Young boy pissing with hard dick

Young boy pissing with hard dick
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Brandi is a beautiful 18 year old girl she has strawberry blonde hair and bright green eyes, she stands about 4,9 a small girl with a Thick little figure. large c cup breasts and a nice thick bottom. Brandi worked a part time job at a restaurant to help with the bills in her and her unfaithful husband's new apartment. All day long as she works she thinks only of Eric, her husband. He helps her to smile as the dirty old men pinch her cute little ass, and make rude sexual comments to her.

One of those dirty old men watches Brandi, sadly for her he has much more planned than pinching her ass or asking for her sweaty work socks or her soiled panties. It started with Walter waiting in the parking lot to watch Brandi walk to her car.

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Another night he followed her to her street, and another night he followed her home. Poor Brandi although She had grown use to a life of being violated and abused, she was completely na?. She never even notices she is being hunted. Not many nights later, Walter parks down the street and creeps up to her apartment. He watches Brandi through her windows. Sometimes He goes to her house before she arrives home.

He watches as her husband Eric brings other young girls to their apartment, he watches as Eric fucks them on their bed while she is at work.

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He quickly learns Brandi and Eric's everyday routines, and plans the perfect time to find out how that sweet 18 year old body tastes. He observes Eric and Brandi's relationship. He notices Eric seems to have no respect for her, and she seems to not care or notice it.


She is completely in love with and submissive to him. She cooks his food Completely Naked for him, and sucks him off while he eats. When he fucks her, he has no regard for her pleasure, He slams into her hard and cums fast, always in her sweet young mouth.


Walters plan is complete; he waits outside Eric and Brandi's apartment. Everything is going according to plan he watches Eric blissfully fuck another young girl on their bed, but things soon take a turn in Walters favor. Brandi arrives home early. Little does she know, she is going to catch Eric in the act. Walter laughs; he knows this is Giving some substance to his plan.

You see Walter plans on making it appear Brandi Killed her husband and left town.

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Convincing to anyone who has any knowledge of how he treats her. Brandi walks in the house and begins to look for Eric she walks in the bedroom and her cute little face drops. She begins to cry and walks out, however To Walters surprise, Eric has a lot more control over poor Brandi than he had originally thought. Eric Jumps off the bed and grabs Brandi by her hair, he violently flings her back onto the bed.


He winds up and slaps her in her face almost as hard as he can. The young girl Eric was fucking begins to laugh hysterically. Walter is dumbfounded by this, he could never be so lucky to have a girl who would tolerate that sort of treatment. Walters cock hardens as he watches Eric tearing Brandi's close off from the window. Brandi cries silently as Eric demands her to watch the slutty young girl in their bed ride his cock.

After a few minutes of this, Eric orders Brandi to lick his balls and cock as it slides into the young slut. The young cunts twat leaks all over Brandi's face.

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The girl looks back and laughs at Brandi sobbing. The evil slut slams her ass down onto Brandi's face. She grabs Brandi by the face and forces her to lick her asshole, Eric and his dirty bitch cackle wildly at the degrading acts Brandi tearfully performs. Taking advantage of his prey's distraction, Walter walks in through the front door.

He slowly creeps through the house, he knows he doesn't have to be too careful because he can still hear the three of them going at it in the bedroom. He stops and picks up Brandi's worn out and smelly work shoes. They are black non-slip work shoes. He breathes in deeply and inhales the scent of brandies sweaty feet.

The shoes are still warm and moist from a busy dinner rush not long before. He takes his time enjoying the sweet scent, then he picks up the young whores flip flops and smells them, they are extremely worn and have a dirt outline of her soles. He spends a good amount of time enjoying the white old navy flip flops, and then drops them. Time for the real thing… Walter's smelly, hairy 65 year old cock is as hard as when he was 18 as he walks toward the open bedroom door.

He stops in the shadows just in front of the door, he watches as Brandi lies on her back with the young whore sitting on her face as Eric violently rams the young slut's twat. His balls slap Brandi on the chin with every hard thrust. Walter finally has enough of watching and steps into the room loudly ordering everyone to freeze. The group stops all movement and looks over toward Walter with terror; Walter orders the group apart with his gun.

The girls try to cover themselves but Walter rips the covers away from them.

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They plead for their lives and offer anything Walter wants for their safety. He chuckles as he decides where to start.

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