which made me twitch and tingle. As this went on for ten minutes, I writhed in anticipation of her tongue on my clit. Finally, I decided to put myself out of my misery and I commanded Lisa to lick only my Clit.

She took the tip of her tongue and slowly pressed it up against my swollen button, and began to eagerly lap up my clitoris and play with it. I couldn't hold in my moans any longer. I began to moan out loud and my cunt lips dripped with juices.

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I pressed "full tongue" and she pressed her long, hot, rough tongue against my entire pussy, and ran it up my cunt over and over, taking huge licks, dragging my long, sensitive inner lips with her tongue. I grinded my hips against my chair in pleasure and moaned loudly, in a factory room full of other moaning lesbians. My clitoris tingled and twitched and my hole ached and puckered and I was the wettest I'd ever been in my life.

Without me even asking, Lisa jammed her tongue in between my sticky inner lips and ran it back and forth, scooping out all of my runny, sticky, juices and occasionally massaged my clit with the back of her tongue. I needed her tongue inside me. I needed it.


My throbbing pussy hole couldn't take it any more. But my clit was starving for attention. In between screams and cries of pleasure, I waved the attendant over, handed her twenty more dollars, and requested a second tongue. Over the intercom, she called "Cindy to Station 4, Cindy to Station 4".

With my remote, I commanded Cindy to take over my clit, and she began to tease my button with the tip of her tongue, playfully poking it and then circling the clit and giving it good, hardy licks. When I thought she couldn't be any better, she ran her tongue around the inside of my clitoral hood, making me wail in pleasure.


It was time to attend to my need, Lisa's tongue inside my puckering, sticky pussy hole. Coating it in spit, she jammed her meaty tongue into my pussy, at last. Lisa was a favorite of mine, because her tongue is long and strong.


She stuck the length of it inside me, and I pressed my hips against my chair as hard as I could to get her tongue in me deep. I wanted Lisa to lick my cervix, all while Cindy worked my clit raw. To my amazement, Lisa managed to wiggle the tip of her tongue against my G Spot while her whole tongue was inside my clamping vagina.

At this point I was screaming "FUCK FUCK FUCK OH YEAH LICK MY FUCKING PUSSY, EAT MY FUCKING PUSSY, EAT MY CLIT EAT MY CLIT" through Factory O, but I didn't care. In fact, I wasn't the only one. In and out, in and out, Lisa's tongue pumped. She pumped her tongue in and out of my wet pink cunt hole. Again, to my surprise, Cindy took my clit in between her lips and sucked it right in.

She sucked my throbbing clit like an animal nursing, hungrily, and then hit it with the back of her hot tongue.

At the same time, Lisa pulled out all the stops. She stretched her tongue as far as it could go and---YES---it reached my cervix! Her tongue FILLED my whole vagina and she dragged in in and out.

In and out. In and out. Cindy was sucking my clit and I was barely hanging on. I screamed "EAT MY PUSSY! TONGUE FUCK MY HOLE! YES! YES! YES! LICK MY VAGINA EAT ME EAT ME EAT ME!" I threw a 50 dollar bill at the attendant, and she called Paige and Shellie to me. I commanded them each to take one of my inner lips in their mouth. They sucked on them like lollipops, and I was done for.

I had four women eating every single part of my cunt by now. My lips were being sucked hungrily.

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My clitoris was being licked eagerly, and my hole was being fucked by Lisa's wet tongue. I exploded into orgasm. My hips bucked. My legs kicked. My eyes squeezed shut and I screamed "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH YES OHHHHHHH MY PUSSY OHHHHHHHH" My vagina clenched around Lisa's tongue, which was fully extended into my body, and Cindy, Shellie, and Paige all did long licks of my lips and clit.

As I released Lisa, she slid her long tongue out of me and my pussy pulsed.

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I sat, exhausted and writhing in ecstasy, for ten minutes before wandering to the locker room, juices and spit running down my legs. The friction of the lace panties against my swollen pussy and clit made my knees buckle for a minute, but eventually I made it back to my apartment to write this. Thank god for Factory O. I can't wait to sample the other services they offer ;)