Young boys free gay sex video downloads A Juicy Reward For Elijah

Young boys free gay sex video downloads A Juicy Reward For Elijah
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Chapter 10 There was a soft knock at the door. It was always the same two taps with her. Like the start of a joke. I stood up and crossed the room to the door, reaching out to let my fingers rest on the handle. Then I hesitated. I felt nervous. I hadn't seen her for more than two weeks, even staying in my room all that evening to avoid her, knowing it would be more exciting for the first time I see her to be when she visited me.

Two weeks doesn't sound like a lot of time, but it felt like months. Taking a second to steady myself, I let out a quick breath and pulled the door open. I noticed her expression first, that look of complete shock at my answering the door.

Wide, bright green eyes and soft, pouting lips. She was wearing something new, something that I had to take a few seconds to fully absorb. It was just a simple, thin grey slip, completely see through, revealing plain black panties and a black bra. She looked incredible.

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Her usual negligee was more complicated than this, with intricate designs woven into it, and it was beautiful, but this.this was wonderfully simple. Just a barely existent layer of transparent material that showed off her body perfectly, but somehow hid enough to be tantalising. It was almost elegant, in a way. My eyes wandered down to her long legs to her feet, and of course her toenails were painted black to match.

I let my eyes glide back up her gorgeous body, trying to memorise every detail I'd missed. I felt myself harden in my underwear as I met her eyes again.

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She seemed frozen by fear, not knowing how to react. Waiting for me to take control. I stepped towards her and slid my arm around her waist, pulling her close to me. She leaned in and our lips met in a ferocious kiss. I could feel my relief and enthusiasm echoed and returned by her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and moaned into my mouth as our tongues danced wildly.

I suddenly pulled back from her. We couldn't do this in the hallway. I stood to the side and gestured for her to enter. She walked quickly past me, and I followed and closed the door. As I turned towards the room, she was suddenly there again, her face rapidly approaching mine. She kissed me hard and threw her body against me, slamming me against the door. I returned the kiss, and smiled at what I was about to do.

I slid my hand slowly up into her soft hair, and tightened my grip. I yanked her head away from mine, making her squeal. I held her by her hair and stared into her eyes. It was like I could see every thought running through her head, every emotion bubbling to the surface on that beautiful face I knew so well.

The lust, the disappointment, the excitement, and as always, the fear. That hint of terror that kept her on her toes, that made everything that much more exciting for her. "Is this new?" I asked, keeping my voice calm and gentle. I gestured to her body, her new outfit. She tried to nod, almost forgetting that she was still in my grip. "Yeah. my, my mom helped me pick it out." she said quietly. As soon as she said it, she blushed and grimaced.

I couldn't help but chuckle at her embarrassment. "So I have your mommy to thank?" I asked, not expecting an answer.

I liked the image of her wandering around Paris, getting Alice to buy her sexy clothes so she could dress up for me. I wondered if Rose had been there for that, whether she suspected that her best friend was actually dressing like a slut for her own twin brother. "Did you have fun in Paris?" I asked casually. "Yeah." she sighed, "But I. I missed you." I pulled her by the hair, gently bringing her forehead to rest against mine.

I noticed something interesting about how she moved. She didn't anticipate my actions and try to move with me, but neither did she resist. She just let herself be led, always being just slow enough that she was experiencing the full pain of my grip. Even when I was already hurting her she was submitting in her own small way. "Have you been a good girl, sweetheart?" I asked, staring into her eyes.

"Yes." she whispered quickly. "You have?" I asked, smirking at her. "Yes." she repeated desperately. "Yes. what?" I asked. I was ready to lead her down the path of submission again, pushing and leading her at every point, like I usually had to. But not this time. "Yes, I've been a good girl for you Sir." she said quickly, her desperation to be believed clear in her tone, "I missed you so much. I've been a good little slut for you. I didn't touch my pussy no matter how much I wanted to." She surprised me by talking like this.

These were the kinds of things she usually didn't say until she'd already been thoroughly dominated. "You can't lie to me." I said quietly. "I wouldn't." she said, her voice firm, "I'm not." I looked into her bright green eyes for another few seconds. Would I even know if she was lying to me? "Strip." I said calmly, letting her go. She took a step back and reached down to the hem of her barely solid dress.

She slowly lifted it up, exposing her body to me while shaking her hips back and forth to some unheard beat.

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When it cleared her head, she tossed it carelessly on the floor. Then came her bra. She unhooked it and quickly brought her hands around to hold the cups against her chest.


In a smooth, seemingly practised motion, she lifted her arms to drop the bra to the floor, but quickly pressed them back against her chest, not revealing herself. She was holding her boobs with both arms, denying me the view. I wasn't used to her teasing me like this, but I wasn't in any hurry to change things.

As much as I wanted to see that beautiful chest in it's entirety, I was content to wait. And they looked pretty good being held like that. She shook her hips seductively, again back and forth with that easy rhythm. She took a step towards me, then crouched low and slid her panties off with one hand, keeping the other arm over her nipples.

She stood up, revealing her well trimmed triangle of pubic hair, then kicked her panties away, taking another step towards me. She was inches away from me, and she suddenly closed the distance. She let her arms drop right before she pressed her body against mine, her soft, heavy breasts pushing into my chest, and her arms crossing behind my back.

I wished for a brief second that I wasn't still clothed so I could feel her skin against mine, but there was still something satisfying about making her expose herself to me without having to do the same. "I missed you." she said, her lips only inches from mine. "Be quiet." I said gently. I wanted silence right now. Just the sounds of our breathing, and the feeling of her warmth against me. A little bit of intimacy before things got.

dark. She smiled and leaned in for a kiss, but waited for me. I smiled. That was enough intimacy for now. Grabbing her ass hard with both hands, I lifted her off the ground and forced our lips together.

I plunged my tongue into her mouth, kissing her hard and deep. She wrapped her legs around my waist tightly as I continued to drive my tongue against hers, not caring about being skilled or sensual, just violating her mouth with my tongue. She whimpered into me, and only then did I pull away. I slowly slid her downwards, and she dropped her legs just in time.

She was shaky on her feet, and looked dazed at the sudden ferocity of my kiss. I gently pushed her back a step, admiring her nude form. Her tits really were incredible, standing high and proud on her chest despite their size. My cock was rock hard. I wanted her so badly. Without meaning to, I let out a low growl of desire in the back of my throat.

She smiled at me, and I felt myself blush slightly. "On the bed." I ordered. She turned quickly and slid into my bed, under the blanket, before kicking it off and revealing herself again. I smiled, remembering how she'd done it before.

I'd heard so much about women too afraid and insecure to have sex with the lights on, never mind above the covers. But Jessica would never pass up a chance to show off her body to me.

Even now she posed, laid back on her arms and body positioned like a centrefold, long legs pointed out straight with one curled just a little bit.

The look of lust and anticipation in her eyes, the absolute perfection of her large firm breasts and taught stomach.

she looked like a goddess of desire, and she was waiting just for me. I shook my head of these pseudo-poetic notions and tried to find my centre. My cock was throbbing in my jeans but I knew I had to have complete control over myself. As much as I wanted to just jump on her and ravage her, I had to take things slowly. I had a plan for how things were going to go, and I had to follow that plan, just like always.


This wasn't just sex, after all. It was Domination. I sat down on the bed beside her and reached down to the floor. Under my bed were two brown bags, one for a reward, and one for a punishment. My hand lingered on the punishment bag for a second.

I was disappointed that I wouldn't get to explore my blossoming sadism tonight, but if she'd really earned this reward. "You know, it's interesting that you bought that sexy outfit for me, because I bought something for you to wear too." I said, lifting out the reward bag.

She smiled eagerly but stayed silent, as she was told to. "Well, a few things." I said, my voice light. "The first is this." I pulled out a thick, black leather strap. It was much thicker, much more intimidating than the belt I'd used to punish her the last time we were together, and her eyes widened in shock and fear. I laughed at her terrified expression. "No, sweetheart, no." I said, unrolling the strap in my hands, "It's not for that." She looked up at me, eyes wide and filled with vulnerability I laughed again and shook my head at her, as if she was being silly.

"Come here, look." I said. I sat up and reached towards her. I took her by the hands and guided them up above her head. She looked back to see what I was doing as I slid her wrists through the metal bars of my headboard, in a place I had discovered was perfect for them. Close to the top in the centre, where a solid bar ran horizontally along, bisecting the vertical ones. Just at this spot it created a series of little squares, and it was through two of these that I slid Jessica's small, trembling hands.

"Keep your arms here." I told her. I grabbed the strap and slowly tightened it around her wrists, pulling it tight and fastening it. This was a bondage strap, and I'd actually bought several of these of various sizes and uses.

They weren't exactly cheap, but even in my booze-addled state I'd apparently had the good sense to order a smaller set. I knew her wrists would be well secured here because I'd tested the spot myself.

The strap had been difficult to operate with my teeth, but I hadn't been stupid enough to try to fasten it, which probably would have trapped me completely. I sat down beside her again, still smiling. "Can you get out?" I asked. She shook her head, before realising she hadn't tried. She suddenly pulled hard, the strain clear on her face.

Then she tried to shake herself free, causing her boobs to jiggle wildly, but she didn't get anywhere. The headboard didn't budge. "Cheer up, sweetheart." I said, stroking her cheek. She looked so completely anxious, so unsure of what was going to happen next. "This is your reward, remember?" She nodded silently, but her expression didn't change. Despite being tied up she looked comfortable. I'd gotten a few spare pillows from the guest bedroom, so she was quite well supported.

But she looked so afraid. I liked that. I turned away and reached into the bag again. "And this is another thing I bought you." I said. I pulled out the blindfold that had been discovered by my parents. It was obvious from the thickness of the material that she would be completely blind when I put in on her, which I did. I slid it slowly over her head, the strap giving just enough room to fit her, but was still quite tight.

She didn't resist, but merely let out a soft, serene sigh when I pulled away. I quickly got off the bed, and stood to look at her.

Naked, bound, and blind. Magnificent.


I walked over to my desk, and watched her head follow my footsteps. I took my t-shirt off and threw it to the ground. There was a reason I'd been wearing jeans in bed. The sound of my zip being lowered cut through the silence. It was maybe a little much to plan even this, but she jerked her head towards the sound and let out a whimper of anticipation.

It was worth it just for that. Now clad in just my boxer shorts, I turned, opened my desk drawer and pulled out my new camera. I told Mom I'd find a use for this. I stood in front of the bed and aimed my first shot.

Her whole body, stretched out beautifully. I didn't know a lot about cameras, but I'd looked up enough online to be impressed with this one. It was incredibly high spec, closer to what a professional would use than a hobbyist. Must have cost a fortune, but that wasn't new for my extended family. Really the only problem with it had been the sound it made. The only sound effect saved on the camera's memory was an unsatisfying little click, just enough to show that the picture had been taken.

Boring. It had a silent mode too, but where was the fun in that? I looked online and found a soundboard of sound effects. After much careful consideration, I'd downloaded and installed one that I can only describe as "classic". It sounded like a picture being taken, that obvious and familiar click and whir that could only mean one thing. So when I took that first picture of Jessica, naked, blindfolded, and strapped to my bed. she was very aware of it.

Immediately her head twisted to face the sound and her body tensed. I smiled, and looked at the picture I'd taken on the small screen. The quality was exceptional, I was able to zoom in on the screen an incredible amount and pick out all kinds of little details.

I focused on her face this time, and clicked. Again her body seemed to leap in response, but she still hadn't spoken. Her legs were pushed tightly together, and I could see her tug against her bindings, as if unsure of whether or not to cover herself. I rested on the bed and reached over to her, taking her knee and sliding my hand down her thigh.

She shivered at my touch, and bit her lip. "Open your legs." I ordered, my voice soft yet firm. She did as I asked without hesitation and I got off the bed, again robbing her of the knowledge of my presence.

I crouched down low and zoomed in. I tried to find an angle I liked, one that focused on her glistening pussy, but that still had her boobs and face in the shot. Once I was satisfied, I clicked, and suddenly her legs snapped shut in fear, as if she could feel the gaze of the lens.

"What is it, sweetheart?" I asked gently. "Is. Is that a camera?" she asked meekly, her voice wavering. "Yeah." I said casually. She let out a sudden shocked breath, and held her body tighter. "Why. What. Why do you have a camera?" she asked, "What are you doing?" "I'm taking pictures of you." I told her simply. "Why!?" she asked, her voice edged with genuine fear. "I dunno." I said, again keeping my voice casual and uncaring, "Maybe I'll use them to make a website., or something." I snapped another picture of her face. Even under the mask it was obvious that she was terrified. "Sir!" she gasped, trying to twist her body away from my gaze, curling up her legs in a fetal position.

She seemed on the edge of panic. "You don't like that idea?" I asked, "All those people logging on and seeing you like this. Naked. tied up. blindfolded. Absolutely. dripping wet." "No!" she gasped, "Please.Please.I." She was too panicked to even form a full sentence.

I laughed. I jumped heavily onto the bed and crawled over her body, straddling her stomach and allowing some of my weight to press down on her. I grabbed her jaw and pointed her face towards me. "Smile, sweetheart." I said, the levity in my voice contrasting with my rough treatment of her. I snapped a picture of her confused and panicked expression. "I said. smile." I ordered roughly, my voice suddenly as firm as my grip.

She waited a few seconds before forcing herself to smile. I got a shiver of satisfaction from tormenting her like this. Scaring her, holding her in my will.

I grounded myself in the moment. I captured her terrified false smile, then let her go, saying, "Good girl." I got off the bed and turned to face her. She looked like she was about to cry, and she was pulling tightly on her bindings in an effort to hide her body from me. I'm a sadist, I thought to myself. And it was her that helped me realise it. There was a part of me that wanted to keep going, to torture her, terrify her.

To hurt her as badly as she did me for all those years. But.

she'd been good, and so she deserved a reward. I told myself that it was that simple, and fought my darker urges to sleep. "Oh relax sweetheart, I'm just teasing you." I said, my voice light again, "These pictures are just for me. I wanted to try out my new camera." She didn't move, but seemed to relax almost imperceptibly. I meant this, I had no intention of sharing these with anyone, but I was fine with it if she didn't completely believe me just yet "Here, look, I'll put it away." I said.

I walked back to the desk and opened my drawer. For a second I considered lying to her and taking a few more silent pictures, but I shrugged and dropped it in, then closed the drawer with an exaggerated slam.

I knelt down on the bed again and took her knees in my hands. I gently guided her off her side and on to her back, then opened her legs again. Her pussy was even wetter now, and it had made a visible mark on my sheets. Despite her protests, something about having her picture taken like this had turned her on. Was it possible that my submissive, masochistic, bondage-loving slut was a closet exhibitionist on top of everything else?

I made a note to follow up on that theory as soon as possible. The scent of her arousal was everywhere, and I felt myself become impossibly harder. The smell of her wet pussy was something I had come to associate with all the things I did to her, and so the scent itself now turned me on.

"What are you doing?" she almost whispered. I'd been holding her legs open for a while, lost in my thoughts. "I'm looking at your pussy, Jessica." I stated honestly. She let out a breath of shock and I felt her try to close her legs. She wasn't used to revealing this part of herself to anyone, and even I hadn't paid too much attention in the past. It was embarrassing for her, but I knew that would only arouse her further.

This was proven to be true when I held her legs in place against her efforts, and she let out a small whimper and bit down on her lower lip. "You know, it's quite a pretty pussy." I said slowly, softly, "Pink little lips. so cute.

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and so sensitive." She gasped lightly, but didn't try to pull away. "And wet too," I said, leaning in closer, "So wet that you're staining my sheets. Such a slutty, drippy little pussy." "Sir." she whimpered, trying to close her legs. I wrapped both my arms across her hips and brought my face an inch away from her, letting my breath tickle her sensitive lower lips.

"Ahhahh." she sighed, "Sir. What. What are you.?" she mumbled. "And your clit sticks right out." I teased, "Just sits right out, like it's begging to be played with." She didn't reply, but her breath seemed unsteady and erratic.

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She was so sensitive, so ready. "It's so cute." I said, as if to myself, "It almost looks good enough to." I trailed off, and suddenly pressed my tongue to her wet lips, licking upwards towards her clit.

Her body immediately jerked against me, but I held her hips in place with my arms. I finished my long lick, and took a second to consider my first taste of pussy. The flavour was interesting. Completely unique, and a little strange, but not actually unpleasant. Definitely something I could get used to. "Sir what are you doing!?" Jessica squeaked, finally seeming to get her breath back. "I'm tasting your pussy, sweetheart." I said gently, kissing the inside of her thigh, "This is your reward for being a good girl." I pressed the tip of my tongue to her outer lips and slowly circled around.

She gasped dramatically, and pushed her hips against my arms. I'd read enough cunnilingus tips online to last a lifetime, so I was determined to be good at this. I had already started to get used to the taste of her, and I knew that I'd probably end up enjoying it, just like with the wine.

I continued to explore the sensitive outer lips, feeling the texture against my tongue. Then I moved inwards, licking against the inside of her pussy, enjoying how it made her gasp.

I kept using light, teasing licks on her lips, and every now and again sinking inside, looking for spots that were more sensitive than others, waiting for a bigger reaction. I'd found her G-spot like this with my fingers, and I'd find some sensitive areas with my tongue even if it took all night. "I'm gonna cum!" she suddenly screeched.

Well that was fast. I pulled away from her.

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"Already? I've barely started." I said, letting my genuine disappointment seep into my voice. "I was looking forward to teasing you some more." She shook her head frantically from side to side.

"I can't." she moaned, "Soon. I'm so close." I quickly leaned in and licked her once more, a quick swipe from bottom to top. She yelped with pleasure and surprise. "Ahhnnn." she moaned, thrusting her hips against my grip, "So close. Oh fuckI'm so close!" I felt myself pouting up at her.

I'd been looking forward to a long, slow tease, but I could barely touch her without her going off. It looked like these few minutes were all the practice I was going to get tonight. I hated not being able to explore new interests. I sighed, and shrugged.

"Do you want to cum?" I asked, licking and nibbling her thigh, "Do you want to cum on my tongue?" "Please!" she begged, "Please! Ooh God, please!" I'd never seen her this desperate, but I guess it made sense. Three weeks without contact, and then I lick her for the first time?

It was really no surprise she was on edge. After all, the first time I'd left her this long without an orgasm, she'd cum just from me entering her, despite the pain of tearing her hymen. Or maybe. because of the pain of tearing her hymen. It was hard to tell with a masochist like Jessica. I pulled away from her completely, determined to make this last.

I moved forward, leaning over her body and taking her jaw in my grip again. With my other hand I grabbed one of her soft, heavy tits, squeezing lightly and feeling her hard nipple push against my palm. I put my lips to her ear and spoke in a soft, gentle voice; "Do you really want to cum? You can't wait any more?" She shook her head and let out a strained whine. I tightened my grip on her face for a few seconds before releasing her and moving my hand to her inner thigh.

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Immediately I felt her legs close together, accidentally denying me access in trying to further her own pleasure. "Legs open!" I said, my voice suddenly stern. She let out a frustrated whine but obeyed, flinging her legs apart. "Do you want to cum?" I asked again, sliding my fingers down her thigh towards her dripping pussy. "Do you want me to taste this pussy again?" "Please.Please." she whimpered.

"Please?" I asked, "Please. what?" I let my fingertips glide across her pussy lips, and her whole body jerked forward, her wrists pulling hard against her restraints. She was trying so hard to hold herself back.

"Please lick my pussy!" she gasped, "Please make me cum!" I smiled and grabbed her other heavy breast with my other hand. I squeezed them both hard and put my weight on her, pushing her body into the mattress. She moaned and gasped as I teased her nipples that pushed through my fingers. "Please Sir." she moaned, her hips thrusting desperately beneath me, "Please, please.".

I let out a short, dark laugh. She was so beautiful, so perfectly submissive. I kissed her hard, forcing my tongue between her lips where I met the usual resistance of her eager response. I broke the kiss and turned my attention to her neck.

She moaned as I licked and kissed her, and let out a sharp gasp in my ear when I bit down gently. I pulled back and bent to kiss and nibble the taut flesh of her stomach. I moved slowly downwards, savouring the taste of her salty, glistening skin with my tongue. She didn't stop making little whimpers or gasps in response. I slid backwards off the bed, pushed my head between her legs and again pinned her hips down with my arms. I breathed heavily on her pussy and felt her jerk forcefully against my arms.

It seemed like I was really going to have to hold her down. "Sir.Sir, please." she whimpered. " really are a needy little slut, aren't you Jessica?" I asked. "Yes Sir." she said without hesitation, "I'm a needy slut, I'm your needy slut." "You really need to cum, don't you." I said, kissing her thigh. She let out a long, shuttering wail of desire and frustration. "I need it, Sir.Your slut needs to cum.Please." she mewled. Without any more teasing, or any warning, I pressed my tongue against her pussy lips.

I started at the bottom and took one long, forceful lick upwards, stopping at the top to fully cover her clit. I felt my tongue twitch once against her flesh. And that was all it took. She shouted out her long-awaited orgasm in a loud, strained voice, a wordless yell of pure pleasure. I started quickly licking against and around her clit, trying to prolong the sensations. Her hot, wet juices flooded my mouth, so much that I was practically swallowing her essence as it flowed from her.

I redoubled my efforts, fighting hard to hold her down while licking even more forcefully. Her long legs had hooked around the back of my shoulders, and while her wild thrusting made it hard to continue, her legs had locked me to her.

After a long several seconds, her body stopped thrusting against my arms, and she went limp. "Oh my God." she moaned, "Oh my God, Sir.Thank y-" I cut her off by pushing my tongue against her clit. I wasn't finished yet. I circled the sensitive bud with the tip of my tongue before brushing across it in fast, light strokes.

As embarrassing as it sounds, these were motions I'd been practising in the mirror, challenging myself to increase the speed and dexterity of my tongue. I started tracing shapes against the little nub of flesh, and I slid two fingers inside her, using my fingertips to seek out and stimulate her sensitive G-spot. A minute or two later she let out another wail of mindless bliss. My mouth was once again flooded with her taste, and her body began jerking and bucking as if wanting to detach my lips and tongue from her sensitive flesh.

Her body was moving so forcefully that she almost made me bite my own tongue. I pushed back with my tongue, moving away from her clit and again exploring her luscious outer lips. The sound of her voice changed from movement to movement, growling and gasping as I explored her dripping slit.

After a while, her moans seemed to become more subdued, less frantic. When I noticed this I turned my attention back to her clit, licking hard and quick, and pumped my fingers in and out. It wasn't long before she was shaken by another powerful orgasm. I was actually enjoying the hell out of this. It was sticky and messy, but there was something undeniably sexual and intimate about pleasuring her like this.

Each time she began to relax, I would move to her back to her pink pearl, which by now must have been singing with sensitivity. This went on for minutes, and soon I couldn't tell if she was having one ridiculously long orgasm, or if she was cumming over and over again, too fast and too many times to count.

I didn't stop moving my tongue, on her clit or around her lips, and pushing it inside her occasionally to get a better taste of the fresh spurts of feminine juices that came with every new orgasm. Eventually, my tongue was getting tired, and her voice was getting ragged. Just as I was about to try and slow things down, her voice suddenly stopped mid-cry. Her legs went slack around me, and her hips stopped their incessant bucking.

I looked up at her. Her head was turned to the side, and seemed to hang slack. "Jessica?" I said, wiping my wet and sticky mouth. She didn't respond. Her breathing was deep and loud, but she didn't move or reply.

"Jessica?" I said again, and moved up the bed towards her. I lifted her shoulders and gently shook her, but her head just lolled limply. I lifted the blindfold off her eyes to see that they were closed. I pried one open with my fingers. Her pupil shrank in reaction to the light, but her eyes stayed still and unseeing.

She was unconscious. My blood ran cold, and my breath caught in my throat. "Oh fuck." I whispered. I began to panic.

Had she hit her head on my metal headboard? Had I hurt her? But no, she was still surrounded by cushions, and I didn't see any blood. I shook my head, and pressed my hands hard against my face, feeling the fear threaten to overwhelm me. I leapt off the bed towards my desk and opened my laptop. The screen jumped to life as I slid my finger across the track pad, and I immediately began typing.

I tried random keywords into the search bar, whatever came to mind, things like "unconscious", "orgasm", "bondage", and most embarrassingly, "help". I read and clicked frantically, my mind racing with ways I might have hurt her, and within two minutes I had begun to calm down.

I took my head in my hands and sighed deeply. My heart was still pounding in my chest, although the panic was fading. I thought I'd really hurt her for a second there. Ok, so here's what I learned about passing out during sex. First of all, it happens, and it's not necessarily dangerous. The first useful thing I saw was a thread started by a woman who often blacked out at the point of orgasm, only for a few minutes each time, but she was worried it could be causing her damage.

From there I followed a link posted about this kind of problem, and what causes it. A nice poetic description talked about how sometimes the pleasure was simply too overwhelming for the brain to handle, which causes it to temporarily shut down. A more realistic explanation was that during lengthy periods of intense exertion, the woman is unable to get a full breath. After a while the brain fears it's not getting the oxygen or blood it needs and takes over, forcing the body into "sleep mode" so it stops doing whatever stupid thing it's doing that's causing the problem.

I liked the first description better; the thought of giving Jessica so much pleasure that she couldn't handle it, that it almost literally blew her mind, really appealed to my ego. But the overall point was that something like this wasn't dangerous. From this page, and a few other sources I looked up afterwards, it seemed that some women are prone to passing out during sex frequently, but for some it had only happened once or twice.

If it happens every single time a woman gets breathless then it's a problem, but not if it's just occasionally, and during intense stimulation. And what had just happened to Jessica had been intense. I'd never even seen porn where a woman reacted like that, real or faked. I liked the idea of my oral abilities being almost dangerously good, but I knew that it was really about her. The fact that she was able to experience such intense pleasure with my amateurish attempts at stimulation was convincing me of something I'd been suspecting ever since I'd first seen her orgasm.

I remembered the first time I'd made her cum, how overwhelming it had seemed for her. Jessica, the uptight, almost virginal prude that I lured to my bedroom all those months ago was turning out to be something incredible, a sexual being with a seemingly endless untapped sexual energy.

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And she was all mine. ====== Any fans, well wishers, or if you just have any questions, suggestions or the like.oh and girls wanting to be a sub, check my profile.