Mature slut Liisa is finger banging her plump pussy

Mature slut Liisa is finger banging her plump pussy
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She smiled as she noticed his limp dick. It hung over to the left, still covered in her sweet ass and pussy juices from their earlier romp. She sighed, "you can't tell me you're done quite yet. now it's my turn to play!" He gave her a bewildered look as she fumbled in the nightstand drawer beside her. She pulled out a pair of pink, fuzzy handcuffs. "I know you just spent some time in these, but if you'll let me put them on you, you won't regret it." He frowned reluctantly and stuck out his wrists.

It wasn't the time he spent in cuffs that bothered him; he just wanted to explore her as a free man, completely free to roam. She kissed his neck tenderly and worked a trail of kisses down his belly and happy trail, stopping only for a small, playful tug on each nipple. He could feel her enormous tits make their way down with her. It killed him that he could not tease her the way he knew she loved, so he just sat back and tried to enjoy.

She wrapped her whole mouth around his cock once again, feeling it spring back to life like a puppet. This surprised them both. She sucked lightly on his member, bobbing rhythmically to his breath. Then, in one slight motion, she was exploring his ballsac with her tongue, paying special care to that piece of skin between his balls and anus. Suddenly.

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"Honey! What are you doing?" "Relax. You'll like this," she assured him. She ran her smooth tongue over his sensitive anal hole. It puckered in retaliation. "I don't know about-" but his voice trailed off into oblivion from the pleasure he was experiencing. Her young, small tongue was working its way through each crevice, tenderly slipping a little at a time into his asshole, back and forth daintily like a cat lapping milk.

Then she slowly sucked on his hole, encompassing it with her warm, lucious mouth.

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This, combined with the painfully slow pumping of his swollen cock with her soft hand, was going to send him over the edge again. His breathing deepened, and within seconds she was off of his cock and was kissing his nipples. She hadn't let him cum. "Why did you stop?" he whined. "You should be asking me where I learned that." "Okay, where did you learn that?" She studied him with that sly grin on her face.

She was nervous about this, but nervous was not sexy, and she hid it well. "Do you remember Becca?" "Your bisexual friend?" He just noticed that lanky physique standing in the shadows. Her ivory skin radiated in the soft glow of the evening sun.

Her left hand was already buried up her sundress. She giggled with delight as he struggled to cover up his cock, for company's sake. "Well, while you've been away, she's opened my eyes to a whole other world. A world I want to share with you." And then she grabbed Becca and spun her into a hot, passionate kiss. Her fingers were also joining Becca's, disappearing under the yellow dress.

As they parted, she grabbed the sundress and yanked it over Becca's head, revealing young, supple tits as cream white as snow. His wife started sucking on the left breast, then the right, never taking that finger out of Becca's tiny pussy.

Becca moaned in delight, her back arched against the doorframe. It was a sight; Becca's long, narrow body working his wife's finger inside of her cunt. She squealed and his wife pulled away. "She's getting good at this, you know," Becca teased him. His member throbbed with the need to be choked; he needed it so back that it hurt.

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His wife threw Becca on the bed beside him and shoved her monstrous breast into Becca's small and inviting mouth. His wife was still working the finger in Becca's pussy, bringing her near to orgasm over and over, but stopping before she had a chance to cum. And then his wife did something he wasn't expecting. Her mouth and chin disappeared in between Becca's silky white thighs. Becca groaned eagerly as his wife finally let her orgasm all over her face and neck.

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He shook in the bed beside them but could not get a reasonable grasp on his now aching dick. It pulsed in unison with Becca's breath. Becca slowly stirred and he expected that this wasn't the end of his wife's welcome home gifts, but rather the beginning. Becca gave his wife a most knowing look, and his wife responded with a nod.

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She got on her hands and knees and climbed across the bed, her bare pussy leaking with her sweet cum. She positioned herself right beside his right thigh, and his wife took to the left side. "Ready?" She whispered. "Ready," the ivory princess responded to her.


They leaned into each other, right above his dick, and started kissing passionately. Very slowly they got closer and closer to his cock, never stopping. It was so hot, watching his beautiful wife make out with Becca.

Becca was so white compared to his wife with her new tan. Everything about Becca was underdeveloped and delicate, where his wife had curves and a power-driving ass that he adored. The contrast, happening right above him, was a marvel. And it was getting sweeter. In a flash they were both lightly kissing, with his penis in between their tongues. It was something he had never experienced before- two young, small tongues almost lapping up his pre-cum off of him.

They continued kissing deeply, and his cock would slip in a girl's mouth each time they got close.

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He was already ready to cum before he started to receive this star treatment, but he didn't think this fantasy would happen again, so he worked to distract himself as his wife proceeded to suck on his balls while her friend was twisting his cock in her mouth, working it expertly. He watched these two girls work diligently to please him, hungrily sucking and licking and moaning.

Before long his wife left her post and came up to the bed beside him. "You're not cumming?" she playfully whined. "Not until one of you girls fuck me!" he hollered, somehow finding his voice. "Sounds fair," she teased as she tapped on Becca's shoulder. Becca immediately sat up on the end of the bed.

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His wife got down on her hands and knees, doggy-style. Becca carefully unlatched his handcuffs. He apprehensively sat up and stared longingly at her pussy. He couldn't believe how many weeks he'd been without her. It was almost heaven. He got on his knees behind her.

Knowing she had taken it so expertly the first time, he didn't spare her the second.


He drove his raging hard-on into her sweet spot with all of his force. She yelped in shock, but rocked her hips with his. Becca climbed underneath his wife and began licking her clit as he fucked her with all of his strength.

His wife began to lap up Becca's juices again as she was being serviced. "OH MY GOD!" his wife screamed. She began pumping with whole body, groaning in pleasure.

Then she went limp as she came, flooding Becca's mouth with sweet juices and his pre-cum. He ran his hand across her back lightly as those infamous goose-bumps paraded down it. Becca's breathing became heavy as she too was getting her second orgasm. He was so close but he wasn't ready to stop so soon.

He wanted to do something that his wife had never been willing to try before. He flipped her head up and shoved his pulsating cock down her throat.


She choked as she tried to devour the whole thing. Becca jumped up to assist her in her oral fucking.

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He went back and forth between both of the mouths, easily avoiding teeth, saliva dripping down their breasts and nipples. The sight was incredible, and within seconds he was squirting cum at their faces and down their chins, joining the saliva on their breasts and stomachs.

Becca giggled as she glanced over at his wife. She happily turned and delicately sucked the cum and spit off of his wife's areola. His wife licked it off Becca's lips, and they were laughing and teasing.

Maybe, just maybe, he was ready for round three. THE END